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Compounding Interest

Capital Gains


The greatest warrior wins without fighting, and converts his opponent into an ally or friend.

Well the post Independence land is settling back to a new sense of purpose, the natives have found out just like every other nation on the land that the media is telling them all fibs to create a world vision that does not in any way reflect the actual state of things. Either in their own land nor in their neighbours. The conglomerate overview mindset has a plan of keeping its status quo involved with that vision. And as all the national papers in Britain and all the broadcast media have proven that they will work to their master commands. Media blackouts, propaganda releases. Like the conspicuous by their absence Scottish No vote campaigns and rallies on the streets of Scotland as unreported by the mainstream media. While the social media reporting of the Scottish Yes campaign and rallies that generated the flowering of a nations youthful pride is still very much under a media blackout, but it has not been contained the word is spreading throughout the world, and the sudden swelling of the SNP ranks as reported in the social media forums and they are now being reinvigorated by the day and extended in the Yes camps and the Independence rank and file.

The news from the street is a generation of politically active youth in a glorious land think that investing has everything to do with trade. Trade is good with ourselves by ourselves say with a credit coin like the bitcoin. Say a Scotcrown a unit that has halves and quarters to trade with ourselves, for services and goods just a stamped coin with no reference to monarchy just kith and country. Just people trading goods and services and this could include cooperative funded second-hand goods by donation, for people who cannot afford to replace stolen goods because they don’t have insurance from conglomerate cash stripping, existing, defaulting companies.

The corporate mindset that thinks it’s vision for the world will be materialised when every nation has been brought under its jackboot tactics has learned nothing from history about man. The war of attrition is still focused on the same tactics.

The tactics that shut down your local shopkeeper and saw the rise of the supermarkets and superstores, was won by the suppliers that later became the superstores, that just added a shop front end on to their existing warehouses, hiked their prices to the small shop keeper until they were forced to raise prices and then with just an added shop front on a warehouse, they got the mobile new worker to travel to their new superstores and so could undermine the local shops artificially inflated prices by underselling to the cattle market shoppers. This was a war of attrition and it still has and owns all the transportation outlets or has substantial shares in them. It also has contractual agreements with producers and manufacturers that quite frankly even a large cooperative collection of small shop keepers will find hard to compete with. It would take locals sourcing goods and produce, transporting it and storing it, the small communities like the Asian communities took the step of using trade marts like booker and such to run small outlets, ice cream, hotdog, chip and groceries vans which are better for small local districts or isolated areas can and do use the same facilities which manage to produce a modest income for small families, and will expand to cafe’s, restaurants and invest the income into future development and expansion.

Now this brings us to what investment truly is. The true meaning of this is best seen when you make a gain that you capitalise on it, you use it as seed investment either back into the business base or into expansion or diversification. This like the first venture that brought the returns is a risk there are no guarantees in any venture, all the hard work into a diminishing market, or an occasional one with fluctuating trends and interest is a high risk one. There are no real growth markets or breaking innovations as the latest Apple iPhone6 proved when one was accidentally dropped right in front of a camera in a crowd on its first day of release. Proving that what a manufacturer claims in a shrinking market share to get ahead of its competitors is all PR and smoke and mirrors. As the device is just the old one but bigger and still smashes very easily no real future in that then is there, my how we are living in strange times.

The foreign interest in oil rich countries and the use of tech and lifestyle devices and paraphernalia to woo new trade markets has had some small success, the Arab nations that are currently aided by the very kind altruistic Americans that are killing of a reported terrorist fledgling nation as reported by the west’s media are proving to be early converts to the bribe of lifestyle and stance that some nations can impose their will on others as they see fit because they are big enough and they control the press releases, both at home and abroad.

The bottom line for the commercial world as it started out as is that it has become dictatorial about other people’s behaviour and ways and has started to dictate lifestyle choices, they are taking personal details and honestly they are not using them to track and hold to blame or to hold people to task as they dictate, honestly they can be trusted.

Now to not read their press releases is to not know their lie and to not see their areas of interest is to be blinded to the state of play, but to ask them to relinquish control and to consider those that are under foot as they trample the earth throwing their weight about. Now that is naive. Do not engage but keep informed and know the nature of the beast and avoid its track, watering times and dens, create your own and keep a united front, segregation and isolation are part of the tools of the armoury of contrition.

Money as ever is simply a token it long ago lost its intrinsic value and scrap value basis from the time when there was real silver and the weight meant something, unfortunately those days are long gone. The reality of what money has become is the token is representative of time spent to get it, effort used to earn it and worth by how satisfying it was to gain. The energy of earning is the only value left in any so-called cash, the credit system has just proven that the mass has given the liars, cheats and thieves the job of looking after their money, and with unrestricted access to easy pickings look what they do with it, they simply cannot help themselves.

To stand independent of a failing warring lying system and to weather the tirade and to invest in a counter system that puts people first again and stops treating people as commodities is a noble quest, but one or two people are but seeds on the wind of change and may well just land on rocky ground. But a ground base of say two million like-minded souls, or even a registered and known base of an entire nation that stands together under a shared ideal and with a unified cause that are linked and united and informed and that does not try to attack the old order. That just lays down the seeds of the new, tends the ground and cultivates it and waters and nurtures the sprouts and new shoots, trims and tends the growth till the first harvest will see the blossoming of a new order. Not an easy route not being bated or dragged into conflict, standing your ground and guarding the crop, harvesting the fruit and separating the investment for the next planting and marketing the surplus or saving the produce for trade or diversification, to live within the moment and to provide for tomorrow.

The talent that was displayed in the referendum in art, poems and song and the innovations with the passion that was ignited in the debates that followed and the new growth in the ground base of the converted is the capital of our investment, it is the first step to throwing of an imposed imperial order, for the first time without conflict to win a nation, to set a standard and to have ignited an interest in a true democracy around the globe, the echoes of which are igniting the scattered parts and will unify their beating hearts. That this is empowered by the collective rights of each and every individual that lends its power to its servant government body will end the centuries of tyrannical order that have become the core of the nature of the beast of creation. The best advice for the strategy for the way forward is best summed up in this from the statement. ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not in fighting the ‘Old order’ but on building the New order’.

Death of a Nation

A Few Home Truths

Create IT

Create IT

The aftermath of the referendum is still in chaos, the naive are still a bit bewildered and are looking for ways to avoid the unionist monsters as they gloat and trash as they like, knowing ‘their’ system will allow them largess, meanwhile the press are taking advantage of the situation and have now stepped out to report the situation. And what a wonderful unbiased work they are doing.

This nation has never been in Scottish hands the mark of the infiltrator has been in our ranks since the very first, more than five hundred years ago. Then there were no political parties, then the church and the monarchy held power and sway over the land and the populace. And they were in the employ of the then commercial enterprise of acquisitions and development. Not for the nations they invaded but for their own to infiltrate and clear the lands then resettle them with their own.

As we start the forensic autopsy of what went wrong that is being instigated by southern concerns, please do not get involved as IT has only some of the facts and will pull the wool over your eyes. Our neighbours very core and system revolves around the soulless core of capitalism. It is the lie that was hidden under party politics, business drawing ranks and people defending their jobs and selling out their country. Politics in England is big business, just look at all the commercialist people that were selling flags to the sheep and clappers to the faithful, as they walked right through the Yes campaign there are now in the NO camps but the cameras are back out and IT’s business as usual for the sell-outs. The so called British are now not just a nation of shopkeepers anymore. They have abandoned Christian principles as the church is on a steady decline as commercialism is the new religion of the soulless. Politics and industry are bedfellows and you keep pitching to the political puppet as if IT still has any real power. This is how much we want to believe what we are told and how much IT has been engrained into us under the boots of our southern masters. They have chosen to keep us poor as a tactic of choice and then to raise the costs for us (not their own) to squeeze us to the wire and then to buy us out for a pittance. As a nation we have servile’ly worked in their service, by their rules and to their rigged game for long enough, never staking an investment in our own originality and creativity this campaign has proven that we are the better people, that if we believe in ourselves and unite and keep ourselves informed and stop expecting the jailer to play nice. We can stand as a nation.

Industry is the commercial arm of the new religion, banks are but the financiers of IT, politicians are the brokers and marketers of foreign trade not policy that’s just the protocols (how to’s), the monarchy and celebrities are the marketing and PR of the new order and that is as close to the undeclared facts as possible. Sell them nothing, give them nothing, do not buy in to their system or the true cost will be your soul.

Invest in us, trade with us and believe in us, do not expect the last remnants of a political body to make changes in the world IT is a toothless tiger and has already sold out. The conquistadores, were the commercial arm of new acquisitions at one time, the army is good at loosening the wealth from the masses, land is just taken, lives are just snubbed out Israel is a prime modern day example of the land reclamation and acquisitions department for their leaders. To stick to and try to believe in a dead political system is not the way forward.

Now that you have taken the first step on the road to our future will it reflect their capitalistic ideals or the ideals of a better Scotland. Can you, will you, the world watches with bated breath and new hope, as they watch this child nation take IT’s first steps into the real world, and yes we are a minority in our own country but with nearly two million people at IT’s core that is quite a sizable start. So just where will you place your bets and what coin will be the cash of our nation. These are the real questions of the day. The jobs market from the southern capitalist has long been planting their seed in our lands and driving us outside the country to find work, for every scot so displaced over the last three hundred years they have settled one of their own in our place. How were we beaten by stealth and through commerce. This was not an overnight tactic but a long drawn out campaign of attrition.

Do not be pulled, fooled or hoodwinked into playing in a rigged game and expect that to be all that there is to the process. Faith steel (nerve) and courage are still the best coin of the realm in a non commercial process. So invest and prosper as your fathers did and your mothers did for you truly are Generation Yes, the 45%’ers. The truth will out and the scales will fall from your eyes as you see the way forward.

Account for This

Rigged Games

Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

The first thing I want to say is that this nation (Scotland) owes a debt of gratitude to the numerous volunteers that were involved in the Independence Campaigns, the SNP, the socialists and the Labour for Independence and all the other too numerous to mention here. This gratitude should also extend to all the selfless people that researched the truth behind the lies.

It is sad news that the first minister has decided to stand down and I hope that this nation can take a moment and thank this man for running a great campaign. Alex Salmond you did your country proud, Nicola Sturgeon your support and drive were well received as well as were some of your head to heads. Tommy Sheridan you dealt a few good right hooks and upper cuts in the exchanges you had. I am sorry I don’t know any of the labour leaders that were involved in the campaign but I did get all my yes posters and stickers from their stall at the top of Buchanan street.

I have heard rumours of rigging being bandied about from one or two isolated cases, I wonder if they are the bait to get the armed forces that are on cancelled leave some exercise over here? The easiest way to rig a ballot is to replace the boxes on route away from cameras and judges. I know that I folded my ballot before posting IT and all the others I saw did the same yet all the ones I saw being counted looked at first glance to be unfolded yet another mystery in the land of the mythical beasty. The quantity is already known for each area and the actual vote is an unknown value, where as the switched boxes will say match a prediction from the English newspapers 55%, odd no other guesses and no other supposed public poles ever wavered far from this number. What could they have known. The other match rigging tactics like threatening jobs coercing workers is as bad as the mass media blackouts and out-and-out misreporting that went on. While all the scare tactics were just below the belt.

The march to the BBC on Glasgow’s south side was to a building right next to the STV one and funny enough even they did not cover the peaceful and civilised march on their rivals doorsteps. Odd that isn’t IT unless with no footage being broadcast about the orderly well-behaved and good-natured march was shown because it was planned to be overwritten, by post referendum flared violence after the final tally. And the dogs of war the unionist are already baiting people in George Square. The only media coverage was for the No campaign from a democratic free press in England everything else was ignored except failed attempts to ridicule Alex Salmond, Tommy and anybody that showed support for the Yes campaign. The mudslinging the lies the dirty tactics are of course all well used practices from the Westminster Government.

Our neighbour has had three hundred years to resettle Scotland with Its own, the jobs market of the last three decades has seen Scots moving to England and abroad to work, this leaves the buyer’s market open to an influx of the right sort of people who will do as the British nation asks them to do. It has been a steady flow since the last referendum and smacks of top-level planning.

I have to say that before it even began I knew even though I voted yes that the No campaign would have to win. I am not politically naive enough to expect, any rigged game to give the opposition any fair coverage or even afford them a fair play for the title. The youth of today have now seen that when they offer you a vote on their terms it will never be allowed to take anything away from them ever. A bit like the pirate code really ‘take everything give nothing back’. That’s about as naive as asking the Lion how to feed it as IT eyes you up for lunch. Now that the mask has slipped I hope that you have learned from the power of the social media that the English people were not passing the videos or art and banter about on facebook or even twitter either, now that is solidarity brother.

With internet monitoring IT is still likely for repercussions for the brave two million or so people who had the courage of their convictions and took to the ballot boxes with a sense of expectation.

I hope that this nation has learned that the people of Scotland must man their own Scotland for Independence campaign using the voters role or using people’s NI numbers for each registered follower.

This was the first skirmish on a long road to establishing our own nation-state, do not be drawn into fighting, do not be goaded, prodded or baited by the unleashed terror tactics of the hate merchants. We can all hold our heads up with pride at how well handled the campaign was, and how well-informed IT’s research was as well as the good-natured banter that was bandied about. Now that we have all unified under the flag of St Andrew never give any ground up again. And now you know the nature of some of our neighbours, that they have proven that they are not Scottish and will only do as their master orders. A final note to take head of is IT would suit Westminster’s purposes if we were all at each other’s throats and they could give themselves additional powers as they strip ours for civil disobedience.

A campaign for Scots for Scottish Independence is the only way forward here and a yes count before the vote is essential to check against the returned totals, region by region and district by district. Should have run in parallel with the referendum with a nation that believes any tactics are fair in love and war as winning is all each side is in a conflicting situation is interested in.


Keep the faith this is not over yet.

Mis Information

Nearly There

Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

The current media campaign is beginning to stink and IT is rank. The media has proven over the last decade that IT will not do as IT is told. IT will not respect people’s privacy stars and politicians alike have been reported on with underhanded tricks and false fronts.

Lets take a look at the nature of the Media beast for a few rational moments and try to understand what misrepresenting facts has done to both side of this so-called argument. The media cannot exist if the story does not carry some level of salacious content and they have proven that they will consistently put slants on all reporting to sex a story up or to jazz up the angles to shock, incite or scare people.

Governments have advisory layers that may well be their third Reich, the papers and the telly wont report on the facts but try to dig deeper, or flannel the story we get or just out-and-out black out any reports bar the ones they want you (me) to hear or see.

Stories that do not sell issues are altered by editors, footage is altered by editors to show the angle they want to peddle papers. Or to just get into the mainstream.

We are being manipulated by them is now becoming an ever clearer fact by the overwhelming evidence of behaviour before, during and after the facts.

I think by David Cameron’s break he thinks that certain things are going to happen and he showed good enough sense to not try and goad a growing majority and is more concerned with how the media may be stirring a home-grown resentment south of the border. Ed Milliband just looked like a wee lost kid in his walkabout and IT had the effect of backfiring on him and his entourage. I understand the resentments we have I share most of them (been sanctioned three times) but voicing them at this eleventh hour would defeat the purposes of making a stand for democracy as Scotland is now beginning to centre IT’s campaign on. Well in a democracy the other side is entitled to IT’s views and beliefs, and is allowed to platform their views, IT should not be heckling, muck raking and lies that defeat them, letting the UKIP have a platform has stopped any stealth growth in their ranks and the spread has been contained and the BNP has been reduced by their own vocal statements.

There is a demonstration today that will meet in George square and then march to the BBC building in the south side, yes voter (like me) have been asked to go along and carry a yes flag banner or poster, this is a good idea but if there are media infiltrators in the throng they may try to bate situations and set no against aye for better media coverage. The social media coverage has been well run and has contained a lot of dignity and unity. I am going to ask the yes voters (I will be there to) to stand and walk in silence amid the sea of ‘NOes’ and as if at a funeral Walk with our democratic equals as they try to make their point and make sure that the media cannot turn in any direction without seeing the silent majority yes in each camera shot. Do not be goaded, do not bite and show the respect that a truly democratic country has for all opinions even If we think they are wrong to exercise their right to protest or celebrate. This also means no baiting no goading and no up them attitude from our ranks either.

Lets show the complete British Isles and the rest of the world including all the nations and industries that are backing our play so far that we will not drop the ball in the closing minutes, that we will skirt the pack in the home straight and make a clear dash for the finishing line in the final furlong. Let the world know and see why they have every right to believe in us enough to govern ourselves, lets not start as a closet dictator, lets not use dirty tactics lets show them who we are and how we are and use the tactics of winning as opposed to the tactics being used, yes there is another way and we must be that way. We must show that way and if we have to we will lead that way.

I have never been as proud of my nation as I am now and caution is necessary, reigning in high spirits and resisting the temptation to piss on the ‘media perceived’ enemy has to wait till the 19th, keep your eye on the prize and don’t react to bad tactics, don’t rise to any bait and as we attend this funeral walk let us maintain the dignity applied to any Brittish body that has been in a procession through the streets of Royal Wootton Bassett. The dignity and solemnity was palpable. I know when I ask you to keep a level head and to keep your eye on the prize and to not drop the ball or fumble the pass you will understand why.

The media is lying to us and the other side IT makes better copy. Lets for once in this campaign have them reporting only what we want them top see and to behave like we really do. I know emotions are high at this time and the impetus for a final push is growing but I ask you to wait, haud yer gourd, keep the line and nae ducking oot and dashin back intae the ranks after some damage is done. For there is a good likelihood that the other side has infiltrator’s in their ranks too. We are nearly there so keep the faith be on your best behaviour.

I know you can do this and I have faith that the future of our nation is in your hands, just keep the ground we have so hard fought for and won. The real enemy in any conflict is the stirrer in the middle and we can now see that the other side is being lied to to.

From here in this our declaration of Independence, so steer this nation off the sand banks and into IT’s safe harbour.

Generation Yes

Yes in any bodies language.

Yes in any bodies language.

NeXt Generation

These two images are about the forthcoming Referendum, just in case you didn’t hear about IT, Scotland is going to vote (well minus 1 Million abstainers) on Scottish Independence.

This first image, has two notable figures Margo MacDonald and the former First Minister Donald Dewar. The three central characters are (from left to right) Tommy Sheridan, Alex Salmond and of course his wing person Nicola Sturgeon.

Generation Yes

This one is a bit of a laugh with the Good mutants and the bad mutants lining up for inspection.

Generation X

Generation X

Roll Call: X Gen

Wolverine       –     Alex Salmond

Storm               –     Nicola Sturgeon

Colossus         –     Tommy Sheridan

Rogue              –     Margo MacDonald

Roll Call: Last Gen

Magneto                    –     David Cameron

Emma Frost                –     Esther McVey

Sebastian Shaw         –     Alistair Darling

Juggernaught             –     Ian Duncan Smith

Hope you enjoy these as much as I did making them. Copyright ©Chris Millar 2014 all rights reserved. If you use a copy just give me a mention.