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On the one hand

A Vicious cop head butt’s a man and the court takes the stance that this sort of activity is best dealt with off the radar. The closed ranks of the elitist system protects its own with an insidious mechanism to shield the criminal from a need for him to be carpeted and sacked for his temperamental outbreak and lack of restraint, unthinkable traits that are not in the recruitment profile or are they, for a law enforcement officer. Just who do they think they are kidding this animal needs to be reigned in and not processed under the publics radar. Two hundred and fifty pounds bribery and the corruption is as rife as it was in the eighteenth century, the moron is back in uniform and back on the beat the next day. The closing of ranks in the police forces of the world is an unacceptable way forward for the brave new world.


Lets just put the shoe on the other foot for just a moment, what would be the outcome if one of the public say Joe Ordinary for instance was to take the same sort of action and just head butt an off duty police officer, just how would the media handle the situation, and do you actually believe that the judiciary would be content to let Joe go the next day without the full due process being levied against him, the public relations exercise would be a missed opportunity for the recruitment process that is being brought up to speed at this moment in time. Your country needs you, is the slogan they are not using but the media hype surrounding the rise in knife crime is clearly aimed at our impressionable idealistic school leavers, that and this rip off exercise that is disguised as a war in the middle east, and the recruitment exercise is already struggling to reach its quotas.


Channel four took the same business approach to giving out a golden handshake to one of its founding figures Carol Vorderman, the crooked activities just reflect the same tactics as the other stations that fleeced the public through premium telephone competitions, and they were found to be rigged and Joe public couldn’t get his innings for the rigging of the nepotistic level of deception.


This woman put in twenty five years and fronted the flagship program and always delivered the very least that she could have expected from her employer was a modicum of the same level of loyalty that she had herself shown. But no these penny pinching cop out ar*?1&s artists were true to form as they saved a few pennies and brought out the long knives and stabbed the faithful employee in the back.


Can any one ever have it all, ask a ten year old kid and they will tell you the yelling truth, the blaring glaring facts are easy to work out at ten but once you become an adult you stop thinking for yourself and rely on the propaganda from the gaping maw of the lying beast. How can anyone ever believe this churned out drivel from the central propaganda puerile swill bin. The equation isn’t to complex it’s a straight forward, facts over fiction evaluation, everything is time effort and energy, and there are only so many hours in the day, and you cannot do everything yourself, and you cannot have everything you see in the sweet shop, you just cant carry the goods on your person. How is it so difficult to work out, it is much more worrying that women tend to believe what they hear over what they work out for themselves, or what they come to know to be true until the point in their lives when they have had enough, and then woe betide the fool that comes across their path, usually about forty, baring late developers or bloomers of course.


George W stood up and condemned the Chinese for their treatment of dissidents, taking away their liberty and denying outside scrutiny and applying torturous means to get public statements, then the first and only prisoner of the western states human rights disgrace is the driver of the man they want to get their hands on, doesn’t sound like mealy mouthed resentment behaviour now does it, no rigging the deck like the Chinese with their hidden courts and panels of proven party members doing the judgment now is there. No secret kangaroo courts away from the public glare, and no massive public denials that their tactics are inhuman, but are just what the situation demanded. So coercion and isolation and torture in the mist of deprivation is a just and fair approach to dealing with suspects, not proven criminals, but the body that is building the case for the prosecution, and limiting the isolated persons representation and even appointing a state lackey to give lip service. Makes you want to know how many people are still being held in Guantanamo Bay, and how many have been there for years, makes a forty one day holding action look more and more liberal by comparison.


Years of looking for weapons of mass destruction and all the while they were on American and British soil, the totalitarian states that wish to dictate who is considered by their humanitarian non dictatorial rule set as being safe to have this sort of destructive power. The fact that there never were any of these weapons in their hands is now neither here nor there (and never was) but lets just look at the behaviour of the later day saviours of the western ideal (whatever that is supposed to be) the war has pushed the price of oil up, the occupied state is being groomed in how to be a western clone. A few billion has gone astray, in the hands of the moral elite (yes on their watch) the handover is going slower than at first thought, and America will be there for decades, a new foothold in the middle east just a stones throw from the trouble spots of the world, those people that dare to be different from the imperial order of the empire builders of the new age one world one vision of the ant hill view from the new age hive mind (is that the borg). With all the diversity of life in gods creation and the robots want us all to be the same and think the same and dress the same and live the same, while an elite section of society never will, speaks more about the means of control and the totalitarianism that is the steel hand in the velvet glove that is the delusion of democracy than in any true new world orders equality for all manifesto.


Some crooks were robbing a shop recently and the clued in Joe Ordinary worked out what was going on and intervened without endangering themselves in the process, the savy that was shown by working out the vehicle that was the robbers getaway car, and removing the keys form the vehicle, then placing a set of cones and blocking he escape route was effective in forcing the modern day robin dudes to flee the scene on foot and will have exposed them to much more public scrutiny and the police will be able to apprehend them more easily because they will be aware of the exposure and the precariousness of their predicament and the goods will be easier to track. Thieves are not known for patience and they will never be able to sit on the goods for long enough to get away with it after a cooling down period of time takes the heat from the situation.


A protest that was up a greasy pole before it started, the test of tolerance will start tomorrow and the eyes of the world will be on China and how it handles anything that pops out of the woodwork of the protesters deep bag of tricks, it will also be a test of courage when facing not a paper or toothless tiger, but a totalitarian ruler that does not have the humour to know that they cannot control the actions of the world regardless of what they get away with behind their closed bamboo curtain.


The Nice group that is yet to realise that it is just a firing squad that uses a set of accountancy rules instead of guns to kill people that are just to expensive to keep alive, is making judgments that we the people would never make, we would cut corners to save cash by dropping the funding of say alternative medicines, acupuncture and the likes are within the budget of the fee paying cranks that believe. So who sets up a body of people with a remit to kill by accountancy and not conserve by eradicating waste to preserve the life process of the so called healers, are the modern day hypocrites just the next new wave of Harold Shipmans, Dr Krippins, their behaviour to actually sit in judgment of who lives and who dies in a so called health industry, says that they are working against the grain of the industry oath. Seem like a conflict in interests or something either way it needs a second look there is something wrong going on here no matter how they paint the facts or redress the issues. .


Governments and police bodies armed or otherwise do not make great countries, and we are fast approaching the day when pen pushing, slide rule, jobsworth’s will never again get into positions of authority. The people of this country if not the world are too well informed to ever again have the wool pulled over our eyes and we are now unwilling to look the other way when things go on that need to be nipped in the bud. And that is a bigger threat to the totalitarian rule of the nerds and abacus users that sit in judgment over life. A nation is made great by its people becoming emissaries of the ideals that they uphold and not simply cowtowing to the state or party line.


‘We are all greater than the sum of our parts when we synchronise our minds, bodies and hearts’.


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