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Virtual Scotland

All Clans

All Clans

Virtual Independence

The Scottish psyche is struggling towards a national identity and is facing a crisis in its diversity. The quote ‘The trouble with Scotland is its full of Scots’ from the character Edward Long-shanks in the Braveheart film sums up the war of attrition that has been waged on the Scottish since then. The Scottish nation has never been a united nation at any time, the clans were easily bribed and turned against one another by the prolonged tactics of the invading English. What he never said but may have understood was the good thing for England about the Scots, is they are a nation of individuals, with a clan mentality and no national collective, they cannot agree or get on with one another and so are ripe for the old tactics of divide and conquer.

The British psyche is made up from the influx of the particular minded Irish being misunderstood as intolerant with their rebellious natures, when coupled with the Scottish quotient of the independently minded bread of the clans being misunderstood as indifference. Then the investing Welsh from the land of the investiture with their nationalistic language mindset. The final element in the mix is the invasive and interfering ways of the English attitude to their self-proclaimed right to lead and direct. This was a formative mix in what lead up to the formulation of the British Empire and history can attest to how far that spread on the world map, either a deadly or effective collaboration depending on which side of the empire fence you find your feet on.

The Empire and all of its dealings can be best understood from the national emblem the lion, for as a nation all of their negotiations, invasions and dealings Britain has always demanded the lion’s share of control and access. This is in hindsight more than a little uncomfortable to hear said in such a cold and analytical form as this post is doing. But for the times and taking into account the nature of acquisitions and procurement. Success was measured in hard cold cash, goods or land. So the empire was a very successful and capable tool for this nation. As the old saying goes ‘Buyer beware’ must have been the order of the day. The heritage of the old Eton fields of England’s sense of fair play and good sportsmanship had no place on the field of conflict as the pompous bulldog would have said and so the tactics of war were and still are used (Gazza, Georgia), invade, settle and expunge the locals or hound them out. Seize lands possessions and wealth take over infrastructures and transfer ownership. Nothing new there then, very Germanic even in these so-called modern and enlightened times we are supposed to be living in.

The Scottish referendum brought to light a great deal of weaknesses in the Scottish psyche and laid bare a few exploitable regions that the Westminster machine used with great advantage against the home team on the home turf.

The rise in membership of the SNP, the greens and the old favourite shows the diversity of the independently minded Scot and how this diversity will dilute the effective power of an emerging nation. For with the nation being so split by party and preferences no formative leading party will be an outright winner in any other election. This is good in one way no power will have total sway over the electorate, a landslide in any election means total power for the elected party and as we have seen how that corrupted the Westminster machine when any party has more than one term of office, they cannot help playing god with people’s lives . The best thing in the mix at the moment is the fact that so many nationals want to actively do something about the Westminster machine, the drive to rid this land of the sell-out labour, Tories and the UKIP as well as the liberals is the collective voice of the nation. Traditionally when our fathers generation used to vote the other party in after one term said that they understood corruption much better than this generation or indeed the last four generations have. No matter how widespread the memberships are over various parties, the nation should vote for the National party to sever the Westminster ties as a first course of action and we are well on our way to doing than now. Join any party you wish but on the next general election vote for Scotland and not for Westminster. One unified voice will show that this nation that as the old saying goes ‘two Scots canny agree on the colour of sh@t’ is who we were in our parents and even grandparents days. But not now in the light of the referendum fixing by Westminster.

The fact that all of human nature is flawed is inescapable in the glare of the modern media machines reporting, everything from the off the page players, religious bodies, behind the scenes mandarins and global conglomerates has shown that a disengaged political public are their own worst enemy. The sheer lack of strategy in the electorate approach to managing politics, when balanced against the subliminal messages of the day that say ‘you are too busy to trifle with the mundane’, ‘the world is too big and too complex for you on your own, so stay out of what you don’t understand’, to the media hype that ‘having’ instead of being is all of life and you need to stay on the treadmill and just keep your head down, with the ever-changing landscape of the markets, banking, teaching and schools, policing and the judiciary as well as prisons and dealing with offenders to managing migrants and asylum seekers shows very clearly that we are still in our political infancy. Investing and breaking even are the new order of the day and most people are convinced by the hype and have disengaged from the political process instead of engaging with it and making the changes in it to reform it before the corporate mafia takes over from the existing puppet governments of the worlds nations.

One rebel (Russell Brand) is saying use the party of none of the above as a collective will be effective when that will only bring about an emergency set of measures till a viable vote is returned, the electorate are staying away in droves. Yet in contrast to this the SNP has seeing a marked increase in their membership from a youthful zeal with loads of energy and a sense of destiny in their thinking. Are engaged and with a will to reform the party from a Westminster clone to a national staple for their children and theirs. There is now enough new blood in the mix to make the changes necessary. So that all the other parties will have swollen ranks and bearing in mind that absolute power corrupts absolutely. No membership will effectively hold the balance of power in the nation. So when the next election in 2015 comes around, as long as we have an off the political platform a consensus of the electorate accounted for we will all know how to vote regionally and nationally. This is effective and is a form of legal rigging if the country agrees to it, better than the Westminster machines type and a whole lot more palatable going down.

Constitutional Scotland 01

Constitutional Scotland will be an online Social Media group for the nation a virtual presence for the nations electorate, this is as yet going to start with the Facebook page and then the site will have to be bought then constructed, this will be a formative step for people signing up and stating their political choice in the nation and the region. So the finding will only be shown to members, these will be in the form of each area and nationally. So after a vote if the figures don’t match up then crying foul will be easier to prove. This form of online presence will also highlight the regional and national population figures against the members in each area and nationally to more easily show up the holes in the figures. The non members in each area will not be known but the members in each area can then form alliances and drive the localised campaigns and coordinate regionally and nationally. The unknown members will show what the ratio of dissenters and British voters as one grouping but the numbers will be a realistic take on the last vestiges of the naturalised Scot in his/her own homeland.

The other affiliated pages and groups for the core active members to keep track and organise are. Clan Scotland a general FB page for information and events details and then the FB group that is for the active members researchers and affiliated parties to keep up to speed about events and policies. Clan Alba and Clan 45 are going to be developed in the same format.

Clan Scotland

Clan Scotland

Clan Scotland FR page is intended for the whole of the residents and indigenous people of Scotland to use as a platform.










Clan Alba 02

Clan Alba FB page is intended for use for the outlying districts that are not as well populated or have just hereditary roots and have a leaning towards a more traditional view of Scotland and its image.








Clan 45

Clan 45

Clan 45 FB page is intended for the use of the new age Scot or Celt from the ranks of the 45 rebellion this has a potential membership of 1.6 million people, so a single Facebook page will have a heavy feed.









This FB first start is to get the ball rolling. Constitutional Scotland will have the type of communities that can then be managed internally on a dedicated site with notifications, groups, events and no tracking or adverts gumming up the works. This is no one man task and so a call is going to be sent out for those that have the skills, the knowhow and the time effort and energy to get this all in place before the next general election, this site will be in effect a national census of the nations populace, even the abstainers will count by non membership. This will be the clearest view any nation has ever had of its own national makeup and profile.

No war was ever won by winning the first battle, most wars are long drawn out affairs that eat up lives and resources. So a full physical fight is not what is called for. Uniting a nation of individuals is a hard task but it is not one that will produce any casualties of war.

Are we ready to deal with human rights and to make a constitution with ourselves and then with a consensus rise and take our place among the nations of the world. Well Caledonia are you ready to unite as a nation and stand man woman and child to formulate your own form of governance. To tie our elected government to a peoples charter, to swear them in in service to the nations electorate? to safeguard the populace, the economy and the lands. The ball is at your foot and the tools to accomplish this are within reach.

Capitalising on Freedom

Coining Slavery

Clan Scotland

Clan Scotland

The fledgling nations of the world that are still in their infancy economically and politically, have little to fear from conglomerates, that are trying to back door a political change through the TTIP agreement, but any self-respecting democracy that was brought into being by the people of their own nations sweat and at times blood, cannot have their sovereignty swept aside without a referendum by its people to either choose to cease being a democracy and become a conglomerate resource at the mercy of a diktat from a board of directors that’s only concern is their own profits or to remain a democracy. No elected government has the right to speak for the nation on this political point as they are an elected servants of their democracy and this act of international terrorism would be seen an act of treason against the nation, as they would be giving away constitutional powers to a corporate entity without the consent of the people. And no elected government sworn to uphold the safety of its citizens can constitutionally give away any sovereign powers of their nation. That in itself is an act of treason against the nation. As the main recipients of the TTIP are the US and their fellow bed mates the EU Dictators. The stealth practices of sneaking a conglomerate into a nation’s power base and to give them access and power over a nation’s income is the most heinous crime of modern-day politics. The TTIP has only stakeholders and a board of directors and owes no allegiances to any nation, its electorate or its government. This form of back door politics is against the binding contract between a nations people and their elected government, as that government is only allowed to work in the best interests of the people and the nation or they are breaking the nations trust and are in effect no longer its servants and can no longer legally act on the people’s behalf.

These may be strong words but they are accurate observations of the illegal actions of a corrupt few that are selling out their own nations rights against the better interests of the electorate.

Protests are being organised for Saturday the 11/10/2014 that’s this Saturday, and an on-line petition has been arranged to stop the process all worth the time and effort because no government will take itself to court and will instruct the law to uphold their rule causing a schism in any nations psyche that will never heal.


Birth Rights

C Scot 03

Human Rights

The problem with Human rights is that they are a mass of rights that try to cover wide-ranging areas and that they are trying to cover people of different developments, ages and comprehension’s under a single catch-all referencing system. Yet another example of the one size fits all program going drastically wrong. The abuses by itinerant land hoppers that are making a mockery of every country’s laws, that they are trying to force themselves onto. Human rights that are not earned as a valid return for paying your dues as a citizen of a country, mean that a universal human is the subject of the texts and rulings. As we all know only too well the universal word inhabitant does not exist yet.

The Bill of Human rights is a one-sided charter that has no level of duty or care built into it. It should hold that each person respects every other persons human rights and that should they knowingly deny anyone their right to their property, their safety and health, by a criminal act, say theft, violence or murder that they will forfeit their rights to full human rights, until the countries crime debt is paid to law or until they earn the right to their rights again by probation, social service, armed service or gainful employment and good citizenship acts.

Because it is not the democratic state that we have to fear, but unchecked capitalism, dictatorships and tyrants that will never accept the bill of rights, it is also from the rule benders and land hoppers approach to using systems against themselves, for their own advantage. The right to family yes in the country of birth, any other country after you prove your allegiance and gain citizenship, you agree to a residency allowing migrant workers the right to prove their citizenship.

The fundamental flaw is that every county thinks it is defined by its borders. In the light of the rise of the internet social media we have found that borders are now just land management devices and population control devices, as the internet has broken the bounds of the ties of land borders.

The existing mash of strung together rights has no personal responsibility built into them, and as we all know just does not apply in the real world. The trouble with earned rights is they are really privileges at the end of the day, these cannot be taken away from any individual is the cornerstone of the ideology behind them. But a law-breaker that was born with the full set until they denied someone else’s rights, theft, murder etc, is required to forfeit their inalienable rights until they are judged reformed and are again useful in the community. The country you earned your rights in is the one that owes you the right to them, any other country that you enter, should give you residency rights until the probation for citizenship is agreed or rejected. Once rejected by a country for whatever legal reason they should be given a reasonable time to make their departure, if they abscond, no case, no ruling, no time or money wasted on them just instant deportation when caught. Deportation back to the country of origin and if they sign a declaration to not try to invade again, then to any other country that they elect. Provided that, that country is willing to accept them, otherwise they make their own arrangements for travel and support.

Incarceration naturally restricts the rights of the individual as they pay their penance for their crimes. There is no sections dealing with this in the existing bill of rights as they stand at present. So scrapping them is not the way to go but making amendments to them in light of citizenship gives each country some powers to hold back the tide of human migration.

The natural birth rights of the individual are the basic rights that we are all born with, this covers all the nature and nurture classes that are a birth right of a world inhabitant. The fact that countries do not have any rights is an appalling oversight. This stems from the fact that some countries still use dictatorial practices and are not democratic in their function or are just out and out tyrannies.

The birth rights of a world citizen have to be based on the laws and government type of the country that they come from. Someone moving from one form of rights to another has to be subject to the laws and governmental drives of the country that they are trying to enter. Immigration rights are not set out in the bill and need to be addressed for better management of this migration problem.

Most democratic countries with plenty of land can afford to adhere to the bill of human rights better if the country has rights that can be exercised for the indigenous population. A country that has a limited land base like all small islands will need to use a different set of rules for accommodation. No itinerant migrator that is not a migrant worker on residency rights has greater rights than a resident or indigenous person from that country, like someone coming from a non democratic country. Asylum (for larger land based countries) being given to people from trouble torn countries should be redressed to residency or subject to care taking welfare as laid out by a countries people’s charter. A crammed and overcrowded country will cease to prosper and its earnings will suffer from the surplus. This will effectively stem the rush to the gates.

Using a proving ground to validate some unknown persons intentions and merits seams harsh but the indigenous people have earned their rights by the parents sacrifices and work efforts to change the political system into a democracy, the rights are then inherited by the next generation hence inalienable. No country with limited land can simply apply an open door, the limits must be set to keep the stability of the country as it stands. Large influxes from foreign nationals from war-torn lands may well be the reason to invade and stabilise the country to stop the migration.

For island nations with limited land and resources like the British Isles this is fast becoming the area that needs to be addressed. There are no easy solutions, it is not a quick and simple problem and mistakes will be made, but with a will towards improving the countries stability and safeguarding the citizens prior rights is the first port of call in this forward journey, this form of redress is long overdue. The systems that try to use a one sizes fits all solution to a diversity of rights and apply them to everyone is building a disaster by the day and the longer we take to address the problem the bigger the abuses will be.

Until a full democratic constitution has been agreed to, that makes the nations people the key resource and their pulled resources its wealth we are still a long way from true democracy, the people of a nation must fight for and establish their own constitutional charter, that holds a government responsible to the people, that must uphold the bill of rights and that the country has policies in place that will deal with crime, immigrants, criminal organisations and businesses, crooked cops and the judiciary as well as destructive banks that squander money and crooked businesses and practices that penalise people, that also has charters that deals with education, child safety law and commerce. We are on the right road but let’s be honest, this is walking speed, not a car or train journey and picking our way over uneven ground with heavy baggage is not the best way to travel as the horizon is obscuring the destination. Simply put the short term goals are obscuring the main aim, the need for quick fixes just has to be put on hold for the moment to deal with the longer term problems.

When a working draught of the constitution is in place a government is sworn in to act on the behalf of the people of the country, whose inherent rights will be protected, the party member that is being sworn into duty to the state must accept that they will not be allowed to play at party politics in office. That no conglomerate or capitalistic body will have any rights over a nation and its people and that to conduct business in that country they are subject to its laws and taxes raised on behalf of the people for the good of the entire nation. A country is the embodiment of the people’s of the nation and if the people have a collective set of rights then so does the government have a duty or responsibility to carry out the nations rights on their behalf, this should include the right to defend the nation from any kind of invasion or attacks as well as monetary abuses. While a government is in transition from a pseudo democracy to a full democratic charter it will still need to be monitored, for any person that has once had power, they do not willingly hand it back or give it up without a fight.

  1. The rights of birth are the set of rights up to the end of childhood.

The newborn has the right to expect to not be battered beaten or abused at the hands of their own family, neighbours or third parties or the state, that they are all born with the right to safety, sustenance and shelter. To be educated and cared for in a nurturing environment and fashion to develop into adulthood. To be taught the necessary social skills for integration with our peers. These are the natural-born rights of any living being.

  1. Adult rights the inherited rights of a naturalised citizen of the nation.

As a citizen of the country your constitutional rights are inherited, they will remain in place while you adhere to the constitution and do not knowingly deny someone else or strip someone else of their rights. The rights have a duty of care to uphold the rights of others and a constitutional right to live and work in and with the country to its and your mutual benefit or profit.

  1. The right of Governance for the elected body of the people to act on its behalf under the terms of its constitutional charter.

That a government cannot knowingly use its powers against any citizen that is not a criminal. That the government has a duty of care to its own naturalised citizenry first and foremost without penalising any other persons constitutional rights from their own country.

  1. The rights of an asylum seeker as they apply for residency or are a resident worker.
  2. The penal rights of a convicted felon.
  3. The natural rights of sovereignty to make trade agreements, form alliances and partnerships with other member nations.
  4. The right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness or fulfilment as long as it’s pursuit does not deny someone else of their rights or steal their rights by criminal acts.

War of Attrition

C Scot 03

Rules of Engagement

Historically when an emissary was sent to a ruthless warlords camp the best result that could be expected is they are treated as the poison pawn. It is assumed by the warlord that the enemy knows their stance on the matter and that the emissary is someone the enemy wants to get rid of. The warlord knows that they will never play the enemies game or try to use their system against them, as the system of any regime is always rigged in their own favour. So most emissaries were send back in pieces traditionally as a head and tail set.

When an invading army takes over a country its tactics have never changed, no matter the good causes they have claimed or even the weak excuses they have declared, they are there to kill the occupants or drive them out and to settle the lands as their own. In an aggressive and ruthless campaign this will be achieved in a continuous and sustained program of land grabbing, clearances and fiscal persecution or attrition that generates contrition. The tactics are as old as the world and they are well proven.

The oppressed, persecuted and harried population is led to believe that the occupier is willing to be negotiated with, if you accede to their system, they will adjudicate and they will sentence the action or petition according to their own rules as they see fit by their own elected judges and by their laws. Now how can that not work in the favour of the persecuted, who the occupier only wants to get rid of in the first place. So this delaying process is in place for to Winkle out the dug in, the hard to reach and disguised or protected dissenters. For the process of being eradicated and/or  transplanted. Like sending in the dogs to flush the badgers out really, again an old and well-tried system that is historically proven.

In the modern world the action of attrition is to pursue the defaulter with letters, door knockers and other kinds of legal sanctions as threats. Funny thing it is illegal to send threats in the post, so the police must come and hand you a summons. As the implied threat is illegal in the first place in a democracy where you choose to opt in or have the right to abstain as you wish. But in a dictatorship this postal and legal loophole would just not exist as that would contradict the terms of a dictatorship, where the diktats, I order you around you do as your told and I will give myself the powers to do what I like with you or against you as I see fit, are the rule of the imperial order.

So while you still can in a crumbling democracy, accept no letters, respond to no letters, the system if you engage with it will assume you are prepared to play by its laws or rules and so you are then subject to them. This is just taken as a sign of surrender in their own parlance. Just stonewall them all. Start to affiliate in groups and then under one banner say Clan Scotland, Clan Catalonia, Clan Hong Kong. Then formulating a democratic charter of the people, for the people, by the people. Then with an indigenous majority declare your Sovereignty, the democratic charter will hold any elected government to task by the people, they will not have powers to change legislation, as emergency measures will be outlined in the people’s charter. A separate non ruling non party group will be convened for amendments to be tabled and a country-wide referendum style vote will be used to change the charter, no behind closed doors dictatorial tyrannical rulings ever again.

Freedom has always come at a price, but in this modern-day do not engage with the enemy, do not waste time fighting the old system, spend your energies building the new and spreading the word and building membership. The price for this nation is to stand together to unite and declair ourselves on a world platform and to cease and desist playing the dictators games.

In the referendum the 18% that registered to vote but did not, showed a valid way to tell the occupier that you are not willing to vote in a rigged game. Now in an election if we are all fully paid up members of a Scottish party, and the membership is big enough to change the party manifesto to address less than popular issues in the party stance say. That says that the will of the nation is nationalistic. if every person in the country registers to vote and does not vote for any of the occupiers puppet party heads, that is a double statement being sent to the new age dictators that are giving themselves high and mighty powers in a non war environment, our home front. A bloodless coup.

If you don’t want a fight do not engage with the enemy for any reason, do not answer the door to their requests, do not respond to letters or enticements, to engage in any fashion gives them justification that you are willing to negotiate on their terms.

Way back in the mists of time when clans where glen based isolated units, that barely knew their neighbours except at gatherings, markets and shindigs. An envious neighbour took an interest in what we had, land and water and minerals, you know the classic goods that the ruler of the waves went around the globe acquiring from any fledgling country that was unable to defend against their tactics and the might of their guile. This nation likewise was then occupied some three hundred years ago using the tactics that took advantage of these isolated and separatist clans, that could not unite or agree on anything to divide and conquer. After the highland clearances thanks to the camp belles, war camp followers, the only ones (males) that would wear kilts and pretend to be Scottish clans from the next glens and were from the Campbell’s clan. They still could not slit throats in the night like a seasoned soldier would have. So be thankful for small mercies.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is ……….

The Nation is split between the infiltration occupier and its workforce residents and the last remnants of the existing Scots. So it is time for a head count, to generate new clans and affiliations that are Scotland concentric and do not pander to an occupier’s vanity and their rigged games. Get the head count tally the base and build a political force with real people power. Do not ever again play the enemy at its own tactics, and remember that the real enemy is not the English people, but the EU drive to dictatorialise the Westminster political system away from its democratic purpose. As the EU core is a Capitalist base that wants a disposable complete world work force, that is economically manipulated and restrained. So choose the right political people driven politics democracy, or become the slave and willing workforce of a capitalistic world state order of the new Third Reich (third rise).

This will be the third strike for this Germanic root base for world domination, so are you Luke Skywalker or an imperial droid. May the force not be with them.


Asking the Right Questions

C Scot 03Making Astute Insights

During the second world war, the German nation asset stripped the Jews of most of their wealth and the last track of their systematic asset stripping ended up melting down gold teeth from corpses, but that was ok, they were for the superior race and it was being taken from their inferior subordinates a lesser race. Funny how a so called lesser race were more financially astute enough to earn wealth and to not have to steal it from inferiors, they mostly made their wealth from selling, bargaining and trading. Most of the pre war effort was a systematic application of attrition to make the Jews convert their wealth into goods of value, as the war machine was being developed by the superior exterminator or the great beast, as the system was targeting the Jewish nations wealth by acts of contrition and stealth. This is how most of the refugees had works of art jewellery and fine objects and goods even gold teeth as the ostentations of wealth are gaudy in the brash and showy. This had the effect of placing wealth in personal portable hoards, stories of gold bullion and diamonds peppered the propaganda after they started to convert cash from the systems unsafe banks as government money grabbing policies became the norm.

Look at modern refugees and you will see a marked difference in their goods, most of them, these days are people on the run and it is not always for the reasons they say or that they wish you to believe.

The comparisons to the present day financial crashes from speculation will no longer works as banks must now play the safe margins, but how do these wasteful envious self privileged people get to just keep helping themselves to people’s money, well the next step is legislation, we now give ourselves the power to raid your bank accounts for the amounts we say you owe us for the services we no longer run well or that no longer do the job as intended, but we will bill you anyway and as you have chosen to ignore our demands by letter and court appearances, you will all transfer your wealth and money to cash based goods, so let’s give the tax man the power to raid Peoples accounts, but in a democracy that is an unconstitutional act against the people of the nation, surely the government is a servant of the people in a democracy and uses the collective right of the people in their interest for their good.

In pre war Germany the democratic base was politically changed to a dictatorship and this was to break the constitutional agreements with the people to act in any manner a select few chose, for the people’s collective good. And the getting wealthy and feeling superior German nation, agreed. The dictatorship is again transformed after a short period of time behind closed doors into a tyranny, by the responsible few elite and unelected masters of the universe. So Is a renewed constitutional base the place to start with, one that holds a constitutional charter of the people, for the people, by the people. This form of democratic rights fellowship of the people that swears a government into a position of allegiance that makes them swear an oath to defend the nation, to be nation led and not party led while in office, elected to serve its people’s (whatever nationality residents and indigenous alike) that make up the body of that nation. That no elected party member can change constitutional laws and standards and that a war set exists that has all that it takes to defend a nation, conscription, rationing etc. That the constitution has peacetime laws and standards and that emergency powers are also thought about in case of a breakdown of order, Trojan horses and infiltrators and hate preaches or just unconstitutional people organisations as politicians and parties alike have shown recently and historically they are all two bloody thick to have that sort of power and it is being hijacked and used against us by capitalistic backers. To suit some universal totalitarian drive to make man a commodity for industry, indentured for their whole existence from cradle to grave.

We have educational think tanks that can think it trough to better solutions than any of these capitalist puppets are doing or ever have done. History is the greatest indictment against the dictatorial elite their crimes have lived in infamy for centuries. The economy is the resource of a nation, its commodities are its wealth and the people its investment and natural benefactors of the results of pulling these to our greater mutual development. The people who make the investment and make the sacrifices are the ones that are entitled to the bonuses and benefits from that, not the managers and other kinds of greedy people who cannot help themselves when presented with temptation and ease of access and have no qualms covering their tracks.

We as a nation have a chance to make a difference in this country that will have repercussions throughout the entire little globe for decades if not centuries to come. Well Scotland the ball is at your feet, fear, acts of contrition, changing political stances were all used against the Jews by a dedicated political smug set of up their own arse petty little Hitler’s. If you can see any allegorious comparisons please feel free to voice them here.