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Wild Life

Mystery Solved

The whirlwind visit by Barrack O’Bama has left the nation a little disjointed, the politicians are a bit sluggish, and the press seem to be at a loss of focus, the main thing at the moment is that FIFA needs a kick in the shorts and some of them seem to need the boot to be honest. And it is only having a few problems, what is a crisis after all.

The weather is again settling down to its good old British norm and the Clyde side wildlife is getting on with the business of raising young and protecting territory as well as putting the bacon on the plate for the day.

Last June a new paired couple of swans started a nest on the right bank of the Clyde. They had a clutch of three eggs out of which only one chick was produced, then the male turned up with a lame leg and the next site had been ransacked.

It looked at the time that it was ether a Heron had gotten territorial, a grey seal that keeps on coming up the river past the weir may have attacked the male had a run in and the pair could not defend from whatever took their brood.

It looks like a beady eyed nest robber.


Jump forward to this year and the pair had stayed together and had started to build a new nest on the last location site, back to the business of life.

Then the weather changed and the Clyde burst its banks causing mayhem for the swans.

Then the water level just kept rising until.

Then the two swans moved down the bank to a new site and settled down.


The two of them remained here for about two days then they moved to the other bank, then they disappeared for about a week. Two summers in a row so far the couple have been unlucky? Well on the surface that is how it looked until.

The fox and her cubs have taken over the old site and with a pair of foxes on this bank the two swans have disappeared back up the river for the rest of the year. The right hand image shows the fox watching the nest site from the fallen tree in the left hand image.

The Heron used the branch on the left image just to the right of the fox to watch the nest site last year and can be identified from the above images of the Herons.

After being disturbed the vixen and her two cubs went to ground. They didn’t go far just a matter of twenty meters or so down the river bank away from the old nest site above right image. The vixen caught my scent and ran to ground again but came back for the cubs.


Heading for ground the Clyde side swan hunters and cubs.

The funny thing about the whole saga is that it has taken eleven months to see all of the players in the drama. The foxes must be the young from an urban pair that first showed up here three years ago. The are larger than the vixen I saw so I presume that it’s the older couples from three years ago’s cub, that is still tied to the local.

Without all of the facts straight away it looks like you think it is with some of the facts missing, then it appears like what you want it to be but never ticks all of the boxes, then when you see the missing evidence it all clicks into place, makes a police force that has a time limit predisposed to always making assumptions without all of the facts, sort of got mistrial spelled all over it before it even gets out of the brief. A results based pay puts all of the wrong incentives in place to bring any real sort of justice to any investigation.

Careful what you wish for

So how is the lemonade business then?

Well you may have noticed that the Norse gods, were blowing ‘wind and @ish water’, and smoke in our direction for the last we while. Even though it didn’t rain on our neighbours royal parade, the weather has been stuck in a groove for a while and April had been held back to long and look at the shower of deluges that have been blighting the land.

Well as the old saying goes when god gives you lemons son, better learn how to make lemonade, now in the wake of the wind and water and after the smoke has cleared (fix that faulty valve will you) and it becomes evident the true extent of the natural pruning that has been done in the inner city and rural districts. The amount of cherry trees that have shed half of their stones unripe and the remainder is healthier and will produce hardier stock, is a small consolation to the jam industry. The amount of covered fruit plants that took a hammering and the crop is only a few weeks away, when the lid was removed from their coverings, there have been some losses to take stock of, all over this land.

With the sheer amount of wind damaged trees around the cities it may just be time for a pair of enterprising tree surgeons to send in a tender for some work to kick-start a new local business.

Can’t see the would for the trees.

Self fulfilling Prophecies

Reap what you so …

In an ideal world nobody would ever cry wolf, the law would serve the people, the people would all live in a state of mutual trust and of course, the cheque is in the post luv.

Meanwhile back here on prison planet earth, the Norse gods are spewing smoke into the country that accepted the smoking ban as a rule for all to follow, even though it was a police requested piece of policy as they could not just go into pubs (without due cause) and grab everybody and the ash trays to prove ….. er ….. that …. the joints in the ash trays had to have come from ……. well you can work the rest of that out yourself. So anybody standing outside could be filmed in the new media policing GB of the once and future perfect state of affairs. After all with the advent of video playback in traffic cops ‘unmarked’ cars the possibilities became endless.

The world is in a state of flux, sort of hovering one foot in the past and one ready to land on the way forwards first step, precariously balanced mid faith between the world that is casting off the old mortal coil and the spiritual release to come with the liberating first step into the new age.

The thing about the nations of man is not the conscious intent or the collective groupings, for they are the consciousness of mankind and are born of trial and tribulation and step forward in trepidations stilted action. It is the level of unconscious ties and binds that hold the various groups together.

Say there is a particular group of people who believe they will ascend to their heaven on a particular day, and it does not happen as predicted is that a lack of conscious intent and faith, or that the largest body of faith in the world (those that don’t share the view) that holds a ‘yeah right like that will ever happen’ view and that, that collective unconscious faith inhibits the world being able to manifest the lesser groups will and faith and that it had little or nothing to do with interpreting time tables, calculating periods or any other thing else.

If imagination is all about potential and probabilities, then intuition has to cover the knowing down to the pragmatic level, leaving the instinctive level of matter to be representative of all that matters. The universal equation that has the rule of law here is take your greatest hopes away from your worst expectation and whatever is the remainder will be all that you will manifest.

Now lest look at another area of matter related problems, how many of the world’s population religious or even scientific people, agnostic or atheistic people have a conscious expectation of a world calamity ending for this little ball of mud. Armageddon, Ragnarök or even the viewpoint of escalating weather fronts and increased volcanic activity, greater floods and land mass shifts as well as a destabilising weather systems around the globe. The soothsayers and the pundits and one or two of the prophets of the electronic highway are all being a bit closed mouthed about this, even the unexplained bird, fish and sea mammal deaths has not reached a fever pitch, kind of like they don’t want to mention the elephant that is making itself felt even if no one wants to see it.

Keeping this in mind we all understand that the consensus of the collective unconscious is an enormous faith or inclination based bias. The collective faith or will of a large group of people who have a fair percentage of the population in its collective body , will be all those in favour of the world ending under their collective assumptions, now comes the test of faith for the smaller more secular group that do not hold this point of view or anything like it, rather they all see the world progressively getting better and heading into an enlightened new phase of being. They are the less numerous and yet they live their lives in faith and have a greater amount of it for every low yielding doubting Thomas in the world.

On the one hand logic is prone to the predisposition of assuming the greater the numbers the greater the sway, well that fits in nicely with the monotheistic thinking practices of accountants and the men and women of no or little faith, so that makes a grouping of lots of little people with limited scope and imagination and very little faith that would just under the assumption of numbers have the greatest potential.

Look at the chart below it shows the range of faith in four typical types of people, the pessimist has the least faith and the greatest amount of doubt, so their faith in any expected outcome is really low to start with. While the Faith based individuals have the greatest amount of faith having used it or lived by it all their lives, this produces a collective unconscious consensus of both ends of the spectrum as well as the mid range pragmatists and optimists. Now with a consensus of the population of the world to identify the two areas and then to count the numbers is logics greatest need as it thinks numbers are greater the bigger they are.

The status quo is maintained by the balance between the two types, the light and the deep or dark states of being, now in the summer and with good weather the pragmatist becomes even more positive in their outlook until they are swayed even more towards the faith range of the optimists lowest ebb in their dark periods. Even the pessimist will lighten up and the faith based will soar to the sun powered limits of their personal scope.

We will speculate to see what the probabilities are from a base of six billion people in the world to calculate the probabilities from.

Now that we see that the best projected analysis of the collective consensus is about 32% are a positive faith Neutral Faith is about 30% while negative faith is about 38%.

The real problem is not that obvious as the areas of the pie shown above, it starts with most of the positive faith collective is high yield, from experience and from prolonged use, while the negative faith segment is exactly the same, but less positive if you look at the trends outcomes do favour good outcomes most of the time. It isn’t just positive pessimism it is an active faith in producing a negative outcome while the neutral collective are just people who do not rely on faith of any kind they are the hardened pragmatists who rely on a mechanical approach to life and the provision of solutions.

So the collective unconscious consensus of faith is a negative one, wouldnt want to get to rapturous at this moment in time but it doesnt bode well for a utopic world ascension either, even though the negative will detract from the positive it will be added to the negative minority and if we, reap what we sow, are what we eat, what goes arround comes arround, then it ‘looks like’ now is not a good time for a showdown. Of course they do, looks do decieve yeah.

How do you measure the grain of mustard seed, the faith based person may well live in positive faith but only have a small modicum of faith and this will produce sporadic results, the negative faith individual is the same. The only areas left for conversion are the people who do not use faith and just don’t want to play. Some faith based people have enormous faith and can bring amazing things into being, and the evidence is not there to sugest the same for the negative household, more good happens in the world than bad.

The weather is maybe the collective unconscious film goers faults, Day after Tomorrow, 2012 etc.

So the calculation that has to be considered most is using the universal equation, 32% for 30% against leaves a 2% difference until you weigh in the 38% abstainers which gives a negative value of 30% plus the 38% giving a negative value of 68% minus the positive 32% gives a minus of 36%.

It does look amazingly like the voting percentages the Condems at 32% and the Labour at 30% while the don’t votes are a massive 38%.

The conservatives set up the game and their old rivals and those that envy what they have set themselves up in opposition and undermine their games and play, to wrest what they have from them. The abstainers that do not want what either of them wants and just won’t play. Hmm can feel a couple of songs coming on.

Asset Stripping

Young Lions

Bird’s Eye View

The World Wide Footprint’s

The Irish had a party with the world’s most powerful man (as the media describe him) and he was there looking for lost punctuation if you believe the blarney. The Queen made a state gesture of reconciliation that was accepted by most of the Irish nation except for the minority of people who like to shout and wave banners as they don’t actually have a life.

The world stage has changed in the last decade from one where the Catholic Church could hide behind the law, the British could consider themselves a world power, and America could command the greatest control over world banking and world finance.

The changes that have happened are still in flux and will require a steady assistance to establish the new ways forward. Imagine a world where legislation is changed because the state cannot prosecute people for freedom of speech where, super injunction cowards can hide behind legal loopholes while the twitter-sphere and the main social networking platforms of the web make a mockery of gagging orders, that have a place in national security, but when they can be sold to the highest bidder with only a suggestion of blackmail as the excuse, it must be a blow for democracy as they become established as the state feedback device for monitoring the populace’s will and favour.

There are a few really worrying trends also going on at the moment. The world has seen more flood, tsunami, quakes and volcanic action in the last decade as the events appear to be getting closer together and more worryingly the levels of activities are strengthening. These are not the only things to worry about as we are hearing about more and more fish and bird deaths in large numbers around the world.

The current state of the plates of the globe and the volcanic activity can be seen here:

As you can see the main plate joins are the main areas for the volcanic valves to be located with only minor variances from the established trend.

This image shows the main flood regions in the world at present and the whole image shows a higher propensity in the southern regions of the central belt or the equator.

An other area of great concern is the seismic activity in the global village as seen from a better viewpoint.

The main areas to worry about are again the areas of land that surround the pacific basin, the plates have a lot to answer for it would seem.

The last and most disturbing image has to be the unexplained mass animal and fish deaths as well as beaching of schools or pods of higher aquatic mammals.

The US and Europe appear to have concentrations while the pacific regions have scattered incidents by comparison.

It is hard to draw conclusions from these simple images and the time scales are not shown nor are the volume of deaths or the types clearly signified but the underlying areas of the world that are, well at least by visual comparison are more prone to, seismic, volcanic or flood hazards.

There may be more to worry about than a shift in the seasons, as the weather Scotland is getting is more like April’s showers than May. It may well be that the world has slid on its axis and or had its orbit affected by nuclear testing.

It is looking like man isn’t capable of making good decisions about nuclear power safety, power generation and looking out for the global welfare of the world, as he appears to be too busy trying to kick start the dying economy, when the will has already left the people’s top priority lists.

The worrying thing about all of this is that the authorities and their cronies all tried to tax us for so called ‘global warming’ when the evidence from the harsh winter and the fluctuating seasons clearly indicate a state of instability almost a global instability instead of warming, the extreme fluctuations in weather, the increased flooding as well as volcanic and seismic activity all indicate something more serious and the unexplained animal and fish deaths on such a scale are an added worry and only make for a greater need to find out before it is too late to do anything about it.

As it was in the Beggining

The Wheel Turns

Calm down dear it’s not the end of the world (rapturous applause), yet after some thought it will become clear someone miss read the signs of the times yet again. One question that just begs to be asked is, does heaven have clocks and a calendar.

Also isn’t it good that in the land of the free there is freedom of speech, that a person can air their views and ply their truth as they see fit, within the legal structure that preserves the civil rights and privileges of the ordinary Worlds Citizens, awe makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn’t it.

Yet in this country where the same right to freedom of speech is paid lip service to (yes there is an exception) and the exclusion factor is money. If you buy yourself a state approved gagging order (and it isn’t cheep) it allows you to stop someone who can’t afford a counter release one … (they didn’t make one, no way) so in effect ‘your gagged mate’ the state says so and they will,  take your property, steal your liberty and effectively persecute you for a reasonable sum of money that the guilty party paid us to do this to you for to stop them getting a public ragging for their own behavioural faults, awe isn’t it nice to live in a democracy, that criminalised, making threats with menaces (extortion and blackmail) incarcerating the innocent that have not broken a law just a legal ruling.

Isn’t it funny how some truism seem to have a way of realising themselves in the flow of life, like life imitating art, what goes around comes around, and what starts of as one thing will end up as another (love to hate etc) and not to forget ‘no good shall come of this’, just how many times do we hear them.

Now that the legal system of the land can be bought by the rich to keep their honour intact and the poor ‘other party’ is gagged, threatened and ostracised from their own civil rights, the whole thing is about to get more than a little tricky. After all when the judicial system of the land sets itself up to sell its services to the highest bidder, and effectively steals another (innocent until proven guilty) persons viewpoint, opinion, story call it what you will even a statement will do to start with, because until a prosecution has taken place it is all an accusation by the so called injured party (with the most to spend and the most to lose) who petition a judicial body to stop what, gossip, being seen for who they are. It’s not even as if they are out to save lives or protect property, to stop someone from absconding with ill gotten gains, no it just needs a suggestion of blackmail to get the whole ball rolling.

Now the leak that is twittering on is a great source of amusement, the UK judicial system has no jurisdiction in the USA, and they have applied for an injunction, that has no comparison in US litigation, the company and the users of the twitter sphere are not breaking US laws, yet the crooked UK back room fudger’s and fixers are trying to lobby a similar breed in the US judiciary (hope they don’t find any) to make a back door at being able to keep charging for this very top notch service for the elite of the UK citizenry.

So what’s it gonna be boys, you are either the upholders of the freedom of speech for the so called free world or you are lying hypocritical lackeys that will sell your services to the highest bidder to allow, potential liars, cheats and thieves (taking money under false pretences, hmm) to keep them from the ways of the world that the rest of us are all subject to, is this that old thing again about one law for the herd that is ruled (rule of thumb) and another for the exception, and yet the only exception that we are hearing is if they have enough money to gag someone they are the exception. Go on say it isn’t so, go on, awe go on, go on, go on, you know you want to.

As it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end, the first cops on the streets the peelers, were little more than organised thugs, they were likely to lean on people and take privileges as they saw fit, the legal system in its infancy was just as crooked and corrupt as the local authorities were, it took years to achieve what we have today, and there is a new inkling to milk the holy cow harder, there is a new drive to get the nation productive again and this is all a top down strategy, as we the plebs at the base of the pyramid are tired of carrying your crooked asses above the mire of the underbelly of life as it is at the sharp end.

Another saying that springs to mind in this day and age is of course and that is better to pay the ounce of tokenism than to ‘have’ to pay the pound of flesh which hast the effect of either paying up front the ounce of tokenism or end up tied and bound to the contractual working off, of the pound of stupidity. By the time you have paid your dues the doors are magically open and you are free to do as you can, knowing the limitations of all things, including yourself.

As is the case with this form of the seeing life from the twin viewpoints, one from the base and the other the apex levels of the law, we are more able to see that the law is indeed an Ass. And as all of the clowns are sent to put humpty dumpty back together again, the populace are shouting party, party scrambled egg for everyone. Eore, eore, eore.

‘The’ Light and ‘The’ Dark

The World goes 50/50

It is hard to believe when there are so many cases to cite and so much emotive evidence to asses that evil is a point of view about the actions (not thoughts) of another individual because of the effect their actions has had on an event, a situation, innocent people and bystanders or the object of someone’s hatred and malice. The conscious intent to massacre people is one of completing an action and more than that to send a message to your enemies, the more shocking the brutalisation the more of an effect, this is right out of the Marquis de Sade’s book of greatest tortures and infliction’s. This man was obsessed with inflicting hurt pain and humiliation and was compulsive about his sexual fantasies.

As a counterpoint there are more lives dedicated to deeds of altruism than there are the perverse or sadistic libertine kind. The idea for good and evil has most of its roots in the Christian tradition, for even though there are many tales of different hells and demons, none have ever been laboratory tested or been allocated a social security number.

As a people we are all too aware that there is an intrinsic statement in some crucial moments that almost begs for action of an appropriate kind to be instigated, levied or applied, and yet it is when this does not happen that the idea of sin springs to mind, most moral instruction in the west is laden with the concept of sin, evil and the idea of purgatory or hell. Yet if an unjust or unfair (selfish) act is done at a crux moment the repercussions for all have a ripple effect, and when the appropriate action is taken it has a beneficial effect that is almost infectious by comparison.

In a world where dark and light have a set time each to hold dominance over the seasons of the extremes of the year you would think that man would learn to understand that there is no such thing as the concept of good and evil. There is only right action and wrong action. This is not solely a moral viewpoint but it will have an effect on moral evaluations. The so-called ‘win, win’ situation is the golden thread of the moment, it has the ability to create a smooth passage for people in a contentious or emotive situation or process. This ideal is the logical base that should be sought at all time by both sides and any casual components in the mix at the time of greatest crisis or urgency.

Just like the winter holds sway over the dark time of the year the summer holds court over the world and light at its height. At no time is it ever conclusive, neither at the depth of winter the winter solstice, nor at the height of summer at the summer solstice does it ever happen that light, will hold the eternal moment and ‘defeat’ darkness any more than in the winter the dark can conquer the light in the supposed eternal fight as the stories all imply.

The two camps each makes a foray to the height of their influence and lay claim to the land for the duration of their tenancy. Then as the wheel turns they must again give way to the order of the successor as their term of office begins, the traditional resentful handover from one campaign branch to its mortal enemy has always cost the ordinary man’s previous investment during the transitional process, the Labour party are still being blamed as if they did anything that the opposition didn’t do to them previously. The whole idea that there can be one single governance that dominates the diversity of life and bends its will on its own people to bring about a single minded viewpoint of being, behaviour and obedience from the populace still has to look at the means that made it possible.

The people who claim they are better than any terrorists, because ‘we’ live under the democratic rule of law, that ‘we’ live to an agreed consensus of conformity to that rule, is yet another lie in the face of the facts, this country and its allies saw fit to use a lie to invade another country, during that process in so called retribution for a few thousand western lives, exterminated close to a million innocent people who could not fight back against superior fire power (so much for weapons of mass destruction then matey) and managed to kill a few hundred thousand enemy, while incarcerating innocents and the guilty alike and persecuting them and using torture to extract information behind very closed secretive doors.

These great up holders of the free world then send in an assassination squad to put a built in the known scapegoats head then spirited away the body and the evidence is secure behind national security laws to effectively ensure the truth will never be known.

Yeah these people that insist that they are nothing like their murderous, devious, lying enemy will now impose their idea of order on a world that supports two extremes that flow between the bi polar states of the natural world. They will now extend their corporate influence and monetary values across the globe to instil their ideology on the so called free world, yeah absolutely nothing alike are they, except one major difference, the sheer fire power of the upper hand brigade at this auspicious moment in the evolution of the world.

This monotheistic viewpoint of a unified world will still take enforcement to bring it all into alignment and guess who has the military might to do so. Nothing at all like the Maoist revolution was with their burn the books philosophical approach to keeping the masses ignorant and working for every mouthful to be had, that is still in the process of weeding the revolutionary and dissident genes out of the populace with a firing squad, no nothing alike at all. They will instead micromanage the populace of the most obedient collection of people in creation with, debt, work, cost of living, reduced education and restricted movement, micro chipping the brain dead didn’t work, so a ‘must have’ device with a GPS in it, smart cards and more CCTV than anywhere else in the known world must be a step in the right direction at least.

All this in the ascension of the light time of the new age, the dawning of a new realisation that there is nothing to choose between them, they will never serve our needs they will only ever serve their own, and who knows what that is they don’t exactly keep us informed, they do practice the philosophy ‘never let your left hand know what your right hand is doing’ well it’s just too late for that now.

The balance is essential for a sustained existence for the greatest potential of the people of this world. As long as their is night and day, no one will be allowed to hold a point of ascension over the other, the way forward is the ability to sustain life to the best quality of being and provision for immediate existence and for a sustainable period, any power that tries to establish itself will prompt more reactions from the earth and its eruptions, floods and disasters to settle the balance as is his will so shall it be.

On your own head with this one, wouldn’t want to be in your shoes, uh uh.

A taste of Honey

Seeding the Rumour Mill

Well looks like the canny think for themselves are being led yet again by their old enemy the ‘we think for everybody because we believe we can brigade of closet dictators’ and are being used to further their enemies cause thinking they are benefiting their own, classic case of the blind being herded by the one-eyed, that have a well-defined fixed focus on their own goal, that they are causing their enemy to score one instead, they really know how to play the idiots of this world.

So the state that is in other countries dictating terms to people and are more used to being able to get away with murder, land grabbing and every other sort of asset stripping and dictatorial rules as they please now have to watch the global eye as it focuses on any little thing they do, they are watching the middle east being motivated by the people’s revolt that wants a more democratic platform for their own benefits, being coordinated by mobile phones with full multimedia capability, this is despite a recycling of old mobiles to third world countries to keep them in the loop but without multimedia capability.

Even the police on our own home turf have had their activities curtailed by the use of the new interconnected multimedia streams, Ian Tomlinson being a case in point. The idea that they have to undermine the whole global phenomena is a clearly worrying thing for them; the first thing the cloud seeder’s and information suppressors have come up with is a tenuous link to the disappearance and decline in bee colonies. They are trying to convince the main stream that there is a direct link between the two and that it is only now coming to light, yeah right what is it that is so suspicious about timing again huh hmm.

The worst offence is the headless opposition the ‘I am Spartacus school of organising a rebellion’ are all ‘anti technologists’ to start with and there is a new interest in the uses of honey and milk for certain metabolic rates in the herd so, guess who are now up in arms against the use of phones, effectively fighting their enemies corner. With this sort of universal stupidity that does not check that the sources of this information are from the machine core and it is aimed at their ideology, the very one the machine mind has been herding and trying control orders, mechanisms on for decades looks like they have managed to domesticate the wild and woolly radicle on his own turf and have managed to empower them to bring down the information highway by reducing the grid to zero users in the public sector and to restrict its access to the media and governments as they know best for us dumb animals.

Way to go rebels ready to sell out in a sleep walk right into the enemy’s camp because all technology is evil. The tactics that super nations use is under scrutiny at the moment after the hunter killer squad that executed an enemy mafia style and then claimed on the world stage it was some sort of natural justice, democracy has the rule of law and governments use that to keep us in line, fleeced and greased and told what to do and when to do it. Held accountable for our actions and yet they can execute as they please, not the natural progression of a nation united in a cause and all giving our proxy to a trustworthy system that will deal with the world according to the rules and laws we all agree to when we vote.

This deference from the agreed terms of servant and master, in a democracy it is the people who are the master and the state that is its servant, anything else is a dictatorship, but over the last few decades more than just a few aberrations have begun to appear, the relentless push in the western worlds democratic nations to try to make faster legislation changes to the constitutional order of the day, to implement faster means of feedback via global communications and that each of these governmental democracies have begun to drift into a conglomeration that we would regulate if they were industries trying to monopolise a restricted market and to use price-fixing tactics to institute changes by the back door.

This may not be a very convenient time to mention it, but how many G20 Summits and the like have there been since global instability has raised its head, why have the governmental factions of the democratic states of the world only tried to tax the process instead of actually do something about the problem, calling it global warming meant it was taxable, now that we know that it is more like global climate change and it is proving to swing from bitter winters to scorching summers, to mediocre weather and has no established pattern to it, how are the blue meanies meant to make a buck to keep up their globalisation of the free world enterprise they want to impose on it.

So imagine what will they do if they manage to suppress the use of phones in china, the middle east and in the home market, now how can they achieve this now in this present economic climate. Price the whole process out of the average man and woman’s pocket, well in frugal times, given who we are as a nation we will revert to the idea of the family phone, the main family phone will be the multimedia solution while the rest have a basic text and talk style phone, until things improve again then wahey were all mobile again.

The misinformation rumour mill just keep s churning out the same old drivel, and remember before you hand on gossip and propaganda, please check your sources, as this sort of misinformation is also helping dictators that are afraid of state collapse due to information leaks because the nature of people under pressure is irrepressible.

Loose lips sink ships. Lets just keep this global transformation on track and not try a king Canute and try to hold back the tide of change that is already having a political tsunami right around the world.

The Continuing Saga of ….

The Brand New Second hand Mobile

On 12/05/11 (last Thursday) my second Orange mobile phone broke and the SIM wasnt recognised, then after a purchase of the Orange Lisbon, my old SIM was declared unregistered and the account locked and the phone wouldn’t get past the lock, then it was back and forward with a brand new mobile ‘clearance’ model, the salesman (boy) forgot to give me the new SIM, the phone had belonged to someone else their photos were in the phone now deleted and their messages (all dated) are still in the phone, the service was unavailable for twenty four hours while it was being set up on the missing SIM, a return visit got the SIM replaced and this would need a further twenty four hours to set up. That’s the story to that point anyway.

On Saturday night it registered with me that the SIM lock that was on my old account was not transferred to the new SIM, so after trying my first cards no, it failed, i thought it might be the wrong card in it and so tried that number too, that failed, then I assumed it was requesting a new code which ended up locking the phone and it was asking for a PUK code. Then my old phone did the same with my old card and phone, after only two fails (phone fault, it has other problem to). No backup phone again over the weekend great.

Sunday morning the shop it was bought from didn’t open till eleven thirty, while the one on Buchanan St opens at eleven, so with an hour to kill, time for some shopping a birthday card and some browsing.

At eleven in the shop one assistant was on the phone fixing something for a couple, the rest were in a huddle and gabbing, one separates himself and gives me the big time salesman routine, he miss hears everything I say and has me repeating myself till I stop the game and level with him and say, ‘look mate on the dole this is my lifeline to my daughter’, he fluster’s then gets right on the computer and takes the phone details and then hands me his own phone to complete the call (would have cost me four quid) then held on the line listening to dinky music for over twenty minutes eventually a young woman comes on the line and says that an online account must be opened for the SIM and so starts twisting my arm for information, name address, (inside leg, sexual preference only kidding) postcode etc. I mention to have an online account that doesn’t require my address, just a login name and a password and a test question to secure it. Mentioning this the girl stops mid flow and says ‘I can’t proceed and give you (me) a PUK code to unlock your SIM, without registering the SIM, making an online account and then I can give you a code to unlock the phone’ and she dug her heals in, so I returned with, let me understand this clearly, I buy a phone and am the owner of my phone then after hiking the deal with an enforced purchase of a specific airtime voucher (£10 – £20), I am then forced to register on a database my personal details before I can Have a PUK code to access my phone and keep my data safe from prying eyes so that the data can be accessed from their side by who? For what purpose and by what legality. Looks like security minded individuals have been working with the police with their, everybody is a potential crook mindset of we need to unlock confiscated/found phones to check messages kind of thinking. This kind of firm does not need by law to keep this much information about people who have a PAYG mobile as they are not using a direct debit, it does not require a credit check to own, cash still buys etc.

So to get back to the helpful girl on the line she still refuses to budge under the Data Protection act rules as she called them, she behaved as though she was compelled to have the data under the terms of the act, I inform her only where their terms of the contract insist you need my details does it apply and that under the terms of a PAYG non-contract that wasn’t the case. She insisted and it was a case of having a connected and protected phone or not, so she got the data from me.

This is use of power by a set of corporate imbeciles for their own collective purposes giving the police access to information to use powers that the state hasn’t given them in law, just as worrying as the super injunction fiasco that the net is also making a mockery of.

I like the service that Orange provides, but the sales and the maintenance services as well as their tactics to provide an owner to access to the services of their own phone and all its functions are as advertised to be available to the owner, prove to have a hidden cost to use, in reality. The second bite of the apple and the insidious nature of the way they use people’s ignorance about the data protection act to enforce a mandatory sign up, using a premium line and keeping you on hold to hike the second bite, that and getting information under false pretences wow big brother is arriving shortly.

As for the saga of the phone, I now have a working multimedia phone as a replacement for the broken one, with similar or comparable features, it records audio, has a low grade, camera and takes bad video (own a good digital anyway), it has magic numbers and came with a hands free kit (great invention) and has a speaker phone that is also good for the radio and mp3 playing, all in all back up and running as of yesterday evening I’m mobile again.

But the journey into the underbelly of corporate mobile networks is more than a bit worrying, especially some of their unscrupulous practices. The lady on the phone said when it was mentioned that it was not the data protection act that was the problem as it didn’t apply in the PAYG circumstance, that it was a corporate decision to structure the whole thing to achieve a desired outcome, after all after the Rabbit came the Orange and they had to start with a top down philosophy after their bad start as Rabbit (a cordless phones innovator that went the way of the three inch disc and the Betamax video), and they are now, under the guise of securing data are trying to lever people into an illegal information tracking system, instead of allowing some people to remain hiding under the no data required radar screen. As for the police they still have courts to seek injunctions and warrants and that is still due process for a reason, wouldn’t want the police to be able to become judge jury and executioner on the safe streets of Britain, like being able to give the public, on the spot fines for transgressions in your own land by the laws they foist on you and then enforce money from you with menaces. Is that legalised extortion or has the world just tipped into the Abyss. The state is our servant for our collective needs, the police is in the service of the public and are not the authority over them they are currently behaving as. There is no crime untill a crime is committed, innocent till proven guilty, so why are the laws present direction all about everyone is a liar, a thief and a cheat untill proven otherwise. What no law abiding citizens anywhere in the Island then? Jumped up public servants getting above their station and the terrorist invasion is still just hype to fuel the creeping big brother approach to world domination, zeik heil, u vil show us your papers achtung.

Forty percent of people in this country don’t vote they don’t want the human nature that given an inch will take a mile of advantage, that will escalate to a totality that cannot be stopped, yes there are problems with society and most of them are generated from local enforcement mafia, the politicians, police getting away with breaking the law, only safe place for a con man/crook/thug to hide is behind a badge. Out of the rest of the voters about half are the wanter’s the dooer’s and the go getter’s and the other half are the envious also runs and as one sets it up and the other undermines it we are left on the sidelines as the worlds resources are squandered, the top one percent have all the cash and the rest live in misery, I can hear a cue for a song.

Asset Stripping

Get all the nations to locate an uninhabited Island and to chip in and build a maximum security facility and throw away the key and let them all rot (can just hear the liberals all outraged). That way the sly young crook that decides to hide behind a badge will not have a safe place to hide, and will be just as subject to the law as the rest of us. They use the system to their advantage and this would turn the tide.

Cue another song. The Tide of Life

The Tide Of Life

Your Mobile and in Touch

Having been an Orange client now for about four years, the first phone was a basic Nokia and it records voice messages for MMS up to sixty seconds of audio, great for soundbites. This one stopped ringing and only vibrates so still works if it’s in a pocket or in your hand when it goes off, out of sight and it is silent. The replacement was an Orange Vegas a multimedia version with a speakerphone, hands free kit (great invention) voice recorder, minimum camera, poor quality video, plays mp3’s and has a radio. The phone took a knock of the bedside dresser (charging) and it couldn’t find the SIM it just keeps asking for the SIM even when any of the others (had two Orange Cards) are used instead, the radio still works but without a SIM it can’t use the installed memory Micro SD card space, all the mp3 and no play time, so it is effectively a rechargeable radio with about 3 hours playtime. This prompted a reconnoitre to the local Orange shop on Argyle street.

Asked the salesman if they did repairs needed to get mobile as quick as possible and as cheaply as possible, the dole doesn’t lend itself to luxuries or even making mistakes with spending, every penny counts, it just has to or else you pay in other ways. The lad said depends, thought typical car mechanic tactics, then he followed with how old the phone was and it turns out it is past its guarantee and as an end of line model sold off cheaply it would be more expensive to repair than to buy a new one, well never heard that from a commission lead salesman before, have you? Well as it is a pay as you go model. Only two models are in the budget price range the Lisbon at £20 and the Miami at £30 pounds both with a £10 compulsory airtime voucher to be added.

After getting the Lisbon mobile home the address book was already full, the text messages are still in it now, from don’t know who too don’t know who. The touch screen is a bit wonky there is a scratch on the face of the touch screen and the salesman didn’t give me the new SIM card, oh and couldn’t get the hands free kit to plug-in. The online information said to phone a number (not on the dole matey) or call in to the nearest shop and get the Sim registration unsuccessful error removed from my old card, fixed. An activation call or service call to orange can cost four pounds and has done the last twice it was used.

Took the device back to Argyle St at about an hour and a half later, the salesman was all tied up with a customer so I explained the faulty device to another young male, he never noticed the scratch or didn’t want to see it, the same with his manager as they tried to tell me it was that I wasn’t touching the screen right to get it to work, they handled the device several times each and never noticed the mark, being a software developer with years of hardware and system programming experience, and having had the sister model for over a year it was obvious that when the screen saver function kicks in and the keypad gets locked the only way to unlock the keypad is to use a stylus as it would discriminate from random object collisions in the pocket, hands, coins, keys etc. Then one of the two pantomime stars got the phone jack to work, it is a mini jack and had a separate plug at the top of the phone away from the charger at the other end. So they didn’t notice the scratch and the second-hand phone came back home with me, to wait twenty-four hours till the new SIM became active and the account as transferred and topped up, the missing card hadn’t been found yet.

Twenty four hours later and it’s a different setup, the new guy and two nice women were on duty the manager was out having passed him on the way to the shop, so honey for the trap, playing best manners slightly confused and needing assistance, the missing card was replaced, still no one that had handled the phone noticed until one of the girls was holding it after putting the pin number to power up the phone for the fourth time, either they didn’t want to know or………. so I mentions quite casually to the girl as she notices something and hands the phone back quite sharply, fair doos to the girl she didn’t react one bit to the mention that there was data and media on the phone (she may have noticed the mark and got spooked) but she still stayed quiet about it.

The message list is all dated days before the purchase and is still evidence now. The new card is in the phone and depending on the speed of the response time to transfer/activate an already active account and add the enforced top up to the account on the new SIM, will dictate when they will be informed that an employee, may have replaced the new customer phone with his own old one or ……………. they sell off returned goods, with intermittent faults and minimal damage as new product. It will be interesting to see how the rabbit runs this one. By the way really do love the HTC phones or even an Apple PAYG of course.

The Tide of Life

Getting away with Murder

One law for them…

Human nature comprises a complex set of emotions, linked to a facile mindset, with an attitude to survive, this is then civilised by the formation of groups. No matter how far back in the history of mans exploits on the third rock, one part seems to never go away or get civilised out of the system. If we think we can get away with something and not get caught we will. Not exactly a good survival skill for the species, but it can be an enormous boost for the individual if (whatever it is) ‘it’ plays out to our advantage.

Just take a look at the Politicians that were all caught with their hands in the cookie jar, the amount of police that break the law and then the law saves their assess, why don’t countries exchange their corrupt police, judges and officials with each other if they fear retribution from local resentments, seems like a good way to ensure that none of them get away with infiltrating a safe zone and operating under the noses of their own and making a mockery of the judicial system at the same time. The only people who can literally get away with murder, you and me would have to live with the reprisals we would face in getting a jail term, but these little luvies that’s a no, no, well in their books it is.

The whole country is watching a police enquiry with great interest as un lawful killing is just a fancy way of saying murder but using more politically correct language to soften the blow for the predator that left his van, and lied about every encounter from start to finish and if he had not been captured on video would still be denying it now. Well public opinion is such that the law will fall foul of living up to the standards it expects us all to live up to as it will doubtless save one of its own rather than live up to the letter of the hypocritical law they say they represent, yeah after you then.

Getting Away with Murder: