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Hot Girls and Cool Guys

Cave Girls and Pack Boys

There is a little heated debate going on about the temperature of environments and how that affects the sexes. The latest proposition is that girls learn better in a warmer environment while the warmer it is and the longer a boy sits down the drowsier he becomes and the more his attention will waver.

Well it has come to light that women are used to a higher temperature for longer and their unconscious systems have to shut down extremities to compensate for temperature drops, while men are used to colder temperatures and their core temperature is better maintained with less of a need to shut down extremities to protect the core vital organs and temperature. So this suggests that they are better acclimatised than women.

Way back in the mists of time when mankind had moved into the des res local caves from the treetop penthouse suites. The first order of the day was set a fire to keep predators away and women would be the ones to maintain the cave fires and this was always a higher temperature than the outside. Over the generations living in a continually raised temperature the women would not need to retain the ability to temperature regulate and the ability would become latent or dormant. Once you have a natural ability you never lose it, it just becomes redundant or dormant.

Now men on the other hand are on the move all day on the hunt and their body would be actively warmed and the temperature regulation ability would still be exercised in activity. The natural events of the day might mean tracking till dusk or twilight. The hunter would only get a fire at night and in an exposed environment (on a plain or woods) the heat would only be front facing and this is completely different to the cave environment where heat would be retained and in locus to the proximity of the fire. This would build up over time an association with warmth food and sleep, is this really a no brainer or………

The hunter became climate adjusted and had to be more focused on the move or on their feet encouraging learning in a physical manner and as the process of doing, sort of learning on the job and on your feet. The hunt demands spacing out to pick up tracks and the need for a leader to bark the orders and co-ordinate the activities.

The process for women would be a much more relaxed process as weaving, mending, pottery cooking were all developed. In a comfortable environment without the need to shout over great distances to communicate. In day-to-day activities it would allow a more democratic process for activities and communications.

The modern argument for girls responding to a softer spoken voice and a warmer environment is no longer a real surprise, the realisation that boys respond better to a louder voice and to direct orders as opposed to instructions, is no longer such a great mystery.

Never Lonely

Never Lonely

How long have I known
How little have I shown
How much have I grown
Never lonely and always alone

Time slips by as the seeds are sown
Standing firm in the faith sets the tone
Combining the elements and washing the stone
The walk of faith leaves nothing to atone