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Stealing Dreams

A large percentage of this voting populace has already lost everything to an uncaring greedy rigged system that has run amok with peoples hard earned cash, family holdings while treasured possessions are trawled back into the bottom feeders clutches, as the unwary slide down on snakes as they reach and risk their fortunes aiming for ladders to climb. The gate is still open after the dark horse has absconded with the hopes and dreams of so many, because of the dithering of the headless chickens that run this asylum.


For centuries the greedy harpies that covet the hoards of others have hovered in wait till the cycle of hard luck turns around every five to seven years or so, and they have systematically asset stripped the unfortunate and the unwary as they have been forced by circumstances outside their control to part with their treasures one by one just to get by, after the savings, cars and the luxury goods go and when circumstances don’t improve the last resort is the heirlooms and treasures and gifts of love that have been handed down or passed on in grievous circumstances. This world of avarice dredges the dropouts as they hit the bottom and if they go down for the third count they usually never get a firm footing ever again. Thats down from the top and struck out for the count of three, this is usually the last knockout they ever recieve.


We used to hear of gamblers and drug addicts asset stripping their loved ones and families to feed their habits and the devastation they leave in their wake is dumbfounding to any one looking in on the tragedy of a life, in an out of control self destructive spiral. Yet the devastation that happens to families when the bread winner of the family loses their income and the bills still have to be met. Is every bit as tragic as the addicts tail of woe.


People have small dreams that rely on being able to achieve something, for some it’s the once a year break, others it’s the second hand car that is needed for work and the school run but lets them have mini weekend breaks. Some it’s the new stereo or music device, the guitar, the plasma TV, the new dress, the stories and goals or dreams vary but they all take savings or loans to bring to reality. Now these little dreams may not reflect the massive investments in savings like the people that have ISA’s, stocks and bonds and three or four bank accounts to spread their money around for the big dreams of retirement and self sufficiency that keeps a body and soul from ending up on the state handout at the end of the working life. But even the state poor bowl, that is doled out to the liars cheats and theives that are all stealling the hard earned cash from the hard working, is not above being stolen from as the local authority dips into the poor bolw and claims its wedge as it sees fit from the ‘least the state says a soul can survive on legally’.


In each and every case the custodians of these dreams are the financial institutions and saving houses. These institutions have paid the minimum to depositors as they have borrowed their money for a pittance and charged the lender the maximum that the market will allow and they have then creamed the difference. They have penalised their depositors for the least little transgressions with the maximum prejudice, while they have asset stripped failing companies, repossessed property and possessions without any consideration for the misery that they have caused, for centuries, not just the last few decades, but centuries. Just what the Dickens man it’s a poor house of woe.


Now these harpies of misery want guarantees or they will not comply, these machines of heartless enforcement, are now holding us to ransom, after they have given themselves the biggest bonuses since time began, they demand that they retain the whip hand. Its not bad enough that they stole the dreams of the common man, but they expect us to foot the bill, and their partners in crime the political powers that be are now closing ranks across the divide to present a united front to bolster the house of thieves so that they can rip us all of again. Red blue and even old yellow are all beginning to sound the same. They are all talking about bailing out the thieves after they have absconded with the money. And they have the bill ready to hand nothing suspicious at all now then is there.


Now they changed the laws to close the gate after the horse has bolted, and they have opened the gates of goal to flood us with the criminals that still have sentences to finish, but they will not change the laws to seize the bonuses back from the absconders, now they can asset strip any criminal that cannot prove where their goods came from as ill gotten gains, just when do you do the same to the people that caused all this mess and started the distrust of their brother bankers. You can now easily see where the saying buyer beware came from.


Imagine the sort of tactics that they must employ that they could not trust anyone based on their own and their opposite numbers behaviour. The accumulation of centuries of dirty tactics and the in fighting of the corporate mentality all starts to make sense. These rogue traders are all laughing but for once it just can’t be all the way to the banks, just which one can you trust?