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Possibly Maybe

Science the new saviour of the universe verses the most self destructive creature in creation, man.

Without science just where would the human race be, well there would be no industry, manufacturing would still involve a black smith, haulage would all be animal driven. The worst sort of arms we could bear would be rifles, and sidearms.

There would be no atom bomb, no pesticides, no pollution and world crisis.

I know there would be no innovations, as all scientists weren’t immoral retards that only care about their projects and don’t actually make their entire processes waste free, or ecological. What sort of moral reprobate actually makes an atom bomb, knowing its destructive power, and knowing who was footing the development bill. Did this deter these world changers, no it never enters their heads you see, the intellect has no conscience. They see themselves as brave new explorers heading off into uncharted waters, pushing the boundaries of understanding, well without any moral redress on their funding and ensuring that they also develop their systems and devices with a responsible manufacturing process, they should also be enforced to deliver an effective waste recycling or processing facility for each.

The global warming issue is still unresolved, and I have heard all of the arguments that the various parties have proposed. But all of the speculation is still inconclusive. I know that the cash strapped system, is facing meltdown and that they are trying to amend laws to enforce us to pay up for our own green footprint or lack of it actually. A bit too quickly as the debate is still only warming up, and all of the various theories are still unproven.

Local authorities are struggling to raise the money they need, they cannot balance the books with the income they have, and as fast as jack flash they are changing laws to allow the enforcement of new money gathering means. The government is in the same boat, banks the centre of the failing capitalist dream are full of customers that don’t actually have any money, but they do have big debts (this is a world wide problem). So with a worldwide capitalist collapse looking imminent the world stage is set for a new hero to step up to the plate at the eleventh hour and save the human race from extinction. Yeah right must be the other failed dream the Hollywood delusion that the hero will appear in the hour of need.

So with all of this debate and misdirection going on science still wends its merry way unchecked. Less and less people have the money to keep this failing system afloat. More and more people are not paying their council tax bills and with an economy that doesn’t have a growth sector. Small businesses closing every day, first time house buyers being repossessed on a larger scale by the day. Banks failing and so desperate that they have been gambling with investors money (and loosing very publicly), how can the system as it now stands hope to turn around the present headlong stampede into the abyss.

All this aside for the moment and lets take a look at another possible theory, one that will be immensely unpopular because it lays the blame more squarely on the shoulders of those giants that we all rest our worlds upon, for our daily labour saving devices. Personally haven’t found the computer to be less labour intense than actual book keeping, graphic design, even animation still takes longer than hand painted layered sheets and stills. About the only thing that is quicker is the recording of sound, typing a document is better because of the built in spell checker and the layout option. Just delete or edit the bit that’s wrong, instead of putting in a new sheet of paper and starting all over again.

The best use of the PC is still its multimedia presentation capability, its inter connectivity (sharing info) and storage of data.

But I digress yet again, so lets get back to the main point of this paper.

What if the nuclear testing managed to alter the orbital path of the earth from its stable repeatable pattern from the late forties, wonder what the weather change stats are for the time line for this (it is just a theory) say from this :-

  The basic Earth Orbit


To say move the earth by one degree, a moving and spinning object is easier to deflect along its own path than to side swipe of its path completely its centrifugal point would be resistant by the force of its mass, but what if the timing of an explosion and the positioning of the explosions were strategic and were within one degree displacement from the natural orbital path. Like this say:-




This would have the effect on the orbit of the earth of changing the seasonal effect, the planet tips on its axis towards the sun from the spring equinox until the autumn equinox, making the seasons a little less intense, but in the winter even a one degree shift would have us in a milder winter from the autumn equinox till the spring change. This would have the planet warmer for longer without deteriorating the orbit to any great degree, after all it was a steady orbit for years the seasons could be relied upon to be set in matter. Now the seasons blend and the weather in these seasons has become erratic. The winter and summer points have remained within one degree and the equinoxes have been pushed out by one degree making the seasonal changes the most turbulent at the equinoxes. Prove this wrong if you can.

Now what if the scientific community knows this already, what if the sheer mass of population has no chance for survival, as we all greedily clamour for the little resources that are left, with less and less arable land and the central belt of the planet exposed to more harmful sunlight and as water becomes an issue. Not enough food or land to produce it, countries that couldn’t care and wouldn’t pay to save themselves and just go on gobbling up all the world resources at an unstoppable pace. What if those that know this, know you won’t be motivated from your track to reduce your consumption to a more reasonable level. So as the wasted earth theory of deforestation, failing water tables, enough to sell but none for the locals is happening now.

Eventually the only land masses that will be inhabitable will be well above the equator, and the last great land grab will be the polar caps, wonder what Russia knows that we don’t they already laid a claim on the polar cap recently.

The Galapagos Islanders have shown that they at the heart of an ecosystem on the verge of destruction are still greedily going for it and even threatening the system themselves for their own immediate welfare.

Because we procrastinate as a race till the last moment and keep putting of things until its almost to late, the last course of action will be the parcelling of food as relief to the most stricken places on the planet.

To save their own necks the people in the know must raise the kind of capital that will ensure that they alone will survive with only an obedient and compliant workforce to ensure their own supremacy. The morons that may well have condemned the whole of mankind have us, debating and blaming each other as they amass what they need for their own form of utopia. The thing is do we allow these imbeciles to keep ruling us to our own destruction, or do we take the reigns and work towards our own salvation.

Proof one way or the other is needed as soon as possible, and I don’t know about you but I don’t think that scientists are the people to have the last say, after all depending on who is paying for the results they have proven that they can produce conflicting results and findings as and when required. Just look at the red wine debate, the chocolate comparisons. Even milk was quoted by one lab as being harmful, mind you, you had to drink over five litres a day to suffer, so on sheer volume the research should have been pointless, but someone got the grant and someone benefited from the results.

So do we kick the topics and the so called evidence around for a while, say until its to late yet again, after all we are waiting for the hero to arrive to save the day, and save us from shouldering our own responsibilities yet again.

The obvious still need to be stated though and that is that if we, that is every man woman and child on this planet doesn’t actually take responsibility for his their own consumption, waste disposal, energy uses and the repercussions of their own actions, instead of leaving it to the so called state to oversee it, we all know where that leads to, their policy to not rock the boat but to provide ‘them’  with what they want, while keeping the peace and just muddling by is just a case of more of the same. It isn’t in their best interests to get involved as they don’t want the blame when every single one of you lets the side down, when you begin to feel the pinch and get bent out of shape and begin to feel persecuted. Just look at the third world and see how unfair the present system is and how our (western society) greed and consumption has now brought us to the very brink of disaster.

Maybe the Mayan 2012 prophecy will be the last will and testament from the disappearing world of the native man. A message left in the annals of time to the prodigal sons of new age man as we squander the heritage of the past for a delusion of spires in the pie in the sky world of mythical future man. A fitting testament to a race that is not worthy of the jewel we inherited from forefathers of the holistic world.

Man once lived in harmony with this planet, and then science took over and started the asset stripping and world wide plundering of resources to make what? Gia has been raped and plundered and what have we to show for it all. Yeah an iPod, PC’s. Cars that pollute the environment for the vicarious thrill of speed freaks and the thrill of movement. Technology that is unreliable and costly, has such a short life span built in by design, can’t imagine who could possibly benefit can you?

If old prophecies have a habit of coming true the end of the world may be as obvious as lonesome George’s last walk alone. As the lone survivor of his species and without the inclination to mate, he may still be alive but the writing is on the wall for us just as much as it is for him. It is surely just a matter of time till the extinction of all of those that will not learn. I for one will not be ruled by a group of imbeciles that can cause world destruction and then cover it up as they all scramble to save their own asses at our expense. Just so they can remain in charge, of everything. Because for them it’s all or nothing.

As history has shown, you lot will never get off your well cared for asses and do what is needed and even if some of you do, it will take all of us to ensure it. So I will write the epitaph of the dying race of humanity before its demise (prophetic my ass it’s all hindsight mate) before 2013.

Too little to late, sod fate where is mine, I want it now. I just don’t have the time. After all I’m worth it.

Homecoming Heros

I hear a certain young man has just returned from a small tour in a warmer clime, hate to have to mention just how big a performance this return has been under the spotlight of the world stage, but the fanfare and the warm testimonials, all leave me a little cold when many an ordinary man and woman, arrived back in their homelands from the self same warm clime, unceremoniously in a black bag. And the rest of the lucky transporters got a worthy mention for being in his company. WELL!

And of course he insists on going back as soon as possible. What a brave lad. Then to top it all he showed the public at large that he like so many of his peers, didn’t really know his mother at all. He made the gaff of saying in public that he believed that his mother would be proud.

Hate to be the one to point out the obvious but she campaigned tirelessly against the land mines that are still left in Afghanistan, do you really think this iconic woman would be proud that any of her sons were out in armed conflict, where as history could verify, if the victors didn’t put thirty year gags on events to let the guilty get away with crimes against humanity.  To cover up black market scandals and to stop the public from seeing the blatant greed, and the raw animal hate that is unleashed in conflict. This is what is just under the surface of the thin veneer of civilisation, as can be attested in the history of every conflict since time began.

Who supplies the weapons to the third world?

Who funds the wars?

Who stands to benefit?

Who places trade embargo’s on the oppressed for greater control?

Who listens to the rumour mills and cannot produce a good enough number of guilty terrorists from the secret enclave that is Guantanamo?

Less than .001% prosecutions for the dehumanising process of harrying the innocent to tag the scape goats.

Being an ignorant pleb I cannot answer these questions, but maybe my so called betters can.

Wasn’t it nice that the vicious press dogs were leashed to allow this child to go and do some duty, the slip on the leash was well timed for the next idiot family blunder, and the chance to catch up on some social and public engagements.

Funny how the other son has such a low profile right now. Seems just about right though doesn’t it.

Nice bit of miss direction even magical. But you are only fooling the general public with this public fan dance. Those that are in conflict with you have the same mind set, so don’t get to complacent, lives are at stake, but from a minority. And innocents will be crushed in the rush.

Working Rules

The very idea that the state thinks that we are all its property and that we are only entitled to the human rights that they say we can have was once again added to the state erosion bill of up you little plebs we rule you and that’s that, so shut it or we will sent the boys around and you will have a kicking either in the pocket or in the place you live.

This was achieved by that blatant bellows of the bullish brown when he informed us that our right to our body only lasts as long as we are alive. The minute we are departed its theirs to use as a resource as they see fit.

Well in these days of diminishing food resources, and this is reflected in the rising cost in the supermarket. The next step for her oberstumbangfhurer is that all bodily residue will be used a s a source of nourishment for the remaining living beings and that is an order, you will be forced to accede in the face of the relentless bureaucratic machine mentality that holds nothing in life as sacred.

Well we are all forced to work in a system that holds out no hope for successful living, all the money you make will be drained from your sticky hands by the system, first for the abode that is never unkempt to a descent level, then the food and not to forget the recent Npower bid for world domination. In their most recent statement they are the power and you will pay for it.

This will force the poor who are the only people who do without when things get tough, to further tighten the already tightened belts even further. Isn’t it funny that the people with money always indulge themselves and don’t know the meaning of restraint and doing without. Always manage to still provide for every kind of indulgence that makes them the consumerism’s delight.

As we all know by now the government. Those that like to lord it over anyone that they see as inferior or beneath their notice. Are supposed to be our representatives and our spokes people for our rights and needs. In the face of the relentless machine as it grinds along crushing anything beneath its notice. Have shown in recent years that they are not the finest of our kind, they are not the honourable gentlemen that they like to call themselves. They are not the worthy successors of the accolade of the cream of the crop of humanity.

So I say get yer paws aff my rights or I will wage a war against you to your inevitable destruction, in the hearts and minds of the worlds populace. Politics already has a bad name, no one in my circle of acquaintance would trust a politician or a councilor as far as they could chuck them.

Now what does that tell us about the nature of the beast. Time for a meat fest chuck another tician on the barby or spit roast a liar today.

Obviously I have trying to quit smoking, am badly in need of a drink. and need to get out more. Not to mention it has been quite some time since I last ………….. took a chill pill.