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The Facts from the Figures

Something doesn’t quite add up …..

Runic Cubed

Runic Cubed

In the last few decades a suspicious group of people have been ignoring the facts and proposing a regime of numeric evaluations to replace good old common sense, bankers, doctors, scientists and now government departments. From the BMI for the assessment of health to projected figures to assess probable production figures to estimating weather fronts and estimating population growth figures.

The single worst offenders are scientists who once they review their statistics from their studies, they always seem to escalate the probabilities to the worst case scenarios imaginable, pandemics that never happened to world crisis’s that have never materialised to getting the facts all lined up to predict global warming instead of climate change. Proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are not the ones to assess the probabilities as they calculate them from the standpoint that infinite escalation which would require event sequences to become uninhibited by real world circumstances. As would happen in an artificial sterile test environment say, and yet these historically never pans out that way, when introduced into a real world environment.

As with doctors that do not look at the patient, who assess the disease on a sliding artificial scale to work out the probabilities. When well-educated people with a proven record of poor people evaluations that exhibit limited communication skills and real world judgement abilities goes to further prove the point.

The media speculation about end of the world scenarios that had the world watching the Mayan calendar countdown to an anti climactic result is yet another example of how much the escalating infinities of the theoretical calculations lack any real facts to balance the prognosis against to deliver a balanced real world view of the facts.

In the most recent finding of an ageing population and the probable causes of longevity are just getting into yet another spiral of speculation. It may just be time to step back from the communications devices before they start to release yet another round of dietary and lifestyle causes that are no more than incidental in a process as the main offenders in the list of likely suspects. The direct signs of early ageing in people who are exposed to the elements for lengthy periods adds a visual conformation that stands out quite drastically when weighed up against the established theories.

As a western culture better diet plays a part, we can see the correlations for ourselves. But there are some other facts that now cannot be ignored in the cold light of day. As a nation we live work and spend most of our time under some kind of artificial man-made shelters, to travelling inside artificial environments on wheels, and even flying. We in our western lifestyles spend more time in artificial environments that most of the third world populations. Where the weather-beaten countenances of the indigenous populations are a testament as to how the elements ravage and age a person.

The age defying youth of some woman should encourage a second look at how many of them live in low lighting environments in their home environment. To looking at the nocturnal effects on entertainers who spend more time on their feet into the wee small hours to earn a crust. Almost gives rise to the speculation that the sun ages everything it comes into contact with for prolonged periods.

When a doctor or a scientist no longer looks at the person but makes decisions based on some sliding scale devised by a theorist it is maybe time we all took a step back and shut the jobworths and the nerds with no real world experience up till they get a good indoctrination into the facts of life before they devise yet another set of figures that say just whatever it is their investors hired them to say from a scientific point of view, to substantiate their own investments, like tobacco companies, sugar producers, and companies that distribute additives in their products because some theorist was paid to recommend them. It is well past time that we stood on the side of facts and proven figures instead of expedient theories, that save companies having to put substance into products instead of additives.

By all means let the little logic machines gather the data but let’s rein them in from speculating on their point of view of the facts that is immersed in artificial environments that are developed sterilely to reduce any inhibiting factors so that the experiments can reach their desired Investors wish-list conclusions.

Then we can go after the next generation of tin pot PC dictators, the new generation of Luddites that dress themselves up in the garb of the Elf”n’Safety morons, suits them sir, suits them, of the new age global idiot, now we all know where the village idiot was re housed to, to a local authority near you …..

Theoretical speculation leads to escalation.

The media speculation about the missing aircraft has highlighted the speculation fiasco of our nature to its worst form possible, what ever happened to wait till we have all of the facts first then set about interpreting them without the urge to deliver a conclusion in a half cocked manner. a first past the post philosophy is not a good standpoint for real world events that affect the relatives of the missing. All that initial first past the post speculation leading hopes in one direction then another leading in just the opposite direction from expectations will always result in irate people thinking they are being deliberately misled or kept in the dark. Grieving people are more reactionary and can’t help thinking bumbling people are really the enemy instead of just very human beings doing the best they can while trying to get the facts as quickly as possible to get back to business. Just look back at every oil spill and especially the fiasco with BP to see the point better in hindsight.

For the sake of a nail a horse was lost

May Auld acquaintance be forgot

A Knights Sword

A Knights Sword

Well they do say the devil is in the details, he sneaked or was that snaked into paradise an hour before god knew he was there and look at the damage he did since. still is that no pride that thinks it can get ahead of god and that the all-knowing widnae know he was there wunder who put that notion in his brain eh.

Well I am moved to tears what with all the best wishes for the future pouring in from our former allies those old empire builders next door, and the whip round was out of this world, these old mother of the modern democracies, the very core world parliaments ( I meant to parley … no can’t be that simple) have moved this old nations hearts, we were here when those nasty Italians came and over ran all your ancestors, we were here when they had to build a wall to protect themselves from us, we even sent an ambassador down into England some time later a boy by the name of Willy ye know Mrs Wallace’s son, oh and she’s asking if you can tell him his tea is oot and if you can kindly send us back his belongings for a heroes funeral, after all ye raid burial places the world over so just what did you dae with Mrs Wallace’s son’s remains and of course that nice lady who yeh chapped aff her head and then destroyed the place of incarceration in Corby area  wis it, yeh know where willy stopped aff tae pay his respects on his trek doon tae see yae.

Still that’s just bye the bye (not by the by … shhhh) would like to just take a minute to thank all the bankers (gid job the spellers aff) for their support on our new up comin enterprise, the founding of a Nation. The world-wide business support from the global community is just so sweet and touching, I’m just lost for words give me a minute I’m just filling up here ….. there that’s better. The glass is full again and the cider is not sweet  but it still hits the mark, any way where was I before I had to be barman.

Something for this new age Celtic writer to finally get his teeth intae  a juicy subject:

They grave robbers owe your’s the wans that desecrate graves all over the world and plunder …. (Shh rang track matey keep it light and bright and cheery or they will think yer pickin a fight) return foreign artefacts to their empirical home on the magic isle. they can get about retuning Mrs Wallace’s son William and of course that nice heedless lass Mary if you please just as soon as yer able before our launch of a nation reborn that was burned to the grass-roots, land cleared and pissed all over (hey a warned you stop that) then land was given to the Campbell’s  in English footholds, still most left in the clearances as they wir nae mare welcome after their treachery. How dae yeh bribe a man to betray his countrymen his own kith and kin and what is the sins of the fathers that will be visited on their lineage I wonder (are you jist no listening, they get everything wrang they will think yer picking a fight … because it suits their purposes. naw because their stupid they thought they could raid the world and get away scot-free … just born on the wrang side ow the wa heh) still most of the little traitors are abroad right now and their misfortune is being visited just like the Japanese retributional wave and the Chinese  picking a fight and their economic ……WHIT are yeh on about ya witless moron just shut up and listen, you think it’s all black and white, we good they bad, are you mad lad.

This next door neighbour that never re-invested in these lands and rehabilitated it have deliberately asset stripped this country, they set up a drain that forced our native sons to work in their lands for their own economic benefits, the biggest single employer north of their border is the state lackey system they put in place instead of investing in their so-called alliance members . They moved in and took the oil selt the rights to their business partners, no co owned the rights with their fellow alliance members were jist kept subjugated by the …….. there yeh go again wi the black and white scenarios again boy yeh want tae get oot oh kindergarten, and look at the bigger picture …. ow aye and whits that when it’s at hame then, Mctavish. Well think owe how things are for them right now will ye fir a change. Naw boy jist hear me out first.

Awe they nations they invaded and also asset stripped are now putting together legal petitions for aid compensation for past misdeeds well that puts the public purse in jeopardy does it no. I’ll take that nod as ah can carry on tae ma point in all this. Well lets just say that a small part of their nation is about to break away from the unscrupulous neighbours, and that, that new emerging pristine example of true democracy that will spring from the lions of the great up rising … ahem … the point is, owe aye sorry getting carried away there fir a minute, well what if this new nations first act of independence is to make world numbered account banking system that charges for storage regardless of wealth contained and was to say start a litigation against its auld ally for past transgressions, from a standpoint of prior claim against the rest of the world claims, we then deposit the amount in one of our own new banks as working collateral in say an old whisky storage vault yeh know wans wi fifteen feet thick walls. we then give them a chance to re-secure the deposit against the day when they will make full restitution as long as they start a program of reinvestment in this nation for our good service in the past. We come oot owe it as shining knights helpin a poor downtrodden struggling neighbour fir a price ow course, well whit dae yeh think man. That’s a hell owe a way tae get a nae strings loan for an indefinite period, ya auld silver fox yeh.

Well jist tae play devils advocate as yeh know they will, which is what yer askin me fir tae sound it oot on. Whit if the reason this nation canny stand up is we awe think we have tae get a job geen tae us, instead of making our own money, what if that’s why the biggest employer is the state, in the first place, because we awe think somebody has a job fir us, or that the world owes us a livin, because the majority of us canny think fir ourselves. Ah canny name a single big Scottish entrepreneur can you. Shaun Connery, Billy Co ….. awe right awe right, there are wan or two oot there some place.

So let me see again you want tae cut a deal with the well-known business practices and moral fibre of the auld ally in the hope that they will be unscrupulous and try to Welch on their obligations, when they are paying so much in foreign aid to pay historic debts to nations that proved legitimate claims against them. And that are under the throes of a world recession, is the best time to try to cut a deal with the auld liar ally, is that no jist what a modern day Campbell would dae Mctavish. Jings never saw that wan comin did you.

So dae yeh think we have a prior claim against them then eh. heh heh.

But ah wid hate tae be in the shoes of any emerging nation that got its imperial system left by the brit abroad that then try’s to take ‘them’ to court in their ‘own’ system. Imagine thinking they can beat the devil at its own game it could be a beast of a play aff, i’ll bet yeh. Good thing we still have Scottish Law then isn’t it eh.

So whit is that David Campbell’s phone number again (Campbell naw couldn’y be could it.) and i’ll gee him a call eh get the ball rollin so tae speak. Noo you keep this tae yersell no, nay gassin tae the lassies doon the pub on a lumber ken hoo its no jist yer gums yeh bump when yer rammin it hame. Loose lips sink ships when a lassie waggles her hips at yeh. So zippit till a gee yeh the heeds up. We could be laughin all the way tae the bank min.

Noo just where did a leave awe they skeletons in the closet stories about they auld neighbours of ours must brush up on ma acceptance speech after they finish haying their gag about pulling oot owe our lands. Came saw conquered by treacherous locals, asset stripped to the bones war atrocities slaughtering our legitimate line to supplant it with some auld long lost cousins, naw a new democratic charter by the people of Scotland to bring their own government to a democratic charter with the people, to serve it to never knowingly misuse the peoples power against them and claim it’s in ‘their’ best interest, to never deny them their birth rights ……. awe right ma heeds buzzin wi awe this ….. lets get a pint in before the bell and you remember tae keep yer kilt on, or yer mouth shut just keep it busy doin something else trust me boy it will awe come naturally it always does.

After all a cross on a ballot paper in no way infers the transfer of rights from one individual to another in a court of law, that the power of poxy attorney proxy remains with the signer if they are capable of reading and writing and can of course sign their own name. Under the rules of evidence for this United King ….. sorry … Great Brita …… British Isles yeah that more like it they haven’t a leg to stand on and cannot use your rights against you under their own legislation, no wonder they were looking for a fast track way to change legislation, you know global unrest, trouble on the streets anarchy and mayhem ruling well that never got aff the ground now did it. They must have been under the weather or sumthin what dae yeh think man.

Signed this day of our lord 1546 2014

Alec Mctavis (That’s Mr Alexander to you lot)


The wee scunner…..

A Letter for MR Fiddler ……. Pageing Mr Fiddler

Facebook PostSomething stinks in the ranks matey.

Aren’t modern business practices wonderful devices, coercion straight tied in access to the state-owned corporate enforcement arm of you will pay your bills boys brigade of dictatorial jobsworths. Blackmailing , you signed this agreement and yes they did change the goal posts on you but that does not invalidate that you signed this agreement. Never mind the fact that they changed the goal posts after the signing and are then responsible in a court of law of breaking the terms of the contract, now never let that be said out loud in a court of law corporate enforcement lawyers litigation proceedings. Can’t call them court of law or even justice in this day and age have to come up with a new name for them. After all if a cop caught on camera beating a woman up into a self-defence position means she was defenceless and had to ride out the tirade of the sustained and continued attack from a man in uniform that magical super hero costume that guarantees the calibre of the containment, who was baited by a retort from a defenceless woman, like that’s never happened in a court of law since they began, but as we have established they are no longer courts of law. And the so-called judges excuse for not detaining this man was she was big-mouthed, and not entirely without blame, what legal statute does that come under ‘me laud’ if you please …… When a big and powerful man who is not allowed to use undue force has his natural superiority hampered and hand cuffed it is only a matter of time that the right excuse will do to unleash the beast. So the cops buddy in cahoots, brothers in arms, one of the boys, the corporate enforcement litigator lets him off, stands back shocked and amazed by this…… who are you kidding Mr fiddler. Did you ever wonder where all the spoil sports and wasters all went to now you know.

Whatever happened to police training the quality of the modern man must be the new age guardsmen generation of it’s all right to have impulses. Not for one so investitured, for once the vestment of offices are accepted by state, secular or welfare offices all treachery is then null and voided by the power vested in me and Shazam as if by magic, a guardsman cracks at a joke and another brute brutalises a woman and gets away with it, there is an old saying for the collective and when you look at the high-end echelon of the ordained vessels, the antitheses is the ‘rank and file’, the good old salt of the earth. Well all that marching around in pomp and circumstances we can all tell that something is rank in the ranks and files, yet again it’s the good old salt that is getting the roasting.

English practices that all start with its nothing personal you understand it’s just business (bank backed not small home-grown), the tactics that state the clear intentions and calibre of the lying cheats and all their other infidelities, saying one thing, setting the contracts then changing the goal posts, all the calibre of trash, breaking doors down, trashing places, stop and confiscate anything you cannot prove where you got it or when you got it, as you are just the property of the self-appointed judge jury and enforcement arm of the corporate states of Brittany you will do as you are ordered ache tung javoul mien oberstumban fuhrer. They will exterminate they will extermeinate, call the Dr, what …. no who.

Imagine thinking that a god that could flood a world to get rid of your kind would think that hiding behind vestments would fool him, you were warned to stop saving your own sorry arses to protect the vision of the vestments, a good branding used to be used when that historically happened. For the crime of closing ranks and protected someone’s bad judgement call in sponsoring an unsuitable candidate,  instead of giving the baying crowd it’s justice, you and all your lineage shall now pay the price. You can run and you can hide if you think it will do you any good in the cold light of day.

Wow must have been missing this i’m enjoying myself no end. Now where are the rest of those buried bodies and closeted skeletons oh yeah I remember it all now it’s coming back to me in spades, must be where damaclese left his sword dangling …..Let loose the wards, to get ye right where you live (duck back under cover when you trash something) and the beast is unleashed and is loose on yer sorry arses and it will not let up when you are driven off the grounds and it will not relent when you and yours cry uncle and no it will not leave even one of you, you are not deserved of any form of paradise. It will hound you all out of existence and will dog your sorry steps every plod of the treck.

You cannot hide underground he owns that, you will only flounder in underwater tin cans and as you know outer space cant support you, where do you run to when you have no place to run to. Your breeding program is already hampered and new blood won’t do you any good, your blood is thinned and you are on the brink of extinction. Awe shame and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of miserable tacky lying cheating sons of Beelzebub.

Does yer mammy know yer oot, (Aye, Aye, Aye)

Hay ye got yer bobble hat, whit, and yer pawkies.

Yer mammy must luv you, have yeh got a packed lunch are are ye big boys and got lunch money. (dripping old scot sarcasm, heavy on the whisky galore vernacular)

Whit and nay bully fae across the borders took it fi yeh. (said incredulously)

Am fair impressed so am ir. (pride swells the chest)

Wha’s like us gye fue and their awe deed.