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Kabbalistic Tarot

This look at the Tarot will start with the Minor Arcana, there are four suits that are directly linked to the four seasons of the world. There are fifty-two weeks of the year and there are fifty-two cards in the minor arcana, those suits that have fourteen cards, have taken one of the four seasons cards and used them as the jokers, the acts of chance, some packs refer to them as pages.

The Tarot deck and the trees as they are shown in this article have a direct relation with the magical number box seven see this article the central tree is the Major arcana and the other four are the seasons.

The first thing to look at is this plan of the Girdle of the Goddess it is a simple progressive device that flows from Fire (see clever colour coding) up to Air. The Girdle is started with Aries and ascends to the thirteenth lunar house of the zodiac, symbolised here by the Ohm, and that is a crowning position to be in but any of the symbols, gold, Christ, a cross the Key of David will do in this position as the question hasn’t been answered yet.

This gives us a plan to use to display the four suits of the Minor arcana. The layout will remain the same using the thirteen position without the Daath position, gives us the sequence of Ace to King at the crown position, a terrestrial lineage for the trees still to come.

When seen like this is a good representation of a pictorial almanac. Now imagine away back in the mists of time when a landed farmer, had established himself and had the country manor estate, his servants were not to bright, so a pictorial almanac that laid out the schedules for the week, gave the illiterate a way to understand and communicate in images. This is fifty-two weeks work in these four images. Except for the aces and two other exceptions they all have a person in the image, an action or an event depicted.

The tree that has thirteen sepheroth is the Girdle of the Goddess. This next sequence of images shows how this is all laid out with the Daath position unoccupied.

The animations will show these all clearer.


The minor arcana as an almanac is not a new concept but taken into the Kabbala Tree of life configuration it does add a new dimension to checking how things fit, if they fit and when viewed from different perspectives, what principles and truths apply and more importantly which don’t. The geometry proves the rule.

The Major Arcana is a different book altogether and is the Book of Thoth, which is basically the story of the return of the prodigal son. The ascension is again from the base to the Crown and this time the twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet are used to map out the trees progression.

This configuration is taken from the new books of the Kabbalah, the sort of manual for the spiritual and the arcane, a how it all fits together users manual to the tested and working principles and truths and how all the separate doctrines all link up.

This image is shown with the Hebrew alphabet in place, each character is shown over its corresponding Tarot card.

This assumption has not been proven but in the language of the law, far to many things fit, and it answers more questions that it raises is a good indication that some will wanted them separated until all of the relevant facts could be presented at once. Like someone intended a herald to announce the statutes of truth and the doctrines of wisdom, only when all of the devices scattered in the mists of time would once again be reforming, for this is the nature of truth, it cannot be suppressed, it cannot be broken apart for ever, the nature of truth has an intrinsic magnetic quality that it will congregate until the mind that can see has the key to it’s understanding and can apply it at the right time.

Con-Dem Nation

Is this a major characteristic defect for a prime minister, having the unfortunate ability to open his mouth only to change feet, well I suppose it has never adversely affected the king of gaffes, Prince Philip and he is in his dotage and still the (undisputed?) world champion for the quick foot shuffle.

Naomi Campbell (no relation I believe) was given a big diamond and a cluster of small ones that someone thought might be used to make a personal piece of jewelry and he might get to see it displayed on a catwalk one day, but the ignorance of the poor girl made good is working in her favour, her greed and fear got the better of her and so she pawned the big one and gave the little ones away, thank goodness the man kept the stones, afraid to have them associated with Mandela. One murderous dictator and a greedy wench and their larceny has covered their track a bit to well, that and one of the main witnesses from her own camp is currently suing Miss Campbell, and so it just leaves the stable and well-respected miss Mia, hmm can’t imagine how that one will turn out.

It looks like Commandant Cameron, in charge of ‘State 52’ (not area 52)  has raised the final ultimatum that only the benefit culture warrants a close scrutiny by using an illegal use of spying powers, in a so-called democratic country, where we are ‘all’ (a future fairer for ‘all’) innocent until made unemployed or invalided, because of a media campaign to clear out the last one percent of persistent authority dodging crooks that have fallen down the ladder to the lowly bottom feeder position.

After covering up the effects and the numbers of crooks at the top, after letting some of their own slide and not being brought to justice. The lame duck duo have now targeted their guns on the crooks that make up one percent of the benefits, scammers and grifter’s. So yet again the sledge-hammer to crack a nut, once again the law of dictatorial, totalitarian rule that insists that ninety-nine percent of innocent people will now be forcibly subjected to illegal scrutiny, for the sake of the one percent. In typical government madness they are going to outsource the work to the private sector, idiots didies and morons, not to mention old school pals and crib buddies.

“The needs of the Many out way the needs of the One, Jim”

Or……….. to boldly go where no one has gone before:

“We will persecute the many to pusue the one little @#’!’

So the new coalition is proving to be as bad as the reds in the beds that were snooping in our rubbish, tracking our every move and action and illegally using anti terrorist laws to snoop on the man/woman in the street, for minor offences not major crimes. Don’t you just love this asylum?

This country is moving away from the democratic values that we all thought we were signing up for, this totalitarian rule that they can snoop on a minor segment of the populace is a way for the controls freaks to use the press focused attack on the criminal element that dodge the bottom feeders in the benefit system. Using the red herring of Benefit cheats to fast tracking legislation changes to the laws of the land. A crook is a crook is a crook, no matter what level of society he is at, be he/she banker, investor, salesman, politicians, police, the judiciary surely we should insist that this snooping be carried out for every person in a democratic country and that no matter how high up the tree they are there should be no exceptions, for old school ties and other forms of social inclusions/exclusions. But that would be so unpopular and Herr Cameron is proving he is hungry for approval in his full on public audacity barrages, public talks and meet the man press fiascos.

After all a crook is a crook, and stealing benefits and ducking under the wire is the action of a third time looser who is playing it safe as they pilfer as they go, they have usually fallen from a great height or are lumbered with too many kids and a wife that has a similar mind-set to themselves. Crooks are the same the world over yet I don’t hear the device to snoop is going to be used to target all levels of society from the top to the bottom and everyone’s details will be subject to the new big brother laws of the dictatorial new fatherland as it asserts its stance on totalitarian rule……. now that they have your vote ……. thank you very much.

So the end game is finally here, the death of democracy, no wonder the Greeks are rioting and revolting and telling their control freak masters where to stick it, now this nation bit the bullet, whimpered and took shorter hours, worse pay, bad conditions, and all that did by the look of things is delayed the inevitable, as the liars at the top still let the banks do as they please, and protect their own alma Mata from prosecution for fraud, yet it can’t just be a case of revenge of the biter bit now can it. So Britain and its now chastened workforce, the whipped pup with its tail between its legs, is cowering behind the illusion that we are safe for the moment, oh yeah want to bet on it.

As a democracy in the land of equals how one segment can be targeted while the higher echelons of the same crooked fraternity are safe from prosecution for the same types of crimes. Except of course for the four scapegoats of the apocalypse, who are still waltzing through the legal whitewash process as you read.

Answers on a post card to:-

You’ve been Had

Got yer vote and now you’ll choke, the old Crooked Path

Got ya by the Ballots.

The Slippery Slope,

Beelzebub’s Inferno.