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The Wendy House Rules



A Modern Day Comedy of Manners

Seven II

Is the glass half full or ?

The state handout is again under attack by the, ‘someone is to blame’,  ‘we will punish them all’ brigade of modern-day communist committee styled band of bureaucratic dictators. Creating yet another comedy of manners west end farce, coming to a local benefits office near you.

The we don’t have to listen to this language (its English matey, get a dictionary) that is legitimate in this country, will with the stroke of a pen, refuse to honour the agreement with the state to handle legitimate claims from naturalised citizens, for people exercising their right to use the vocabulary to express themselves. This band of closet dictators have chosen in a Lilliputian fit of pique to ostracise a certain subset of the dictionary words to the little end of the egg syndrome. The sign above the entrance should read something like this ….

“Children only the house rules are the Wendy house variety”, no adults free thinkers and normal human beings that experience exasperation in the face of dictatorial attitudes, and lose their control over their vocabulary and use ‘NOT NICE WORDS’ they will be penalised and will have their rights to their benefits taken away until a moody dictator can get round to reviewing your case. All others are welcome especially six year old’s and other obedient and well behaved children so there, mnnnnhh.

This band of no longer closet dictators have chosen to punish and penalise people who do not conform to their rules, not breaking the laws of the land, not even abusing them as they claim, but just venting their frustration with yet another idiot decision in the state mismanagement of its own people’s right to life and sustenance.

Every word in the dictionary is legal not only in this country but in every country in the world, there is not one legal precedents against any single word in the spoken vocabulary. After all a language is just a set of audible sounds that are strung together to exchange meaning between beings. Yet the we will control every little aspect of everyone’s lives by peer pressure and social stigma if the law does not apply, then they will resort to in-house (Wendy House) rules to escape their legal obligation to process claims even from irate people who find themselves being penalised for certain inactions. Unless you are  ……

If Abu Hamza and his kind can with well polished manners that fit the criteria can make a monkey of the mismanaged state rules and bleed the public purse to suit their benefits while playing the law against its own perceptions of its own sense of fairness to evade extradition , someone had to teach or show him the ropes within such a complex system, for about a decade he and his mates that were allowed into the country are the thorns that are being used to justify the erosion of human and civil rights in this country and yet the legal loopholes were made by this system that is now trying to capitalise on this abuse to penalise the 99% of innocent British public out of their collective rights to pursue their happiness, their lives in liberty and with a sense of belonging to a still great Britain. This rigged game is no accident as the border patrol fiasco has brought to light as this quote from yesterdays Daily Mails shows.

Just one in 67 suspect illegal immigrants is sent home: Officials are not properly following up tip offs in 94% of cases

Keith Vaz

‘Home affairs select committee chairman Keith Vaz, pictured, said there was a backlog of more than 430,000 Border Agency cases. ‘

Off course the real question behind this is who wants this and what is the likely outcome of this type of action.Just one in 67 suspect illegal immigrants is sent home

If you have seen the film minority report it shows little spider-like invaders that check retinas of every single person at all times, the little Nazi beasts with stop and search backed up by stun devices. This is the sort of invasion that assumes everyone is guilty and has something to hide, this is what the total erosion of  human and civil rights will bring to Britain, the very Gestapo black shirt action that several million British, Jewish and other country ‘s people’s of just a few decades ago died to keep off our streets and yet here it is in all its ugly modern-day fancy manners dress party lingo, with not a jack-boot to be seen anywhere, we live in an era that the civil pen pusher now has more power and a more devastating effect than any invading army. Just another sign of the times then, a well tote that barge lift that bail, if you don’t do as your told you will end in jail. Just where will it all end eh.

Hmmm beats me, anyone got any idea?