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Visions of ‘A’ Future

Well in the land of hope and glory, it certainly looks like dreams can come true even if the celebration and salute started from behind a plate glass barrier. Obama mania reached foreign soil and the whoops of joy were reverberating around the world broadcast channels for more than a day.

A whole generation of the hopeful got up and drew lots to avert their worst fears or to realise a world dream. Oprah Winfrey coined a phrase a “new state of consciousness” is coming to bear in the collective mentality of the new era of emerging man.

The old boy networks and their need for a white American leader took the greatest knock in its long history of providing some of the most renowned world stage players, Kennedy, Carter, and Regan and of course who can forget Nixon.

Big Bill the original Teflon man vouched for the president elect and it was all just plain sailing from that point to the inevitable focus for change, when the swing states stopped swithering and their forecasted lead was to set the trend that reached the nations four corners. The graphics that displayed the final outcome on the American continent, it looked like the central reserve of the red Indians was surrounded by the blue bellies, or 7th Cavalry and the natives were routed. 

It was a historic sweep if not an absolute landslide, that indicates a shift in consciousness in the most populated belts of the eastern and western sea board as opposed to the heartlands and their ingrained thinking patterns and deeply rooted prejudices. There has definitely been a tidal shift in the course of world events as Kenyans kept a night long vigil to witness one of their sons ride the crest of the wave into the white house. The sound of children’s laughter and play will echo in the haloed halls of residence for the first time in decades. 

The most magnanimous looser of this new century, new millennium has to be Palin’s running mate as he tried to calm the jeering losers as the beast began to bear its teeth in a growl of discontent. John McCain showed true calibre of a good statesman as each person should, by putting their countries unity and prosperity above the divergences of the feudal parties as they engage in the four yearly ruts that are the dirty tactics of public squabbling to get voters interests up, as they try to get elected.

The young voters that added their weight to the fray are the new demographic of the next progressive generation that has like each successive generation before it, been sucked into the idea that politics has the answers to the worlds problems. As opposed to the religious orders that believe that faith has the answers to the worlds ails. It’s so easy to forget that politics is responsible for the world’s wars that commerce is responsible for the deprivation in exploited countries and that only religions have spilled as much blood in its name as the collective governments for the last couple of millennia.

In a bright new world with a bright new star of hope in the sky, we must never forget that hope springs eternal and it is in the nature of hope to be crushed to rise again. On the other hand if faith is the foundation of the new path into tomorrow then the road is as secure as the ground course that it is laid on. For the nature of faith is it is so powerful that it need only a grain to move a mountain, while hope is a gushing river spout that springs into the air to crash to the ground again before it starts the rising process all over again.

It is really hard to stand here on the verge of a new era and not to be tempted to try and forecast the possibilities. The trick is though to look far enough ahead to be right and to see far enough ahead that someone will be alive to see it realised from the point that you said it.

The day is fast approaching when all of the worlds metals will have been mined and then we will have to preserve metals and recycle them, bronze, brass, tin, copper are already managed like this. Now given the nature of man, the control freaks will make legislation to penalise and make money from metal wasters; it may even be that they prosecute any one for letting metal erode, or for dumping it in water. New materials will have to be manufactured and steel and iron ore will achieve over inflated prices. Silver and gold are out of this equation as they are already scrapped and recycled today as mining is on the wane. Projects that require metals like space exploration and space stations and the like will demand the resources at premium prices.

As for politics will it last and when this generation like the previous generations realise that no matter the man that cometh, the system still retards true progress and inhibits real freedoms because it is only concerned with control and obedience. It will take another independently derived system to displace the stranglehold of political systems, and believe me they will not go quietly into the night, and it will never be the manic light of any religious body that will wrest world control from the grasping hands of the greedy masters of the system.

No the way forward will come from the third part of mankind, the humanitarian approach that values all living lives and places none higher than any other will be the power of the new age of man that will steer the course of mankind with a gentle hand on the tiller, with the firmness of hand that can weather the storm and sail into fair weather.

So lets all raise a glass in faith for the new dawn as we watch the old night slip away in the first rays of a better world, and for all the old hands out there when the hopeful are depleting show them the true foundation of faith, with the investment of the grains of truth that make up the mustard seed that can change a world. By faith will and compassion. The faith that knows with certainty that no matter how dark the night is the day must dawn for the sun must rise, bring to bear the willingness to finish the jobs we start, to carry our own load, and when our brother or sister falls the will to lift them and take a little of their load shared among us all till they are strong again, and the acts of compassion will be the guidance that leads the way to greater integration for all mankind, man, woman human.