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Now you see them now you d…

Stiking a Ballance

Well the condemnation corner is at it again, the great bromance has finally had its lines draw in the media spotlight and we all know which is the dog and which is the bitch in that media hyped relationship. It isn’t even as if the amalgamation of the party colours will produce the new greens, the yellow is so diluted that it’s more of a deep turquoise than any healthy green, this aquamarine tincture is still more deep blue than is healthy for a balanced union of two colours, the washout of the yellow has left the passive partner doing what it takes to keep the peace, smoothing the waters and taking the flack for the brutal and insensitive tactics of the alpha dog. Ah well nothing new there then.

This nation and its distinct lack of the ability to fully communicate details schedules and appointments, crossing the eyes and dotting the t’s is still a hit or miss region of communication because of the assumed level of understanding, no two people in any party completely reflect the same views across the spectrum of the manifesto, no two people can share the same space and time to achieve the same understandings or can ever achieve the same insights from the same information. Assuming that we are being understood is often misled by the most innocuous little gestures, nods of go on being seen as approval or acceptance when it could just be hurry up and get to the point. If we still make fatal flaws in assessment as to how our communications are conveying our meaning to the other person.

Communications and misunderstandings are rife in families, local authorities, police, the judiciary, doctors, educational establishments. The assumed level of understanding when conveyed with a nod cannot ever be taken for granted, for we all read in our expectations or biases into the gestures nods and noises we evoke in the recipient.

Private summaries are usually expedient and never reflect our full appraisal of others, political views and even information. It can be a brutal process dropping into direct short speak especially when we believe that we are in private or intimate mode of the radar. This is when unguarded exposé’s become the media main fare of the day. We all do it we all have a clipped view at our summary mode of being where expedience demands fast movement or quick decisions, it may be seen as Freudian or according to the bluntness of language used indications of malice.

Lots of people today feel marginalised for various reasons ranging from their job, pay rate, the type of opportunities they are more prone to or that they feel they have to endure particular levels of hardship that if they become prolonged are likely because of unvented levels of resentment produce outbursts at critical times.

Take the case of people who are habitually leaned on to do the extra bit to tidy a workload that regularly makes them put in an extra half hour or hour a night, unpaid and assumed that they will do the extra just to keep the job. This has the effect of making them later getting home and they have to shop on the way back for odds and ends, then take them home and then cook the meal. After a few months of this type of pressure and no signs of a let up, no other members of staff are obliged into it and when they get to the supermarket, all that is regularly left at the bottom of the apple box is all the bruised fruits that the early pickers have left behind as they quite rightly select the best they can from the display. The fruit lover ends up with all the bruised fruits and has to settle for the best of a bad bunch, is it wrong to expect everyone to share the responsibility with the bruised fruit and for the conscientious to all take at least one bruised offering to allow at least one or two good ones to be there for the unfortunate, or are we all still first come first served.

Nothing is ever clear-cut, nothing is ever the full conscientious observations that we are obliged to use by social dictates, no one size fit all solutions have ever worked and yet the mainstream establishment insists on this as the first order of business, uses it as its primal template for every solution to every problem since they clubbed their way up the greasy pole way back in the mists of time.

Yet here we are with a single benefit that cannot now be wrangled because of the exception to the rules plea that theirs is a worthy case and should get special treatment. Well special treatment has to be used for the exceptions, the physically infirm, the emotionally deficient and the psychologically impaired.

We have a central nucleus of unemployed people in this country and they represent the core of unemployability, with the systematic reduction to the levels of institutions for the ‘have to be cared for’ has meant that tracking these exceptions has become more difficult as they do not show up in any formal registers. It just begs the question really where did they all go to, and given how the system put them all back into the community how many of them make up the central core of the present unemployed numbers. The care in the community program is almost non-existent when it lacks the ability to keep track and to evaluate progress of individuals that are just of the radar, that just get by bellow the criteria or that have never gone off the rails until they show up in a crisis situation in the daily tabloids or media streams. Now that the legal system is going to weed out the unbalanced from the jails just where are they going to put them now.

In a world of such confusions why does the system insist on black and white absolutes when history proves that there is no one size fits all solutions in a multi tiered and expansive range of diversity of being from the lowest echelons of deprivation to the highest levels of self-indulgent depravity and excess.

Ah well just another day in hell, tote that barge lift that bail, do as your told or you’ll end in jail…

Final Testing

The new Third Trice

The new order has definite ideas about status, behaviour, eligibility and of course that old favourite of their’s control. They maintain that some people are entitled and are privileged while those selective groups that are not are then subject to the dictates of the ruling elite, self anointed though they may be. They maintain they are the ones to judge everyone else and that they will set the standards of judgment.

They maintain that, the level of intelligence is a factor and that this is reflected in a standard of education or more importantly to their commercial prototype a standard of qualification. No one questions that qualifications is a misleading no de plume for a piece of paper with someone’s considered opinion that the person that they never tested or reviewed is in their opinion educated in the stated subject to a particular level of excellence, this written testimonial is their opinion and in no way reflects any tests by the qualifying body. So a written opinion and you are ‘in’ according to the grading, anything else is out.

These educated people are the very basis for the monetary systems of the world economy, they are the very back bone of the army, navy and the airforce. It is also the underpinning of the structure of teachers that we currently see the educational standards slipping to the lowest point of this last five decades.

This more than any so-called accolade is a direct reflection of the fact that intelligence is not guaranteed by any little bit of written opinion regardless of the prestige of the educational establishment that was attended to get it.

The ability to spell is a high criteria for the new order, yet all language is by its very nature verbally based, the abstract ability to write in a written ‘language’ does not detract from the power of the vocabulary and its obvious pre-sentience to any alphabet. The written word developed by the need to have a particular message transferred to a remote commander in the field or to a rural landlord about crops and quotas and is a way for information to be more easily passed around, but it cannot impart intelligence just information. An intelligent mind can use the language to direct workmen, soldiers, labourers and builders to get them to achieve desired results, the use of numbers helps with portions, rotas, shifts and logging workloads and schedules. Drawings can convey ideas in a physical fashion quicker than the spoken word and a working scaled model is even better and can demonstrate intelligence, but cannot impart it into a leaden mind.

This elite structure grades the mind’s ability to do particular tasks and to retain certain skills and even grade the ability to learn in the individual but it has no power to inject intelligence into the individual. This tiered structure from basic drone with limited intelligence is at its base, and is employed in menial tasks and has certain freedoms and privileges, quite like in Gattaca the movie. Is the base of a pyramid structure and the height of it is supposed to be the pinnacle of human excellence, but that is where this simplistic model has its limitations.

So the first criteria for the superior man or woman don’t want to sound sexist or elitist now do we, is the mythical intelligence, the next in a pyramid structure are the levels of privilege for the layers, so at some layers (try not to get stuck at the bottom of the pile) have airier rights than others as they have ordained and as they have allocated, not just to prejudice the selection process in its own favour, no….no the very idea smacks of supremacy or is that the devil looking after his own…………….ah well just to mystical for anybody to know now isn’t it, hmmm.

Well that’s two clearly identifiable criteria already outlined now is there a third anyplace to be seen. No looks like all the considerations are in place so lets look at the history of the model in testing situations over a period of say two thousand years.

Question 1

Has there ever been a case in point to suggest that the two-pronged rule has been proven conclusively in every case.

Point 1

No case in history has ever proven anything conclusively either by the theory, or in exception to the rules of the theory.

Point 2

Lots of recorded exceptions to the rules of the theory have happened down the time line since the start of the test case review.

Point 3

The theory does not have a one hundred percent success rate and in recent history its accuracy has been drifting as the boundaries of the original model started to erode. As more and more people have believed that, intelligence and birth right are no clear indicator to certainty for outcome, or standard of results.

Question 2

Have the exceptions brought greater results than the mere rule of thumb of the test theory.

Point 1

Most of the finest minds in history took the mere education that was available to them and then continued their own independent studies to achieve a higher understanding. They were then head hunted by the established schools of education to add prestige to mediocre establishments.

Point 2

Most of the worlds present understanding comes from minds that were not inhibited with the modern limitations of ‘make sure they can read, write, have the wits to follow orders, are easily pleased, have a good standard of hygiene, and last but not least are obedient blindly if possible pretty please’ from hot housed grooming schools for the dumb animals of earth.

The facade of a structure that reflects what is going on in the herd that never fitted the mould two thousand years ago still doesn’t, its veneer is beginning to peel and the cracks are showing. The exceptions have always been the ones to set the long-lasting changes that have moulded the understanding of the finest minds of each age this is a legacy that should be preserved and allowed for when reviewing the intelligence and privilege factors of daily life on this little globe in space. This of course goes back to Pythagoras and his era of insights, which is slightly longer than the Christian calendar (this test case start point) but clearly most renaissances happened before the establishment of the cataloguing of the material elements as well as the structures for mind and body.

The social political structures are all about 500 BC and definitely Greek, the social problems have always been the same, homes, education, employment, health and sanitation and of course a judicial system with necessary law enforcement that serves the people.

So exactly how is it that the present system still cannot get it right after all, all of the solutions have been around for centuries, it could just be the case that the well-educated idiots haven’t got the wit or the intelligence to implement the necessary solutions or they simply lack the courage of their convictions.

Stating the Obvious

Behind closed Doors

Well it’s nice to see the future war effort will have new recruitment officers in the schools to enlist the budding impressionable minds of our children, as the last war recruitment drive died on its uppers. Forward thinking move for the cull humanity there are just too many of them on the planet they can now overrun us all from the last vestiges of the light brigade, that hear the sabres rattling and want to end their own interminable slow dull lives and they don’t mind dragging a few battalions of the future unemployed into the fray with them.

What a handy recession, what a future proof device debt has become, for it has single-handedly been propped up by the need for us all to bail this failed system that has never delivered and never can up as it falls down for the last and final time, never to get back up from the canvas after the final knock out blow.

The EU Nazi fascists have used their Germanic root here to apply leverage to the last vestiges of the free worlds attempt to stand up independent from a central controlling system and to trade in the so-called free market, that market that applies fishing restrictions to our Scottish waters that uses rules that say perfectly good (over quota catches) food has to be thrown away while the third world starves, that imposes restrictions and levies in a so-called free market, so the Irish the rebels of the Isles that fought hard to keep the snakes out of the emerald Isle, has been invaded in its northern provinces by the snake in the grass that the English are. They will now apply the fulcrum leverage while the EU piles on the pressure to lift the last corner of freedom left in the globe out of their collective way. The whole thing is arranged behind the massive debt busting wedding of two lowly commoners with much diluted Germanic blood in its veins. Still with Portugal and the great father of true democracy is still to weigh into the great fight for the middle earths freedom, from the oiks and the troglodytes and the jack booted triplicators from ruling the world with a big brother style onus of ‘every vun of use vill prove who you are, what right you have to be there and of course if you have paid the necessary greases to the wheel to have zee correct documents and passes, vundebar javouhl’. Not bad considering they have not proven their supremacy in thinking and practices let alone, having done no more than electing themselves the judge the jury and of course the executioners. And the great threat is if we all don’t that great ideology the euro will bite the built and countries will have to trade again as independents and the high echelons of super wealthy will again be reduced to a floating minority instead of a networked supremacy.

Still a nation that is having its rights eroded to the bone by people who tried to attack a defenceless third world country to have a global pressure point to clear out the so-called terrorists, that in a period that is collectively longer than the first world war and the second world war, that has produced a mere handful of incidents, with near misses just fuelling the fear and they do all smack of western practices and boast western tools. This lie is being used to hide so many things first that the enemy is not organised and now somehow the well disposed cliché Taliban that we all saw running around on western bikes with guns, just like our western teenage kids would, showing off bragging and being surly, and yet no greater incidents have happened in that time the fight is still in the middle east not here on our turf, gives it all a feel of staged and not real. The so-called Taliban rebel that is over here making a killing on our bad western habits to the tune of 2.6 million is not the sort of thing any self-respecting Muslim would ever do. The discrepancies and the lies are rife and like the media portrayal of the militant reactionaries that spear-headed an attack on property did not enrage the populace but in light of the last officer found not guilty after being caught dead to rights getting away with battering a hysterical woman who would blame them, no this nation is waiting and watching and every civil servant, doctor, policeman, soldier, nurse, teacher that has a son or daughter, brother, sister or even in these bleak economic times father or mother going to college will be watching very carefully how the state handles its kids and they …….. sorry we all know that we are the life blood of this nation, that if this nation to a man woman and a child downs tools and stands still for the day in a very public place as a national protest that would bring this living lie to a standstill for a day will get the message across quicker than any other thing can, and no cash transactions as a show of what will happen if they persist how taxes and cash will be frozen to bring this thing to a final close.

The Chinese for decades ignored the copyright laws of the west and just stole ideas from the ones that are the real innovators of the world, just how the old China became the centre of the ancient trading world in the first place. They then financed the production of cheep cloned goods and flooded the western markets with these goods undermining the western economies and so extended loans from illicit goods to the failing western market producers until they had undermined the whole sham of western supremacy as they now almost own the world economies debts. If you doubt that china is an innovator how come they have had the latest technological advances and techniques for decades and there are no innovations coming from behind the great wall, coal fire power stations and very western designs for nuclear but no innovative Chinese input, in fact they have no innovations at all.

The united European nations currency and collective is hanging in the balance and the government that has just had talks with china is applying pressure on the Irish to cow tow, before they all round on Portugal, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Hmmmmm no connection at all must just be another mad Scottish idea like human compassion, living in a world that promotes living for the joy of life and not as indentured slaves to an ideology that crushes the hearts and minds of the people’s of the world so that one percent can think they are gods with powers over life and death. And as they still have an active war campaign and a recruitment drive in schools shooting fish in a barrel. And the real puppet masters can pull the strings from behind the bamboo curtain, life is looking anything but peachy right now. For the man who would be king from the house of David (but not the lineage of Solomon whew), still the golden court jester that clegged up the works with their sell out policies and massive u-turn’s to kiss the ring of the anointed and to keep the exalted station of chief ass kisser and Richard sucker for a debt free privileged five more years, where is integrity when you need it the one power that can bring down a government will sell its soul to the gratuitous attentions of the biggest dick with the biggest stick, so clout still has more shout than any repressed voices from the crowd of doubt.

When this nation stands up every woman man and child shoulder to shoulder to tell these puppet masters where to stick it this stalemate will hold the world in deadlock, long enough for the middle eastern suppression of a poor third world country to its knees with even more genocide under the media blanket of a commoners marriage to another commoner. Now lets just see just how stupid this nation is.

Self Realisation

Materialising Expectations

You will get what is meant for you, you are what you eat, if you can believe it you can achieve it, all very potent sayings, they all imply the ability to manifest our expectations, the true equation is take your fears away from your hopes and whatever is left is what you will achieve. The real implications from this personalised form of thinking are of course transformed when we change the focus of the locus from the personal to the world platform. The leap from the microcosm to the macrocosm is a huge paradigm shift that will shake the very foundations of the overworked and much banded about simplistic personal statements.

We all collectively believe that all government representatives are liars, cheats or just can’t be trusted, this is also reflected in the way we look at bankers or major investment houses, market traders etc. We are all highly suspicious of the judiciary when it closes ranks and protects the police instead of prosecuting them when they shift from public defender to criminals, this is also true of government whitewashes and all forms of closed ranked higher echelon systems.

When the medical body is allowed to conduct internal assessments, the judiciary reviews its own practices the collective bullshit detectors all start to go haywire. When the police assess their own selves and the government closes ranks and tends to its own affairs we are all set on alert. This form of seeming to be perfect in the face of public scrutiny is the last false pride. The catholic church hid horrendous horrors against children, ignoring the saviour message, ‘suffer the little children and bring them unto me’, they closed ranks and extorted cover-ups from the authorities to preserve their own image rather than the lives of innocent children.

It of course begs the question why did Christ not start a church, why did he never write a thing down. The awful facts of life are that a collective when manned by mere mortals will because of the nature of the beast give themselves overinflated status and privilege, the humble man who walked the earth and owned one robe and had no possessions would not recognise the modern church with all of its pride driven vestments and the wealth orientated organisation behind it.

The sense of affiliation to the collective is very much an ingrained herd instinct of the masses, the loyalty of soldiers, the closed ranks of police and medical practitioner’s right up the clans to the very heights of governmental institutions, the answer is the same. The loyalty of the individual is sacrificed for the collective as the work that they have achieved cannot be allowed to be tinged by the mere instance of a single fault. The very essence of the mortal sin of pride, the feet of clay that is mans roots in the sediment of life, just cannot ever again be assumed to not affect the highest in the land or the most noble of institutions because of good works in hand.

For the law to finally work and to be able to help the nations of man to grow it is past time for institutions to set themselves above the rule of the herd, if they claim to be above the limitations of the herd then they must be able to demonstrate that unerringly on demand at anytime, after all if they are the exception then they must prove to our collective satisfaction that they are the very pillars of the heights of human nature excelled.

Now we the people of the ball of dirt that is the third rock, have a racial collective unconscious tie that binds us all to the inherent nature of the herd, this is the consensus of unconscious faith, and the consensus of collective understanding, this means that we know the flaw in our nature and it cannot be hidden or lied about, so it is now time for all collectives to stop pretending to be driven by an infallibility that just is not possible given the materials that make us all up.

This microcosmic to macrocosmic truth is universal, like the equation that take the greater part of your expectation hope/fear and take away your least worry/hope and whatever is left is the truth of our realisation process, a positive person will achieve a more positive expectation while a negative individual will achieve a negative solution. Now when this is applied to the macrocosmic level of the collective are we collectively manifesting what we believe to be true, is the state of affairs our collective faults because we believe in the worst of human nature and so maintain it and co-manifest it.

We believe that no one is perfect, we would rather doubt than believe and have to be persuaded to be positive first, after all we hear something, we question it and then seek proof first then we may accept it but are still wary even when we agree to try it on for size. Are the government bodies and legal institutions all just living up to our collective expectations, do we collectively materialise our worst expectations.

The anarchists that tried to hijack the student protest last week are now finally being seen for the people that they truly are, the animal activists have managed to identify these extremists and are helping to route them out, the crime had to happen to get the perpetrators on film and instead of a mad life threatening car chase through busy streets the police are finally getting wise enough to realise, tag them at the scene then bag them at their leisure, is a wiser practice than escalating the moment with immediate attacks to control or quell the resistance instead of containment and corralling strategies. Prevention is an illusion, some things must run their course and then be paid for.

We are all growing and learning, lets hope that pride is not the instrument of the final downfall of the human race.

Aung San Suu Kyi came out of prison and didn’t even stop to think of her own safety she immediately put herself back in the firing line, in a quiet and dignified way, asking her jailers for a peaceful solution to a troubled nations needs on the world stage, we the world wait with bated breath.

Above the Norm

A Good Day

Well as far as good news days go Tuesday was full of little snippets of good news. In France a child bounces back from a fall after a series of flukes into the arms of a waiting doctor, first the awning he bounced off the mechanism failed the day before and could not be retracted, then he was spotted on the seventh floor balcony and a doctor positioned himself to catch the boy if he fell and lo and behold an amazing catch saved the hapless boys hide. Definitely the catch of the day.

Three houses were destroyed in the early hours when a gas explosion levelled them on Monday and then on Tuesday as the full chaos of the blast was realised it became clear that only one person was injured the rest of the occupants had miraculously escaped with their lives. Lucky for the survivors and not so lucky for the Gas Company.

All this in a week where a reluctant and shy hero grabs a shark by the tail and yanks it off a tasty snack, in that instance the snack survived to try another day.

All very heart warming and reaffirms our faith in the fluke people regularly survive falls from great heights. People survive buildings collapsing and the most publicised Chilean survival of the fittest had the whole worlds attention riveted on a hole in the ground. A case of real life being more outrageous than any fiction would dare to try to emulate.

A well back in the real world we are stuck with the harsh realities of the herd, these exceptional circumstances are random and rare, they do not happen to the most deserving the best of nature or even the morally elite. Life affirming chances are indiscriminate they are entirely random and they make no moral or ethical statements or judgments. The faithful and the superstitious will insist it is the levelling of karma, they will postulate that it must be the balancing of accrued debts from some previous life.

The base nature of man is selfish petty and ruthless from its day-to-day actions to its extremes of duress. War brings out atrocities that end up suppressed for decades with gagging orders, even the police hide the worst examples, closing ranks to protect their obvious inability to weed out their own defectives. The church bribes or coerces its way forward as it buries its base nature and worst of all hiding or denying their inability to weed out the beast from their own ranks. Governments are a given as we see the petty backlash to the punishment they received at the hands that feed them, they are about to institute extreme measures of punishment on the weakest in the land, the infirm. They are now resurrecting a Dickensian set of rules to keep afloat a collapsing world economic, rather than face the facts that American has not been able to turn the tide of the erosion on the capitalist ideal and all the collective hype is not bringing out new investments. The gun at the poor’s heads is a tactic that comes out of a comic book.

‘Ok fate we know your listening we have a gun at the kids head either give us what we want or the kids will pay dearly’

This tactic that the kid will get it is outrageous in the face of the facts that they are misdirecting media attention away from, they are the biggest single waste of resources in the western world, they are more concerned with their collective image of infallibility and under the covers of pomp and circumstance they are doing the right thing.

Call me a fool if you like but isn’t the right thing for us to all still want to do is to protect the most vulnerable, the hype that all the unemployed are wasters and don’t want to work, is a lie the media campaign to get the exceptions in the ranks is always sensationalised with the exception being ladled as the rule, as the full facts about the MP’s expenses first sensations die down, it is becoming clear that the vast majority of them were conservative in the face of others taking liberties with a set of perks, very human to want to get your due especially if that was how it was advertised. The real exception is the restraint of the majority, the minor indiscretions are just all to human, thoughtless moments, aggrieved settlements. All very human and all very unrepresentative of the mass, because if you look at industry at the base of nature the pawkling is more rife and the amount of people taking their wedge is on first viewing greater by sheer force of numbers as compared to the smaller group of test numbers from the expenses scandal, but when you look at the sheer numbers of the workforce and take the averages it is a much closer match.

Long suffering people who are always being put upon will eventually reach the end of their tether, this is when they will take their compensation of the radar and the mainstream, the friends and the family will not be aware of the indiscretions till the mucus hits the air cooling device.

Martyrs to the family, or to causes that have been giving without any form of recognition or fair-minded balancing will eventually suffer from a persecution complex.  They will start to feel aggrieved at the imbalance, they will harness resentment and they will eventually justify taking their dues just like the rest of you.

No one can keep anything up for ever, no martyr is born they are made by circumstances and the lack of opportunity in their midst, they are aware of a higher minded purpose and they feel an obligation and give without exchange, they give and they give and no one is a bottomless hole of resources and no one can just keep turning the other cheek.

The media purpose to sensationalise a story to sell so-called news which by its nature is not usually sensational but is by its unusualness a good news item, has had its day, this dogged determination to sell a story with a twist or a sensational bias would be better harnessed in the film industry or the book industry, but in the business of reporting the facts well………………

Power Struggles

Getting away with Murder

Well it seems like the Government movement towards getting a police clampdown on all aspects of life is just getting itself back on course as the idiots that like to be in charge show their true nature by using this failed so-called terrorist plot to explode a device in the air after it landed and had been transferred to another craft, must have just been outside the network reception area and the phone device of course has a missed call log to prove it. Funny how this happened so quickly after a public press article about the stupidity of some of the airline checks, and is it a coincident that all of the last incidents were all failed ones. Not that any one wants them to succeed but after every failed one changes were instituted to shut us down even further………just…….in case. To justify their collective stupidity sorry good and sensible decision-making processes, nothing to do with paranoia, neurosis or anything like that, it’s just a precaution against the next failure?

Like making a police force unit that will be a rapid response unit heavily armed and will be deployed to handle public shootings like………………well there are none happening and we do not have a history of them……..but that isn’t the point is it.

Now if memory serves us well from the Raoul Moat incident, these idiot couldn’t even catch the man in their midst, he played them all for idiots and it was only running out of options that stripped his activities to hiding. Then of course there is the Derrick Bird incident, this again showed these courageous super sleuths in the warm glow of their Sherlock personas as they ran around always two pages behind the plot. This proves more than anything that this wanton waste of resources will only ever pan out like this.

By the time an incident is flagged as real, that is once a reputable check has been done this could mean up to an hour has passed, the flight time may be anything from thirty minutes to over an hour, the incident will be well over and the perpetrators will have made their move and either left or will be in the process of escaping. This will leave the Johnny come lately’s running around sifting the debris, pompously guarding the door after the horse has bolted.

The recent record of some of these so-called guardians of the public safety is really coming under public scrutiny, with the senseless beatings people in their custody have had to endure and the worst offence against the public is the fact that the judiciary still insists on setting them free, from the death of a member of the public after a body check at the G8, to the man with the head injury that the police set about, the whole psyche profile of people who just use force to suppress a situation and to get it under control (theirs) as quickly as possible is the wrong tack to take, after all if loud and rowdy is against the law, then why are they not employed in kindergartens to squash the outbursts of manic tots, bedlam and its outpourings are not illegal they just break the peace or in legal parlance breach it. Bullying and browbeating people to behave as you direct is dictatorial and all this in our own democratic back yard…….hmmm.

Personally in a peaceful democracy it is against the laws of the land and against the civil liberties of its people to be subjected to clowns in untouchable uniforms running around with armed weapons scaring the people. After all they should only be deployed when an actual crime has been committed and not be tooled up waiting around twiddling their fingers just in case something happens, then there is the long delay in getting to the incident, then there is the tactical meeting to get deployment orders, then we have to hope that these people who cannot respect the rights of people even in their own charge, can make good decisions like not taking shrapnel devices into mixed situations, using illegal tazers in untried situations. Attacking people in cells and on camera then they all close ranks, lie to cover each others backs. This is the worst offence when the judiciary throws out the charges, they also ignore the conspiracy of the closed ranks. But if they do close ranks that is ok as their pals the judges will let them off so the full details of the internal cover ups cannot be dragged through the public domain………….. as history proves, so not to worry.

Cover ups……….white washes………….devil looks after his own…………..

This is not little America, we do not have a right to bear arms. Our police force used to be the envy of the world. If the collective psyche of the average brit is still, we go about our business as usual, we deal with things as they happen and we never allow the tactics of fear to make us a closed society or a gun-toting nation of fear driven paranoid armed thugs and bullies, that if memory serves is how Hitler got started, one good excuse and playing on the mass hysteria and the fear and paranoia of the mass, that and the ability to fast track legislative changes through government under emergency laws……………no comparison at all,  now is there.

So untill a law has been broken and no new ones have been made up to suit and untill a crime has actually happened we are back to where we were and none the worse for it.

History has proven that you cannot plan for every contingency, that every plan fails when it comes into contact with real life as they are all devised by theorists with little or no practice experience at all.

That any team continually held at a state of readiness is just as prone to panic, oversight and unplanned incidents are like throwing the whole baby out with the bath water. They like failed economic strategies crashing on the rocks of the weather front that kills crops or washes away stores, or even droughts that leave seeds barren before the crop.

Failed systems in a failing system are the last vestiges of the mindless panic measures that cannot function in the unacceptable face of the inevitable. Keep guns out of the hands of pre programmed idiots it will only save lives in the future. Or we may become the collateral damage that they think is acceptable losses if one of their stray bullets kills your dearest ones. They will never be held accountable for any incidental deaths at their hands. But you will be made to pay to keep them in place and they will never shoulder their responsibilities as history has proven time and again.

De Mendez……….Ian Tomlinson…………..Mikey Powell…………………

And as for protesting……………….

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