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The Scottish Schism

Healing the Cracks.

Clan Scotland

Clan Scotland

The recent referendum has been blamed for creating a schism in the Scottish psyche. This current piece of southern british banter is proving to be more of a propaganda release for the bitter together band of deluded brothers that form the first ranks from the westminster tactical stance to crush a mythical Scottish rebellion. This is another media blame tool that is being bandied about to muddy the waters till the next rigged elections in 2020 and this 20/20 vision is in need of an optician. It lacks the insight into the political awakening that is currently reforming the Scottish sense of identity as Scotland goes through a reformation of political perceptions.


The original split in the Scottish psyche was started by the highlanders and the ‘lowlanders’, this was the main target of the British invaders and was further compounded by Longchamps as he drove to divide and conquer this nation. The Belted Earls that were banished and moved to Scotland and used their heraldry to create the clan crests in their new lands (the little infiltrators), they are the wolf among the sheep and the Fenrir cubs began the laws of attrition that lead to the clearances. The Highlander lowlanders divide was further exploited by Longchamps and the banished cubs to drive a deeper wedge in the Scottish psyche. The so called english lands that were payment for some of the clans were just a reinstatement of family piles from the original banished earls. The second big fracture to further crack the rock of ages had to wait till the miners strike where family was turned against family and friend against friend on the picket lines of the modern day hold outs and the scabs that sold out, and still the mines have disappeared and the divide is still there. The third and final blow was the fracture caused by the modern day freedom fighters as they tried to hold on to their own country, while the bitter together sell outs were back in force in George Square. The final headcount that the election produced a massive SNP majority as the old hard line division is losing members with the passing of time. 2016 should still see a massive SNP support to keep Nicola in place till the 2020 foresight.


The original split showed by the highlanders and the lowlanders clearly created two camps north of the border. The Highlander holdouts who dug their heels in while the lowlanders sellouts turned their back and took the bribes or crumbled to the acts of attrition from the southern invaders. As the divide deepened the injury of invasion caused the depth of distrust in the Highlander’s hearts for their own sellouts and their masters. The hard line highlanders and their hold out policy was further tested as their younger generations were being driven out of hearth and home in the clearances. While the sellouts were conscripted into the so called union. The war of attrition began in earnest then. This tactics are still being employed today by the modern day oppressor as they make it impossible for the holdouts as they never call us. The so called unionist partners just cant seem to change their spots. 


The general blame mechanism that has been leveled at the modern day 45% rebellion from the westminster propaganda machine is further hampered and possibly falling on deaf ears as the floundering red herrings the old labour party have all but disappeared in the phoenix fire of the revivalist Scottish pride rising up from the ashes of the last general election landslide by the 56 new SNP workers. Now that this nation is used to the tactics of fear and intimidation that was used against them by the southern land grabbing british invaders and dictators. Their bitter together campaign has proven since the election that they will never ever keep their word and that we are not partners in a union but a commodity for their own uses.


This nations 1.6 million modern day rebels and last vestiges of the children’s children from the original holdouts are now off their knees and marching to a modern day tune of independence and are finally about to say that enough is finally enough. Next year should see a further advance in the cause as the swollen ranks of the SNP the guard dog at the Westminster door settles into the dog house that is the seat of non-representatives and keeps nipping at the heels of the indifferent masters to the whole nation they are supposed to be governing. They do confuse responsibility with the stupid notion of ownership, not what a union of equals would suggest but there you have it. So lets hope that Nicola can still be there to spearhead the second campaign for the weary hearts and minds of an asset stripped nation as it gets from its collective knees to its feet as it begins the march to freedom.


So in 2020 lets hope that we have 20/20 foresight that is the insight of perception from 20/14 hindsight. And gives this nation a clearer vision of a better future for all of us.


A Scottish UDI

That Horns of an Old Dilemma.

Clan Alba

Clan Alba

The main problem with the infiltration of the modern day Unionist into SNP chat rooms and other forms of patriot pages for Scotland is the very medium they intend to use against us. Namely the internet, the cybernats are the subject of the current unionist witch hunt and the old favourite media liars are again back in the cyber wars, with misinformation and propaganda smears to undermine the nations new found hope. The ancient tools of the propagandists the world over, is still to break the will, undermine the faith or hope of their perceived enemies and to smear and smudge with misinformation while trying to make it look like their own tale is pristine and squeaky clean in the public’s perception of their version of events of the so called truth. To be absolutely honest this is the same problem for the parties on each side of the divide.

The main drawback to any progress from the initial first step taken by the Scottish voters in the general election was heard (seen) the world over in the final returns for Scotland, a resounding 1.44 million Scots made a statement of intent that shook the very foundation and fabric of the very shaky old unions supposed safest seats in our land. How to capitalise on this statement and convert it into a declaration in a world restricted by the practices of the money men and financial houses of the old union. They have deep pockets and this nation has had over thirty years of asset stripping policies used to humble us yet again to a tyrannical order of people who have never treated us as equals in a so called three hundred year ‘partnership’. They are spendthrifts and cannot balance the books they fight to defend as the way the world should be run. While we are kept impoverished they give themselves whatever they please, yeah right equal my raging butt.

The internet has made us aware that anyone can claim to be whoever they say they are, until the mask slips and the hand in the puppet shows through the threadbare disguise. It is easy to make a new email address to set up any online account with and then to join or infiltrate to cause dissent and to undermine confidence. Create a good guy profile and then after a few months of collecting friends and being helpful. They get their mates to harass them, or just know how to bait their own off the page and they begin to buckle under the online attention. Then they try to force a mass exodus of ‘friends’ as they crumble under the pressure of false attacks. All the while the real attacks exist and continue to try to undermine confidence and to break the foundation of faith that has been growing at the foundation level since the last referendum and its newly swelling ranks since the infyref. The new groundswell since the general election has grown arms and legs but at least it now has a formative base in the Westminster machine.

This two edged sword is now being widely spotlighted and the damage is proving to be minimal as the resolve of the Scot has once again been underestimated by a ruling nation that historically never really got to know its own kind and never have known us as well as we let them think they did. They just seem to assume they ‘we’ are all on the same page and of the same kind of being. To underestimate them is the folly that laid the nations of the rest of the world low, we have centuries of experience with their impersonal and cold manner of being that is more than a little like the behavioural symptoms from the aspergers spectrum of disconectivity. The almost sadomasochistic tendencies they have displayed over the centuries now means that every nation that they subjugated over the centuries knows them as well as we do, and they like us are no longer amused.

The answer to the problem of how does a nation that is still being given pocket money back from its income by its mummy, is to find out how to fund this new breakaway stance to build a real equal partnership with the neighbour from hell next door and to stop them raiding our pockets for their own warlike anal and self indulgent pursuits. Well the truth has been obvious for years and has been kept out of the mainstream information highway because of the very nature of the medium the internet is becoming. Loose lips sink ships, most people have to chat and tell what they hear to feel included and valuable in this day and age and so it has been kept under wraps for a good reason. Why has this been done well like all forms of emergence you never see the child until it is born even though the lump of its presence is felt before the event. The birth of new life is all in the delivery and the timing of this next audacious move is crucial, especially when you consider the nature of the beast, that has been this nations burden for too long now.

Money is the key to their downfall and they know it, but so do we and this is the key to turning the tide on our jailers that hold our purse string so tightly against our own needs, as they indulge their own whims as they please from the pot they glean from our graft. The next stage is just a bit tricky to set up and will require the concerted effort of one individual to take the heat and to defend the project for maybe two to five years. While our new political force the fine fifty nine get up to speed with the Westminster process to better know their practices and to familiarise themselves with their ways and means. Wow fifty-nine Scottish researchers in the heart of the Elite palisade of the mighty, what could be better than that. The temperament and character of the individual that is elected as Administrator will have to be as tough as diamond and his/her metal will have to be well-tempered to withstand the tirade of attacks they will receive. No one will lightly take up this appointment and the candidate list is small and is diminishing the longer we are still under their flag. Once the indication of the project that is needed to be brought into being the new keystone of the Foundation For Scotland (yes that is ‘FFS’) is revealed the infiltrators will have a target to start smearing and trolling and to undermine with all the tactics from their historic war machine.

The very fact that not putting information out into the mainstream leaves the infiltrators more than a little bewildered and feeling out of their depth, as no news is more worrying while no gossip is likely to be made up of made up stuff from people who know nothing of our nature and means. This has up till now been the true strength of the last campaigns. The strategy of waiting till the last hundred days of the #indyref to engage and steer the course is now almost the stuff of legends. And proved to be a master stroke of letting the troops only know what they needed at the most auspicious time and to leave the other contenders looking foolish and having no time to react and stop the course of action in its relentless tread. The final results of the general election were a safe bet because the others would not waste a vote for their enemy, but bet on their own house instead and just did not have the numbers they thought they had.

An interesting note about that is about 30% of the Scottish electorate did not vote, were they the traditional non voters? or were they the disgruntled former voters that chose to reprimand their own for their failings? or even a combination of both.

This next stage for the drive to freedom has to be staged with the same sort of precision, the word had to be kept mum until the platform was first built off the page and then it will take money to put it into place at this time. The long road could be as long as five years till the next general election and we deliver a Scottish UDI to the existing establishment. Unlike the last battle which was a skirmish for the head count we now know that we have a strong base of 1.44 million to draw on, thanks to the SNP original numbers being a fixed constant and the swing would be glaring and obvious and free from any interference from the opposition. this time it will all be about the resources, the knowledge and the decisive factor will not be votes it will be coin in our pockets that will decide the upcoming battle.

The time for this revelation is at hand, would Scotland (the 1.44) put its money where its mouth is. If it takes five years at ten pounds a year paid into a trust fund for UDI for Scotland, that will be fourteen point four million a year for five years a cool seventy million to be used for the campaign, and Administration, web presence and collection facilities needs to be instituted first then stewards, venues and promoters, then comes printing cost, canvassers and researchers. A democratic approach to Independence instead of musket fife and drum and dancing to the war mongers tune. The fund will initially need to cover setup and running costs. The manpower needed is available in the ranks of unemployed which are the natural choice to start from. The workers of this land are already working and are shoring up the present infrastructure. As fate would have it volunteers and donations of venues, and to offset running costs is a necessary starting point.

The ‘Foundation’ would have to the means by which we sign up to the agreement that we should be and Independent country with full sovereignty. These would have to be secure and safe, the need for a separate server and IT management goes without saying. Or to organise a means by which the communities can take the signup process to the people in their homes. Once the pledges are signed and counted and the result is in the money will be the litmus test of intent. Using it to first found the political base for the Scottish people with full fiscal and economic autonomy and a democratic charter that is to be entered into Scottish law for the people and its state. The first years running cost and all pledges and donations and the volunteer core will still be needed for all of the first and probably the initial period of the second term.

Because we are no longer a nation ruled by kings or queens, and as our history has shown that, ‘that order of governance’ has had its three strikes in this land, one queen beheaded, one king exiled to France, and one king that joined the two countries and was made to sell out under the duress of economic sanction and was as is historically recorded shafted by the invader. This form of government will never work for Scotland ever again. The solidarity that was shown in the Palace of Westminster by the newly anointed is the finest statement for a true democracy as the world has ever seen from the rank and file of the common man stepping up to the plate and facing down the ravages of fate. A new democratic charter has to be nationally agreed to and instated before the declaration is publicised and will be ready to have the allegiances of its people as it central core and to work for the good of the people and the betterment of the state. That no political parties representatives can change legislation, this is set to safeguard the people from the abuses of the past. The state of the people will swear its leaders into an allegiance to the nation and to have them work as its national defender. That while this is all being set into motion it will require someone of good character and trustworthy nature to act as temporary defender of the nation until it has been set up. And to then hand over to the newly elected state defender that the political parties are held account to. This will allow us a governmental body that can interface with the democratic governments of the world and can start our own trade agreements and form our own allegiances, run our own house to suit our own purposes and never again be held to a dictators practices and demands.

The test of money is the only proof we have left, none of the others will willingly endorse their perceived enemies campaigns or fill their war chests. So the Idea of an online sampling process became moot before the general election and the SNP vote was used as the litmus test to prove the numbers, that were needed before this next stage could be begun. Well the cat is out of the bag now and it will not go back in again.

A test run asking people to like this post if you agree would have to have comparable numbers to be relevant as to how many would be either willing to donate the fifty quid up front for the first five years term and to place a state defender in place to start the litigation for the new democratic charter of the people and the states agreement. Or to pay up monthly over the period. If the money target is achieved in the first few months it will not have to wait for five years till the next election, it can all be started before this auspicious year is out. What a welcome first foot that would be into the new year before the Scottish elections. This is necessary as the treasury does not have money to spend outside the remit for the union budget as it now stands. They cannot help us this must be our collective self will.

The first steps are to get an official online paypal active page up and running that the income from it will be transferred once a month into a holding joint account with two admin trustees to sign checks and get the financial ball rolling. The volunteer level of this can get up and running asap and this is all that is needed for the moment. The lines will be clarified, by using a donations page to show the monthly income to the paypal account and a published balance of the full account for the first five years of office. It will also show expenditure and running cost, personnel profiles and have a completely transparent format for enquiry and feedback.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to achieve full autonomy and Independence for the Scottish Nation. That’s UDI for ISN.

Under the Weather

Getting Baltic



The forecasters are all over the shop again with their storm bombs and their forecast generalisations. The predictions again show a distinct lack of foresight and accuracy that is quite honestly getting more than a little embarrassing. The forecasters are beginning to behave more than a little like the politicians of the post referendum debacle as they change stories, swap stances and infiltrate other parties (keep your eye on them), and while a leopard cannot change its spots it can purr like a kitten when it pleases. Pre election rats leaving the sinking ship is very suspicious both in their timing and their actual credentials. Buyer beware springs to mind for any new fortunate group ranks that are being swollen by ship jumping pre-election deserters?

The forecasts about the weather have been just as accurate as most election pledges, promises and the usual round of bribes and incentives, from the we want to rule you all, our way and we will give you these concession’s if they don’t get in the way of our master plans, which we will not tell you about as we don’t have to declare anything, and will keep implementing as we see fit when you elect us in, even when we unelected-ly coalition ourselves in .

First the forecast was for four-week period for Frozen Britain this stated that the Islands were all expected to be plunged into a bleak winter. Then we woke on Friday and ‘Britain’ was experiencing a frost blanketed morning, but it turned out to be just Kent, while Glasgow had a little bit of ice and only the distant peaks showed white caps of frost or light snow that were gone by the next day. Excessive use of exaggeration guys. In winter forecasting it could all be about elevation guys. Then it was all about a warming and well you get the picture.

Glasgow Fri 12/12/14 Campsies.

Frost Caps on the Campsies

Glasgow Sun 14/12/14 Campsies.


No caps










While the period of climate change was under way with the convergence of the nine realms, the weather changes have had particular country and ethnic results. America has been experiencing some of the Baltic’s front and temperature dips in winter, cold fronts and drifts. The effect that it has had is the American is a little bit more reserved for the exchange and more than a little subdued from the effects. In the summer evidence that the southern states storms have settled back into a more spaced out pattern is starting to show while life is going on as normal.

The summer for the Russian bears that were finally getting out of the winter cave were stretching their legs, leaning on neighbour s and pissing off the world leaders with their bolshie behaviour. High spirits abounded with some tailgating the locals and taking the toys (subs planes etc) out for a spin as well as Vlad getting out and about on some field trips is all good for the weather incarcerated bears to get out and mark territory and mate, they are now recruiting males that breed indiscriminately or prolifically must be suffering from some diminished or chilled ardour in the Baltic’s then, more than just a breeze about their knees then. While their new Santa List for xmass has just been revealed.

While Britain experienced a schism in its psyche that produced a cold front from the south and a chill wind from north of the borders. It is beginning to show marked differences in weather fronts as well, flooding is becoming normal south of the divide especially in autumn through winter and even into spring in some areas. Skiers are facing delays in their favourite resorts as the winter delays of snow now could bolster the Aspen resorts clientele making a tidy profit for their industry, or even New York state if the cold front becomes settled there.

So as we all settle down to the approaching festive season we are again looking at too many repeats on terrestrial TV as ‘they’ try to wean us on to pay for view so that only the elite will be informed and all others will be ostracised in the process adding to the schism in our social differences. As newspapers are all facing a printing death as will magazines as we all drive forward on the progress locomotive that is steaming ahead to paperless (no such thing, they are aiming for paper free) offices. This will remove receipts to some form of handheld device that is quite a Space 1999 type of universal communicator, computer and information center, money personal details, medical records, or to you and me the next generation of smart phone one without a breakable screen. Ah the next generation x devices already on the xmass lists and wish lists of the programmed populace of the western world.

Well as this year is heading for a close would like to take the time to wish everyone a great holiday, both for xmass and for the new year, where hopefully we will see a new political landscape by the spring time for Scotland. Dear Santa on the next election can you please wake Scotland up enough to take care of its own business as the present set of unelected managers are too crooked to trust and have a collective hidden agenda, with TTIP, and fracking up the landscape. So lest make it a golden turnout Scotland Needs Protecting, so remember what SNP stands for.

It still amazes me that people think that Scotland can play Westminster politics and win for Scotland. It only works for the English at home and the English residents in their land grabbed footholds in Northern Ireland, Southern Scotland, Southern Wales where they are all alright Jack.

The new jobs creation program for the submarines at Faslane, when coupled with the Westminster withholding of job creation powers for Scotland, will see a new influx of Westminster voter to swell the traitorous ranks in the lowlands. The housing waiting list are already prejudicial to the indigenous Scott that is unemployed or on disability or benefits of any kind. While new housing associations will fast track new workers into the area using the know associates (work boss colleagues) or existing family as the English like to do. Will have the effect of disenfranchising the indigenous in their own lands. Oh yes and Ian Duncan Smith wants to limit people to two children per household and that will keep Scotland’s population at the present levels, while new jobs are created from the south and a mobile workforce is drafted in. All Scottish local authorities are showing a distinct bias to Westminster lead policies that are not on any manifesto and have a back door staging action. Council tax, bedroom tax and yet more taxes for the asset strippers from next door. They really are the grinch at the festive table.

So lest make 2015 a golden year for Scotland and regain our sovereignty to get these inequalities addressed in our own land. All the best for the festive season one and all.


In the know



What you see, what you hear and what you know are three very different things. Your lifestyle will have a big effect on how disconnected these three perceptions of life will be. There was a video clip on my Face book feeds this morning showing a dash cam image of a crash as it happened, the driver veered across the lanes into oncoming traffic to collide with a truck. The video went viral and the belief that it happened in America and the dashboard camera was in a state troopers vehicle was the word on the video. It has since come to light that the driver of the car was killed and he was from Moscow, the road itself is a notorious one for taking lives. A long way from the version passed around as is.

The busy life styles of most people prohibit the ability to delve past the initial report and to go and verify what we hear or are told is the truth as the rumour is more interesting than the real story is. We tend to accept it at face value more readily if it conforms with one of our own beliefs about the world negative or positive, good bad or indifferent. So we quite quickly begin to accept things even when we cannot check them out or verify them ourselves. A modern age coping mechanism to let us think that we can keep up and feel involved and connected, when in reality most of it is speculation, observation and a smattering of misinformation.

The discrepancies in the represented facts and the world realities are never then questioned, most people will never revisit a story again, unless the type of incident is active in that person’s world. the facts about Housing, schools, care, banking, police, criminal justice and of course politics are very different to what we are told is going on. Newspapers are in the business of selling papers and so they will dig till they get an angle on a story that will sell and that is just a harsh fact of life, media has to toe the line between informing people and government policy of keeping some things out of the public domain for the national interest of course.

Some discrepancies are blatant and yet we never tend to question them like wine figures, this shows the countries and the hectares are minute in each country so don’t let the map fool you. The truth is there are not enough hectares of vineyards in the world to produce all the so-called quality wines we have and the cheep plonk that is available, so how is the shortfall produced, an easy speculation is to assume the cheep end is made up from low quality grapes and are mixed and that a certain percentage has to be made using the old bath tub gin method. The creation of flavoured alcoholic drinks is not new and has a well established history.

Another glaring discrepancy is why after all the foreign aid (checkout unspecified listings) to countries that this country has given aid to, why is a large portion of the money siphoned off into some dictators pockets, creating a minor elite of wealthy leaders in poor countries, while the rest is only used for education and social purposes. Why is the west still the main recipient of raw goods and materials from third world countries, and our aid is not to increase their ability to manufacture the goods themselves. But is aimed at education and no real investment in manufacture or small business start-ups. Why are we shipping raw goods around the world and all the cost for this, then the west takes the materials which are then processed and then shipped again by western industries, like for instance African cocoa beans. How come Africa with all its diamonds, gold and safari industries is still too poor to manufacture and take over the global production of chocolate and all its diverse products, after all take cocoa, sugar and milk and you have chocolate, yet…

Another strange thing is the discrepancy in the housing situation in Scotland, a recent amendment has stopped the right to buy, you wonder why. The locals and indigenous population find themselves on waiting lists that can last for years in some cases decades. Yet a working stiff transplanting from an industry based investment in Scotland will be fast tracked up the housing ladder, giving preferential treatment to workers and yet the fact that councils have been made to sell of housing stock has sped this process up and as local investment for the Scots and jobs creation is anti Westminster policy is surely just pure coincidence. Transplanting the Scot out of work and house and home is a mission creeping action and a policy of our Westminster elected (sorry unelected ) government. The Smith report (download the PDF) has confirmed that whenever Scotland try’s to play at Westminster politics Scotland loses out every single time. No jobs creation powers mean no housing prospect for Scots this will increase housing lists and stretch waiting times while fast tracking new jobs, and non Scottish workers will be eligible under the new housing association policies of housing for working people. This is beginning to look like a deliberate policy to supplant the indigenous population with a capitalist base that has allegiances to Westminster. Is this the beginning of the end for any form of home rule for Scotland, when misinformation is common and nawbag infiltrators are rife in the social media forums, the political party charm offensive and recruitment drive has started in earnest. This media smoke screen is just keeping the Scot in the dark or just chasing red herrings.

A government of the people is elected by the people to serve the nations people, to protect the land and its resources for the future generations. The pseudo democracy that the Westminster politics is, that is financed by large corporate backers is there to serve the greater good of the economy and wealth of its investors more than it is to serve its nation and its people. Therefore it makes good sense for them to protect their investors interests and to pay resource and material countries to not manufacture goods and to be content with just shipping the materials to the western investment base.

This country needs a consensus of people ready willing and able to get together and not just for the nice day out marches and protests that are mainly sales points for memorabilia, recruitment drives for political parties and are at best just feel good social exercises to make people believe that they are getting some place in their campaign promotions.

When any country in the world has a consensus of the electorate active and ready to vote and will be there at the checking points and counts by having an off the forum headcount ready to check against official declarations, then that will be a real democratic action a public figure check that will show up the infiltrators that say they will, when they never will, this will help deliver a realistic count of the people, by the people for the greater good of the people and its nation, to protect the national interest against big industry and large investment houses trying to steal people’s rights under some global control mechanism, to strip nations of their inherent powers and historic rights.

Ah well suppose that is just another item for the Christmas wish list, for some fine day in the future then, as most people are kept too busy running around to do anything about it.

Tote that barge lift that bale, if you don’t do as your told you will end in jail.

Core Resources

Stockpiles and Excesses

St Andrew 2 UniIt would seem from the ”www.jungle.drums” that there is a shortage of chocolate in the world today and that by 2020 the shortfall will see consumption exceeding production by a third. Africa is a wealthy nation with rich resources and yet the bulk of the money from them is not going to the nation that owns them. Diamonds, gold etc. Now if there is any native savvy left in the African, why ship out coco beans and let someone else cash in on the surge in prices that chocolate are about to provide in just five years time. Why with milk and sugar so close to home and with diamonds to fund it, why not make the holy delicacy there and then ship the finished goods no double levy for the raw ingredients and then the product.

Just part of my job search observations for emerging markets like the home-grown Yes market in my own homeland, the market it seems has lost a hero found a new first lady, and swollen its ranks from 45% to a resounding 52% and all in the space of a month and a half. The hope over fear campaign has taken strength from the fear mongering TTIP, and Fracking lies that are being used to shake the unsure from their home berths and to try to make them pack up and run, these media based scare stories carry no weight. The ground base has developed a new Scot2Scot website and FB sites, for all the constituency groups in each electoral region, like to see a graphic display when you log in showing the membership percentages overall in Scotland by membership and then by region. The fight for the labour seats has been dealt with, while no real contender has come out of the labour camps. So the growth market is a base of 1.6 million to over 2 million in just about six weeks, unprecedented in any political state let alone country except for Catalonia, who managed a massive 81% of the voting populace. Scotland still has a bit to go and may only achieve sixty to seventy percent, as a migrant workforce that sees itself as British is hard at work in the defence industry that England has established off its own soil I might add, and is looking at taking in nuclear waste for us to deal with as a dump site, Scotland is no longer an annex more like a spare bedroom policy in action.

The paedophile problems in the government are being rehashed as if they are a new thing, that any government that has voting sessions and has a count of the aye’s and the no’s and that uses a whip system to bully the staunch causes or even the dissenters in their own ranks, has had to accept that to gain majorities, you have to work with what you have, if there are any skeletons in the cupboard they will be known and the pressure will be applied to get policies through that are backed by the state. Trying to fight and change a corrupt system is a waste of time and the old ploy ‘we have papers you can fill in and if you petition such and such’ we can see what we can do about it, are all a system has ever used to keep the unhappy occupied. Never fight the old system just build the new one and replace it completely.

The fact that every state has manipulated the right type of skills into its employ if they can keep a massive amount of leverage over someone’s head they can be coerced into, spying, assassinations, fear of exposure is the second most powerful manipulation tool to use to get someone to go against their own will, to put their lives at risk to save their reputations, Russia used to recruit closet homosexuals when this backwater prosecuted them, then the old fême fetal or Mata Hari to the perverse and build up a profile and dossier to keep the leverage up. The first best piece of leverage is of course direct manipulation, seize a man’s kids and wife who has the right set of skills for a particular job and they will be easily coerced, once initial resistance is dealt with most will comply as they have unusual skills that imply a moral destitution. or that they have at least done this before. It will of course be the last thing he does and his family will also disappear.

The tactics of attrition are currently, the TTIP no elected government can give away a countries sovereign power as they are empowered by it and are subject to it and would be making an act of treason against their own electorate. Any government that licenses a company that does not have to declare its chemicals uses is not defending the land or its resources like water tables. Unconstitutional acts by a government against the power of a nation is an act of treason. Any unelected government, like a self-appointed coalition leaves itself and its members open to a private and a state prosecution after the next vote, next year. Crimes against the state even unconstitutional acts by a government against its own people, the unelected have no place to hide and no diplomatic immunity. They are personally responsible for their actions and their party advisor’s are complicit in their deeds while they claim to be in office.

Generation X

Generation X

After Alex Salmond stepped down this nation gave a warm round of applause and then the canny man went and played a blinder, forty two thousand pounds a year while he is getting an MSP pay packet, it reverts to him when he finally does retire. What a man, makes you proud to be Scottish. So Alexander Salmond is on to bigger and better things with an assured place in Scottish history and Ed Milliband is just small change by comparison. The Labour foothold in Scotland is beyond repair and may need to be scrapped. While the new politically active youth of the ‘generation yes’ have a new head of party and proposed first minister of Scotland. The generation yes storm is brewing Look out Westminster. And the wolverine is off scalp hunting so look out Danny Alexander.

Compounding Interest

Capital Gains


The greatest warrior wins without fighting, and converts his opponent into an ally or friend.

Well the post Independence land is settling back to a new sense of purpose, the natives have found out just like every other nation on the land that the media is telling them all fibs to create a world vision that does not in any way reflect the actual state of things. Either in their own land nor in their neighbours. The conglomerate overview mindset has a plan of keeping its status quo involved with that vision. And as all the national papers in Britain and all the broadcast media have proven that they will work to their master commands. Media blackouts, propaganda releases. Like the conspicuous by their absence Scottish No vote campaigns and rallies on the streets of Scotland as unreported by the mainstream media. While the social media reporting of the Scottish Yes campaign and rallies that generated the flowering of a nations youthful pride is still very much under a media blackout, but it has not been contained the word is spreading throughout the world, and the sudden swelling of the SNP ranks as reported in the social media forums and they are now being reinvigorated by the day and extended in the Yes camps and the Independence rank and file.

The news from the street is a generation of politically active youth in a glorious land think that investing has everything to do with trade. Trade is good with ourselves by ourselves say with a credit coin like the bitcoin. Say a Scotcrown a unit that has halves and quarters to trade with ourselves, for services and goods just a stamped coin with no reference to monarchy just kith and country. Just people trading goods and services and this could include cooperative funded second-hand goods by donation, for people who cannot afford to replace stolen goods because they don’t have insurance from conglomerate cash stripping, existing, defaulting companies.

The corporate mindset that thinks it’s vision for the world will be materialised when every nation has been brought under its jackboot tactics has learned nothing from history about man. The war of attrition is still focused on the same tactics.

The tactics that shut down your local shopkeeper and saw the rise of the supermarkets and superstores, was won by the suppliers that later became the superstores, that just added a shop front end on to their existing warehouses, hiked their prices to the small shop keeper until they were forced to raise prices and then with just an added shop front on a warehouse, they got the mobile new worker to travel to their new superstores and so could undermine the local shops artificially inflated prices by underselling to the cattle market shoppers. This was a war of attrition and it still has and owns all the transportation outlets or has substantial shares in them. It also has contractual agreements with producers and manufacturers that quite frankly even a large cooperative collection of small shop keepers will find hard to compete with. It would take locals sourcing goods and produce, transporting it and storing it, the small communities like the Asian communities took the step of using trade marts like booker and such to run small outlets, ice cream, hotdog, chip and groceries vans which are better for small local districts or isolated areas can and do use the same facilities which manage to produce a modest income for small families, and will expand to cafe’s, restaurants and invest the income into future development and expansion.

Now this brings us to what investment truly is. The true meaning of this is best seen when you make a gain that you capitalise on it, you use it as seed investment either back into the business base or into expansion or diversification. This like the first venture that brought the returns is a risk there are no guarantees in any venture, all the hard work into a diminishing market, or an occasional one with fluctuating trends and interest is a high risk one. There are no real growth markets or breaking innovations as the latest Apple iPhone6 proved when one was accidentally dropped right in front of a camera in a crowd on its first day of release. Proving that what a manufacturer claims in a shrinking market share to get ahead of its competitors is all PR and smoke and mirrors. As the device is just the old one but bigger and still smashes very easily no real future in that then is there, my how we are living in strange times.

The foreign interest in oil rich countries and the use of tech and lifestyle devices and paraphernalia to woo new trade markets has had some small success, the Arab nations that are currently aided by the very kind altruistic Americans that are killing of a reported terrorist fledgling nation as reported by the west’s media are proving to be early converts to the bribe of lifestyle and stance that some nations can impose their will on others as they see fit because they are big enough and they control the press releases, both at home and abroad.

The bottom line for the commercial world as it started out as is that it has become dictatorial about other people’s behaviour and ways and has started to dictate lifestyle choices, they are taking personal details and honestly they are not using them to track and hold to blame or to hold people to task as they dictate, honestly they can be trusted.

Now to not read their press releases is to not know their lie and to not see their areas of interest is to be blinded to the state of play, but to ask them to relinquish control and to consider those that are under foot as they trample the earth throwing their weight about. Now that is naive. Do not engage but keep informed and know the nature of the beast and avoid its track, watering times and dens, create your own and keep a united front, segregation and isolation are part of the tools of the armoury of contrition.

Money as ever is simply a token it long ago lost its intrinsic value and scrap value basis from the time when there was real silver and the weight meant something, unfortunately those days are long gone. The reality of what money has become is the token is representative of time spent to get it, effort used to earn it and worth by how satisfying it was to gain. The energy of earning is the only value left in any so-called cash, the credit system has just proven that the mass has given the liars, cheats and thieves the job of looking after their money, and with unrestricted access to easy pickings look what they do with it, they simply cannot help themselves.

To stand independent of a failing warring lying system and to weather the tirade and to invest in a counter system that puts people first again and stops treating people as commodities is a noble quest, but one or two people are but seeds on the wind of change and may well just land on rocky ground. But a ground base of say two million like-minded souls, or even a registered and known base of an entire nation that stands together under a shared ideal and with a unified cause that are linked and united and informed and that does not try to attack the old order. That just lays down the seeds of the new, tends the ground and cultivates it and waters and nurtures the sprouts and new shoots, trims and tends the growth till the first harvest will see the blossoming of a new order. Not an easy route not being bated or dragged into conflict, standing your ground and guarding the crop, harvesting the fruit and separating the investment for the next planting and marketing the surplus or saving the produce for trade or diversification, to live within the moment and to provide for tomorrow.

The talent that was displayed in the referendum in art, poems and song and the innovations with the passion that was ignited in the debates that followed and the new growth in the ground base of the converted is the capital of our investment, it is the first step to throwing of an imposed imperial order, for the first time without conflict to win a nation, to set a standard and to have ignited an interest in a true democracy around the globe, the echoes of which are igniting the scattered parts and will unify their beating hearts. That this is empowered by the collective rights of each and every individual that lends its power to its servant government body will end the centuries of tyrannical order that have become the core of the nature of the beast of creation. The best advice for the strategy for the way forward is best summed up in this from the statement. ‘The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not in fighting the ‘Old order’ but on building the New order’.

Mustache you a question David …….

Bushwhack TV

This Morning on the ‘This Morning‘ TV program a special guest was bushwhacked by an accusation complete with a list of proposed names, unproven but not unfounded and taken from a few minutes search on the web hardly good research  or even good journalism. But it does reflect the times in an alarming way.

Media speculation can kill a case before it even reaches any kind of prosecution worthy case. The media is good at rooting out hidden stuff sometimes, we all remember the MP’s expenses scandals that came to light two years ago and it has surfaced again so they can get things right and can sometimes dig up the dirt from beneath the wool that is being pulled over our collective eyes that we can’t see the wood for the trees for. Yet it is still the criminal justice system that is the prescribed method for bringing legal actions against perpetrators that settles legal issues and not ratings orientated media hounds that bring successful prosecutions. These things are still best left to the powers that be even if they occasionally make mistakes they have a process to deal with that sort of thing. Modern publications and investigative programs (which This Morning is neither) may well find themselves compromising a criminal prosecution by leaking suspicions willy nilly as they see fit for ratings or sensationalising issues. And of course we all know that they are above that sort of thing aren’t they.

Having said that every rule has an exception and here it is on the same day David Cameron used a ‘Gay’ reference to try and hide an accusation about acts of paedophilia. This exception to the rule surfaced.

Most sexual perversions actually stem from the feeling of illicit behaviour, knowingly doing something that is considered wrong. Gays are as prone to mental and emotional perversions as the rest of the public and deserve no special protection, but that smoke screen aside we are talking about MP’s the need to protect images is still rife. The police are people in uniform and are as likely to become deviant as any other, priest have been proven to be all to human and even nun’s have been responsible for callous behaviour towards single mothers and children in care.

A piece of cloth is not a sanctifying thing it is a material and cannot endow particular characteristic traits, a dog collar does not make a saint, a uniform does not make a good man and MP’s are just people like the rest of us mere mortals. Teachers, judges, Kindergarten teachers, au pairs, gurus, institutions are all made up by people. It is fast approaching the time when we all must face the facts, closing ranks to protect public images or public perceptions of institutions is past its best by date.

We need to look at this fallacy, as closely as we do at how we vet people for privileged positions. As it is becoming clear that there are no guarantees, in this world and there are no perfect being here just us monkeys all monkeying around.

The world is a progressive collection of organisms and organisations and they are all in a constant state of flux, we like to feel that we are heading to a brighter future we also like to hope that it will be for everyone, but in a system that promotes a tiered set of institutions that have advancement and promotion built in that means that the top spot must be regularly vacated or stagnation is the only likely result. It is past time for us all to think again.

Human nature is flawed their are no superior beings, we are all grubbing around in the remnants of previous failed civilisations historic debre. The history of all nations have shown that a lot of scandals are buried by the need to preserve the Image of institutions to a horrendous cost for countless innocents. The Christian church from even before the witch hunts, inquisitions and to modern tales of paedophilia and sexual repression being a problem for ordained ministers and priests. The criminal prosecutions that were not brought against certain officers in the past is still not seeing them punished for crimes that would put you and me in the stocks, Ian Tomlinson being a case in point. How can there ever be use of reasonable force against a vulnerable drunk, not a violent aggressive one, not gangs of marauding football hooligans, not even a suspected looter but a man so inebriated he could not walk properly, obviously the judiciary’s interpretation of  ‘Justifiable force’ and mine do not gel.

The view of using a ‘white wash’ or even a Media Blackout for protecting an image is only still valid if the public perceptions are not eroded to the point of cynicism for the continued practice of presenting anything as infallible, or any institution that is supposed to serve the people no longer doing that, or simply no longer being fit for purpose. Nothing and no one is above the law, not politicians, doctors, nurses, teachers, police, judiciary, guards, mothers, fathers.

The sort of paranoid state is unthinkable where everyone is taken on a prove yourself daily and at all occasions as the enforcers see fit, state. With additional powers being added all the time the mission creep, or progressive nature of this form of escalation when it is proved that that will be just as ineffective as the last set, so ramp up the powers and make a detainment Isle, a quasi Nazi ideal, boot camp Britain why don’t you, where people are forced into voluntary service, or their benefits will be cut of till they do, a democratic action sure beats dictatorial laws or fascist stranglehold policies, any day of the week. After all who can police the police if they claim to be perfect and will continually choose to vet their own internally, see the problem yet..

God is supposed to have made this Earth and yet he never built a house, wrote a bible or started a religion, Chris could read and write, yet he never built a house of God, wrote a bible or started a religion. They never started one because they would be run by fallible people. Makes you think doesn’t it……

The Writing on the Wall

Headless Chickens

They say that a chicken can run around for a few seconds to a few minuets without its head, but the body needs a head. Nick Clegg, stood up and stated he was in it to win it and the gutless party pulled the carpet from under his feet. They made it clear that they are the ones that make policy and it is them that he, just like all the other party leaders have to do, answer to the dictates of the party body. The fact that all of the parties are reigning any winning hopefuls in, just says even clearer what is the exact state of affairs in the political arena.

No one actually wants to win, Brown has picked on the teenage mums a whole seven hundred of them that are now being press ganged into a workhouse situation, a massive unpopular position to take in the so called run up to the next election. A man that will use unpopular trends to shape a hammed up fall at the last hurdle approach to winning an election, while David Cameron has taken the keep your cards close to your chest and repel all boarders tactics, to secure a tote position of also ran but hasn’t any form to speak of.

The fact that political parties do not ever want to run the country has never before been so apparent, after all they only ever want to control the woman man that runs the country. Every man is and must display obedience to the party line. None of the party needs are ever overlooked, jobs for the boys etc. But it is good that the cracks in the system are all so glaringly obvious now that the mystique of the mythical honourable members has been so irreversibly destroyed and discredited and leaves the larceny in the human heart easy to see and in this information age with everything more record able and open to being overseen. The us watching them watching us has a new and interesting dimension as we all get set to watch the party liars dance for our attention as the purse strings are tightened and they watch the cosy easy life leave on the last gravy train to pull out of easy street station for this whole century, never to be seen again in our lifetimes.

The halcyon days of the privileged lifestyle are nearing their last days as the rats all abandon the sinking ship that they all had a hand in scuppering with their attitude that they are worth it. Some body please explain to these chancers just what it means to have to earn back the trust of a nation that is now holding back the cash flow with the correct level of prudence that they could never display when they had the free and willing opportunity, to lead us all to a better final destination for the cradle of life in this far flung galaxy on the outer rim of the milky way.

The mythical sight of green shoots in this the winter of political distrust, is just another tale from the propaganda machine that never delivers. The scrapage scheme from the governments point of view is a success. The fact that companies seeking to downsize their fleet or upgrade their green footprint have left their prints all over this legal leg up. The biggest majority of people are still hesitant to buy into anything that still uses petrol and produces waste. But companies that log thousands of miles per week will be eager to take advantage and there is no exclusion clause to stop them.

As the winter starts to take hold on the climate and we head into what promises to be a bleak and hard pressed winter, we have a chance to look back on the current tidal flow in world events, another tsunami, an earthquake and a shift in two unconnected tectonic plates.

World events and emergencies will occupy the centre stage position in the current theme of the play of life as petty parties vie for position to loose the race but having to appear as convincing as they can to an already to savvy consensus of voters, as they are all glued to the public spotlight that will keep up the watching of the candle in a self imposed vigil of: ‘look we are getting our acts together but ….’ As the same old same old lame excuses will never work again. As the trend in world events start to show the hidden truths behind the hype, the manifesto lies and all of this flying in the face of the facts from their accumulated history of their greatest shames, as they begin to come to light to trip them up as world event batter them and berate them even worse than Gordon Brown had it in his accidentally imposed term of office. The collective unconscious of man will ease up on the right man in the right job for the right reasons doing the right thing at the right time.

We can all tell the lie now and know the devices used to sway attention away from the facts as the conmen members tow the party line, pay lip service to public need and opinion and just keep on doing what they have always done, until that fateful day when the consensus just doesn’t vote and will not support a monetary system that is just set to fleece the unwary and has no rules of engagement, while it asset strips the unwary using clawbacks, penalties and deposit schemes to strip the fool from his hard earned. The warring factions of Queensbury rules or humanism, the whole idea that a confrontational or warring philosophy will ever produce a utopia with an integration of markets development, resources, planning and know-how, instead of deployed in conflict being directed in unity and integration. For the better good of the collective as the elite show themselves up with their feet of clay brigade policies that have never worked or delivered tactics that are right out of the ranks of the self preservation societies book of ‘How to lay the golden goose’, or ‘The easy way to Fleece the Sheep’, by the best selling author Whatthey Dontknow Wontharmthem from the Grow rich while you daydream philosophy pamphlets from the late seventies and early eighties gurus of the new age self help authors of the ‘As it is man’ ranks of the new enlightened barracks of the sons of the Bhagavad-Gita. With new age street chants like: ‘can you feel me’, ‘get real man’, and of course that old favourite and well know classic, ‘who do you think you are kidding mr fiddler’ it is only just begun.

After all guys its time to realise the truth, your time is up now hand over real nice or we squeeze the nut cluster and harry the easily lead as a submission and a general holding up of hands to the known truths is well overdue and no lip service ‘public apology’ will ever replace making you pay for everything you did wrong, you know like penalising the underage mothers or young single parents just to loose a little more public support. But if you all feel the need to run a mile from the job or to be an also ran in the high stakes race to look like and sound like the party that would if they could but we now know you canny.

The dawning of a new age philosophy that has the public pound pulling the purse strings for the first time in this world’s history is a refreshing wind of change since the liars all set themselves up as the moral elite and could hide their dirty dealings and greedy behaviour from the glare of the public eye is now a thing of the past and has no place in the new order of things in a world that will only back systems that actually work and the voting will also reflect the beat from the street approach to keeping our fingers firmly on the pulse of progress.

The beast is finally caged and harnessed to the needs of the future for all of the branches of mankind regardless of their religion, politics, or ethnic diversity.

We can all now expect to find that our collective investments will soon be directed only into the things that we will them to back on our behalf or we will legislate the new emerging powers to reign them in if they start to stray again, kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside doesn’t it.

Half a Million ‘Going’ Begging

Going for a song ladies and gentlemen, its the turn of the unfortunate unemployed to carry the can for all of the mistakes of a failed system, the hunt for the new scapegoat has gone from the, middle east and its mythical weapons of mass destruction and the irony is the people seeking them were the owners of weapons of mass destruction, must just have been silo envy eh.

Now bank managers can all get away ‘Scott Free’ but the lowly defenceless and voiceless mass they cant even hit back grasshopper. They have already lost their civil liberties and can no longer expect what the working man gets for free, the right to expect to be assumed innocent until proven guilty is now the luxury of the working, middle and upper classes, the unfortunate and unlucky or incapable are now being targeted with the burden of proof being levelled at them without a charge to be seen, without a right to reply except by the hounds and offices of the dogs of war, the modern day brown shirts as they tell us to prove what we are doing. First of all who gave them the powers to force people to conform to not laws but corporate rules. They have to have your proxy before they can bully you around. Without the voters consent they are just a jumped up dictatorship with totalitarian aspirations. only forty pecent of the voting populace actually votes, the majority if we were really a democracy would be a vote of no confidence. In the big house the no’s and the abstainers count, but out here in the communist reality, if your not in it you are just ignored or discounted and that isnt a refund of any kind. So a minority government that is made up of forty percent of the voting populace gets in, thats representative of one in five people in anybodies maths mate. So just where do they think they get their power from a beligerant and disgruntled following. After all no elected party has ever been able in the history of governments to deliver their manifesto ever. Now there is food for thought Chairman Broon. Performance related pay mean anything to you high level scroungers that cannot do the job. Fit for purpose mean anything, no like trying to get blood out of a stone. And they want to be our moral guardians not with a track record like they are still producing, let alone looking at their previous record of incompetences. History paints a terrible picture of greed corruption and bloody minded attitudes since the dawn of the vote and it is still going on today.

The press have a hand in this infamous swing in human rights and this alienation of the unemployed and the sickness benefit burdens on the state purse. At least it is a public drain on a public purse and that is how it is meant to be, not a subsidy or piggy bang for the absconders of the nations wealth. When governments squander billions and banks lose money gambling, then they are allowed to raid the public purse to give themselves even bigger bonuses, in the face of public denial, and pretend retribution and mythical changes to stop this happening ever again. We just know they will never deliver, we just know they will never be allowed to resurrect the old lying cheating cover up system that was in place before. Now that really is the wind of change mate. Can hear the flatulence all the way from London to Glasgow, or is that just hot air.

It must just be Mad March is here in full force, but wait a minute this has been going on for over a decade maybe even fifteen years or so. This slow erosion of the civil rights of the individual and the assumption of the herd and the masses is insidious by its creeping advances and duplicitous actions all under the radar of pressing world events. The square peggers who would have us all being the same acting the same expecting the same are a hive mind collective, in the format of the queen bee syndrome, with its tidying neurotic compulsions for order, uniformity and obedience it just ain’t human mate. Now shut that gate, tote that barge and just shut up as they do as they please and never deliver. Just who ya goanna vote for, if ever there was a time to make politicians and all industry paid on a performance related pay in a so called commercial capitalist environment, that time is well past considering its all crumbling around their ears.

There are supposed to be half a million jobs going begging in Britain today according to the propaganda liars broadsheets, another fairy tale from the mythological spinners of the west end. The skills shortfalls are obvious to the well balanced mind, take a penny pinching industry that pays the absolute minimum unless legislation nip’s their comfort zones, that pays the absolute minimum for materials does the least they have to at the managerial level except give themselves a comfortable lifestyle. Then they market their products at premium prices. Does this get reflected in the work standards of a belligerent workforce, and couple that with cheep materials do we get the expected reputation for poor craftsmanship and shoddy goods flooding an already glutted market place. Naw just canny be that simple can it.

Buy British and own rubbish is the worlds markets opinion, so much so that as a nation our industrial sectors have slowly been disappearing for the last three decades as other more industrious nations have out done us with better quality work and standards until, we are left with our best abilities for creative design and a flair for the trends. Fashion and the games industry is still our consistent best efforts for nearly a decade, music the arts and leisure industries are all staying afloat.

Industry flatly refuses to train people because of the costs in time and money and the loss of production as people get slowly up to speed. Industry will not invest any more than they have to, remember their moto is ‘least input equals maximum profits’ as they have all been raking it in at the managerial level and claiming investors get their money back and that is why with no profits for themselves, they have traditionally kept going to the banks with cap in hand and taking out even more loans and limping on to the next fiasco of the money draining life cycle of a capitalistic, material society.

The skills that are required for the jobs that are going begging must be learned and so must be taught and the educational facilities that are available just are not up to the job. Industry will not invest in people and the education systems do not predict market need early enough to provide the right sort of training to produce the next market need ahead of industries next developments. The can’t predict any better than the banks gamblers, political spinners and dunder headed think tanks ever have.

The onus is on the creative individual to get the education from the available college curriculum. As they get into debt as they do it. It brings us all into line with the same needs and drives as the industry itself the treadmill goes on and on and on. They must guess to reach the next innovations as they arrive or to use one of the standards to meet an already overcrowded market demand. Keeping the wolf from the door and paying the bills is the same at the top as it is at the bottom, except at the top its all incentivised (the carrot) and at the bottom of the heap the heat is on (the stick), those old husbandry rules have been around since the dawn of time.

The animal husbandry rules are use a carrot and a stick to drive a belligerent beast, ask any woman they have been doing it since time began.

In a mad, mad world just who would ever say they could guess with any degree of accuracy, who would put their head above the parapet, just what idiot would ever stick their neck out and lay it on the line just to be shot down when their luck runs out.

Definition of:-

LUCK:-  A continues run of results instead of a series of random turns, or fits and starts.

Favourable result = Good

Unfavourable = Bad

Job going anyone?

No well in a mad, mad world just who’s judgment is better than anybody else’s. Are any rulers fit to rule, are any governors fit for purpose, lets put them all on a performance related pay structure. Just how much of your manifest have you been able to deliver Chairman Brown, the ex chancellor that just isnt to blame for any economic problems honestly.

An Appropriate Poem :-

Are Any of Them Fit to Rule

               A Poem

Are any of these parties fit to rule?

With leaders, that only look the fool

The Lib Dem’s and Nationalists lack street cred

Conservative and Labour are in the same bed

They tell us that we are free

Then restrict all it could be

Our Freedom is only a token gesture

They squander resources, on architecture

This rush to make a Seat of Power

Perhaps leads to some predestined hour

Being misdirected left and right

Just what goes on out of sight?

We know the cost of an election change

As each New Broom will re-arrange

We vote them in then rue the day

For all their changes we’ve had to pay

These selfish people who take their fill

Will pass the hat to recoup the bill

These fools are blind and they lead the lost

Bet it won’t be them who pay the cost

Broken promises litter their path

Fueling the fire of a civil wrath

A single direction is all we need

Not some mighty heroic deed

The ‘Voice of Reason’ needs its say

As democracy has almost had its day

Acting together lets devise a plan

Providing our needs, like no other can

If you hear this call you lion hearts

And can rally all our scattered parts

When there’s nothing left for us to atone

We will never again walk alone

The future heritage for our nation

Cannot be born from trepidation

Bold leadership will find the way

Perhaps, to take us to our ‘Perfect Day’

This poem was written on the sixth of June 1998 at 11:00am, and is one of many that heralded the changes of the day, before the turn of the century, before the millennium crash that never happened, until now.

Ah well back to the salt mine’s comrade, the communistic labour party, is working with the Nazi people hounding dogs of war and is nipping at our heels again.

Ho ow heeeeave ho, lift that barge tote that bale, you don’t do as your told you’ll be thrown in jail. From the system that canny fail. A Titanic statement if I say so myself.

The Big Score

How should we judge how dangerous drugs are, the sate advisors from the medical profession has figures and facts that are indisputable while the dinosaurs that let the world slip over the brink, and are now billing us to bail out the old system and are trying to reinstate their thieves paradise at our expense, claim we need firmer controls over drugs while drink is still putting an unbearable strain on law enforcement carers, NHS budgets, and all so the weekend chaos that arrives in the wake of the binging morons, can continue to earn revenue, that is if the banks were working and the capitalised state was still taking in cash instead of bailing out the Titanic problems that are afloat in the alcohol weekly wave, that regularly runs red with the cocktail of spilled fluids at the doorsteps of our over pressed emergency services.


The country’s of the world may have to resort to a Zimbabwe style vote, by staying away on mass demonstration from the rigged ballots to bring the rogue governments of the day into check. If we don’t remove the headless chickens from the roost they will surely drive us to the same brink of extinction that Mugabe has taken his country to by not listening to good advice and being unable to relinquish control. Absolute power breads absolute contempt from the masses every single time.


It seems like there may be two conflicting agendas here. The expert advice unlike the ones pursued for the search for weapons of mass destruction, is being ignored and no reasoning given for this level of ignorance, yet it isn’t hard to understand how a dominating and dictatorial state will go out of its way to enlist obscure and unsubstantiated Expert Advice to suit its one world view that no other race country and belief system can be allowed to exist in a multi cultural, multi faith world that is prolific and abundant with living diversity. Except our control freaks from the central hive mind view, are guilty of instigating the capitalistic collapse, with its limited monotheistic one size does not fit all, failed philisophical overview from the clone mindset that likes neatness and tidyness and will enorce their view regardless of the reality or the facts. As engineered by the petty, greedy, bullying minority from Chairman Broon’s un-elected clique of misfits. It may well be that his Odin complex is having a depth perception effect and may well be blinding the faithful followers bringing the old adage starkly to a state of reality of life parodying clichés that it is simply: a case of the sight impaired guiding the long sighted over the precipice, mind the last step its a long fall into the abyss, so grab a coke get some popcorn and a good seat to watch the end of the world as it unfolds on a TV set near you soon.


The first agenda is the states case and that is the need for control and powers or laws to enforce that rule. They fear a decent into anarchy and wish to have enough forces available on our streets so that they can send in the tanks if they wish, just like their new friends the Chinese did in Tiennamen Square they also did in Glasgow at the turn of the century where they brutalised and escalated a peaceful protest into a bloody crackdown instigated in fear and not in response to any unlawful acts, another instance of guilty until proven innocent. These paranoid few that unleash our own against us to enforce their rule are not our betters as we have just recently seen, as they have studiously not pursued the modern day bank robbers “honest guv must ave been an inside job, just ain’t no signs of forced entry’. But they have aided and abetted in their escape, and considered it enough to get a public act of contrition out of them by getting them to make a public apology. You or I would be doing hard time and our illicit goods and ill gotten gains would all be appropriated by the powers that be and added to the public coffers, but not their own old good buddies from the same crooked system. They get their hands slapped and are then told to go away and be good, once they say sorry of course


So drug enforcement and classification is not about any perceived danger to the public nor indeed can it be attributed to good civil practices for the protection of the unwary or the innocent, just isn’t in the states remit or its current record for the welfare of the innocent, just ask the family that the social services under the direction of a GP’s ‘advice’ lost their children to the state ignorance and machine mentality, they cannot even get access to their kids for the kids benefits, or so we are told. The kids are now adopted and will now be left with the new carers regardless of the real need for the children’s natural benefits from their genetic benefactors. In a month where two sets of carers are in court for the alleged murders of their own children the overzealous actions of a frigid state and its need for control will once again show that the system is not capable, as it stands with dealing with these kinds of extreme behaviours.


The reclassification of cannabis is because the police figures for hard drugs have dropped to negligible levels where enforcement could be replaced with a supervision service for the now low levels of the self destructive types that insist on driving headlong into their own self annihilation. The Dutch approach of assisted suicide takes on a whole new meaning if the would just take all the self destructors from around the world who are on their own high dive into extinction and keep them comfortable and supplied until they take the final leap into oblivion, those that show the presence of mind to turn their lives around and clean up their act can be weaned back into society.


The states need for its own publicly funded enforcement arm for when they bring the whole system to the point of implosion, is one of the undeclared reasons for refusing sound expert advise that undermines their power base. So now it begins to make sense why they are not listening to unsolicited advise from experts but are holding true to their own course of action and are not working for our collective best interests. ‘Who do you think you are kidding Mr Fiddlers’ just Caesar Brown whistling while old England burns.


The banks have no cash because people have learned to leave no cash in the system for them to play with, businesses that were supposed to make huge profits never had the capital to reinvest, and had to always go cap in had to the banks for new loans, fly’s in the face of the capitalist principles taken from the Art of War. Banks and financial institutions have always ripped each other off and have never trusted each other ever. So it’s not that they don’t trust each other, that’s not the reason why the lending has stopped as they all are all without surplus cash to deal with or to trade with, as we all just pay the bills and leave about a pound in the system to cover incidentals. The cash strapped are now all taking a public flogging for giving the public a beating. 


The whole state of affairs does seem to beg the very obvious question. Why are they trying to reinstate a failed system that cannot be tweaked to ever run the way it did ever again, we just will not support it and will undermine it with a will. And just why did it only ever work for a minority at the elite top layer of society. Which also brings up another unsavoury subject for ‘Herr Chairman Brown’ with the banks not getting our savings and our hard earned going into assets that have intrinsic values that are transferable, like gold and silver while property is plummeting, and land with resources is about to become the prime resources for the new age. People are not buying into the system, neither as it now stands nor are they going to resurrect the elite system that once was. When the state puts an automatic penalty for non payment of taxes that will threaten the final collapse of their redundant system, with the present state of the judicial system just where can they imprison us all when we all refuse to play their rigged games ever again. Mandela may have passed the crown but it is the ubiquitous man that will stand and claim I am Mandela. One for all and all for one is the mantle that comes from the might shoulders of the pacifist protester that changed a country, and changed a world. With a billion teenagers in the world today the cause is finding the army ready for action and they can then realise yet another dream from the new age children of the New African States, that can send the word to the last totalitarian outpost in Zimbabwe. The last provable prophet stated ‘I have a dream’ and was shot for the audacity to believe in a better world.


The current drug climate has changed and evolved over the last two decades from a destructive environment that was a haven for the self destructive in an escalating environment from so called socialistic drugs like ‘pot, dope or uppers and downers’ as the first introduction to the eventual culmination in self destruction and annihilation in the predictable final overdose scenario. This has largely been replaced by the social sets that have sprung up around the present drug culture from the designer drugs of the rave and dance scene that are not life threatening, and are good stamina and endurance aids. And this does not need policing but monitoring and there in lies the problem for the control freaks, what is a bunch of scared’y cats to do when the rule of law finally breaks down and they are left totally at our mercy. Which is enough to give any neurotic a breakdown at just the thought of the prospect of losing control.  


But the economic systems that have flourished under the so called free For All market enterprise system have collapsed beyond repair, and the desperate control freaks that fear the loss of power more than any loss of face want a police force that has police state powers ready and waiting in the wings ready for the day when we the uncivilised and great unwashed take to the streets in protest at their inept bumbling and outright totalitarian tactics for dominance and control of every aspect of all life every where, that have cost us the bright hope for our future. Absolute control of every detail of other peoples lives is totalitarian no matter how much they bluff and bluster. But given their recent record they are just proving that they are not fit to rule, that their systems only suit the ends of the elite few and fly in the face of the needs of the majority and that is anti democratic in any one’s books.


A final observation from the ground floor as one of the unemployable, being to old and to opinionated and too wise, while being over qualified and to experienced to swallow the state propaganda or ever listen to another lie that comes out of the media press release system ever again. From one of the people that have learned to think for themselves and not just the way the state wants people to think and behave. Try this on for size.


We are told that we live in a democracy, yet the rights of the unemployed have been eroded by the states ‘guilty until proven innocent’ enforcement that is aimed at the base element of the working class, in a country that is supposed to prides itself on its civil rights that we are all equal, and innocent until proven guilty. Except for the working class, as a whole we are penalised by the old system by automatic defaults in contracts and agreements and they have allowed this sort of persecution to continue from pre war times and have considered themselves lucky to have, the opportunities and the privileges of the lowest of life in this three tiered structure. The middle tier is made up of the ones that are entrenched at the public purse payout bonanza, all of them with their tails in the air and up to their necks in the ‘all they can eat buffet’ of hard earned juices extracted from the poor under duress. They all vote to keep the meal ticket in place, and they are not pursued by the rabid dog element that hounds the bottom layer with its asset stripping policies and stop and search routines, and the hunt and pursuit tactics that are applied by the middle layer to fund the support system that they belong to. Then of course there are the untouchables like celebrities, judges MP’s and of course bankers that are the top privileged few who can do no wrong. So when did we become a schistsophrenic three tiered system, a dictatorial base element, with a democratic farce filling with it’s totalitarian topping on out layer cake. In the days where bread is so scarce it’s causing a systems collapse.


 Last time we all voted it was still assumed we were all in a democracy. But the duly elected are not the duly elected now are they, ah well just another rigging in the Marie Celests final journey. All aboard for a Titanic trip into the history of the creation of our ultimate future, or the mutinous regime of the failed systems few lone survivors as they battle for the ships control, its bounty end in disaster, or can the good old Joe’s wrestle the hijackers to the ground and land the plane right up their Hudson. Standing room only no parking in the wings. No that will never float.

How come accountability never seems to add up, sixty percent of us don’t vote in any elections ever and isn’t that the majority. When we do have an elected government again, unlike our present imposition on our good graces, they will come from the forty percent that do vote and the winner will only have about forty percent of the vote to get elected. Now for the maths bit forty percent of the populace is four tenths, forty percent of that is less than twenty percent of the voting populace and that is only one in five voting for the elected system, that means that the tail is still wagging the dog. How can a minority be elected if it is what it says on the tin, its a so called democracy that is actually a mockery of an injustice, that is what it is pal.


It still all ads up to a dictatorship, under a delusion of democracy that is run by an elite totalitarian few, now who is accountable for the bill eh? And just who will be left to foot it, or to kick them into touch before they all abscond aided by their buddies in the ruling body.


A well must just be the resurrection of a new class state as presented by the lofty minds that think they rule.


Well back to the salt mines till another breakdown happens. Ho-oo Heave Ho, Shift that barge …….