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Livin for the pleasure

Living for the Pleasure

If the end truly does justify the means, then surely start of as you mean to end up has equal sway. How can an unjust, uncaring and inept government, make a paradise, a utopia for our generations yet to be born. Are we really a nation of back biters, or armchair critics, saddled with a belligerent workforce. Yet can it be that the will of the peoples opposition manifest in these ways and means is simply the unconscious expression of dissent, as passive as working to rule, or holding people to task or contractual agreements, just plain old making them live up to their word for a change.

They never learn, so have obviously never experienced rough justice before. Its time the shoe was on the other foot now the reigns are back in the consensus’s hands. The people of this nation have grown up hearing about the tabloid stories of lack of honor in the so called honorable elite, seeing their present lack of credibility in the public eye, and the effect limits the height that any man can seek to aspire to, to stop just any old thing going around so it wont come back to haunt you. We all need good examples in our minds collective eye.

Its time that the silent majority had a voice again in a world of so many mixed, ideals and disenfranchising games from the logic elite. Wouldn’t it be good to hear from people that are happy together and do have a good life, instead of the dysfunctional stereo types we currently see on TV, spouses that are in love and do genuinely care for each other not like the celebrity break ups and foul ups that are in the every day tattlers.

Instead of letting logic come up with solutions that are presupposed thinking to control outcome, find the forms that are working and build the logic around them to sustain them like propping up the tomatoes give them something to lean on, for they need to take breaks, that’s where guidance and experience will have its most formative effect.

Emotion driven people are using an inferior power source that is prone to great shifts and swings, the old highs and lows of life you might say, find one that is in the fever of their passion and the heavens are the limits of imagination. That’s why they are called stars.

Then the weighing and measuring is put into place and once repeatability is established and comes into play, stability is first formed and then those mythical green shoots will appear, still need someone to plant it in person then to tend to its environment till the blossoming of a promising future. Mind how you go, next one in line. 

Logic still likes making queues, and causing backlogs and blockages, might just be the universes way of pruning off wrong turns in the labyrinth of life.

The universal multiplier should be seeded with the negative state, only to produce a negative outcome, place a positive start into the universal resurrector to raise the self worth of the undermined individual. Move along sunny next in line please. Life is a busy rush for the short lived and a lengthy stroll for the patient and willing soul.

The Beat

Beat it, Beat It …… BEAT .IT

A Pole of Ticks

Click here pol-eh-tics to hear file


What is this thing called ‘pol-ah-tics’

That dishes the dirt but canny take its licks

That scurries to a quiet booth to secretly say

Which barking dug, can have its way?


In the hidden game behind all these ties

Canny see the truth for hearing all the lies

They can do what they do because of yer proxy

The best they made, dissatisfied like poxy


Next ballot, openly draw a cross from corner to corner

In open view, shout first in line, next up keeps the order

Number one coming through, who’ll be number two

We’ve put up with fools, and paid all hells dues


These headless chickens just don’t know what to do

They abuse all the rights they stole form you

To wrest back from the thief our right to choose

To much misdirection from the drugs, and cheep booze


In a rigged game your only right is to refuse

They can only dae worse, so we’ve nothing to loose

To wrest back from the thief our right to choose

Paid by your earnings, and stolen right from the tank

Ye canny blame them, there’s just yersel tae thank

Imagine hiring cheats to run a bank


Before it’s begun this revolutions won

By the man in the street, the power of one

The shortsighted fool just cant see very far

Done to death what binds love to war


Cheat in one and life steals from the other

For the wages of sin why do you bother

Don’t bleat love when it’s just some of the other

Learn to treat your enemy better than your brother


Like dealing wi an unruly petty we tyke

Oy you get on yer bike

Time to make them all take a hike

Efter aw they‘ve had their third strike