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From here unto Eternity

A Nations Pride

Desolate Sword

Desolate Sword

With all the press milling and speculating, as they do. The towing and froing of the secular poles as idiots try to gather data, let me remind you of the nature of the indigenous scot at home. Not the party animal and social butterfly versions from the front line tartan army, the prodigal sons of Andy Stuart with the permanent mindset, of never let the coals go out till the new light is in, party forever brigade of band of brothers, no I refer to the, we never leave our lands, we welcome everyone and only judge their behaviour, to the look after yer ain and only those that appear to need the assistance, we don’t want to shame a fallen man who is just getting his wind and bearings again before getting back up by a feign lending of hands.

The kind, that waits till the rally call to join a gathering and widnae presume to jist drop in on somewan unannounced, ye never know jist what they might be uptae in the quiet owe their ain hoose. Don’t let the reported rubbish fool yeh.

Here are two songs and a rant for the young lions of this land to start the beat that marches the feet to the call to the banner of the saltire, as the rampant stance is a warning before attack and not a randy reference. I call on the Lion the Unicorn the Dragon and the melody of the emerald isle to stand four square as equals against the tide of social and country wide erosion.

Braveheart Rant

Young Lions

Asset Strippin

Look to the skies for signs of the saltire to see if the omens are well aspected. If your Scottish and yer proud fly the flag your country needs you. If you agree give us a toot on the horn as you go by.

On a Clear Day ……….

Your life in their ‘Our’ hands ……

The Only growth sector left in Britain the fleece the sheep sector. Run by the bleed the poor dry sons of misery. Easier to steal from the mouths of the poor, than to squeeze get a penny from their own. Unless of course they can write it off on expenses.

The world is held in the grip of the heritage of the sons of Thomas, from the sons of Cain lineage of dictators. The pessimism that beleaguered all of the ruling practices of the late Victorian ruling style still has a glossy veneer that is wafer thin, and that when you scratch beneath the surface (and not as deep as you would first think) there is a nasty underbelly of opportunism and avarice at the rotten core of all levels of modern government, policing and the penal and judiciary services. Social services still limp along in the wake of the next baby P scandals and the government says give us your ‘X’ on a ballot and we will do what we like with your rights even using them against you and telling you its all in your best interests and if you continue to believe that. Then ‘they’ are right, you are not fit to rule yourselves and they will continue to take advantage of the situation in their own self-interest and preservation.

Can you imagine a country that deals in faith systems, that has a can do attitude, that pulls together when the need arises, that can smell a chancer at fifty paces and can see through all the shenanigans of the shysters. Can you imagine a country that has an elected government that swears allegiance to the country, to defend its laws, its cultural heritage, its shores and its people, to be held accountable to the state for their action no matter which party is elected, that they must serve the nation when elected and that party politics must take a back seat while they drive.

If you can see this nation standing on its own two feet with a truly democratic system in place that guards the welfare of its people first, That takes an active interest in investing in its educational structures and teaching to better standards not to leader board driver practices and statistics. That invests in its own infra structures, water, power, roads, the tourist trade and preserves the land that we are blessed with and gets world-wide ways connected to the whole country not just to the inner cities, that’s as far as any absent landlord would. Would you sign your name to that government, would you register to that call that at this time in this day and age your country needs all of you now more than at any time in history. Will you stand up and be counted as one of the game changers in this second decade of the first century in the new age of the third millennium dawning awareness. Will you in forty years time be able to tell your grandchildren that you were instrumental, in the voting revolution that changed the face of politics forever, that gave independence to a sovereign nation as declared in the Arbroath paper. Will you sign up for this when your nation is under attack, when your elderly are being asset stripped in their old age to cover their welfare, selling their possessions and property to pay for care and attendance in their winter years. Will you sign up now for this, will you put your name to the charter for true democratic government and not just another English clone that asset strips its own culture to the bone, parcels it up and auctions every part of their life for sale or rent.

Or of course you could just give an anonymous ‘X’ to the English system and they will love you for it.

Set your name down in history for your future generations to see, that you were instrumental in shaping a nation well struck at the right time in the right manner with the right materials and the right calibre all pulling together, to create a nation that does not institute predatory practices, that persecute the voiceless and the unfortunate or fleeces the ill and aged, neglects its children welfare and safety and emotional well-being as they outsource every level of life they can to franchises (run by their sponsors and backers and old school chums) in the public sector, where their bottom line is always the money. Then put your backs to the wheel for a united and independent Scotland, that can then work in partnership with all of the rest of this collection of scattered British Isles.

Well what’s it going to be, give away your power of proxy with an anonymous ‘X’ on a bit of paper or add your name to the list of heroes that saved a nation, just when it is under attack from every other sector that has all sold out and are now watching the thing they sold out for not delivering and starting to cannibalise its own, to asset strip the ripe pickings and to spread the wealth amongst the elite while the worthy pay through the nose once more.

No must be a hard decision and easy out is what got them into the hot water they are all in now.

So what will it be ……. What the ‘X’ factor.

Or stand up and be counted.

You can be held to ransom by their own government, extorted, coerced, blackmailed, threatened and enforced by people who use unconstitutional practices against their own people to suit their own practices wants and needs. Claiming that it’s in their best interest, oh yeah show me the yearly report and we will see just who it is that is benefiting. So more of the same milling and fleecing practices of keeping it going and keeping it fleeced, round and round again with no clear goal in sight or…….

Is it finally time for change, a rare step of faith that is miscalled a leap, is not knowing that the step will be there when you step off but knowing that you will reach your goal. Of a better place for our children and grandchildren. Or just more rich pickings for the kind of people who do this to their own…..



What is wrong with this picture

Criminal Carer ….

What sort of land do we live in when the morons that think they run things can do this, is it just me or is something really wrong with the picture of modern society. People are neglected in hospital, put on do not resuscitator watched, fast tracked to the coffin and left in corridors to die at the hands of the modern day carer, people are given aspirins and sent home only to die from an undiagnosed illness by an in a hurry can’t be bothered doctor or ineffectual nurses.

If you don’t care just put a big X on a ballot paper at the next, give us your rights so we can keep doing as we please with them including using them against you in any way we wish.

If you do care isn’t it about time that all governments were made to be accountable to the country and its people, they take your money, they put little back in and swan off on extended breaks and the country runs better during that period. Oh yeah and they will give an expenses scammer a job for life by just a quick sleight of hand cabinet shuffle, honest Mrs there is nothing up their sleeves.

Tired of all the promises, the never delivering and all the while you are asset stripped, stopped and searched, spied on and tracked, made to be honest and persecuted prosecuted if you don’t.

How come when theft is a crime, a confiscated drug dealers very expensive top of the range vehicle is being driven by a senior police officer from within a car pool. Why are Doctors and nurses not charged when some new neglect takes place. how come they are not held responsible, how does a policeman beat a woman on camera and just get his wrist smacked, that wouldn’t happen to one of us oh no.

Past time to make a prime minister accountable to the country and its people, to make them sworn in for the four-year term that they rigged of the page into a five-year one, without a by your leave mam. To uphold the laws and that no one and that would have to include policemen, nurses, doctors, and even politicians to criminal account, that Churches could no longer draw the veil of secrecy get out claws they have hidden behind for centuries. And to keep a government from having it laws changed to suit migrants that wan their own laws in a foreign land. And no one on this watch even batted an eye at that sleight of hand.

And don’t get me started on the local job’s worth’s, next it will be don’t walk on the grass, no more than three people in an assembly, or do you have a permit to breathe that air. And can someone please make a noose for the loony Elf’n’Safety mob of morons, and just hang their stupid escapades, limited thinking and paranoid idiocies in the public gallery and just start naming and shaming them, so we can all have fun chucking public ridicule at these processional spoil sports.

Myth Busters #2

#2 The Fat Gene…….

The Warrior

The Warrior

There are a lot of common saying’s that are generally held to be true and the discrepancies in them are ignored by the mass as they are bandied around and repeated until they becomes established truism’s.

Having spent most of my adult life overweight and having to try to control, food types that are labelled as low-fat, using all the promoted suggestions like most of the habitual dieters of the world with no success, only ever losing half a stone to a stone on any of them. My only success was very early on when I just managed my intake according to my income, losing just over four stones, when I was in a bed and breakfast situation, for an extended period of time. I was thirty-two.

Having been aware that in the past even after eating within half an hour I have experienced mild hunger even after being bloated or stuffed. I recently had an abscess and it seriously had an effect on my eating, it was in the area of my main chewing region a back set of molars. This had the effect of forcing me to consider food I could have with minimum chewing.

When I was growing up and until I was twenty-three I maintained a steady weight, a constant ten stones from fourteen to twenty-three. I was such a heavy chewer with a bad overbite that I was crunching my teeth, I had largely forgotten this until I had to take into account the present abscess problem.

I remember being told as a boy to chew properly and that I grew to hate mealtimes, as they took too long and I was always in a hurry, I would regularly leave food or try to pocket it to get rid of it. The sheer amount of time that it takes to chew properly means that the body does not have to break the lumps of food down and so the stomach has periods of emptiness without producing chemicals to break large lumps down. This chewing process is necessary to achieve that full feeling that I used to feel at that point in my life. The sheer boredom of chewing for such a long period starts the process of feeling full and is the point of fullness finalizer that is missing in my present eating habits.

When I got caught pocketing food and trying to pass it to my brothers, I started to gulp and swallow and so bypass the boring chewing part, but this was nipped in the bud at that point by my watchful mum and dad. They made me slow down and continue to chew, so I asked for smaller plates until I could just eat and run again. I never remember looking forward to any meal as a kid and always remember the whole process as a chore.

After a few early relationships my partners all complained that I was a noisy chewer and that I clashed my teeth and ground them. This had the effect on me of forcing me to again get to the point of trying to bypass the chewing process instead of just learning to chew quietly, just too impatient to learn and unwilling to even try, ‘take the quickest and easiest course of action’ was the best way forward I remember thinking.

This fully took over in my twenty third year. and remained that way until I was again forced to look at my weight again when I was thirty-two. This abscess forced me to recall the process I went through at that time to see what was different, I was not on any kind of diet, I did not count calories. I had little money and I was regularly hungry, I took to walking in all weathers to take my mind off the hunger and I had to make every scrap feel like a meal, I forgot the process involved something I already had a strong aversion to and that was chewing the food properly, and making a meal of the process to encourage a full feeling when I clearly wasn’t, yet after about six months my stomach must have shrunk and it started to feel like I was full. But I was again becoming bored with all the chewing. This period lasted over three years until I moved into rented accommodation and could cook for myself again. When my yoyo period began.

With this insight and the present problem with the abscess I again looked at my impatience with eating and my disposition for taking the easy route or quick solutions route to problem solving and found that this combination lay at the route of my problem with my weight and all the commercial lies about faddy diets was just commercialistic propaganda to turn a buck by selling faddy muck.

When I moved into the flat and could cook again, I was always on the go and active I was really bad about sitting still for extended periods and was prone to quick boredom. As I was always on the lookout for things to do places to go to and get involved in, my eating habits became quick swallowing moments with little or no chewing involved, my food began to follow a particular pattern, easy to cook easy to swallow or wash down with tea. Even if it was a diet it was still rushed and selected for swallowing, I never remember feeling full, as my stomach was probably still digesting the previous meal when it was again mealtime, as a boy I only ever ate when I was hungry, and up until recently, I had not experienced hunger pangs in a couple of decades.

When this abscess is gone and I can again chew properly, the new regime will consist of normal sized portions, chew gently and continuously and no liquids to wash it down with, only eat when hungry, to spend a little time before each meal, quieting my impatience and steadying myself for the duration of the meal and to stop wishing it was all over with quick so I could get back to whatever I used to think was more important.

There is wisdom in the practice of chewing your food properly, and having a varied diet means it’s not the food you get bored with but the chewing, which will establish itself in the feeling full process as the practice becomes established. Just how do you get a hyperactive child to sit still long enough to establish the process, that is another thing entirely.

Bon appetite.

Myth Busters

#1 Action Follows Thought ……

The Self

The Self

There are a wealth of common saying’s that are generally held to be true and the discrepancies in them are ignored by the mass as they are bandied around and repeated until they becomes established truism’s.

The idea that action follows thought is so well established now that it is accepted by rote as a modern truism. The very fact that some people think certain thoughts most of their lives and never act upon them is generally ignored by the evidence of the ones that do generate action, being told and retold to further establish the myth.

Murderous thoughts are the most destructive, with sexual perversions taking a repulsive second place in the schema of the idling mind. Many a sibling has wished death and even torture on their brood mates and never followed through, the ones that do are the ones that periodically pepper the front pages of the nations gossip rags. With paedophile and rape or even domination taking a second place in the scandal league of infamy.

Under the radar of these sensational sins lies a greater depth of thought and life course thinking is highest in the general mass of the populace, this is independent of race creed or colour, social position and even status.

The amount of people who regularly concentrate on their career, type of partner, home life and even children that we would wish for ourselves is paramount in the thinking pyramid of perceived think bricks for general contemplation and yet the statistics do not reflect that a high percentage of them are realised during the course of a single lifetime. Quite the opposite is true in point of fact. The sheer number of unrealised dreams or aspirations of the common man far outweighs the limited and periodic tales of the successes that make it onto the front pages of the tattlers of the day.

So just what is wrong with this established and clearly faulty perception of the truism. what is it that makes less than one percent ever achieving the point of realisation, except for the sensationalized perverse ones making the grade. The missing element in the equation is faith.

You can daydream for years and you can speculate and contemplate for decades without results, yet when you begin to believe that it is possible, it starts to formulate better and then when you achieve that mystical point of transition, where you finally begin to have faith in yourself to achieve it, it starts to resonate in the universe and the within you without you universal principle of attraction begins the process of matching circumstances to opportunity and ability to help you realise the point of materializing your goals and aspirations or even your dreams.

For every serial killer or sexual deviant that fantasises about their dirty little perversions, that reaches a peak in a publicly reported act of cruelty or perversion, there are millions of us if not billions of us that never get past the early planning stage of the daydreaming process.

So the truth about the saying is that action follows faith that is contemplative of action, circumstances, resources and availability into the path to realising your dreams.

So believe in your dream or plan, then have faith in yourself to materialise it, and imagine the opportunities developing in your daily life then, steel your will to stick to the plan and the program until it bears fruit.

Or as we like to say up here in the land of the Scottish Annex, faith hope and steel Highlander ……………. what else is there…….