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Dear God

Using the Eye in the Sky

Keep the Faith

Keep the Faith

The domestic use of the average household in the west is galactic when compared to the third world, we burn electricity 27/7.

some countries in this world cannot even afford more than a couple of candles a night.

Yet if you take a look at this satellite photo you can clearly see what the devils advocate will use to prosecute the havers over the be’ers.









So you see m’lud the evidence is overwhelmingly, well obvious. B|

Good Health

Incubation Periods

St Andrew 2 UniThe threats of power outages and brown outs has been brought back around again, and it’s time to clarify a few home truths about the unhealthy lifestyles and environments of the present day western world and the price that will be passed on to the next generations.

The incubation heat and environment for most bacteria with some exceptions is a moist environment at about blood heat after all they are aiming at a blood host to survive in. We don’t need a scientists observational record keeping data charts to see the variances as there is never one to hand when you need them. And a working rule of thumb is more appropriate. So it stands to reason that a modern centrally heated home is a great culture for bacteria, it was intended to sell antibacterial agents and to keep the average man exposed to them to slowly build resistances to them. Two warm an environment central heating turned up two high is not a good culture when faced with a strain like Ebola.

Yet the medical council do not advise turning down the thermostat to counter any new diseases and this should be the first thing that everyone should do for their own safety. Over the last five years there have been several scares and no pandemic, this is down to blind luck more than good planning or disease control.

With the latest Ebola failure to reach epidemic status the back street labs of the current Dr No will have to go back to the drawing board. The scares about pandemics and all the rest have people putting on the masks to conform more than out of fear, how many good children in china wear a mask because their siblings or peers do, yet life is resilient and does not appear to give up its hold on the day lightly.

The modern day life is so fast tracked and out of sync that most people are not aware of what illusions it takes to keep everyone thinking it is all still OK.

The government program to get everyone to use energy-saving light bulbs (yeah those two dim to see by) had a dramatic effect on power usage at the household outlet level leaving more juice for industry. The average house has six to eight bulbs give or take one or two per. This when you take into account the normal bulb was 100w (wats) and the replacement was using 11w to 22w by comparison a saving in a six bulb household of between 540w for 11w replacements to 480w for 22w ones. an eight bulb house or flat saved the householder from 640w to 720w by replacing them. But at the same time we were moving from a TV and video, cooker, washing machine, fridge freezer maybe a toaster and a music centre, yeah those old things with tape decks and turntables ask your mum or dad. We moved to a computer, phones to be charged, game boys and various kids toys on charge to a TV set on standby and video, plus a DVD in the really swanky homes plus all the normal white goods. So the saving were offset by the new white goods, even the advent of energy-saving washers and fridges didn’t make much of an impact as a PC used to be 200w to 250w and is more likely 450w to 600w these days eating up any saving from the energy efficient light bulbs.

With more people behaving as if they can burn energy twenty four hours a day the picture becomes a little bit more of a nightmare. With so many appliances on permanent charge and so many extra TV’s in kids rooms always on standby to just be activated from standby by a press of a button on a remote. The scale of the problem becomes a little bit more clear. This of course is only in the western word. Some countries have people who have never known anything other than candle light even in this day and age. The western lifestyle and the way kids treat their goods has the nation generating power to cover the wastage. Instead of educating people to be a bit more responsible.

Just this week a coco plantation worker on the Ivory coast who had grown the stuff for decades was given a taste of chocolate for the first time and his reaction was amazing. Yet we take for granted that we can have what we want and some nations cannot even have the staples to make ends meet. The governments of the western world know that if they were to start power outs the grumblings from the work level of the country would cause chaos to the infrastructure, yet something has to give, oil is a finite resource, nuclear is still a dangerous and dirty option, while fusion is still a long way off, so gas and coal are again being looked at. Since we stopped burning so much fossil fuels the world has had a small recovery and yet this government intends to burn coal underground trapping the carbon in a sealed grave, This is a good solution to getting power but a bad idea for the land stability. Yet if everyone switched of all appliances until needed, took all chargers of when charged and used the PC less and used energy saving devices with good sense it would help and lessen the need to keep modern life on permanent pause just in case.

Living in an artificial environment has a great cost to the outer environment, insulation has played a part and heat loss programs are helping, not burning fossil fuels is a great help but fracking and burning underground sources will destabilise the seams as they burn and collapse unsupervised, ask any miner still alive today this is not a good idea.

A raising of consciousness starts with a conscientious approach to managing resources responsibly, that must happen from the ground up to the pinnacles of society. Every person must share their own responsibility and take the load of the infrastructure as our wastefulness in the face of the rest of the worlds want is decadent to say the least.

The states solution was cost-effective management and that has now shown to be an accountants solution to the problem as everything equates to money for them, and as with money becoming harder to earn people will be more careful with their spending than with their energy waste. The streaming migration from poorer counties to this land of excessive luxury (by comparison to a third world environment) will only be stemmed by generating a cheap alternative that gives them basic power and amenities, water shelter and food provision. Recycled old white goods are a start and better land management has to be instigated, this with desalination for drought areas and better waste management from even old clay pipe sanitation with waste purification to fertilisers or even cesspool management to build on, instead of the populace’s deserting arable lands, to stem the depopulation in hard pressed countries.

Think before you click, standby is waste and should be out of manufacture and design except for real luxury goods as the common man refuses to do what is right. What we all know is right and yet ….

Core Resources

Stockpiles and Excesses

St Andrew 2 UniIt would seem from the ”www.jungle.drums” that there is a shortage of chocolate in the world today and that by 2020 the shortfall will see consumption exceeding production by a third. Africa is a wealthy nation with rich resources and yet the bulk of the money from them is not going to the nation that owns them. Diamonds, gold etc. Now if there is any native savvy left in the African, why ship out coco beans and let someone else cash in on the surge in prices that chocolate are about to provide in just five years time. Why with milk and sugar so close to home and with diamonds to fund it, why not make the holy delicacy there and then ship the finished goods no double levy for the raw ingredients and then the product.

Just part of my job search observations for emerging markets like the home-grown Yes market in my own homeland, the market it seems has lost a hero found a new first lady, and swollen its ranks from 45% to a resounding 52% and all in the space of a month and a half. The hope over fear campaign has taken strength from the fear mongering TTIP, and Fracking lies that are being used to shake the unsure from their home berths and to try to make them pack up and run, these media based scare stories carry no weight. The ground base has developed a new Scot2Scot website and FB sites, for all the constituency groups in each electoral region, like to see a graphic display when you log in showing the membership percentages overall in Scotland by membership and then by region. The fight for the labour seats has been dealt with, while no real contender has come out of the labour camps. So the growth market is a base of 1.6 million to over 2 million in just about six weeks, unprecedented in any political state let alone country except for Catalonia, who managed a massive 81% of the voting populace. Scotland still has a bit to go and may only achieve sixty to seventy percent, as a migrant workforce that sees itself as British is hard at work in the defence industry that England has established off its own soil I might add, and is looking at taking in nuclear waste for us to deal with as a dump site, Scotland is no longer an annex more like a spare bedroom policy in action.

The paedophile problems in the government are being rehashed as if they are a new thing, that any government that has voting sessions and has a count of the aye’s and the no’s and that uses a whip system to bully the staunch causes or even the dissenters in their own ranks, has had to accept that to gain majorities, you have to work with what you have, if there are any skeletons in the cupboard they will be known and the pressure will be applied to get policies through that are backed by the state. Trying to fight and change a corrupt system is a waste of time and the old ploy ‘we have papers you can fill in and if you petition such and such’ we can see what we can do about it, are all a system has ever used to keep the unhappy occupied. Never fight the old system just build the new one and replace it completely.

The fact that every state has manipulated the right type of skills into its employ if they can keep a massive amount of leverage over someone’s head they can be coerced into, spying, assassinations, fear of exposure is the second most powerful manipulation tool to use to get someone to go against their own will, to put their lives at risk to save their reputations, Russia used to recruit closet homosexuals when this backwater prosecuted them, then the old fême fetal or Mata Hari to the perverse and build up a profile and dossier to keep the leverage up. The first best piece of leverage is of course direct manipulation, seize a man’s kids and wife who has the right set of skills for a particular job and they will be easily coerced, once initial resistance is dealt with most will comply as they have unusual skills that imply a moral destitution. or that they have at least done this before. It will of course be the last thing he does and his family will also disappear.

The tactics of attrition are currently, the TTIP no elected government can give away a countries sovereign power as they are empowered by it and are subject to it and would be making an act of treason against their own electorate. Any government that licenses a company that does not have to declare its chemicals uses is not defending the land or its resources like water tables. Unconstitutional acts by a government against the power of a nation is an act of treason. Any unelected government, like a self-appointed coalition leaves itself and its members open to a private and a state prosecution after the next vote, next year. Crimes against the state even unconstitutional acts by a government against its own people, the unelected have no place to hide and no diplomatic immunity. They are personally responsible for their actions and their party advisor’s are complicit in their deeds while they claim to be in office.

Generation X

Generation X

After Alex Salmond stepped down this nation gave a warm round of applause and then the canny man went and played a blinder, forty two thousand pounds a year while he is getting an MSP pay packet, it reverts to him when he finally does retire. What a man, makes you proud to be Scottish. So Alexander Salmond is on to bigger and better things with an assured place in Scottish history and Ed Milliband is just small change by comparison. The Labour foothold in Scotland is beyond repair and may need to be scrapped. While the new politically active youth of the ‘generation yes’ have a new head of party and proposed first minister of Scotland. The generation yes storm is brewing Look out Westminster. And the wolverine is off scalp hunting so look out Danny Alexander.