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The Good the Bad and the Bungly

Never look a gift Horse in the Nags teeth.

Greece is trying to jump out of the deep fat yet again and will probably end up spit roasted and sold off as kebabs’. The wobbly Euro is in the last faltering stages of its final spin on the world wide monopoly board game of credit and debits.

The IMF substitute who was brought onto the pitch in the final closing minutes of the, ‘it’s too late to save the teetering tottering world as it heads for the brink of destruction’ decision of the world monies markets defenders, may well be just another case of too little too late. While Boris Johnson gives a double barreled blunderbuss approach to the solution, of let them sink or swim.

In the real world businesses have had to do exactly the same thing, and banks have used the corporate enforcement arm (judiciary) to foreclose, repossess and call in loans to asset strip the defaulter to the bone. The same laws should apply to banks and governments after all the world doesn’t exist because of economics it’s just the present heavy leaded fuel in the present system that old relic the combustion engine of the late industrial age, commerce.

The present ‘we want to control everything and run everything brigade of tin pot dictators’ have to artificially prop up the failing system surely shows us clearer than at any time in history how false the whole thing is and how it can no longer be considered fit for purpose. For a group that want to control the whole shebang they have not presented a scaled working model of a solution they just want to get the nosebag back on, to plaster over the cracks and to keep cranking it to give themselves the privileges they have enjoyed since they first fooled us into thinking an artificial environment that has no substance, that lacks the collective faith, has no growth sectors and always appears to be treading water is not a solution but a process in action. This type of two dimensional system when applied to a 3D world is always doomed to fail in a spectacular fashion.

So lest recap shall we, in the middle of the worst economic meltdown the known world has ever seen in the recorded history of time, the morons we no longer believe can rule, that have no credibility left and the system that is failing to ever pay for itself, price things right, give a layered salary index that give even the poorest nations in the global mythical economic pyramid of commerce a decent standard of living, in a global multiversity of life only one enforced system will do and those that want to keep it will enforce it on every nation if we let them.

It must surely be time to reset the balance books and eradicate debt, so that every country gets a chance to start with a clean sheet. The ‘don’t do anything until you have to’ mindset of wait and see band of brothers know this and will not let the present carcase of the lifeless system slip beneath the icy waters after the economic Titanic of the wall street dream factory has already settled on the dark silted bottom of the Atlantic shelf.

A system that has never balanced the books, paid its way, become the self sustaining profit making lie they sold it as, must surely be listening to the death knell’s of the bell that tolls for the end to all redundancies. The solution is for the system that has never taken a loss because they send the boys round and asset strip you to preserve themselves, must wipe the debt off and reset all the balance books to zero for it to work ….. but the must control everything programming will not let them ….. so the people that will not be forced to bear the yoke of oppression ever again will not keep this redundant system afloat anymore for the one percent that don’t deserve the privileges they have by our discretion, application and sacrifices. This would make it the single biggest loss of any kind in the history of the world. As fate would have it the we never lose concrete boys will force a standoff and end up with 100% of nothing instead of an even share in a balanced future and a fresh start for a world in the grip of panic at the alternatives.

So, it is all of nothing or a share in something ………. no ……….. too complex for the concrete mindset to grasp the foundations of. Probably have to set it out in stone for them to get the idea.

Shame the technology was just getting interesting, worldwide mass communication, no big brother style virtual crowd control devices (hmm) and no restrictions to the ability to share information or to be able to join unmonitored group connections of affiliated people and minds and to exchange ideas and to keep ourselves abreast of the state of world affairs.

Yeah right luv the cheque is in the post; of course I will respect you in the morning.

Born of the Warrior Race

In the night a maelstrom had built of the headland

Raising litter and debris amid a twister of sand

The storm moved sharply inland cutting across the strewn battle field

Through the gully towards the enemy camp, a raging fury that will not yield


This ground was hard won in the dying light

Our homeland is evacuating as we have this last fight

Our children and loved ones are now safely gone

They will remember these deeds in some ode or some song


A final huddle at this highest mound

The weighing of weapons, men’s ragged breath the only sound

The night takes flight before the advance of the dawns new light

Thirty men will now stand, for this final unplanned fight


Born of the warrior race

Brothers shoulder to shoulder, friends back to back, Enemies face to face

Battle lines drawn, the still before the storm

As the light gathers before the coming harm


The captain returns from the bloodied battle ground

Wiping blood from sword, swift dispatch the wounded found

Cold rations of tack and a shared water flask

The eight hundred enemies will be taken to task


When this day is done, they can claim that they won

They laid siege to our towns, and ravaged this land, that is the least they have done

The fleet set sail with its cargo of our precious love

It’s time to make peace with the maker above


The Storms devastation cut a path from the battle ground to the enemy’s camp

The storm rages once more, then abates and the enemy is gone, like snuffing of a lamp

Thirty grown men now on their knees and tears soak the sod

Silence sets in as they view the scene of this timely act of god.

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Paying Lip Service

Saying One thing & …

There is no fool like an old fool, the enterprising Mr Hefner has tried to paper over the cracks in his publicity relationship ‘what is it about celebrity marriages, they never last’ with a little shop front sticking plaster but the hole in that boat that will make sure it can never float is of course …. The postal deliveries of the publication in question that cannot be doctored and will just become priceless, awe what a shame.

Talking about saying one thing and doing another has its roots in the old adage that you must never let the left hand know what your right is doing. Well we have just announced to the world and its assassins that ‘Captain Wales’ is joining the fray one more time. Can’t quite think why seems like a nice young man, loaded with good intentions and loved by his family so why hang him out to dry, one word from the commander-in-chief would nip that folly in the bud … but.

Double standards and one rule for the one percent and another for the rest of us is still the order of the day. The government expects that everyone will be scrupulously honest, above board and reliable beyond measure, an expected level of full transparency of all your actions, dealings and of course interactions shall be made available to the high and mighty’s corporate conniving voyeuristic state snoopers as and when they say for any excuse they make up and suits their purposes as and when they please.

They on the other hand can say things like, ‘we are adding our air support to protect the people on the ground and we are there for no other reason’ oh yeah that was a good one, but these pillars of their own PR statements will, lie to you, keep you in the dark, let their old Alma-Ata college mates asset strip the country, hand over taxes to failed banks that can still do as they please and no laws being re-written to rein them in ….. hmm.They have now sorted out their group fiddled expenses to their mutual satisfaction while they cut back on public sector services and the good old excuse is money, in a world where the imminent collapse of a financially driven world is going through its death throes and the pitched battles in Greece are the front line in the people’s rallying shout ‘who do you think we are, you did this we will not pay to save your asses’, we will not indenture ourselves to a financial system that is being kept in place that uses, lies, cheating, backstabbing tactics and underhanded trick to cut each others throats in a world where we are all forced to be squeaky clean, open and transparent and will be enforceable held to task for any deviation of the rule for us, unlike the no rules for all of them then.

Don’t you just love living in a unified and united world where we are all on the same page following the same universally agreed script for our mutual benefits with no delayed costs for our future generations at the hands of the people who insist that they are only working in our collective best interests.

In the present times while life has taken a turn for the worse none of the wheels have fallen of the wagon yet, this as the NHS government u-turn has shown that they still do not use joined up thinking and can’t seem to get their thinking straight and are likely to come out of the traps with a half cocked cobbled together solution that in the cold light of day will fade into insignificance, or will bloom into an embarrassing carbuncle once all of the facts are levied in the arena of the world stage, that will haunt them for weeks to come.

It is disappointing to find that the lies they used to justify going after Gadaffi, have just given the Arab alliance the right to help preserve Gadaffi by moving him around in secret to thwart the infidel (lying, cheating .. are all infidelities in anyones books) that says one thing and does another under the loosest of excuses.

Claims of ‘mission creep’ are coming from the world class creeps that pretend to be one thing and behave like dictators to their own unemployed, who are treated as guilty until proven innocent in the land of the innocent till proven guilty. That are now undermining educational establishments and are hiking the process out of the reach of the ordinary man, as a workforce should be kept at all times, dumb and obedient and given the minimum to induce contentment as they are lashed to the grind of the wheel as it crushes souls and wills as it saps the will to live from the veins of the mass of creation.

If we could at least find one area where these lying toads have actually got it right, education: no that’s still undergoing examinations, the Law, policing and prisons: no the jury is still out on the first, the second has been arrested in motion (CCTV) and the third has been overcrowded off the supportable page as all attempts to fix it have been locked away from the light of day for trivial indiscretions.

Paying lip service, saying one thing and doing another, it all seems to just be the order of the day here in bedlam, the pragmatist will of course just learn the tactics that work as they play both ends against the befuddled middle, as they rake it in stuffing their pockets with all they can haul. Double standards are rife from the highest echelons to the lowest ranks and duplicity seems to be acceptable to all levels of the greasy pole fraternity, yet they insist we be this Christian ideal and that we temper ourselves with a turn the other cheek policy of letting them away with even more even after having been caught out on more than one occasion with their collective paws in the cookie jar.

Warrior – Teiwaz

Faith Hope and Steel

Teiwaz: The rune for the ‘Warrior’, the main skills for a warrior are the survival skills that enable man to endure the harshest terrains and conditions with the ability to fare well and remain fit, active and focused with good spirits intact. The disciplined mind of a warrior that has come through trials and tribulations that the common man would never even contemplate undertaking, that enables him to keep the body fit, alert and active. The skills that a warrior needs to provide for long journeys have usually been instilled since childhood.

The current trends when under the influence of the Spiritual Warrior rune, usually dictate a need for faith to be brought to the fore, the need for a steel will that is held in readiness, a fortitude that is born of long campaigns and tough trials. When faced with the hard reality of the toughest of circumstances that are being made harder by inclement weather is enough to shake the hopefuls resolve when coupled with hard tack and marching rations the resolution will be tested. A seasoned campaigner with an eye on the long term will have saved their rations of hope until the long dark night just when it will be needed the most.

Old enmities will have a new chance to be resolved as well as the chance that new information will help to make old issues better understood allowing for a new type of progress without resentments. The night watch must remain awake till the first light to keep the feelings of ease intact throughout the encampment. The rallying call of the new dawn’s chorus will rouse the weary watcher as the first warm rays of the sun start the daily process of bringing the sleeping to full wakefulness.

Arise and meet the day in unconscious rituals until the moment in the day when you awaken to yourself and your life, then deliver the ways and means to take your life on its allotted course of action.

Faith Hope and Steel Highlander.

Somethings Lost in Translation

Sending Mixed Signals

The Chilean cloud of gloom that is hovering over the south American air traffic lanes is blotting out the sun and is bringing a warm breeze and ash haze from the planets release southern valves, thank goodness it is just so much hot air and ash instead of rivers of molten lava.

The NHS reforms turnaround is yet another example that this government has not got a clue what it is doing and each faux pass and relent is costing the tax coffers twice in the thrust and redress tactics of doubt and blindsided thinking practices of back room think tank mushrooms, that are kept in the dark and fed bullsh@. Take it that expecting them to get it right first time with the accumulated experiences of previous history is out of the question then, ah well more of the same old same old spin and shimmy then.

For a country that at its ‘Empire’ heyday heights went around the world asset stripping every exploitable backwater country that had a wealth of natural products or assets, they lorded it over the local indigenous population, usually bearing arms to ensure their unhindered access to anything they wanted. So when Adam Smith brought out his wealth of nations treaties, this country had already asset stripped most nation’s wealth as they settled, bartered beads and trinkets and mainline’d the spices and riches back to the sacred Isles.

The anti nuclear lobby had a 95% boost to its credibility rating with the results from the Italian referendum reflecting the populations views on a nuclear solution for the modern industrial age. This is a popular stance for the new age of reason, why are we still considering quick and dirty solutions that are a danger to sustainable life. All this drive for more power in a shrinking manufacturing footprint, why is there no research into more efficient ways of generating electricity from water, where a continuous stream or tidal effect is missing, why is there no development for deep water, ballast and buoyancy techniques using relays of smaller channelled turbines, after all in this day and age friction should no longer be a problem, not when you already have a means to circumvent its intrusion and free up resources to generate or harvest water just using deep water pressure to generate a constant supply of lower yield of power for household uses.

Why isn’t the generation of electricity regional instead of coming from a smaller populations thinking as to how growth could be assured and supply made to meet demand, the Victorian thinking of one centralised towering instability that could hold all the very edges of everything together never could hold water even in their day.

Every large roofed area in every town can supply a percentage of filtered and treated water for the home that collects it, any other buildings could collect and store as much as is needed and this could then be auctioned off to farmers in case of droughts. Any flood area could be harnessed to fill underground reservoirs to aid the same forlorn weather downtrodden areas as their worst expectations are met with the unstable weather patterns of the British Isles, one extreme to the other is the collective expectations and beliefs about British weather isn’t it, careful what you wish for or you will most often meet your expectations positive or negative.

One overbearing unwieldy straining under the unrestricted growth by population explosion, and no one saw it coming, whose watch was that then. An infrastructure that never had a development plan to deal with growth, did they get that plan from the kindergarten pre schoolers. So why is it that everything is so expensive we can no longer’ afford’ to pay our way, so why is the present system so resistant to doing what is necessary to get the whole thing back up and running instead of, looking for someone to blame for it, local services are being shrunk just when they need to grow. Politicians are still making the same noises and the results are more of the same old same old tactics.

How come they still appear to be saying one thing and just end up doing the other (take that anyway you like) and still the blame game is going on instead of hard solutions being sought or even contingency plans being dusted off for the forthcoming need to rebuild the decaying and crumbling infrastructure. No can’t work that one out, must be something lost in the translation from the electioneering mantra for us to ‘give us your vote’ to ‘well! look at the mess they left us, no money in the coffers, but we did get our expenses wrangle back on track thank you mam’, no must just be another mystery then. Talk about sending out mixed signals.

Tote that barge lift that bale, we have lots of plans that are doomed to fail.

Right before your very Eyes

Just a trick of the Light

The threatened changes to the benefits system, the largest single change since the 1940’s has hit a snag before it had even left the launch bay. The signals were all go …… from the grumblings from the rank and file… I have to so why shouldn’t …. hard work never harmed anybody ……. This should have sealed the fate of the unfortunate that find they are unemployed, on the wrong side of the skills barrier when education courses have just been priced out of the unfortunate’s pockets or capability to find the resources and grants to step back on the treadmill. They will of course be subject to the will of the people and effectively lose all their civil rights as they become the new slave class of the halls of Hades .. tote that barge lift that bale, put a foot wrong and you’ll end in jail. The funny thing is not a person actually looked at the bigger picture, shall we……. go on you know you want to.

Well let’s look at the of the employment figures for the last three years. The decline in manufacturing and the stagnation of the leisure industry bubble as well as the failure of the financial sectors businesses has almost disappeared since the banking and the worldwide economic non-depression happened. It’s not looking hopeful as you can see the drop off in employment is what you would expect.

The fact that more people that have been hiding in the grey areas have been ousted as the facts about the figures has emerged. The true state of unemployment had never taken into account the amount of students, the numbers of prisoners, the amount of people that are on long term disability as well as the amount of people that are classed as working that are actually receiving sick pay. The unknown numbers of the great unwashed the ‘care less in the community’ are the ghost statistics that haunt every poll ever made in the last forty years.

The whole thing is a morass of cover-ups and misdirection’s that is a nightmare to unravel. Some things are clear from the outset though. The left hand graph shows a drop in the growth of employment since 2009 to a settled fluctuation from 2010 to 2011. This does not indicate deterioration, more of a redressed stabilisation to a particular set of parameters. The right hand graph shows a wavering line with expected fluctuations to reflect, the part time and temporary or seasonal positions as they close and come available again.

Since the early eighties the jobs market has tended towards the growth of part time positions after all the long term life jobs are all taken by the cream and they are there for forty to sixty years, so the manufacturing workforce all had the same job slots, forty to sixty years, so the only place that is left in the swirling tempest of the economic and manufacturing whirlpool of the market is the part time positions.

This is all bad enough but the facts that have not been presented in this sad picture are the ones that will make the biggest impact, so it beggars belief that they are being omitted in the discussion stage of the development for changing the benefits system.

If there are no growth sectors in the shrinking industry sector, and only the same temporary and part time positions are being reused again and again, that still leaves a gap in the figures as there are less part time positions than there are seekers for them. Now in a depressed market like this if the state takes away a defaulters benefits, in the real world (having already experience this) you will sell of what you can to get by, then you will try begging on the street to keep life and limb intact. After that it is one small fall to crime or deaths door as some will certainly consider getting out of this man made misery.

The prisons are overcrowded and we can’t afford to house any more by building more. The police are already overstretched and the judicial system is already creaking under the burden of the present case load.

It is just one small step to take the whole thing back to soup kitchens instead of cash, second class produce and third rate monitoring will again turn that into a can of worms in little or no time at all. When there is no place to go to, when there is an unfair level of distribution of resources, when there is a penalisation of the unfortunate as the master of the universe get it all wrong yet again and show no signs of ever making this system that has never delivered, though it has always held out the bright hope and never, paid for itself, reinvested in itself to stop the need for bank loans, this produced a self cannibalising model that could never deliver. Asset stripping, hostile takeovers made sure no company could ever look to plump as they would find themselves under attack by the systematic sharks that feed on the bloated corpses of the decadent higher echelons of the corporate entities of the last four decades.

If you start with a premise that you can make more of a profit by making a thing cheaper, then market competition forces create a situation where the goods are made so cheaply that they cannot do the job for long or well, that the industry only had one expected outcome right from the beginning, diminishing goods, material costs and quality of materials for costs and manufacturing process it was always going down the tubes. The numbers do not add up, everything that is made must be fit for purpose, industry and manufacturing never set a minimum cost that reflects a true assessment of materials, costs and packaging as well as storage, transport etc.

Using this same thinking if you threaten the unemployed is that coercion, is that extortion, extorting labour for welfare, may as well put anybody that becomes unemployed straight in jail and then press gang them all into shoring up this failing system, before the global changes bring the whole ball of dirt to its final conclusion, don’t you just hope that the idiots that make these sort of new rules up are the ones right in the path of the Armageddon tidal wave they are all half expecting as they cannot seem to get anything right for furtively looking over their shoulder as each of their contingencies all fail one after the other. Mind the bottom step guys it’s a doozy.

Simple Solutions

Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to dr…

The Phone hacking saga is moving into its second act of its three act play as the high echelon technophobe’s all throw their mobile phones away. The simple solution to this technical hitch is of course to switch your providers free answering service off, like say with Orange for example. The service that the provider gives costs the person paying for the call to record the message so that’s the first bite of the Apple, then when you listen to them on a pay as you go provision they charge you the second bite to listen to them, this service is usually ‘free’ on pay monthly as well as all the big benefits like text bundles as well as all the add-on perks they can provide. My how bribery still works when you are stealing candy from a baby. The major drawback is how the calls are stored and what sort of police force would love access to that information wow. No service equals no stored messages for any password swiping thief to steal a look at your connections for salacious interests sake. Or is that just tabloid titter tatters.

To avoid this just purchase an old fashioned answer phone App from the App store, that uses the phones recording facilities to store your missed calls onto your micro SD memory card. Set the App to straight to answer phone and mute the sound and microphone or set it to answer after three rings and remind the caller that they already paid to get this far so leave a message. This localised service not provided by the provider will of course require the caller to pay for the call just like the double whammy service the provider uses to charge you to listen to your own messages that they are very helpfully not policing under the data protection act, but with the App the message is on your securely locked phones memory card and can only ever be accessed from your friendly neighbourhood answer phone App all locked and secure with phone and sim pins. Or you can be just as terrified of the technology as some of the most outspoken card carrying fully paid up members of the great misinformed technophobe’s club on the planet today.

Anybody needing technical advice my number is 4%6&3”07^*90 feel free to call me anytime. I’m here till Thursday, that’s actually Thor’s day, just in case anybody is interested……. just saying …………… just saying.

The rain has been building England’s thirst this last month with its teasing dance of a little taste of honey, the parched earth is crying out to slake its thirst as the arid dust blows across the shrivelled crops of the once mighty British harvest …. er … well ….. ah …. well, maybe not then. But it is getting a bit parched down south.

Sometimes the solution is right before our eyes, a simple App that uses functions already available and no one at the top of the greasy pole noticed this glitch in the market ….. hmm… and yet there are lots of useless meaningless ‘App’s’ out there and yet can anyone find an Answer Phone App.

Unless of course you believe that after slaking a thirst it takes a while to build another, and after a feast you are likely to fast easier if the feast was ‘mid winter’ and the provisions before had been scrimped till the feast of celebration of life, to eat and drink and live well, half way through the winter (the long dark night) was the first seasonal feast of celebration the world ever knew, then back to the easy ride to the early spring provisions, that will keep body and soul together till the main seasonal harvest and the laying down of provisions for the long winters night. The fact that abstinence takes discipline and dedication was and always will be a test of character.

It can’t be that Apple and the rest of the heads in the sky profits of the new age didn’t think ahead and have a ready stockpile in storage for the day that everyone becomes IT savvy, to the can and can not’s in the modern media connected new age of enlightenment can know their way around the virtual clubhouse.

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Like being held suspended in a sea of turbulent motion or being indebted in the midst of a wealth of debt. All those seas of cash that keep the rivers of commerce running and yet access is so restricted so that the poor bear the highest burden as they struggle to keep the squandering upper echelons of the pyramid of control in the rivers of wealth as the needy lie languishing in the stagnant pools of no resources.

The Irony cannot be lost on any of the hard pressed that have watched themselves reach to achieve their goals to find themselves again at the gate of snatched opportunity or gazumped at the final furlong by the post piping antics of the spoilsports of the age old game of time and queue jumping. And if it can happen to a notable horse fancier then we are all truly held to the same set of rules and laws as each other no matter how some will try to see themselves as different because of status or wealth. We all have to have water, shelter, power and food the rest is just the trimmings, if you like the icing on the cake.

The view from the centre of the city and from the great heights of tower blocks is a very different view than it is from the shanty towns that cling to the edges of every great metropolis in the world. The bottom up view always sees the necessities better than any high flying eagle eye ever will from their loft towers and great heights of perception, while the lowly will provide from their perspective the insight of the tolerances that are bearable in the hurly burly hectic life as seen from the high backed chairs of the incidentally elite minority.

All top down methodologies perceptions must now be tempered by the foresight of the hard pressed as it is formulated from the insights of hindsight.

The Self – Mannaz

Singularity in Plural

The drawing of a single rune is a solitary reflection on a subject, the whole idea of a layout is to try to place the drawn rune in a localised context for the reading to reflect the meaning in a way that will aid the inquirer.

The Rune for this week is the Self, drawn at a time when the sun is in a hyper active state, politicians are looking more and more impotent in the face of the world dissatisfaction at the cost of living escalation’s that are undermining any form of global economic stability from ever getting out of the black hole that all of the nations greed has dug in the world trade markets. The free fall isn’t likely to end in a light touchdown when the final reckoning lands with an almighty bump.

The Self is a character that is a made up from the rune character Joy and a reflection  of a mirror image of Joy, the whole premise of some observations of the self is that we are all one half of a pairing. Joy is by its makeup a purely positive emotion that has no negative aspects, but it has an opposite state in misery or depression. Some people may see the correlation between the male and female principles. A couple will mirror each other and reflect their state to one another in exchanges.

The main viewpoint for the observation of the drawing of the Self for this week is all things that relate to being, wholeness and well being in particular. This is not to suggest that ill health is an issue at this time it is more likely to be bringing to the fore, a process of self re-orientation or an indication of new inner alignments.

The general trend around this drawing is the Self is highlighting the process of streamlining finances, goals and directions in the flow as things around us all in the greater world affairs are showing similar changes in action commitments and associations.

The good manners of a civilised society is seen best in the display of manners and social exchanges. The protocols of business have established a reasonable etiquette for the transition to a more inclusive view that takes into account the other people in the exchanges, like needs and comforts or rights. The PC dictate’s that have been left after so many public ridicule reactions to some of the more wacky state protocols will through the process of elimination or just through the natural life cycle of redundancy checking to leave us with a socially aware set of recommendations for the present decade.

The idea that the self is and does not need any form of adjustment mechanism is a little naive and will only add to the ego’s tendency towards sloth and find an inner ally in the resistance to change that is the stumbling block for most historic civilisations.

The past is littered in literary epic’s of the demise of civilisations and empires that we are not stuck for a prime example or two to choose from. That aside the present diminishing world with its almost instant globalisation of rumours, news and theories in the virtual stratosphere is growing from strength to strength. At this time this new alignment of personal space, needs, goals and past achievements is opening up a new Pandora’s box of woes for the corporate world and the governmental limitations of boundaries and borders and their need to control flow, movement and exchanges. The new personal freedoms are though still being infringed on by some of the players in the virtual meeting places of the new sky domain. Facebook and its use of personal information for apps is to access is worry enough but when you consider the use of facial recognition software to identify ‘friends’ that are in the stored pic’s on your private page without your permission to rake through your personal images, while the virtual friends who we have probably never met and don’t actually know will be naturally excluded from this process as they can’t turn up in a photo with you or any of your real friends.

The environment shrinks and the natives all redress themselves by proximity and established connections is a natural process. The tribe of man is getting his bearings for the New Age transition from the redundant ways of the old world as more and more people take a more active interest in making the world of their choosing instead of merely accepting the one foisted on us by the imperial state of expedient and convenience. The old whatever would suit them and we would wear it days are nearly over and the inflexibility of old restrictions are being stretched to their furthest extents since the hippy push to make a better world for our children, without the dominating regimes of the dinosaur concrete boys of old, rubbing their hands at the thought of the profits to be had from a docile and obedient consumer.

The process of re-assessing our own self in our own domain is a healthy realignment from the process for growth. If you know who you are and where you find yourself is understandable and assuming that you have a good take on the present circumstances in which you find yourself, then your orientation needs only to take a closer look at your goals and expectations to determine the best path to choose to take you to your expected or desired outcome.

So if you know who you are, where you come from and know what is going on and the rules of play are clear then your target or goal is almost inevitable in most cases. This will have the effect of natural letting all forms of redundancy drop from your central consciousness and your thinking practices almost mapping out a course of action with greater clarity and less uncertainty than this world has enjoyed in over four decades and on a global scale that the world has never seen before according to recorded history.

Jumping the Gun

Faiths leap of Insight

Human nature has a tendency to presume the worst then to, plan a strategy to handle the worst outcomes then the first rule for that is to set up the relevant prevention for the worst contingency. This sort of pessimism is the standard knee jerk reaction for the species. In small situations and limited results situations this sort of quick fix thinking is standard for the species.

A case in point is the current set of circumstances surrounding the E-coli outbreak. The first hook was that the cucumbers were to blame and well before the facts or the evidence had a chance to be proven the knee jerk had the Spanish tipping out thousands of pounds worth of perfectly good ‘untested cucumbers’ in case they were and the authorities could look like they are on top of the whole situation. Well as we now know that was a red herring but the repercussions from it have cost hundreds of thousands in the loss of consumer confidence in the crop from the Spanish investment for their whole agricultural profits. The continuing saga of the likely culprit has moved to the German home market for the bean sprouts, and before another reaction could set in after the last best guess an official announcement was broadcast asking people to bear with them as the bean sprouts turned out to be yet another red herring, this calming effect will obviously work on the buying public like the British being told by broadcast that the home market could be regarded as being safe to use the present crop in this nation.

The trade damage is going to leave repercussions for a long time in the get that right reaction that will doubtless follow the first claims and counter claims for compensation, initial blame and more knee jerk reactions that will make up the aftermath of doubting Thomas mindsets fiddlers to the tune of the modern-day dance of denial and prevarication. This dance has now ended so step back to the edge of the dance hall and align yourself with your present partner as they face you. Take an attitude of mutual harmony and then align yourself to the ways of the path as you know them to be, then hold them true to this forevermore even if they move away from your closeness, never doubt them or worry for them for your love will be with them for all their lifelong until we all meet up in that place where we all meet up.

There is no place left in this world for doubt to rule the roost, for that little cackling cockerel can crow his song of grief and loss never again, for the new tune of the day is one of joy. The way ahead looks troubled and the land is in the midst of a mild fever and the dark cloud will pass into the mists of yesterday for this mild trouble that we see in the weather is the actions of cleansing the world views. The full potential of the new awakening will not ever again need to be driven by the tools of the husbandry rule of thumb that has restricted the awakening of the world to its true potential for the tomorrow of our hopes and dreams, that from the foundations of a troubled and bloody history the jewel of creation was born in the hearts and minds of the youthful hearts and clear minded perceptions and insights of the gentile in residence for the meek are they that shall inherit the workings of the world with no hardened edge to cut the accuser to the quick with, to instead believe in the very best of the very best of all of us regardless of the wealth position or acclaim that beguiles the senses of the world in passing and in that final moment of realisation of watching something terrible and yet precious leaving existence in the only way that it can is it transmutes into the blueprint in its suppressed regressions that never got to play jump to the fore of the dance of the way home. The resurrection of the lord of the Phoenix is born from the temperate fires that mould the soul of the new awakening. For the worst begging’s imaginable was how he wrote the begging to be, to start in paradise be thrown out, your children to end up at the brink of their own total annihilation and to at the final hour relent the relentless onrush of self destruction, to see the light of realisation glint of the furthest perceptions of the brightest insights to the way back to paradise from the depth of the darkest pit for it is the star to take the prodigal son home, as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end.

That’s a wrap now for the after party that is the party at the end of time, you see it is after the end and that’s the only after party to want to go to so save up all your passes for that day.

Perceptions Insights

20/20 Foresight

In this world there are no guarantees of any kind, yet the system that has never delivered, wants to hold the unemployed to their word, that they are in all honesty doing what they say they are doing when they sign for their doled out existence, by people who are on ten times their money and are not held to their word that they will do what they were elected to do or even that their action plans to bring about their manifesto changes failures, will never be held against them but ……. if your unemployed that’s a different thing entirely and needs no acts of legislative changes and at that level they don’t even have civil rights so it’s alright to use extortion they can’t afford the legal fees mate. Yet they will not be held accountable for keeping on letting bankers away with holding the tax payer to ransom, ah I get it now, less dole money equals more tax pounds for the banks (sorry guys didn’t get it all). That they will not swindle the system as they see fit, taking the benefits of being employed in the elite one percent of injunction persecution dodger’s haven of refuge. That they will become accountable to the scrutiny of the public that pay their salary just as they persecute the unemployed to a two-year jail term on the dwindling jobs treadmill as they stream line the unemployed and coerce them to be the ten pound a week plus benefits cares of the aging population, no can’t be can it.

Did none of these idiots ever learn that a belligerent workforce causes the development of all kinds of working to rule policies to hinder the job and to stick it back to the man for denying the unemployed their civil right to be innocent until proven guilty, instead of being put under a microscope five days a week by a ‘lucky to be employed’ state lackey breathing down their necks without a criminal accusation being levelled and without a single legislative leg to stand on in any European community court, that wants to win the British populace’s allegiance to Brussels rule of laws. One law for the fiddlers and another for the organ grinder, but it is still the monkey doing the dancing to the tune of a very big stick with no carrot whatsoever. Like that will ever work and not just cost the tax payer more to police, check, enforce. So that when it fails like all the rest they can complain that it’s the useless unemployed again bucking the enforced saddling of the new slave class of rules of the free democratic State of Britain. Couldn’t just ask a professional psychologist’s advice before you come up with some cockamamie of the top of your head guaranteed to fail solution in this ‘Springtime for Hitler’ short run play as they stall and prevaricate and show that they do not have any solutions, but they do still know how to look busy and to keep everyone distracted as they fiddle and we burn at their expense on account of course.

All of the jobs that can be filled full-time, well paid with all of the perks and privileges are filled, and they are filled for life for the top-notch elite born one percent (50-60 working years barring accidents), the second strata down has the right pay all the privileges that they were born with and no company perks bar the social structure of the position, or the international standing of the company. Then there is the jobs for life with the right pay, no perks and no privileges at all are also filled for life, then the substrata levels, the percentages of the right pay, tradeoffs in some benefits and again no privileges are also jobs for life and there are only some minimal replacement slots as one or two may break the rules and get caught, or someone dies or marries well and moves out of the grid.

That brings us to only the part-time slots that the ‘you can have anything in the world as long as you believe and work hard to get it or re-educate to climb the mythical ambitious ladder to achieve your dreams’ that’s the gullible ill educated poorly treated will never fit ins, then there is the unemployed the slave labour for the pittance that is decreed from above by our betters, subsistence cash, no perks no civil rights, the you will do as your told and like it strata that all the rest above fear to find themselves sliding down the greasy pole into and will instead of helping the oppressed level will do the ‘skip past the guillotine’ dance of the fake revolutionary’s by hiding in the ranks of the oppressor and condemning the new serfs ‘vive le revolution no, mon amee’.

Ah well like the old tribes of the old world would say about it ‘it is better to live up river from your enemies, in case they pee in the river to get their own back’ than to have to always boil your water just in case. The poverty trap is necessary for this next ruse that it all works and you can climb this mythical ladder to? Be put in charge of an economic institution that has to get this country’s financial transaction moving again, when the whole world has drawn in its belt, the recession that didn’t happen has not gone away (must be Mr Nobody then) and the so-called and much hyped and anticipated expectations from the ‘pay the tax direct to the bank, do not go to jail pick up two hundred pounds and count your blessings manoeuvre’, bringing sighs of relief from the players in the market of ‘thank goodness  the plebs didn’t catch wind as to what is actually going on or we would all be in for it’, hate to be a spoil sport but the cat is definitely out of the bag now oops.

They do say you cannot have it all, they also say life is what it is so get used to it quickly it won’t change just for you or if fortune brings you lemons, make lemonade. You can’t keep a good man down is now proven to be a lie, as only the elite are born into good fortune and they are privileged by an accident of birth and not any kind of reflection of moral or personal worth. Nobody said life would be fair after all.

Even being of royal lineage having all the privileges of position and power and wealth in abundance is no guarantee that you will ever have a derby winner, so fate is the only thing that can breach all the barriers even those of the heads of state.

So what are they going to do with an aging population, a growing unemployable workforce, a decline in manufacturing, a hike in the cost of living and no one stupid enough to join the mythical war as they now know it’s just a state sponsored euthanasia program that has been around since the dawn of time to get rid of in-house insurgents and dissidents that just won’t jump when they are pushed and will dig in and instead become entrenched at the roots of the system closest to the plug if the born trouble makers that are stirring up a middle eastern cauldron of trouble and have had to resort to providing air cover as no one wants off the dole that bad that they will end up on the ground in another sovereign state killing innocent’s (one million innocent’s is collateral damage only in a heartless accountants books) dying for yet another lying politician that likes to pick their fights to suit their own purposes, and get rid of the troublesome dissidents.

Now if you cannot have an omelette without breaking eggs and in this life there is no guarantee of immunity to the pains of life, the sons of Thomas have brought the modern world to its collective knees. It is past time for to ask that faith be the way forward, towards an agreed consensus about the final destination. Never a referendum when you need one and with this government, never a referendum about the right things for the whole of us.

The Tsunami brought the fact that the world has shrunk under the developing umbrella of the new technological age and its new shiny personal devices, there is no place to run, who do you think you are kidding, they must still be using an eighteenth century profiling system for the lower classes. Get with the program boys don’t you know ‘Things they are a changing, the ways of life are rearranging baby’ and no matter how much you want, a race winner you will be no luckier that anyone else at getting what you want.

You can’t always get what you want, so get used to it it’s out of your hands from here on in.

The Charioteer