Daily Archives: December 7, 2009

In the Rough

Appropriate Poem; In The Rough

Hows your handicap Now


Driving up the fairway feeling shore shore shore

Hole the birdy not the rough its sore sore sore

A hole in one is just for fun roar roar roar

Mark their card to keep the score more more more


In the rough with a little woody find the door door door

Dont drop it now your on the green core core core

No handicap for putting and holing she swore swore swore

She said your seven is iron, but can it grow more more more


The gettaway crached when the wife went gheto its a chore chore chore

They say your upright when your laying the green what a bore bore bore

They say you bunkered one and eagled four four four

Waiting to see is there any more more more