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What a Civil Liberty

Superior Rights

In this we all muddle along together with no clear lines drawn world of ours, it seems that some groups think that their rights supersede other people’s rights. Then there is that other even worse offence that collective superiority thinking that assumes that two million people who share the same point of view have greater rights to enact their version of democracy at the expense of a less numerous group.

Numbers that hold sway is the democratic way, except when it denies other groups their collective rights. After all one set of collective rights are just as pertinent as any other groups even if they are opposed, after all we all still have to live in this world.

In a real democracy people would not lose their rights because there were to few with the same opinion, they would just have less of a priority, but in this free for all that claims to be Fairer for All. A large collective can supersede a minority by sheer force of numbers, mite is right is the first thing that springs to mind.

That is all fair and well in a contest or a war situation, but in a cohabitation situation isn’t that tantamount to dictatorial rule by superior numbers. Hardly a democratic process now is it. Is it just me or is that a totalitarian principle hiding under the one for all, all for one banner?

In a real democracy that claims that, one man one vote is the order of the day,  where every voice should be heard is the rule of the agreement that we all buy into. Yet the state dispensation for not making that a fact in daily life is undermined by the claim that the majority rules. Isn’t that just mob mentality. These closet dictators are slipping the leash of the gentlemen’s agreement that we all believe we have with one another, so that they can  enforce their dictates on the lesser numbers. One groups right superseding the needs of the few, their collective rights dont go away, their collective needs dont diminish, the rulers just dismiss them as they can and they are the king of the heep, na na nanana.

A rule of law that does not have clear lines of demarcation is simply a closet anarchy that can be fiddled from the inside. As the fudged facts and fiddled figures of the expenses scandle clearly shows. They make it up as they go along, as the last west end fiasco proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. Not one of the runners and rider came out of the farce even looking like they can do the job. Every party had a woeful list of offenders and the sheer amount of players that fell on their swords says that corruption is the means by which things get done in westminster and history can verify that is not a new thing. It is as old as the political process. No country can be allowed to run as a business, that is prone to the whims of rigged markets and dirty tactics. The household expenses that are necessary to run the country should be safeguarded from the wolf of industry. Is that a no brainer or are they all as thick and stupid as they appear, in life and on paper, airwaves etc, etc. Just where was common sense in westminster house of commons, the speaker should be a representative of the sixty percent and should stand against the tactics of the low lives that run businesses and ruin financial houses for a profit. And not be a self elected puppet that will allow the same sort of dirty tactics to be employed by the selfish, petty and immoral morons at the public trough DUH!

Take the case of the breastfeeding mother on a public transportation device (bus). The mother in question was quietly feeding her infant in a discreet manner, and the driver got a complaint from one passenger, on a one for one basis the offended retard should have changed his seat or moved his line of sight if he was offended and couldnt help looking, or he could simply have shown some grown up common sense and considered that the child has a right to be fed on demand and the mother has an obligation of duty to care and tend to its needs. Not to mention a legal obligation under the welfare act to not neglect a child in need, there is also the maternity rights laws and last but not least the exemption for breastfeeding mothers under the sexual discrimination laws. But put all these litigation rules aside for a minute, where was common sense in the middle of all of this contention.

So what if the money making bus company did give her some vouchers as a cheap skate apology, but they never offered to refunded the taxi fare that was her personal cost for getting home after being abandoned with an infant, without shelter, must just have been some legal advice they took who knows, but it did save them massive costs and a liability black mark on their copy book.

Try a no win no fee lawyer and take them on girl I’m sure the papers will love it. But no compensation, just an apology, must be taking a leaf out of the government’s books. Deny everything, never volunteer compensation and cover your tracks as you go, and if the facade drops close ranks and level threats at the little guy, just to prove your big and in charge.

And you wonder why people are sick and tired of this fiasco.

In the land of the 40% rulers (that’s not just Britain by the way) as sixty percent of voter don’t vote and that is the legal majority in any so called democracy. The government that cannot make good decisions, asset strips its own people, with a penal system in place, in the land of the innocent until proven guilty, where banks can command great chunks of tax money to bail them out, without signing any defaulting repayment plans, liability clauses, interest accrued etc. While they legitimise paying out massive sums of our money even when they fail to turn a profit. Not the actions of a democracy more like an old pals act or the nod that is as good as a fwink to a sight impaired fright mare.

Unlike the unemployed in this land of the free, who are all treated as if they are all guilty, till proven innocent, something like the politicians are being treated as now, after the biggest political scandal of the new millennia. Now they are all wriggling off the hook without a successful prosecution to date, (haven’t they had long enough to get their lies stories straight yet).

The workforce in the face of this manufactured adversity has downsized a great deal to keep this lying, cheating, never delivered system in place, they have all taken pay or/and hours cuts to stay gainfully off the dole. So new jobs are even scarcer, meaning that the unemployed are now between a rock and a hard place, manufacturing has fallen off, national spending has taken a dive and the jobs market is squeezed from both ends and now the government steps in and, steals the civil right from nearly three million people. The prospects for the Fairer Future for All are looking bleak and the forecasts for the hoped for turnaround are proving to be as accurate as the predictability of the weather.

The prophets of the new age are still guessing on the wrong outcomes. Take a leaf out of Nostradamuses book or just stick to the Darling principle when soothsaying and only forecast for doom and gloom and you will be far more accurate because of the current trends and tides of life.

The unemployed have to prove on a daily or weekly basis what they are doing to get a job, under threat of cancelling their benefits. They are assumed guilty until proven innocent, without a court of law to assess the legal validity of the corporate entities claims, without an independent appeal process, not very democratic now is it. A corporate entity not a government body will assess them and make rulings that affect dependent lives, and all because of a few rotten apples, well honourable gentlemen this minority of about three million souls has had its rights violated by a corporate entity that makes up its own rules as it goes along, they are not subject to the agreed democratic principles of this land, but wield their own rules in their place.

This country treats immigrants, and especially coloured ones better that we treat our own, after all the fear of being thought of badly by an outsider is a loss of face that we will not tempt, what we do to our own is obviously one thing but we must be seen to be the very epitome of decency to Johnny foreigner. We even resort to bribing them to go back to their own country, must be with the money saved by hassling the afflicted, the unemployed that’s the unfortunate to you and me, given the present governments legacy of mismanagement and the current climate of the bank driven crisis hit times. Every mickle makes a muckle.

So as the rulers that can’t, shoot their captive fish in the barrel of their side show farces, while they are all taking their time to stealthily slip the leash of the expenses scandal by putting time and distance between themselves and the law. While tax dodgers are asset stripping the cash flow of this nation. The drop in the oceans that is the proven or prosecuted benefit scrounger’s, still does not compare to the levels of deceit that is currently being swept under the media carpet under the cover of the current smoke screen that is the leadership debates, and of course the impending elections, that nobody is interested in and will probably produce the worst turn out in the history of public liars and cheats fiasco since this political rigged game began.

The very root origins of democracy has now seen it’s people up in arms as the Greek’s refuse to kowtow to the second dictatorial wave to come out of Germany in the last sixty years, third time lucky guys two world wars and an one worldwide infiltration of a bureaucratic third Reich. It would seem that the modern day third Reich gave up the gun and death camps in favour of the various forms of infiltration that bureaucracy could provide instead. The third world war will be conducted by bureaucratic pencil pushers wanting everything stagnated by litigation and in triplicate if you please mine Fuehrer. The subtle approach as opposed to the direct confrontational one, the long game in place of the forced subjugation by sheer weight of numbers and superior fire power, the old tie them up in triplicate ploy.

In a world that believes that everything is cyclic is it possible that the Greek conflict is symptomatic of the death throes of a decaying system as it goes thrashing into the final rigors and knee jerk reactions before the inevitable  decent into state wide decomposition.

So the final question hast to be is might right or is there room for all in this Fairer future Gordon. And when will you address the unfair treatment of large collectives that penalise minorities, like breastfeeding mothers, single parents, isolated children that social workers keep failing, the sick and infirm and last but not least the unemployed and of course the elderly lets not forget that growing voter base, any one of these worthy causes of the common man, is as good a smoke screen to hide the non persecution of the perpetrators of the expenses scandal behind. Over to you Gogs, take it away… whenever your ready …… Obviously in yer own time.

Now don’t drop the ball and fumbling isn’t allowed it’s just not in the assessment program or the agreed action plan, now is it. So what have you been doing today to get Britain out of the mess you all co-created with your short sighted visions of a better future for all.

To increase your prophet-ability hand the crystal ball back to your doom and gloom soothsayer, the darling of the doom-cast. So start by giving him a remit to use the benefits of his sixty year hindsight (that last guess) and to project that into a forecast of say sixty years foresight and lets all see what he comes up with. You do know, not to risk any of our hard earned on anything he comes up with as your previous record, just like modern day money, isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. We all can remember the creative accounts that you all gave us and the tabloids in thick black marker pens hiding lies and deceit. The blots on the parchments that looked so iffy, that started the tabloid feeding frenzy way back in the mists of pre holiday breaks.

And much like that well loved american TV character Lieutenant Columbo, there is just one more thing, you can’t phone a friend we all know that, you cant ask the audience they just aren’t buying into it, and you have already used the 50/50, and the banks all thank you for that. But there are still more wbankers that want to be millionaires. So just who yah gona call Gogs?

Alistair is yer darlin yer darlin the grey elfineer.

The Problem with People Is …..

Good Intentions and Other Myths

This is a funny old life isn’t it? Alistair Darling says he was hounded by hell’s minions. Welcome to our world Alistair. The poor we dear had a hard time awe, got enough money for milk for a cuppa have you, do you have to live of beans on toast for four to six days a week, had a holiday this decade have you. Had a meal out lately; maybe even stood a round of drinks for friends. Have you ever had to choose to heat or eat, even once in your privileged life?

The press was picking on the we man, he felt responsible for the world economic collapse, because he is the chancellor the country rated the ‘Leading Financial Centre’  in the world according to the World Economic Forum (WEF) even if its a little shaky. Now that sort of reaction can be called paranoia and it may even have shades of a persecution complex attached to it Alistair. A healthy mind would dismiss it as unreal, but a government official in charge of our nation’s finances. The man can’t even reign in the banks and get them to stop taking the piss with public money, no he goes cap in hand and hands over our taxes just to tide them over to the next world wide aftershock from the spate of world disasters and crop setbacks, couple that with the Chinese being able to afford more of the worlds first class produce and no longer having to settle for second and third class goods. Bankers are again treating our money in their vaults as their own private piggy banks, compounding an already fatalistic mortal blow to the world trade; this is escalating the basic price of necessary goods. While there is a near collapse in the luxury goods industries in the wake of the world wide western world cutbacks from spending wants to essential survival fare.

Don’t worry about it all Alistair every one in the world would be a little shaken up in the wake of such a worldwide disaster. And of course Alistair did predict the worst financial crisis in sixty years, seems that in a pessimistic society the safe bet is always take the negative stance on predictions just like Nostradamus.

Now imagine the bank calls you in because you have excessive loans and you dust of the suit and get all your documents in order, then booted and suited you head off to the bank managers office. And the manager ‘person’ takes in your spick and span appearance and watches you settle in with your best game front on as you delve into the papers in the brief you brought with you, after the initial pleasantries are passed and the inevitable question is asked. ‘Well Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms your loans are on their second extension, your mortgage is under threat from a new rate rise (bad timing or what) so just what is your action plan to scale down your spending and increase your repayments’. Then comes your big moment you have planned this talk in your head for weeks and so you drop your bomb shell. ‘Well if I consolidate all my loans and re negotiate a ten year repayment plan’, The manager leans forward with hands up like stopping traffic and says. ‘You want to borrow your way out of debt, have you no prospects at all, no extra collateral even’ and that sinking feeling of impending doom descends and you know you will never get back up from it.

This country thinks it can borrow its way out of debt, must be because of its growing manufacturing sector, that’s it that’s what will pull our collective fats out of the fire, or is it the massive turnaround in our service sector. Or is it the new government drive for fitness and healthy lifestyles that will drive the leisure industry to new peaks of mediocrity. It can’t be the financially astute investment arms of our prestigious banks and merchant investment houses, not in the wake of the economic tsunami as the world holds its breath for the aftershocks and tidal surges that are the inevitable backlash of the short term thinking quick profit; quick turnaround sectors visions for the future.

A Fairer Future for ALL, well what a lovely slogan of course it is mindless gobbledegook and like their previous hot air releases into the media airwaves this one will rattle around by the yes mob that will be selling it. Until its tired and glib emptiness (that’s how it sounds to most of us now) wears down their professional backing for yet another corporate slogan. And just because they are worth it, they are all gearing up for yet another public contest between the three main contenders. The third party is there to stop an even split from ever happening, these also ran’s are divisive and will ensure that a hung parliament cannot happen. If the electorate drops to less than forty percent can they still claim to be representative of the public, with three out of every five people refusing to vote in a rigged game, are they really a democracy, a representative majority vote of the voting public, well as it stands they are only forty percent and the majority abstain, so how can they still form a government that thinks that it rules, instead of serves its people. Without a majority they cannot enforce their limited thinking practices on us by law or legislation. They cannot claim a majority as they are a dictatorial minority, with totalitarian tendencies.

They have us a peaceful country in another country dictating terms under the threat of arms and conflict, yeah that’s a peaceful nations tactics boys. Bureaucrats have spent £200million earmarked for hospital buildings on the swine flu jabs for the pandemic that never happened, prediction is getting to be a problem for not just the weather men now inst it. All the paths to hell are lined with the best of intentions Alistair. But to be absolutely honest you couldn’t pick a winning solution in a rigged game. Piss ups in breweries, orgies in brothels and other unlikely scenarios all spring to mind readily when thinking of governments and party political manifestos. So sit down and get comfortable then place your head gently between your knees and kiss your assets good by.

A privileged man that does not appreciate his benefits is he still worthy of receiving them, or is anything that is taken for granted looked down on as a defect of human nature. Every walk of life is hounded at this moment and the stresses and strains of this limping community is affecting everything from creditors chasing outstanding debts, schooling failing our kids, police getting away with murder, letting crooks out on technicalities, they couldn’t detect a crime right under most of their noses, and the worst indictment was having to ask the victim to help them trace the perpetrator. Prisons not being any good at reforming character or rehabilitating crooks, social workers mismanagement compounding social atrocities, baby P etc. Bankers yet again lining their own pockets in a world wide depression, and claiming you wouldn’t have a penny if it wasn’t for their speculations. Kind of though we wouldn’t be in a world wide recession now if it wasn’t for their business practices. Bonuses are still being paid not on a bonus for profit scheme like the rest of us mere mortals, but being paid on a speculative probability, where do we all sign up for that one then. Money not worth the paper it’s printed on, debts spiralling out of the projected stratosphere.

So obviously The Better future for all is a more even spread of the debt as we all hang on to the flogged dead horse in the hope it will spontaneously and miraculously regenerate, like the six million dollar man we have the technology? we have the expertise? We can rebuild you if we all just put our shoulders to the wheel and bear up under the burden as we all pass the debt on to our next generation that will be born into servile debt because of a handful of greedy short sighted, peanut brains that cannot predict a decline that is top heavy must implode to lose the accumulated weight and re distributing an intolerable mass will when it produces entropy, create the final nail in the coffin, that will carry this rotting carcase over the Stygian tide into the gaping maw of Hades, and according to Alistair Darling that will of course be the path to his front door.

An observation into the ways and means of man goes something like this.

Mankind habitually gets in its own way, as we all jostle for a more advantageous position, this is further complicated by the fact that we are constantly in each others business, aiding abetting, or just investing, or on the other hand asset stripping, sabotaging, scuppering, undermining pawkling and pilfering. This brings in the third tie that binds as we are all constantly in each others pockets, from family finances to big institutions, the bigger the spread the less the inevitable shock at the point of collapse, and can you sub me a fiver till payday. Then there is the last tie that binds us all, or for the majority of the non materialistic types, it’s the first tie that binds. We are constantly in each others knickers. So to sum up the four ties that bind all human transactions are:

We are all in each others ways (competitive)

We are all in each others businesses (interactions)

We are all in each others pockets (finances, means)

We are all in each others knickers (procreation)

The spate of celebrity infidelities is a convincing pointer to the accuracy of the last tie, as it is the most common considering we are a prolific species. That believes we are stronger together, its maybe time to stand by this maxim and to stop the tail end wagging the dog to our collective cost.

What if there was not just two tribes, good and bad, what if there was a stirrer in the garden of Eden or even two, mixing it up and keeping the two extremes at each others throats while they pilfer all they can lay their hands on and keep rigging the structure to their own advantage hmm.

It isn’t that this form of inter dependency is a bad thing it is just compounded by an intolerant minority, a greedy few, the short sighted thinkers that keep thinking that some one can predict the outcomes of things before they happen, and they will gamble your money on it and extract a nice big bonus for their cleverness. Hardly the tactics of a pragmatic mundane business exterior that the banks project for public relations now is it. Their tactics behind closed doors is more the realm of the faith marketeer or  soothsayers, than booted and suited pragmatists. The present monetary penal system that compounds injuries and penalises late payments, undercuts prices to the bone to kill industry, cheapens labour and asset strip the bottom end is hardly an enlightened approach to achieving any form of Fairness for All now is it, and it goes without saying not the tactics for long term growth now are they. More anti life than anything else.

Instead of looking for a new prophet wouldn’t a person with their eye on the pulse of the moment, that can call the shots as the marked changes against established outcomes, stored procedures etc, within given parameters, be a better alternative to mere speculation. Sort of knocks the old soothsayer into a cocked hat if its done right.

Is it FAIR to say that its the same harsh and unfair rules for all, excepting the privileged few of course, and that just isn’t for ALL now is it, long way to go, manyana, manyana. Buyers beware.

Green Shoots

How Low can you Grow

After the very near implosion of the top heavy greedy guts, control freak groupings minority report from hell, and now that they are bleating that they are in recovery smacks of the protesting lady more than just a little. After all the market exists because we are told that it undercuts to stay ahead, yet how low can a products parts be reduced before they become inferior and are still considered fit for purpose.

It would have taken price fixing at the bottom end to stop goods becoming, straight to landfill, hot of the assembly lines tat. So to survive manufacturing was outsourced to countries of low economic weight, and with cheaper labour forces. This makes them the best choice for cheaper raw materials and less of a footprint on delivering raw materials so they only get really dirty after manufacturing if you ignore such low labour costs as the third world provides with cheap child labour stealing childhoods so western children can have them instead, this industry virtually keeps the cheep clothes on at least sixty percent of our western backs.

So here are the nominations for the great British industry’s lifetime achievement awards. GAP for filling the gap in the labour market with a glut of quality products at a knockdown price is awarded the Del Boy prize for most entraprenurial way of keeping a downward spiralling cost program running within the necessary perameters, to still take advantage of the cheap labour in third world countries. Hats of and a big round of applause for the most inventive way to fill a gap.

So they never used price rigging to set an absolute minimum to preserve the manufacturing industry, so the bottom couldn’t be allowed to fall out of the market, even though common sense should have demanded it, no they used price rigging to maximise profits, well imagine that industry being selfish and profiteering its just outragous.

The brigade of cheap tricks, undercutting the competition, under pricing untill it is clear that the margins must go down and volume must go up, that would encourage resource depletion at a faster rate.

Now in retaliation what does the man in the street do he holds onto a little bit of cash out of the cash flow, instead of taking on debt and putting a greater more insistant drain on his income to outlay ratios. He sticks some cash away for kicks, now when the herd all basically gets the same idea as the first to not speak it but do it, it caused a masive drain on the cash flow, well with manufacturing falling off, production costs and labour costs getting bigger in this country. The price of everything from food to power to rents, or if your posh mortgages is escalating. Yet people are buying less, so that most people are having to wait for XMass to buy the things they want. So after a decade of falling sales, people holding onto cash and keeping it out of the banks, or credit system. The gung ho mob that believe they controll everything, what do they do, they quantativley ease the status quo. That’s just printing your own cash to tide you over till payday sorta thinking. Now don’t try this at home kiddies they will send the boys round and the corporate government enforcement arm will asset strip your life away if you try it so be warned.

Chinas star is ascending and the world waits with baited breath to find out how that star will shine. The arrogant yanks are steaming in there with all guns blazing, while a nation that has enough people to do what the Russians did against Germany in world war two, stack the cannon fodder bodies six or seven deep armed with pitch forks and stones, until the enemy runs out of cannon balls or gun powder, then send in the well armed cavalry, just isn’t listening to the yanks call to its variety of democracy.

Now Chairman Broon fae the lang toon has a new slogan, A Fairer future for all, well that’s worth ignoring the expenses debacle for as well as the toothless war tribunal sorry, investigation. As it listens intently to the confessions and tales of woe from every professional liar the industry could muster. All of this is all forgiven we have a new slogan for the march into mediocrity, for the same set of chumps to kick us all around again as it suits their purposes. Banks are all back at their old games, politicians are getting back up to game speed and the green shoots must be the reflected light of the envy of the plebs from the cheep seats as they jeer the liars and hogs at the golden trough.

Ah well the more it changes the more it stays the same, and what is the lesson that they have all learned, well it could just be that they have learned that you, Joe public the brainless voter, never ever, ever learn from your mistakes, and even when you know that they are lying through their eye teeth you will dutifully go right back out and make yourself try and believe that your vote actually counts for something, for you are jolly good fellows yeah and so say all of them.

Global Fluctuations (Going Pear Shaped)

All in the Timing

Well the worst weather in twenty five years, the worst snows, blizzards in thirty years, that’s a short space of time when you consider the ice age lasted centuries, glaciers form over hundreds of years, so a quickening is happening in the weather. Since then and before this crazy period, for decades the seasons had been stable but for the last thirty or so years they have been drifting, starting earlier and ending later.

For decades now the last vestiges of the save the dying planet brigade have been heralding the end of civilization as we know it. Our collective farts and waste are the problem you see, but as statistics have proven, compared to industry, cars and the results of galloping consumption, how much we fart and how we dispose of our waste is a drop in the cesspool  of the modern age industrial despotic kludge.

Just for facts sake thirty years ago we heard that the rainforest was being destroyed by areas the size of Wales every year, and with a limited renewal program the unrestrained decade from the mid seventies would see the virtual annihilation of the lungs of the world. That as we all know never happened.

As this winter has proved it is not Global warming that is the problem it is Global flatulence fluctuations that is the big problem. The world has had warm even tropical periods, it has also had extended so called ice ages. The fact has been that the world has had warm and cold spells of extended periods for millennia.

The paranoid and frightened children of the apron strings have all inherited the worries of their mothers the poor little dears, now don’t go out without your scarf’s and coats now, you may just catch your death, there, there it may never happen. Hush, hush go back to sleep it’s all a bad dream.

This evidence all suggests that the worlds orbit was at least an ellipse and not a pristine circular rotation, and that the orbit was on a very slow progression, long periods of cold followed by long periods of warm. The evidence of the last century or so suggests that the progression had stabilised to regular seasons and relatively predictable summers and winters with only minor fluctuations. But some where in the last forty to sixty years something has happened that has to be powerful enough to destabilize the status quo.

This is the elliptical orbit of the planets with a representation of the spherical differences to show the variances on a preset summer and winter fluctuation.

Fluctuation in Orbits

The sun is the middle, the inner circle shows Mercury, the second (purple ring) is Venus and the green belt is the Earth. The horizontal line is the equinoxes, and the vertical line is the solstices (Summer and Winter), the grey circle shows the fluctuation for a poor summer and the green band shows the progression for a good summer, the planet is closer to the sun so it is warmer.

The cooler summer trajectory has earlier seasonal changes, or at least less of a harsh transitional phase from winter to summer. The moon is shown as having a circular orbit as it is so regular in its transitions and phases. Yet no planet has a circular orbit every orbital body has an elliptical rotation and not a static circular motion. The Moon does exert an enormous amount of displacement on the earths waters, pulling tidal masses the length and breadth of the planet, maybe even enough to distort an unstable orbital ellipse that is experiencing a quickening in its progression. A progression means that the orbit is moving forward like by a few degrees every rotation, this would cause a drift in the seasons. The picture below shows a static ellipse or circular motion with the distortion always in the summer and winter halves of the orbital phase.

The Solstice Fluctuation

The moon has an enormous gravitational effect on the earths water mass, and could cyclically distort the pull on the earth. So a periodic fluctuation could distort the normal flow of the planets path. But that does not explain the quicker progression. The so called drift in seasons is proving to be a conundrum that even the egg heads can’t seem to hatch the problem.

It would take events of galactic proportions to change a planets orbit, but a water planet that is under undue force from a moon that causes tidal disruptions on the planet, that can cause massive tidal surges, is still not enough on its own to cause the problems that we are all witnessing, but the undue force that this planet is systematically under makes this planet say the very worst place to set of a nuclear explosion at the wrong time, like say at the peak of the moons orbit at the extreme of the ellipse in transition. Say four or five badly timed, badly placed nuclear explosions in succession could just about have the desired affect.

This is a fragile world balanced on a fragile ecology and the balance is already disturbed by the morally deficient, mindless morons that think they can experiment on our living environment, because they all got impatient.

Now the greedy control freaks that want to control every body and every thing have devised a means to exact more money from us by playing on our guilt. The scientific community who already know the planetary orbit facts, the moons extraordinary force on the world, and that at the worst point in time they experimented with yet another nuclear device. Just why is the west up in arms about nuclear powers? Sort of begs a question doesn’t it. There is no greater evangelical zeal than from the reformed or converted.

The fictional Global warming scenario, is a money making exercise or scam, because Global warming implies that the green band is getting closer to the sun in the summer period, that would imply that the winter phase would be getting colder, if it was just a distortion in the orbital ellipse, now except for this year, the evidence does support the facts of the last thirty to forty years, winters have been mild and summers have been reasonable. As every ellipse will compensate to rotate. So for ‘Global warming to be real (both summer and winter warming) it would suggest that the planetary orbit has been shortened in some fashion. But as any scientist knows a hoola hoop is fixed on its path by mass, velocity and rhythm. Disturb the rhythm or displace the mass and the loop compensates and try’s to establish a new equilibrium, interrupt the velocity and you change the path, but it does take force, there are no mystical unknowns here. It takes force to change the path of a moving object or a well placed deflection or ricochet. Could the moon’s pull and a few strategic nuclear ‘tests’ change the course of an object that is moving at a thousand miles a second, what would it take to make a degree of a change.

The growing freak weather throws the Global Warming theory of ‘green house gasses’ out the window and puts orbital devcay in the dock instead. Excessive weather fronts, prolonged bouts, Tsunamis, earth quakes, floods. It doesn’t look good for earning a crust from guilt now does it boys. Unless of course you know something we don’t? Could it be that a shorter orbit has us closer to the sun and so more prone to sun activities, spots, flares you know the things that scientists say affects the stability of the weather here on earth. Hmmm sort of begs the question doesn’t it. Or is it all just pear shaped and the nitwits don’t know what they are talking about.

If this world is in an orbital decay, it could explain the milder winters, warmer summers, but wouldn’t drought become a problem for the equatorial regions. It could also explain the earlier seasons and later winters. Is this winter proof that the orbit is trying to re-establish its own equilibrium, has the sun forced a new orbital path on us yet and is the moon acting as a slingshot to bend the orbit some. The natural orbit once timed the seasons to the equinoxes and solstices, has science interfered just a little too much. Just like a penny spinning, the final dance is a slower tighter orbit before the decaying impetus causes a fall. A drift towards the sun is preferable to a drift away from the sun. That is to say just as long as it takes millennia to get too uncomfortable and not just generations to fry the globe.

With manufacturing falling off, and industry struggling to make a coin, with local authorities not getting their money, the whole system is on the edge of collapse. Taxes are not getting paid and people are tired of a system that never delivers. So just how do they get money from us. Well if you’re a banker you just hike your prices, after all we are a captive audience, and if we don’t pay willingly, they will just penalize us with penalties. If you are a Politician you just fiddle while Rome burns. Oh yes and if you’re a low life scientist just sell any story and fudge the figures to fit the clients needs. So who commissioned the big Climate fiasco. In the last thirty years or so the protesters have gotten fewer and the campaigns have fallen by the wayside, yet funny enough the system has now taken up the banner and is about to make legislation penalize the unwary. That must be what they meant by change, you didn’t really think it would be any kind of change that would benefit you now did you, you can’t be that naive.

Well what do you know we really are living in strange times.

A Vision in Russet Mane

Celestial Love

Diana that heavenly body with the greatest pull, set up a contest with the son of the galaxy lord Sol. Sol has the greatest power of all the masses in its lighted influence, seven planets in all were held in rhythmic cycles and this included their satellites. Diana the huntress made her way into the solar lords domain and positioned herself at a comfortable distance from the water planet that was the third rock from the solar lord and she just began to tug the bodies of water against the pulling power of the solar lord and she then started a phased rotation that made it look from Earth’s position that she was growing and diminishing, reflecting the pull and push on the earths waters. Her dance began a steady washing motion that stirred the waters of the planet into life giving tide and flow, undulating was her receding action as Diana’s movement stirred the waters of life around the planet.

One day the four elements became aware and talked in verse and song to the Celestial huntress as she waxed and waned across the heavens, Earth spoke with a deep and rumbling tone, meteringly he put it that his solar lord held all of life in his mass, and that from the earth he would bring forth the life that she had stirred up in the depth of the cold deep seas of the third planet. As earths great sonnet of the powers of its cradling goodness would be the larder of the world. Water began her fluid rush of sounds like tinkling brooks and running streams, like a cascade over a rocky brook. That her dance from vapor to rain and pooling again on the earth would be the nutrition of the source off all living things.  Air blue in at the end of waters trilling bubbling babble, with a fresh and invigorating burst of whispered references to  seed dispersal and aiding the solar light to the flora to begin the photosynthesis. Then as Air receded to a still calm, fire ignited the air, charging air to grab some moisture and carry it aloft, to cooler air where it would descend washed and purified, and the crackling sound of fires tones warmed Diana into seeing that the spoon that stirred the soup, was the force behind the life principle and was a little local representative of the Solar lord himself, as she now knew that she was the same principle manifested as a gentler force in locus.

Her own gentle action on the waters of life had their effect, as she stirred up the essences of life and dispersed the life with movement and the suns warmth brought the cold depth of growth the miracle of life in abundance.

So even to this day the Moons presence has a larger localized effect on the world today than just the collective might on the suns harsh glare and sustained pull. Yet Sol asked directly after a millennia or two how the contest that had originally brought Diana to this region of space was going and she looked puzzled and reflected that it had some significance but was not what she was all about now, Sol smiled his radiant knowing (and sometimes infuriating) smile and complimented the full aspect of his light on Diana as she entered the thirteenth house of her solar dance in the celestial year. Her harvesting phase is beginning and the dance has taken on a new aspect fore life, but the call for time was amended into the call of timing.

The solar lord was in his full aspect but the world was in its fourth quarter as the moon that harsh mistress, was entering her thirteenth house, the universal principles were all galactically in place and the harmony of being was disrupted by some of the living presences on the third rock as they segmented the year into easier accounting numbers and divisions, and caused disharmony in the celestial harmonics causing destruction and devastation as the song of life is out of step with the music of the celestial dance of light, movements and patterns. The refusal of the third rock to reflect the harmonics of the universe may well spell the end of its time as a living source of life and harmony. It may just be ‘It’s time for that affair to end’.

The Harvesters recommendations are:

If the changes are not made to revert to the harmonics of creation that reflect the locus in movement, light and form.

Full Aspect Shiva the Destroyer of worlds to be made manifest from the un harmonic realizations of the Krishna aspect (as long as the harmonics are disrupted this is the natural disposition of the realization process) bringing about land mass changes and water displacements, as life is too abundant and too prolific, for to be the right environment for the final harvest of the one hundred and forty four thousand souls of the new age covenants of the twelve houses, raised at the point of the realization of their sacred house.

You have until the Mayan Calendar runs out, a symbolic representation of running out of time, it is most appropriate as you will not listen and you clearly cannot learn, I will wager, that you will not make the necessary changes, nor will you know why they must be made, for like the local satellite, why you were started, was a contest and in your philosophy all contest have winners and losers, but no also ran’s. So your laws will apply to a contest situation. Your disruptions for controlling all things will trip you up, and your emotive-less reasons of logically assuming will be the stumbling blocks of your defeat as they clutter up your speeding feet. Your refusal to learn the lessons of compassion say the law of no quarter given (Solar Lords humor) no quarter expected (prophetic or what) will be the rule of your inhumane law.

Harmony, discord right back at you, so as a harvester you will reap what you have sown, historically, ignorantly and in complicity.

If the harmony of being is promoted, if the unification of mankind is achieved, for one perfect day, right out of won of your songs.

If the Julian vanity of reduced accuracy is restored to the thirteen houses, that a Judge must always have twelve stout and true of common stock. As it was with god and the twelve tribes, Christ and the twelve liars, so it is with a judge and twelve common folk.

The price for failure is to be hoisted by your own petard’s, the sword of justice has now been elevated to the position of the Damocles point to bear. This is the just point for the lair of the lion, for as the lion leaves the den it is always blinded by the light and will never see the sword fall. Aslan isn’t exempt for the cats that cradled the prey, did give the impression that the lion lay down with the sheep, but it didn’t count as it was by proxy. No proxy cats for the lion share, no scapegoats or get out clauses. The letter of the law for all common man is hung drawn and quartered, then dispersed to the four corners never to be united again. One law for all and none for any other, hardly the act of one man to his brother. You dished it out, so bear up and take it on the chin. If you don’t give true compassion, how can you expect to receive it, you dealt and dished out the law with no quarter given, theft of bread for to feed the hungry and they were transported, game theft on land that cannot be owned, imprisonment, workhouses, brutality was the compassionate meter you gave let that be what you receive. The clock is ticking the bell will toll, and someone’s head will be on the block at the right time and in the right place.  The red queen is now calling time for the final dance of the free man.

The Harvester scribe to creation and the harmony of being.

Stated this Sun’s day five moon cycles (weeks) from the Equinox 2010 two seasons and two Solar cycles form judgment day.

Find the Lady

That Old Shell Game

There is an old joke that thirty years ago was considered funny before the tyrannical PC dictators poured ridicule over the humorous business and nearly killed the joke industry, it is on a final recovery at the moment and is still only managing to ditch the dour diatribe of new age anti laughs, for the healing qualities of that great healer, the good old fashioned belly laugh.

The joke is preceded with this warning for all of the dictatorial petty killjoy’s of the PC dictatorial ranks:-


So if you are a dictatorial killjoy please skip the next paragraph as it may just offend you, see what you are all missing out on ah well all the more for people that actually have a sense of humor and like a good laugh.

It was Paddy’s first day on the site and the foreman came up to him and said, ‘Paddy what are you best at, building, mixing or digging holes’. Paddy quick as you like pipes up, ‘digging gaffer I’m real good at making holes and filling them’. Well the gaffer says ‘There are three shovels against that wall Paddy, so you take your pick and get started over there’. Paddy looks and just scratches his head in confusion.

How to confuse an easily confused person. But you would think that by now the Irish question would no longer be a question but just the need for an answer as the resolve has already been achieved by both parties. Hasn’t it?

Gordon Brown rushed of to hold the injured parties hands and settle the little squabble in the play ground and has emerged as the man of the hour, in his own minds eye that is, unlike the railroading the Ex prime minister gave the Iraq Inquiry, should have known with initials like aye, aye, it was likely to never hold water and it is a toothless tiger, as Tony Blair didn’t tell the ‘Blairing Truth’ and headed off all the potential embarrassing questions off at the pass. That old mythical claim about weapons of mass destruction delusion wasn’t even answered. Then they saw them now we don’t, that old shell game three walnut shells and a pea and the shuffle is done and the slight of hand is immaculate and oops it’s already to late we have invaded a foreign sovereign state, not even a sorry, not a regret and yet the man has clearly aged more than a decade for his trouble free conscience.

Chairman Broon has decreed that he will reform the political process to regain a nations trust in a system that has never worked, never delivered and will not even punish its own offenders. Yeah that will go down like a lead balloon. The change he wants to implement in a nation where three out of every five people that have the right to vote choose not to, that is the silent majority Gogs, but don’t let that stop you trying the old Blair Express method of filibustering your un workable solutions on a nation that is sick to the eye teeth of more lies and more crooked politicians, that are representative of one in five people, that’s a minority in any bodies accountancy Gordon. So the lame legacy of the fool at the head of the country is to not bring workable solutions to the table, not even clean up their own acts, but to get us to grade the idiots in the race, yes we can now grade the non runners and riders, into first second and third places. What a wonderful asset to this floundering nation. From yet another leader of dubious abilities and all this from his depleted arsenal to turn the ebbing tide of the failed capitalist regime, as it goes down for the third time. What a man what a her….. not even in the shadow of an illegal war, never in your wildest dreams.

If none of the parties have any workable solutions and none of the representatives can be trusted, or even relied on to do their duty, for the mere pittance they get as a pay that has them all fiddling the system as they call the kettle black, and keep misdirecting our attention away from the shady goings on that they are all up to just out of camera range. What is this magnificent change that is being proposed as a lame legacy of yet another fiddler on the rooftops. The twist in the find the lady scenario is the lady is never in the shuffle and is always palmed at the turnover, stitch up, rip-off. In the shyster’s shakedown. No party can ever deliver, no system has the solutions as money does not cover all the bets, not now nor at any time in the future.

They know that we don’t want the political parties that are in the trough, and that have been given enough time to tag and bag their own offenders and force them into that old state mythical justice fiasco, you know the state enforcement arm, otherwise known as the law. The thing that penalizes us to the exact letter, that hounds train robbers to the death, and lets child molesters, rapists and murderers back out on the street. If we steal we are hounded, ostracized, we lose our liberty, home, family and friends. The corporate enforcement arm of the judiciary asset stripes us to reclaim a few pounds of second hand goods sales for debts, and compounds our property less new status, before it steals the last of our self worth our liberty. So we don’t go climbing ladders for fear of snakes and other serpentine Asps at the bosom of the nations treasury, you know that party political piggy bank they all keep dipping into.

But they do after all see our property as theirs, and we are after all the little people. And so, what is theirs is their own and what is ours is theirs to take as they see fit. To cause a change in a system that does not allow for the mechanisms for real reform or change to happen, but simply plays the old soft shoe shuffle, round and round it goes, where it will stop no body knows. At the next election place a large X on the ballot paper from corner to corner and this is a legitimate vote being used to spoil a ballot paper, and all legitimate X’s must be counted and all spoiled votes must be declared, Wont that put the cat amongst the pidgins.

Waiting for the ‘One’

Against the Odds

The modern day myth that all women believe in the ‘One’ is contradicted by the dating practices of the modern female. After all if the one will find you on your life path as long as you are being true to yourself, then why are the biggest majority of women shopping around, why do quite a lot of women believe in the three dates scenario for finding out if someone is suitable. After all the one will be right, but they will not look the part, act the part or even appear on your tick list, of acceptable traits, looks or manners, income or desires, now will they.

And yet that is what is on the shopping list of the browsing female, you know the wish list, height, good looks, level of income and potential for future scope. It is true to say that, if you cannot say that the man that you are with is the one, then they definitely are not.  And no amount of waiting to see, hoping for them to come good, or even that old myth that you can change them, or improve them, these are all just excuses to not be alone. And that is a different answer to the question as it was first posed.

The modern female lives her hurried existence with lists, methods, and means scenarios, that never quite live up to the fractured forms of everyday reality.

As far as basic compatibility in life is concerned, then any decent, honest reliable or at least faithful partner would do the average female that does not believe in love. Say someone who simply wants to secure a provider for any future children.

If there are people in life that do believe in love and are prepared to hold out for it, even the law of averages says that in this harsh ungiving and relentless existence, the odds are astronomically against the average Jill and John ever meeting, matching and mating. The previous history of human relations for the last few millennia, suggests the odds are greater that we will find our nemesis, Achilles heel  or even just a tormentor to dog the days and the steps of our lives, and even if we don’t find a personal one the state cock-up’s and governmental mismanagements will dry roast the majority of people for the duration of their sentence here in hell.

History has shown that great romantic loves rarely exist in public life, or even in great peoples lives, Anthony & Cleopatra, great kings and queens alike, the records show that if anyone has a chance at a lasting happiness in this bedlam it is the small man or woman that does not take more than they need or aspire to great things that is most likely to find that jewel of the human heart. Take a walk in any graveyard and see the words much beloved, dearly loved and missed, wife husband and who knows maybe in some enlightened day some centuries form now, partner spouse, or even cherished friend. This is not to say that only the common man or woman can ever hope to keep alive the healthy flame of precious love in a dismal and exacting world.

The relief effort in Haiti has been hampered by the bureaucratic red tape of the powers that be, palms have been greased, bribes have been given and assurances have been made, and it still was a fact that peoples suffering was being bartered for control. Yes the infrastructure was almost devastated, yes the clamour of disjointed and uncoordinated efforts were tripping up the dancers as they blundered in to throw resources ad hock at everything that they initially came across. And we have all heard the stories of some relief centres getting three deliveries of aid while others were denied the essentials almost to mortal cost.

The smartest move of all was to move as much of the surviving populace out to the outskirts where at least in the rural districts, fish and small wildlife can sustain the fit and agile that can catch them, but water that most precious of life giving commodities was the one thing that they nearly compounded the injury with.

The chaos of two many headless chickens running around without a clue, minimal resources and good intentions. A lesson that we can only hope will be a negative template for future International Rescues to build positive overviews and means of organisation, and that each country that is most likely to be the epicentre of future aid hot spots should sign international agreements to stop the haggling at the critical points. Because put quite simply this will not be the last even if it is the worst to date. We will only know retrospectively in say a hundred years time, if we get better at dealing with the inevitable even if it is unknown, floods, fires, tsunami’s  and earth quakes, and volcanic eruptions. We cannot predict which will strike next but we can make preparations and we know roughly the regions that will be affected as they are the same ones that always do, with only one or two aberrations from regional propensity.

Out of the very worst of all things the well meaning have been found helping themselves to innocent lives in the mist of all of the chaos, these people did not seek to coordinate with the authorities, they acted on their own volition and just because there was women in their midst and they claim to be Christians, in this day and age in the wake of the scandalous abuse of children by women in a nursery right in our own back yard, and with the catholic priest atrocities in Ireland, we can only sigh a sigh of relief that they were caught in the act. This form of autonomy because they consider themselves to be doing good, but that they didn’t coordinate with the local authorities, moved to escape with the children, without permission, and not even checking that the children were indeed orphans, sends out warning signals of the very worst kind.

Hardship and great misfortune bring out the very best in hard pressed people, so much so that they will retrospectively surprise themselves at the retelling of their deeds. And out of the darkest recesses of the arrogant souls will slither the very worst of human nature, dressed up in a very good disguise.