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On Further Inspection…

Well, Well, Well then.



Well the weather watchers and doomsday predictors have gotten it all wrong yet again, The weather fronts that were expected by the weather model predicting experts has fallen short of the mark or been in the wrong pitch entirely. Scotland enjoyed a reasonable winter, Glasgow had two days of snow and about twenty days of ice. This has more to do with the altitude for snow at sea levels and the Clyde has been channelling the milder winds and warmer waters from the gulf displacement and the added thermals from the Icelandic subterranean volcanic actions. Making the whole thing a lot milder than predicted.

At first looks 2015 is starting to shape up and take formative action, Britain has the highest amount of new employed since the meltdown, our economic returns are more than a little encouraging, and finally if Scotland was to break away from the 300 year old trade agreement called the Union, our English neighbours will not be bankrupted, the world will not end and a Nation that prides itself on its ability to con the poor, take advantage of the ignorance’s of native nations to build its own political empire and wealth. Can now get on with its own thing without having to interfere with a fledgling nation again. They won’t have to listen to us harp on about their inhumane actions, their selfish attitudes and their goals.

Scotland and England have never agreed on the primary drives of nation and empire building, though there have been deserters from both camps in the past, we have begun to stabilise as a nation, as England under the phony ‘British’ banner can now get back to the dirty tricks and interfering games that they so love and this time without the resurrection of the compulsion towards civil war (attacking your own) schism that has been a deep psychological scar in the British character for almost the whole 300 years. Could the non paedophile action in Westminster be more to do with the English predisposition or liking for taking advantage of others weaknesses, that to do with any form of sexual deviation, could it just be they are defending their history and predilections. They do like taking candy from babies and they are almost completely shameless. No wonder they have deserted Christianity over the last three decades. They do endorse the birth or creation of the modern man. Out with superstition and unprovable spiritualities, and to endorse goal setting, role-playing and health and fitness, mental well-being like yoga for concentration and control, meditation for thinking the problem all the way through and to learn to focus and refocus the rambling mind. Relaxation and de stressing to recharge the batteries and not a deity in sight (not that there ever was) so faith without the superstition, my what a well-shaped and devised formula for being.

Scotland with its sovereign power restored will now be in a stronger position to formalise a better trade and security agreement with our old allies. This island still needs to be defended, we need to pay our share to the defence of the realm. We no longer have large ports like Cardiff, Bristol and Plymouth to name a few, we do still have Ayr and Troon though they could not handle large freight fit for servicing a fledgling nation. This nation no longer has the military personnel or arms that it used to. The infrastructure has been given the poor man fix with a lick and a spit for more than four decades while England has redoubled its efforts to maintain a strong war footing on the world stage. To lead the world platform in intelligence agencies and law enforcement, litigation and law. There is nothing wrong with the tack being set, the course being taken, or even the decisions of some of the captains of industry, but the tactics are more than a little unpalatable, the end does not justify the means if the end result is a poorer human condition and a more calloused approach to life for the so-called collective good as declared by the victor.

Labour in Scotland so the rumour says is on the ropes and heading for a fall. Is this more to do with the fact that over the last five decades Britain has reduced its manufacturing footprint dramatically, while driving up the education of more blue and white-collar workers, more self-employed positions to further erode the working man’s party base to the minimum, could it also be that the Labour party has tried to redress the differences in the market drive to reduce the manufacturing base and had to try to address the middle management strata of worker that is currently being produced, the drive has almost completed the phase to reduce the common man in the workplace and in politics with the upwardly mobile selfish entrepreneur. No contract zero hours slave to the western enterprise. The present styled middle management political structure does tend to reflect the uncommon man as opposed to the classic labour stereotype the ubiquitous working man.

The defence issues of the western hemisphere are not up for speculation at this time, with the Russian playing cat and mouse war games with their old historic enemies. China gearing up for a stronger financial platform on the world stage and Europe having to look at the facts that collectives for any single greedy dominator taking the maximum with little humanity for people’s suffering or circumstances. There is no better way to keep each other alert and practiced, than to count coup. Drills only produce leader boards and speculation, live tests bring results and show up the bottlenecks and the slack quicker than any secular test will ever do. After all no-one on either side will be using live ammo. Trust them they are professionals would I lie to you. I would not want to be an ISIS member when this lot have finished brushing up to par. Who are they practising for.