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Right Said Fred

If the public opinion as relayed by the gutter press is that we are all indignant and something should be done about Fred the Shred then, this clueless political army might just give itself new laws to hound anyone that takes and makes themselves rich in a ‘Free Market Economy’, but that is not the only thing to worry about.

This government is representative of only one in five of the voting populace, if it had been elected that is. The powers that they are tempting public opinion to give them is nothing short of totalitarianism. What Fred said and what Fred did is immoral, but under the terms of our laws, these are the ones that we all elected someone to implement for us and to be custodian and warrant officer of, he has done nothing illegal and therefore he is off Scott Free, and we just have to shut the gate until the horse is replaced.

This minority Government must not be allowed to give itself any new executive powers, that will be the unenviable position for a duly elected government. This Fred is not to sexy for his shirt, and he is against the tide of public opinion and Joe public will trip him up at every turn as and where he crosses their paths, but the law is an ass and allowed the thieves into the bank vault, in the first place and they will still not reign in what is still going on in the banking sector at this moment in time, and they all claim to be powerless to stop the future repetition of the same sort of self serving types that treated the money in the banks as their own, and never paid a penny more than they had to get away with it.

This is a much more worth wile target and is within the stated powers of the governmental body to do something about, but they claim they are tied and bound by the rules of the game and not the laws of the land, this looking for a scapegoat to use public opinion to change laws is the first steps towards a police state, or military law.

The kind of thing you would expect from China or Putin’s gang, we are still a free state and we need to reign in the powers that be, and we have a tough enough task ahead in cleaning out the banking and financial sectors. After all we are not ruled by a communist regime, there is no red flag flying over number 10 now is there?

Time to reign in the dogs and keep them short of cash by keeping the least we have to in the Banks, the less they have to play with the less the can steal from us, or the less they can lose in the gambling pens and the less bonuses they can allocate to themselves for time and effort invested, instead of for meeting results deadlines of targets like any other business does.

They remind me of the small business man that starts his business up and is whacked with large tax bills for taking to big a pay, so he devises a bonus scheme to get around the limitations of corporate law and related earnings. This loophole is the first refuge of the small entrepreneur, the mindset that runs on minimalism for maximum returns, that is the dream or delusion they bought into. The least they have to for the best returns set of individual is going to take his pay for his effort and time regardless of the results because he feels he must. It is morally reprehensible but under law and jurisprudence and the states backing of the small business ethos that were all schooled in the laws of abundance as prescribed by the guru tosh of the seventies and the eighties, the mantras of the acolytes of the get rich while you dream school of thought.

If governments need advisors and help in any area it is the area of effective outomes instead of budget limitations vs time effort and energy. The mindset they are dealing with should be known, good psychological profiling of the various and divergent mindsets and the disciplines and philosophies that they are schooled by, so for psychologists with a good philosophical understanding of their doctrines is an absolute must, and that’s just for starters. Don’t however begin to believe the prose and high minded views of an abstract philosopher, just a philosophical historian and profiler will do, for the pragmatic needs of a good governor.

The progressions and escalations that the week willed and the ‘hard done by types’ are the same for all of us, the more you have the more you want, why settle for a lamb when you can have a whole sheep to sell. Just when is enough, enough,

The full power of a well adjusted life is it carries only what it needs, take no more than is enough and some for later, ensure the survival of the support group leave enough for a seed crop and distribute the surplus, for the state of well being of the whole. Hoarding is an illness born of neurosis and fear. In a world where there are no guarantees we all have to draw our own conclusions, make our own rules and abide by the collective for mutual growth and well being while keeping mind body and soul together.

No man is an Island and persecuting the last one through the closing gate is an act of vengeance, let Joe public strip Fred to the bone it will be like piranha in a slowed down or prolonged feeding frenzy rather than one single act of vengeance.

So throw your own rotting veg as Fred hangs in the stocks and we can all give the idiot pelters anything else is a blood letting that we are all above, or at least I hope we are.

Hoo Heave Hoo, back to the salt mines comrade.

The Pecking Order

There is a natural pecking order to the food chain for a reason, any animal that predates the insect level will become what they eat. They will display group tendencies, they will commune and learn to act as one for the benefit of the group and individuality is a queen be trait, that will be husbanded by the hive for the benefits of all. The swarm is a way of ensuring that the weakest are shed from the gene pool and only the most enduring will survive for the new hive.

 Any sci-fi enthusiasts will recognise the traits of the Borg and will better understand the horror of this emotionless disregard for the individuality of the being for the sake of the many, the natural progenitor of the communistic mindset. The higher up the food chain the more removed from the selflessness of singularity for the sake of the mass the groupings are. Even Lions are prone to the pride instinct and it is a patriarchal grouping as opposed to the insect hive and its dependence on a matriarchal structure. The grazing herd must have ingested a fair level of the insects that populate the high grasses of the plains to keep the genetic group dependency so strong in a large bodied species. The wolf is the same as the big cat and is just as prone to the same instinctive levels and drives.

 This also seems to be true of the hyena and most predator types except for the bear.  The bear is the most antisocial animal there is and some types only ever get together under the duress of extreme hunger, their self reliance is legendary and can even keep a pack of wolves at bay by size, sure evidence that speed,  power of the tooth and claw rules by sheer size and a will to survive to the deadly cost of anything that gets in its way. The bear is also one of the most tenacious creatures in creation and will work with a will to provide for its needs and will keep alive throughout the famine and feast cycles where other less hardy opportunists will not. The mother in extreme times of deprivation will survive to breed again but the mortality of the cubs up to the point of their first year is high enough to suggest that they will survive better with the timely provision of the natural cycles of prolific life like the salmon. Luck for a mother and cubs is all a matter of good timing and the statistics of cub mortality indicate, the mother will defend with a passion, but its own survival instinct is stronger than the mere impulse to defend what cannot provide for itself. Hence the strong drive in the young to start as early as possible to get into the swing of it.  

 The higher up the food chain you go the more diluted is the urge to self sacrifice for the group, and the more isolated it becomes until it is as we would recognise it as a survival trait for the family unit. A mother sacrificing itself for its young is a common enough even in nature, but the communal tactics of miniscule insects has a greater dependency on the herd or hive, the bigger the body mass the longer the dependency of the young, insects are short lived and will mature quicker, and be better equipped with a more complete set of instinctive drives witch will require less for them to learn, except how to fit in and go with the flow. The genetic typing and the limitations of the gene pool make for one big family.

 Man has long ago learned to predate higher up the pecking order than direct reliance on the insect level and its reduced instinctive drive sets. The evidence is that if we ever were starved to such an extent that we ever had to directly live off the insects, the very base of the food chain, then the memory is lost in our recessive genes. Any grouping of man that predates the insect level directly will only ever have gotten there from extreme hunger and that does mean famine on a continental level. The western mind and instincts is so high of the ground level of provision that we will all balk at the idea of directly eating insects either cooked for our sensitive ways or like the aboriginal way raw and still squirming.

 The Chinese, Japanese and quite a few of the Asian countries as well as the aborigine, have all genetically gotten over their revulsion to the prospect. The west has always been great providers and the inclusion of insects in our diet is not in any traditional recipes or even in folk memory. The way that we squander food shows that we are the offspring of the generation of the hard pressed. During the war we all grew our own food in our own gardens to supplement our diets. Our parents made sure that we only took what we could eat, and that we ate it all and left no waste, all dressed up as good polite manners, ‘don’t be greedy’, ‘don’t start what you cannot finish’, ‘your not leaving the table until you finish that, there are children starving in Africa’. The onus was to avoid waste, and to eek out the measures to accommodate everyone, good old fashioned socialist principles, alive and living under the disguise of democratic values.

 I don’t think the west ever saw this coming a government that betrayed it own electorate, the governments of the world and the unnatural greed of the few have brought the world to the harsh reality, that the communists have brought us to our knees and they used our own greed to break us. They cloned our own goods and fed them back to us at reduced prices, flooding the overstretched markets with a glut, because they paid minimal wages, and could afford to just chuck another coolie into the front line to get their dream of one world order in place.

 Well one giant hive may be their ideal but it isn’t how we think, must just be a matter of diet or preffered taste. Lets hope that the change in diet takes effect before we all let the liars that lead sell our future to the hive mind, just so they can stay in power after all they still have your proxy and they ain’t listening and are doing just as they please, must think they have us over a barrel, wonder what makes them thing that.

 Well just for the record the bees are all buzzing off, and even the bugs are having a hard time more good land is being bull dozed for greedy reasons and arable land with sustainable resources is about to become the prime concern of the focus of all of the nations of the world. The fluctuating weather in what used to be stable environments, because scientist, the voyeurs of the thinking world, these observation record freaks are still being funded to experiment on our living environment, without ever being able to ensure what kind of results they would produce, these lets just try it and see what happens, with the theory that its all good if they are right and its just a case of oops if they are wrong. They tinker with everything from nuclear power to health and genetic crop manipulation, these observationalist morons have still not been reigned in yet and can still get funding just to see if their guesses are right or wrong.        

 Why have civilisations fallen and decayed, because of runaway consumption and not being able to keep that in check will help to breed the bear complex of suspicious isolationism and opportunistic tendencies prone to the provisions of natural abundances. This country has good farm land and Asian countries have undermined our own provision, which resulted in farming subsidies to keep them ticking over because if they ever disappear then we will all be dependent on aid from countries that will try to exert some influence over our ways and means. And these morons that think they can lead will well our souls to stay in power unless we all act.

Oh and one for the scientists out there to study:-

 Out of all of the bright possibilities for mankind’s finest ideas, and achievements, we are likely to become a socialist stronghold with all sorts of excesses reigned in or abolished with powers to make sure of it, such is the nature of the beast. The meek are a group of humourless, emotionless retards that only deserve thier own company unlike ourselves. They are control freaks that want the world to be populated by clones of themselves, how did they get into positions of authority, should we hunt out the HR people that profiled skills without personality or character, so that the mechanistic types all got through, or were they just willing to do the jobs that we hate.

 The HR screening that weeded out the dissident types made for a workforce that would follow orders blindly and would not balk at the unchecked business practices that the industry uses. These sheep replaced a vital feedback mechanism, and all for the sake of a totalitarian need for control and the urge to be always obeyed. They are the children of the mindset that developed the unscrupulous practices that fleeced the unwary. From their primary philosophy ‘buyer beware, from the ‘man mind thine own school of thought by the every one for themselvesclass of selfish excesses, what other outcome could ever have happened but the collapse of the willingness of the consumers continual drive to buy into the ideology, against the tide of shoddy treatment, that only ever fleeced to grease the wheels of avarice. Human nature being what it is, it was only a matter of time before we would all collectively stop sticking

our hands in the fire, once burned twice shy is still a western truism.         

 The world is a stage lest hope that we are not the final audience in the final act before the final curtain in mans walk on its last walk of survival.

 Well comrades welcome to the party that doesn’t know how to, so back to the salt mines of ‘Chairman Broon, fae the lang toon’.

Where have all the Billions Gone

Under the laws of physics nothing just simply disappears up its own jacksy. Energy does not get destroyed it is changed into another form of energy. It just simply defies the laws of physics that a world wide banking system could have stumbled along without any traceable means of hard cash. Yet we are being asked to believe the impossible, some one made a killing and their money has just disappeared out of the banking system entirely.


These mythical robbers have not only absconded with the capital gains but they have deposited it in an inter galactic off world reserve. Or are we all calling Buck Rodgers in the 25th century to see if they have absconded across up or down the time line and out of our radar. It just beggars belief that  they think we are all that stupid. They cant all be hiding it in the mattress or in the tea caddy now can they.


The new guarantees for the f ridged investor who are keeping their cash out of the cash flow to stop it being swept into another group of sharks feeding frenzy, as they all circle for the kill. These less than contrite public apologies are still doing nothing to reinstill faith in the people that have been running the failed system, the lack of public faith is now bordering on the canny sheepdog watching the suspect bush for twinges of movement. It is a system that cannot work and only managed to stay afloat because of the enormous turnovers coming from highly suspect business practices and the steady asset stripping methods that have been used in sales teams across the globe are only the tip of the iceberg in this search for the usual suspects.


There are a quite a few mythical creatures in the world today that are conspicuous by their sustained absences, Big Foot, The Yeti, The Scottish Tory and that other great tartan Icon Nessie, the only one that has its own dedicated prayer group that regularly gives thanks for the myth, namely the Scottish Tourist Board. ‘Oche aye the noo wha’s like us’. Other great modern myths of course are of the infamous smoking gun variety like ‘The search for Weapons of Mass Destruction’. The missing Iraq Billions, the hunt for the Taliban,  the search for Osama Bin Havin em, and of course the Muslim terrorist blitz that has been ripping through our country for the last 5-6 years. But the one that feels most like a modern fairy story is the sudden expose from  the banks that they are all currently cash strapped, yet the machine is still ticking over and no world wide collapse has happened, the price of food jumped and the great British tax payer is getting shafted by its duly elected idiots as they all run around like headless chickens, flapping and fussing and trying to find ways to blame the other guy while they all get their stories straight in case the fickle finger of fate points in their direction and we finally get to see what they have been getting up to off the radar.


It can’t be that it will all boil down to a mystery like, ‘what ever happened to Shergar’ when DNA testing of runners over the last couple of decades would at least produce a seaman trail if not produce a blood line that could highlight a stud farm that is at least highly suspect. It may well turn out it was Lord Lucan and Jimmy Hoffa that kidnapped the great runner and its being housed in Graceland II the modern day hideaway of Elvis Presley (all those sightings over the decades) , they do say though that there is no smoke without fire.


The Chinese are a nation of gamblers and are known for betting on absolutely anything, yet if you look at their culture they believe in luck and take great care of auspicious signs and portents, they are basically superstitious and yet they believe that they can buy a blessing or a good luck charm. Yet they seek the guidance of sooth sayers and they will still rely on their own instincts or intuitions or insights to gamble their worldly worth on the turn of a card or the flip of a coin.


Guessing and lucky streaks are what brought the banks to their knees the world over, and they have all learned what we (that’s all the rest of us poor slobs) already knew. A winning streak is someone watching the state of play from the pinnacle of their enthusiasm with a fairly good feel for the state of play, the run of the cards, or for the pitch of the toss, while they have enough cash in hand to sustain more than a few mistakes. Is this then just someone that has began to realise their greatest expectations. If this is indeed the case does that mean that a losing streak is some one at the pit of their worry watching the state of play from a disadvantaged position and that they are then in the process of realising their worst fears.


The real equation of course is that each of us has a greatest hope, and each of us has our greatest worry or fear and that in the normal course of events we manifest our greatest hope or expectation minus our greatest fears and that a streak is a moment of sheer exhilaration where doubt is negated and a run becomes inevitable. Faith sustains the run until a chink in the armour or until the exhilaration runs out. Starting the powering down process of the three interlinked states of mind, instinct, intuition and finally insight bringing perception. This inner spiral is a spiritual one in a well balanced mind, with a sound philosophical state of well being. The emotionally well nourished being without character flaws and personality defects is a myth, after all the differences between people and the superior state is the software, state of mind and stability of personality, the unification of the higher self in superior character, the state of being is then enhanced bring the flow of hormones and endorphins into play in a particular balance that elevates the state of being out of the mundane, and the inner being is in harmony with the outer world for a period of time. The inner  spiral is achieved from any starting point in the trinity. The healing state of the mind, body and emotions is enhanced in a cocoon of well being that beats as it sweeps as it cleans. 


The personality type and the strength of character to hold their nerve during the play is essential. All emotions start of as one thing and evolve into other sensations or feelings, like with children at play often what starts of in laughter will end up in tears. The sustainable power of elation isn’t any more stable than any other emotion in a doubt ridden psyche. But a person of faith with an ability to key into their passion will start the human atomic power station that can override physical, emotional and intellectual limitations. Keeping in mind that the body is an energy driven vehicle that needs nourishment, the emotional body flags, wavers and wanes, and the intellect is prone to doubt and worry as well all of the most positive directives and energies.


The need for a disciplined and focused state of mind is paramount, the first foundation is faith and the directive is achievement of each successive goal in the run allowing the perceptions to be recalibrated as the play is in motion, the flow is addictive and will need this period of recalibration to assess any negative undercurrents that are developing in the perception, or decision making process. A headstrong and wilful ego with issues will not be able to resist the addiction to push it one more time, against the niggling layer of better judgement as it re-establishes itself weekly in the subsiding rush of adrenaline and the return to sanity, as the moment recedes an all or nothing urge can be seen as a reasonable urge given the feeling that the run is ending. Certain personality types will overthrow their rational observations and know that if they are sensing the end then it will surely be realised next and don’t understand the precognitive ability as it is a still small voice in the raging hormonal and passion driven moment but know how life is  for them and they will be able to pull back at or before the brink.


Some people only ever achieve the positive run ‘state’ once in their life and they will probably never be able to achieve it again, as their natural disposition is to be in a negative cycle, so an advisor can aid their trip and guard against their impulses by watching for signs of doubt or levels of anxiousness and can pull them up before the penultimate crash. Some people will find this state an easy one to achieve and can regularly enter into it either negatively or positively, just check the scientific zen card tests of the seventies, eighties.


No matter how hard we try no one is infallible and no one can sustain anything internal for any great length of time. Just look at the meditative process, the use of hypnosis to reinforce certain traits and even these cannot be sustained indefinitely. So gamblers have runs of both good and bad luck and in the end the personality type and the strength of character will determine the level of success that they manage to manifest. So it was only a matter of time before the banks began to crumble under the drive from greed and from the idea that a guesser should be unrestrained when they are in the flow. The worst worm in the minds of these people is at the philosophical level where the may unconsciously believe the adage that all good things must come to an end. The worst flaw in the psyche of a guesser will be if they have ever seen themselves as underdogs or if the were continually being submissive or servile in their formative years for its a hidden pit for their self worth to trip up into as they shift from a peak to a trough moment. The snake in some minds is hidden behind the easy come easy go doorway into recklessness. Old established and even though long unused negative patterns can afflict a person at crucial times. The perceived defeat for every warrior is retained in their mind or heart and can be manifested at a crucial stage in any battle. The seeds of defeat are carried around within us all.


Never let people gamble with your hard earned, if you don’t know what to do with it just spend as you go and be happy in the moment. Or be prepared to have your stash go up or down as the flow dictates and just hope that you don’t meet a lucky rat on a winning streak who is playing low for the big bundle, for you will never see it coming. Mr cautious playing the odds will be able to call a halt most of the time and will probably have the best chance of walking away on a regular basis with minor wins that never quite reach the volume of the big score, but he is much more bankable than the flash in the pan new kid on the block. Something that you would have expected a banking system with centuries of experience to have retained and established in its policies.


But greed is what gets everyone eventually, except of course for the selfless people of the world who excel in service and have fixed levels of moderation from the propriety levels of humility, they will know instinctively when they are over fishing the waters and will have the necessary self restraint to anticipate a change in the tide or flow. Their strength of character is the controlling device that limits the urges from escalating into self destructive recklessness.


It is easy to see where all the good money went when you consider the nature of the beast. Just keep it cash strapped until it gets reigned in a bit and can start to regulate its systems. If you believe that the leopard can change its spots, as a few public apologies would suggest. Or is the nature of the beast a lust for totality, and is there no satisfaction for greed. Well if the adage you cant have to much of a good thing is in conflict with the grass is always greener then the philosophical level of being is at odds with the processes or goals being pursued.


The mapping of the heart the mind and the spirit is not an exact science yet but it is shaping up to get interesting.


Happy Fishing.

Refuse This (Or Recycle Man-Age-Ment)

The stockpiles of waste that we are accumulating are about to cause serious storage problems in the long term, yet we have a surplus of scientists and creatives that are twiddling their collective thumbs, gee must just be another no brainer from the Chairman Brown school of mismanagement.


In an electronic world where paper still rules our lives after the concept of the paperless office has been around since the early eighties. From order forms, to summons, from bank statements to eviction notices. The genuine wealth of nations has been reduced to processed wood pulp, the banks gave out bank receipts or notes that could be redeemable for the hard earned cash of the hard pressed early businesses of yore, that had to carry large sums of coin around with them or store them on the business premises, and that coin was in the form of copper, and various weights of silver that was stamped as it was easy to do that with silver and it didn’t erode. The silver thrupence, sixpence, shilling florin, half crown and crown were all once made with sterling silver and their weight was in fractions of a pound. The slogan that the bank would pay the bared on demand one pound in sterling silver had its origins in this form of exchange. A piece of paper for the exchange of one pound of sterling silver sounds like a raw deal when you look at the price of silver now and we will be able to see the true value of the paper ‘money’.


The present value for an ounce of silver is six pounds, one sixteenth of the first paper bank note, now that’s exorbitant inflation when you consider how cheep paper is to produce. Doesn’t it just make you want to take a fiver to the bank and trade it for five pounds in sterling silver. No wonder all the crooks have been just disappearing from the world they all became bankers where they could just help themselves by giving themselves bonuses as they please, one heck of an inside job.


Just what can you spend your hard earned paper on these days, cars are a money pit, with a yearly running cost built in, including the state scams, road tax, insurance and MOT. All of these are enforced by made up laws to extract an income from the masses. Property isn’t any better with its own built in scams, again all legally sanctioned by the state endorsement body and corporate enforcement arm of ‘society’ the law. That has never administered justice, but will punish property offences with a swift retribution. Just like the great train robbers, but ask all of the rape victims and victims of violence, then look at how many kids are at risk and on what are laughingly called protection registers, in a time when some kids will die at the hands of the very people that are supposed to protect them, their parents and guardians. Blind justice is not an accidental depiction, as art mimics or reflects the reality of a useless system, that cannot ever seem to get it right, they do have the worst record of poor hindsight and useless foresight like they never seem to learn from their mistakes.


If you or I had shot an innocent man in the head the evidence supplied by the gun the bullet and the witnesses would have put you and me away for life, but getting away with murder seems to be the perks for the state troopers, that obviously committed a crime to prevent one, or so we are led to believe. But isn’t law enforcement still about detecting and proving crime and not setting itself up as judge jury and executioner, isn’t that what the laws are for. To stop vigilante action from minority and secular groups that put themselves above the process. Seems its about time these morons with guns were rained in before they become the problem we all have to fix. The present scare tactics that are still trying to suggest a Muslim terrorist arm that is out of control and needs nipping in the bud, just isn’t substantiated when you compare it to the Irish assault on the English oppressors, their campaign was on a week by week or month my month program of renewed and sustained assault on the enemy. Nearly six years of war and only two minor incidents, who do they think they are kidding, they would have made a police state if we had let them, but the facts don’t support the rumours. Just what is this government there for if it never has and never will do what it says it does on the tin. If they cant get child protection, legal enforcement, criminal justice right, and they will not reign in their own dogs of war or worse they simply let them go free on technicalities, that would hang you or I, why should we support a national west end farce that keeps proving that it is not the servant of the people, as it behaves more like a totalitarian power base that just simply seeks to do what it takes to stay in power and will never deliver social justice, but will instead continue to enforce its own control mechanisms, and will ignore advice on drugs, while brushing the facts about the nations weekend drinks bill on the state coffers under the media carpet, as they try to give greater powers to its enforcement arm. While they all still fiddle the system and are not breaking any rules except the laws of decency that the rest of us mugs all adhere to.  


So property that other great money pit, upkeep maintenance, running costs repairs, furniture and fittings, all nice little earners. The price for the bricks and mortar is always in fluctuation and will be affected by location and facilities and even popularity. Just what can we invest our capital in when it all either erodes, wears out, breaks or deteriorates either in resalable value or is prone to market fluctuations like oil in the last emergency. What is it about markets that they turn the squeeze on when things look critical, that is some code of practice and its past time it was changed.


The thing about metals is that they all rust or are prone to oxidisation, they could all be preserved better by using better storage and resmelting techniques. Precious metals gold and silver are the ones that defy the oxidisation process. If you buy an ingot of gold it will not lose its weight over the decades and so it will not lose value. We are talking about pure gold and not the scrap value diluted jewellery variety that is on general release. The same goes for silver the tarnish and cleaning process will hardly effect the ingots weight and so will help preserve its value. Iron rusts and loses valuable weight.


It comes to something in this present day when the very metals that were the coin of the realm are all now in private or state hands and the banks no longer make coin of the realm in either except as special collectors sets.


Land that has running water and renewable resources, orchards, mushrooms, or has grazing for chickens and sheep can sustain a family or a small community, that can produce grain or turn out greenhouse vegetables can earn an income. The property on the land should reflect the resources of the location, woods for timber (cut one plant one) and stone for buildings, using ecological designs and local power generation like wind, or water and its a cost effective way to supplement your provision and you can always produce your own seed crop for to maintain maximum turnover.


So what to do with your hard earned before it just becomes more fuel for the fire like the Zimbabwe litter. In a world where the purchase of any commodity begins to devalue from the moment it leaves the shop.


With everyone taking every available penny out of their accounts and only leaving enough to cover the few bills that need to be settled by direct debit, the cash strapped banks are still holding to the story that they don’t trust one another to lend to, like that ever stopped them in the past, believe this if they had the cash their previous record shows that they would all throw more good money after bad if they had it. Just look at the escalation that went on in the rogue trader story, they do not possess the strength of character nor the insight of restraint where the possibility of one more gable can recover all their losses, its just to tempting. Keep on keeping them cash strapped and they can do no wrong if the haven’t got the cash to play with they cant make it any worse for us, after all their old friends the cash cow central government will bail them out with more of our hard earned and they will have lost nothing while the sky is the limit for their potential winnings gains.


What’s a body to do in the face of a rigged system and its ignoring, good sound advice, about drugs, police, lack of terrorist action, and yet they still pursue their own agenda against the facts, and they are still trying to allocate greater powers while they refuse to police their own, must just be a separate set of rules. Still they all still need our proxy to continue to play, so remember if you want to change the way things are done, then don’t give them your proxy and they cannot do what they like without your power of attorney. 



The Big Score

How should we judge how dangerous drugs are, the sate advisors from the medical profession has figures and facts that are indisputable while the dinosaurs that let the world slip over the brink, and are now billing us to bail out the old system and are trying to reinstate their thieves paradise at our expense, claim we need firmer controls over drugs while drink is still putting an unbearable strain on law enforcement carers, NHS budgets, and all so the weekend chaos that arrives in the wake of the binging morons, can continue to earn revenue, that is if the banks were working and the capitalised state was still taking in cash instead of bailing out the Titanic problems that are afloat in the alcohol weekly wave, that regularly runs red with the cocktail of spilled fluids at the doorsteps of our over pressed emergency services.


The country’s of the world may have to resort to a Zimbabwe style vote, by staying away on mass demonstration from the rigged ballots to bring the rogue governments of the day into check. If we don’t remove the headless chickens from the roost they will surely drive us to the same brink of extinction that Mugabe has taken his country to by not listening to good advice and being unable to relinquish control. Absolute power breads absolute contempt from the masses every single time.


It seems like there may be two conflicting agendas here. The expert advice unlike the ones pursued for the search for weapons of mass destruction, is being ignored and no reasoning given for this level of ignorance, yet it isn’t hard to understand how a dominating and dictatorial state will go out of its way to enlist obscure and unsubstantiated Expert Advice to suit its one world view that no other race country and belief system can be allowed to exist in a multi cultural, multi faith world that is prolific and abundant with living diversity. Except our control freaks from the central hive mind view, are guilty of instigating the capitalistic collapse, with its limited monotheistic one size does not fit all, failed philisophical overview from the clone mindset that likes neatness and tidyness and will enorce their view regardless of the reality or the facts. As engineered by the petty, greedy, bullying minority from Chairman Broon’s un-elected clique of misfits. It may well be that his Odin complex is having a depth perception effect and may well be blinding the faithful followers bringing the old adage starkly to a state of reality of life parodying clichés that it is simply: a case of the sight impaired guiding the long sighted over the precipice, mind the last step its a long fall into the abyss, so grab a coke get some popcorn and a good seat to watch the end of the world as it unfolds on a TV set near you soon.


The first agenda is the states case and that is the need for control and powers or laws to enforce that rule. They fear a decent into anarchy and wish to have enough forces available on our streets so that they can send in the tanks if they wish, just like their new friends the Chinese did in Tiennamen Square they also did in Glasgow at the turn of the century where they brutalised and escalated a peaceful protest into a bloody crackdown instigated in fear and not in response to any unlawful acts, another instance of guilty until proven innocent. These paranoid few that unleash our own against us to enforce their rule are not our betters as we have just recently seen, as they have studiously not pursued the modern day bank robbers “honest guv must ave been an inside job, just ain’t no signs of forced entry’. But they have aided and abetted in their escape, and considered it enough to get a public act of contrition out of them by getting them to make a public apology. You or I would be doing hard time and our illicit goods and ill gotten gains would all be appropriated by the powers that be and added to the public coffers, but not their own old good buddies from the same crooked system. They get their hands slapped and are then told to go away and be good, once they say sorry of course


So drug enforcement and classification is not about any perceived danger to the public nor indeed can it be attributed to good civil practices for the protection of the unwary or the innocent, just isn’t in the states remit or its current record for the welfare of the innocent, just ask the family that the social services under the direction of a GP’s ‘advice’ lost their children to the state ignorance and machine mentality, they cannot even get access to their kids for the kids benefits, or so we are told. The kids are now adopted and will now be left with the new carers regardless of the real need for the children’s natural benefits from their genetic benefactors. In a month where two sets of carers are in court for the alleged murders of their own children the overzealous actions of a frigid state and its need for control will once again show that the system is not capable, as it stands with dealing with these kinds of extreme behaviours.


The reclassification of cannabis is because the police figures for hard drugs have dropped to negligible levels where enforcement could be replaced with a supervision service for the now low levels of the self destructive types that insist on driving headlong into their own self annihilation. The Dutch approach of assisted suicide takes on a whole new meaning if the would just take all the self destructors from around the world who are on their own high dive into extinction and keep them comfortable and supplied until they take the final leap into oblivion, those that show the presence of mind to turn their lives around and clean up their act can be weaned back into society.


The states need for its own publicly funded enforcement arm for when they bring the whole system to the point of implosion, is one of the undeclared reasons for refusing sound expert advise that undermines their power base. So now it begins to make sense why they are not listening to unsolicited advise from experts but are holding true to their own course of action and are not working for our collective best interests. ‘Who do you think you are kidding Mr Fiddlers’ just Caesar Brown whistling while old England burns.


The banks have no cash because people have learned to leave no cash in the system for them to play with, businesses that were supposed to make huge profits never had the capital to reinvest, and had to always go cap in had to the banks for new loans, fly’s in the face of the capitalist principles taken from the Art of War. Banks and financial institutions have always ripped each other off and have never trusted each other ever. So it’s not that they don’t trust each other, that’s not the reason why the lending has stopped as they all are all without surplus cash to deal with or to trade with, as we all just pay the bills and leave about a pound in the system to cover incidentals. The cash strapped are now all taking a public flogging for giving the public a beating. 


The whole state of affairs does seem to beg the very obvious question. Why are they trying to reinstate a failed system that cannot be tweaked to ever run the way it did ever again, we just will not support it and will undermine it with a will. And just why did it only ever work for a minority at the elite top layer of society. Which also brings up another unsavoury subject for ‘Herr Chairman Brown’ with the banks not getting our savings and our hard earned going into assets that have intrinsic values that are transferable, like gold and silver while property is plummeting, and land with resources is about to become the prime resources for the new age. People are not buying into the system, neither as it now stands nor are they going to resurrect the elite system that once was. When the state puts an automatic penalty for non payment of taxes that will threaten the final collapse of their redundant system, with the present state of the judicial system just where can they imprison us all when we all refuse to play their rigged games ever again. Mandela may have passed the crown but it is the ubiquitous man that will stand and claim I am Mandela. One for all and all for one is the mantle that comes from the might shoulders of the pacifist protester that changed a country, and changed a world. With a billion teenagers in the world today the cause is finding the army ready for action and they can then realise yet another dream from the new age children of the New African States, that can send the word to the last totalitarian outpost in Zimbabwe. The last provable prophet stated ‘I have a dream’ and was shot for the audacity to believe in a better world.


The current drug climate has changed and evolved over the last two decades from a destructive environment that was a haven for the self destructive in an escalating environment from so called socialistic drugs like ‘pot, dope or uppers and downers’ as the first introduction to the eventual culmination in self destruction and annihilation in the predictable final overdose scenario. This has largely been replaced by the social sets that have sprung up around the present drug culture from the designer drugs of the rave and dance scene that are not life threatening, and are good stamina and endurance aids. And this does not need policing but monitoring and there in lies the problem for the control freaks, what is a bunch of scared’y cats to do when the rule of law finally breaks down and they are left totally at our mercy. Which is enough to give any neurotic a breakdown at just the thought of the prospect of losing control.  


But the economic systems that have flourished under the so called free For All market enterprise system have collapsed beyond repair, and the desperate control freaks that fear the loss of power more than any loss of face want a police force that has police state powers ready and waiting in the wings ready for the day when we the uncivilised and great unwashed take to the streets in protest at their inept bumbling and outright totalitarian tactics for dominance and control of every aspect of all life every where, that have cost us the bright hope for our future. Absolute control of every detail of other peoples lives is totalitarian no matter how much they bluff and bluster. But given their recent record they are just proving that they are not fit to rule, that their systems only suit the ends of the elite few and fly in the face of the needs of the majority and that is anti democratic in any one’s books.


A final observation from the ground floor as one of the unemployable, being to old and to opinionated and too wise, while being over qualified and to experienced to swallow the state propaganda or ever listen to another lie that comes out of the media press release system ever again. From one of the people that have learned to think for themselves and not just the way the state wants people to think and behave. Try this on for size.


We are told that we live in a democracy, yet the rights of the unemployed have been eroded by the states ‘guilty until proven innocent’ enforcement that is aimed at the base element of the working class, in a country that is supposed to prides itself on its civil rights that we are all equal, and innocent until proven guilty. Except for the working class, as a whole we are penalised by the old system by automatic defaults in contracts and agreements and they have allowed this sort of persecution to continue from pre war times and have considered themselves lucky to have, the opportunities and the privileges of the lowest of life in this three tiered structure. The middle tier is made up of the ones that are entrenched at the public purse payout bonanza, all of them with their tails in the air and up to their necks in the ‘all they can eat buffet’ of hard earned juices extracted from the poor under duress. They all vote to keep the meal ticket in place, and they are not pursued by the rabid dog element that hounds the bottom layer with its asset stripping policies and stop and search routines, and the hunt and pursuit tactics that are applied by the middle layer to fund the support system that they belong to. Then of course there are the untouchables like celebrities, judges MP’s and of course bankers that are the top privileged few who can do no wrong. So when did we become a schistsophrenic three tiered system, a dictatorial base element, with a democratic farce filling with it’s totalitarian topping on out layer cake. In the days where bread is so scarce it’s causing a systems collapse.


 Last time we all voted it was still assumed we were all in a democracy. But the duly elected are not the duly elected now are they, ah well just another rigging in the Marie Celests final journey. All aboard for a Titanic trip into the history of the creation of our ultimate future, or the mutinous regime of the failed systems few lone survivors as they battle for the ships control, its bounty end in disaster, or can the good old Joe’s wrestle the hijackers to the ground and land the plane right up their Hudson. Standing room only no parking in the wings. No that will never float.

How come accountability never seems to add up, sixty percent of us don’t vote in any elections ever and isn’t that the majority. When we do have an elected government again, unlike our present imposition on our good graces, they will come from the forty percent that do vote and the winner will only have about forty percent of the vote to get elected. Now for the maths bit forty percent of the populace is four tenths, forty percent of that is less than twenty percent of the voting populace and that is only one in five voting for the elected system, that means that the tail is still wagging the dog. How can a minority be elected if it is what it says on the tin, its a so called democracy that is actually a mockery of an injustice, that is what it is pal.


It still all ads up to a dictatorship, under a delusion of democracy that is run by an elite totalitarian few, now who is accountable for the bill eh? And just who will be left to foot it, or to kick them into touch before they all abscond aided by their buddies in the ruling body.


A well must just be the resurrection of a new class state as presented by the lofty minds that think they rule.


Well back to the salt mines till another breakdown happens. Ho-oo Heave Ho, Shift that barge …….