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The Ring Bearer

The lovely cheeky girl and the greedy bounder, it’s a moral tale of the new age man at his worst, and the greed knows no bounds. He wants the ring back and he thinks he has a right to ask and a right to expect the promise back.


Lets just take a good look at the origins of the engagement ring shall we, way back in the mists of time when men pursued chased women and a girls fidelity was capped by her virginity, and men had to prove that they would be around for the long haul a man made a promise to marry a girl and the ring was the pledge that by a certain date a marriage would be carried out and he would make good his promise, this then became the good excuse for ‘getting some’ in loo of payment you might say, so the girl puts out and the cad breaks of the engagement and the girls reputation is ruined and the ring is her only compensation.


Then the law stepped in when this became too regular an occurrence and they made the breach of promise act, where if a girl has been promised a due by date and the ring was not enough of a compensation for the theft of her reputation by the bounder when he reneged on his word.


Men have always tried to control women and marriage it is a male device to try and guarantee the lineage of his decent. The ring at the customary price of two months wages, is levied against a time period when they will make good on their word. So that’s two months wages for a three year engagement and that is cheaper than paying for the local good time girl, who are still to this day all cash up front and all the trimmings, food, drink, nights lodging was ruining many a young rakes inheritance as they over indulged their wants and needs. The young bounder that can fake the sincerity and act the part and come up with the two months salary could save himself and his parents a fortune, the young bounders usually started their ill treatment of the women with the indentured workers and kitchen lasses of the household, and it was probably a few unwanted pregnancies later and a lot of parental pressure to get the young rake of to a private school where their hot blooded actions would be tempered under the stern eyes of a strict disciplinarian rule of corporal law, that and locking them in at a curfew would guarantee that they would have to get sly and learn to conceal their indiscretions a little better. And most of their activities became daytime pursuits as they were being locked down at night and made to account for their whereabouts at all times.


Men have always commandeered woman’s property, in marriage, and insisted on a dowry right from the beginning of this male control device.


But in this modern world where a woman can now also be a provider and in some cases can even become the sole provider in a relationship. The new found autonomy of woman’s rights are being asserted in the era of the new man. The cad that dumped Shian Lloyd then picked up the lovely cheeky girl, lets face it’ if it wasn’t for his position and prestige he would never stand a chance with any beautiful woman. Women have never been known for their good taste in men either historically or factually, about a third of women marry the wrong partner, woman take to much on trust with men and are let down more consistently than they let men down. Just take a look at how the child services cost two billion to run and only managed to take in two billion. This governmental claw back from the payment of state benefits to single mothers and children so called done in their name and for their benefits has finally been seen for what it is another state claw back function to save money from the tax payers, just makes you wonder why they need to save money in the area we all agree needs to be paid for, and we all pretty much agree that cutting costs and shirking duties to the welfare of our kids is where we cannot afford to scrimp and save, just look at the present violent crimes by kids that don’t care and can afford a knife. Just look at the teenage suicide rates and we can look at the mean machine that cuts corners and makes it impossible to make a claim and hates paying out as the root cause of most of these problems, when we see more and more educational spending cutbacks etc, etc, etc. But lest blame the parents, not society and how its run for taking up so much time for work that it steals time from our kids, lets not look at how a living wage is a thing of the past and both parents are being forced to work to support the children pay the bills and still be expected to have a good life in the breaks. It just simply does not compute, ‘its life Jim but not as we know it’.


It’s a mans world and that is a shame in a world where male supremacy is driven by the insecure need to control, men want control and at least obedience, and will use various levels of force to establish their rule. While woman just want honesty and reliability from basically a group of historically known, shirkers, liars, thieves, bullies and tyrants. Mans history with woman is the blackest part of our heritage, but this is further compounded when women themselves still make bad judgments and keep taking on bad boys expecting they will turn into good men. Or that their love will change the leopards spots or alter the force of nature that is instilled in men and runs against the grain of the herd instinct, because they all want to lead and have the last word and never be held accountable for their actions.


Gabriel we say keep the ring girl and flaunt it under the cads nose and let it serve as a reminder to other girls that think they can best this cad, this is his second strike in the public eye. Let’s just see who he can convince after this second public strike that the whole of the media has it wrong and he is just much misunderstood, and most girls can easily believe that there are some bitches out there just waiting for their chance and someone, might just believe that old line coming from that old fashioned cad.


A football thug just got his job back after getting out of jail Scot free and this nation thinks that it is not acceptable well if the daily tabloids are to be believed that is. Kevin thought the lad deserved another chance some say and yet if he couldn’t play well he wouldn’t have been offered the position again, the man butted a team mate, attacked a teenager and had a third altercation before the state took any real notice of his misdemeanours. Yet he unlike the whole of the rest of the prison population just waltzed back into a privileged position and into a dream job for many an aspiring talent that is waiting in the wings to get their moment.


Now that this bad boy has been struck out, not once, not twice but three times and without any probationary period been taken back into the fold just because his team needs him, well maybe not all of his team mates think so and one in particular may not want to work with him again without some guarantees of some change in temperament at least. A clause in a contract makes him sackable but his behaviour didn’t, money men and their litigations set out to get around the details.


If a man cannot step up to the plate and deliver to his word, and will renege on his given word of proposal, and if a lout has the money men ignoring his bad behaviour and thinks that a piece of paper will have an affect on his violent streak. It still is a mans world.


The definition of man is:-


Mankind the race of man that takes into account all four of its genders (argue that one all you like pall), man and wo-man the man that has to be wooed, macho women and bitches with balls and that is the four pillars of the world of man.


And just for any religious bodies that would like to argue the point, then read this and weep, man and woman, he made them both.


Do you think that because woman by nature tend to suck it up and plod right on no matter what the interference, is why their genitalia is sucked up on the inside and still looks like the male one, ovaries and uterus and penis and testis. Just compare the pictures.


One of the worst problems still facing women about men is the fact that with always being left holding down the responsibilities when their so called partner folds and runs or cuts and runs with the goods, more woman are more of a man than most of the likely lads that they meet. Ah well nothing new there is there, still the same old same old, and what goes around defiantly comes back around again, and a gain and again..

Waxing Lyrical

Amy Winehouse has been immortalised, yes she usually is on a Friday night but this time in wax, the big debate seems to revolve around the fact that it’s an idealised image of her, and it is an unrealistic representation artistically,  Nothing new to the waxworks museum as they have a reputation for bad likenesses and now they have gone the other way for once, just another charming anomaly in the artistic style of the museum.


But lets get this argument into perspective, is Hitler shown at his possible last demise best, burnt and in a hole in a bunker? is Sadam shown in shackles with a noose around his neck. Even Marilyn isn’t shown as a nude in a bed but is depicted at an iconic moment in her life, so is Amy, for all the idiots with nothing better to do. Go and change the bloody record. The fact that the museum has always taken a best portrait angle to get public interest for an art form that makes its money from allowing the general public to have their photo taken with a well known figure historic or current, isn’t really surprising is it.


The drug fuelled debate rages on and seems to be latching on to any obscure form to platform its case, shows us that the public are not really listening at all. The more campaigners fly the flag and rehash the rhetoric the more we are being turned of to a self abusive pastime. That quite frankly doesn’t affect the majority of people directly. The official stance to lump weed smokers into the same category is just another way to keep the funding up for a diminishing problem. There are fewer hard core drug addicts every year the life expectancy is short to none, and it’s a diminishing need for police to root out, the fact that the low level addiction from weed smoking makes it a casual recreational drug for occasional toters means that there are a lot more dope deposits and they are used to falsely bolster the overview of the drug problem for the control freaks that want to control everything, can justify budgets to keep a police force well past its need. With the new powers to seize earning that cannot be justified or proven, and the fact that even property can now be seized and the criminal hasn’t a leg to stand on internationally now, the old argument that drugs fund criminal empires is becoming a thing of the past, the modern day toter is a casual thrill seeker and the fact that it is illicit keeps the sales high. Just legalise it and control it and watch the drop in sales, until when it loses its cool status it will disappear from the horizon in just a few decades.


In an autonomous society that is reaching the peak of self restraint and universal compliance with the social order that is necessary for us to create and maintain a balanced society, we are fast reaching the position where the majority of our people are the ones that uphold the law and keep the peace by their collective behaviour and the genuine need for the police to be sweeping the general public for possible misdemeanours is a throwback to the Nazi storm troopers of the early Reich, than any real social problem needing attention. We collectively do not need someone looking over our shoulders twenty four seven judging our probable behaviour. This form of thought policing is for the children that cannot distinguish right from wrong. Mature adults that can make hard pragmatic choices and can suck it up to keep their heads above water and who do the best that they can on a daily basis don’t need preaching to about the probabilities if and but of the great unknown. Balancing the time in the day and the needs to be provided for and that nothing is for free, while meeting our obligations.


The youth of today with their growing blade culture are a direct reflection of Americanised thinking practices by the culture driven wannabes of the next generation no hopers that are being influenced by a perceived Americanism trait of the worst ghetto eras. From a culture that is dying in the states and has characteristically begun to find a new home here in the cultural time warp that is Britain. We do like to wear American castoffs don’t we.


The real needs that this country has yet to address are that a living wage does not exist with time shared jobs, a subsidised section of society is aided to get them into work, while another section is penalised and even persecuted for not proving what they are doing to get work, (guilty till proven innocent) that sort of behaviour and expectation is understandable in a growing economy and with hundreds of new jobs a day appearing on the horizon, so the great leaders have once again shown their wisdom and powers of perception and insight by now choosing to shove the sick and infirm out into the diminishing and floundering market place and force them to fend for themselves. A living wage and a job for life have all been sacrificed on the political alter of the new age vision of total employment, another mythical beast in the modern day jungle that id the diminishing prospects pool of potential.


The sacrifices that have been made in last three decades to the new politics, new labour, new era of and the future perfect State have all just gone up in smoke. New age conservatism and a poorer nation is limping out of the ashes as the new leaders failed visions of the future prospects of a world of diminishing resources and limited power production, in an environment of minimalism growth. The excesses of the past are a fast disappearing delusion of a long dead dinosaur attitude. The failed new age visionaries have dragged the world into yet another world economic crisis, and of course it’s the unemployed to blame, the sick and infirm to blame, and lets get the working mothers back to work and make the slur that was made against them for being scroungers up to them by subsidising them into work. Part time work, flexible hours, perks and benefits, but they will have to cut costs someplace as there is only so much money in the kitty to start from, after they help themselves to some perks and privileges first. The definition of a scrounger is someone who says they are doing something and when asked to prove it they cannot and have a list of ready made excuses to prove that it is not their fault that they have failed to produce. Now someone in a position of power and not at the mercy of the falling jobs market can they have any justifiable excuse when they command unlimited resources and expert opinions and the weight of history to learn from, just what is their excuse and why are they still taking the privileges when they do not deliver the goods ever, no political body in the history of time has ever delivered its manifesto to the people that have elected it. Yet the soft targets are there still to be picked on, no surprise what happened in Glasgow Easts by election now is it.


To turn the sick and infirm into a nice little earner could just become the next big television craze, after all we are just getting sick and tired of the lack of entertainment that is the televised version of ‘Big Brother’, yet another group of no hopers are in a public gold fish tank for public ridicule, they are all chasing the pot of gold at the end of the endurance test that is a hothouse environment. And the latest group are only being watched by the next prospective nobodies that want to become the next big somebody.


But now with the sick and infirm being pushed out into the market place where they will be the first to fold under pressure and will not be able to function in the heat of the moment lest all turn the cameras on them. This could appeal to the kinds of people that can rip the public of using rigged phone ins and want cheaper and cheaper means to make low budget to no budget programs making bigger profits from less investments. Yes these moral giants will not be above stooping so low just watch that space.

The Mote in Gods Eye

Well now the powers that be are going after yet another soft target, bullying the middle east and kowtowing to the European conglomerate dictators, in their sado masochistic dance of the new way forward. They have decided to force the benefit cheats and spongers of the communal tit and force them to survive in a declining market, with industries from the housing sector to banking and white goods production finding the bite of the non recession as hard as if it was a recession, seems that denial has no effect in real terms. The long term prediction of the global recession credit crunch is it will be going on for some considerable time, and it may take decades to achieve a turn around. The central cock up parties are borrowing more and more, and they are using our collective money pool to bail out failing banks, they are educating training more nurses. While teachers are being pushed through the system at about a rate of fifteen hundred a year and only six hundred places to fill, if the Teachers assistants get out of the way that is. Yet the system will not pay the full pay for teachers and are using cheep labour classroom assistants to cut corners. With only six hundred new positions a year, and fifteen hundred a year being trained, it doesn’t take a mathematician to work it out now does it. Its just another reeducation wangle of the real unemployment figures, and a nice little earner for the debt driven grant system, making another generation of indebted servants with a first debt level of up to £20,000 no wonder the books don’t balance.  


The war is going to cost more and more with (justifiably) larger settlements for injured troops and in a time when we are fighting more protracted land wars, Afghanistan, Iraq while our Nato commitments are growing, and while all this has been going on the policy makers and decision takers have just chosen to pay three billion for two war ships. Beggar’s belief doesn’t it. Common sense says better equipment, training and a better rotation of troops to give the lads a break would be money better spent, but no lets get the max from the minimum to pay for the shiny new toys for the boys. Especially for a peacable nation increasing its spending on war goods at a time when Nelson Mandela has hung up his plackard after a tremendous journey, without sigh of a new apprentice on the horizon, just what is the world coming to, in these so called enlightened times.


The money raking institutions are trying to use every device to get direct access to our money and if they could they will hard wire themselves right into our bank accounts, in this present economic decline the banking convenience systems that help to provide for this are the infamous direct debit, and the standing order. These devices of automated convenience, are great as long as you are in the black and not in the red. They are the convenience method for payment, and you are penalised for cash transactions by built in delays paperwork needing to be in triplicate, in point of fact any inconvenience that can be thrown at us if we dont obey the rules, not laws by the way but corporate rules. And very justifyable in this penal state that we all live in, punish or penalise any and all transgressors against the system sorry corporate ideals for they ways that the world should be idealistically speaking that is to say em, er, maybe.


The greed behind the rocketing oil prices, the governmental price hike on taxing the increase is a windfall from the present middle east crisis. The power companies are responsible for supplying a service to the householder with the means to use their product, yet they will ‘rent’ the equipment that they need to deliver the goods to the user. The fact that with a card based machine you cannot switch your power off to save electric as they will still use up the credit, taking the rental fee from the elderly, the poor and the worst hit in the land, so you cannot save money by switching the power off the powers that be have so dictated. How can they get a machine like this past the vending act for Scotland act, must just be another miracle of the modern legal jargon that bamboozles the system. How can they justify this approach. When the elderly are forced by circumstances in the toughest of times, the depth of winter to test their survival skills, the old equation eat or heat is the terms by which they will survive while their thief in the house is stealing five pence an hour and they cannot switch the machine off to save money. What power company that uses these devices cannot accept some blame for the rise in elderly deaths in winter when the accounts stack up like this.


Where is the justice in the world when the people that squander the most money are turning on the weakest in the land the elderly and the infirm, who is next as they turn the media guns on these soft targets and misdirect away from their own blundering and squandering of much needed resources.


The new national health computer fiasco,

Budget overflows, local authority escalating debts,

Governmental borrowing is escalating,  

Escalating war costs,

Failing educational standards,

Overcrowded Jails,

Hospital that are just failing to keep disease out of the wards,

The local authority lottery is failing life threatening illness sufferers


Thank goodness for the price of oil at least the income is going well enough to work as collateral for more borrowing.


Way back when phones were first being installed in the brave new world the user was made to pay for the line to be installed, not rented but paid for. The then phone company built up a business on the paid for networks of the early subscribers. The next generation of investment, was BT who using the existing systems of the first buyers, rented the lines back to the people, after all you could not take the line with you when you moved. Then there was the introduction of the connection fees. Wow money for old rope, must have had them rubbing their hands with glee all the way to the bank.


How many descendents are entitled to rental fees from their parents, grand parents initial investment in a ruthless companies abuse of their investments. Modern lines do exist and most of the old system has been replaced, but these initial shareholders were the first investors. The greed of the corporate entity knows no bounds and the lengths that they will go to make a buck or squeeze the last ounce out of redundant systems.   


And on the other hand, now that industry is in decline, even the police have broken ranks and had a strike, just when the system is at its weakest, the credit crunch is starting to bite and those that get public sector money are all fighting to get more from the central fund, and this goes for the whole pyramid, the politicians that get their money doled out have publicly agreed to stop fiddling us, and then did a very public U-Turn to preserve it. Library workers, school meals providers, and other public service workers have thrown their hats into the arena to claim a better slice of the pie. At a time when every sector is feeling the pinch and having to face up to cutting back, the unemployed in the land are the last in the doled out cue, with the begging bowl in one hand and the cap in the other, then the compounded injury is further made intolerable when the council tax takes a claw back right out of the begging bowl of the unfortunate, and the onus is now on the defenceless to prove themselves without the sight of a single charge. Making this the land of the guilty, until you prove your own innocence.


History proves that crime will rise when people who are hard pressed are pushed beyond their tolerances. As the central pool of money diminishes, and more and more put on the nose bag, where would an accountant make savings without sacking the superiors in the power pyramid that is the public purse.


The whole thing is untenable when you consider the diminishing returns from a declining economy, cut backs and savings will be sought by the powers that be, and the softest targets will be the first to fall under the barrage of ruthless tactics that has always been the insensitive and inhumane tactics that the faceless money changers have traditionally employed. Blood will flow from the nibs of their pens before they will give concessions to the vulnerable and hard pressed.  


The constant need for the modern day world to see accountability has been a relentless drive toward a blame driven society because, in the real world things go wrong, people make mistakes and the unemployed would rather have a job than the roasting that they currently receive.

The latest fiasco to hid the future work force is the revelation that the education system that has outsourced (another accountants device) marking, and has seen the exploitation of classroom teaching assistants to save paying for qualified teachers, no mystery what was behind this saving device. With falling education standards and accountants still having the last word, can we still afford to have to recover from bad economic savings plans.


The elderly and poor being fleeced by power companies, that rip of a rental fee for a machine that they have to supply to supply the power, just who are they kidding. Soft targets are being brought under the marksman’s sights, the public sector purse will diminish, and the service providers will be impoverished when the bite takes the bit. Local authority spending is out of control and they cannot even work to a budget or manage their own finances, yet they demand that of us as they demand their coin with menaces. They will send the boys round.    


As far as governmental bodies go we have a reasonable one, its main problem is it doesn’t have a stable vision of the future, or a clear enough picture of what a good governing system should operate like, and how that will effect all of the tiers of the lower orders, the cold harsh facts of life are that greed is a human trait and a transparent system that has checks built in at every level is called for and well past its inception date, this late in the day. Greed becomes mean in its actions when the money dries up and then its just a short fall of grace to bully the weakest and easily led, or the ones that don’t have a voice in the present bedlam, and no one will hear their cries as the flounder and die in the dark recesses just under the radar of the over bloated system that cannot see anything but waste falling down the crack to oblivion.


The system cannot provide for all that it has and with the prospect of a diminishing future public pool it will never be able to provide for an increase to the public sector no matter how much it is needed. The rise of the true wage slave is on the horizon, as the unemployed ranks are about to swell yet again in a system that has never got it right, limping along from feast to famine, from one cock up to minor victories. But the blame driven sights of the king of the heap will now find a way, to force the unemployed to do voluntary sector work or loose their benefits.


For the future,


A house divided amongst itself is a ruin.

A system that cannibalises its own has no future.

Culling the weak and infirm is the beginning of the end.  


First the bee and now the butterfly, just couldn’t be the sustained use of pesticides, couldn’t be the decades of using airborne chemicals from ground sprays and crop dusting, where more gets blown about than can be tracked. No cant be that simple, and just who could be held to blame and how can they be held accountable. It is a worry when you understand how food prices are rising and people are starting to see the relationship between our insect population and the process of plant fertilisation. Future crops are at risk and more land is being cleared for biofuels and pulp paper prices are driving the clearance industry, when the wood could be building homes in the third world. But the control freaks that had to hunt down and destroy all blight, in a universe that struggles to maintain a balance, whenever man seeks to tip that balance in his favour, the universe will use extreme measure to right the balance, we may have been better off letting the natural predators deal with the blight insects, the study into ecosystems to balance blight by predation is a new area of research if the logic heads have nothing better to do, but play with chemicals that have hidden properties or long term effects that have not been accounted for. The need for immediate results drove the development of an artificial and convenient means to control the blight raiders. Yet again the time and effort that would have been needed to develop a natural predation solution was shelved in a commercial driven solutions system. We may be leaving an unrecoverable legacy to our children. Short term fixes have hidden costs that never reveal themselves until the point of maximum devastation, that is the proven track history and yet …..


In a declining manufacturing environment in a society that has a rot permeating its corrupt corporate bodies and with a creeping erosion that is eating away at the core of the banking systems not only in this country but the world over its past time for a better long term look at the repercussions of the quick fix being a false economy for the future. We are again looking at the quick fix brigade for solutions and that is more worrying than the repercussions that are yet to come.


With ineffectual governments that couldn’t organise a party in a brewery, vying to be seen as world class leaders when they cannot do anything to stop rouge nations doing as they please with their populace and incomes, and flout the international treaties. Zimbabwe has taught us that our hypocritical leaders that invaded an oil rich nation and we all know what happened to the nations wealth and the price of oil, and yet they say it was on humanitarian grounds that they did what they did as we all know the mythical weapons of mass destruction and the expertise to create them only ever existed in our neck of the woods. Have been found lacking in the face of international human rights violations on a global scale, from Tibet, Burma and the infamous black hole that is Zimbabwe, come on guys who do you think you are kidding Mr fiddler, we all see far to clearly to have the wool pulled over the new world vision that is being exposed every single day.


The hive mind of the collective good is again being brought to bear in a world where individual thinker are the ones that have historically been the innovative solution makers, and we will again be bogged down by quangos, debates and investigations and a financially approved solution will be selected compounding the injuries of the past.


We truly never learn from our mistakes. The hive mind of the collective governing bodies still hang on to finding financially viable solutions, and as the health system has shown that people are dying for the want of drugs, waiting lists and other institutional systems that all rely on budgets, kill of more than we wish to know about or face the cold clinical facts. The monetary worries of the world have all been realised because of the inherent greed in our species. We continually relive the mistakes of history with each successive generation. Wherever money is concerned in an undertaking people will exploit their positions of strength to squeeze a little more out of the poor barrel riders. Strikes at vulnerable times when the really hard pressed would love the level of living that it could bring to a long term unemployed person. Is more than just a little tacky guys bet that won’t get much public support. We all have greater worries than your need for a better lifestyle. Some levels of this society are facing the hard facts of eating or heating and bills are pilling up because they cannot be realistically dealt with at the unemployment level of existence, but that doesn’t stop the local and civil authorities from ‘clawing back’ that are taking money out of the begging bowl of the poorest in the land. They even manage to deny the poor a voice in court and hard wire the corporate legal enforcement arm to seize the payments back. If this isn’t a sign that the system is incapable of working, then what is. And now the power companies will extract debts and withhold power until the debts are cleared, once upon a time the debtor could pay an amount towards the debt and still have some money to pay for power to live of, but the new automated judge jury and executioner power cards will make that a thing of the past. Yet another demonstration of the creeping decline of the mythical civil rights of the innocent until proven guilty, by the protectors of the week who are there to serve.


Previously when companies have won tenders for big governmental contracts, with the lowest tenders, then the initial estimates are always doubled or trebled usually as a matter of course, the Scottish parliament building, the London eye, the Millennium dome, the Olympics. The costs escalate and then the delivery dates are stretched, to compound the injuries. Did any one make feasibility studies on the tender amounts being tendered. Were any of the companies ever trade tested for delivery dates and pricing or did the reviewers never really do their job but just picked a name out of a hat if the tenders were to closely matched. After all they notoriously get it wrong and are still kept in a job after they keep proving time and again that they cannot do the job successfully.


The nameless faceless men that run this country, and the corporate entities and banking systems have proven by the state of the present economic environment that they are even more incompetent than any other people.


We traditionally are so hard pressed by the pressures of work that we are forced into compromises where our housing, children and that takes into account schooling and basic child care are concerned, that we are always compromising our needs against our obligations. If this is true for us it must also be true for the faceless men that run the systems that are always failing to deliver. We always hear the hype about things and are then caught out by the realities of the real delivery systems, as anyone that has ever mail ordered something and things have gone wrong from getting the wrong goods, to it being delivered to the wrong address, to being double billed or even receiving two items instead of one.


When will we ever learn what ever you are told as the goods are being sold is the optimum it could become for the greatly reduced sum. Why do we in our haste hand our saving to some stranger that promises to invest it to get them greater returns on their savings interest. We read the brochure and read the hype and we make the decision to trust these speculators investors (that’s just a posh way of saying gambler, or guesser) as they gamble invest with your hard earned. Greed that mortal human seed the promise of gain, but wait the next stage in the process of giving up your cash to a complete stranger that has written their own advertisement slogans and papers and brochure that you trust are stating the truth. The after the decision comes the signing of the contract, and give the devil his due it’s a weighty or wordy tomb with more twists and turns and smoke screens than a rollercoaster ride. But the secret is in the small print, hidden in the small print is the disclaimers, ‘saving can go down as well as up’, ‘interest from high risk investments is set at a fixed rate to balance against fluctuations over time’. That just means the right to lose your investments and not be liable for the loss, and to always settle with the least fixed amounts that they can get away with. That is in other words a disclaimer in legal parlance. Only a dishonest company uses small print to dupe and haggle. And if they didn’t need it they wouldn’t use it is a maxim that applies to the market place more than any other as they are always discarding the redundancies as quick as they can.


Small print was developed in a time when eye sight was traditionally very poor in the poor, and it has survived to this day because it is effective in the defaulting and disclaiming of policies, contracts, and other devils deals.


Imagine taking a risk with investment of savings in a climate of failing banking systems, they rake in massive profits and they set the trends for all of the inflation problems for each of the successive generations. They have been in business for centuries and don’t believe for a minute that they cannot predict trends better than they have been doing.


Buyer beware,

You do so at your own risk,

The check is in the post …… honestly.


Penalty Points

The rules and regulations of the pedantic mindset are strangulating the modern day world. They compound the injuries of the common man and continue to persecute rule breakers. Not laws of the land but institutional rules and regulations from the hand books of hell. The pedantic pen pushers guide to ‘ruling‘ the world. If you fail to pay your rent by a due date it will be then moved from one column in a book to another column in the same book of rules that then this will be called arrears. Because the rules of the rigged game state that all people should be ‘encouraged’ to make a direct debit and the hassling will stop. If they persist send the legal enforcement arm around. To encourage better obedience. The corporate mindset must have its own way, we will exterminate all defaulting till we have direct access to accountable funds and reserves.


Sorry been watching way to much Dr Who, but ……


The inflexible retards would rather penalise us than inconvenience themselves. They could say for instance in a piece of accounting software, have made an allowance of seven working days from the due date, to allow people to get there when they have the funds, considering we don’t all get paid on the first of the month. Allowing real people that don’t use bank accounts and in this day and age who can blame them, to go and pay it themselves. After all hard pressed banks that cannot meet or provide for their own need (without the public bailing them out of trouble) when times get hard, have little or no reserves to tide them through the tough times whenthey hit. Who will now have to face up to the hard facts of life like charging for transactions and this will include the paying of bills, transfer of funds. No teller will be involved as it will all soon be the sole preserve of automated transactioning software, if it isn’t already. Now rent arrears starts from the day of default with no graces for last places, late shows or didn’t knows. An unforgiving system that has an unrealistic expectation from a world that does not work in a neat and tidy fashion. They not only compound the interest they compound the problem and are suffering from delusions of grandeur.


Industry has to tolerate late payments and is not above delaying payments and refunds for the interest it generates. But the state will enforce payments to the point of legally asset stripping the poor and the struggling and will seize all of their assets and make them homeless. And then it will enslave them by automatically reclaiming any due money from their state benefit, compounding the problem even further. Is it to much to ask that they invest time and effort in teaching good money management skills and tricks and tips for saving money and resources in the lower income brackets and declaring all of the benefits that would help to alleviate the problems at the bottom of the pile.


Would it be such a bad thing if the state didn’t get paid on time and it had to streamline its spending according to its real cash flow instead of its present means of guaranteed income, after all the more they have the more they squander and their past history has marked them as the biggest wasters of resources and money out of any of us. They keep trying to misdirect us away from what they don’t do by making such a fuss about their limited successes or by starting a public slanging match to misdirect us to look at the incompetence of the oppositions.


Human nature is by its essence flawed, systems are a good guideline to give direction but when they have no measure of flexibility based on realities of life they become a regime.


We have all lived to long under the imperious systems of the OCD mindset that must have their rules followed to the exact details, remember the form filling, the need to read the small print, these all speak of the distrust of the systems that are inherent behind these rules and regulations. The accusations from most secular bodies is an unconscious projection of their own distrust. If a form has small print walk away as small print and lists of rules are the mechanisms of dodgy people and dodgy practices.


Holding people to account is necessary after all agreements are mutually binding, but there are losses as well as profits to be weathered, and the penalising of every one for the faults of the few is had its day as we all reach and exceed our tolerances of mechanistic mindset rules that steal our rights and enforce the legal system to become a modern day corporate extortion racket. After all we are all being told to be more responsible for ourselves, with food, drink and debt. So if we must all be more realistic with our view of ourselves and our real world experience, then it isn’t to much to ask our leaders to lead by example and explain what the hell happened in the vote for the second house allowance. Isn’t that just an unwillingness to let go of the perks, isn’t that just another display of their lack of self restraint and self management, and yet another nail in the coffin of the last days of world politics trying to say that it has the answers and that its us that are in the wrong, and to blame for the failing of the leaders of nations to come to agreements that we are all crying out for.


War what was it good for, boosting oil prices, looting nations, conscripting dangerous prisoners, rape, population control, causing shortages and boosting prices, changing a government and bringing rouge nations to heel.


Except in Afghanistan the drugs flow freer than the ever did, a rag tag army is besting the combined military might of two or three sovereign nations. And last but not least there just isn’t enough money to see the whole thing through and when the cash crisis hits the drug problem will escalate in the wake of the failure of the armed might of nations. It beggars belief.


Grass or pot is still the scapegoat that is used to control masses it pacifies people and makes them more compliant, and the target audience are the rebels and activists, and it is proving to be an effective means of crowd control, keep it illicit and it will appeal to a greater audience, but more so the rebels and rule breakers and risk takers. The drug turns you to mush mate get a life and leave the dope alone. Don’t play the state game. If it is legalised then it will stop being a cultural tool to control the rebels, activists and causes will again get their principle leaders showing up and making changes in the absolute control mechanism of the imperious state. They still don’t see anything wrong with absolute control of everything around them, in a world that does not support that sort of reality.


The overall cost of the justice system is overburdened by property litigations, theft, fraud, burglary selling stolen goods, the main preserve of the INSURANCE INDUSTRY, real crimes like rape murder and assault make up the absolute minority of offences. The other great legal earner is the worst offence market there is and that is motoring offences. The rebellion against rules and regulations is best litmus tested on the roads. Speeders and risk takers were the worst offender, and as the road offences lessened over the last decade, that other great little earner for the local authority came into being the clamping and parking game. The states preoccupation with enforcing obedience systems onto us is a case of Obsessive Control Dysfunctions gone wrong.


The worst crime is the amount of money being collected and the cost of failed systems, the over budgeting of local and central governments means that they couldn’t organise a party in a brewery, so when they learn to cut their cloth accordingly then they can lead by example, or like they always do, sit on their laurels and cast blame and misdirect away from their own short comings. They that live in glass domiciles better learn to duck and dive better. Or better get their act together for the day is coming when a No will vote them out. Now that gets my vote every time.


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