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Striking A Ballance

Down The Swany

Well that terrible duo the west end Muppet’s lead the crumbliest flakiest shareholders into a false sense of security sealing the sell out deal, with worthless words of reassurance only to revert to turn tail type within thirty-six hours as yet another knee jerk reaction from the people’s party for the working man, put the boot into the management level of a great British dynasty, only to seriously sell out the workforce of yet another endangered species the British manufacturer. Now these, turn coat dogs of war are still comforting themselves by the warm camp fires at the expenses of their electoral peers. The elected of the masses . …… well maybe soon to be elected representatives of the majority.

Nope no matter how you try to say it, it doesn’t quite ring true now does it. They are after all un-elected and unrepresentative of any kind of figure fixing majority in any poll the length and breadth of the land. The numbers just don’t add up, forty percent of the voting populace vote, that’s two out of every five, three abstain and that is the majority. The elected get elected in a three horse race by forty percent of the forty percent and that is less than one in five, not quite a majority or even representative of the populace now is it. The silent majority vote by not voting now if they could all be convinced to go and spoil a ballot paper as a none of the above vote against more of the same ineffectual, mindless, leaderless government, that is not of the people, nor is it for the people, nor is it by the people. Now that would be a ballot that would swing the political landscape away from the party rule and bring government back into the realms of reality.

One judge for one point of view and another for the mother, a mother that killed her son with an overdose of heroin is jailed for life with no understanding taken for her anguish and grief, and the fact that her life sentence is to live with the weight of her actions on her conscience every day for the rest of her life, while her liberty is withheld not as an act of justice, but to exact a punishment, on one who’s soul must be carrying an unbearable burden as it is, for no one is that certain about anything in life, and recriminations will haunt her for the rest of her days. But a man that pursued a burglar and beat him about the head and body with a cricket bat to such an extent that the bat broke, I defy anyone to attempt to break one, just to see what sort of force was used. The burglar ends up with brain damage and the, ‘injured party’ was jailed for an act of revenge. To pursue and continue the attack after only being tied up and scared into submission, does now balance the scales of any judicial process.

But what the hey, we let more hardened criminals out and back into the streets than we put away for any clear and defined time. But we somehow manage to keep the prisons full of low risk, petty neer do wells to the point that the institutions are busting at the seems, and there is no room for the people that should never be allowed back into so called polite society.

A government that fooled a board of directors with lies that they could not ever substantiate, and then a quick about turn when the foul deed was done, a judiciary that does not have any kind of consistency in any part of its make up or processes. A care less in the community social network that is failing children and the elderly right across the board. Cant be the writing on the wall now can it. The decline of a civilization is reflected in these points of note:

*when the people of a country stop identifying themselves with the country and start identifying with a group. A racial group. Or a religion. Or a language. Anything, as long as it isn’t the whole population.
*(people) lose faith in both the police and the courts.
*High taxation
*the ratio of the productive to those on the public payroll.

The death of empires and civilizations has happened in the past, Rome, Greek etc. But the world cannot simply move away and, this will not cause a fractioning of the fabric of our way of life. But it may just spell the end of a way of not getting things done.

For all the silent majority please vote at the next election, just take your marker and begin at one corner of the paper to the opposite corner at the base then repeat with the two other corners to create a massive X on the page, so it is still a vote, and not a scribble as that is not a valid voting procedure, that would be a spoiled vote, but the X is a none of the above vote, don’t waste your time and effort, as they must count all of the spoiled votes (not in the little boxes for each candidate} and if they out-way the legitimate votes that will be a democratic majority in any bodies book.

Imagine being invited to a bottle party and turning up without a bottle, well thats a little bit rich and has been known to happen. Now imagine you are on your way to the worst natural disaster to happen in the last few hundred years, and not even bothering to bring along pain killers in your medical relief program, wasn’t even on the list were they guys, wasn’t as bad as one week later they are still not getting the supplies they do have distributed, but worst of all the need for water just seems to escape their notice, just the people that you want on your side in an emergency, an estimated one million new orphans in the world, that begs the question did two million parents die or disappear, or was that one million single parents that died or disappeared?

The Yanks are there in force, typically throwing their weight arround, restricting other countries efforts instead of integrating and coordinating them, not the actions of potential world class leaders or thinkers now is it. Doctors are performing operations in worse that battle field conditions without the proper medication, and no pain killers. barbaric or what.

A world scale natural disaster happens roughly about once every three to five years, always in the most inaccessible terrain, in the back waters of the third or developing world. The world puts its hands in its pockets and we all limp along to the next impending doom.

No coordinated world class International rescue bodies with resources, means and a stockpile of medication, manpower or knowledge. Each country does not have a local knowledge infrastructure, that can place, machinery, stocks and resources, translators, guides and emergency relief staff. No but lets go and invade a few countries instead and browbeat people into our way of thinking instead.

That’s FAB Virgil

International Rescue

Thunderbird One is go brains, and the first wave of chuck everything over there as quickly as possible has begun, the logistics has beaten the worst trained, raw recruits to arrive at yet another world tragic event. Who let these apprentices into International rescues élite squad, how did they fake it past the entrance exams. No peace core branch, or even boot camp for the events that are always the same, begs the questions:-

Where is the disaster:-

At the other side of the world mate, the western world doesn’t get that sort of destruction.

What is needed:-

Ground force and medical emergency staff, kitted and trained, Food and  supplies, and mobile accommodations, and latrines, with stockpile perimeters. Distribution trucks and centers.


Water, Food, temporary shelter (earthquakes, floods, tidal disruptions, Fires). Medical supplies, mineral solutions and vaccines.

Terrain familiarity:-

Local knowledge experts, translators and subsequent chains of team leaders. Relevant equipment, lifting, clearance, short-haul, erecting machinery, prefab pods for bridges and shanty structures. For worst case scenarios, all local area depots and a strategic backup incase of wide scale destruction.

After all if the pharmaceutical, industry could panic the nations of the world to sell their wares, like swine flu vaccinations, why can’t the nations of the world that have to face the facts that every few years a world scale disaster is likely to happen, while flu has always been a secondary or complications killer and it always will be, catching the sick, the infirm and the unwary. Fact of life. And just as sure as fate from Tsunamis to earthquakes and floods and bush fires, the world gets caught with its kegs round its ankles every  three to five years. Duh is this a no brainer or what. That’s F.A.B Brains Blunderbirds are GO. After all it falls to the charity of every nation when it happens again and the history has shown that the response every time is as bad as this last tango in Hades jungle.

The Campbells Deal

A Nations Pride

A Nations Pride

Well the rushed through rape of the Scottish Highland landscape goes ahead without even a whimper from the Sell-out Numpty Pillock’s. They rolled over for the American trump card that was a hole in one and now lead the charge to be the first to provide a dirty and quick solution for the new decade clean energy brigade. Never mind leading the way in conscientious government practices that should weigh up the task of laying a cable to sell the as yet undeveloped power production of the northern reaches of our Isle, cart before the horses yet again.

The big hurry is not the time it takes to implement the build, so as to take advantage of the first wave of off shore tidal and wind generators anchored in the steady Atlantic breeze. It is simply yet another jumped up business strategy to get in quick and do a cheep and nasty build to get the whole thing moving, as we hand the whole thing over to the minimum investors for maximum returns mind set that is the cheep and nasty solution thinkers of the old guard, the very thinking principles that have brought a world economy to its knees. But don’t let that stop you, not on my account.

Is this government going to demand a pledge from the hurry up brigade that they will within the next five years begin the laying of an underground cabling system to replace the blots on the landscape … NO, and that they will demand that a compensation scheme will be in place to subsidise the loss of trade from the expected reduction in the tourists… NO. This will affectively produce a first negative investment return of a loss of income to the Scottish tourist trade. As they all rush through the legal processes before any organised resistance can slow the processes and delay the dirty tricks brigade, or hamper the modern day Campbell’s deal of the new sell out turncoats as they all brown nose the southern masters and rim the trimmings out of this crooked deal wholey in keeping with their character traits of old.

No chance that they will show the way forward by limiting the savage use of force to steal a lead on any other investors. Just who are these companies that will buy the power and sell it on and just what do we get, besides no right of say in what the impact the build will have in a new national park, the tourist hotspot that is Stirling and all the tartan trail landmarks that keep bringing the tourists to this land of their fathers. No right to demand that they justify a start date for the full production of power generation and insist that these cheap skate land rapists be made to tow the line and not put a dent in an already established income, suicidal in these uncertain times. As the world economy teeters on the edge of the inevitable collapse of the failed greed driven, poorly managed, cheep solutions, as devised by the quick fix merchants of the failed age of reason.

It would show great leadership for one of the government bodies of this country to stand up to the money houses and show where the real power is, and not to quietly strip for the inevitable shafting from the grabbers and destroyers of the old age practices. Ah well anything without the balls for the fight will get the bitch slapping that it deserves, the oil was siphoned away at the hands of a Westminster government, but a Scottish seat of powerlessness selling out its own future for a quick fix. The shame is in the hands of the likes of Soapy Salmond and his comic book cut out palls as they reside in their imaginary clubhouse of mock upturned boats that is the playpen of this puppet government. As they are kept on a nice and safe short leash, to scared to rock the boat in the storm. Oh ye of little faith. Selling out a chance for this country to gain its first independent income from generation, development and direct sales, all pissed down the drain on the yuletide spirit.

So Trump shafted the greedy little short termers, and now the financial houses of the failed system all suddenly see gold in them there hills, and Salmond and co are ready for another shafting at the hands of the masters of the failed order of the fallen dream of the new age recovery that never was, how come Mr Independence is handing away our means of independence without a by your leave. No just can’t work that one out it just all looks to shady and hypocritical for to be real, can it be …….. ?

The summary of the historic view of this day and age as read by the children of 2050 will read something like this:-

The failed nation that was Scotland before it was reintegrated into the central government of the British Isles, was brought to its knees as easily as its last monarch was beheaded by the Great British monarchy, and they never really ever found the strength of character or the will to resist, after their banking system was undermined by an infiltration of English investment bankers, that coup brought the once mighty and flowering Scots canny sense to the edge of ruin and was taken over and broken up amongst the west end wolves and their money house masters. The infiltration and collapse was used to destabilise the economy and leave the banks open to seizure and were subsequently broken up by power brokers and asset stripped as all financial dealings were drawn south to the land of their betters.

The nation lost its autonomy when its oil was stolen for the collective and was then killed of when its power industry was still a gleam in a few great thinkers minds. The nation that never got off its knees and took its place at the quadrant of the base of power that should have been the United kingdoms of the British Isles. The power mad master of the universe that subjugated two thirds of the known world at one time under the British Empire, went on to world domination with nothing left to stop them as they …..

The picture of a Nation that murdered our monarchy, and out manoeuvred our ability to sustain our own autonomy, after all they would not like to be seen to invade a sovereign state like Scotland or to be seen to stand in its way if it decided to stand on its own two feet for once. If it could ever find real leadership and not the kind of whoring that is going on as soapy and chums all ass kiss the liars and thieves of our destiny.

One turncoat in Westminster that old pied Fifer, Mr black and white himself and a modern day Campbell in the playpen club house up here playing at politics, but the script for this new age farce is not set in stone yet.

If this nation could for once stand up and be counted, it may yet achieve the destiny it deserves, rather than take the doled out pittance from its established demon. For once it may just be better the devil we don’t know than more of the same tactics and short-changing that has been the English manner of exchange for the Scottish pound it was only ever worth ninety pence to the pound for decades, that the crown that was murdered, the oil that was soaked away, and now the potential for our own national industry to be handed to some jumped up grabbers.

The year of homecoming brought a swelling of pride as the sons of the displaced forefathers returned to this once great nation, and warmed themselves in our homecoming glow of the welcome in the hill sides and glens, as they traced roots and made fond new connections, the power of national pride for this portion of this little Isle just might be the groundswell of the turning of the tide.

How much would we all chip in, in time effort and even the hard earned to make this turn out in our favour, to make the companies put the power lines underground and restore the land as they go or pay for the desecration and loss of income to the beauty of this once proud land.

Well flowers of Scotland it looks like they have thought again and are back to steal away our future, do we lay down and give up our goods or do we do what is right for ourselves and our children’s futures.

As far as company footprints go these short sighted days, nations will have to eventually follow suit and enforce companies to stop taking the mean line for quick fixes and fast returns, and make them beat as they sweep as they clean. Or stop them dead in their tracks.

As the decade known as the noughties ended with a whimper and a freeze hit the world. As fate or God defies the lies of global warming as he lays down a blanket of frigid indifference to the fall of mans reign. As the new decade the Uno’s enters the world stage the first action from the puppet government of Scotland is an act of self defeating subjugation, as it takes the prone position under the heel of its masters.

The first man was given dominion over the land, the sea, and the air, and with that dominion includes the upkeep and maintenance of the domain, as the church has claimed to be the representatives of god on earth just how much of their fortune is devoted to this task as laid on the first in line. God may just taste the sea and note the depletion, he may just sniff the air, and a walk in the bush will be enough to make up his mind. The last thing that god will ever do, is enter a church of MAN, or ask any so called seat of celestial power in Rome for its opinion. And like this un pitying weather his opinion is final.

This cold is the hand of god against the tide of reason, and the storm is coming, but can be provided against. Changes are needed now and not when it suits investors, not when politicians can tear themselves away from their demanding lifestyles, as they already don’t allow little things like national need, future deficits and bearing responsibilities for their own acts of wanton destruction in the false idol of progress interfere with their destructive selfish march into the mists of some unknown undeclared utopia that will only ever suit them and will never clean as it goes, plan for all contingencies and prepare a waste disposal program as well as a clean production regime. That would just interfere with their lifestyles. After all the litmus test is, if you or I were to be sacked we would be entitled to two weeks to a months notice, but the family employees of the crooked grabbers have five years grace and favour, one law for them and another for us, cant accuse them of that now can we?

Buyer beware when dealing with the devil remember to count your fingers after he shakes you down.

Downfall of the Sun

That Old Judas Goat

A real winter has marked the beginning of the new decade, Christ’s anniversary was celebrated and was all warm and fuzzy round the Yule tide firesides of the cave dwelling hairless bears, that hibernate and celebrate with the provisions from their well stocked larders.

Two thousand years ago twelve liars followed around a good man, a local woman had stopped sleeping around and was following around the good man as he did good deeds and helped the infirm and lame. The ring leader of these liars cheats and thieves was one Thomas the Doubter, as he undermined all things of faith, denied anything he hadn’t seen with his own eyes, and ridiculed anything that broke the bounds of reality as tricks and stunts, this forerunner of the scientific method, generally put it about that the good man found them all and told them each and every one to follow him.

It is a little known fact of the time and a great myth was started from this insistence that when the student is ready the master will appear, this goes contrary to the accepted facts, just look to India the land of the guru, the followers all seek the master and follow his ways, just doesn’t reflect the lies as laid down by the fickle insidious doubter. The liar found an easy mark in one of the sons of gullibility one Judas Iscariot, easily led not very bright and having a crisis of faith easy pickings for the infiltrator,

This faithless band that latched on to a good man, for only a good man can be so imposed upon by shady grubby users and braggart. For a good man will not stoop to judge. This faithless brood of banded brothers, were spooked by a little weather in a boat, tried to get the master to visit the rich as the pickings were better in the rich quarter. This good man walked through hardships, accumulating no wealth or stock of worldly goods, and tried to shake these fickle followers of his trail. The only one in their midst that ever kept the faith was the woman, she never lost faith and was by his side unlike the band of brothers. In a patriarchal society where men used church and law to subjugate women, this man elevated her to equal, and revered her as beloved.

These liars state that he said they should start a church in his name, this man that could read and write and was in synagogues arguing theology with rabbis up to the age of eleven, and got nothing but patronage and dogma for his troubles with the scriptures. This man that spoke parables in the modern parlance and never quoted scripture never started a church and never wrote a book. He only went back into a church to pick a fight with the liars and money changers in the dead husk, where spiritual life once flowed with the milk of human kindness, and what did he get for his troubles.

Once another good man was plagued by the harassment of unwanted imposers, and this good man had many beautiful women in his life, his name was Mohamed, the women controlling bullies, ogled and leched after all that they could not have in this good mans house, then the beautiful women all started to cover themselves up when they were around and this included taking the veil. The lechers were incensed and the women kept the display of their beauty for the true love in their life, and remained covered up when the infidelities of the leches were broadcast so clear as to be palpable. This society was a reflection of the patriarchal inferior way that men have for needing to control women, in how they dress, behave and are treated as property, the truly petty try to control everything about the power of beauty, grace and charm. All this just to try to empower themselves by force and dictate, the law of the rule that became the rule of the law.

So these petty people used the excuse against their own women that if they truly loved them they would show the same devotion as the good mans household did as a mark of respect and love.

Ah well old stories that cannot be proven end up as myth and tradition, and men still to this day try to empower themselves by having great beauty in their lives, just look at every minor celebrant as they climb the slippery slope, and see how the really petty have all tried to manipulate a beautiful woman to advance themselves.

So here is a role call of the tragic and the infamous:

For every woman that had an illegitimate child and the church, means test took on the dimension of moral arbitrators (r-b-traitors right-bloody-traitors), over the decades thousands were persecuted and refused basic sustenance, by the morally superior. No compensation for the hurt or the deceased. Not from the self righteous sons of the moral dictates. Just as there is no justice or compensation for the children abused by the catholic pretenders to the haloed thrown of truth and light in the world. The seat of wisdom and compassion does not carry the seeds of truth, but still scurries and slithers in the shades of lies, under the cover-ups of the seen to be believed.

Whitley Huston still carries a millstone around her neck. Britney Spears as she choked back the tears when her chancer stabbed from the inside track of her known weaknesses. Diana Spencer defied a dynasty and a well oiled machine that has worked for centuries to keep the elite out of the mud where they truly belong. Marilyn Monroe and her well worn tale of woe and the trail of leaches that led to the very top of the ant heap.

Even in this modern day world of so called better days Cheryl Cole found that her career was getting to big an acclaim for someone’s delicate little ego, but this dutiful wife once again shows that it is the woman that bears the weight when the male buckles under the burden of an overbalanced or top heavy (big headed) ego.

But the worst offender in the public pillory must be the great beast of the open green, that Tiger without ball control, and for once beauty has had the last say as they laid the great beast low, by his lack of character. No one can have it all and the cost of too much is everything.

That first good man I spoke of that had the rabble on his tale for decades, one son of faith that carried his word carried it to this land of the Scot and here the seed took hold and this follower of truth found himself crucified like his master. The compassion of the good man lives and breathes in this rugged land.

The same seed in America will still seek vengeance, the same seed in the middle east will chop of hands and stone people to death, and by petty rule will subjugate others to strut as they crow, but the seed of forgiveness, compassion and charity took root here in this land, and if we all look at the world stage as the good and righteous all vie for the mythical position of world leadership, who among them are worthy.

Answers on a post card to:-

Would you Adam and Eve IT

The Land of the Free

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Can the Son of God be killed by mortal man?          hmmmm

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