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From Ashes to Dust

With the wind of change blowing through the emergence of smaller nations onto the world stage, is it any surprise that they are all emulating the worst characteristics of the western writers worst developed characters from the worst sort of third rate soaps that we currently watch, nasty, suspicious, double dealing, lying cheating.

The politics of the African nation is dealt out with the keen cutting edge of the sword to get its point accross.

Trust is a thing of the past, honourable people are in decline and yet we still havent descended into the levels of depravity that the bugling church has threatened for centuries. The modern cultural differences are, we are a pragmatic not a religious collection of beings, we tend to believe what we can see or validate for ourselves. We only trust after we have gotten to know, a hard lesson from experience. We tend not to take to many things for granted. We love by degrees, and we all tend to put ourselves first, even those zealots find a podium and a spotlight to spout their interpretations of the truth.

As an ego based animal that is rising in evolution according to the natural order of reality, we all tend to know better than to overlay any stupid or idealistic philosophies onto the reality that we inhabit. Except fot those idiots that think that any creator actually needs it creations help, a bit like the scientist asking the machine to tell him how it feels, and what could he do to make it better, easier etc.

We are the experiment of the realities need to aspire and create, we are not the toys of some demented supernatural being that must enlist our aid to correct the aborations in , cast, race, faith, philosophy, politics, religion, thinking. The intent to murder is held in the beings heart, and the mind that old tool, will crack the nut to express what is in the darkest heart. And words are the tools of the mind to express intent, meaning, information, directions and well-being. But physical force is the expression for the helpless who need to feel in controll, and violence is the darkest order of I am right and you are dead.

Well forgive me for speeking the obvious but violence can only diminish the heard that is controlled untill the controllers are all that is left and then there were none.

Utopia and other Idealistic Delusions

How does the working model of our economy look, what is the likelihood of it ever succeeding, well with Gordon Brown new cavalier approach to the financial problems of the world, and has taken it upon himself to throw our good money after his bad decision, and commit us to a new personal debt, when we are all more in need of the money than any failed gamblers, or so called good guessers. I don’t think we have a hope in hell.When a bank cannot operate in the financial sector, when they are the very nucleus of the economy, what chance does any small business have in the choppy waters of the threatening collapse of the world’s economies?

To shore up the bank of England I can understand, to subsidise farming I can understand. To place a finger in the dyke when the dyke is crumbling at the foundations, is a greater folly than any of the bull dog breed have ever undertaken.

Mr Brown has taken it upon himself to invest our capital in a failed enterprise, a spare bank. It’s not even as if it has just cost us a few million, the social crime here almost rivals the French banking fiasco. It already exceeds the Bearings Bank keystone collapse.

What sort of folly is it to try to keep a dream that we can have a full working economy, when the heart of the system has been knocked out of the ideal by the revelation that, the whole structure is a debt ridden enterprise, that the bottom rakers and feeders of the banking clawback fraternity have been asset stripping the failed first time house buyers, closing borderline businesses into bankruptcy solutions. Notorious banking problems like the ones that regularly veto companies on the edge like the great xmass hampering exercise that still hasn’t settled its legal obligations to date. More than a year later.

The fact that subsidies have to be employed to get existing businesses to remain in the enterprise shows that it is an unsustainable delusion rather than a working solution, the fact that the last biggest growth sector was re-education. A scheme that was promoted by the back to work programs, that never produced a sustainable answer to the mythical skills shortages that the government spin merchants put out into the national consciousness. I still cant see how a three to four year wait after the loans are made and before the next wave can get into the market place and earn can be seen as a growth area but ….

The fact that there is no growth areas in industry is worrying, so much so that manufacturing has almost disappeared in this country.

The days of the cavalier consumer are over, the Thatcherite spend, spend, spend  creators of the boom and bust philosophies are now all but gone the way of the dodo.

To look at the model in a clearer light we have to use an analogy, for the purposes of clearing up the discrepancies that money is in a flow we will use the concept of a saline solution. Can’t use a more liquid model than that, now can we.

A saline solution is a fixed body of water in a container after all the economy isn’t infinite. So a glass of water or a bucket is all the same it just depends how you can imagine the model. Now to simulate the illusion of a cash flow, we will set up a stirring action in the water. Just like cash transactions give the illusion of a cash flow.

Now take a granulated substance to simulate economic entities one grain per unit, then start dropping them into the revolving liquid until the liquid becomes a saline solution, that happens when you cannot dissolve any more solids into the liquid. The volume of water is saturated with the salt. Then no mater how you stir the solution the grains fall right to the bottom and are just revolving as a mass on the container base.

Try stopping the water revolving and see what happens to the grains, they all settle on the base and stay static. Stirring the solution faster can have the effect of raising some of the grains and by the power of centrifuge the illusion of a saline solution supporting solid matter is displayed.

This is the best model for what an artificial environment like a fluid cash flow economy is in reality. Only so many units can successfully be melted into the economic flow. And because of the finite confines of the container there are only so many free floating (service industry say) units that do not produce or manufacture that can be artificially floated in the market.

Economics has been the primary source of deaths in the medical industry due to insufficient funds, for hospitals, surgeries etc. With so much being spent on research and development it can’t be spent twice so lives are forfeit.

Cost effectiveness has stopped vehicles from being made safe because of manufacturing costs, realistic marketable expectations, model make price etc.

Are you sure that money is the best means to evaluate whether a thing is done or not, with so many unemployed we could maintain a global food distribution plan, and man it successfully if money was no object, we could start house building programs and land reclamation programs, water irrigation programs with the available world resources, and using the available manpower. With need and available resources coupled with available manpower and expertise we could try and ensure that every living person on this planet has a home with running clear drinkable water. This can be achieved using locally sourced materials and world standard trained professionals, doing and teaching locals. If money was not the god of this generation, it may just be around the next economic disasters corner.     

Who set up this global economy equals the way forward paradigm; because I never believed it could ever do anything else but produce an elite rich small percentage, and the salt of the earth poor falling out of the system as it cannot support the mass.

Then it must be the one percent that set it up as they are the only ones that ever benefit from the stability of the system. Ask the poor people and they will tell you they don’t vote for the ideal but for the man who says he will fix their problems. Someone is telling porkies and only one percent have a reason to. And the man that says he can will only be able to pay lip service to our collective needs not being met for a little while longer as the world is waking up to the crisis these retards have tricked us into creating to keep them in the laps of luxury.

By not voting we can halt the present system in its tracks, with a global vote of no confidence it would force a cromwellian decision. If the mass says no to more lies, no to more servicing the so called elite, after all their track record since time began says they are the worst choice of people to lead the world into a new age, of global peace and provision for all.

Can we in the face of global disasters that they historically only pay lip service to, allow them to continue unguided by the greater global picture. The money pledged to the Shri-Lankan flood, did it ever get there and is it being used effectively. The amount was considerably more than the year two thousands estimation of the necessary cash that could eradicate global poverty, so why hasn’t it begun?

Who is it that thinks that we can buy a better world, when money is the cause of so much misery and death?

The countdown to global disaster is reaching atomic decay levels, and time and tide wait for no man.


Camel Seeks Final Crucial Straw

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the local authority for their kind help in accumulating a greater debt footprint for me before I shuffle this mortal coil.

The Half wits at the job centre have yet again without any warning suspended my benefits for the third time in a year because I refuse to fill in their forms about what I am doing to get a job, as building and maintaining a website, renewing and redesigning one in record time (three times in the last five or so months) is by their rules inadmissible as proof of trying to become a marketable resource to a prospective employer. No its not against the law but not within the rules of an independent, local authority company. They just think their rules are laws, control freaks and retards united.

Having made a series of animations editing the videos, recording the original sound tracks and syncing them to the edit, releasing them on you tube, creating a blog, here and on my original website and on

Search for ‘covenstar’ or magicalartyfacts on a listing of my animations and just to check the quality of the finnish.

Created a business idea selling wild grown clover (not the cultivated south American plant) to the wedding planners and future brides of Scotland.

Creating the website ( for it and setting up the initial fundraiser to circumvent the bank start-up loans debt trap.

So now that all I have done as a fully qualified IT developer and software designer, see this site view my software, free incentives for the business class versions which are still to be finished when I can get a computer (my old computer is dead in the water) by being fundraiser for myself.

So as I said at the start of this fond farewell, as they didn’t have a case to answer, I was bumped off the state nipple because I refuse to keep putting my CV into companies that have never acknowledged them over the last two years. But that is all that they will accept in what am I doing to get work, besides going to night school to learn how to design websites, and how to make music on computer. Programming like mad to get up to speed in my IT skills, I have an HND, and yet I recently went back to college to get the ECDL, such a simple qualification compared to my HND but I thought that this would show a prospective employer that I am willing to retrain and I ain’t to high and mighty to graft for a living.

Now the local housing authority have kindly stepped into the joke, after being informed that my benefit has been suspended, and have demanded full rent and forty pounds a month arrears, I just don’t know which is the bigger farce, the dole or the GHA .

Now as I bow out all my eggs are in one basket and being a law abiding citizen of this big brother state and without any means of support, I am obliged to hand the flat back over to the GHA before the rent increase on my arrears becomes astronomical. So I am homeless by incidents beyond my control, and I just cant get out the bind of the local mafia claw back thugs. So its onto the streets before I am pushed by the bailiffs, and the arrears become unmanageable.

I just simply 


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Humming and Hawing

Well seams like the initial thought that the end of the world would happen in 2012 (according to the Mayan Calender) may be just a little hasty. What with global meltdown, credit crashes, lying politician’s tripping over their undeclared expenses as well as fictitious family workers? Either way with only four years to go to the end. Isn’t it amazing that the credit crash has happened denying all the credit surfers the chance to blast the plastic into the stratosphere, well the ones that believe in the maxim “its better to burn up than fade away” just makes me want to buy the petrol and matches for them.

The new SNP leader has issued his first ultimatum, ‘It’s me or the budget’ cant think of an appropriate response to that but I think ‘oh really well as you are so insistent. …’ So money and its allocation is even on the minds of the high and mighty.

I had a discussion with a friend who suggested that this planet is indeed a penal colony of the outer rim of the milky way galaxies and that we are all currently serving a life sentence as an incarnate power stripped god-ling trapped in the bodies of mere humans (the larval state of a god) and that death is a release back into the higher self’s incarnate super ego state. We are in a limbo-tic state of treading water, while running after the elusive thing that will galvanise our lives and fulfil us to or beyond our greatest expectations or wishes.

There are other arguments for the reality of life on this ball of astrological revolving ball of dirt. The madness and mayhem of life could also suggest that the lunatics have indeed taken over the asylum, a view that is as equally feasible as the penal colony one. There are also cases in point for the idea of limbo the place between life and death, where life is a continuous drudge that never improves and is a stasis of feeling trapped and never getting out of the grind. Then there are the very strong arguments that certain lives are fraught with a continuous stream of misfortune, that no matter what they try to do they always manifest the worst of expectations and the very worst of outcomes, as if their lives are plagued by the intervention of some malicious wraith or demonic dementor.

The couter point is of course the worlds where the priviledged few can always meet their greatest expectations and realise their greatest needs and wants. It would be good to see a survey that tries to distinguish between the nurture and the environmental factors as well as the parental influences behind each of these probable worlds.

We are all the recipients of the inheritence of our forebearers, their genetic influence is handed on at a purely unconscious level of our being. Generations of hardship and deprevation v’s generations of priviledge and positive environments. How many generations of improvements would be needed to remove the negativly reinforced expectations of the majority. If the negative is indeed the majority.

The Final Word

Well been doing this for about two years and just about had enough of all of the rubbish. Politicians are the lowest breed on the planet and are no indication of sentient life on the third rock.

The fact that aliens have proved themselves to be the most advanced life forms in creation is once again substantiated by their reluctance to meet the neighbours.

We polute the airways, the airwaves, the water tables, the land our bodies, our minds. and still thats not enough we insist on killing the environement so that even our own children will not be able to survive the rigors of life on this waste disposal project on the outer rim of the milky way.

Next the scientists of the day have established the tequnique of total cell change. Now when they isolate the stem cell producer, the cell regeneration of the reptile they will firmly be on their way towards offering the richest people on the planet extended life prospects and cloned organ replacements, limb regereration and of course they can also pick the gender of the feotus before invetro fertilisation occurs (that in no way guarantees the sexuall orrientation though does it), off course the way they are poluting the environment they will have to ensure immunisation against, low grade metals lead, mercury etc as well as a litany of other poluted and untreated wastes allready in the surrounding habitats.

I would like to ask these world leaders how it is that they have not taken care of business at home (their own respective countries) and yet they are all playing on the world stage as if they are all the next (oops sorry) first world president of the third rock.

If they cannot take care of bussiness at home and cannot resolve their own disputes and keep their own back yards clean and tidy, how can any of them be allowed to take the world reigns.

Again the voice in the wilderness shouts out at a planetary whisper. Declair yourselves and let us know what you are paranoidly looking for ……. or who. What are your ultimate goals and what sort of utopia is enforced by a restrictive paranoid controll of every single resource in the living biosphere, including dead bodies. And finally who died and made you god, not in my name I don’t vote.


As public servants when did you elect to do as you bloody please with my human rights. First you make it impossible to be prosecuted when you cock up, you give yourselves pay rises as and when you please historically more than any other settlement that real workers and grafters (nurses, doctors, teachers etc) get, after all your possitions are non profit and a total drain on our diminishing resources. Historically your words aren’t worth the price of the papers that they are reported in. Your behaviour is as scandelous as any intinerant celebrity or wayward wild children. From luncheon voucher romps to cashing in on select positions for personal fortune growth, honourary salutations and the like.

As a time dancer in this dance of life, I feel somewhat priviledged to witness the rise of the man that killed the labour party (blairingly obvious) and the floundering of the man that killed politics two great historical figures of the future history of the third rock. Retrospectively speaking of course.

Geeee cash for honours seems a little tame in the wake of the man that started a war with his pondlife buddies and then went on to amass a stagering personal fortune from the investors in war (traditionally banks). How can anyone that fills their shoes ever be trusted again.

The only power left in your vote is the power of veto. like the Banks trying to claw back the rather substantial with drawals that were tasken out when expected but never spent but retained. Cash out of circulation is a problem, so they are using the time tested tradition of stealing it back under any excuse and that old ass the law will claim to be doing something about it with a large public bleating that never realises a penny back for the unfortunate investors, after all things take time and rushing will only help them to cock it up further.

Banks cannot lend cash if people (savers) don’t put it in their vaults in the first place, no lending no earning so back to the time honoured means of reaquiring,

Yes signs of inteligent life, the true sign of intelegence in any creature is evident in its ability to stay away from so called civilised man.

Mork calling Orson, Mork calling Orson, beam all the morons to the centre of the sun, to ensure a warm summer. Now thats my idea of energy recycling moronic non output to a flash of warmth.

Nanoo the Nanoo

The Nuclear Clock

The whole global effect of the planet warming up is it consistent with the planets orbit being changed say by strategically timed nuclear testing making the orbit a little more elliptical with say summer being stretched away and winter being closer and more dissipated. I would be interested in seeing a working model of the earths orbit before any nuclear ‘testing’, when we did have stable and predictable seasons and a present day overlay of the current orbit which could explain the deteriorating seasons and the altered seasonal processes, early spring, later autumn to name but two of the usual suspects.

The Russians have planted a flag under the Artic to claim land rights on the most uninhabitable part of the globe. The British army is getting its troops trained in Arctic warfare. If Global warming melts the polar caps and the inhabited land masses become like the equatorial deserts as land becomes scorched and loses its ability to sustain life then. The land at both polar caps will be the only places on earth that are still habitable and the fight is on to gain control. The solution is down to us let us stop using machines, and allowing manufacturing processes to continue to pollute as they produce with impunity. If what we could do now, even if it took governmental enforcement is still not enough to alter the course of the planet into a better orbital path. Then it becomes easier to understand why the Russians and everyone else has a sudden interest in capping the problem. It just seams to me that the state money grabbing machine has exhausted commercialism to rake the cash back out of our hands to perpetrate the myth that cash flows. And now they are about to bill us according to our conscience based on the myth that global warming is our fault. I hate to be the party pooper that points out the obvious but …….. commercial enterprises that make new manufacturing processes still don’t have to produce a waste recycling process with their manufacturing process.

Am I the only one or does that seem a little odd in the face of the current propaganda to get us to fit the bill for the commercial looters? Certain destruction of the ozone layer. Your paltry little footprint even globally collectively isn’t even two percent of the crap that is pouring out into the environment at a steady and increasing pace, flies in the face of the current propaganda to get us to subsidise the local mafia sorry local and central authority coffers. So they can do as they please and are not made to toe the line or even pay for the clean up or just plain old get their act together. Now local authority little Hitler’s will use the carbon footprint to pulverise us into a legal binding that will claw cash into over manned profitless occupations for the, cash squandering local draconian fiddlers. Funny how each local authority is employed to run budgets, provide services and can collect cash to top up the shortfalls, from the already heavily taxed serfs. And they still cannot balance the books and are reducing services as they increase the bills, that just simply does not compute now does it.Obviously none of them can balance a book, deliver under budget, provide reliable services, they traditionally like to wait for EU development grants to run their redevelopment schemes. And they usually cross over each other with no real project management overview in place to stop one from stripping out some upgrades to put in others. I could tell a few stories in that area myself but…….. So local authority cash rakers are no better at this than governments. I would welcome an independent review to find out if it is a workable plan in the first place. Has any local authority ever in the history of them ever been able to balance the books and provide the necessary services and been able to save money for reinvestment, and the same for every government since the dawn of time.The Scottish parliament building, the next Olympics, the millennium dome. The list of estimations never exceeding reality is endless. I do believe that the sheer size of the growth of society and the area that it now covers makes the whole thing unworkable as it now stands. It is past time for a full design overview taking into account any successful implementations if any? And using a working model that can incorporate projected growths, probable incomes against outgoings by area and region as each local sheriff taxes as it likes just like the great Lincoln baddie once did. Legislation that allows local authorities to get trade goods for repairs at cost, man hours instead of contractors, that never turn up, or an assessment team of bosses that reckies the premises of the job for a plumber to just fit a washer, change a tap etc. Does not compute ……. does not compute ……… garbage in garbage out.

How can an organism that cannot balance its books offer incentives (tax credits of up to £70 per week) to get people into short term employment to give the illusion that there is a turnover in the workplace. All government schemes are at present re-education drives that cannot provide even a placement let alone guarantee a full time job at the end of it. There are no growth areas in the jobs markets, the market place is about to go into freefall and they still put out a message that all is well, there there now just turn over and go back to sleep. They have to be seen to be doing something, there is some cash available and they are the worlds worst at admitting their mistakes and settling their own bills. But self assessment doesn’t have to be so taxing. More evidence that they are incapable of handling the sheer scale of information and they have turned the onus back on us. They cannot protect data, they cannot process the volume, and they cannot be trusted or relied on to pay for their own mistakes. They want to tap lines and check even more data and they cannot even analyse the stuff they have, and they are not going to get a bigger budget to cover the increase. Why are we even in this unworkable scheme in the first place. Oh yeah they have laws to make us play along or they will start systematic harassment to force us to. Yeah very dictatorial and it doesn’t have my vote. This is the big De mocerycy of the big lying sham. The velvet glove of democracy is on the steel hand of the dictator.

Your a PC Dictator,
That’s just another name for a people hater.

As un unemployed person over the last seven years the local authority has billed the unemployed people in my area ‘Glasgow’ in the beginning it was six pounds a month, and up until three years ago it was twenty three pounds a month and growing, and the law says we get the least the law can allow us to survive on (note not live on) yet the local SS come along and rake in another level of cash from the people that cannot afford it the most. The unemployment bureau, tell me that I am obliged and have to fill in forms to prove what I am doing to get work. Sorry but if you feel I am cheating take me to court prove me guilty because the law of the land maintains that I am innocent until proven guilty. And why are the main benefit recipient the local authority, MP’s and MSP’s not made to report their actions against a time and motions verses results paper that is available to the public to review. I will when they do. How can a company that is contracted to the government body create rules that are directly illegal and unenforceable in law. Until then prove me guilty and do your own data gathering or pay me for doing the unpaid work for you. After all if the local authority can bill me for council tax, I can bill the DSS for data processing on their behalf.

The consensus of current thinking is what drives the propaganda machine along and the checking just never gets done before implementation happens. So we often end up committed to an ill advised strategy or an unworkable solution because it seams that each local authority, and each government has not learned from the errors of their forebears. And once committed the local ludite like the central ones will have to see it through. And off course we will be billed for it anyway. Did any one of us agree to fund their mistakes, their fumbling in the dark reaches just off the public radar scope, the place I feel the paparazzi should be looking instead of the goldfish bowl that is the celebrity arena. Science is at the pinnacle of the consensus of its current thinking, it is a development of revised thinking in each of the discipline, revised by materials, laws and innovations in processes. Just like all of the early designs for flight they still have wings today, a means of propulsion and lift, and nowadays varying rates of comfort, according to price.

Science is paid to produce a specific finding, and depending on who funds it and what results they want for whatever grants or purposes they can get, we can get conflicting reports that are in themselves inconclusive but they none the less carry credence because they are scientific. All the greatest scientific innovations of the age have all happened, the next stage of evolution is development. Transportation, land, sea and air as well as space, the basic formats all exist right now and barring any latent innovations they will only be revised by new materials or processes.

Cosmetics are basically the same sub set of areas, skin, hair, lips, nails and eyes. Do any more animals need to be tested. Come of it innovation isn’t needed the advent of botox should have taught us that women don’t care they will pay for the recommendation, the name, or buy into the legend that anti-aging is a reality, yeah right and the check is in the post, don’t know who is dumber the subjected or the subject.

White goods, the washing machine and all kitchen appliances, will get more energy efficient and they don’t make a lot of waste and they recycle well because of the materials.

Entertainment media tv’s, computers, ipods, phones and games machines are known and are incorporation the best graphics with greater processor speeds. Now as the sales of white goods and luxury items is a fixed market and is a war for market share, where can the claw back cash from our pockets into the banks at a regular pace to keep the cash flow illusion alive.

But the clock is ticking.

The Mad Scientific Hatters

The man has said in his infinite wisdom, what a change in the seasons, we may have to redefine the classic four seasons. What a load of twaddle, the seasons are winter, the time when the leaves are off of the trees and nothing flowers or fruits, that is true whether it is snowing or not. Their main argument is its not snowing all over Britain, in Winter and our summers are no longer long continuous sunny periods with just the odd shower or two to break them up (cant remember them ever being like that and I’m fifty one) so as Summer and Winter no longer conform to the old standards of some almost forgotten traditional view of two of the seasons, they now need redefining.

Spring is sprung earlier and has with minor fluctuations for the last few decades or so, so the plants are a little bit earlier and they are lasting for a lot longer, but spring as the name suggest is when the new shoots spring out of the ground. When the early lambs are born with a spring in their steps, and a maidens mind turns to the things a man never stops thinking about, if you believe the hype. Autumn is the time that late crops are sown, when the land is tilled for the planting of the late autumn crops.Summer is the time when the crops are tended, watered and repairs to the land and buildings are done, when the wildlife needs to be managed and, rabbit is again on the menu. The time when lads and lassies head for the hedgerows and long walks, or when winter shacking up shows the full swell of pretty abdomens under full sail as they head for autumn births.  Autumn can be an Indian summer if it likes as long as it is still the harvest point of the year then the season is still functioning. The main crops are harvested late summer. The harvests bounty is collected as fruits and nuts and late tubers are the bulk of the returns for the perennials and the annuals. Scientists always want to meddle with the natural order and we the sheep have to try and get along with the results of their interfering. The world started off with a natural calendar, that had thirteen months to the year, but because education was so poor and early scientists ‘magisters’ liked nice neat figures and they decided to used the twelve from the pantheon to establish a twelve month zodiac, then people like Julius gave us their immortalising vanities the Julian calendar. This was the real source of unlucky for some being associated with the reduction of thirteen lunar houses to twelve neat and easy to calculate zodiac houses  for the easy calculation of the quadrants and trines. Not the Christian propaganda version. That’s had it’s last supper if you ask me.

Now take a proper gander at the facts guys before you again go and interfere because the weather for each of the seasons is a little out of whack, but the underlying clock that you follow is still set by the four margins in the year, the spring equinox, the summer solstice, the autumn equinox and the winter solstice still ring out true on the dot, every quarter just as regular as a constitutional so to speak, so from one layman to the so called experts just get your facts right before you go trying to fix what isn’t broken in the first place mate.   If any of you unnatural meddlers in the running of things are looking for a way to become immortalised in the annals of history by being the man that is known for redefined the seasons, let me make one clear warning to your tiny unenlightened minds. The natural clock still sets the time of the events and that hasn’t changed for the bulk of the time ordered growth plants and season adjusted events, breeding birthing (excepting of course husbandry breeding programs) and harvesting. Let the weather watchers beware with yet again tampering because of a Julian complex for immortalisation and self aggrandisement. 

Let the winds of change blow, let the tide of life flow. Stop bleating about the things you really don’t know. Just stand in wonder at natures show.  

Hurricanes rage and blow, and a small child landed safe on the ground. Natures wonders still abound, they befuddle they amaze and they confound.  

But never in a lab or test tube to be found. In ever decreasing circles the lies are still going round. Never let scientific egos become unbound.For that really is the slippery ground. 

In a country that is already known for having changeable weather, it’s a bit arrogant to use the changeable weather as an excuse for self aggrandisement. When all that is needed is a note taken down as to when it was first noticed and what the implications are for the future.

False Idles

In this modern and progressive age, we are all show what to desire, what to wear, what to aspire to and how to be by the ever-present barrage of misinformation as delivered by the media channels. The present shift by the consensus of thinking people away from the tailored messages, from the propaganda biased channels and papers through the medium of the unnoticeable internet, in blogs and sound and vision bytes. The mixed messages and ground level reporting that is rapidly evolving into the modern information expressway, reflecting true public opinion instead of some media hype seem to have the bit between its teeth as it takes a chunk out of the current trends and thinking patterns of formative thinkers everywhere. Twenty two million people worldwide have chosen to view the buffalo turning the oppressors tide. Is the shoe now firmly on the other foot and are the old guard oppressors of the post cold war era about to be washed away in the turning tide of the new age children of tomorrow’s assertion as they find their voice and can now apply it communally without the fear of reprisals from the old guard order as it goes through its death throes in the public domain. Some wag somewhere gave an innocuous slogan of ‘Vote for Change’ whatever that means to the struggling and diminishing old guard new age reformationists that swear they are not like their predecessors. Yet they immediately went into the old tradition of back biting and mud slinging before the ink was even dry on the placards. This animal cannot change its spots for they traditionally reinvent themselves in opposition and level their attack using the old established techniques of the old fossils and old guard. The wind of change that is clearly blowing through the old corridors of power, the new distrust of banks and capitalism, and the weary tragedies of the oppressed minorities that have traditionally been left to foot the bill from the sweeping changes from the handover of power as each re-resurrected ‘phoenix’ ascends from the ashes of its last defeat is now being treated with the contempt it deserves. Political structure the world over have been finally seen for the sham that they really are. Financial institutions (remarkably prison-like description for the debtors paradise) are all feeling the pinch as so called financial investors and pensions investors are being given a wide berth because their slogan, ‘Investments can go down as well as up’ are now proving that in the majority they will defiantly go down and return no investments and, the moral undercurrent of this is if you were not so greedy in the first place and chose to gamble then you would still have your original investment capital.

It is after all just capital if you have money in the first place. Letting someone you don’t know gamble it for you is a bit like taking your hard earned and scrimped to achieve family pile, and randomly going into a betting office and asking a addicted gambler who is the luckiest punter in the room and then saying you will give them a percentage if they invest it for you as they were recommended by the betting shop barfly. A bit like asking the lion how to feed it isn’t it when its laid out like that. But the film about the runaway failure of the high flying investor being given his head really brings the whole point into perspective doesn’t it.

So just how lucky do you feel and how good are you at guessing (guessing right a few times in a row is called predicting) what will happen next. Try watching Harry Hills what happens next clips to test your new found ability before waging any bets on outcomes. Funny how most of us can do it reasonably well when no risk is involved, but add the cash to the equation and then you don’t have to guess what happens next, we already know the cold hard facts of life.An old saying that was common in my youth was, ‘the shilling (five new pence to all the kids out there) in my pocket means I’m better of than if its in someone else’s pocket’, that will be the bird in the hand to all you speculators. The saying you have to speculate to accumulate is another bum steer. Investing your hard earned in a cash turnover business that relies on your energies has more chance of success than any lazy enterprise that involves handing your cash over to a compulsive shares gambler. If you don’t believe this then just look at Dyson, Hoover, Ford, Cadburys, Airfix to name but a few. Bill Gates, Apple and CR Smith are more pertinent in the modern times.

These innovators and entrepreneurs never handed their wads over and then sat back waiting on their ships coming in. The eighties gurus of the new age go getters who cashed in on the popularity of the self help books should have been the under writers of the new age prophets. That failed to take hold in the deep waters of the fast turning tides of the high speculators eighties markets where previously the bottom line was gilt edged bonds and property from the short term investors, who were dipping in and out on hunches. This tactic gave a false view of a quick turnover and high rewards (easy money to all the lazy and greedy gamblers) and gave the impression that big rewards were there to be made if your nerve and savvy could be relied on to hold just long enough to take a reasonable profit through the prescribed quick turnover method.

The new age property developer programs have shown that with hard work and effort and a good deal of investment, cash loans whatever. Then a reasonable profit can still be gotten out of a buyers market. It still seems like the golden bubble has finally burst and the bottom has finally fallen out of the market for the majority of us, and this has been reflected in the current price slump that is affecting property in this country. Negative equity has land locked quite a high percentage of ill informed buyers, while tumbling prices have reflected that the buyer has greater discernment and has started to enforce the location rule before parting with the hard earned.

Now contrary to popular belief (is that the inconvenient truth?) property has to be in the relative price bracket of the first time buyer before it becomes a reasonable goal after all the established ‘home owner’ is already paying and has usually used the sale of the first property to invest in the new up sized dream home, and has offset the higher payments with a huge collateral investment and can survive the expected fluctuations in the market. Now the unwary first time buyer has to stretch beyond the normal means, and then has to survive the hikes and rises and inflation punishment for at least five years to ensure that they can probably survive the distance, most flounder and are repossessed in the first five years. This puts the reclaimed property back into the hands of the property holders (hmm who can they be hmmm beats me), all of the investment and payments are lost and the cycle resets, to fast tail spin and out the egress via Barnum and bailey’s trip the unsuspecting. Is one truly born every minute?

What to do and who to believe. Money is a static commodity and it takes hard work to make the normal person part with it. It just takes to much to get an accumulation of the stuff and we are all a bit to wary of the traps to ever fall for it again. So sales techniques are the order of the day, just look at advertising, time share, home in the sun, then think about all of the warnings they have to tell us about and how programs like ‘Watchdog’ panorama, the Cook report and these all go as far back as Esther Ranson’s shows, to see its not the disclaimers we need to worry about its not having the savvy to ask the right questions. There is no better business charter of good behaviour and there is no fairness in love and war. The Japanese say that business is the art of war for the modern age and you know they just could be right.Cash flow only exists where a cash business is working, the Barras, markets and shops etc. The working john has an income and outlays and is mortgaged to the hilt so cannot have long term savings, as savings are for life’s luxuries, holidays, hospital or vet bills, second hand cars etc. One emergency or major calamity and over ninety percent of ‘home owners’ are suddenly insolvent and heading for bankruptcy (the bank interruption will make you cry) and repossession.

The average punter runs close to the winds of a potential typhoon to try and stay ahead of the impending storm. Sounds familiar then you are my target audience.

The illusion of a cash flow is maintained by the banks lending to cash turnover businesses from your savings, which they also charge you for handling talk about a double whammy. This sounds like the best of both worlds as they sit on the razors edge of the precariously poised sword of Damocles. Now with all the failed money strategies of the last two decades, the Bundersbank crash, the bamboo binging (cheep grey imports and cloning brands), the Wall Street fiascos, the high flyer crash and burns, Lloyds going belly up. Couple all of this with the sustained efforts of investing in war (usually a good return, with lots of spoils), then the property markets topping off and crashing in a horrifying slow motion pile up. Sustained weather fronts causing fires, destroying property, twice yearly flooding and no underwriters to soften the blows and global warming will now ensure they never will. This will price certain areas out of the property insurance brackets, but the people won’t move, people like to sink with their properties as history has clearly shown.

The illusion is further maintained on the surface, and suspicion says that is the professional exterior trying to be the swan in a typhoon, there is frantic efforts going on under the waters of the so called ‘flow’ to make the illusion last a little longer. These failed guesser’s and investors, these bill the client and the investor (that’s savers to you and me) for the privilege, still cannot get it right. They claim unstable forces in the market. Natural disasters and acts of god, those old chestnuts unforeseen circumstances and forces beyond our control, are already on the lips of the spin merchants as they strip bare the coffers of the old bastions of a bygone age of imperialism.

When will we learn never run risks, never take chances. Guilt edged investments are long term investments for a good reason. Star young and cash in at early retirement age and S.K.I. all the way to your private utopia and let the kids fend for themselves. That’s the new philosophy of Thatcher’s children, the me and I want it all and I want it now generation.

It may not come as a surprise that the coffers are finally depleted, after all with this level of professional incompetence linked to poor returns and no underwriters to soften the blow. Couple this with the masses of people that have lost property to the winds of fate, the changing tide, and poor location and the picture is slowly coming into focus. Enhancing the image a little, with more negative equity, the prospect of working a lifetime without reward and being pressured into poor working conditions, bad pay, and lousy hours, estranged kids, unrealised dreams or even expectations for retirement and an eventual comfortable lifestyle are all being consigned to room 101’s failure bins by the day. Is the world finally on a spiralling meltdown. Where is a saviour when you need him. Will Arthur be reborn, will Christ step in and save the day. Or has the old devil taken his due on the backs of our collective gullibility and greed, as he sits back and fiddles as the world burns.

Oh yeah almost an afterthought and probably not related at all. Old Teflon Bill is a sure footed mountain goat as he heads for the unclaimed throne at the pinnacle of acclaimed world class statesman wish list, and he is not alone. But it is interesting that nothing seams to stick to him and nothing damages his image, what a charmed existence he has had up till now. What a perfect point for the race to be the first president of the world of the third rock from the sun in the outer galaxy of the outer rim of the milky way in the known universe. For fate to step in and let the man for the job be the only one for the job. Awe bless and he was looking so likely to suck eeerrrr seed or was that, a Havana good time.Stay tuned for the next exciting instalment of the ‘As the world revolves.

Nasty Neighbours

I don’t know about you but the scenes of violence and mindless inhumanity that have come out of Africa in the last few days, have left a cold chill in my heart, the inhuman destruction, the mindless violence, the helpless voyeurs milling around in the midst and the aftermath in the blood bath that is Africa. This killing crucible could begin a disintegration of a region, the destabilisation of a complete country. And why is this happening, the excuse for murder and mayhem is politics. Well I am sorry I do not buy that for a minute. Suppressed homicidal tendencies will eventually find any excuse to vent its tendencies. A political flashpoint and the true nature of the heart of Africa has now been shown on the world stage. SHAME SHAME SHAME, SHAME ON YOU. Don’t know how you see it, but taking a machete and linking up with an armed and roving gang, segregating a solitary figure and relentlessly hacking a father/husband/brother/cousin to death because he voted for someone you don’t agree with. Then walking off to find another without any remorse or empathy for the death of a fellow human being, beggars belief. Well would you won’t any of these people living next to you, I for one don’t. They have no self restraint, no tolerance. We live in a multicultural society in the west, we all live with divergent political, religious and social views with divergent and contentious beliefs and yet we manage to not riot and murder our neighbours.

I for one will refuse to contribute any aid for these murderous people, the survivors and bereaved families will be taken care of, but the murderers will probably escape prosecution because the controlling party will just take advantage of the situation.

How can we the nations of the world trade with these murderous, unstable people. Definitely don’t want them for neighbours. As if blood diamonds didn’t teach us about the hard core element of the African psyche this surly will.

We all watched the buffalo do the bulls bellows and turn on a predator and run the lions of and save the fatted calf. The underdog tuning the tables by sheer force of numbers.

The buffalo travel from grazing regions and watering holes, over the last few decades these water holes have been diminishing and the surrounding grazing has been receding and this, had an impact on the herd for they would all have turned and left as they have done for generations. We may be about to witness the slow and final destruction of an already arid landmass that cannot now sustain life in its outlying regions.The largest numbers of refugees, and the most itinerant workforce in the world all come from this continent. Right next door to the largest diamond source in the world. That and the gold coast wealth cannot save this continent, because greed is mean. Now just imagine this bloody minded homicidal blood type linked to the greed and avarice of the few in control.

Want a laugh, miss world will still be made by obligation to say that she want’s world peace. What price world peace, with neighbours like these.

Prison Planet Earth

I have been an inhabitant of this realm of reality for nearly fifty two years. In that time I have tried to understand myself, the family unit, friendships, the working environment and the mechanisms of society. As well as the workings of financial sectors, not to mention the hearts minds and souls of the modern human psyche. The most confusing thing for me has been relationships. If I am honest the next most confusing one has to be the so called political structure of the great big mythical beast democracy. I don’t vote and refuse to even enter into any kind of pretence that a vote is a valuable thing. Well that would be true if the fact that my vote would elect a responsible body of people that have my best interest at heart or at least in their charter or manifesto. That can prove in their dealings that they can learn from their and their opponents mistakes, but the historical evidence of politics just in the so called democratic unit still leaves a lot to be desired, and shows us quite clearly that this political animal cannot change its spots. So much so that their behaviour and their obvious inability to learn from their own mistakes (not personal misdemeanours) like wasting public funds, investing in useless control devices and billing us for their paranoid insecurities, and their insistence on treating ninety seven percent of the law abiding populace as if we are criminals and persecuting us and penalising us to underwrite their non profit body and keeping themselves sustained in privileged positions, to the extreme detriment of the majority (inherently undemocratic) for the transgressions of the few. The cash that runs this society is taken from the poorest people who believe in the system and are trying to hold down up to two or three part time jobs (gone are the days of full time, full or life long employment, another myth biting the dust daily) and are usually depriving themselves of quality time with their own families as a direct consequence, while their hard earned cash is stripped at every turn to supplement this increasing body of near useless class of sycophantic leaches. They are more like leaches than any true symbiotic and complimentary life forms. Who are seemingly determined to squeeze the last ounce of resources out of the hands of the true believers. Does this indicate that the civil (now there is a misnomer) service, the police and the law society and politicians are indeed the greatest single waste of resources in the land, doesn’t history show us, the most informed people of the world, that they continually spend massive amounts of cash on CSA, single parent bashing, unnecessary drug enforcement (take pot out of the equation and watch the figures almost disappear overnight), asbo’s the by product of a television series ‘Neighbours From Hell’ which closed after two series as they had run out of worthy material. The Bill another piece of subliminal programming for the impressionable bored youth of today, who all think that real life is on the telly and they are all in limbo waiting for their lives to start and catapult them into stardom or celebrity. It must serve someone’s purposes to keep us divided, disconnected and misinformed, while they fritter away our collective resources.

The Muppets that run this country opened the doors to the eastern block mafia letting the most undesirable elements of life into our safe harbour, then they let one thousand of the caught criminals ‘accidentally’ back into the mainstream. Is someone on a mission to keep an organised police force (paranoid, or control freaks?) against the probability that civil unrest will lead to a destabilising of the social element of society one day, or that the three percent of deviants in life will somehow wrest control from us and lead the world into a downward spiral into hell. Where we will all be forced to toil our lives away in demeaning labour intensive or mind numbing unsatisfactory jobs and to loose touch with our children and have all our resources stolen on a regular basis. Which brings us back to the elite parasites living high off the hog at the denizens of hells expenses. Sound familiar, just what did the poor people do to deserve such a pitiful existence, here in our green and pleasant land, where the rights of the individual are still mythically upheld as the cornerstone of this realm. If the waiting invasion forces views of this countries mythical status are to be believed.

Seems like when we traded away the sovereignty of the elite royal and upper class twits for the new broom democratic base, we just simply swapped a minority of leaches for a majority of wasters, who are badly in need of counselling for their paranoia (drugs make you paranoid) distrust and need for absolute control. That the controlling minority still have the power to award themselves a pay rise of any amount and can blatantly do as they please, squander what they like and are to all intents and purposes are beyond the reach of the law. Cash for questions Teflon Blair and cronies got the early warning and managed to abscond after creating the next level of hell and leaving the eager scapegoat to stupidly grab the hot potato.

With a looming world recession, the financial infrastructure of the world is now precariously balanced on the edge of collapse. Banks the so called repository of our wealth have recently been shown up as the inhuman soul of the debt ridden society. Sort of reminds me of the tale of old mother Hubbard. They now print notes that truly reflect the true state of the devaluation of the pound, where a paper economy can print its own revues. They used to proudly say ‘pay the bearer on demand the sum of one pound (16oz) sterling silver. Just try trading a pound against an ingot (1oz) of silver, or the American dollar ‘pay the bearer in gold’ both these financial liars are responsible for frittering away the wealth of nations. The are now singularly responsible for sinking the bright vessel ‘future hope’, financial frauds like pensions have disappeared under the cover of such slogans as ‘bad investments’ just like the other frauds mediums and soothsayers old chestnut ‘due to unforeseen circumstances or events ….’ And various other excuses. The ‘cheque is in the post’, off course ‘I will love you in the morning’ notoriously from the horny man, who likes to come and then go as he pleases.

I keep hearing in the media how desirable this country is to certain other denizens of the third world and the eastern block, so much so that they are supposedly heading here in droves. That there is an army of refugees and migrants just waiting across the channel to invade, while immigrants in this country are marrying from back home to get their whole kith and kin into this new utopia. Then there are the new upwardly mobile skills force that are commuting to this country using their skills and an entrepreneurial attitude to life to enter our country and help themselves to a better life, presumable putting a continuous drain on our cash flow as they take currency and opportunities that our own workforce could use.Does anyone remember signing up for the eternal treadmill of disillusionment and, wasted life force of trying to build a better workplace and living environment against the flow of the establishments apparent determination, to squander and inhibit our every efforts? Can anyone hold their hands up to volunteering to waste most of our time and resources toiling to make goods that quite frankly we don’t need or buy, food and clothes yes, entertainment yes, the odd bit of cheep white goods yes, furniture and fittings rarely but yes. So to those wonderful people that are making munitions, state of the art killing machines. Industrial elite white goods and the like, wouldn’t you like to ask them what sort of world they envision, and who do you think their weapons and goods will be used against. That lastly brings us to the question, where can we find an elite body of trained burocrats to manage the enforcement, And a weapons trained elite force to control the masses and suppress uprisings. The police are currently trying to get tazers introduced into every local force throughout the nation. After the DeMendez incident We should all be shouting not on our watch mate. Of course the super elite beings that are the soul beneficiaries of the new evolved state of the supreme one percent and last time I looked that isn’t you and me.

George Orwell once had a vision of a totalitarian dictatorial state dressed up in the velvet glove of the benign persona of ‘Big brother’. The mass reports of the early alien abduction reports were smattered with lots of (anal) misinformation, while a hard core maintained that a G.P.S device was inserted under the skin so that the ‘invaders’ could locate their victims at any time. Early testing in rigorous real circumstances, sometimes known as field testing? Or just the early forerunner of the cel phone, and the credit card for tracking everyone. And they even got the hype that the phone is indispensable, a whole generation now have the space 1999 hand held device, and only seven years later than advertised sorry predicted. Look at the near hysteria of the hyped release of Apples iPhone.

Yes only the greedy elite have to worry about protecting themselves from the rest of us or so we are told. They really only have to worry about the three percent, the resentful and the envious, the rest of us have to much to worry about just surviving and making ends meet, time management, running the family, paying the bills. The three percent that don’t and couldn’t care less about these things are either supper rich and privileged from their shady and unscrupulous dealings (making enemies as they rise) and the others of their ranks that are like them but undisciplined, they would rather steal, embezzle or con it out of the hard working variety of their shifty numbers, the successful elite, and when they cant, they then target easy or gullible prey.

Shame we can’t just find a way to let them at each other it seams they were made for each other. That would leave the rest of us with our entertainment (film their every shady move) and we can all get down to the business of designing a caring and productive society that does reward, does fulfil and does satisfy the soul that we can make a better world for our children, and not continue to squander our today by borrowing against their tomorrows. A brighter future is possible but the seed must be sown today.It doesn’t have to be a utopia, it doesn’t need to be idealistic, but we have the skills in our ranks to devise a better world, today for tomorrow. Like the Space 1999 device the technology was around before the turn of the century to make the device, but the marketing and the packaging and the need all had to be put in place, sexy looking device, functional and keeps us connected (another myth, for we are all mobile and so in touch eh!) great marketing can sell freezers to Eskimos. The package is compact and portable, easily powered and recharged. Uses the latest technology and facilitates the interconnectivity of the global community. Now is this the consensus of current thinking or opinion, or just more hype. A new prison cel for the modern inhabitant of the shrinking global community, or one hell of an advertisement for yet another mythical present to keep us from planning a better future.

In the new tomorrow for the new tomorrow people, the great administration body that would be needed to keep it all running smoothly would be entitled to certain pay restrictions that would be offset against a good level of worthwhile perks. Instead of the present unrealistic, higher pay settlement and all of the perks they can hoard from the community coffers.

Give me a call, well do lunch, have your people talk to my people and all that Jazz of the modern parlay-once. Isn’t it nice that the over policed internet now provides chat rooms for us to chat together and give them a reason to take action, after all we cannot congregate in public without the oppressors dispersing us with the civil disobedience rules that we all break every day as we go about our lawful intent. And if that all fails write a blog as an epitaph before some group of aliens abduct you and you disappear mysteriously into the great unknown. If we were Russian that would probably be Siberia comrade. Or we could just meet an untimely end due to a drunken or drug crazed mugger, or an extremist cult member could sanction us as the media tells us they do. So just who does police the police. And the parting shot over the bow, ‘Have no false ideologies before me’. So who do you think you are kidding Mr fiddler.

It could just be that the idea that money is the root of all evil is currently the point of view that is behind the enforcement of a debt ridden society. It could also be that a strong core of anti-materialism is clouding the thinking of the planners of the old utopic view of the present idealistic tomorrow planners. Then that must beg the question why is our society formulated around a commercial ideal, that is inherently doomed to fail because of the underlying ideologies of a Christian or religious background. Why base our world on debt when we will never get out of the cycle, and when we all secretly yearn for a fairer society that does deliver the hope of a more satisfying and rewarding life. Counter productive or what. Then that leaves us with the final question who stands to benefit from the failure of this present decline, and who will pay the costs.