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Purple People Eaters

In Our Best Interest

In a nation that has lost most of its industry, and where the service sector is ailing if not dying, there is a distinct failure to communicate, between bosses and workforces. This is why quick fire returns and maximum out for minimum outlay has always been such a cost cutting exercise that leaves both ends dissatisfied.

The bull that leads wants absolute authority, and will brook no form of interference or tolerate any kind of negotiation, while accountants tell them the bottom line and they are deaf to peoples needs. People do not go to task, or endanger their own or their family’s income and livelihoods lightly.

The days of the bolshy communistic style infiltrators getting into union strongholds is finally over, the old socialist lie is finally exposed as unworkable in the present climate, just too much is at stake, for old mindsets to be allowed into hard taskmastering negotiations where all sides must come out of negotiations feel like winners.

The present climate that has sprung from the west end farce, and the world-wide folly of giving banks too strong an autonomy, has clearly undermined the willingness of the masses to keep a few greedy grabbers in the lap of luxury, while the man in the street, the soldier, the nurse, the doctors, teachers, jailers have all seen an erosion of the central core of national unity, as the missing moolah only ever gravitates upwards and away from the mass. Building a glaring divide that is only festering a deeper resentment.

Some awkward questions still need to be asked, and not just by committees about mythical weapons, when mass murder from superior firepower is still the bigger issue. The questions that need to be asked are. ……

  • Why does our government feel the need to enforce its rule on an obviously fledging culture that sabre rattles and puffs up to appear bigger or harder to its own warring neighbours and cannot, compete with us on the world stage. Nuclear tosh in the age of chemical warfare, is no longer an acceptable excuse. Weapons of mass delusion. Rumours and boasts and swaggering from juvenile countries, where the true meaning is lost in translation, interpreted by fools, and buffoons on quests and journeys, that end up just careering arround with no clear direction,or even a cohesive unified vision to follow.

  • Why is there a drive in the press and government spin to keep a climate of fear in this country when, there have only been three incidents in eight years. Not like the first and second world wars, or even Vietnam or even the cold war.

  • The last set of arrests were so inconclusive and the Met still defends its actions, just like the De-Mendez assassination and the Ian Tomlinson killing, its plausible deniability instead of stand up and be counted, who decides the course of action when things go wrong. In a nation that prides itself on its sense of justice and fair play, why no fair cop governor. Why lies and deceit from the people who are supposed to report honestly and should be held accountable for their actions and all we see it MP style denial and everyone looking for someone else to blame or just trying to deny any form of responsibility for their own actions. Too much head scratching and sandle shuffling while feet watching in the usual suspects line up for anyones liking.

  • Why does this government still deny its drug policy is not working, why does it seek expert advice and never take it. Why does it still behave worse than an adolescent caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Can any of them ever again expect to work for a people who will never again trust them or vote for them.

  • We have learned from their repeated years in office that they can never again be allowed more than a single term in office as they all start off as the very public face of democrats, and after too much liberality round the trough they evolve into dictators, with bloody minded rule and totalitarian tactics. Just where do we go from here, when both the reds and the blues are morphing into the purple people eater party, as they all pitch for votes over the information highway. All this under a green mist that clouds the environmental issues we all need to see being addressed. Yet these responsible leaders will not take positive action to head of a disaster and are now looking for scapegoats in the scientific community, the pot calling the kettle black about figure fudging guys just who do you think you are kidding Mr Fiddlers. Think we can’t see the joins.

  • No businesses, including how banks finance investments are being brought to task about green issues. No dates are being set and no policies are being legislated to bring them to task or even to force them to tow the line, but lets just tax Joe public instead and hand the tax straight to the failing banks that can’t even balance the books for any length of time before they are back with the begging bowl for another hand out.

Round and round we go where it will stop only we know.

The last question must surely be, why do we vote for any party when they clearly never do what is right for all of us, and only ever serve their own parties interests. Instead of making them swear an oath to the nations people as they are elected, that will have to cover all peoples, groupings and will exclude any form of discrimination, or will these slimy toads just find a way arround that too.

The whole expenses scandal was undermined by the political animals drive to secure a second mortgage in their retirement drive to be eligible for the house of lords expenses payments, and just look at how many were heading that way and how creative they all got about blagging yet another penny from the pot. Now that is what can be called having one eye on the future, shame they took the other eye off the ball for far too long, and the unforgivable sin was getting us to foot the bill for their retirement fund.

Four years is long enough for any group to show what they can do, but they can’t be allowed to cost us the earth, as they hand over the batton, they just are not worth it.

Wonder who they will pick on next, how secure are you.

Up for Grabs (20%)

AFording the Divide

Audio Poem :  Be Of Good Cheer

The great turnaround in America as spearheaded by the great national car makers ‘Ford’, is a welcome new shoot breaking new ground in the weathering storm against all odds. Initially it can be directly linked to the national psyche, having undergone a clearer focus on the home market and in a new sense of national pride, galvanizing companies to buy more home-grown goods, the man in the street is just as focused on buying US as opposed to buying foreign goods.

The Japanese have a policy for a small country that reflects a governmental drive to preserve its own manufacturing sector, with incentives to national businesses to buy home produced goods like company cars, and white goods and fitting, this policy is the main reason that a small country could command about 80% of the home markets necessary purchases.

This good sense directive if adopted by all the countries now experiencing the tightening grip of the current worldwide recession, could be the very policy that will stop certain countries from becoming declared bankrupts.

Allowing the petty and greedy to put most of the home budget up for grabs is now clearly a thing of the past as we all have to safeguard our reserves, and make sure that only twenty percent of our surplus is all that is ever up fro grabs because there is no curbing a gambler as they chase their losses they all think it will turn around at the next toss of the coin or throw of the dice, but we all know that just aint on the cards anymore as the economic collapse, and the first rogue investor proved. It’s just a runaway train with no brakes and not enough line to arrive safely, at wherever their final destination was.

Guilt edged and long-term investments must again become the bedrock of the foundation of the new order. After all the world went paper economy after it traded its hard-earned for credit. And now that credit just isn’t worth the paper it is printed on, bankers are lying through their teeth and politicians are getting away with theft and the sacrificial lambs are being prepared for public slaughter, while the rigged inquiry will never produce a culprit for the war against reason.

No weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, only hundreds of thousands killed in Afghanistan and a mere handful (few hundred) of the peace keepers, says more clearly than anything else just who has the greater firepower. Children and women slaughtered and just like the de-mendez murderers, the west is looking to buy its way out of the failed glory rush, that has hard pressed people who have traditionally had to deal with a corrupt system and will never trust an aggressor that infiltrates their land in the name of unified peace, and then puts into power the mad dogs and murdering parties that they have been oppressed by for decades. Well would you settle for Brussels telling us who they will accept as the elected party here, would you?

What sort of wealth can this oppressed regime produce, and who in the world will trade with them, no wonder the lucrative drug traders will have to become the main line for decades to come and it looks like the white knights made it worse instead of better, just another case of good intentions lining the road to hell, yet again, more of the same, pain, pain, pain.

Bureaucracy has taken over the world as the new Third Reich, because the Germans may have lost the war but the Nazis took over the world with their efficiency, rules, triplicate tracking, and their paper economy, versus good sense, right to choose etc. The elite little groups that order people around, assuming every body is guilty until they verify our innocence. And innocent people have no reason to worry about being made to give up their rights in a country where over ninety-seven percent of the populace, is law-abiding, responsible and wants the system to work, so why is force and coercion being bureaucratically enforced and being empowered in an obvious non crisis.

No just can’t work that one out after all people like the police and other types of non emotional, judgmental dictators can’t really be the ones to make judgments when they are clearly not attached to the herd by natural human empathy. Even scientists are too dispassionate to judge the herd if they cannot relate to the human condition. A bit like ants working other insects to harvest a yield, will have no empathy in sending some to the slaughterhouse. Uniforms wanting guns in public places, ordering people to give DNA and jury rigging the laws to set themselves up as judge jury and executioner, no wonder they keep letting real criminals out and only ever put away the small fry, all power to chaos, and its minions as they start to fleece the sheep. This is how they keep a climate of fear in society that is 97% behind the need for rule of law.

But take good care, after all we do have a hell of a lot of wolves that like sheepskins, and a sheep is a sheep till it bites you in the smalls Mine Herr.

Thank goodness it’s all a delusion and can never happen, the inquiry will bring them to light and good sense will have its say, and justice for all will be the new order of the day. After all the innocent have nothing to fear and will never have to pay compensation, no matter how they stick to their guns that they did nothing wrong, and were just protecting public safety from an unarmed man in a tube station, who saw the guns and was trying to comply with scared and pre programmed trained killers, who were remotely controlled with no visual overlay and just audible communication from unemotional detached yet scared armed do gooders peace keepers, thinking the worst and deluded into thinking they can prevent crimes and atrocities, with luck as they lack deductions reasoning, sorry their own record proves they are the worlds worst thinkers and are the worlds worst at reading people, because they all take the stance of no connection and no empathy. ‘But we dont know whats likely to happen in a given situation’, is their same old same old quote, welcome to the real world where we don’t have guns in a normal situation, and we don’t think the worst as that is likely to help manifest it. NO KIDDING KIDO.

Detachment is a delusion, empathy and understanding unites us all and anything else has us at each others throats, just how do you get that across to the terrified gunman, that thinks he is well-trained and connected, and yet he can’t tell a baddie from a goody, how can this ever have come to be how we are assessed. By the control freaks that will impose order instead of take the time to re-establish communications and talk people down and learn to see the human being in difficulties is just too close to the problem to see the flaw, and not just the perpetrator, as their training dictates. Go packing for bear and expect a grizzly fight. What a mindset of suspicion and lack of faith when the nature of man is set to self-interest and promotion as opposed to a few percent that want destruction. The numbers still dont add up, penalize everybody to get the last three percent, just who the hell decided that policy.

No it was not some third world backwater it was right on our doorstep, and all this above-board behaviour with no need for secret settlements where guilt does not live. Buying people off was okayed by the likes of Michael Jackson, and I’ll bet even Garry Glitter wishes he could have to.

But a society that does not negotiate with terrorists, will buy off their mistakes in secret deals. Hand good money over to gamblers that keep ruining the economy as they line their own pockets, and have arranged for a few scape goats to carry the can for the team asset stripping its way into a second collapse within five more years. Leading the blinded by the bull of unelected twaddle from the small-minded control freaks that still outlaw a drug that they will have to bite the bullet on, sooner or later, the powers that be will have no option, but the financial sound economics of acceptable losses like in war, will be adapted in peace as well. Killer drugs deserve killer laws and punishments, but social highs that do not harm the whole. This needs to heal whole.

Why does a system that says it can pay its way, invest better than the man in the street can, never get the balance right, how come they are all lining up to blackmail the rulers without guarantees, for the next round of failed ideas, as they take the hard-earned yet again from the mass and line their own pockets with party time bonuses and cart blanche incentives. Is it a national banking system or a middle class piggy bank for the old Estonians. As they all line up at the public purse and guess which end of the ladder will pay the price, as the unemployed, ill and infirm, you know the hapless and helpless get culled for the sake of the banks as they have a bigger begging bowl and there is only so much moolah, and the bankers are all missing their bonuses, line the underdog up and put a bullet in their brains it’s the kindest thing to do, you all know you will try to preserve the status quo as long as you are not the one in the firing line.  Ve vil exterminate and euthanize zeik heil, zeik heil. Hmmmm.

Beckham has an inhaler, and some twenty percent of the world best athletes do to, is it human nature for twenty percent of people, regardless of type or disability to have such competitive edges with a will or need to succeed to such a high degree and that their mindset will allow nothing to get tin their way. Just look at the Paralympics and the demographic becomes glaring, then look at the able-bodied in an even playing field and you can tell what is glaringly obvious behind the surface delusions and day-to-day illusions.

Sorry it’s getting close to X Mass and that time of year when its goodwill to all and lots of good cheer.

The Season Of GoodWill

(To All Mankind)

Audio Poem :  Be Of Good Cheer

As we reach this time of year

Tradition says be of good cheer

We are in crisis, and bankers are doing fine

Pass the claret let’s have a wee whine

Is this the same old dance till the end of time


The scapegoat showdown is looming large

The usual suspects get paraded by the PM’s sarge

Not reported in type but headlined in bold

While the nation goes crazy to buy back our gold

As the clowns try to look like their really in charge


Soapy Salmond has been sitting pretty

The year of homecoming was a choice wee ditty

The polis like governments don’t make mistakes

And they want to rule us for heavens sakes

How many more of these pisstakes


A woman did their work after being glassed

Piss ups and breweries incase someone should ask

They get the pay and you do the task

Now we can see  whats behind that mask

Couldn’y find a snake in the new-mown grass


Jordan out the jungle avoiding a rumble

She’s had a wee brake fer a feminine tumble

She’s learned her lesson and she’s no in the huff

They were flying her flag on the Write Stuff

Aye  its time to get tough, when enough is enough.