About Me

The Eternal Student

I am a father of three daughters, not living with me. I live alone and have not dated or been in a relationship for more than seven years, and like it just the way it is and see no reason to upset the status quo.

I have an HND in Information Technology, and have good artistic skills as well.

I have had many incarnations on my long and ‘Interesting’ journey.

In previous lives, I have been a carpenter, software developer, animator, singer, poet, artist, activist, and now finally a writer.

I have a serious interest in the Holy Geometry and the Kabbalah, spiritual practices, mysticism, tarot, runes and high magic, the trees of life, philosophy, psychology the mind, body, spirit and emotional body connections.

My present project is to deliver the new books of the Kabbalah, in a fashion that leads the inquirer to the next logical or reasoned stages in the development of their spiritual, psychological and philosophical understanding.

‘If logic is the bones of man, then reason is his flesh
a heart of understanding lets them both mesh’


  1. Hi chris, this is a great site you have here ! thanks for the invite. i will pop in when i can 🙂 x

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