Unified World Theory

A Glint of a hope.

Clan 45

Clan 45

Unified country colour flashing to the all seeing I or wiz that jist the trick oh the light or did ah jist see a bouquet of Scottish roses, the young team away fae hame, shown the world stage we are all singing from the same hymn page fir wance, the flower of Scotland in the Westminster heartlands and ways of power. the very people that now represent the people they were all hoping would be seen as modern wastage or to use the vernacular collateral damage, when the pen is mightier than the sword may the heart be humane to balance it’s cuts. When the sword is mightier than the pen it knows when to shut up. Now we have the OCD driven and warily sceptical English in enclosed confines with the people

The gay question in Ireland wiz answered and wiz well received around the globe. That’s another modern country out of the religious closet and standing up in a very demanding modern world. England’s general election map showed a better picture of health for a modern progressive country more chilly blue than red roasted but still mixing up a purple hue. Ireland told England’s driver they would rather just pass go collect the cash and use IT as they please or see fit, than impose more hardship on a country that survived the potato famine, what happened to the orphans.

Still, having to understand that we live in a very complex world with many nations not sharing the same, hygiene, access to sanitation and running water. in a domesticated environment. faith systems, educational standards, legal stands a enforcement. This is worsened where some share a history , wars, trade breaking etc. But in this day and age what if the world needed us and that if we don’t wake up soon and grow the fuck up it may just be time up dude come in car 666 your number is up. Is that a chink of light I see at the end of the tunnel or is the movie over and the usher is flashing all clear this way.

The Cat among the Pigeons

Clan 45

Clan 45


The Cat among the Pigeons that never took flight

Accused of pushing, shoving and starting a fight

The truth, oh well hear that on another day

After the journalists have their ‘just earning a crust here’ say


The pride is on the prowl and marking out the land

A bit bemused by fates late quirky hand

They took their stand for the very best of reasoning

to learn at the wheel, the term, a five years seasoning


To learn the ropes and get through it all tempered well

There should be a few chapters of stories to tell

To the vanguard elite from the young lions that roared

from the hearts of this nation that swelled and saored.


Mythical Proportions

The End of the world real is not nigh, but just as we know IT.

Eye on You

Eye on You

The southern invasion of the SNP 50 newbies are getting used to the differences between our ‘wha’s like us’ mindset and the English at home where the stiff upper’s still have an upstairs and downstairs mentality. The OCD of segregation and the use of tradition to bolster IT in a changed world will only show the political mindset in Westminster still likes the pomp and circumstances to justify keeping up impractical and potentially harmful to the four nation’s use of out of date and function impaired systems that were developed for a different era with a Victorian mindset still in residence at IT’s conception. The segregated canteen was a shock to the no airs and graces pragmatic scot, so the papers tell us anyway. But IT looks like this is going to prove a little bit more than uncomfortable for the integration process for both sides. The Scot abroad will remember that the sum of the nations hopes (1,454,436) are resting on their shoulders. They survived the apprentice gags, ‘get yer own seat, aye sit over there nae body will mind’ and they did to the amusement of the press and the old guard..

The driver of the four nations vehicle to take us into the second decade of the first century of the third millennium, still needs a co driver for stops and filling up, map reading and calling out the hazards, there are now 50 eager hands at the wheel to make the pit stops easier and to get the changes done faster to make sure that the vehicle spends more time in motion than being serviced.

Nessie the great mythical beastie has taken to migrating in the summer to the emerald Isle and even further, we are assure that post cards are winging their way back home to show us to show us what a good time she is having, can’t wait for them really. The bell tolled on the 7th of May 2015 for the old form of Scottish politic of let the invader do as they like or they will just send in the army again, use legalised extortion practices, cut off self management and just letting ourselves be pushed around. Kill the local economy, restricting movement, land grabbing, bungs for their mates, I am sure this nation in the days to come will shed a tear for losing these territorial practices and sadistic ways as we come to terms that this nation has been bullied, subjugate, had its wealth stolen land stolen and now they still think that even with a smaller turnout percentage in their own land than here that they can still carry on as before. We are not masochist just the abducted nation getting liberated from an incarcerate’r chains from the empire builders that have historically shown a predilection towards the old world order left handed practices and would still like to lord IT over everyone in the new world, they don’t know when their time is over and obviously never herd the half time bell toll, or just dismissed in in their OCD grip of fear mindset, as they seem preoccupied with their traditional stance that if it works for you why change IT unless you have to, or are made to.

2015 Election Results

2015 Election Results

Exactly seven days after the event, IT is rumoured that the fat lady sang in a secret location in Glasgow, that the event was not advertised so that commercial enterprises could not tout the business. The location and guest list may have been kept select and quiet because IT was invite only, crashers need not even try. And then coincidentally seven days later the Lions roar was heard keening through the winds of the lands of the world heralding the arrival of the Scots on the playing fields of life. Taking their first tentative steps of freedom after their 300 year incarceration at the hands of the evil jailers of life and stealer’s of fun next door (boo, hisss, oh yes they are, whit dae yeh mean their behind me, where ah canny see thum, oh there thay ir, they are beneath us well on the map anyway, that’s the blue bit on the map unner the yelow brick road to the north of there), the infamous child catching invaders that like to lord IT over you, land grabbers of the old empire are now having to deal with the lowly common folk sitting at the high table of governance for the four nations of old Britain. Must stick in their craw eh!.

Then believe it or not after this set of incredible circumstances. It is also rumoured that yet again seven days later the Unicorn is said to have been unleashed at yet another secret location in the mythical land, and is currently off the radar rallying the nation in art song and rhyme. While catching up on lost time with her newly arrived mate who is reputed to have freed her in a surge of national pride from the young lions that roared. So just remember when booking a break in Brigadoon be like Cinderella fella and get hame before midnight, it will be back on the map fir only one day some time next week.

Meanwhile back in the land where time is while’d away in a mean fashion, the pied fifer is looking for payment and is threatening to take away the one billion youths if he is not given his demands, just as that one billion are feeling alive and getting ready to change the world into a better place for future, past and present generations, that are in Stockholm syndrome shock , displaying odd behaviour patterns of shuffling and mumbling (suppressed dancing and singing for joy maybe, well their generation are the most repressed) or just sounding incoherent and raving about their fears of doom and gloom and are still whiling away their time in occupational therapy called ‘work for your existence’ or pay the penalty.

OOps sorry just had a delusional sugar rush.

Some sugar rush eh, or is IT just sweet music tae yer ears. A modern day lullaby for the unwary, the dozy and the outright bumpkin bumbling fools of the old colonial mindset that think they are the rearguard of the advance of man in dominating a world by force instead of learning to live in harmony with the natural order and the natural state of man. That’s just the signs of the times folks have a great day. Ah will if you will.

The Political Beast

Perception with Insight

Clan Scotland

Clan Scotland

With a final SNP vote count of 1,454,436. The political Tsunami which sprung out of the Independence Referendum, turned the tide of sneaky Westminster back door actions and interfering ways. The hard clout on the snout that they got was even more annoying when the newbies ignored the Commons traditional seating stances (er if you see what I mean). The facts are quite astonishing the result is unprecedented in any political system in the world today. 50 new seats, the old vanguard defeated and almost routed off the Scottish political map. The Labour Conservative and Liberal annihilation in Scotland has left this nation more aware of what can be achieved with a willingness to apply yourself to the given task, can produce landslide changes in the political landscape. The new Scottish political voice cannot be silenced while the non voters are too few in numbers and too widely spread to be effective or to make a significant impact in voting results. This should have been obvious to any anonymous brand of political activity. The other parties have been blooded and the fifty new scalps are now hanging from the SNP banners.

The post mortem of the ‘Tsunami’ will be ongoing and protracted. The achievements of the first minister are outstanding. She came out of the shadow of a formidable politician Alexander Salmond, under who’s wing she served a seven year apprenticeship, has shown that she has indeed learned from the master. This woman never halted from the IndyRef and hit the campaign trail ground running to spear head the assault on the Westminster Elite and provided her with another string to her bow in her arsenal of political tools for the coming struggle to effect changes in the governance of the people of Scotland.

The fact that Nicola Sturgeon is now an iconic figure for women’s causes in the country cannot go by without a mention either, as the amount of women voters must surely have had some impact on the final vote. While the own goals scored by the opposition cannot be ignored either. This plus the real idea that a great number of Scottish voters used the vote to get a head count of the Scottish army of voter willing to add their weight to the political system and helped swing the final vote cannot be ignored either. Now the task is set to wrestle as much power back to the country from the Westminster base is just about to begin in earnest.

The Indyref had a great swell in the political interest of the nation in just the last hundred days, the No vote result galvanised so many just a bit too late in the day to swing it to a Yes result. This had the effect of leaving Scotland wondering just how many of us think that we can govern ourselves and still work in a new fiscal partnership with the British coalition, sovereignty and home rule are now in the thinking and considerations of the new Scottish youth voters and some of the old vanguard are now coming on board as they realise what a difference this will make to the living standards of everyone that lives within the Scotland borders.

The swell in the Indyref numbers at the tail end caught the Westminster leaders by surprise and left them without enough time to take positive action, against the fated if not now inevitable turning of the political tide in Scotland. The campaign trail was littered with half cocked actions by the likes of Jim Murphy and even Gordon Brown was shown what the real people of Scotland really thought about them, Douglas Alexander and a few more notables were handed their P45’s at the poles and sent packing to think again.

This when coupled with the Labour tactics and Conservative lording It over the four nations of Britain. Saw the electorate in Scotland backed into a corner by austerity terror threats to the weakest and poorest in the land, as they appear to intend to want to keep filling the coffers of their corporate masters. The labour were in part also ousted by the English voters that had enough of the Labour lottery winning tactics of spend, spend, spend. While the UKIP and the Liberals took a tanking on the gory battle field of British politics voting system.

So a hefty congratulations to the Nicola and the SNP hard working newbies and volunteers that with their effort made this happen for this decisive win in a game that we traditionally have never ever won in.Hope over fear has shown what can be achieved.

From the 45%ers to the 56%ers of 1,454,436 votes and still rising Saor Alba. The tide is turned and the Scottish waters are next.

The Phoenix Arisen

50 Newly Created Scottish Jobs

Clan Scotland

Clan Scotland

The weather is again not staying within the predictors guidelines, April showers in May. The harsh winter again never materialised and some worrying new islands of the coast of Japan (first appeared in 2013) are giving us a better understanding that the planet is warm and growing but that there is no need for a worldwide panic at the moment, as the conditions are favourable if a little unpredictable.

The four nations have witnessed a near disappearance of the Red Rose of the Labours red’s in the bed. The Labour party just received a kick in the Ballots from the people, who’s money they were too fast and loose with, who’s party relied on its historic acceptance votes (Unions and the so called working man) lead to the conceit of a new labour that has no real life credibility, any more than any other Westminster party, maybe the Electorate did take some revenge, maybe the Mansion house tax spurred the wavering Tories back into the fold, IT is always easier to weigh a situation after the fact than before or during. And to jig the fact to reflect your strengths. Labour have paid a very real price in losing it’s party of the working man tag. The reduction of the working ‘class’ footprint in the nation and their inability to change with the electorate to still represent them was further hampered with the progressive reduction of our industry’s manufacturing base. This may well have had quite a bit to do with their losing their way. How can labour serve the working man when most workers in this nation are now blue collar, and they still aimed their campaign at the public profile of a mythical worker that no longer rings true in the present economic climate.Their drive to get the votes of the ‘Old Labour’ values and strongholds on line for their last election drive was maybe the death knell of the party after getting the old one two three in the ballots while they were given short shrift from an electorate that is not impressed with them, their tactic or their accountability. The elected party should be able to reflect the needs and wants of IT’s party followers and members. This is something for them to address in the future if they ever get up from the knock out blow that they just had at the poles.

The Referendum swing that only happened in the last 100 days, was the start of the turn of the tide last September. The fifty new seats have been filled and the last post is sounding for the Scottish Labour party. Jim Murphy the egg target and his Iron Bru crate are now consigned to history. So Scotland is again in a new accountancy position from the transition of the 45%ers to the 56%ers, Three seats were and still are the traditional base for the SNP, Congratulations to Nicola Sturgeon for running a well turned out campaign and for such impressive results. The stance is still being held by the people of Scotland as we now watch and wait while we ready the UDI status for the nation in case of more of the rule that behaves with a cavalier attitude to others sovereignty, with their stance of ‘we will do as we like’ behaviour from the Westminster Political machine.

Mr Cameron is still the British and English Prime minister, Scotland has a first minister and has now got the will of the people to make more of a stand against any other country that we only have a trading agreement with, even if coercion and force was used to secure IT 300 years ago. Our inherited sovereign rights are not at the disposal of any other country, We are an equal partner in a Union of countries, one country one vote. Yes Wales and Ireland when they begin to find their political voices in the British political system, as they begin to understand that there are four distinct countries in this British Union should stand up and be counted and not just attacking the establishment but have to get ready to roll their sleeves up with and be prepared to get their hands dirty in the cleaning up of this political nightmare of a democracy behaving as a dictator at home.

We are no longer a subjugated country getting the scraps from the masters table, we have teeth and are no longer naive and easily pushed around. I for one want a strong union with England in mutual matters and to leave them with the grace to better serve their own electorate without the interference of any other nation in it sovereign right to rule itself as IT sees fit than having to contend with bolshie states of an out of date Union as it creaks and cranks its way into the first half of the first century of the new millennium in a very changed world from the one that IT was conceived in. It is looking increasingly like the three silent partners in the ‘Union’ of old are all keenly aware of the changing political landscape of the world and will understand that England will assume the driving seat in the nations car as we ride as passengers along for the ride, benchmarking the driver and learning the highway code while educating our own to the system and then we can all go as the group of four into the first half of the first century of the new millennia new world order. We have a duty to pay costs and to bear the weight of some of the British responsibility but to never again allow our nation to be subservient to another nations Rule. There will be four votes in any new British decisions like the EU, education and policing as well as every other national decision, the real power now lies with the people of the four nations to learn to get over the past and to create a better device for the group of four and not just leave IT up to the driver to take us for a spin as and when they like. Anyone for a mystery tour ride?

Interesting to note that both England and Scotland decided to use their vote to strengthen their stance and reinforce their collective nationalities.

2015 Election Results

2015 Election Results

(double click the picture to enlarge)

The worst case scenario for the independence of Scotland would have been and economic collapse of the four nations historic investment in the union, we need to get up to speed with the political machine that fully serves the group of four for the new way forward for our collective future hopes. So lets get the UDI in place as a contingency plan against an interfering invasive English rule in case it reverts to type and shows IT’s spots again.

April Showers

Outa Season Hunting

Clan Alba 02

We are getting our April Showers a little later than normal, like old weather patterns might be on a progression in a living hermetically sealed environment? but the plants could use the water right now. As the world stage recognises the meeting with the British Prime minister and the Scottish First Minister, that the mythical lion had roared, that the mythical fat lady has sung (she did last Sunday wanta heard it wiz bril, invite only sorry) or could IT just be that Scotland, Wales and Ireland just found their political voices in a harmony of union to halt the lions fierce stance and harrying of mythical foes. To still the discord in the British psyche and still the being to heal whole.

The long journey of recovery is never easy for the soul, but the body will always repair to sustain life. Man has to accept the fact that this world is deemed as the habitat to human (humane) kind, that wild man is nearly extinct on the planet today is an established truth. That domesticated mankind is the present inheritor of the world and the inception of the beginnings of the new age of man on earth. The future is looking Golden for once a new day dawns for Scotland bringing bright hope and opportunities for the next genX, with their prospective bright insights and perceptions. Perfectly balanced between the old world and the new future and may well prove to be the living litmus test of mankind’s fitness for self rule. Or it’s all hands to the wheel and hand cuffed into service to the machine, with us all for eternal servitude. If the next generation of so called leaders fall asleep at the wheel again that might just be when fate decides to lend its support, as usual or not depending if you struck the balance for the deficit in life, paid the penny or paid the pound, or found there is another way around. In a hermetically sealed environment.


no not post script, this is parting shot. PS

Just which country in the world at this moment in time is equipped to fight an aggressive alien species that has tech that can cross light years of space. What does it matter as they will all probably be fighting, crowing or seed sowing and of course partying to even notice it happen.

So if there was a World Defence League on standby, will NATO be in with the biggest shout, or is China and Russia the leaders in their elected battlefields. Is Britain now the lord of the Air Defence Strategies, from protector of the seas and oceans by the Fleet Arms might. America Russia and China for inter planetary travel and then inter galactic flight. Who rates in your league and against what kind of alien answers on the back of a GBP £20 note and sent them to me here at cloud lalla land.

How long they would last and against what foe?

Which ones will be able to go toe to toe

Unless you think a battle ship might save you

And after its done who could you sue.


Do you think that NBC or SKY will get the coverage rights to the trials and exercises?

Gulf Stream Syndrome


Jet Stream Jitters


Reap what you Sow

The last beaching brought a possibility, what if some deep water aquatics species like dolphins and whales, can say jet stream around the oceans in fast undercurrent streams, what if sudden underwater fluctuations shift a fast stream of course onto a beach say with all its weary travellers . Fast tracking across the inner verse. Know what it’s like on the red-eye stuck in it until you get there, cattle market style travel classes.

This may compute Jim.

I Am Human

I am not a Number

The Self

The Self

I am a human being born in the fifth decade of the last century, born a free person, with no inherited debt. My rights were inherited from my father and mothers generation. They in their time were born free persons into a democratic state called Briton, as was I.

This nation used to pride itself on its stance against slavery, and it’s caring society cared for the elderly (in the family home), the children and the nation was not obsessed with control as civil liberties that are almost eroded by the next six generations of inheritors, the previous generation to mine was the hippy culture and their ideals were all a bit too sickly sweet for the mainstream and a little unworkable given the stance of the establishment of the day.

Police walked the streets and only a few had cars, they knew the people in the area as they lived among us, one of my neighbours was a police sergeant and he knew everyone, his son grew up to become a policeman and he was one of the first to be withdrawn from local residency and secularised to the new policing methods that were coming into practice. Doctors didn’t need appointments and you sat your turn in his (most were men then) waiting room and it was common to ask who was last in the queue so we knew who to follow. Schools actually taught and you could have fun without the strict totalitarian rule of the present day cattle market comprehensives.

The concept that someone could own you was alien, the eggheads of the day stated that mind, body and soul was the definition of being. The nation felt that we all had the right to pursue life, love and happiness and though we didn’t need anyone’s approval or permission (if we weren’t committing a crime) to enjoy our daily pursuits and pleasures. We all still maintained a level of civil behaviour that was a hangover from the post war days our parents had survived.

The whole idea of a democracy was that no-one was any better than anyone else and that we all had the same civil rights, that politeness was a necessity in the daily exchanges between people as people were a little bit more easily offended and reactions could escalate out of hand quite quickly.

My dad used to tell us that if we were wanting to settle a dispute with anyone else (fight) the lesson from his generation for both school level and working level. Was to leave it till the weekend and arrange to meet at a park or secluded place, even just taking it outside was not on, as your job or your education would suffer as a result. My generation was the first to see Kung Fu (King Boxer 1975 the Enter the Dragon) and to see it take over all fighting forms in films, the Quiet Man (John Wayne and Maureen Ohara) had one of the best stand up knock down proper fights with no kicking and gouging in fact no dirty tactics at all in it. The overriding sense of decency was endemic then, socially and culturally reinforced in daily life by mutual consent.

Industry was regulated and banks could never get away with stealing. Governments were held to account by the moral diktats of the times from the upper middle classes to the working man. They had stood shoulder to shoulder during two world wars and this nation had a self belief second to none and an enviable set of standards that people choose to uphold as the underpinning of the pride of a nation.

This generation and the last 5 before as they have come to the helm to take their turn have allowed a lot to slip from our grasps but not from our inalienable rights. The nation still lends its rights to its leaders to act on their behalf and they are being sold out to multinational conglomerates by the back door politicians of the Thatcherite me, me, me generation. But what else do you expect from a so called nation of shop keepers.

This nation has always kept the political process of election of the personal pages as the politicians of the previous generation had a duty to the people, they had all worked and had real life experience there were no career politicians anywhere then. The early days of politics required a secret voting system as disclosure then could result in violence and organised intimidation by certain factions. Those days are long gone now and a more open balloting process is beginning to be needed. The present political powers are giving themselves new powers and pay rises and life styles that would make the politicians that bled for this country and fought with the common man for the civil rights that were the envy of the world.

So when they try to strip the last vestiges of rights from you and hand you over to their corporate masters. Keep these points in mind. When you lend them your rights and agree to play along they can only work in our best interest and cannot ever be used against us. Under the democratic principle that we lend our rights to our ‘elected’ leaders before they can incarcerate you. They for any of their new jumped up laws they bring into being for crowd control and to further strip you of your rights. There are three document that they need to posses for mind body and soul ownership.


The state needs to have a power of attorney, a signed affidavit that states that you are giving away all of your intellectual rights, vocabulary, decision making, disposition, attitude and liberty.


Under the property act of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, they need to produce a bill of sale or a record of ownership with your mum and dad’s signature on the ( slavery is illegal in this country still) slave receipt, stating that you are now crown property and therefore have the right to incarcerate your body when you have not broken any statutory laws.

Oh and dated before your birth as birth is a free process (except of course surrogacy, modern day human trafficking ) and we are not born with debt that they keep borrowing in our name, as they asset stripped our industries to the bone in their scramble to get to the trough.

SOUL 1: (as they are using the left handed practices of coercion, extortion and menaces)

A human skin parchment with two blood signatures, your mum and dad the only people that ever truly own you. and of course the obligatory cloven hoof print.

Now if they don’t have any of these three parchments, that is three strikes in anyone’s book, but never let it be said that we have become an unfair and petty nation. For if they cannot produce the docs then they can then do this and immediately get instant obedience.

SOUL 2: (the good right hand path)

Produce at will in the full view of independent witnesses a burning bush at the centre of the gathering. Then they really can go around acting as if they are God.

I am a human being.

I am not a Number.

I have inalienable rights.

I lend these right to my government to act on my behalf and in my name and for them to never be used against me or against my best interests. My nation holds my sovereign rights, while its elected government is held to the nations bond of its people for a fixed period of time (4 years not 5) to serve the nation and its collective best interests, just for those unelected law changer’s in Westminster.

All democrat political bodies are the representative office of the nation, to work on its behalf for its greater good. So How did a wealthy nation like Britain have its wealth stolen from under our noses. And how did the squanderer’s get back in to do it again, why is there no body watching this very important point of national interest. Makes you think does it not.

A Vision of Beauty

Seeing is believing

georgeaquaregirlsI came across the picture of the two girls with the Saltire on the shameful night in George square who were attacked by the Unionist thugs and still stood up to the intimidation and baiting. Quite a heroic act in the vein of Flora MacDonald’s story of her break in Prince Charlie’s escape.

It struck me that we do not give credit where credit is due to our lassies, the girls, women and ladies that make up the better half of mankind. So …….


Nicola IIThis country has a new first minister Nicola Sturgeon and she has set a cracking pace right from the start and is brushed up on the facts and is both shooting from the hip with glib responses, to firing salvos from the shoulder marksmanship quality to one and all. They at first underestimated her and it is now beginning to make the opposition dig deeper for facts and to brush up on their knowledge, shame in most cases it’s their own history, policies or just their party that is at the base of their own embarrassment. Hoisted by their own petard springs to mind so far from the recent exchanges. The steady line and the cautious approach Nicola has taken for tack in the exchanges is the sure route towards a final push in May.

The SNP are a small unfunded party, with limited resources and they cannot possibly compete with the might of the Tory backers on a level platform, the Labour coffers or even the UKip’s mysterious donations. So instead of crowd funding on a site donate to your local branch, or an SNP site donation to help with the final push towards the election.

lulu IIIt is also time to recognise the efforts and talent of one of Scotland’s best long term assets namely Lulu. This woman is a survivor, has travelled the globe received an OBE and still sounds Scottish. She has maintained an active career in each decade since her Eurovision Contest win (Boom Bang a Bang) in 69 right up to the closing ceremony at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014.




Michelle Mone IMichelle Mone has done a great deal for women lingerie including styles and materials. Her business is still based in Scotland and continues to corner quite a market share.







This brings me to some internationally famous women of the world.

kellybrook.html-1Kelly Brook is the unofficial nations sweetheart, with an extensive career in modelling, acting and has a few other irons in the fire. Kelly also recently celebrated the unveiling of a new collection for plus-sized clothing range, Simply Be. While we are waiting for the release of her starring role in new US sit-com One Big Happy.







StormFlowerCheryl Fernandez Versini yet another pond hopping great British woman with an enviable track record in the music industry, modelling (should see the Gothic Shoot images) and television work is quite a portfolio from music and modelling to perfume, namely StormFlower’s recent success to the donation of £100,000 from the proceeds to charity.




Pixie Lott IIMiss Pixie Lott will be a relative surprise to some, but she is an established and accomplished singer songwriter and performer, with some acting credits. The thing that brought her to my attention for this piece was her appearance on Strictly. She came across well and seemed to enjoy the whole experience. Definitely a home-grown talent that should remain in the British star sky for some time to come.

Shania IIShania Twain this international singer songwriter has some impressive credits to her name. Her residency in LA, her humble beginnings in Windsor Canada, She changed her first name to “Shania” in 1990; it reputedly means “I’m on my way” in the Ojibway language. This woman’s stage presence is electric. She has a liking for fireworks and effect in her shows for all ages. Her album successes range from ‘The Woman in me’ , then ‘Come on Over’ with so many great singles from it to the more recent UP!. It is with great sadness I have to report she is preparing a final tour, never had the chance to be there, but the videos are excellent. The music world will be a little bit darker without her light and talent on a stage.


ShaniaThe most endearing point about this talented song writer and great performer is how she came to write the song From this moment, and the tragic events that brought the song into being. Hope she keeps performing even if this is the last tour.



Shania-Twain-29468470-500-375 Shania-Twain--29468518-500-375shaniatwain1_eShania-Twain 02












This has just been a little accolade to some of the unsung women out there with amazing talent’s and careers. This blog is a little too small to add any more at this time. Just thought it needed saying.

Wan fir the lassies oh!





On Further Inspection…

Well, Well, Well then.



Well the weather watchers and doomsday predictors have gotten it all wrong yet again, The weather fronts that were expected by the weather model predicting experts has fallen short of the mark or been in the wrong pitch entirely. Scotland enjoyed a reasonable winter, Glasgow had two days of snow and about twenty days of ice. This has more to do with the altitude for snow at sea levels and the Clyde has been channelling the milder winds and warmer waters from the gulf displacement and the added thermals from the Icelandic subterranean volcanic actions. Making the whole thing a lot milder than predicted.

At first looks 2015 is starting to shape up and take formative action, Britain has the highest amount of new employed since the meltdown, our economic returns are more than a little encouraging, and finally if Scotland was to break away from the 300 year old trade agreement called the Union, our English neighbours will not be bankrupted, the world will not end and a Nation that prides itself on its ability to con the poor, take advantage of the ignorance’s of native nations to build its own political empire and wealth. Can now get on with its own thing without having to interfere with a fledgling nation again. They won’t have to listen to us harp on about their inhumane actions, their selfish attitudes and their goals.

Scotland and England have never agreed on the primary drives of nation and empire building, though there have been deserters from both camps in the past, we have begun to stabilise as a nation, as England under the phony ‘British’ banner can now get back to the dirty tricks and interfering games that they so love and this time without the resurrection of the compulsion towards civil war (attacking your own) schism that has been a deep psychological scar in the British character for almost the whole 300 years. Could the non paedophile action in Westminster be more to do with the English predisposition or liking for taking advantage of others weaknesses, that to do with any form of sexual deviation, could it just be they are defending their history and predilections. They do like taking candy from babies and they are almost completely shameless. No wonder they have deserted Christianity over the last three decades. They do endorse the birth or creation of the modern man. Out with superstition and unprovable spiritualities, and to endorse goal setting, role-playing and health and fitness, mental well-being like yoga for concentration and control, meditation for thinking the problem all the way through and to learn to focus and refocus the rambling mind. Relaxation and de stressing to recharge the batteries and not a deity in sight (not that there ever was) so faith without the superstition, my what a well-shaped and devised formula for being.

Scotland with its sovereign power restored will now be in a stronger position to formalise a better trade and security agreement with our old allies. This island still needs to be defended, we need to pay our share to the defence of the realm. We no longer have large ports like Cardiff, Bristol and Plymouth to name a few, we do still have Ayr and Troon though they could not handle large freight fit for servicing a fledgling nation. This nation no longer has the military personnel or arms that it used to. The infrastructure has been given the poor man fix with a lick and a spit for more than four decades while England has redoubled its efforts to maintain a strong war footing on the world stage. To lead the world platform in intelligence agencies and law enforcement, litigation and law. There is nothing wrong with the tack being set, the course being taken, or even the decisions of some of the captains of industry, but the tactics are more than a little unpalatable, the end does not justify the means if the end result is a poorer human condition and a more calloused approach to life for the so-called collective good as declared by the victor.

Labour in Scotland so the rumour says is on the ropes and heading for a fall. Is this more to do with the fact that over the last five decades Britain has reduced its manufacturing footprint dramatically, while driving up the education of more blue and white-collar workers, more self-employed positions to further erode the working man’s party base to the minimum, could it also be that the Labour party has tried to redress the differences in the market drive to reduce the manufacturing base and had to try to address the middle management strata of worker that is currently being produced, the drive has almost completed the phase to reduce the common man in the workplace and in politics with the upwardly mobile selfish entrepreneur. No contract zero hours slave to the western enterprise. The present styled middle management political structure does tend to reflect the uncommon man as opposed to the classic labour stereotype the ubiquitous working man.

The defence issues of the western hemisphere are not up for speculation at this time, with the Russian playing cat and mouse war games with their old historic enemies. China gearing up for a stronger financial platform on the world stage and Europe having to look at the facts that collectives for any single greedy dominator taking the maximum with little humanity for people’s suffering or circumstances. There is no better way to keep each other alert and practiced, than to count coup. Drills only produce leader boards and speculation, live tests bring results and show up the bottlenecks and the slack quicker than any secular test will ever do. After all no-one on either side will be using live ammo. Trust them they are professionals would I lie to you. I would not want to be an ISIS member when this lot have finished brushing up to par. Who are they practising for.


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