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Its Just Criminal Mate

The overburdened justice legal system is groaning under the weight of the commercial need to punish property crimes, theft, damage etc. The jails are overflowing with minor criminals being given a lesson by nanny state, no longer the short sharp shock, now its more like a wagging finger.


Real hard line career criminals are a diminishing breed, the changes in the law dealing with stronger property seizures, money tracking and proving their sources has had its affect, but violent spontaneous attacks on vulnerable types seems to be a new trend, but is it just that a more visible spotlight is being shone on a social problem that has been around for a long time. The blairing truth is that some people are just nasty by nature, full of resentment and hatred. These insecure types that feel they are being overlooked, think they need to do more and more outrageous things to get attention just to feel credible. The eventual outcome is that the public sectors need to see punishment for property crimes is causing the legal system to loose perspective a little. This whole problem can be seen in microcosm in Gordon Browns misdirection on the status of cannabis. While alcohol has ravaged this nation for decades, and still commands our police forces activities from a Friday night to a Monday morning, commandeering man hours, money and resources. While cannabis hasn’t even taken a single life, but is demonised buy a certain quarter.


The legal system is straining under the pressure to perform as required from the thin blue front line at the sharp end to the incarcerators now having their public say. They should know what works best after all they are at the front end.


Is it about time that we all took a step back for a few moments and looked at the problem, if insurers want to bring greater pressure to the legal process, and they are the single biggest cause for property punishment, shouldn’t they be investing in building secure units just for persistent property offenders. After all they are the major cause of the pressure on the system, because the bring pressure to bear on an overburdened process. They should not be allowed to police the places but they should be subsidising the cost on the system, after all it is coming out of the tax payers pocket, and it only benefits them directly, after all the victim gets their compensation.


This modern world is a miasma of misdirection and things will insist on looking one way while they are in fact quite different in reality. But the facts being fudged by the private sector and its unreasonable demands on an already overburdened and over taxed system, are still there to be seen and we don’t need to be shown where to look. Do we really have to wait until it all reaches breaking point before we collectively do the right thing, are we that self destructive by nature. The public sector is yet again subsidising the private sectors demands and it is coming out of the public purse, what will be our investment returns or has Gordon and the Muppets given our goods away yet again. Makes you wonder what the private sector has by the privates, just look at the diddy men in action and it looks like a great deal of string pulling is going on out of sight.


The private sector has had a subsidy from the public purse for generations placing unbearable strains on the taxing needs of a system that is in principle supposed to be able to fund itself, pay its own way but the reality is a lot different, just take a look at the government subsidising a bank, that must by its own rules should be fending for itself and be self sustaining in the market. They have had cash injections for generations and then they still bill us using the full letter of the law if we default on anything. The facts don’t support the hype that it all can work ‘just like it says on the tin’ yeah right mate. Milk and farming subsidies were all undermined when the big supermarkets took advantage of their weakened position, and bought the subsidised goods at discount prices, using contracts to force an unbearable condition on land managers. A natural stance for the private sector is never invest your own money if you can loose ‘use’ someone else’s, even the public purse is a dipping bag for all manner of grifters and shifters. Pile the pressure on a weakness and hold them to a strict contract and stoke up the pressure to force a default.


These are the rules of engagement for the ruthless and the greedy by nature. No matter how they profess the opposite. Their history is written and there to be seen, in these days of open information they have no place to hide.


Why is the central core ‘the public purse’ still subsidising the needs of a system that is supposed to pay its own way. Pay a living wage, be economically viable has a system of progress that is supposed to allow for advancement built into it. How is it that it does not pay its own way and leave enough for reinvestment as it goes. Why is this still going on in the wash of the present tidal pull in the economic sector.


Jails should be a place for incarcerating the violent and ruthless, with the facilities and resources to keep them there for the rest of their days if needed. Rehabilitation is more likely in areas where greed can be tempered in people that can be taught that they can no longer get away with breaking laws for gain. Behaviour adjustment is a time consuming process and the quick route out used to be finding god, but we have all stopped swallowing that old line. Sex offenders seem to be another lifetime addiction and we may have to face the fact that rehabilitation in this particular deviation of human need is the extreme exception to the rule. And we may have to look at incarceration for life as the only guarantee they don’t breed their own like ever again. Genetic castration is the extreme solution not allowing them to breed and infect their own, may be the only solution for the very violent and the absolute perverse. Thieves and joy riders seem to be at least in part redeemable. The fact that some can never be rehabilitated is a harsh reality, when do you give up on some one.


The public purse cannot stretch to meet all demands and some one has to make better decisions than a man that has professional advisors and doesn’t take their expert or informed insights or advice. This knee jerk reaction is clearly influenced by the search for weapons of mass destruction fiasco, but any leader worth his salt should have the ability to not be swayed by the unlikely potentials of a situation and have the focus of character and strength of will to take the clear path. It should all be glaringly obvious after more than a decade dealing with figures. How can facts be such a confusion to a pragmatic Scot.


Mind the ‘Doom and Gloom’ Gordon and remember you reap what you sow, so mind how you go.

Between The Lines

Reading between the lines is more of an art than an ability, because the facts won’t always fully support the impressions, the data may be sparse and misleading, but the feelings will be reaching incredulous.


Lets just look at the accounts shall we, this country used to pay for a NHS, like no other in the world. We used to have an education system that was envied. We used to have local services that got paid out of the central coffers. We used to have well paid armed forces. Our police were effective, both as a deterrent and they had a strong presence in the community, crime figures were higher than today, the justice system was busy and offenders were on a cattle drive through the system, career criminals didn’t escalate into other forms of offences as a rule and the mislead youth and joyrider was more apparent than the hardened career criminal, old lags were just a dying breed. This nation had a nationalised core that was the envy of all the potential immigrants of all of the nations of the world. We had a public transportation system that was kept so busy even under the groaning weight of an ancient infrastructure being overburdened without a modernisation program being put in place, and it still did what it said on the tin.


Once upon a time in the west wages were the best that the market could bear, before the greedy central baddy wanted his seventeen and a half percent, saw the infra structure was decaying and overburdened and some bright spark thought they could sell the family jewels of to the idiot private sector.


Banks lost their wealth when they stopped using silver as their guarantee on their bank notes, wonder why it ever got called money, as a Bank Note is only a receipt of exchange, and these days they have dropped the promise to pay the bearer. One printed pretty piece of paper for one pound of silver wow wonder who got the better of that deal, and of course that was way back when money was pressed from copper, gold and silver, so at least if you couldn’t trade it you could cast it and trade the jewellery. Nowadays we have credit and debit cards, debits cards deduct transactions from your cash base or savings, and credit forwards you an automatic loan with conditions and penalties. Guess which ones causes all of the problems.


Those that live on the never, never should know the facts of life by now, ergo a credit crash crunch on the back of a slump in manufacturing sales, equals a recession and denial will only speed the process up.


The trend towards house buying has been given a wake up call by the nation as there just aren’t enough local authority houses in stock. Housing associations were sold the bulk of what was left after the local authority big planners warned their masters that, with maintenance costs rising, and buyers becoming fewer they should sell off as much stock as possible, before the burden became unmanageable. Hence the no profit stock clearance sales of the eighties and nineties. 


A new hell is about to open up when the private owners of newly sold off central stocks realise that it is an income of diminishing returns, with rising costs, wages and the growing burden on dilapidated systems etc, they are on a hiding to nothing when you take into account the facts of the credit crunch, and the tailspin that is hitting consumerism. The drop off on employment that will inevitable follow the most recent American workforce trimmings, is still to hit these shores but the crest of the wave that started in the heartland of the commercial jewel in the western industrial crown may leave a more lasting blot on the landscape than any tsunami. 


The central baddy long ago realised that the cost of renewing the infra structure was just outside of reach to make it all still manageable and there was all those legal obligations to get around, they were obliged by law to keep rents within reason. Public transportation could not be seen to be profiteering. Then of course the national health service couldn’t charge where life and limb were threatened, these days you could die on a waiting list, or an accountant says so, because the limitations and legal obligations of a government ‘in the west’ not like Burma, China, Pakistan etc, is to support its people that vote for it and pay into it.


America has illegally taxed its people since the constitution was signed. The present government is as illegal as its war is. And low and behold the price of oil is soaring, and the price of gold is astronomical hallelujah. Gee what a coincidence man. 


This was the single biggest error of our times, now we all know that things aren’t what they used to be. We all know that money is of less value these days, it just doesn’t buy what it used to, what with rising food prices, falling consumer sales. The hype no longer affects us, the greedy put their prices up when sales drop off, while the needy take what the market will bear, this is a sheer old fashioned fact of life.


Just where does the tax revenue really go, it just has to be wages after all the army is a joke without proper weapons and equipment. The local authorities keep hiking the council tax, while the central baddy keeps fudging figures and putting up smoke screens.


The art of making something disappear before your eyes is misdirection. Now you never saw it coming and now its too late, remember to get out and vote they need your money honey, but like most whores they will skip without paying the goods, or you will be given the old shell game, or you can try and find the lady. The old joke is, a boss on a building site has a new start, and he is Irish, the boss takes three shovels and lines them up against the wall, then looks round at paddy and says ‘right paddy take yer pick’, this is how to confuse an idiot but it was a stereotype then, no offence mate it is an old joke with a point.


The key to seeing through the misdirection is not getting sidetracked by the emotive issues, keeping your eye on the ball, oh and lastly must most importantly, never believe a word that you hear, just every thing you hear in the spaces.


The voice of reason needs its say, more than at any other time in history. If logic and draconian thinking had all of the answers terminal five would have worked first time and would be a shining showcase of modern ingenuity. Instead well, just think about MRSA, just how many bright flagships have been launched by cold hearted logic only to sink on their maiden voyages. Hell doctors and nurses the central core of the draconian system where logic dictates action, have to be told to wash their hands for @#?s sake. What a waste, and who pays? 


Mind the mirrors as you go through the present smoke screen. Plant your feet, keep your balance and trust your senses.

The Demographics Of The Day

The BBC was accused of dumbing down the news presentations, with naff graphics well if you look at the educational level of the new media moguls that are coming forward in the first wave of the modularised media trained market men people. The lame graphics at the centre of the discussion were aimed at the politically naïve. The established long term viewer used to news being just verbally reported is a dying breed, with reading and writing skills at the educational level being in a decline. The modern education system uses lame graphics and obvious examples to highlight a point of impress visually in case some of the students have word blindness they will all then get the point if its visually backed up and cover a greater amount of the next generation that have been spoon fed examples to illustrate the points that the verbally base people of the world get at a reading or hearing. The multiple choice generation are asked a question and then given a multiple choice questionnaire saving them the task of having to think for themselves or from being tested on their knowledge, in favour of prompting their memory, makes you wonder how many good guessers have slipped their way through the test faze.


Most political viewpoints when they become fixed cannot be swayed, the staunch support from the working class for the labour party is still hanging on even after all that these bumbling buffoons public gaffs and stubborn refusal to listen to sense and good advice. Its not only this country lets just take a global view at this disease and its symptoms.


The single greatest influence behind the new approach to news presentation in the new media is that the demographic that they are now pitching at is the video and computer games minded generation. It is well known by now that when a person reaches a level of understanding of the situation as it stands their views and allegiances become fixed and are hard to move.


The need to regenerate a new interest in the sinking leadership fiasco is prompted by the falling voting results. Its still a wonder how in a so called democracy where the supposed majority hold sway. That sixty percent of the voting populace don’t vote and that is still the majority. They are delivering a vote of no confidence in the system as it is rigged run, only votes count but there isn’t a no vote box even in the big politics house in London the ‘No’s’ have a vote. The ayes to the left and the no’s to the right and one system for them and another system for us its all just rigging with smoke and mirrors inst it.


So with the old and time tested belief that if you get them young and form their views quickly you can count on them for a decade or two, is still as good a tactic today as it ever was. Because the sheep mentality that teaches kids not to think will have a lot of  persuasion on a generation that have had their better senses dulled by being led by the hand and having everything laid on, this has had the effect of dulling initiative, drive and clear thinking, imagine today we now have an educational system that negates the essence of educating. The now generation are being formed as they need immediate stimulus, results or feedback. Well is that progress or control. The fact that the can only choose from a dictated selection seems to be getting overlooked, can’t imagine how that happened eh.    


Remote controlled aid is another source of frustration as yet another governmental body does all that it can to hold on to power and control at the expense of not just liberty and thinking, but life is being lost as various groups of people all with their own agendas haggle and debate control while the life blood of a nation is staining the soil. The fact that we are not fit to rule is becoming more obvious by the day. It will be interesting to hear the rigged figures that come out of that election, the timing of the disaster would have proven to the world the truth about election being staged the world over. Just take a look at the great American road show and all of the misinformation that was spread about. The attempted bribe was the last nail in the coffin for one money waster. Now the real fight was with the opposition but neither of them could leave the dog alone.


Zimbabwe is another case in point about the power hungry and the lengths that they will go to, to preserve their own position and authority. We cannot ever be surprised when you profile people that are drawn to power, it should be built into the vetting system but …


China had to go to the remotest point on the planet to get guaranteed peace to display this now tarnished symbol of the ideal of competition and contest. The envoy from china was quoted as saying that they could not exert influence over the neighbouring junta as it was against their beliefs to try and influence any other government. Makes you wonder how they can still occupy another country that doesn’t want them there.


The very public assassination in India and the timing of it is beyond belief, most people in the world think that something suspicious went on there regardless of the ‘facts’.


A nation that uses its propaganda machine to influence the thinking or behaviour of its populace isn’t so far fetched, the information that is omitted is usually done so for their own good. Is that the start of the rot, the parental discretion of big daddy. Who apparently knows better than the best informed and the best educated people on the planet at since time began.  


Look at the American populace they know world events only from the American standpoint, they are such well trained consumers and they are made defensive of their over consumption. They are such a media culture that they believe the Hollywood ideal, and think that America is the land of the brave and the home of the free.


The analogy of the one bowl of rice versus the three is being rubbished and muddying the water to salve the American hurt over its own rampant consumption, the consumer is a product of the political force that says every one should be working, how can that ever happen when rich countries still import from the poorest countries and mark up huge profits while poor workers have a life of servitude and it will never change for them. You and I can at least hope to improve our lot, and it used to be that further education was the way when education was linked to apprenticeships, business sponsorship and we had a growth market. The last growth sector in this country was the government driven programs for re education in the re training programs. The YTS, to the present mature student drive have all failed to do anything but get people into debt with loans because there just isn’t enough jobs in this downward spiralling economy.


The majority of new jobs in the last decade have been job sharing, or assisted start-ups to get women back into the market place, because the traditional view that men are too bolshie is still held in certain sectors today. Arthur Scargil has a lot to answer for, when he took on a government and lost, effectively breaking the power of the unions. The mythical concept of a living wage is a thing of legend, we all think we are working towards it but the hard facts of life clearly indicate that it is an impossibility. This unsustainable delusion needs to be re thought in the cold light of day in the growing illumination of the revelation of the facts. The reality checks are all being fudged by misinformation. Its not what you are told that we should all be focussing on but what is going on out of sight that we should worry about. How else can you get an important personage into a troubled spot for first hand experience.

And the greatest stumbling block in the way is if you cannot think for yourself and are spoon fed answers, how can you ever be expected to read between the lines. If a voting system is only representative of forty percent of the people, and if the winners get forty eight percent of that vote. Aren’t they then in fact a minority in rule and that is dictatorial just from the figures alone. Its nice that our own pet system is not out in force in the streets, giving its uniformed controllers greater powers, citing rumours and fudging figures to dictate their own rule. While pointing at other mythical figures and misdirecting at say single parents, then finding out that the figures were wrong and then say relenting and promoting them in a new employment drive. Just couldn’t happen could it the partnership of woven reeds is a local example.


The types that are drawn to power have to have a totalitarian viewpoint based on their own party program. They have to be stubborn enough to stand up to advise that is wrong or damaging, while they must also have the strength of character and nerve to steer an unpopular course through difficult waters to weather the storm and dock in safe waters. This is only the civil minded set though the personality profile of a military minded individual being brought into the profile equation is seriously undermined when the character is taught that casualties are a by product of war and that all engagements can incur losses and that some losses are acceptable. Like a doctor cutting off an arm or a leg to save the body. The process still makes a cripple, and yes every cripple finds their own way to walk is true. There is no hope of regeneration for the amputee at present but with time and using science fiction as the directive who knows. Well nothing concrete in that statement just more political fudging.


Is it just a new wave of entertainment as yet another puppet master rears his ugly head, no life’s not putting you on or rushing your Baltic’s comrades but it is still coming from the red corner, the blairing truth could turn the nation blue from more of the same old diet. This is just a symptom of a nation gagging from to much of old mother browns homemade gruel. Can old dictators ever learn to stop ramming their appendages up someone else’s shirt. No strings honestly.


Sherrie Blair the unknown woman at the right hand of the religion jumping ex leader of the western red block, needs your cash so give generously for the poor woman must be suffering to be out in public with the begging bowl in hand. Who does she think is so interested anyway.


The Boris the buffoon’s road show is on the ramp up, as he talks tough and knuckles down, but he is on the right track with the alcohol ban, it is the social and family destroyer. The single most destructive drug on the planet and its legal and the government earns from it as the nation is hung over by it. This legal substance has been the single greatest cause of social destruction since it was invented. There are a few responsible drinkers in the world according to the law of averages but they are the exception. Just look at crime figures, take a poll of the present prison population and its their habits that drive and fuel their behaviour. So well done Boris and lets all watch the idiot dance as the word on the fools lips are often times the irony of jesting wisdom.


How are the figures fudged, school leaving age, sick pay, re education (more personal debts) its supposed to enhance your life its supposed to be you benefiting and yet.

Well Being

Homeopathy is it all a bag of tricks well lets take a look at the evidence. The scientific observers and their neurotic need to document their distrust of their senses and pathologically cant move without repeatable statistics never once consider the need for therapy, they never once see their own condition. The homeopathy practitioner cares for the being and does what a mother used to, they pat and pet and generally rub it all better, it isn’t called soothing for nothing. Now all of the personality lobotomised draconian dictators say the world only works according to their observations but we all know better. Either a medical bag or a bag of tricks it all still comes down to choice, why pay for a brusque manner less and impersonal consultation when you can get the attention of the full individual and no side effects. The present medical services still come with hidden costs. But what do I know. 


Cannabis reclassified yet another fiasco by the numpties that want what they want, regardless of sound advice from professional people that are being paid for their services. Despite the police saying it’s not necessary, the upshot of this bullish push of the blind and ignorant thinking that they can still lead. Well the personal use punishment will rise to five years, to curb the home farm, cottage industry.


We have just been hearing that the British prisons are already over crowded, violent prisoners are being over spilled into open prisons and this in turn is grinding the legal system to a standstill. The government know that they need the figures generated by the grass root social drug to justify the police time, and energy and also budgets. Because if they are to rely on the hard drugs alone then they will all be redundant within eighteen months. Police have already informed us that the crime rate is falling, and for once this is in a spiralling economy, not growing under the duress of falling jobs, credit crunches, or even the threat of capitalistic collapse isn’t causing social unrest, isn’t pushing crime figures.


Violent crime has increased by a margin and there isn’t any place to put them as now minor offenders are filling the cells. It is reasonable to think that hard time is for hard crime, reformation and rehabilitation is for the regretful. So lets fill the cells with even more minor offenders that are just exercising their legal right at this moment in time. Yet labour still keeps proving that government as it stands is so ill informed or so set in its ways that they, will do as they like ignoring professional advisors and the writing on the wall, overcrowding, hard criminals in open prisons, falling crime figures all mean nothing to the blind (and apparently deaf) leading the blinded by the party line.


Boris the buffoon is jumping all over the clampdown on yobs, nice antiquated term, a bit like the himbo that spouted them, but the power that is keeps wanting to guard against the decline of decent civilised society. Well the figures don’t back up anything that they are driving towards. Social decay isn’t happening, moral decline is hyped but not realised. More jails, more police would be justifiable if the figures were rising. For all the ASBO’s that have been handed out it is still not an escalating problem. Not good for the Law and Order party. How do they bolster the deterioration of civil rule as people all basically uphold the law on a 24/7 basis. Imagine how many people it will make redundant, the decline in the health service is being undermined by of all things homeopathy. People are no longer believing doctors are the source of solutions.


The impersonal approach, of governments coupled with the de humanised stance of the business sector, were a draconian rule is out of step with the current times. Is the times clearly calling fate for change. Burma has just hit the spotlight again and the power hungry retards that run the country are as paranoid about loss of control as the labour party leader is afraid of being seen as a great accountant and a week leader, but it is the most likely memorial that history will hold of the man that killed politics. If we have learned anything in the last five decades, the first thing on the sacrificial alter of craven images is the idea that the impersonal inhuman and disconnected viewpoint is to face the knife.


The decaying infrastructure is dilapidated and antiquated, and laden down with ancient impractical laws. The reclassification of a recreational drug that has done less damage than the social destroyer, and family blight that is drink, but keep quiet about that after all we need the money more now than ever, so lets not do the sensible thing lets raise the police presence and powers and tighten the stranglehold that is choking the life out of society.


If you believe the type of people that can exist in the world today, Fred West, Mugabi, and even the paranoid overkill that is Putin. The Chinese asset stripping a peaceful country as they are now in full occupation. The Burmese militia that masquerades as a government, while beating the worlds best know symbol of the emissaries of peace on earth. Americas claim for a strong Christian core and yet it is in a country stabilising power issues and leaving humanitarian issues to fend for them selves. People will starve in Burma and die from lack before one of these power hungry dictators gets the message.


The people of the world are tired of the lies in a system that clearly does not work like it says on the tin.


Things you can’t expect:-


Be poorly skilled or educated and be able to earn a comfortable pay that, covers your needs and most of your wants.


Hope to own your own home in the course of your lifetime.


Trust an insurance firm to payout without bitching, especially if you live in a new flood zone, cyclone alley.


Expect an even break from the system, a bank, a boss, a disappointed partner.


To make real friends either at work in a competitive industry or environment.


To find true love in an impersonal dating and mating game of ever changing partners.


To ever expect someone to be what you want them to be or vice versa.


If you work hard and live within your means that life will play fair and give you all the even breaks.


To be successful because your dreams are so worthwhile and fair.


Pete Docherty, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Munroe, Mohammed Ali, Martin Luther King, JFK to name but a few.


We can all say with an honest heart we find ourselves here and we didn’t make these rules but we all allow them to continue unchanged as we all put up with, shared jobs that do not pay. Full employment is a myth that the physical laws of this universe cannot sustain or ever hope to be realised. It’s time to change the tune and the rules of play so that an elite minority are no longer the sole benefactors in a rigged system.


A new tune and a new anthem for a new age is needed more than yet another power hungry dictator saying that they really are a democracy. A system that is claiming to aid the majority is failing to do that. After all it is the majority that is not being served in the present system.


Just look at the pay rise the politicians claim they are entitled to from the public purse and then look at the rules they apply to every other public sector worker.


Is it truly one law for them and another for us. The tide of change is reaching the public stages as people are getting more and more outspoken about the injustice of the system as it stands and all the while it still claims to be the only workable solution. Two thousand years and democracy still can’t get it right. Dictators still abuse their people and life is desperate for more than one third of the populace of the globe in these enlightened times.


The paranoid fear of losing power is gripping most heads of political parties and powers. Alex Salmon will not be provoked, well time will tell if he is savouring the moment while he can, because while a referendum in Scotland could swing either way. Labour are actually aiding the SNP cause with their bumbling ineptitude, and Alex is staying tight lipped and letting them, new tactics anywhere else but in politics. While the new court jester Boris the buffoon is dancing for the cameras. Mugabi slaughtered the opposition, while stalling for a recount to delay yet again, flying in the face of public opinion and world pressure. China can only guarantee an eventful run for the fading Olympic symbol of fair play and good sport, by staging a high altitude climb away from protesters. Hope they remember to take oxygen for the torch or they might just extinguish it for ever.


Labour are still reeling from the worst pole results since anyone alive can remember. They might just be remembered as the party that killed politics. And Tony Blair as the man that Killed the labour party when he grabbed the cash and jumped ship. Bet Brown felt like an idiot when Tony upstaged him as an ambassador for peace, the man that ignited the Middle East pyre.


As one beacon dims another flame is raging. Isn’t it nice that America can take heart from the strong oil prices. And take stock that the voters would rather have a black man as president than a woman, even if she is white. She may have caused her own demise, people can smell fear and she did try to bribe them with oil relief and no parlour at hand to administer it. Even Teflon Bill cant breath new life into her popularity ratings.


Ah Well another day another dollar

Woke up this morning and …….

For the want of a good Samaritan a man died, a father imprisons his own daughter and systematically abuses her for quarter of a century and no one knows till his guard slips. A child is abducted from a bath while the parent is in the house. A child is abducted from a holiday villa and two others lie asleep in another room, it happens within sight of the parents and other holiday makers. A child is abducted and found by police in a divan bed beside her abductor. A violent game fan stabs a passer by for a casual comment. A father is stabbed asking some thugs to leave his vehicle alone within hearing of one of his daughters. A young boy’s attacker is finally brought to trial even though his identity was broadcast for over six months. At time life makes no sense at all.


A new car tax will penalise the low incomer’s who can’t afford a new car. A low income tax is scrapped penalising nearly five million low income earners by doubling its value. Lets face it ten pence may well be the final straw for a country to long told to hang on, bide your time things will improve.


The American populace start to focus on cutting back on luxury items and some fast food outlets are laying off workers and branches are closing. The financial institutions all know that trying to not say the ‘R’ word just won’t make it go away yet. The fact that figures are always being fudged cant be a surprise to anyone in this well informed era, builders always hike their estimates when they have you by the short and curly’s, China flatly refuses to listen to world opinion, but we will make them yen for our dollar or pound of flesh. They may be the largest single race on the face of the planet, but they are outnumbered and outmatched be even the smallest of political democratic franchises. In the annals of history what will china be remembered for, a wall, pasta, ice-cream, and peeking to early in history. A closed dictatorial and brutal society is a worry in an open political world platform.


Governments hate to admit that the industrial revolution died, that the service sector needs a stronger economy and that the leisure industry boom went bust, even government healthy eating programs and fitness advice has all fallen on deaf ears. With leisure centre memberships costing the price of a really decent holiday we all know which we will choose. But now the rising price of food is likely to start the impoverished to shed the fat and push the staples in the cart while being more selective about the luxuries, and this will have an affect on the nations health, as third world countries get richer they will compete for more food and better quality of food at that, and this will have an adverse affect on food prices at some time down the line. Countries that do not produce enough home grown staples will be the first to suffer as the big ‘R’ takes hold on bolstered economies with subsidised industries being the first to go to the wall.


We are reaching a turning point in the worlds history, we are the best informed people in the history of the world, we are less influenced by the propaganda machines, the media hustlers, and the grifter’s at the doorstep than at any time before in world history. Sales forces are going to be facing the hardest conditions since the global economy started driving the service sector and public sector costs. With less and less people browsing in shopping malls they may well become the blot on the landscapes that local protestors said they were. Banks are impotent in the wake of their own failures propagated by wanton greed and idle speculation in uncertain waters. The cascade affect has decimated the global stocks markets several times in the last few decades, with billions being wiped out either overnight or over the space of a few days. Recovery is always slower where markets are artificially bolstered by the pillars of the economic institutions of the elite world players, like blue chip underwriters and investment houses.


The writing was on the wall for the workforces of the world when full employment could only be achieved by job sharing, low wage earners have to be subsidised, crèche facilities, cost the governments most reliable workers pays, because the powers that be are afraid to face the writing on the wall. The system just doesn’t work, it has been limping from one disaster after another for decades. The miners strike in the seventies saw the workers champions making a political move and the workforce was split, the government divided and conquered. They were afraid that if we were idle we would become subversive and western ‘freedom’ would fall. A system that is formed around the idea that one in ten (the so called law of averages) will have the savvy or wit to be able to fleece the other nine in the race, out of a percentage of their income to make themselves rich, is penalising nine to one. Like the meat eater demanding that the land that could provide food for twenty people to live on, is used to give them a diet of choice, as omnivorous beings we can survive on vegetable or meat, it is our taste that dictates the choices just ask any vegetarian if they miss bacon and more than half will say they do.


Ah Well another day another dollar here in hell.


Funny thought though remember the Tsunami of  05 well an estimation by one of the world peace organisations said that all the money that was needed to raise the third world out of the poverty and squalor was one point five billion, and the word raised more than that in pledges. Wonder what happened to that money don’t you.