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Believing is Achieving

Even if seeing isn’t believing

It’s a funny old world and no mistake, we live in a world that demands we all reduce our consumption or the world will go to hell in a hang basket. Look at the trouble the Chinese have enforcing their one baby rule, people just hate being told what to do. The more you can’t have something the more we want it. Almost like as a species man is doomed to failure before he starts. If the tale of Adam is true then being told not to do something like don’t eat the fruit of a particular tree, but true to our perverse nature lo and behold man just must.

Hampered by a petty nature and greedy tendencies coupled with self destructive urges all mixed together with unreasonable if not insatiable drives. Man has almost no natural discipline and yet to keep the world intact and to stop galloping consumption from driving the species over the brink of destruction, that is what it will take to turn the tide.

Salmon have a driven procreation factor, so do rabbits and before man culled the buffalo and replaced it with a docile herd animal even America had a bounty and we all know what the stupidity of man did to that. Nature has a way of balancing things out rapid breeders and mass production is a bounty for the food chains. As every excessive and rampant breeder has a natural enemy it sort of makes you wonder who is or was mans predator.

The natural world has checks and balances to keep the status quo and to help get around harsh weather extremes. Man with his wilful nature and independent thinking still tries to exert his control over all things, yet none over himself, restraint is a nasty word in this new age world of excesses. When a species loses its natural predator say like locusts, they become an infestation and it is up to man to deal with them. It does fit right in with his almost compulsive need to control all things except his own galloping consumption.

Governments have been trying to get their people’s to use restraint, to reduce their consumption, to wean people of the state hand out and to get people self sufficient, they have been trying to regulate birth control for population stabilisation. They have been telling us about the need to reduce emissions and we still get the car out for needless journeys even to the end of the street to get a paper (that could have been delivered) instead of walking to get it. They have to put a force in place to regulate our behaviour for even after centuries of population growths empire building and decline, man still does as he pleases, uses what he likes, ignores rules he doesn’t like and indulges himself at almost every whim. This still needs policing even in the best educated and best informed world of any age in our history.

They have run campaigns to get us to eat healthier (reduce food intake) and take regular exercise to take care of our health and to maintain a positive attitude and emotions. They have taxed things to excess, they have raised the cost of living and reduced the amount of free cash left to all of us. The market has responded in kind by hiking the price of food and power to the limit, but given the nature of people, those that have a car for a status symbol will foolishly hang on to it well past the time when good sense will say, chuck the car and get a bike. Stubbornness is that old devil we are driven by and when foolishness or pride couples with it, it becomes destructive combo.

Now as jobs become scarcer and we are all losing our willingness to keep consuming regardless and the latest tragic event in Japan brings the whole poignant message home, we see a nation doing what it must to pick itself up and just get back on with the tasks of life. The starvation rations that are being taken as hard tack once was, with a genuine gratitude for the meagre sustenance makes our own excesses seem like just two much, as a people who did nothing to deserve this tragedy who don’t even curse their fate or envy our exemption from the destruction they live in constant threat of.

The west is still the major consumer of world goods and resources and just like the Chinese population control drive’s effect, we are still in full gallop with no sign of reigning in anytime soon. So is it a good point in time for emerging nations to enter the free market and to be more able to purchase better quality food, is it auspicious timing for the oil crisis and the loss of manufacturing in the west, is fate becoming manifest with the advent of globalisation of news events broadcast around the world with only a few minutes or seconds delay. Is this the first stage development of the all seeing eye in real terms, with open connectivity and no extreme censure even the bamboo curtain cant screen the truth out of the populace consciousness with so many mobiles with cameras and easy public network access. Not just making the news but delivering it arround the world, even the Middle East conflict would have been hampered by the absence of these modern day devices.

Are we all really getting the right circumstances to force us to do the right things now, cut emissions, reduce consumption and wasteful manufacturing, be sensible with food and learn a little reserve to balance out the resources so that we all might live a little better, let more food and resources get to the starving nations and let the rampant excesses of the past be mere historic facts to remind us that we are at the crossroads of the life of mankind.

The nuclear question has just been clearly answered; we are not at the right stage of manufacturing and construction design capability yet at this immature point in our development to continue to use this medium now. It is something for the future when we have all of the bugs ironed out of the systems, and all of the safety features iron clad in the design elements and the materials used for construction.

When we eventually get to a point in our development when we are not behaving like immature or belligerent teenagers rebelling against authority in a knee jerk action every time we are told we have to do something or to put up with a change, just remember the Japanese people as they face the cold hard facts, and come to terms with their racial grief at the great loss of life they just incurred in a country that was and possibly still is the best prepared for earth quakes and for a reasonable expectation of tidal backlash even they could not foresee the devastation of the last natural disaster. The empty buildings that were built to withstand, withstood well and now remain like monuments to the design capability and ingenuity of man, while the lost coastal ghost towns stand as a living reminder that we cannot foresee all things. No matter how high we build our walls natures fury can bring them down, no matter how well we plan we cannot plan for everything.

Scientific Fact

To boldly go ..

The quick and dirty solution of the nuclear delusion may well have had its day, the world scrambles to deal with its power consumption needs. Man as the fable goes was brought low by his Oliver like insistence for just one more please, aw go on then twist my arm then. Greed is not another billion or trying to have it all its just a little bit more, then like all emotions it gets exaggerated out of all proportion and low man was brought down by the last straw.

The more we have the more we want, the more we are denied something the more we want it, it is the little word more that is the problem. Gotta sink a bottle or two blue, and the states version of the line is gotta pick a pocket or two blue, what’s a government to do blue.

So the demand increases and the gadgets abound and the market is poised for a last drive to consume the worlds dwindling resources, technology is sitting in the wings just waiting its cue and someone pulls the plug duh. Talk about bad timing and investment was finally getting to the point it was going to back superfast media connections and hard wired gadgets to download the latest third rate Hollywood tripe, or get that new wadaya call them, what’s their names bands latest single about twaddle or such. The alco pop kids are all entering into their me, me I want it now feed on demand stage of adolescence and the future of the world is almost set in stone, and such were the last days of freedom on the planet earth, just before the mindless surge towards total energy consumption and then a predictable nuclear holocaust some couple of hundred years in the future.

But wait a natural disaster, that is the biggest disaster world broadcast of the age, the news spread round the world like wildfire even penetrating Chinese and Russian gags. The world eye view has been achieved and the petrol crisis with its escalating prices and war zone embargos all just happen to squeeze the whole question into an anguished shout, but I can’t live without my I-Phone, lap top, camera, car etc is the mantra from the feed me now (feed on demand kids) as they wring their hands in worry and look around ready to sell their souls and the future of the globe for more quick power. Fate has posed the question before we proceed in our puny little arrogance with the cultivation of powers beyond our ken, how come we could not foresee this and the all seeing eye has to bring the news to our attention but human error cannot ever be factored in to any unknown quotient. Building on a fault line was?, acts of god are beyond the mortal ken of mere men.

But wait lo and behold we have a new saviour on the horizon. No honestly we do, we can all now get back to looking forward to cheaper more readily available power and total world resources consumption as if nothing had ever happened. Once we all collectively admit that we are not mature enough for nuclear, we do not have the technology built proof and we haven’t even got the sense to not build our foundations on sand or crevices, and that old nemesis human error, or the worst form of a series of unpredictable circumstances that lead to a final destination wooooh scary huh. Glad we are all emotional beings that are all connected to one another and will not let a little thing like greed sway us to still pursue nuclear. Unless you are a banker, a politician or even an oil company owner.

So the hero of the day will be science, the technology that will produce the power is geothermal, not the lazy ones that are naturally occurring in faults but deep mining to depths where the temperature will turn water into steam. The mining process will involve drilling a series of shafts that will converge at a central point creating long runways in the rock at incredible temperatures that will be filled with sea water pumped from reservoirs from natural seepage in old abandoned undersea mines (less distance to travel) like the old Seafield and Francis Collieries in Fife, the pressure will be such that the steam will drive turbine generators they can be underground in old mines or on the surface. The cost will be huge but made less by using old mining facilities that just need to be made safe that can be rigged to collapse in case of any emergency. There are still mine workers with enough skills and knowledge in this area.

The depth of the drilling means that several turbine halls can be added after the initial build, the steam can be harnessed and turned into drinking water or used in African countries to irrigate arid land and improve crop growth. Wow what a super solution.

Well on the surface it looks like the holy grail of power conversion and the added bonus of water being recaptured is icing on the cake. This should be restricted to carrying the bulk of grid demands with a view to making every home its own power generation centre so central grid consumption will be reduced, allowing for redistribution to corporate needs, like electric cars, electric trams, woop’t’doo.

Not exactly rocket science now is it, and science the bumpkin brigade of nerdy inhuman’s that like to torture animals and have the law protect their ghoulish traits will get to be the good guys for once, provided they don’t have a battery of excuses lined up by their buddies the investors and not to mention the corporate pressure to keep up production in a falling economy. Watch this space.

Alco Pops

Spoonful of Sugar

A long time ago way back in the mists of time, drink used to taste horrible, in point of fact it tasted so bad you would gag on it before it could poison you to death, it took getting used to you had to build up a tolerance to it, the so called fortunate ones got a taste for it, wow must have been like getting to like drinking vinegar.

The lip service that governments pay to controlling drink is a joke, the money they make from their Mafia cut from it is better than any black marketer cutting into their profits ….. sorry duty.

The present rampaging youth culture drinking problem has its roots in making sweets for kids and selling it to people who have no natural tolerances or education about the effects of alcohol. If a paedophile was to inject knock out drops or a date rape drug in a sweet we would all be appalled by the tactics, yet the alcohol industry has managed to get sweet flavoured drinks that generally have no kick or built in nauseating taste to hamper the addiction process onto supermarket shelves and the powers that be have a shed load of excuses as they shuffle in the glare of the line up of the usual suspects and look away from any piercing gaze at their suddenly interesting shoes, cuffs, watches etc. So which part of we are all in it together do you still believe in.

Is it a fallacy of power that those that have power are only ever puppets of some other controlling body or principle just out of sight in the wings. So how is it that governments cannot make banks tow the line, how come governments cannot make petrol companies spread the wealth, how come 75% of Universities are now going to charge the full 9k for fees and that this figure will leap to over 85% within the first semester as they all clamour to get the best of the future indentured slaves as they come out of the traces. The elite one percent’s children will pay everything up front and never find themselves in the rank and file no change there then. How is it that world food prices have risen faster than at any time in the last five decades.

The stall tactics being forced on Nick Clegg are to keep an imposed government in power and to keep a stay of execution from the next voting sham to stop a mass non turn out staging a nationwide vote of no confidence, this little taste of honey it to allow the non powers that be to change legislation to rig the voting systems, then they will try to get a legislation change to make it mandatory to vote and in a rigged ticket that cannot produce a loser we will all be living in a dictators paradise, sorry they will….we will be supporting it and maintaining it for them.

But….. with declining prisons, the thin blue line in the same boat and after the way our armed forces have been treated, it may not have to be rigged all in their favour hmm, bears thinking about eh. Well at least it could be easier to swallow than the doomsday propaganda coming out of the central misinformation centre.

The Wheel Turns

The Ever Tightening Screw


Well politicians are at it again, in a rigged game what can we do about it. They took the small p in the petrol pump hype, as they all paid lip service to giving something back, well given who they have proved themselves to be what more could we expect from them. They continue to live up to our estimations of who they are and what they are all about, yet they seem to continue getting us wrong.

We say we want a fairer state, less draining and delivering services, cost effectively and timely. We say we don’t want draconian rule, yet they empower schools to use Dickensian style rules (not laws) to search pupils private documents, confiscate property and delete personal mail and communications, as parents we don’t even do that, so are they still taking the royal p. We say civil rights and children’s rights are to be protected, they say they will confiscate and control, a thing we all know is a delusion of the control states like China, Russia and yet this sort of rhetoric is appearing here in the main stream rumors from the annals of power. Not exactly the behavior of a free democracy now is it.

In this country the police can’t even do that they must amass evidence, apply for rights to snoop and then apply for orders to execute seizures. So can anyone explain how a board of education can circumvent the laws of the land with government approval, very Orwellian and twenty seven years to late. Unlike the local authorities that did their James Bond act on local rate payers who were monitored for their waste habits and practices for violations of local authority laws, not state approved laws, jumped up local upstarts deserve to be flogged for trying to bite the hand that feeds them. Grumble…. grumble…. To big for their boots.

Do we have to change our assessment of the powers that be or is it time to throw the rabble out of their safe seats and set up our own systems. Every time they are caught out they apologise, and then get right back to whatever it was they were doing before the spotlight caught them with their pants down.

Over the last few months governments have proven that they have no control over banks, petrol companies as these economic times clearly show the precarious mess of the world economies, this puts manufacturing companies and high earning industries in a stronger position than they should be in, they can now threaten to take their business elsewhere if a government gets to heavy with them. They hold the flow of the nation’s wealth in their hands and yet they are out with the control of legislation making a mockery of governments the world over as they thumb their noses at public opinion and feeble attempts at legislation changes.

An element within the governmental establishment has been working towards more police powers, swifter changes in legislation protocols to allow quicker changes in law so they say to keep up with swifter developments in criminal or subversive behavior. The line has been crossed several times in the past from democracy into outright dictatorial rule with the respect for civil rights and human rights coming under the firing line of attack. The student that threw the fire extinguisher and didn’t cause any injury is in effect doing time without committing a crime, it could have done damage but it didn’t.

What if every so called democratic uprising in the east is really groups of people who are tired of their own dictators getting up to wipe them off the planet, and this country now needs to do the same thing, unless the element that seeks to use Gestapo tactics to make quicker legislative changes and to add greater powers to the long list of inept powers of the Johnny come lately’s. The law only ever get there after the fact and that is always going to be the case as prevention is impossible, and a law has to be broken before a crime can exist and thought policing is far to Orwellian big brother to be comfortable to live with.

The top one percent caused world wide chaos and exonerate themselves from all forms of legal responsibility or liability as one section that caused the problems were after all just making a buck, betting against the margins and profiting from disasters as they aided them by market forces, then they say we must all tighten our belts, buckle down and do as we are told as we feel this uncomfortable swing from democracy to dictated dogma from the party line of the new austerity measures profits of the next decline.

The most frightening aspect that is just coming to light under the smoke screen of increased world scale disasters is in history as civilizations collapsed a desperate government always tried to extract the last dregs of taxes before they scarpered with the goods under the cloud of a Pompeii’an disaster plume.

In a credit based system where all capital savings and cash payments except for the cash flow are digital values, it takes a lot of effort to take cash out of the system, it has to be taken away and incinerated to get it out of the flow, it also has to be replaced with more printed promissory notes of paper. Yet how do you delete credit from a system, how can electronic cash disappear, hmm. Ironic really in the aftermath of the tax bail out that their actions are their most bankable assets and their word is no more reliable if it’s printed on a scrap of rag than if it is given in any statements.

Their actions do speak volumes so why are we not doing a Gaddafi on them and the governments of the world for they all behave like the Mafia taking a percentage out of absolutely everything and never delivering the goods. The present trend from the Condemnation corner comedy duo the fine bromance after delivering a budget that quite frankly took the p, while they show that despite greater powers to make legislative changes they cannot find a way that doesn’t leave an exploitable loophole for their old Alma Mata buddies to wriggle out of so this makes them clearly unwilling to reign the banks in, all this while they are just about to give themselves a bigger salary incentive, while the peasants may not have been told to eat cake, we have been given an ultimatum of indentured servitude to the state ideal enforceable into their seventies, and the debt carrier on down the line to our grandchildren.

Setting the scene for a Dickensian order, as whole segments of savings have been slashed to make ends meet, belts have been tightened, goods are being hawked and pawned to stretch the household budget just to get by, and even though Japan and its people are suffering greatly by comparison even their government are displaying no human behavior just like the world banks and the collective heads of state. When we look at them as they set things up for their own ends and dictate the trends and events necessary to bring about the threatened hard times, while governments make moves to make quicker changes to the law to allow dictatorial rule in a democracy, while we pretend to be aiding a fledgling democratic revolt in the east under the guise of humanitarian preservation orders, in one week it has progressed from mythical (like Iraq WMD) protect the people to aid the insurgents. The escalation is proceeding at a pace, troops are not on the ground but air supremacy has been established.

History has always shown that one dictator always replaces another, and this country is too fond of getting stuck into other people’s business where oil is concerned, for their word to be any better than a bankers word to not take bonuses that he didn’t earn but contracted for and so will take anyway. Escalation is a process once started the obligation to ‘win’ whatever the propaganda said the motive for is quickly translated into any excuse to bring about their desired ends. I think it is about time that we all paid more attention to the actions of our own government as they turn the screw each and every notch on their relentless march towards totalitarian rule under the dictates of one percent of inhumane beings with their collective eyes on some utopic just for them and serviced by the new indentured slaves of tomorrow, just why did our fathers and uncles and aunts die in world war two, why did they contribute to build a world envied health service, just for some jumped up dictators to divvy up the pie as they see fit. The next thing you know they will try to implement a new vote rigging system so that a vote of no confidence cannot happen and a coalition cannot ever happen again real totalitarian values at work …….. what do you mean they already AV.

Well if we truly are in the midst of divinity they will all be able to know what happens next and they will of course see through the vale to a utopia for all. They obviously can’t really think that they are above us or as their actions have already proven that their limited myopic vision for a future can’t see as far as a better life for the minions that service their utopic state while they parasitically ride on the shoulders of giants.

One Fell Swoop

Amalgam of Five Elements

The Long running saga of the Japan earthquake and the subsequent tsunami aftermath were eclipsed by the revelation that the nuclear plant is in meltdown. First the Earth moved then the Waters backlashed, the Air filled with fear as the wild Fire ignited speculation, as the final Element of power holds a nation to ransom, the initial price is the sacrificial teams of brave men who have stood their ground to try to undo the damage that can ravage any land that is foolish enough to use nuclear generation, when they cannot plan for every contingency with a power that is beyond our ability to contain and beyond our mean spirited levels of investment to prepare for every contingency.

How is it that a reactor core is on land instead of under water where flooding it would not be a problem, where the reactor is under the natural waterline and the coolants are gravity released, so that in the case of a breach the water will flood the chamber anyway, better safe than sorry and not a financial decision to save the investment at any cost.

How is it that the reactor core is not built over a deep shaft to drop any faulty ones into to prevent them sitting on the land like a ticking time bomb with massive ecological costs as well as the threat to human life. Could it be a financial decision to not implement a deep core repository under the reactor so that defunct cores can be dropped and then back filled or flood filled in an already secure containment enclosure that will be at least a mile to a mile and a half deep, just to keep a one hundred percent safety record on line, would put the cost of ensuring it out of the realms of possibility.

The cost of any production has to be economic as dictated by the terms of the market drives, cheep and quick and movable products have become a glut in the disposable markets of the west and laterally the east. How can a product improve if it is continually competing to be cheaper than its alternatives while the cost of raw materials keeps climbing. The investment in power production has a top price tag that cannot exceed the market purse strings, the cost of a full safeguard against all probabilities is still hampered by the fact that design specs have not gone through the market refining process and so poor designs and first thinking principles are still in place that are just the product of quick and simple (cheap) solutions. The final design for a stable reactor with 100% failsafe design facilities has not reached the market yet and we will be the ones that will have to make the sacrifice for the mistakes that manufacturers make.

This is not like a car manufacturer that develops a faulty breaking mechanism, a flawed child’s buggy, an accidental spillage into the food stuffs packaging, contamination of water supplies and grain seeds. This is on a whole different scale to these already accepted slips, dips and pitfalls, and the claims for mistakes in these arena’s is miniscule and the contention process (sorry the litigation) is slowed down to a snail’s pace so that some may even die by the time it gets a decent hearing in a so called court of law.

The facts of the matter are we cannot plan for machine failure in manufacturing, we cannot ever stop human failure or error, we cannot stop erosion and decay.

If life was truly a race against time and not just that old manufactured lie that it’s a twenty four hour world and deadlines must be met, only if deadlines are set must they be met. We all know that the economic machine stopped and ground to a halt and three years later it is still financially still afloat, that is just impossible. If our income stops for any reason we all have a finite time before we will hit the skids on skid row. The higher up the tree we are the more of a buffer we should have, it is hard to hang onto money in a fast paced structure so we all tend to accumulate luxury goods, these are an offset against hard times, property used to be the top of that pile but a quality car, jeweler art and all forms of prestigious collectors items are the mainstay of the top echelons of the worlds elite. The loss of value is dictated by the means by which things have to be sold and by the terms of repayment agreements. The fall can most likely be avoided by pragmatic downsizing and buying a reasonable business interest with a good set of books. Even though it is hard for a playboy type to go back to getting their hands dirty again at the nitty gritty, but true survivors will. So at this level idiots will fall all the way to the rotten row as they try to continue to freeload they will free fall, the grafted empire makers will do better as they get back to basics and cut their cloth according to their needs and resources.

The next level down are well to do but never so rich, with shares spread wide and interests in things with a long term view to returns will still have a long way to fall and again only bad practices and stupid actions will hurry the decent. This group are more capable of riding out the storm and are used to all economic weather and market driven terrains.

This brings us to the base of the pyramid the people most likely to perish and be swept away in the tide of events. With limited resources, as well as being in the unfortunate position of relying on expert investors guidance they can range from a house a car and maybe shares in a holiday home. The fall is much shorter and the fit will make it to shore and start from nothing just like the Japanese, left with nothing get back to basics, shelter, warmth, water and food. This needs to be established before any thoughts of better provision can be entertained.

We have recently seen the minor exodus of the independent and mobile demographic in Tokyo as they all took the step to be safe rather than sorry and this is the stance that the rest of the world are most likely to take now with the nuclear question.

A final though on this subject has to be this.

As the world eye view of world events has just for the first time reached a new global saturation mass (more people regardless of censorship, yeah even in China are aware of global events now as they happen) the world is suddenly being dragged into more and more cataclysmic events and this one in Japan has proven to be the most arduous to date. It is like fate asking the consensus of people to cut their power needs to restrict industry driving ahead with a nuclear program that will have the potential to annihilate entire states or even small countries. That and given how we always blunder in and have to clean up a mess every single time, with manufacturing processes continually producing massive cock ups, with human error as unpredictable as it is. What is this immediate push for a quick and dirty solution with such a potential doomsday device for quick energy, when all of us can cut back to basics and agree to a regulation of those that regularly exceed sensible usage. There is no agenda bar the ones we agree to, there are no deadlines except for the ones we set ourselves. There is no race against time we have all the time in the world, all the resources we allocate to ourselves and all of the accumulated knowledge of the last two thousand years to draw on, so just who is it that is in such an all fire rush against time.

A calendar ends soon and a new age has dawned and the legacy of past indiscretions are obvious now in the aftermath of the last misrule by the jobs for the boys Labour squanderers and debt builders. We have all of the mistakes of the past age to draw on with all of the ability to choose to not repeat historic mistakes again. Are we finally mature enough to be adult about our way forward now that we are climbing out of the pit. Keep one eye on the present disaster and its cost in human sacrifice of a few brave souls as they pay the ultimate price in human life as they shoulder the responsibilities for mans last shortsighted escapade in keeping up and getting ahead.

Looks do Deceive

Seeing is Believing

In the week since Charlie Sheen proved the point that he is the star that has been carrying the lame duck two and a half men, by taking the internet by storm with a million hits in a day, yeah try that with any other studio hyped mega stars profile and you will just begin to see what the warlock reference is all about. The career wife is acting according to established legal advisors scams to debunk the man and muddy the myth and to tackle him in a legal litigation for disappointments delivered.

The classic ploy of Hollywood lawyers that are looking to get a fixed stranglehold from a man that established his wealth outside the confines of the marriage on his established reputation and impressive skills. The little woman has to make her position look precarious and to make the man look unstable. The guy is the envy of almost every red blooded (heterosexual) male anyplace on the planet, first he has two women that share him and they are not at each others throats and the relationship is not riven with envy, the bane of the woman’s world, they accept that their lifestyle is unconventional and claim in full public spotlight that it works for them, amazing since the Mormons can’t claim the same level of success as Charlie, still old fashioned staid Christian tut’s and sighs of disapproval can already be heard in the lining up process of the legal sharks as they strike their typical middle bible belt stance as they try to make the injured party look like the moral winner as she is living the more conventional lifestyle. The children are going to again be the ones that pay the price for adults that need to force someone else to live to their standards, in a world that does not accept the monotheistic lifestyle of the repressed PC dictators, why is it that some people have to try to enforce their standards and morals on other people in a democratic society, I though that dictatorial rules only applied to a tyranny.

And talking of odd attacks and low blows, the oldest visual gag is the brat running up to the swaggering yob and kicking them on the shins then running away, the good guy takes the whole thing in his stride but the yob, chases the brat to effect some form of retribution, and so runs after the kid around an alleyway entrance only to be confronted by a gang of yobs ready to stop his misdeed. This old gag is beginning to look like a middle eastern ploy, like Egyptian army officers attacking the demonstrators that are still hanging out for a full regime change, sort of let them think they won and let them party till they disperse and put a temporary order in place, and then deal with the hard liners out of sight of the glare of the full worlds attention. Have another election later that is done off the page and the kids job is done.

Tunisia is behaving commendably as they try to ease the suffering of the refugees, but Egypt is dragging its heels a little, let people think that they have won and appease the majority in a peaceful manner and you can limit the toll to the minimum of only dealing with the hard core element of the rebellion. Dictators never give up easily, and only the all seeing world eye is keeping them in check as they still have to deal with us on the world platform when they address the problem.

It has been a much quoted saying that the blood of martyrs is the water that sweeps the tide of change in any rebellion, the old balance that is not spoken of is it takes the death of more than one martyr for the deposing of one tyrant, it takes good blood to wash away all the stains of the bad blood, but every martyr that fights for freedom from oppression and challenges the unjust regime with the sword of truth forged on the anvil of faith in the heat of the storm will temper the hearts of the new dominion.

But any aggressive killer that falls back to easily may just be like the kid running round the corner to the waiting gang, the quickest result is still the best one and this could all be over two quickly after an initial seeming win. Why rush in where the wary fear to tread when an Iron clad embargo is just being brought into place, like the BP spill it pays to hold tight and wait till the effects of a siege are really biting to gauge a more honest response to the obvious infidelity of making it look two easy and trying the sucker punch on the hasty or impatient.

Gaddafi was given enough rope to hang himself with, stocked with mediocre weapons and out dated ordinance it was only a matter of time before a bully or a thug will begin to think that they can get away with anything out of sight. The hiding of the facts about the murder of the prisoners for more than a decade does say guilt rather than any form of justifiable punishment. The righteous anger of the aggrieved is the forge for the sword of truth and justice in the crucible of the desert furnace and powder keg that is modern day Libya.