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The Wind of Change

Deception seems to be the base nature of man, where most people lie to protect their vulnerability, to cover their failures and to hide their darker side from anyone that is getting to close for comfort. Kings & Queens are just as prone to the rule of thumb as are politicians, clergymen and are just as easy to fool as the man in the street.

The advantage that the man in the street has over his high flying cousins is a greater connectivity to the herd, shared tracks, watering holes and habitat (living conditions) as well as the need is still in us to protect our young in a group situation, while the secularised lifestyles of the rich famous and elite mindsets of the so called superior man that has managed to rid their level of existence of the pestilence rider through the agencies of harmony and control. It would seem a fair trade off if the living lessons were taught by the best from both worlds, and the worst of each is reflected in the fact that isolation is too removed from the fray while the sharp edge has little respite. There has to be a good tradeoff for the ways and means to be passed around, surely it can only benefit both parties.

The west end farce is having an extended run as the shady types that are all commanding rave revues, and they would have just covered it up and kept doing what they were doing if they hadn’t been caught out in the public spotlight. Every second honourable gentleman or lady running round with their kegs at their ankles having been caught in flegrante, has moved the play from farce to comedy of errors as we find out more about the obscure natures of the distant or removed and secular being, just isn’t the behaviour of the superior man.

Things have been made to look a particular way for some considerable time, party blinkers have exacted allegiances from their faithful and the real cost has been born by the electorate with every failed governmental system coming a natural cropper in the daily farcical’s. OK so they we all have feet of clay and anything that the eye doesn’t see won’t alarm the absent mind, is the maxim of the denizens of hell.

There is no secret system that has it cracked there is no universal paradigm, there is however a methodology that does bring results and if all of the methodologies that do produce are gleaned, like the collective pearls of wisdom of all of the ages of man and all of his systems, then with each of the grains of truth that is sifted from the nucleus of the pearls of wisdom, the reformation of the stone will be resurrected, and the formation of the philosophers stone will be washed in the solution of truth and sifted with the wisdom of ages, the paragon paradigm is not a plan but a methodology or a way to achieve, realise or produce. And the greatest surprise of all time is it was never a secret and has been used with wisdom in certain circles since time began, suck it to see, taste it to tell, hear it to know, smell it to recognise, see it to grade it or weigh it up, touch it to test, no its not a jest its as simple and obvious as the nose on your face, the place you will find truth is always in the last place, you can ever think to look for denial is strong in our strain.

Politics that is governed by party ideals is not a servant of the people but is the dictate of the secular, no man or woman can serve two parties masters, rather than getting new immigrants to swear an oath of elegance to this country it may just be more appropriate for a verbal declaration from the elected that while in their term of office they all swear to place the needs of the country above the needs of any secular party, with hidden agendas and impossible manifestos. 

A transparent system becomes a closed den when there is the threat from imagined monsters under the beds, just look at the knee jerk in the wake of the swine flu to gage, what kicked in, in the run up to the middle east conflict, systems that were in place and were primed to go, finally got their chance to shine and they seized the floor with gusto as they executed their various strategies and could unleash their understanding and deploy their stored provision at the new threat, but like the middle eastern damp squid that was just in retrospect the playground of the secular theorists that lack any grounding in the basic mundane realities of every day life, including the fact that some people will just posture and threaten, while some others will follow through. So lets not jump to conclusions about the supposed North Korean potential threat until they start pointing it our way, then you can decide to either decimate them with the real power weapons like germ warfare and keep it easy to clean up after the fact. For we know right now they have no defence against chemical agents and they do not have the genetics to shrug the virals off, that can so easily be naturalised with a key agent, or not. The old adage that you should keep your friends close and the enemy even closer may just bring about a better understanding of the mindset, and bring clues or tells as to the status quo as it stands at ground zero.

The war cry at this moment in time is mainly coming from the absconder and ducker’s and divers in the west end farce as they all try to rally the country to move on to sorting it all out again and getting or restoring our faith in the system. Spot the deliberate mistake in thinking that they have all now changed from poacher to game keeper overnight and that somehow they are all now above board and squeaky clean. The sentiment is correct but the angle that it is being approached at is highly suspect, yes we all agree that we need a system that we can all believe in, and that will serve the people and meet the nations needs, yes it is past time for change, but the fact that most of the culprits are still preserved in place, with the evidence on their stained hands that they have had their collective hands in the cookie jar, that they passed the information around as to how best to get your ‘fair share’ to the newbies as they arrived, but never handed down the methodologies of the job to the next up to bat. They never decided to come clean and it took a leak of unprecedented proportions to force them under the glare of the outraged nation that for to long has been on the recieving end of their thoughtless strategies and out of touch prctices. But now, we are all to believe that they are the best ones to decide the way forward for our collective good, and most of the missing loot is still unaccounted for, none of the guile driven have fallen on their swords, while the all too few that did have just extracated themselves from the public floggings but the system is lenient on us, when we own up and don’t waste tax payers hard earned fighting a loosing battle from guilt, all paid fro out of the public purse, something is wrong with the idea of the state funding the guilty to fight the states claim, when the evidence is so damning, so at least if they plead guilty and return the skim then they can at least be excluded from the gravy train fined and tagged, the reclamation process will be serving justice as the goods are accounted for while the public flogging will have the desired effect on the predators that circle the flock.

Skimming and scamming has been going on since time began, this world is both yin and yang, and it will forever be impossible to have the diversity of nature all dancing to the light fandango, when half of the nature of man is a night prowler and a shady dealer. As no one tune can accomodate its extreams, the mass will follow the line of least resistance as is their rule, and the preditors of both exceptions, the altruistic and the selfish self servers, will traditionall take opposing stances while the abstainers will watch and wait and be ready to take advantage according to their nature as they are characteristically the timid or wary from the opposing camps.

Chairman Broon has been conspicuous by his silence, but at his level of overview he has been well placed to get his damage limitation in place before the full brunt of the furore has hit the streets and starts the groundswell that will effectively change the course of the world, and who knows history may well mark him for being remembered not for his term of office just like Bush, but for something else entirely. Blair is the man that lead the destruction of the Labour Party from the party for the people by the people when he like Tommy Sherridan went for the money. History may just remember him as the man that killed the Labour Party, and Brown may well be known as the man that killed politics. His predecessor was a man of action, and he is a dithering fool, so doing nothing is not always the best action, while taking charge has its consequences.

Here’s looking at you kid, right back at ya.


Well they say that the fat lady has sung and its all over bar for the shouting, the lid has been lifted on the secret dealings of the high and mighty and that old can of worms has been sifted, they have been weighed and measured and found wanting, how can they pretend to be the voice of reason in the wind of change as it blows away the fears of the unknown when their hands are all dirty from their collective dealings, the last bastion, that stronghold of the week minded and idealistically led, has finally crumbled to Gabriel’s horn. The trumpeting at the end of time begins to shake the foundations of the modern day Jericho. While leaders just think that no matter what is going on they must just simply assume charge and steer the course ever closer to that old rock of ages, and that no matter what has gone before and no matter how useless they have been, can we pull them up before the masonry starts to crumble from that first banking crash. Can someone take the helm and steer away from the brink of no return.

Let the true festival of love begin, and not just a mere summer which is remembered by those that say they were there, and was just that little taste of honey that was given to the children at the forefront of the revolution, the hippy dippy rose colored spectacles of the drug induced joys of heaven that re-lit the light of reason as it is still, and always has been, voiceless. The lowest in the land that ubiquitous common man will now be exalted to the highest and all those that have the ego to think that they know better, they are still not the keen edge of knowing, that is developed at the front line of life as it is lived by the moral majority at the sharp end.


The last dance is always a slow one for the sake of propagation’s needs so now we can stop this can-canning in a helter skellter that is like some manic diminishing waltz on a headlong rush into oblivion, all this was happening in the land that believes in life eternal, fir the name o the we man. Time to change the record, tired of hearing about money shortages, from the chiefs of short changing and penny pinching, for that just sounds criminal to the senses. Tired of the dirge that is the hoops that constantly have to be jumped through every single day set by someone that is not our moral superior or our better, that old fashioned take charge kind of being will try to grasp the lead from the dullard as he stumbles and trips his way through his light fandango. The day is ended for random chance, the way is clear for the dance without fear. So ask your partner and get ready to smooch for the light of love is fast winging its way to this domain, that has gone without since the sixties. For that light that they held in place is the focus for has been in place for four decades now, it is in dire need to feel release from the burden of keeping time when all around there has been discord with no havens for sanctuary or respite, ‘come in she said for I will give you shelter form the storm’ sounds about right for the every day norm.


Hearing the mockery of rule that is coming out of the dialogue of the recent west end farce, cannot be mistaken for a great jest or tragic comedy but is more like a travesty of justice. For they projected their own shortcomings onto us and hounded us for the thought of our imagined crimes and persecuted the groups that could not defend themselves, single parents, the unemployed, the sick and infirm, not an honourable deed from the superior man to be seen. As they hit the world stage, as reported to us by the unbiased interpretations of corporate bodies and groups that target the glaringly obvious with a glee driven hunger that hell-hound pack of news chasers, the freshly unleashed dogs of war that stir the common breast to righteous anger without the facts, and plays on our natural outrage and resentments to ignite a fire that Guy Fox was stopped from lighting all those centuries ago. While we that are the DJ’s of life all know when its time to change the record. It stands to reason that we cant all be suffering from the altzimers mentality that seems to be afflicting the rule and missing the exceptions, so never listen to the exception to the rule for it just goes to prove that the pack mindset is still influencing the tide as it ebb’s and flows, but as captains of the airwaves we can now soar above this water clogged limitation of the convenient mindset that just simply follows the beast track laid down by the previous generations of failed civilizations that were ground to dust in the steady march of time that now produces the sands of time as they all crumbled to ruin. All this in the wake of the wind of changes as it regales the procession of time, formally known as death. So let the procession begin as it promenades its way into the annals of future history. The time is coming for the meek to inherit their reward as the searing light of truth is singeing the wings of the high flying lovers of the golden Dias. For truly what has left the ground must inevitably return to it either in a controlled fashion or in an almighty crash.


Harmony dispels discord and so sets the tone for the new tune for the next dance as it begins its balanced partnership and harmonious progression played out on its ten scaled range that charms all lifes dancers to their feet even as the weariness of tired souls is washed away in the refreshing sound of innervating compelling command of the mastery of sound over the limitations of the soul, the regeneration is a renewal process that will enervate all the life that is presently incarnate. 


The times they are a changing, things are rearranging and the dance of life has undergone a down shift in pace and a development in its chaotic gyrations to the more amenable comfort paced instead of the exercise level of the cut and thrust. Live long and prosper children of the new age for your time has finally come, so as the genus dictates ‘Make hay while the sun shines, making light of love not just under the cover of the mistress of the night that ancient moon as she reflects like a mirror her response of the love of light that has reached her heavenly body from across the expanse of the solar system, as she dances her hide and seek rhythmic and cyclic steady passage through the obstacles of life with the partner of her choice. It is now and for everyone of the ladies to make their choice so that the goddess can bless all of the sisters of truth and love as they secure the one that is forever for them, no more shopping around for you will now know the one as they are met, no need to weigh it up or ponder the likelihood for feelings will no longer be denied or suppressed.


Never stooping to assist or save those that cannot stand unassisted, for every cripple finds their own way to walk, and so they will find their way to paradise eventually the genus is so programmed to proceed, limitations as ever are the cultivated tools of the conquerors who divide to rule. The way forward is surely united we stand after this latest fall it just stands to reason.


Sometimes when life asks us to make a fool of ourselves we may all learn the greatest lessons of life if we can ever suppress prides follies as they wrestle for control, when it is now glaringly blatant that control is only an illusion for the week minded, faith is the only way forward out of hell, and we can either work our passage or take the leap of faith, that requires all beings to square off their broad shoulder to carry a little bit more of the load being shed at the topmost level. For the myopic fools at the top have only ever seen through helpless delusions, and repressed projections, that have been foisted on them by the previous failed generations, instead of taking the brave new step that is the bold approach to finding the way forward and out of the quagmire that is the legacy of second hand thinking practices that have been handed down to the already fallen, take a leaf out of the book, of those people that have been here since the dawning of time, and will be here until the last chime.


You may deal with the devil for all that hope makes you think that you can have by chance, for when the dealing is done you will still have to prance to the tune of the lord of the dance.  If you dealt with the devil to soon, then you will dance to a very short tune. But to beat the devil at his own game, what prize to beat the barterer of infinite shame, imagination limits the basic needs of the nice, to the exalted extents of eternal paradise.


Bartering is the action of active deception and a satisfied customer is someone that did not need or was not hampered by the broken part of the goods or was not affected by its limitations, the rest throw away the unwanted purchase after a few weeks.


Heaven is empty and hell is full, for low self esteem makes a man a fool.  Industry is crooked and ply’s a dishonest trade, the devil racks up the numbers to steal ahead of fate, with penal clauses and claw back paragraphs hidden in volumes of pages, where the eager to sign bought sins own wages. When did you last buy something that ever lived up to the hype and bragging, just look at our heaps of rubbish to see something is lacking. Cheep goods are all glitz and made in haste, with no provisions for the management of waste. The charioteer of life will now take the reigns of the black horse and the white, reigning in the runaway team to referee the flight. From a walk to a trot or even a cantor, the pace can now be set with the best of banter. Over the cliff the fool fell down, delusions ideals are what tripped the clown.

The Gravy Train Pit Stop

The hunt for the new scapegoat has taken a new tangent, the
shoe is firmly on the other foot now and the new empowered peoples judiciary is
after blood, they all bought into the system and they were the first to
complain about squandering resources needlessly in revenge base actions and yet
they are all baying for blood where, the imbeciles that thought they could fool
a nation all of the time are watching their charade falling apart before their
very eyes. The blame mentality of previous generations seems to be ingrained in
certain sectors of the new reformationists peoples part. This need for revenge
or for someone to be held accountable must start from the premise we all collectively
left them to get on with it and now we all have to take responsibility for not
wanting to know and having taken the line of ‘just get on with it here is my
proxy’ type of mentality.

One glaringly obvious thing that just has to be mentioned in
the light of the, new responsible honorable gentlemen’s charter is this worrying
trend for them to be trying to quickly say sorry and they are trying to just
get back to rewriting the rules as they see fit again after the last selfish
rigging they so effectively did to the ‘rules of play’. They are again just
trying to say lets get on with the business of changing the system, and they
see nothing wrong with being involved in the process of redesigning the
structure that they will be held responsible to.

It’s a little like a prospective employee saying to its
prospective employer, well I want the right to set my own pay structure and
expenses and I will vet them myself with no inclusion from you. The lion
dictating the way it wishes to be fed and no one sees anything wrong with this,
they made an expenses system that did not have a liability clause for future
prosecution ….. I the undersigned duly declare that I am not stealing or
fraudulently … yada, yada, yada.

Every union rep since the management and workforce started
debating terms has always been aware that they had to negotiate and all they
had to negotiate with was membership numbers versus work time and rules of
employment, work to rule, withholding labour, marches and demonstrations were
the accepted tools in the working mans kit bag. The united we stand brigade had
their rules and methods, while management, controlled time, over time, pay and
conditions and had to be held accountable for health and safety, and laws had
to be brought into play to ensure they did, as their track record has shown
over the course of recent history they still take the initial stance of doing
the least they have to until they are made to, just check all the liability
suits of the last four or five decades to get a birds eye view of the mind set
behind the controlling class methodologies.

Human nature is what it is but this senseless need for
accountability and throwing blame is a pointless waste of resources, time,
effort and energy. The horse has bolted the stable door is closed and the
guilty are known, just sack them review them and fine the guilty ones. An
independent body of conscripted jurors as a faceless panel should be used to
decide the rules they are held accountable to and they should all sign on the
dotted line for clear lines of prosecution in the event of any future misdemeanors.
A residency in London or a susidised accommodation property should be set aside
with realistic living quarters that reflect how the rest of us really live, will
become a sobering experience for these privileged people that regularly find
themselves secularized from the common thoroughfares of the man tracks of life.
This sort of grounding experience will serve to reinforce the facts that they
are privileged, and it will also serve as an insight mechanism into the status
quo of the herd. Even if its just a three star hotel instead of the opulence of
the mighty Hilton, it will still be a sobering experience having to use the
hotel dining room as expenses for restaurants are a personal expense as it is a
personal choice to not accept the table of the host to eat al a carte.

These elite jobs have affected the ego of the flunky in the position
and it has obviously gone to their heads in a very big way. They have come to
believe that because the job they are supposed to do is so important then they
must be important. And so they safeguard their ways and means and never passed
the methods on to their successors. A quick turnover of the people in the
positions would help to reinforce the grim facts of life that we all get a
limited shot at the mainstream and if we blink it will pass us by, and thinking
that we must all maximize our returns while we can ‘make hay while the sun is
shining’ is not the maxim of the protectors of the system or the administrators
of our society. It is the battle cry of the deprived and the hard done by that
find themselves in a lucky break and are all to aware of its dubious duration.   

We do have a right to expect better form our elected
servants and they have proven that they are not anymore responsible than the
rest of us and what has gone on behind closed door cannot ever be allowed to
ever happen again. This will mean that they must be scrutinized and be held
accountable to our investigation processes just like the rest of us plebs.

The most glaring redundancy is still the obvious obsolete
mechanisms that are still in place, in the age when parties each got their four
years stint on a regular basis, the new broom would traditionally sweep clean
and rip out a hundred billion/million pounds of tax payer previous investment
in education, policing, medical et al projects, drop their drawers to the
opposition say na, na, na, na, na and duly bill us two hundred billion/million
for the next failed policy proposal. This form of squandering of our resources
and investments is a direct result of the party political mindset and is definitely
of a typical public schoolboy graded maturity level, but out here in the real
world where there are repercussions for mistakes and, bills for failures it is
past time that we had them held accountable for their actions and made to be
responsible to the people that elect them and not allow one of them to install
one of their old boy networks that will likely repeat the crimes of the past
given the chance, behind closed doors, what they eye doesn’t see the mind
cannot worry about eh. The parties must learn to serve the country first and
foremost and cannot be allowed to serve two masters ever again.

Just how much more of our limited and dwindling resources
can we afford to use in the revenge process, isn’t it better to mark them grade
their actions and bin the culprits and ban them from the gravy train, to find
all the loopholes and close them and tie the laws into the process so
accountability is mandatory, and just to be fair to all concerned because they
were all working under the terms of the failed system and every voter
sanctioned the process by their proxy so legally we haven’t a collective leg to
stand on. Take the power of self regulation off of them and tighten the rules
as laid down by us the employer, not as laid down by the employee, this will go
a long way to closing the gap in the one law for the elite and another for the
plebs, rule of thumb that has been in place since time began.

We all agree to abide by the laws of the land how have
corporate rules, or party and institutional rules got more clout than the laws,
once this discrepancy has been addressed again by the jury of random choice
that is regularly poled to check the status quo, in law, policing and politics
we can collectively amend the ways and means of our own world, leading to a
greater consensus of vision rather than blindly following any half baked
ideology from either the failed political processes of any party or any secular
religion, a much more humanistic system will evolve naturally from the new
steering groups as they will reflect the thinking of the times and will retain
the history of changes and amendments as the information will be retained about
rules, pay structures and party biases until we learn to elect the man or woman
for the job regardless of which party they belong to, the solidarity of the
party elite smacks of old union mind set, more than anything else.

Time to drop the revenge driven attitude of the resentful
mindset and time to just clean up the mess lock the culprits out and close the
loopholes, we really don’t have the resources or the time left for revenge.
After all every one of us has a portion of the blame for not wanting to know,
and for just handing over our power of attorney to mere mortals, and then just
leaving them to make all of the decisions at every level including their own
domain. That genie just won’t go back in that bottle ever again, chronic claustrophobia
will prevent it from ever happening again.

Now that we are all watching them, watching us, watching
them watching ……