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Debt Ridden

Alistair Darling the new age thinker is going to borrow his way out of debt, sorry he is going to borrow our way out of debt, why pay of all those little debts why not amalgamate the debt into one big easy to manage lump sum and hock our souls into paying for a system that has never worked and will never work, the banks are the biggest thieves since time began, using enforced repossessions periodically to reclaim property, foreclosing on loans to asset strip failing industries. While they give themselves massive bonuses, avarice and the children of the greedy thatcherite generation are the single biggest corrosive destroyers of our times.


How will history tell this story well according to the darling of the times his-story is, I was Gordon Browns puppet, it seemed like a good idea at the time, my financial advisor told me that …..


It does not look good for the clowns that are running this fiasco from this side of time looking forward so just how bad will it read in retrospect. The financial institutions have lost so much capital that they are now going to end up with less and less savers as people start to invest in long term commodities. Even rubbish art is becoming a must have for the new rich elite, gold and precious metals and stones now have a stable futures market, property is going to have to settle back into being the providers of homes and being less of an investment prospect except at the top end of the market. More and more first time buyers will hold of to afford the home they really want while prices crash and flounder until the get back to realistic pricing.


Building companies are going to the wall and production is falling, and the gamblers in the counting houses have all skipped of with the profits, while the law doesn’t know how to target them and reclaim their ill gotten gains, the crooks of the criminal fraternity can lose their ill gotten gains because they cannot prove how the legitimately came by their windfalls, and the state can clawback the money, which does not go the injured parties, no it goes in the coffers that oil the wheels. The high end conmen and risk takers that gambled and just took advantage of trends and human nature, namely other people’s greed will get away Scot free. As they do have a paper trail and they all used the slogan, investments can go down as well as up to cover their assets. That’s a nice way of saying buyer beware.


Short term turnovers will ultimately cost the unwary, this fact has been known for centuries, banks cheated each other and the code of ethics is unacceptable for the future progress of this world.

The ram raid of the quick turnover merchant is finally coming to an end, and now the government is putting us all into debt to shore up and existing and poorly functioning ancient model that has never delivered, just waiting to see just how gullible we all are.

One of last years most watched clips on You Tube was the buffalo at the water hole incident, when a calf was caught by a pride of lions and the cow rallied the herd to drive them of and released the calf again, it was the water tables that turned the tide more than one bulling cow bellowing her rage, the herd would normally have trudged of the few miles to another watering hole but the herd was aware of the diminishing water table more than we are. The tide turned and the pride was run off it will be interesting to see if we can now with our backs to the wall finally see that a self serving system that ignores the need of its members, and behaves like a dictatorship that gives itself new powers and changes laws to suit its own ends (whatever they are) but will not amend unjust laws that take lives needlessly, or a judicial system that is only an enforcement arm for the corporate entity.     


The impotence of the man at the top when Gogs broon says he is going to be hard on the work shy I hope he puts the powers that be at the top of his search list, No political party since the dawn of time has ever delivered its manifesto. No political party can ever claim to be cost effective with the massive waste of funds that they are all guilty of costing the tax payer, not the least of which is billing us for yet another financial concern gone wrong, and putting the nation deeper in debt by borrowing, now the wage slaves revolt is only a year or so away, this ‘has been’ better learn to duck before he throws stones from his plastic palace.









The all seeing Eye

The ‘Nice’ people have made yet another financial decision about the wet blindness, the decision that they made will not save lives but they will improve the quality of life to the sufferers, aw isn’t that niceof them. The financial decision comes from the equation that it is only after one eye is lost that they will step in, effectively condemning one eye to death. The withdrawal of this service would have cost the NHS and the community purse the care and attendance of one severely disabled blind person for life, making an over all saving in the reversed decision of hundreds of thousands of pound over the course of the affected life. Might just be enough of a saving over the course of a life to invest in saving the first eye so that they can remain fully independent and able to support themselves in good and full health. Or is that to radical an idea for the penny pinching scrooges that can condem an eye over the results of an accountants eye view of the world. The stroke of a pen cuts deeper than the slash from a sword, all hail the mighty pen of the penalisers. Aw well just another day in hell, back to the salt mines comrades.


When its all laid out like this it just goes to show how inhuman these accountants are that masquerade as health professionals, a doctor couldn’t make these decisions its against their oath. But these black hearted pen pushers that meter out misery with their slide rules and calculating ways have given great truth to the saying that the pen is mightier than the sword. For with a simple written statement they can condemn people to a crippling misery or death. How can these soulless faceless minions of misery ever get a good night sleep ever again, they are part of the process that reduces life to a specific cost, and allows the inhuman act of budgeting for well being, in the country that made the NHS a free service for all, just how did these Nazis get into the public domain.


The whole idea of the NHS is ‘National Health Service’ a device for the Nation paid for by the public to provide health services for all and sundry, and then sold of by the asset stripping governments that mishandle the whole thing and sold it of to the bumbling fumbling failing private sector, the very people that have never delivered on their Utopic promise that industry can become a self financing and healthy provider, when we all know that Investors take their money back out as quick as possible and that every new business has a three to five year life cycle, and that they will try an move the commodity on to realise a final profit from the venture. No it just never has done what it says on the tin, and in an era where private banks need propping up from the public purse and subsidies keep ailing businesses ticking over, and there are no new growth sectors in industry and haven’t been for the last three decades, can it ever deliver and why are we still shoring up something that is on its last legs just like the NHS. Because we the people see the need for these things in a real world, where we can never get rich but our health will soon become the only thing that we can do something about, and the preventative policies and the development of good health practices will help to wean a society of the wear it out till it breaks then go and fix it mentality that currently drives the limited thinking practices of this consume it all society that the establishment mind set is driving us with into a day when all resources are depleted and the fat cats are all gone. 


The all or nothing attitude of the asset stripping bodies that are killing the NHS by strangulation and adverse rules and restrictive regulations, will kill off the last life signs of the ailing old man of Europe while he is still on the last lifeline of the waning life support mechanism, that is having its funding re channelled, just like schools, police and housing into the never ending black hole that is the war on terrorism black back of unrestricted access of diminishing returns. 


Ever wondered why the private sector has never achieved the dreams of avarice and become a stable entity, that never has to dip into the public sector purse to stay afloat, that never has to use small print to get out of jail free, or employing soulless pen pushers to penny pinch and wring every ounce of work out of every resource. Just why after centuries has this dream never been realised.


A cop arrests a man that tells him that he is breaking the law and then the brat trumps up charges against the public minded citizen and then after the unlawful incarceration of the said public minded Joe, the charges are dropped and the man is released with an apology.


How many core individuals of the public enforcement brigade manage to skip prosecution in the off the public radar, quickie fines loophole. The get out of jail free card that the sate runs under the public radar to let of the roughnecks that it employs and cant keep on a tight reign  


Gordon soothsayer Brown has predicted with his magical crystal ball a billion jobs, an economy doubling and a windfall for the struggling populace, that is facing higher food prices, and economic squeezes from the modern day highwaymen as they tell us to stand and deliver. Phone companies that have a fully automated system in place and the existing workforce has been frozen they don’t hire very often, doubling price tariffs for contracts and hitting the pay as you go penny pinchers right in the pocket another bellow the belt low blow by the greed driven muck of creation.


The last power companies that held out as long as they could have finally folded and jumped onto the rip off bandwagon as it starts to get up a full head of steam and starts to drive the present floundering system over the edge of the abyss into oblivion.


Another prediction from the 3D thinking of the virtual world of man of the moment is the Storm Of the Century, the storm that never was is fizzling into a bit of a blow hard. But the man has had a dummy run at massive nuclear clearances just in case, what with the bullish Ruskies flexing their muscles in the Baltic’s. Never miss an opportunity to practice for the worst and plan for the worst, and claim a good rehearsal if it doesn’t materialise.


Alistair Darling is the new voice of doom and his crystal ball must be enormous, and his clarity greater than any of the other sign of the times readers. The Daily Mail with its socially scathing accusation that the great British public will revert to type, the type that industry has fostered and that we will all abandon our own moral fibre, well we cant regulate food intake, alcohol intake and we cannot help but be greedy and we will all revert of the law of the jungle survival of the fittest.


All these prophetic visions coming from the grey mass of the logic machines and at a time when all of the Horoscopic Voyeurs of the probabilities have all taken a back step and now rely on automated systems that will rake the gullible form their hard earned in a format for provision. And now that all of these informed guessers are all making educated guesses and are shaking off the reserves of good sense and are now laying their necks on the public chopping block of unforgettable calamities and are now prey to the falling axe of public opinion, just waiting to unfold, you would think that Michael Fish was an abject lesson on what not to stick your neck out over, almost anything else but the weather man. Logics long standing bias for interpretation the facts as they are presented, before the whole and complete picture is realised in hindsight, is now on the other camp of the informed guesser. Maybe this will become the next generation of television entertainment, how wrong can you be and how far from the mark did you drift.  


The limitations of the one eyed man, and the limitation of the biopic man, are depth perception and insight. The 3D visual of the third eye invokes the minds eye and all of the wisdom contained in the imagination. Mind the bottom step it’s a long way down to earth.