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Monstrosities in the Basement

Well if appears as if Josef Fritzl has finally done the decent thing at last or has this self serving, selfish dominator who has only ever displayed a narcissistic wilful desire to protect himself and indulge his sick fantasies in secret, just simply been persuaded by the public press release of his face in the public stream and having been faced with his crimes from the perspective of his victim by having to hear about the damage that he did, made him realise he could never hide anyplace in this world ever.


If this man had fought and had managed somehow to reduced his sentence, if he was ever released just where in the world could he go, with no where to run to and no where to hide, the only safe place in the world for him is in solitary confinement, with a permanent jailer for his only access to the world. The only place he will ever feel even marginally safe and he is at the mercy of the jailor for who will ever sympathise with him when he says his food and drink is spat in or soiled before he gets it.


The Austrian reaction is understandable when you consider the most infamous killer of humans was Austrian, the shame and the stigma has made the nation less intrusive and has become a much more secular society than any healthy country has. Just what goes on behind closed doors, the secrets in families are the stuff of horror stories. The blood is thicker than water brigade that hush up atrocities. This is in direct contradiction to the nice sugary sweet vision held up by the state and the religious bodies of the world who only promote the idealised version that we all know does not exist in this sick and depraved world. The ideal family was a TV hype from the music industry and its legacy was the Brady bunch, the monkeys and several stereotypes that just don’t exist in reality and never can.


Getting away with murder is as bad as getting away with abuse, and any blatant thieves that steal from the public purse and flaunt their untouchability and blatantly refuse to capitulate to public pressure is just as atrocious. The nature of this particular beast is governed by the fact that we all agree that the law is the highest level of judgment and not the moral majorities mob mentality as that way leads to lynching’s and miscarriages of justice, as history has proven time and again since records began.


Just where is the line and how do we process the crossing of it. In all relationships there is the idea of personal space and it can all be shattered by the intrusion of abusive noise levels in the home, anti social behaviour from drunken louts and inner city gangs and youthful misbehaviour, safety in the work place, school and classroom governance, unwanted visitors and family intrusions. But the most intolerant people will take intrusions as an excuse to vent their ire, while moderate people will just turn up the volume to drown it out or the outgoing will go and join it. So there is no one set of rules that can apply as the individual is diverse and unique and the responses will vary across a wide spectrum of human reactions depending on the individuals concerned. 


Children like the high profile case of baby P, and all the others that have brought the monster of patricide and matricide into the glaring public eye. It is very far from a perfect society and it is showing signs of neurosis and worrying trends and tendencies. The schism from the widely held belief that there is only good and evil has produced a schizophrenic mindset, the truth of this world is that true good and evil is rare and applies to the extreme cases and just simply isn’t mainstream. The maxim that works for the majority seams to be right and wrong and this is why there is such a heavy leaning towards the moral majority or the so called voice of reason.


But the state is a control freak and it is still going about its business of trying to claim greater powers to exercise, the worst of these is coming from the so called preventative thinkers, that say we should act before something happens, just take Iraq and its nuclear program, the Irish are the ones that made terrorist advances as the had a continual program of attack on their perceived enemies, the evidence just isn’t there to support a Muslim terror campaign, just compare the figures over a seven year period from both parties.


We have worse weapons than mere nuclear ones and if we were ever under attack we have the stored potential to annihilate any other aggressor regardless of there missile might. So what is the all powerful Chairman Broon so worried about that hasn’t even been materialised yet.


Do we try to take the stance of an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure and then give ourselves the power to judge potential crime as opposed to actual crime. It just ain’t murder till there is a corpse now is it.


If we allow the power hungry control freaks that are letting their buddies get away with millions govern who is about to commit a crime and we ever give them the powers to seize and control events then we will have crossed a line that can never be established ever again, once the genie is out of the bottle it will never be imprisoned again ever.


Without well defined personal rights and then group or country rights and liberties, they can set the line anywhere from the liberal left to the extreme communistic enforcement under the power of the gun as used by the Russians and the Chinese as well as tin pot dictatorships like Burma et al. Without good clear lines of demarcation set out and agreed to by all of us as the rulers of the world should never be the ones to tell us how to please them, that’s a bit like asking the Lion how to feed it. We should not let any hyped state of mythical emergency as propagandised by the ruling twats be the cover by which they set the lines up and give themselves the tools to do what is in our best interest. Just look at their recent actions and lack of action concerning the current mess and how they are not handling it in our best interest be the only warning that we need.


They do what they do by power of your proxy and without that vote of confidence they are showing themselves up to be the minority voice of the realistic one person in five as reflected in the real voting numbers.


The only way to reign them in is to do a Zimbabwe vote and stay away until the numbers are so low that they cannot even form a government, after all the glut of money that became worthless in that country was the direct result of people using their spending power to keep the cash flow in circulation out of the crooked rulers hands, then the Mugabi idiots started printing their own money to keep a circulation in effect but the people still withheld the cash until it all collapsed, cant see any other government that desperate for control that they would start printing their own cash to float a drowned economy. or do they think that the threat of it will be enough to force the nations hands. The will control absolutely everything now and fro ever because they must and should and are the only ones that can so there, na na na na na.


Imagine calling it quantitative easing, when it’s really quantitative pl-easing 


Saddle up and all aboard the express route to self destruction, not so much Armageddon as Ragnarok, from the Arian supremacists that never fumble and never drop the ball or even take their eye of it. Either way its just another day in hell for the denizens of the abyss.


A well back to the salt mines comrade.

Half a Million ‘Going’ Begging

Going for a song ladies and gentlemen, its the turn of the unfortunate unemployed to carry the can for all of the mistakes of a failed system, the hunt for the new scapegoat has gone from the, middle east and its mythical weapons of mass destruction and the irony is the people seeking them were the owners of weapons of mass destruction, must just have been silo envy eh.

Now bank managers can all get away ‘Scott Free’ but the lowly defenceless and voiceless mass they cant even hit back grasshopper. They have already lost their civil liberties and can no longer expect what the working man gets for free, the right to expect to be assumed innocent until proven guilty is now the luxury of the working, middle and upper classes, the unfortunate and unlucky or incapable are now being targeted with the burden of proof being levelled at them without a charge to be seen, without a right to reply except by the hounds and offices of the dogs of war, the modern day brown shirts as they tell us to prove what we are doing. First of all who gave them the powers to force people to conform to not laws but corporate rules. They have to have your proxy before they can bully you around. Without the voters consent they are just a jumped up dictatorship with totalitarian aspirations. only forty pecent of the voting populace actually votes, the majority if we were really a democracy would be a vote of no confidence. In the big house the no’s and the abstainers count, but out here in the communist reality, if your not in it you are just ignored or discounted and that isnt a refund of any kind. So a minority government that is made up of forty percent of the voting populace gets in, thats representative of one in five people in anybodies maths mate. So just where do they think they get their power from a beligerant and disgruntled following. After all no elected party has ever been able in the history of governments to deliver their manifesto ever. Now there is food for thought Chairman Broon. Performance related pay mean anything to you high level scroungers that cannot do the job. Fit for purpose mean anything, no like trying to get blood out of a stone. And they want to be our moral guardians not with a track record like they are still producing, let alone looking at their previous record of incompetences. History paints a terrible picture of greed corruption and bloody minded attitudes since the dawn of the vote and it is still going on today.

The press have a hand in this infamous swing in human rights and this alienation of the unemployed and the sickness benefit burdens on the state purse. At least it is a public drain on a public purse and that is how it is meant to be, not a subsidy or piggy bang for the absconders of the nations wealth. When governments squander billions and banks lose money gambling, then they are allowed to raid the public purse to give themselves even bigger bonuses, in the face of public denial, and pretend retribution and mythical changes to stop this happening ever again. We just know they will never deliver, we just know they will never be allowed to resurrect the old lying cheating cover up system that was in place before. Now that really is the wind of change mate. Can hear the flatulence all the way from London to Glasgow, or is that just hot air.

It must just be Mad March is here in full force, but wait a minute this has been going on for over a decade maybe even fifteen years or so. This slow erosion of the civil rights of the individual and the assumption of the herd and the masses is insidious by its creeping advances and duplicitous actions all under the radar of pressing world events. The square peggers who would have us all being the same acting the same expecting the same are a hive mind collective, in the format of the queen bee syndrome, with its tidying neurotic compulsions for order, uniformity and obedience it just ain’t human mate. Now shut that gate, tote that barge and just shut up as they do as they please and never deliver. Just who ya goanna vote for, if ever there was a time to make politicians and all industry paid on a performance related pay in a so called commercial capitalist environment, that time is well past considering its all crumbling around their ears.

There are supposed to be half a million jobs going begging in Britain today according to the propaganda liars broadsheets, another fairy tale from the mythological spinners of the west end. The skills shortfalls are obvious to the well balanced mind, take a penny pinching industry that pays the absolute minimum unless legislation nip’s their comfort zones, that pays the absolute minimum for materials does the least they have to at the managerial level except give themselves a comfortable lifestyle. Then they market their products at premium prices. Does this get reflected in the work standards of a belligerent workforce, and couple that with cheep materials do we get the expected reputation for poor craftsmanship and shoddy goods flooding an already glutted market place. Naw just canny be that simple can it.

Buy British and own rubbish is the worlds markets opinion, so much so that as a nation our industrial sectors have slowly been disappearing for the last three decades as other more industrious nations have out done us with better quality work and standards until, we are left with our best abilities for creative design and a flair for the trends. Fashion and the games industry is still our consistent best efforts for nearly a decade, music the arts and leisure industries are all staying afloat.

Industry flatly refuses to train people because of the costs in time and money and the loss of production as people get slowly up to speed. Industry will not invest any more than they have to, remember their moto is ‘least input equals maximum profits’ as they have all been raking it in at the managerial level and claiming investors get their money back and that is why with no profits for themselves, they have traditionally kept going to the banks with cap in hand and taking out even more loans and limping on to the next fiasco of the money draining life cycle of a capitalistic, material society.

The skills that are required for the jobs that are going begging must be learned and so must be taught and the educational facilities that are available just are not up to the job. Industry will not invest in people and the education systems do not predict market need early enough to provide the right sort of training to produce the next market need ahead of industries next developments. The can’t predict any better than the banks gamblers, political spinners and dunder headed think tanks ever have.

The onus is on the creative individual to get the education from the available college curriculum. As they get into debt as they do it. It brings us all into line with the same needs and drives as the industry itself the treadmill goes on and on and on. They must guess to reach the next innovations as they arrive or to use one of the standards to meet an already overcrowded market demand. Keeping the wolf from the door and paying the bills is the same at the top as it is at the bottom, except at the top its all incentivised (the carrot) and at the bottom of the heap the heat is on (the stick), those old husbandry rules have been around since the dawn of time.

The animal husbandry rules are use a carrot and a stick to drive a belligerent beast, ask any woman they have been doing it since time began.

In a mad, mad world just who would ever say they could guess with any degree of accuracy, who would put their head above the parapet, just what idiot would ever stick their neck out and lay it on the line just to be shot down when their luck runs out.

Definition of:-

LUCK:-  A continues run of results instead of a series of random turns, or fits and starts.

Favourable result = Good

Unfavourable = Bad

Job going anyone?

No well in a mad, mad world just who’s judgment is better than anybody else’s. Are any rulers fit to rule, are any governors fit for purpose, lets put them all on a performance related pay structure. Just how much of your manifest have you been able to deliver Chairman Brown, the ex chancellor that just isnt to blame for any economic problems honestly.

An Appropriate Poem :-

Are Any of Them Fit to Rule

               A Poem

Are any of these parties fit to rule?

With leaders, that only look the fool

The Lib Dem’s and Nationalists lack street cred

Conservative and Labour are in the same bed

They tell us that we are free

Then restrict all it could be

Our Freedom is only a token gesture

They squander resources, on architecture

This rush to make a Seat of Power

Perhaps leads to some predestined hour

Being misdirected left and right

Just what goes on out of sight?

We know the cost of an election change

As each New Broom will re-arrange

We vote them in then rue the day

For all their changes we’ve had to pay

These selfish people who take their fill

Will pass the hat to recoup the bill

These fools are blind and they lead the lost

Bet it won’t be them who pay the cost

Broken promises litter their path

Fueling the fire of a civil wrath

A single direction is all we need

Not some mighty heroic deed

The ‘Voice of Reason’ needs its say

As democracy has almost had its day

Acting together lets devise a plan

Providing our needs, like no other can

If you hear this call you lion hearts

And can rally all our scattered parts

When there’s nothing left for us to atone

We will never again walk alone

The future heritage for our nation

Cannot be born from trepidation

Bold leadership will find the way

Perhaps, to take us to our ‘Perfect Day’

This poem was written on the sixth of June 1998 at 11:00am, and is one of many that heralded the changes of the day, before the turn of the century, before the millennium crash that never happened, until now.

Ah well back to the salt mine’s comrade, the communistic labour party, is working with the Nazi people hounding dogs of war and is nipping at our heels again.

Ho ow heeeeave ho, lift that barge tote that bale, you don’t do as your told you’ll be thrown in jail. From the system that canny fail. A Titanic statement if I say so myself.