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Living in Strange Times

It looks like the west end bromance has in the lead up to the elections, brought about the first spat, Nick is tired of being put upon and being the one to have to make all of the sacrifices for the sake of the relationship. The uproar from a casual remark ‘Calm down dear’, was fresh in the mind and rolled of the lips in a public place a bit too readily as if it was just used lately.

The other big news grabbing event is of course there is a wedding in London, the media morons are all over themselves about street party turn outs and how they think that’s a sign of a loss of respect for the monarchy an unpatriotic response if not out and out treason. This rat pack community, with their two dimensional minds and their drivelling thinking never seem to get all the facts or even manage to grasp the right end of the handle. The low numbers can’t have anything to do with the recession (hard pressed people) that there is just not a lot of cash about, the price of the local mafia (council) permits, the promised weather front will rain on the parade. No the press propaganda idiots just couldn’t get it right with all the answers written in giant 3D letters right in front of their eyes.

Our sympathies go out to the people of Alabama for the South’s continued bombardment of twisters and storms, that over the last decade have become an entrenched hot spot for them called Tornado Alley. The death toll is now standing at 272 and thousands of homes have been affected across a wide swath of the southern states.

The weather in Scotland has been excellent and it looks like continuing for a while longer, the British Isles has seen an unseasonably low rainfall for this month, warm weather helps with the disposition, the mood of the country is buoyed by the warm weather and the extended sunshine, some plants are flowering up to two weeks ahead of the seasonal schedules normal timescale.

It is odd that nature hardly ever gives warnings before something is about to occur. Birds and animals are more in tune and can sense the impending disaster, yet with storms most of them develop out at sea and we are only now able to get an early warning about them. Most weather reports generally use radar and satellite to track the developments of weather fronts well ahead of their arrival so that we are most of the time able to use the advance information and data to preserve what can be preserved.

The speculation about the Japanese Tsunami and how it was so far out of the scale it nearly set a new precedent, more buildings have withstood more quakes of varied strengths and durations, than in any other country. This proves the technology in a live situation like no artificial lab could do.

Before the Tsunami hit there were a few odd news reports that were more than a little baffling at the time and may now be part of a symptom that led up to the quake and tsunami.

Starting as far back as January lots of dead fish washed up in Arkansas, Maryland and New Zealand:

Notes taken from Daily Mail articles:


‘First it was birds falling out of the sky in Louisiana and Texas. Then scores of devil crabs were found dead on a beach in England.

Now, in the latest unexplained mass animal death to hit the headlines this year alone, thousands of fish have again washed up dead in Florida.

This follows similar incidents where large schools of fish were found lifeless on beaches in Arkansas, Maryland and New Zealand in January.

It’s happened again: Thousands of fish have washed up dead on a beach at Sebastian Inlet State Park in Florida. A similar incident happened in a Port Orange creek last month‘

  • ‘Thousands of fish found floating in Florida after cold snap
  • 200 birds found dead on highway bridge in Texas
  • 50 dead jackdaws found on city street in Sweden
  • 100 tons of sardines, croaker and catfish wash up dead on Brazilian coast
  • Hundreds of fish dead in New Zealand
  • And in Britain, 40,000 devil crabs join list of casualties’

Then on the ninth of March just two days before the Tsunami this one turned up right out of the Blue. Must just be coincidence then.

‘It’s been a couple of months since a large group of animals has baffled locals and scientists alike by mysteriously turning up dead, but it appears the trend continues this week in Los Angeles.

Millions of small fish, including anchovies, mackerel and sardines, washed up dead in the middle of the night in Redondo Beach, California, in another bizarre mass death that has authorities puzzled and looking for a cause.

Boaters woke up this morning to find the dead fish up to a foot deep from the water’s surface at King Harbor Marina, which is about 22 miles south of Los Angeles.

Fishy: Millions of small fish, including anchovies, mackerel, sardines, washed up dead in the middle of the night in Redondo Beach, California

‘We’re having millions of anchovies die off in our harbour. At this point it’s an unknown reason,’ Redondo Beach Police Sgt Phil Keenan said.

Staci Gabrielli, marine co-ordinator for King Harbor Marina, on the Los Angeles County coast, has an idea about how this happened.

Swept Away: It was high winds in the area last night that swept the fish into the harbour, clogging the waterways for boaters’

These articles show the unexplained deaths that preceded the Tsunami and lead up to the quake.


There have never been any satisfactory answers to the question why, and there have not even been scientific investigations alerts or warnings surrounding these phenomena.

The Tsunami has brought to light that man isn’t ready to handle the responsibility of nuclear power and all of the necessary engineering designs necessary to allow safe use and a world friendly disposal method for the waste.

Man has tested nuclear devices around the world and try to tell us it could not possibly affect the earth’s, orbit, inclination let alone its magnetic flow, it’s funny how the Moons orbit now has a waver in it that brings the planet and its moon into a closer proximity, anything from lack of oxygen in the water for the fish deaths to government error for some of the birds, it’s just another collection of lame excuses and cover ups from the people who don’t want you to know what they are really doing, as you are considered to poorly educated, to emotional and irrational to reason with, so they resort to keeping us all in the dark and feeding us bullshit.

The people that we are talking about, do not have any superstitious beliefs, hang-ups or mores, they lack enough of the basic human characteristic makeup to have been branded as reptiles and aliens by certain groups.

When people lose their humanity and run experiments in the real world, they lack the kind of judgment needed to include us all in a solution, they are more likely to just tend to their own survival and the minimum necessary groupings to keep their own status quo in place after it all goes wrong and annihilates the world just for control.

Karma to Burn

Balancing the Books

The sun is splitting the heavens and giving the whole world (local View, can’t say the same for the middle east) a festive and holiday feel and just when there is a royal wedding in the week, great to have this sun in the traditional April showers time of spring, no one wants to rain on their parade after all omens and signs are nothing to worry true lovers, love is impervious to the whims of fate and acts of god. Isn’t it a good thing that the lineage of the divine have long learned not to take acts of god personally. Still the nation wishes the happy couple all the very best for their wedding day and that they may live long and prosper.

More to the point at this time of year is the Easter Festival; we all know it’s a Christian holiday and it is to commemorate the ascension of the son of god, sorry the crucifixion and then the risen deity. Still have to admire that old god for he allowed his own flesh and blood to suffer and never spared the rod, that’s one way to get the point across to everyone, in life there can be no exceptions, your karma is your karma, and we all have a cross to bear, no if’s and’s or buts. And even the boss’s son had to take it on the chin and shoulder his burden.

The same is also true of every level of life, from the rich and famous to the lowest in the land, the only exception is the touched, the inflicted, they have a dispensation and are spared in innocence or ignorance the worst of nature and ways of the world.

Now a levelling of the karma is what the world’s directive is orientated on, it will deliver the just balances to every individual in life, by extracting the dews that must be levied, circumstantially and eventfully. It’s a bit like balancing the books, all wrongs must be righted and all debts must be paid as all balances are re-established. Born into the world you will leave empty handed taking only the experience and the joys or fears of the memories.

The underlying facts of life follow after a simple plan, as it was in the beginning then so shall it be in the end. To quote a well worn phrase, if a being starts off in innocence in this world they shall be returned to it, if a being starts off in life evil, then they will end up that way. You enter this world with nothing and with nothing you shall leave; the balance will be brought to bear. Yes there are exceptions but not for the base unit it will stay on the wheel until it has transformed.

The only exceptions are those fortunate souls that have accrued a balance instead of a deficit. The old truisms of ‘what goes around comes around’ and its founding father ‘You will reap what you sow’ are the watchwords of the seasoned traveller of the labyrinth. What sort of debt do you think would be accrued by a nation that claims to be a democracy and is in another country dictating terms, while they murder innocent civilians and claim it’s just collateral damage, not in this world it ain’t matey, you can defer the payment but you cannot ever cancel the debt. The scales will be balanced whether you like it or not, even his son had to pay the price, do you actually believe he will spare the rod on anyone’s little dynasty.

Some people actually believe that they are above the law, and in some cases it has been proven true, some people think that they can get away with all manner of things indefinitely, the truth is in this world if you get to a particular point that your transgressions are too much to pay in that life, your soul will give you enough rope to hang yourselves by, so that at the point of death as the tally is set your karmic debt will be levied over more than one life, the greater the transgressions the more elaborate the journey and the greater the distance the soul must travel on the wheel.

An old saying that only the good die young has its roots in this philosophy, an innocent souls that has achieved its life path at an early age is granted its release early, a soul that has many crimes or sins is weighed down and given every chance to start the repayment in the same life, even if it’s impossible this will be taken into account at the next assessment.

Karmic debt as it is laid out in this fashion does beg a question or two though. If the souls is on its return to paradise and has been made witless and is having to formulate the perfect body, the ideal character and the correct life skills to re-enter paradise, was there a fall from grace? Or is it just that all life starts out in ignorance and ends up in illumination, not quite the as it was in the beginning so shall it be in your end. This is a journey with a destination, more than a cyclic trip that is no better than a short circuit, déjà vu the noo man. More like what starts of as one thing will end up as another, in the journey that is life. A seed becomes the plant that begets the seed that repeats the process.

We all of us experience our day and have good and bad days, or good and bad periods, nothing is static or just ticks over for very long. The day in itself is neither evil nor benign, but our moods will project into our perception colouring our overview of the memory or experience. The idea of good and evil is really a religious viewpoint and it does much to confuse the basic being.

A pessimist and an optimist being subject to the exact same experiences have polar differences in their experiences. The day is just the day, and the mood defines the memory or the experience of it. The pragmatic’s of the world and its theory of karma is it is nothing personal, the world is just rigged that way and all who enter herein are subject to that rule of law, those that see it as a half full glass will have a better time of it, those that see it as unfair, unjust and have the disposition that sees a glass half empty (usually looking for to punish the idiot that spilled the other half) the payment has not changed the facts remain the same, it is just the being that has altered.

So bitching about it or even taking it on the chin is only a matter of self expression, the bill will still be paid, even extracted in the cases of the jumpers that think they can evade the core detection principle, proximity to a karmic crux and either an association (or connection) with the people it involves, or a disposition of debt in that area will attract the debtor to the circumstances and some of them can be traumatic with a un willing participant, or a soul in denial.

The willing and penitent soul will just take it all on the chin, the defiant son will try every trick in the book to evade, postpone or skip bail to get to the end this life without paying. The third option is reserved for the few souls that have knowledge, that retain understanding and even wisdom, they will aid or disturb the process of the levelling of each karmic bind. This is what actually accrues a karmic debt/credit.The ability to be aware of each other souls part in the pageant and to facilitate and aid their repayments and to boost their growth is the act of service, and it cannot be achieved like that, it is the wisdom of the knowing to understand the process and either facilitate it or delay it if someone is too traumatic at the crux. This is not the domain of the ignorant or the foolish as they will only meddle or disturb the timing of the events and can even cause more damage than good. Then there is the school of good and evil that sees malice or beneficent behaviour behind the outcomes, or from the processes of the crux.

Some people lose sight of the ball, by trying to read the people in the situation, the seasoned traveller just learns to know the situation. If you are too busy trying to make sense of the people then you will be overlooking the needs of the situation and so drop the ball. If you allow a personality to talk you off your game then how can you be surprised to find yourself off course.

A single soul with exceptional gifts can enter the world, walk the ways of being and never incur a debt nor accrue a blessing and can pass through hell like an honest man, never even touching the sides. The devil cannot hold a decent soul, he can only claim his own, and never having met him should leave you hopeful.

The truth is you can believe whatever you like that life is just life that being good is the way to heaven or paradise, or hell is paved with good intentions and the devil takes care of his own. Some situations are apparent and can be easily understood, conditioning gets in the way of good judgment too often. We all have a trained tendency to try to not interfere, to see what happens or to let someone else take charge, even letting them do something we all know is wrong because it will be their fault, karmically you think so. We all know what is right and we have been tricked out of our ability to stand up and see it done, we would rather fall back on conditioning, or just hide behind an excuse or let someone else carry the can.

The distraction of the delusion of what society or people or races and even religions think that life is formed simply, a historic perspective clouded by societies mores over a thousand years ago is out of step with the urge for all life to develop and progress. The modern world is a reflection of the drive in nature to develop and grow and adapt to the changes. The un-natural state of most modern societies and religions is to halt change and to delay progress and to tie people into religious acts rather than develop spontaneity. If ever there was an anti life motion this would sum it up better than taking the word LIVE and reversing it.

The Energy Crisis

A Sugar Rush

Nature is a many splendid thing (must be spring still) it has abundant life, variety of species, glorious colour displays and amazing seasons. Then there is man, the plague in paradise, ok that is only true for about one in three thick idiots that pretend to be democratic while they dictate terms to the majority of abstainers, that is definitely the tail trying to wag the dog. Then just to prove they are democratic and your vote is worth their while and will count for something, they rig the voting system so that thirty percent of the voting populace, can look like they represent fifty percent of the populace, well it looks like they AV-ent got a clue. As if only thirty percent of us actually are still stupid enough to vote (wonder what is in it for them then, hmm) then getting fifty percent of that vote is still only fifteen percent of the whole populace and then they think they can then swing rigging the law to enforce voting. You are AV-ing a laugh right, no one is that stupid except the pillock that thought it up. And the real majority in a democracy is the people who abstain from the rigged vote. How come their majority vote is dismissed, in the commons the no’s and the abstainers are all counted in, but in our little fiasco they are dismissed. Nothing rigged about that then is there.

The percentage of the populace that AV-aricious minority that actually vote for all of the collective parties is sixty percent, six in ten people actually get up and go out and vote, the percentage that win from this sixty percent is fifty percent (in AV) that’s just half of the minority that do vote, half of vote from this minority of six in ten is declared a ‘winner’ that is three out of every ten people (thirty percent of the population) that are actually represented by the so called ‘winner’ where else in the world can such a minority claim to be able to form a governmental majority that is representative of only thirty percent of the populace. Under the first past the post getting a ‘majority’ of thirty percent of the sixty percent that vote that is a reflection of one in five people or just 20% of the voting populace again not a democratic solution, representative my a!!. It just does not grok, in part or in fullness water brothers. Is it a coincidence that they are just divvying up the spoils, one third? Equals pi, almost. Get your slice of the pie before they catch on.

Proportions and representations of the mass are reflective of the state of the mass, the biggest majority of people function well on cane sugar, it is a source of quick energy, and is absorbed very quickly into the system. The whole child level of society are being treated to the energy levels of the right type from just the earlies or quick developers. They are all being bombarded with quick energy burst drinks and foods and encouraged to keep active to build a higher energy and activity level that is not found in any other species on the planet. All other life on the planet has a life that has various speeds and levels of activity, yet the human condition is hyped into super activity from an early age.

When a hyper active child is noticed most of the mechanism jumps right into established patterns of behaviour all designed to segregate, then treat them and reintegrate them again ASAP in its conveyor belt like manner for dealing with everything on the planet.

The hyperactive condition is very like the heightened state of wariness in the natural environment, but without an enemy in proximity to force a state of stillness on the body till the danger has passed, causes an unnatural state of inner pensiveness without any clear signs of danger and this could cultivate a sense of dread or paranoia where no actual threat is around, attention deficit disorder could be deduced from the action of constant scanning for signs of danger that are not there. This artificial state is just as bad as things can get for a growing child creating a timid and furtive child artificially or in a child driven to distraction that the enemy can’t be seen and all the other signs say everything is ok, a child prone to manic outburst at the conflict of information a schism is also likely from the episode, just from a sugar rush that the body misinterprets. This mini energy crisis has a long term solution, if a child is displaying these tendencies then it just needs a weaning off of the cane and a slow introduction to honey in cold milk. This old wives tale has a lot of merit.

The milk is a natural glutinous substance and will impede the digestion of the dissolved honey to create a slow release mechanism through ingestion. This will have the effect of reducing the hyper ‘tension’ and will stop the wariness state from being induced in safe situations. A gradual addition of one or two drinks for more activities can be introduced as the body begins to not have mixed signals to an energy rush that at a confused time in development has an effect that is comparable to an adrenaline surge, artificially generated without any apparent situation emergency.

The percentages should directly reflect the one in three that is outlined by the pi effect. If the majority are ok with the cane sugar this system will not change the whole thing to give every child the benefits of the milk and honey slow release system, no they are lazy and greedy and don’t appear to have the time to slow down look properly at the problem, find the best solution and implement a change right across the board to the better benefits of all from having people de-stressed before they reach teen age years developments and changes as well as hormonal rushes and growth spurts.

The advantages to having youths approaching puberty that are not subject to, or programmed by a pensive, worried or even paranoid view of life, riddled with distrust and uncertainty are clear for everyone to see, yet…

The slow intake of sugar is something that the body needs to learn to deal with, the right release system slows the metabolism down and still allows good energy levels but no longer in the constant state of readiness and wariness, a calm yet responsive position is a good place to start.

The alternative is of course to produce more of the hyperactive, worrier’s that all get off their buts and vote and then undercut each other in the rigged voting system are the direct result of the cane rush children as they are formulated from expedient ignorance from the quick fix brigade of keep them doggies moving rawhide, yeeha camp of politics.

They saw weapons of mass destruction where none existed, they saw reds under the imaginary beds they pay for nukes before education wonder what is their collective stress state hmm……

Stuck in a Rut

Is that not, just Groovy!

Ever wondered about the people who in their youth are never in they are out and about all the time, then when they get to a certain age where obsessively chasing the thrills is no longer palatable, they then spend years in a reclusive more submissive existence, then just as the grey hair takes hold they all panic and head for the outdoor life. None of them seem to understand human nature, they all seem to be unaware that it is the result of obsessive rushes, that causes the phenomena, it’s not just about being out or staying in.

The obsessive state is being locked into a set of motions, a way of being or worst of all being on a journey, careful with that one it usually only has a single destination. The personality types have various appearances the most obvious are the gluttons, now most people will be thinking all the fat people, but that is not the only kind of gluttony there is, there are the gluttons for punishment, they dive right back in and wallow like they can’t get enough, frustration, delays, derogatory treatment and ridicule. This is a negative emotional alignment bordering on masochism.

How does gluttony and obsessing become established, well it goes back to early training, every time a child is allowed to have its way and is allowed to indulge itself the idea is sown and the inclination is aligned towards an early bias. All children used to be told to get out and play, so that in their early adulthood they will have an urge to nest and stay in, and when the fledglings fly the nest the outdoors call. As they nest and get cosy they entertain and socialise at parties and such like. They will be inclined to use the close proximity to initiate the breeding courtship and the children are the natural inclination for the need to nest and nurture. Obsessions are trained by the previous generation to get the inclinations wired towards the flow of life and the maintenance of the continuum and species.

An obsession phase can be avoided by the old standards, keep a child’s emotions on a flow between four or five of their best, more if they have them. When they get lost in any specific kind of interest and show a tendency towards it as a soul occupation, introduce new things, people and mix it up enough to keep it moving and interesting or just fun.

A fixated focus with an obsessive drive is a bad combination two early on, a limited set of positive emotions and a biased mindset will lead to a stunted growth of being, the emotionally well nourished ones will need a reduction in bias, attitude and inclinations to better steer the ship in all weathers. This of course takes a conscious effort and a close point of supervision, a reasonably good perception and foresight faculty will help to head off the worst of the detractions and will reinforce the balanced mindset that will flower well from the well nurtured seedbed of the emotions.

The emotional nature just like the so called unconscious is empty till something is added, introduced, cultivated or planted. The so called unconscious starts by needing input, need input five is alive… The emotions will crave experience, the so called unconscious gets to a point where a certain amount of awareness begins to show with information retrieval and then with the advance of the logical and reasoning faculty perception and insight will be added; of course it goes without saying….. Well maybe not then, it’s a little bit like the computer conundrum, garbage in begets garbage out. To clarify that if the individual has a clear sense of the makeup, physics, mechanics, laws and limitations of matter and materials that takes most of us up to basic engineering levels of logic and maintenance, family, cycle repair, shelves, patios and DIY etc. If the emotional nature is experience with people on as broad a spectrum of backgrounds, religions, races and classes then this will add to the philosophical perception model for the ….. ugh …… unconscious state of being.

The collective unconscious is a bad model as it stands; think of the conscious as sitting at the centre of a sphere of mind emotion/spirit and the body, like the focus of the mind, it makes decisions and focuses actions, the answers, assessments and prompts all come from the rest of the collective non focused conscious abilities.

Check these links for a more detailed set of information and graphics

The Third Dimension

The Third Dimension (continued)

The focus of the mind at central the point of the collective conscious switches abilities in and out as needed and adapts and evolves them, with experience from results achieved being the redress function. The focus has a goal orientated fixation and this is the point that needs nudging out of the rut as it gets caught in the groove baby.

The emotional nature has a cycle that goes from the first instance, through a reversal then back to form in a well balanced individual, with any obsessive ruts being counterpointed in the swing mode. In a bad bias, inclined attitude, or leaning disposition, it may well just stop in the negative without any help it will become set in its ways at the time for the return to form. So prune the wild bushes and cut back the excesses to get a full return, bad too good to bad should be haltered and arrested by the fishers of men’s Pandora’s box of tricks and traps, good too bad to good should be facilitated savvy.

It takes a long time to nourish the emotional nature well, then to balance the perceptions and awareness, the main problems come from fixations, and the basis for all obsession.

Obsession is formed from the illusion that progress is being made, that results are happening in a positive and well balanced individual, the opposite is true of the wilful, they will be drawn back to do better and they will be more prone to many mistakes and a long instruction, blocking progress by doing a dopey to get another kiss from sleeping beauty. This is masochistic and will have a likelihood of producing a glutton for punishment. A wilful son/daughter that will never accept defeat and will come back from the dead to haunt the life that denied it, it’s just rewards, couldn’t be they were just thick, stupid, slow, dull …… or …… their bias was set too low to say low self esteem, low self worth, the walk of the penitent child, the humble adult ….. awe going to a wedding son, imagine letting yourself be haltered, being brought to heel by some hell cat to carry her load your life long, sucker should have seen that bridle path and halter, when you saw the mares rear. But that’s another obsession entirely. Oh yeah spring is in the air isn’t it, hope it’s in your step as well, yeeha.

Top Down v’s Bottoms Up

Getting Hi

Everything in the world has a pecking order, a status structure or a dominance line; most people accept this as the natural state without thinking about the limitations or even the repercussions. It is usually constructed that the lions share is awarded to the leader of the pack, the top dog, the stallion’s privileges, and the beach masters harem. The list is almost endless notice just how many animal references there are when talking territory or privilege.

The main logisphere view is the pyramid structure, with the plebs (that’s me and you) at the bottom of the pile, then they are holding on their shoulders the loyal, handpicked team masters, with greater privilege and access to the choice stuff, then there is the top man, the head honcho, the Numero Uno main man. It takes a long time for the main man to decline in our present day world, but way back in the mists of time, life expectancy was mid twenties to maybe mid thirties max and that was considered decrepit and ancient. So being at the top of the pile was of a shorter duration and the mottle crew would have the second in command to deal with before they stand a chance once the king is dead, long live the king then right down to the new coronation of the second in command and of course the line will promote the seconds main henchman up the greasy pole to the second in command position. The main order of the day when promoted is access to the females, then the food rights and of course handing the cover my ass duties to the second in command as the new head man has left that all behind and will wallow in the spoils of rank. Ahh life that unmistakable stench of ‘man you’re’ kidding me bull dirt.

Still the idolised view of things out with our actual experience are usually viewed from the perspective of, when I win the lottery point of view, rather than seeing it’s a harsh climate that breads the need to order a hierarchy and pressing life circumstances that have the collective in mind, yes there are certain privileges and there are all the perks, good thing human nature tires of too much of a good thing fast and the position still gets the most attention or the group would never survive in a hostile environment.

The modern day take on this is a much more decadent picture, with its ease of access to the privileged lifestyle and to the lions share.

In this day and age and for several hundred years things have been much more different than that. First the life expectancy has gone from maybe a decade at the top to forty or even sixty years in some cases. Empire builders that sell of the family business and retire into obscurity being the one exception in this faster paced tale of never ending delays, the lines and queue forming to wait their turn at the top are almost stagnant due to the longevity problem and the line of accession.

Just take a look at the monarchy to begin to realise the problem, the matriarch is in power and has been for fifty eight years, nearly sixty years (June 2012) that’s a long time for any prince to be waiting in the wings. Hell he is getting on a bit and will be eligible for his bus pass soon, he also has children of his own, that will have a better chance of reaching a coronation and a life in power, better than his own short lived prospects anyway. This microcosm is a dark reflection of a much bigger and wider problem that has caused a stag-nation in our own mobility.

Let’s take a hypothetical situation using just archetypal runners and riders, situations and systems just to clarify the central problem and simplify why it is past time for a more honest form of assessment.

In a land of masses of lowly workers on a breeding overload to keep the wheels turning, middlemen and flunkies to oversee the rank and file, crowned by only a top echelon of one percent (better than once upon a time in a far away land), the privileged few had direct access to the main lines of progression, by word of mouth and referral, by connection and association this lead to a strata of well connected, well healed individuals that were for all intents and purposes, above the normal repercussions and restrictions of class, law and rules and regulations. Let’s just call them the emotionally well nourished and the privileged few.

In this mythical land it has always been the way to keep the lower masses informed in only what they need to know, that a pacifier is used to bait them forward and a prod to directionally drive them with, if you like a carrot and a stick. In the beginning the mindless masses where corralled and driven or enticed to keep the wheels turning for the top one percent. This was made really simple as they were kept poorly educated and short of resources to keep them chasing opportunities and so incentivised it all worked, not well but smoothly for most of the time, the idle little buggers could breed like rabbits though and were not the breeding of choice for the cream of the crop servants to make the wheels keep on turning. So a periodic for the idiotic was war, pestilence and generally get the little lemmings to follow orders and make them jump of the cliff, that will keep the numbers down, summed up in a line from the TV sitcom Dads Army – ‘they don’t like it up em Mr Mannering’. So the process was going along nicely every five to ten years, a plague infestation or a war was all that was needed to keep the numbers down, but a better breeding program was needed as the idle breed like rabbits and the workers lose interest, or are just too worn out or they get gender issues as they share the home longer than the natural state for men and women would allow. Necessary as it would produce better more well rounded happy little earners.

Now in every tale there is a baddie, but in this one it is good intentions that just go wrong, when you over educate all of the masses they begin to understand only too well the true ways of the world, and with education at first being so costly it make those that have it raise their self esteem and worth to first of all price their services in the industrial sector better for choicer positions. So tell me why is it again that education has suddenly been priced out of the herds pocket, why is it again that wages have had their spending power reduced (inflation creep), in a credit system where credit is not based on worldly goods or hard cold cash fortunes have been lost (where do lost electronic fortunes go to?), the gullible lemmings just won’t jump of the cliff when directed anymore and their life expectancy is growing while the state of their health has almost made the NHS the last ditch for those at deaths door, for the infirm, the genetically challenged and the elderly, barring one or two accident, mind you now that cops use video and stopped giving street car chases the numbers will soon drop back to normal, as long as they learn to stop body checking innocent people, still their buddies in crime the law will get them off if it all goes wrong.

So a population creep like never before is taking place, the masses are too well informed, too well educated and the crush is going to be devastating as the same thing is happening on a greater scale on the next level up. The rebellions of the past like the Chinese one turned its focus on the top one percent and wiped them out as educated masses began to see the bottle neck and applied revenge tactics to sort the problem, now look at how the problem never goes away but comes back around on a regular basis, given the nature of man and with no natural predators what else do we expect. Now on the top one percent the longevity problem and its related bottleneck repercussions directly reflect or at least mirror the very worst of the whole structures problems. In an upwardly mobile framework, with a diminishing ascension area, just where do the top flight go to after they reach the pinnacle, the trick is to not live too long and to keep the whole thing moving, but….. this is only a fairy tale version as in the real world they regulate their own numbers, live fast paced life styles in the eye of the storm so they are culled on a regular basis keeping the whole problem in check and saving us from making a Chinese decision.

There is a solution the Chinese decided to eradicate a pyramid structure that has elites at the top, they like harsh tactics and don’t mind getting their hands bloody as we are a tad more gentile a better or more civilised solution is maybe the order of the day.

Imagine as life expectancy grows, and the population is booming, and when an early mature is ready for the market place and is fitted into a tailored position of privilege, that could be fifty to seventy years, that means that six or seven generations of newborns are being held back in check for every Charlie in waiting the number is exponentialised down the grading system to the masses.

A level playing field with everyone having the same and expecting the same and having a shared portion of things leaves no privilege structure and as we can tell when one is removed the next succession is a little more wary of exposure (especially if your Chinese) but a new level of elite will form and the natural state of aspiration will take up the pecking order once again.

The royal problem starts from the rigidity of the royal setting, the original ascension was from a period in time when life expectancy was up to thirty five, and a monarch may get a decade more or less, so a relatively young son would be likely to succeed. In this modern time when a nation of the youth of the day are facing interminable lengths of unemployment, and the senior generation are tied into work for decades, isn’t it about time that something was put into place that allows royalty to step down while still alive and to mentor the successor into the position while they have most of their faculty and experience still in place, to aid the transition. Just if anybody is interested to hear it said out loud ……. who knows?

A large proportion of the unemployed are probably going to be unemployed for life in some cases, mental, emotional and physical disabilities that can’t be overcome will be an issue, until someone raises the terminal question about number creep and bottle necks. In a world of finite resources, with limited opportunities, there are only so many jobs that keep this system turning, there are only so many people that can fill the positions always keep in cold store one or two spare to keep the winner from get all star quality about their skills, how long it took to train them, how much the machine needs them, till an absence is found and a position needs filling what a coincidence, here is one I prepared earlier….

Ah well just the cycle of life eh, but isn’t it getting really interesting out there.


And other distress related symptoms

The logisphere is so quick to label things and get everyone back to their labours before all the wheels fall of the wagon. They have a ready arsenal of neurology’s, conditions and gradin’s for IQ’s and the mentally, emotionally and physically challenged to have an answer or a conveyor belt pill or process to answer every dodge, to get everyone back on the path as quickly as possible. This drive to keep everyone moving leaves little or no time to enjoy life, yet the condemnation corner have taken it upon themselves to find out what makes us happy aren’t these two …. er ……. mutually exclusive?

A ‘hyperactive child’ as the label suggests is abnormally active and restless and can’t sit still. They appear to be constantly scanning and on the move never settling and the underlying drive is usually manic, watch any child that has been brought up in a persecuted environment, the ones that haven’t been brow beaten into submission and made docile, by having their hopes crushed repeatedly till they resign to the fact of their persecution and start to withdraw into themselves as they seen no end to it and lose hope. The ones that are still in the flight and avoid; the stay aware and look for opportunities mode of self preservation when an abuser is around show similar symptoms and to an observational related assessment process without making a meaningful connection how do you tell them apart.

A child that has been living under the threat of an abuser or tormentor real or imagined, and feels he/she cannot talk to anyone or confide in anyone is left to develop without the ability to make good connections with their family friends or peer group. This form of alienation makes it imperative to keep scanning the eye line/sky line for quick movements, to be ready for surprises and to be quick on your feet to make a quick exit, the last line of defence for the persecuted, if not the only one for most.

As the mind gets quicker and has to stay alert in a state of high tension for too long, leaves the victim looking hyper or even manic with a poor span of attention. The observational logisticians with their ready bag of labels and symptoms and conditions are more interested in the one eye they have on the clock and are all too aware of their golf dates and the nice blond they have for the next session if they are at all human.

The bounds of reason are severely tested when a child becomes aware of random misses by the terrorist, that for the immature intellect become ‘luck’ then they start to see patterns of behaviour and get fixated (obsessive) with them that they start to feel compelled to ritualise certain actions before they can feel safe to proceed.

As the imagination gets overdeveloped in this depressed state, how many times they become lucky or how repeatable their ritualistic patterns produce results will have an effect on the disposition of the victim. This will allow a level of normalising to begin and the condition becomes endemic.

On the surface this sort of persecution, say when it is used by a quicker sibling on a slow or seemingly retarded nest mate, would get them up to speed and fitting in with the oppressors need to keep on toiling, they like to know and feel safer knowing that we are all being kept busy, as the devil makes work for idle hands in their philosophy.

The people that like to present a ready solution to every symptom, all maintain that it is an environmental problem, a social dysfunction or a genetic defect. That just about covers all the quick solutions that are in the kit bag to date anyway.  So the ‘victim’ then gets labeled damaged goods and yet another useless pointless cycle of investigation starts when all that the ‘victim’ needs is understanding time to heal and a chance to come to terms with it as soon as possible, the meddling state with its hurry up doctors and impatient solutions with limited budgets are not helping but exacerbating the problem. If the damage was inflicted over a fifteen year timescale just how long will the healing need to be and the budget would need to be astronomical for the worst cases.

The last point is for the observational-lists, if it wasn’t for a system that requires that everyone must be kept busy because knowing yourselves and assuming we are all the same that comfort will give you peace of mind, if it wasn’t for a system that is kept short of money and that keeps losing its funding and budgets get withdrawn, what sort of sticking plaster do you assume you can apply, given that the budget still has enough left in it to address the problem. In a system where the professionals are all too busy with hard pressed case loads, long hours and pressing demands, given that they are as human as the rest of us how do you expect these career minded individuals to bring a real healing to bear, when their whole focus will be investigative and symptom checking then checking the symptoms off in their online doctors encyclopaedias (given they have kept up the subscriptions) and knowing the inherent faulty judgment of the human condition. Is this not just another recipe for that old quick fix the sticking plaster solution?

Observationally all of the medical profession have had their thinking practices trained, and the solutions are already there to be looked up in a listing of symptoms or diseases. Most hard pressed GP’s become under these workhouse conditions little better than highly trained dumb savants that will be left referring anything that can’t be categorised to some other higher functionary the specialist.

And if you find yourself being referred to one it is highly tempting to shout if not eureka then ‘bingo’ especially if the doctors name is house.

Ah well back to the grindstone.

Stand and Deliver

The Rank and File

Until something happens to undermine an established process or function in our lives we are all going along happily unaware of the tenuous processes and links that keep the fabric of our world ticking over and meeting our demands and expectations. As the old saying goes ‘you will not know how much you need a thing until it’s gone and you miss it’ or even worse if it isn’t broke don’t fix it, as that is definitely a false economy.

We all manage to keep our lives moving without knowing in too great detail all the workings and dependencies of all of our ways and means as well as our needs and wants. This lack of intimate detail is because in a fast paced world we don’t have the time to go into too great detail about everything and most of the time it is just expedient to learn to do only what it takes to get our desired result.

As this is the case for the biggest majority of us it should come as no great surprise that governments, businesses and industry are all prone to this selfsame blindsided working practice. Usually the wheels only ever come off the wagon in a spectacular way when a series of errors happen along a particular processes connections and dependencies links. In a film it would be shown as either a comedy of errors to reflect the twist of fate or in recent years it is a sequence of events that lead to a final destination.

The most recent event to reflect this is the Japanese Tsunami, the earthquake started a tidal wave that brought devastation and chaos, and the worst chain of events started to unravel, the nuclear threat that escalated to the point of achieving a Chernobyl critical status alert.

Only this time the world eye view and the instant messaging that swept the globe brought a final revelation to the mass, we are connected, we talk even around barriers and restrictions (bamboo curtain included) and information is almost instantly around the globe, almost faster than the media outlets and news reporters can get to the sharp end we are beginning to see footage and to hear details, as well as rumors. This is helping with the world wide realisation that we are really a global village separated by imaginary lines and large expanses of water. The smaller the world becomes in the global eye the quicker the next transformations will be. The collective unconscious will start to make the adjustments to the herd imperatives, aggression, drive to consume and build, and the last the need to breed will all be reined in. This will be a disappointment to the globaliser’s that want to cover the entire world with a manmade façade of paved streets, buildings everywhere and all wild areas converted to cultivated commercialised crops, with only landscaped garden parks and public access areas.

Only when something falls apart and we begin to realize it was a delicate connection to other unrelated tasks that failed, that brought it to our notice. We are continually told that we live in a democracy, we all assume that it does what it says on the tin, yet the idea of a government of the people, is a government for the people and so is a government by the people, well only when you look closer at the whole thing do you notice the great Oz’s legs showing under the curtain pulling all the levers and making all the plates spin. In a world wide failing economy the one happy thing to come out of it is without the cash reserves and cash flow to continue the globalisation process, the steady march has been cut back to a dawdle, awe shame, shame, shame.

It is interesting to note at this point that a government, of, for and by, is by its nature the servant of the people, now if the people are deemed to be of inferior capability it is acceptable for the patriarchal governor to make the tough decision on our behalf, but this country is one of the best educated, best informed and best qualified in the western hemisphere, so we do not require taking by the hand and to be prone to any elite patronage from a body that just wants control. A third world country the argument could be raised but in most cases it would just be a case of intellectual snobbery, as most people are capable even with minimum education and minimum information at reaching the right decisions with minimum fuss, pomp and circumstances. So why is education under financial threat no connection there then is there.

Most people assume that the government that is elected is representative of the voters that cast their vote, they assume that it is all proportional representation, until they are made aware of the discrepancy that if only sixty percent of the voters that actually vote, and the majority ‘winner’ of the vote is only twenty seven to thirty percent, then that is not even a full third of the actual voting populace, that makes the winner past the post representative of less than one in five of the voting populace. So a dictator would start to impose rule without the people’s full proxy, but to make a legislative change to the voting system compelling people to vote, will prove unworkable as too many people will just not comply and where do you imprison up to forty percent of the population, or even at its worst four out of every five people in a so called free democratic country. That is hypocritically in two countries of the world using guns and force to dictate terms to a people that does not follow its dictates. How can a two faced country call itself a democracy and then dictate to someone else in their own invaded territory with the power of guns and arms, no? just another of life’s little mysteries then eh.

The whole trouble starts here, with only the proxy (power of attorney) of one in five of the nation they do not have the majority needed to make fast legislative changes in law, they cannot democratically make it illegal to not vote, this country to a man woman and child would be bristling and belligerent at the thought of a dictatorial move in a declared democracy. So we have a declared democracy, we have a sitting government that is not of the people, the elite secular ruling groups are not anyway. We have a voting system that only allows the runners and rider one fifth of the vote making them servants to the people and not dictators of the law and rules and regulations. They should be subject and responsible to the mass and yet they still tend to dictate terms and bring to bear enforcement, penalties and incursions.

In a nation where the man in the street regardless of his standing has certain unalienable rights, this is supposed to be true for all, rich or poor, working or not working, we are all innocent until proven guilty, that is one of the most sacred agreements between the voters and the governing body, for it is easy to persecute a defenceless plebe with the full letter of and full might and resources of the powers that be, no individual would ever win and the state would have the casting vote in all instances, you will pay and the state will never be made to pay. Well the state troopers have been treating the unemployed as a group, yes we all know some are fraudulent, not the exclusive preserve of the great unwashed after the purging light that brought the MP expenses debacle to light, and not as fraudulent as the tax avoidance practices of the better off. Still the very idea that the entire unemployed body of people can be persecuted to provide proof of actions and to keep a detailed track of actions taken is not only an infringement of their rights and effectively makes them guilty till proven innocent, yet they are supposed to have the same rights as all the other people in the land. It also makes this a new sub class of slaves to the dictatorial masters that er ……. don’t have the right to dictate with only the proxy of one in five people.

The final area to worry about is surely the idea of absolute power in the hands of a government that rigs the laws to force people to vote, that gives itself dictatorial privileges over the mass because they are a true majority even if they have a gun at the heads of the masses to vote in its rigged system. The status quo is maintained because the petty people that think they rule do not ever get absolute power. The very structure of human nature says that people cannot be trusted with too much power. That sustained levels of extended privilege give the ego an unbalanced set of expectations and creates an elitism that is too removed from the ways of the herd that they cannot make effective judgments for the mass. The idea of how bad this would all be is clearly seen in the argument that the Lib Dem’s are ineffectual against the bullish conservatives in the present condemnation coalition. Yet given the nature of the beast and knowing that they don’t agree on nearly everything, they are still better harrying the hound and spoiling the chase from close quarters that to let the blue meanies ride roughshod over the crushed and whimpering reds.

A good example of this is the minority Scottish government the SNP, for they have had to use cooperation to get things done and Alex is doing well and has definitely brushed up his horse trading skills as a result of it.

The old saying ‘you can’t always get what you want’ should always be tempered with ‘but your needs must always be taken care of’. Here is to the status quo long may it keep power hungry men from achieving absolute power anywhere on the globe.

The Souls Progress

A sticking Plaster Solution

We are habitually told the world is a particular way, that it works in a particular fashion and that science has mastered the temporal world and has everything quantified and labelled and well understood. This modern day fairy tale is just as much a lie as the magical world’s version of, witches, warlocks, wizards and tooth fairies. They like science had names for everything and they had philosophies as well as magical hierarchies to reflect the hierarchical structure of the world. They didn’t have science labs for their experiments or tests but they did have the forerunner of it all, as modern science owes all of its investigative practices from the first quacks and charlatans that set out to fleece the sheep of the world. In the early days when a healer or quack was asked to do something, results and then repeatability became the order of the day. The whole cumbersome pomp and ceremonies that used to be needed to prepare the trick again to fool the next punter was getting too elaborate and often meant that the parlour ‘trick’ was a housebound theatrical spectacle and the scene or set had to be reset for each new play. Harry Houdini made quite a big expose on the whole shambles in his day, as a master of the sleight of hand he had a nose for the setups and was good at catching most out.

Science has great big important sounding names drawn from the logisphere just as the quacks had their own metaphysical speak. These two observational camps the voyeurs of the logical and reasoning views of the mundane world have never been able to deliver complete answers to all of the important questions, yet the logic heads like the ancient quacks have got the medicine trail down pat, they have mass production and a primed and willing populace that thinks it is weak and infirm and are never completely healthy. This keeps the market full of ready users.

The odd thing of late as the next level of medicine takes off we are beginning to hear various things that say that medicine is now leaning on the natural immune state of the body for its best results. The bypass operation that leaves a defective heart in place, piggy backed on the new donor organ, so that the lame organ can get a breather in a dormant state the body will not just do a temporary quick fix repair, as happens when we are still up and on the go. It does a full healing of the damaged tissue. The dormant state is used by the body to do deep healings, the medical profession once thought that it would be enough to sedate the individual to artificially recreate the deep healing state, but as with most observations, it all depends where you are observing from. How good the light is and how much you understand of the process. Even if you will, how much of the temporal facts do you possess and just how much of the process do you understand.

The ignorance of science has in the past been on a sliding scale from gross incompetence all the way down to symptom treater’s and pain maskers, the early ones weren’t called sawbones for nothing. Quite a few of the early quacks used leeches and other unsavoury practices, and these were considered cutting edge in their day even state of the art.

The late sixties saw doctors create the valley of the dolls problem by the way they observed things and how limited their understanding was, the state conveyor belt never stops and it was a process line, in chat, chat, prescribe, back on the conveyor belt, forget, next. In over forty years we have come into the light a little bit more with each decade.

Stem cell research has brought to light the bodies capability to produce a super cell that can replace organs, not just in a petri dish culture, but from the marrow and the white blood cells. Man must always have had this capability in the past and could that be the answer to the mystery area that has become known as spontaneous remission or recovery.

Why is this process dormant in the majority of people that end up dying from the disease while certain others have spontaneous remission instead. To the scientific mind this should be a simple case of separate approaches to the solution, how do some people manage to trigger the cell regeneration process from new stem cell delivery to the damage without the need to extract and then reinsert the solution into the damaged area. How is this achieved naturally in some people and not in others.

Some people respond to things that are congenial and use calmness for to aid focus. While other people like the contention and perform better under pressure. Is it simply that they are not the same kind of people, that their disposition and philosophy are worlds apart, if nature is the only point of difference. What if the support arround some people is negative and their doctors are no better than mechanics with minimum information or knowledge, with a pessimistic view or diagnosis. What if the ones that manage the minor natural miracle have people with good dispositions and faith levels around them and their doctor has a positive attitude and prognosis, and the philosophy they promote is one of faith in the healing process. The last area to take into account is the body itself, what if some of us have a natural predisposition to aiding the full healing process while some are living at a rate that they never slow the metabolism down enough to do more that provide quick sticking plaster repairs as they go.

The dormant phase produces the deep healing state, while the active one only allows the quick solutions, like quick developers and the earliest are awake and are up and running in their early teens, while the late developers have a slower metabolism and can allow the slower development. Is this, all that it is.

Deep relaxation techniques have the effect of slowing a hyperactive child down provided you can keep the poor attention span on the program to establish the effect. Once they are slowed down to a steadier rate and the attention span improves then it is advisable to try to establish meditative practices, to get rid of the quick thinking practices and to teach a deeper level of contemplation to think a problem all the way through to its conclusion instead of thinking only as far as a desired outcome.

The recent advance in treatment for cancer is a step in the right direction, cancer is not attacked by the bodies immune defence as it isn’t alien, it is of the body, the idea that they inject part of the damaged tissue components on the outside of the cells to trigger an immune reaction to prime the natural defences to do what they should is almost enlightening in its simplicity.

One last observation, what if some people have a rude awakening early on in their development and this triggers the hyper awake mode for the good of the collective, an enemy, a need to respond to a change in environment. The rest of the herd is able to develop at a normal pace and all the processes get brought into play in the natural order of things. The body is a biological soul synthesiser, and the soul takes more than one life to make over the course of the ever lasting life cycle. The death and renewal process has to cover learning to making a body, then over successive lives to creating the software for being, to generating the character to inhabit it. What if the only reason so many are awake so early is that a massive change is about to happen and it will require a concerted effort to bring it about, will the passing emergency then allow the majority of souls back on the slow awakening process again. The idea is that if a soul is awakened early to deal with the emergency then that life is subsidies for its sacrifice and a karmic levy will be accredited.

The final life in a souls journey is one that takes the living being from life eternally repeating to everlasting life and out of this real of existence. They say the journey can be completed in one single life walk, if the soul has achieved the sum of all of its needed knowledge and has the wisdom of all its needed understanding and through the development of the character equal to paradise can apply them in a single journey. Haven’t seen one of them in a long time, but hey, it’s early days yet, right?

Celebrity Endorsements

The mote in my eye!

The climate change lot are back at the global warming trough, thinking in two dimensions again. The fact that the Global weather is destabilised, the seasons are creeping and the moons orbit has been affected are obviously just symptoms of the ‘global warming’ phenomena. It can’t just be that there is no money to be made from trying to find out the real cause, no that would require investment, the money hungry freaks that love power and want to tax us for everything have found this the best excuse to make another buck, in the times of slowing economies dwindling cash flows and falling consumer confidence, they need to make up the shortfall to their cushy cash flow privileged life style.

They can’t just tax the air that we breathe (they breathe it to) and how do you track the inert from the active who will consume a greater amount ahhh the nightmare. Still there is the Inconvenient Truth that’s a good excuse especially as they have laid down a campaign for over thirty years to make us all feel guilty for just existing. Guilt is a great motivator for the masses. The worst offence is they have not proven the so called facts, yes the global changes are happening but as to whether that is caused by co2 emissions and the depleted ozone layer is still debatable.

At one time the globe was covered by giant ash clouds and volcanic ash and a dark age resulted from it, but the world recovered. In the history of the globe it has been through several ice ages and it has also had tropical eras. The deserts at the central section of the globe attest to a scorching of the planet and if that was an orbital problem then could it just be a return to a fluctuation in the earth’s orbit as it is the planet that has a seasonal drift going on as well as a colder winter period and a warmer summer period that may be longer by starting earlier and ending later.

The trend watchers that know this is likely have laid the groundwork to fleece the unwary by leaning on their guilt, wonder what they will come up for the next cooling down period. The Moons orbit is still the same clockwork precision it has always been the so called closeness may be that the world is out of whack more than any windy excuse as presented by the tax it, work it till it drops brigade of rip off artists we commonly refer to as governments.

It is a contradiction in terms that the governments PR states that they are the representatives of the people, that they are the servants to the needs of the people and yet their actions do not match the profile hmm, must just be another one of life’s little mysteries then.

The odd point to note in all of the chaos that is currently whizzing round the global jungle drums at the moment from the blogosphere to the media outlets and the social networks covers everything from the wars, to social injustices to the facts and figures behind the stories being blogged about or speculated on in forums. Yet we are still not asking the right questions.

If a government that claims to be a democracy, rigs legislation to force its own people to say vote, or uses coercion to get obedience can it still claim to be a democracy?

How come a group of people that say they only have our best interests at heart still manage to, not meet our needs unless they get more money (taxes) and end up cutting services to the bone but none of them take a pay cut, but magically or just by luck their own services are never in dispute hmm.

The new celebrity pastime seems to be ‘swing the vote’ or AV you heard the latest fad. The sheer amount of luvies that have hit the streets from both the pros and cons, obviously donating their time to the events to get us to change a voting system that leaves a hung parliament in place, yet the AV still leaves the voter with the ability to do the same thing, the AV vote has a tote betting system that puts down the first selection then the number two (who you would vote for next) then the third runner up and so on down the line. The fact that there are all these to choose from still doesn’t mean you have to nominate a second a third or any other if you don’t want any other but your first choice, so when the votes are counted it will have the same effect as our present one, sorry to have to point that out to the runners and riders as they approach the starting line but it’s all a bit of a waste of time.

As it stands though you can give them all the vote of no confidence, by just not voting en mass and without a proportional representation of the populace they cannot form a government, awe what a shame, unless the riggers that want a fixed race change the law to force every one to vote by making it illegal to not vote, but of course in a belligerent Britain, that will have the opposite effect. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Now is that really the democratic thing to do.

A Charmed Existence

The Sucker Punch

Why is it that every rational person grows up and takes life’s reigns and starts to make their way in the world except for a high proportion of ……. If ………. The rumors are to be believed ……..  women. People make plans, or try to realize dreams, yet some women live their lives wishing for a fairy tale. Even worse some women just want someone to tell them what to do, to take over their lives and they get to live in ignorant bliss, well up until the day the prince reverts to a frog, turns into a toad or is on the make as a trouser snake, or ……..  gets too familiar with the hand maidens or worst of all, wants to find his inner self comes out in your dresses and calls himself Geraldine and swans of with your brother. Hmm that’s a rude awakening for any day dreaming gall. Is it the woman’s fault?

As a child we are protected and raised by our parents, a willful child will get short order to just get obedience, a reasonable child will be rationalized with and will be given trust and responsibility in equal measure, not to make them grafters but to get them used to the world and its ways early, first there is work and then there is play, but for a child there is play and there are one or two chores just to get them broken into the idea before the world turns up with its wake up call.

A daddy’s girl is indulged and allowed to get away with lots on charm. By the time the little madam has grown to know her influence she will be hell on legs. A better parent will temper her upbringing to stop the monster from rearing its ego driven little head. An impatient parent will just drive the child to obedience and force an extreme rule to dominate the will. A better man just won’t be that self indulgent and will inform the mind and tutor the understanding, while delivering a realistic view of the world and people. But take the indulgent and flattered dad that reads every night to his daughter filling her imagination with fairy stories and false worlds, fantasies and daydreams, is it any wonder that this parent will have a commanding role in the young girls life, taking charge and looking after the child and the child is living with no worries no realities and is allowed to live in make believe.

When a doting parent is left behind or leaves this mortal coil, the child in the flow of life is under pressure and when they cannot function well as they have not been given the tools, they do not have the skills, they are lacking the experience of the real world, as dad did, the savings, he was there to loan without question, he defended he protected and cushioned every blow life would have dealt to the pragmatists daughter. So when the whole thing gets too much for the unprepared daydreamer, a very rude awakening starts to take place and the inner child hankers after someone to take charge, make decisions, and to protect the helpless waif, the fairy tales are the stuff of daydreams and the cycle is complete. Oh what the shrek.

Is that the end of this callous unfair tail or is there a silver lining to the clouded view of the world for the confused and innocent waif let loose in the world unprepared for the harsh realities. Let’s ask some of the right questions to see what springs to mind.

What sort of man would seek to protect the innocencs in the child for so long, what sort of child would need that sort of extended protection and indulgence, what sort of developments can come from a rude awakening into a harsh world. What sort of child needs introduced to the harsh realities early and needs to be prepared gently to lift the reigns for the long haul.

The rules for setting the balance right to temper the extremes of our own strain or genus are the same the world over. Every parent should know the ways to treat their offspring best if they know themselves well, a quick child needs to be slowed down, a slow child needs to be brought up to speed, a child that seems to know better and to see ahead and can produce results even in dangerous situations and is willful and belligerent may end up under the rod of iron. A beautiful child with a will and a quick judgment is a very tricky mix, first they will have all of the parents feeling sets (good and bad) with knobs on, all of the dispositions and preferences (with twice the attitude) and will even hate being too young (stuck in a child’s body? An old soul?) or being ‘told’ what to do. This is a trial and a test for any parent and it can go badly, but with luck the right approach and a certain amount of charm it can produce a star, get it wrong and you will create a tyrannical daemon. Faith and steel Highlander, faith and steel.

Once a knowing child is detected a parent will use charm to introduce an extended state of delusion of safety to keep the innocence alive way past an appropriate time for the ‘early risers’ knowing dance of the rights of passage. This will stop the first breeding rush of the early starters from hampering or influencing the daydreamer, the rude awakening will burst the bubble too early and a bad match or mix of a slow plodder will be tied to a quick jumper with the leap of insight and an extensive knowing growing and ready to turn to contempt when the inner match is just not there.

The late developer if the parental gardener has cultivated the late bloomer will have produced a well rounded individual that will, come into their own within their own environment with their own peer group and the result will be better that a misplaced seed of a quicker soul being too much of a burden on someone that cannot comprehend on the same level.

A final word for most of the daydreamers that go around kissing frogs with hope in their hearts, why is it that you know what a reptile is yet you cannot distinguish a toad from a frog or even tell when it’s just a trouser snake you are in the grip off?

There is method in the madness and it is not all a cruel joke honest ………. Would I ……. Lie to you. Trust me I’m not a doctor.