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Coining a Frase

Ace 01 New StyleThe Suit of Coins (Celtic Designs)

Just a we last blurb to show the finish from a good rendering package, These photos are hot of the press for the Talisman Tarot program to be released soon.

The initial builds for these were in TrueSpace 7 (a free program), the final renderings are from another free program called Bryce 7.1.

The quality speaks for itself and the images are excellent.

The first image bellow is a set of earrings made in silver and gold.

The final build has changed slightly the locking ring has been replaced by a triangular collar that is also a quality mark and trademark. the new image will be displayed at a later date.

The Celtic Pair Large III

It goes without saying that all rights are reserved for these new designs and for any jeweler out there, a design fee will be enforced so no copying.

Nine XV

Thirteen New Setting

Copyright©Chris Millar 2013 All rights reserved.

Where does the Silver lining go to in a cloudless sky?

Ace 01 New Style              Gon Yersel Andy Murray, follow the yellow brick road. Into the sunshine of the nations history books. 77,77 beat the jinks yah little mink’s…..

And speaking of jink’ses….

‘David Cameron offers £1 million to solve world’s biggest problem – whatever it is’. Careful what you wish for David you just might get it.

The nations of the world were lead at one point by the wisdom of elder statesmen, sure they all had to reinvent the wheel and get up to speed as soon as possible, they had, no on the job training and were not hired for their rashness, frivolity or wastefulness. And definitely no job sharing at that level of play, after all were British. In problem solving two heads are better than one if they have an equally good view of the problem, but only the king makes a decree, anything else is a comedy duo or a disaster waiting to happen. Or even a fake celebrity bromance for the cameras if you please.

These elder statesmen had lived and worked in the real world and weren’t just career high school graduates looking to rake in a lifetime pay in politics, the only real part time occupation that was, that left the retired elder statesman with the right view of running a country, taking the least from the public purse as they were mostly well situated after a life of provision for hearth and home. Steady as she goes mateys… not with constant supervision like the modern day career politicians. Way back when all the nation except for a few wayward sons or serious offenders would all do their part to keep it ticking over, in defense of the nation every man and woman did their duty.  There was no real pay and it just took keeping a good eye on the running order. The usually retired gentlemen could look forward after his tour of duty to a seat in the big house and an ermine trimmed cloak as a badge of honor, if at his age he lasted that long.

The old saying ‘to many cooks’ springs to mind like the famous eighties and nineties saying from the factory floors, ‘to many chiefs and not enough Indians’, the facts still linger in recent memory of the west end farce about the abuse of the expenses system which was originally the perks for no real pay for the elder statesman, being abused by the schoolboy rush of the tuck shop dasher’s to get their fair share. Funny how the ways to pawkle were all passed on just like the lags in prison do, but the ways to do the job better or improve the system are never handed on, ah well must just be a funny old world then…… oh yeah back to the yellow brick road.

The world used to understand that a heavy handed political presence would be infested with all the bad elements of human nature, the greater the power as history shows us the greater the misdeeds. Hitler, fascist and lets not mention the worry about armies taking over the helm, or military style juntas vying for the top table, just doesn’t bear thinking about now does it and we won’t even mention the folly of religious delusions of inner wisdom at the helm. Back to human nature or the nature of the beast,  absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Walking into another nation under any excuse (yeah even looking for mythical WOMD) is normally the sacred preserve of the dictator, but the sheer folly of a democracy dictating terms abroad is staggering in its blatant ‘caught up in the moment of madness’ lame excuse after the fact, as used by other feeble minded closet dictators that are quite frankly to many to mention in this short tome. Funny how having smarts, wisdom, maturity, experience isn’t a part of the job description, and history can prove the truth of that. Just look at any footage of any statesman after they are no longer in office dialog and watch the unrehearsed inner moron surface, Nixon, the two burning Bushes and of course the no brainer actor laddie that was good at memorising his lines on cue and to the right camera…  Regan, yeah anybody can be caught at a loss for words and the fact that they are just figure heads with a spin on this and a spin on that helps you see the angle behind the need for a spin, how else do you cut a deal or get insider information. The shady practices of office are a very human thing and have been left undisturbed for centuries in the war chest of the ruling power for whenever they have to cover their own tracks and to apply leverage, pay for cover ups, whitewashes if not out and out capitalist practices what are they, even the Chinese and Russian communist bloc all use the same arsenal of weapons.

So David the too many cooks, the whipper snappers without the brains to blow their own noses and of course the career minded spotty kids with no maturity, who will knee jerk at rumors and pounce on sabre rattlers to our continued cost, with no wisdom to see through the political play and the veil of deception, the shrouds of secrecy and of course all the white washes the cover ups. ……. ow er missus, there is not a lot to tickle your fancy in the modern day arena of power and intrigue. Its all a bit of a damp squid even the fireworks of the political sex scandal has fallen on deaf ears and has almost fizzled out, Edwina was the last revelation that made a blip on the radar, and it makes you glad the latest is still under wraps. Yes the byte has been taken out of life, and stagnant domesticity and drudge is the new order of the day.

But back to the yellow brick road, this is a nation that was built on self sustaining principles, our basic self regulating systems work well enough and except for budget decisions or major course changes, it can manage quite well without the interference from the short term seasonal input by the career politician.

The more it changes the more it remains the same, with the part time work of a politician being stretched well outside the bounds of the office, it is becoming abundantly clear that politics is the sole preserve, as the main stage for the human lifelines winter performers, five to six years at the end of the road is still how a nation should honor its ‘honorable gentlemen, with a little bit of pocket money for expenses, after all its an honorary position, its where the phrase ‘honorable gentleman’ came from.

Time to begin the weeding out of the pillock’s and to reinstate the pillars that truly served their nation and weren’t worrying bout their careers or finances, there is still more waste from governments than from any other form of organised stupidity in any level of society even today.  Just ask any high speed train manufacturer and you will get the point. They laid them rails on a yellow brick road and were just about to laugh all the way to the bank. After all look at how many wars there have been since career politicians have been watching the kettle boil.

Well David I take it that that million quid is out of the question then……

It was reported recently that multitasking is just a way to do lots of things badly instead of doing one thing well, makes you wonder at the efficiency of politicians with one eye on the breaks, another on their careers, the other on no vision at all. that’s why they all appear like headless chickens now I get it….. with no clear vision any old short term solution will do in a pinch. Look at how many wars we have had since career politics came into being, must be when they took their good eye of the ball, you cannot serve two masters, it requires a single minded clarity to stay on target and not get flustered, talked of your game, out maneuvered or even having the wool pulled over your eyes, misdirection, and rumor would not affect a world class action by a mature steady hand at the wheel.

Nice to see the perks are now including seats at the finals for Wimbledon, nice perks if you can get them even if your neighbor photo bombs you by flying that rather interesting flag, just showing support for our champion nations son, gon yersel Eck.



Due to foreseen expectancies this is the last testament and journal of this lamenting blogger for some time as I am hitting the road, taking to the highway and I may be some time. Will return with pictures and some new material at a later date. Njoy the weather and have a good one.