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Going Nuts

The N.U.T. has ordained a course of action that will bring about what, did anyone actually sit down and think about the whole picture. First of all how popular are teachers, what sort of public response can they expect, just what is their public profile. The thin blue line recently stretched its way across London to deliver a statement to the disgruntled. The statement was no matter how disgruntled you are make a peaceful demonstration, and it didn’t exactly go unnoticed that they were striking illegally, breaking the laws they are said to uphold. Makes you wonder why they police in fighting gear, could it be for their heavy handed approach when faced with emotional outbursts they almost always react with force. Now if firemen could strike and not get much of a public response what sort of appeal can the nuts really expect, is that more to do with the hardships that people not in the public sector are facing poor conditions bad hours and low pays, public concern about mortgages, food prices, rising power prices. Do they have a hope in hell you might ask. And lastly is our education system working, can teachers actually make a difference. Some people fall right through the system and have to complete their education after leaving school, like myself.


Grangemouth’s strangle hold on the petrol situation is reason taken to the extreme, can anybody in the world today expect to guarantee a retirement plan that is employer paid. Is it more realistic to expect us to take some of the responsibility for our own provision. After all they either take it out of our pay like the good old nanny state used to, or we make some endowment provisions for ourselves. But with the proven track record of policy providers that still advertise with the classic disclaimer in the small print ‘investments can go down as well as up’ where payouts are not reaching expectations, and investment houses are still making profits is still a scandal that is waiting to hit the media wall, if anyone can actually read the writing on it, it doesn’t make for entertaining or even encouraging reading.


In a fast changing world environment where staple foods are becoming a world concern. The growing debate about food provision versus biofuels land management issues is now being beefed up by the vegetarian argument that the land that is used to provide one meat eaters staples could be better used to provide the estimated extra nineteen other people in the world with the basic provisions for life. Then the mad scientists claim that food has an influence on conception is just another display of unrealistic logic making all the wrong connections and coming up with speculation instead of facts. Wish they would just for once do a study that doesn’t get rigged at the sources (fixed and predetermined inputs), and only end up promoting a product, after all just how many cereal providers are there in the world. Doesn’t it make you wonder who would commission such a report.


Are the NUT’s who want a better pay deal and the power hungry grabbers shutting down a plant, who are doing so on the principle of their retirement provision today just another symptom of a sick and decaying (deck-a-dent) society. Are the lunatics just simply trying to take over the asylum. How can holding the employers who are providers of such a crucial lubricant in societies list of necessary ingredients, ever hope to endear themselves to us, who can only dream of having one job that pays that much, who don’t have to job share, or make up the differences by taking a second part time top up. Power and power struggles are historically bad for the fabric of our systems essential framework. Are we all witnessing the end of a way of life. Just when the world stage declares a global food shortage, given our nature and history isn’t that just going to start a scrabble for the must haves, I am ashamed to say that the fat culture of the west may look like its got it all, while the levels of contentment that the thin east is said to produce are just fuelling the fires of the mirage that the grass is greener.


When an employer decides a pay structure, giving too high a salary will mean a greater amount of direct taxing on the employee, so from an existing pay structure most employers put extras in the package, like health care, car, phone and even gym memberships at discounts are not outside the range of some employers. His is done so that more benefits can actually be delivered to the worker to ensure a degree of loyalty, as well as inspiring a better contentment level to keep the fickle emotions content with their lot, in a high pressure demanding environment.


Third world countries can now afford to pay for food instead of starving, and that will naturally push up prices, but scaremongering from the media propaganda machine that food is scarce, will only ignite a wave of needless overbuying in this hemisphere. The likely hood of a better distribution over the globe is more likely if these rumour mills were stopped in their relentless grind of churning out propaganda designed to keep retailers like Tescos in the highest grosser of income and cash transaction bracket in the land, so who will benefit and can this chain of disasters really be the last link in the. One in eight of the pounds that are spent in Britain today is a Tesco pound.


The fact that everyone is going to have to cut back and get leaner in their spending and trim their expectation back to a more realistic view of the way things are for the hard pressed and downtrodden of the world, is just another of life’s little ironies manifesting in the main stream consciousness. The  neurotic need of the public sector workers wishes for cast iron guarantees flies in the face of the living and working conditions of the workforce that is outside of this traditional umbrella of state provided security. Can we really afford to molly coddle the elite few that are the central core of a crumbling foundation that was laid down so many generations ago, and in this fast paced and quickly changing environment of the modern day world are we really getting good value for money. Flying this flag may just end up becoming a red flag to a bull. The signs of the times may well be summarised by the ‘you tube’ video of the water buffalo that turned the panics tide and drove of the predators to get their calf back. We really did witness (twenty two million viewers) the tide turning and turning point revolved around water, the sacrificial calf was saved where as traditionally the herd would have cut their losses and trudged the extra miles to the next safe watering hole.


The big issues of the modern age all now revolve around the staple provisions for life, food, water and shelter and these are the core issues in the need for better pay and a more sustainable provision. But to expect guarantees in this mad world is just nuts. I for one have no sympathy for people that already have a good level of income trying to hold the general public purse to ransom because of rampant insecurities. Welcome to the real world.



The Big Debates

Mother’s diets influence conception sex


Are women hungry for this


The great big cereal debate as presented by the observational relationship peepers. It just keeps repeating on us this food fad observation studies from closet nerds and geeks, well how do they get the grants to do the observing and where do you apply. I didn’t notice a coupon on the box.


You are what you eat or in their opinion, or rather what your mother eats. Home many kinds of breakfasts are there any way. It’s a fifty/fifty chance of conceiving a boy or a girl in logical terms, but a birth rate survey says that more girls are being born than boys. Then take into account that there are a lot of people (mothers women) that are influenced by marketing and fads, fashions, health issues and lifestyle gurus as well as magazine promotions and articles, not to mention breakfast style TV programs with their media magazine instant feedbacks and drudging up regular issues out of the lifestyle ones to watch neurosis books. Then we should also look at the types of breakfasts that are available, continental, cereal, traditional fry up (on the decline we are told), toast and tea/coffee or otherwise known as the express executive top up. But where are the surveys to see whether these selections have been graded, who is eating them and is it a family tab de-hote or is breakfast an ad hock modern affair of grab something before you leave the house routine, and I think it should be taken into account that some men dictate their preferences for breakfast and the family follows suit. While cost and time will dictate whether people eat before they leave for work or break their fast at mid morning break I know a few people that have a quick cuppa before leaving and don’t eat anything till lunch, and they usually buy something as opposed to taking anything pre prepared.


I do believe that greater glucose quantities might encourage the growth of a larger mass male than a mousey faddy, neurotic, affected nibblers diets, I also believe that some sperm are quick and others are delayed, and that timing coitus to take advantage of the ovulation start will have some successes. I also wonder if timing might bring a girl to conception and larger glucose intake might deliver a larger mass baby. I think this is as far as diet can influence development. Could large women be the product of a mother that was brought up in a male dominated family. But believing that diet can influence conception stretches the bounds of credibility. Another case of the pure logic of the untested theorist being taken too seriously. Logic without the grounding of good sensible reasoning will never achieve a good understanding of the subject matter.


If logic is the bones of man then reason is his flesh,

A heart/soul of understanding lets them both mesh.


The realisation process for the artist is the concept that’s the basic imagined idea must always be weighed up against the limitations of the materials that can be used to create the work. Lets get our latent geniuses out of their ivory towers and give them a good grounding at the practical before we allow them to voice another opinion. Or we will all learn to take their observations with either a pinch of salt or a spoonful of sugar. Its all a matter of taste. And the last time I looked taste has no part to play in conception, which is basically the random act of a sperm finding its way to an egg then having enough energy left to push its way into the thing then the reaction will produce the cell explosion that we all tend to think of as life.  


Dicks & Turbans on the Infamous Highway


Its daylight robbery guv honest


Internet sites that display credit card details and the police cant police them. For an estimated 500 million pounds pa potential mark up I would expect that the banks would pay to save themselves money wouldn’t you after all they have proved themselves to be the worst people to rely on to invest on our behalf. They introduced a system that is so seriously flawed that they have inadvertently supported the illegal industry fraudsters to the tune of hundreds of millions every year. Just a small percentage of the overall profits so no need to worry, after all they will not foot the bill, they will simply kick the cost into customer charges. Now you know that defaulters are basically criminals that have never been caught so its just so right to bill these shadow dodgers isn’t it. Morally or ethically I mean, don’t you agree.


It doesn’t surprise me that their investors and shareholders are all still getting their profits, but it is now becoming absolutely clear that financial institutions are using other peoples capital to get rich. And that they will not pay for their own mistakes but have found a way to bill the whole populace with the backing of the government. Isn’t it nice that we are such a charitably minded nation. So now can I claim privileges in these banks that we are all now investors in and what sort of returns can we expect form professional lenders and borrowers for the money that I personally contribute, or is nanny Broon going to claim the central reserves moral high ground and claim it on our behalf for funding any more wars. Tell you what the CO-OP bank is looking great by comparison to some of these inner city types that have generations of meanness built into their stoic reserve.  


Poachers are making a killing and environmentalist bodies are suiting up to defend themselves. One for the pot has now gone to pot. The traditional view of the occasional rabbit or fish for the pot for the lone traveller or the small holding poor family is being trashed by the idea of the mythical poacher gangs. If there isn’t at leas one story every night (poachers like the dark) then is it really a crime, or is this another lesson of gossip, prejudice and being focused by the increase in food prices. I still say that the land owners managers could supplement there own larder stock under cover of dark and still get the insurance, keeps the boss of their backs eh. One is just as likely as the other and the rumour mill will be fed, but I still want to see the statistics, that is the prosecution statistics to prove these claims before we have another armed militia chasing rumours in the confusion of the night and people, being directed by land owners to protect stock, investments money yet a gain.



Start of the Human Race


And the line up isn’t looking good for this Derby day blue ribbon event.


Shelling out is still the theme of the day as we hear that oil giants shell have slimmed down a bit by shedding a bit of weight recently, nice to see some corporations are health conscious. They are one of the first oil companies to read the writing on the wall, depleting reserves, fighting in the middle east, the need for fuel companies to still command a sizable market share they must move from oil and gas to power production, and research and development will bring the best solutions providers the biggest prizes in the future sustainable power providers market. The search for the holy grail that will make modern living a sustainable solution for the whole world, and not just the privileged preserve of the elite western world is already begun and the front runners are all lined up to the wire and are jostling while they are waiting the inevitable governmental cry of and their off.


And the early investors and prophets of the new age are coming up fast on the inside straight (always thought that was a crooked cards term hmm), then it’s the plodding dinosaurs (World leaders contenders) as they head up the field at a steady pace. And the warring nations and third world countries are bringing up the rear, while the back marker is the plodding governments with no clear vision of the course or future and by the looks of them they also lack any signs of a sense of direction as well. And it still looks like any bodies race. Well the front runners have again made a spurt to claim an early lead as they buy up land and clear forests to plant the early crops of biofules. The depletion of the lungs of the world is suffocating our planet. Meanwhile the middle ground plodders are losing pace as they lose a lot of support at the first hurdle their numbers are well down and the thinning is having its affect as they vote out wind farms and clean power options in favour of what? you might ask, well they are all honourable gentlemen and we can rely on their integrity to not do something stupid that might provoke us all into doing something about it instead of voting. The back of the field is bunching up as its caught scrum, cant quite make out the head count yet but we will try a recount before we give you the best estimate, and the fight is thickening in the African free for all as the bullish nature of the thugs that will enforce their rule cause havoc to the numbers of the opposition and it’s a little more than elbows in ribs and whips on flanks as they decimate themselves in the fray. You would think that all that cleared African land would be ideal for isolated massive wind and solar farms for power production and export, it’s a pity they don’t have enough gold and diamonds to invest in this project now.


Form is no clear indication of a winner as we backers all know surprise winners can come right out of the left field. We will get right back to the Supremacy Race after this word from our sponsors.


The race is far from over and the writing is on the wall but it is definitely not over by a long chalk.


Well who could have thought about it the back marker has a rich potential on its doorstep and its to busy killing its neighbours and rigging its head counts to get its act together and learn to stay the course. Who know as only time can tell, in a world where mystics get waylaid by unforeseen circumstances, hot shot investor new age profits wreck financial empires on a whim as they gamble fortunes down the drain. As religious leaders all get on their knees for divine intervention, just where is the man of the moment the, man with his genetic instinct keyed into the times so intuitively that their inspired approach to world solutions doesn’t follow the wasteful trends of the above mentioned whimsical forerunners, but utilises the present system with simple changes and minimum fuss with such a flair for design that he can put the world to rights and avoid the abyss that is looming before the worlds tightly clenched eyes……….


OOP’s sorry I was getting carried away again, that sort of thing only happens in story books doesn’t it. Well what was Churchill, just an anomaly in time and placement? Or was he the right man at the right time in the right place with the right perceptions and insights.


Definitely the last, ‘man of our times’. The very epitome of the Arthurian legend that when we are in our greatest peril and suffering our greatest needs. The right leader will appear, oh wow I forgot the pop corn and soft drinks and its all just about to start and I need to ‘go’, just when its all shaping up to be riveting viewing.


Ah well that’s life I suppose. Just when you are enjoying yourself your mum shouts you in and spoils it all.


Now on with the race, the back marker is lengthening his stride as the inside line is under pressure from the dinosaurs push to g………..

Mythical miscalculations and exagerated proportions

Talk about getting the wrong end of the stick, Gogs Broon the man fae the lang toon is gonny be dancing to another tune. A significant consensus has risen up around this isolated dictatorial draconian martyr to a dead cause. He wailed that they should be showing solidarity in the face of up coming elections, He seemed to have missed the point that they have done just that. It is more than just a bit amusing to think that the towering intellect of the isolated tyrant never sees the good sense in opposition. It is historically the voice of good reason that has stood against the draconian dictator. The man of the moment is showing clear signs of delusion against the facts of life. The leader of a party is not the party, a party is the sum of its parts, it is also the strength of its policies and the steadfast support of its voters or else it is just another dictator.


The man is obviously a sell out to the party core cause. The party of the people, by the people for the people, has been slowly morphing into a watered down version of its own traditional adversaries. The new age purple party leader is behaving more blue than red, less like purple and more violet in his dictatorial draconian victorian attitudes. Nothing new there then is there. Mr ‘I am the law’ has been watching to many comic book heroes and has begun to loose sight of the objectives of leadership in a democracy. To bring working solutions to the trials and tribulations of government and the running of a world class country that enhances the lives of the people that contribute their time effort or just their money to the ideology that we can make a better world, seeking better living conditions and while still trying to make it affordable for all of its people, including the ones that didn’t vote, the ones that voted for the opposition as well as the ones that are the core of the central structure of the system. When did the tail start shaking the dog. The elected servants of the people are just a little bit to full of an over inflated sense of their own worth.


The leader may have the consensus of the voting public, these days that is only about 40% of the eligible voters. So its about time that public pressure was brought behind these enlightened men/women of principle that have had the strength of courage to create a vote of no confidence in one mans bullish attitude to five million future voters, looks like the man may want to actually pass the puck of the sticky wicket to the blue corner. That is just a little bit right of his violet disposition at the moment. 


Looks like the banks cant get us to directly and voluntarily put our money into them and as commercialism slows down to a crawl, the only sure fire cash industry is having a price rise gee what a coincidence, that food prices are escalating and that will produce a rise in cash flow for the cash strapped banks that are all still apparently reeling from their own failure to capitalise against each other, seems like they must be playing a financial musical chairs game with the last idiot left standing holding the lame parcel after it has been stripped down to the plastic toy. But what if people just eat less food and buy less food do you think this government will claim a victory for the overweight Britton campaign, and claim it was all they could to get us to halt our galloping consumption. World food prices are set to escalate and the third world can now afford to pay more than we can, should this then kick start a renewal of our own abandoned home grown industries, buying local to reduce air mile food, puts a whole new complexion on the idea of a greener diet, yes we will literally be eating ourselves greener, healthier what with a boosted trade in home grown produce the steady sales will regulate the prices to our own benefits. But like everything it will take time and good management practices, better seed crops and of course who will sell us the land?

20 to 1 that’s the odds against survival of the fattest. Those people that live high of the hog are hogging the resources of the few penalising the many. If the vegetarian argument has enough supporters, the land management system would be boosted by twenty people being able to survive on the crops produced on the same amount of land as opposed to one meat eater consuming the livestock the same land sustains. Arguably this will leave a greater amount of arable land for the production of bio fuels.


If we can keep twenty people alive for every grain guzzling beast of burden, will their quality of life be better than it is now, they will all have to find work to survive. Death will not be abolished it culls the heard and keeps our numbers down just as it does in the natural kingdoms, even if it is a little less aggressive in the west than it is in the third world, some third world countries cannot support their own people and have limited resources at the moment, grains will not produce construction timber and if the land could be spared from raising grains, it would need a land management system to produce sustainable resources to make fabricated wooden shelters for the third world poorest.

Some time ago the pope let out a tirade of accusations against the agents of evil in the world, gods pit bull even targeted the evil that is the reactionary arm of the extreme Muslim terrorists. In fact if they caused human misery and destroyed families they were all getting some of the flack spewing out of the mouth of the pontiff of peace. It does show the double standards when you look at the condescension and platitudes that he recently brought to the ongoing outrage of the abuse scandal that has been going on in America for decades. The public smack on the wrist to the bishops for handling things so poorly is an insult to the majority of survivors that could not get an audience with the first prince of heaven.


These people need more than an apology for what was done they like the rest of us need to hear what steps are being taken to guard against this sort of outrage eve happening again under Rome’s watch.


I am sure it was such a major thing for the church to admit the deeds and to publicly apologise to the people en mass, but to simply say sorry without setting up a better policing and prevention policy is what must naturally follow the breaking of the cabal of silence that has traditionally been the stance of the most influential religious body on the planet today.


To simply say sorry and then privately say there, there to a handful of the survivors of this secret shame is only the first step on a long road to completing the penance of a misguided inner circle of power priests that covered up and tried to play down the rumours while these cases were being ‘handled’.


Food for thought:-


How can we be expected to believe that a government headed by the former chancellor cant get its sums right, they forgot to take into account VAT, yeah right, and then they forgot about security in their estimations, right in the middle of their war on terrorism. Wow just beggars belief.


What is the difference between the Chinese occupying Tibet, and the American/British occupation of Iraq. The west is trying to establish an autonyms clone of its own version of a democratic government before it leaves the region, with an ‘ally’ they can establish a better trade agreement with for the diminishing last reserves of the world oil supply. The Chinese are there to stay in occupation and will enforce its rule by force of numbers. Both are guilty of trying to enforce their view of acceptable government on someone else, neither of these occupied peoples chose the solutions being forced on them. And rebellion is at the core of each of these impositions and it looks like the fires will glow for decades from both od these systems for change.


The dictum of the choice of the lesser of two evils is clear. Peace cannot be established by either a regime that stifles freedom of information and just keeps its people ignorant by keeping the facts from them while enforcing its rule above everything else. Nor can anyone hope that enforcing change on a people that are not ready for that change, or are not mature enough to see the benefits that this sort of democracy has for a better global environment that can bring peace to all nations. Only time will tell, like how history evolves by the tales of the victors, and the suppression of the vanquished, we will see which of these forces for world domination has the power to drag the world populace into the new age of reason.


At the last count the mythical loan went from ten billion to the latest appraisal of fifty billion from the central core of the economic world enterprise. The final estimate is likely to be nearer one hundred billion, sounds like the same group that estimated the cost of the new Scottish parliament building, the millennium dome and the London eye. Terminal five and yet another few still to come conservative estimates from a labour government.


Watch this space

Sign of the Times

In the last two decades the pace of life is reported to have moved from fast to rat race, industry especially manufacturing has fallen of as the economic slow down takes effect. We can no longer make disposable goods that are not very disposable. We cant allow new manufacturing processes to be developed that do not allow for the disposal process before development is even begun.

We just cant afford to keep blatantly building short term lifespans into manufactured goods, we need to be better about placing the real responsability on the manufacturers, and stop letting them just say its up to the purchaser to be more responsible, how can they continue to claim this when, the goods or just the packaging is toxic, or problematic about being broken down into re-usable byproducts. Or even just rendered harmless by an organic process that the manufacturer has taken into consideration before the product left the prototyping stage.

Responsibility is now being seen as the finger of blame, and the debate will delay the process of dealing with the errant processes and goods. We need to be smarter than that and eliminate the time wasters that tie up the system and resources in delaying actions while the continue the foul deed.

Like if someone drops a biodegradable bit of waste in the street or in a public place is that a littering crime, well lets not get hung up in the debate lets just use a little common sense. The ferocity with which the local authorities have enforced this zero tolerance rule, smacks more of desperation from companies that allow thirteen week and more refuse collection strikes to mount up the litter when it doesn’t suit their purse strings.

I don’t know just when it happened but the invasion of the PC dictators has nearly achieved world domination proportions. The kill joys of the world are now the enforcement arm of the local authority cash generation armies, wheel clampers (Dom Jolly got them good though) litter Hitlers, park attendants, and even the local library has taken up the banner of the thought police, with restrictions to viewing regardless of your age and ability to rationalise for yourself. Networks all keep transaction tracking ledgers that they could use to hand information on to police with suspect material continually being researched by certain individuals. Minors could be excluded by an age check, before access to certain sites are allowed ‘YouTube’ to mention but one of the multitude.

Real jobs are another thing of the past the rot set in when we started job sharing this should have warned us that the market just cannot allow for full employment, or that other great warning flag we all ignored over a decade ago that we could no longer expect a job for life. Full time, permanent jobs are diminishing before our eyes. Rates of pay are slipping and the market instability is building an investment vacuum from the public neurosis of the central core of the financial institutions of the world as they refuse to deal fairly with each other. The writing is on the wall the death knell has sounded, they don’t see each other as the pillars that hold the financial fabric together but eye each other suspiciously as competitors and still employ the rules of war, give no quarter, trust no one.

If that doesn’t say it all then just read between the lines of what you cannot see on the wall of doom and gloom.  


An African dictators bullish stand against the peoples will. A collection of career orientated sportspersons say they don’t care what china does with innocent lives as long as they get a chance to compete, really glad they are in a minority. The British prime minister says to the public we need the money and will ignore the human rights issues, New Zealand have opened a trade alliance with the bamboo kingdom and say that the Buddhist plight is a fifty year old case and is not worth bothering about. Must have passed its statute of limitations, or they are more interested in their selfish life at the cost of any others, after all the dead are gone and cant be brought back and the incarserated must surely be at least being fed and watered, musn’t they.

I am sure the dead and the incarcerated will be looking at the rest of the worlds inaction as a case in point. There is no place on this planet for the peaceful people of the world. Commerce will only save the planet if they can make a buck doing it. We will only have a better society if the rich and the banks can profit buy it. Banks and other investment houses have brought this society to the brink of anarchy. The free trade market has always operated under the all is fair in love and war rules. Industry has always rewarded greed, and ruthlessness. And the system will refuse to be regulated. They will never wipe out debt and start again with a clean slate. They will never reform the basic working practices under which they all operate.

The Christians all believe that a messiah is coming and that a messenger will herald the start of Armageddon. Well I have to state the obvious. A good Christ follower (Christian) would never behave in the manner of these basically selfish attitudes being displayed by unscrupulous people, who have been held in their lofty esteems by the great British public. We have backed religions, political ethos, social conformity, and still we are headed up by the selfish, petty rule of the very worst of people. We all know that the present system is now becoming unworkable and unsustainable, yet we all seem to be held in thrall as we watch the road smash that is the probable fall of mankind, in any available media outlet they the misinformation machine can manipulate our thinking by.

The prime minister, has publicly declared that cannabis should be reclassified, because they cannot justify police spending on the little amounts of ‘hard drugs’ that are now being imported. The availability of designer drugs that produce the highs with less of an aggressive addiction has changed the users tastes, I hate to say it but the addict is almost a thing of the past and is showing signs of becoming a bon viver of the substances on the market, if not an out and out connoisseur. So in anticipation of the new economic collapse and the feared upturn in social unrest, the government is actively seeking any way to keep a bigger police force in anticipation of the forth coming storm.

Mugabe like our prime minister knows the nature of his people well enough to know what he can get away with and for how long. Our own leader lives in fear of the appearance of an as yet unrealised embodiment of evil being. Coming up through the ranks seizing power and driving creation into the bounds of the open maw of the inferno of hell. Where lives are pointlessly wasted, precious resources are squandered and wasted in the presence of the poor and destitute, the few unworthy vain and egotistical souls of creation will hog the diminishing resources and decadently use them frivolously, flying in the face of good sense, taste and reason. 

The maxim of the new age could well be, ‘Those that can pay, can hae, while the rest will rue the day’. We the decent people of this world that do nothing hoping that someone will step in on our behalf have to realise now before it is to late that if we don’t stand against the elite minority running this ball of dirt into oblivion with their selfish and bullish attitudes, halt the political process by with drawing our support for it (withhold our votes en mass) if we no longer allow our money to be invested without recompense from the borrowers, if we don’t make the market adopt better trade protocols, if the rich and famous don’t use their cash to help the world.

It may well be Shiva the destroyer of worlds that is the next messenger for the new enlightened age. They have our proxy, they use our unspoken accent to do as they please. I want a clearly outlined overview, manifestos are no longer good collateral to win my faith allegiance or to get them my proxy.

Does this world as it stands deserve the salvation of a paradise, when some privileged lifestyles are only possible at the direct cost in misery to the masses. How can they sleep at night knowing that their direct actions to secure more wealth for themselves is leaving people in undeveloped countries, children as well as adults, without the basics, food, water, shelter. Surely there will be time enough for the rich to ply their trade when every life that comes into the world has the basic commodities for life available, a staple food source, a clean water supply and a roof over their heads, then when income allows they can trade for luxuries.

This is the ideologies of the Buddhist monks, they promote peaceful protests that are a little to conveniently hijacked by the very type of people that the opposition are. A character profiler could spot the obvious mistake there, but we still choose to turn a blind eye regardless.

Is it a case of to little to late, does mankind deserve its coming fate. For it looks like the world is shaping up for a fight. The sowers of fear, oppression, greed and war, may well have unleashed the apocalyptical equine riders of the forthcoming storm. And they will not be the ones to reap the wild wind it will be us that pay the price for their unbridled egotistical drive towards a world of totalitarian control, where nothing gets done unless there is a way to make a profit from it.

Right now people are dying because the NHS cant afford to medicate the needy and now they are trying to use a moral argument to justify killing, well your liver is drink damaged madam, so you can go whistle for a new organ.

Compassion and tolerance the keynote statements of the life of Christ, the time is passed for the turning of the other cheek. Because this world lead by the types that are making claims for ignoring Chinas human rights violations are cut from the same stock, if they go along it suits their higher purposes and they believe that the many are more important than the few.

And that could well be to little to late.

The Scribbling on the Wall

Well look like another point of the African human good citizens of the world register. It seems that they cant even hold an honest election let alone live in peace with their neighbours. The fact that one man can hack another to death with a machete, just because the other mans views on politics are different, how can they be relied on to live in peace in a multi racial, multi political and multi faith society. I think it just goes to prove that the backwater that is Africa is still to immature or inexperienced, in the social conformity’s of tolerance and integration.

The tribal view of the man up river is if the viewers life is harsh then the bad people up river, pee in the river and worse and let it foul the downstream flow of water. The common basic allowance for live and let live, diversity is the profusion of the life force in action.

As for the delusion that we can all live in peace with each other and build a fairer society is being knocked daily, just look at the hedge fund managers that set up bad credit, and then repackaged the bad deals and moved them on at a profit (sows ears and silk purses) then hopped out of the rat race to the idyllic tropical resorts, still at the moment they only have each other for company, might be a good case in point for a fly on the wall view of the fraudulent salesmen. Still the profits were huge and the wake of misery that they have left behind will be decades in putting right.

The banks have closed the doors as they now realise that if they cannot tell the good guys from the bad ones, and they recruited them themselves to fight fire with fire, the bull pit strategies still apply in their thinking practices. The world wide lack of confidence in the financial houses of the world will be the undermining process that will topple great institutions by undermining the very foundations of the fabric of our financial world.

 There are not enough forces in the world to enforce payment on defaulted debts. Jails are already at overstuffed proportions and the police and armed forces are all standing by and watching the state, allow the hedge fund managers waltz of with trillions of pounds of crisis generated debt because, they re-packaged the dubious debs from high risk regions and fudged the details to sell them on to people that are hard pressed and have a tendency to believe that they are safe with their own. Get away with fraudulently selling known high risk investments as sure fire returns.

Is it really a case of buyer beware, or can we now expect the levelling of world debt, the business practices and responsibilities all being brought under better legislation, or it will only be another five years till we are in the same mess again. Without a business charter of agreed practices for the industry and the legal power to bring to heel those that undermine the system to its potential collapse. It will just simply be a case that those that get away with it will continue to and those that are left carrying the can is us. And the system is aiding and abetting crooks and penalising its own support mechanism. Just another average day in the lunatic asylum.

Sorry but in a world where monks, who are seen as the embodyment of world wide peace emissaries are beaten and brutalised or murdered by a ruthless regime, while on the side lines the so called defenders of injustice that ran into an oil rich state to liberate its people, cant or wont bring pressure to bear if the brutaliser is to big, or there is no incentive or returns to be had.

Or am I just to cynical.