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Three stikes …….

Are any of them Fit to Rule

Canny even balance the books but they think they are still fit to rule, using the system that they are devising and putting in place, nothing to worry about there then is there. The west end farce is the only riveting thing in the world today, with MP’s falling on their swords to leave SS Titanic Cock-up, as the propaganda mechanism says its on a new maiden voyage of recovery. Green shoots are being imagined sprouting everywhere and still no foliage in sight. As the suicidal tendencies are again highlighted by Chairman Broon, after the ten pence tax, going after the minority voiceless groups and alienating the customer base are all clear signs of political suicide, the rats are again all one step ahead of the Titanic disaster captain as he steers yet another lemming like course into another hull crusher by telling the new growth sector that to save money if the don’t agree to enforced work, they will have their benefits all cut for up to six months.

Well two and a half million kids equals five million parents that will have to carry the kids a little further in a dwindling economic market, and most are leaving school already at voting age 17-18, that’s about 7.5 million alienated voters that will seriously be considering putting a giant X on the voting slip to spoil the ballot and effectively vote for no one, after all they must count all of the spoiled votes and report them by law. And a landslide of spoiled voting slips is in it to win it. Even Cameron and the nasty xenophobes the BNP will have no foothold if the people take back the power of the parliament by the power of a vote of no confidence in the system.

Letting these nasty types be seen in the public eye fits in nicely with the old adage keep your friends close and…

The term ‘The Revolution’ or even people power is taking on greater and greater dimensions in the public mind aided and abetted by the actions of the un-elected minority grabbers and the self preservation society elite, the duckers and divers as they near the wire for the off. In the last dash for the doors as they all feel they have gotten away with it except for the honorable few who are coming clean and falling on their swords while exiting the course as they voluntarily pay back what they think is right after all they can all be trusted now, cant they?, no need for an independent review if they have already done the decent thing now is there.

The Campbell camp is pushing and shoving to get up to the wire for the starting gun as they make all the right noises to impress but not enough form to win, no strategy except wait till we win then we will dictate tell us what their plans are. The liberals are all managing to look the part and sound the part and are at least making a good showing even if the going is tough and they favor good to firm ground. Still as the outsider most likely to succeed they could just make the easy romp home in the final furlong as all heavily tipped or handicapped back runners like to ride up fast on the outside of the field with little or no opposition and pip the punters winnings back down to a minority of lucky guessers, saving the bookies a fortune in the process.

 So the betting for the runners and riders folks has to be the outsider choices are the likelihood that a divided and conquered and heavily controlled nation can all stand up and as a united nation and take back the reigns from the squanderers and faker at the top that like us to think they know what they are doing, while it turns out to be chiefly looking out for their own collective self interest, and milking it all the way to ground zero as the final bomb is about to cause a blitzkrieg. Or on the other hand the Liberal late starter, early finisher, the back runner that is still the peoples favorite for sorting out the mess created by the other pigs at the trough.

The general press loves misinformation as much as they love glaring facts and incriminating figures, and the current gossip is the nasty Nazis and their hate campaign has now got money to burn, not enough to bribe a gaggle of MP’s but enough to keep them in our sights for the next decade. Shows you the climate of fear bush beaters are still driving the game into the guns of the rumored shoot, while the stalkers all take a bead to deliver a barrage of pot shots at the unwary that are spooked from cover.

Public erosion will whittle away the BNP hate campaign and show the limited perspective of a select minority in this truly international state of Britain. While the decentralization band wagon rolls on showing off the Limited London view of the lofty thinkers, overshadowing the nations overview as seen from the dizzying height of the ego gone over-bored from mad dog summers and crazy world events. The unexpected side show attractions are having their effects on the Englishmen, that good old nation of dog walkers, is starting to show the hidden glint of the English eccentric as he emulates the lemming dive, clearly flying in the face of good sense, and professional advice, ‘stay out of the mid day sun’ its not good for you.

Lapsed unions those old toothless tigers that were crushed by Ted Heath and Maggie’s heels in the bygone decades, have finally found their roar and in keeping with the other mid day walkers, are all charging to head butt the state in a recession, when labor and skills are not at a premium and money is in dwindling supply. The working man only ever unites when the times get tough and never capitalize on the good times, no change there then is there. The never do ‘Make hay while the sun is shining’, instead they in true lemming fashion choose to withhold their labour, may just be bad timing or is it further evidence in the state of the nations mental health, good sense says bargain for raises when the flow is higher and the spoils are there to be had, but this just begs the question …….

And those old ninja turtles would be spinning in their celestial paradise to hear that Shredder wants to come back home and is willing to get the press off his back for a measly 50% cut in un-earned ill gotten gains. What a wonderful guy, Right said Fred! enough is enough, fool thought there was someplace to hide from us, poor shortsighted fool with his wads of printed paper that he sacrificed everything for. looks like he maybe needs a sponsor or two, any takers from our camp, no what a surprise, now lets just see who else is suicidal in the camp under siege, hmmm maybe not then ……

London’s ancient need to dominate and rule is almost over as the last days of imperial rule are being overshadowed by the strong foundations that being laid, by the bridesmaid party, and lots of impressive results are coming from the Scottish parliament as it seeks to establish a real working model for democracy, in the face of the west end farce, this nation Great Britain will be better served by each of the four nations, being allowed to contribute to the whole and not to be asset stripped by the central siphoning parasites, that now populate the hallowed benches of the decaying decadence of the fading imperial light, trust the force Luke, the force is with you. They should never have decimated our money it was the start of the decline. Twenty four shillings one for each hour of the day, meant that a for a long while, a well run economy could provide a man with eight to twelve coins for the hard pressed or just single and partying, while the greedy could make eighteen to twenty depending on how much sleep they could get by on.

Strike One: War

War what is it good for?

War what is it good for?

Started a war on a set of lies that we will never get the truth about, just that tired old official line from the gaggle of liars that still sit in temporary residence, for the time being.

Strike Two: Pestilence

Picking on the voiceless the sick, the infirm, the elderly, single parents and our kids are being herded into the jaws of the armed forces new recruitment drive, as they address the swelling unemployment figures. Misdirection that old magicians trick to pick on someone else, anybody will do in a hasty decision makers cabinet, as they try to cover up their own state fiddling schemes, the evidence doesn’t support mass unemployment fiddles, and proportionally the figures for the Nuevo Nero’s as they fiddle while the pestilence of Loss of Faith crushes world governments as it grinds its heels in its relentless march of domination by any and all means available. 

Strike Three: Famine

Every family in the land is cutting back, in our camps that is. The first class all or nothing brigade are still flying high off the ground as they still live high of the hog. Jobs are dying and markets are failing to seed after strong investments, returns are getting meaner by the day and still the media is bandying about large excessive numbers from the must have hijackers, as the put the foot down to maximize their take before the final collapse.

Strike Four: Death

The restless youth are now being targeted by the dictators culling machine that is war, lifestyles are going down the tubes on a grand scale, money institutions cannot balance the books and the final collapse of the whole greed ridden scheme for the shameless piggybank dippers and takers is now fully exposed and we can all finally hear the bell tolling, and as Michael Jackson prophesized, ‘this is it the final curtain’, whatever else he might have been is all speculation now, but his style and way with words and his sense of timing in the glare of the all seeing eye is just as impeccable in death as it was in life.

And your out ……………….

Traversing Thirteen Houses

Get here by all means necessary, is that by any means necessary? and that, is by any means at all? The emotional nature is on a life dance of expunging the emotional wastes, almost excreting the wrong before the point where the emotional body is resurected, expunged of all destructive traits, a sort of exorcism of the psyche’s base sphere. Instincts waste disposal properties are housed in this lowest container for the lower brain functions, sometimes called the primitive mind.


Play each hand as it is dealt and remained true to the chosen course of action once committed to outcome. Raising the stature of the mid mind in true self esteem set by the tone of intonation, this intuitive nature of being is a blessed state in its rich gifts of foresight and certainty from the foundation of faith as formed by belief in self, skills, talents, abilities as the base square of the philosophers stone that old Rubicon of mystery the majji’s stone that sees further round the curve of the unknown, visualizing the yet to be the full potential realized by the worthy son of man.


Being the will of our greatest expected outcomes, from the foundation of faith comes the birth of will, and not that free limited edition that comes free with the book of tales. As confidence breads faith, the progenitor of will is the submission of will until the submission ends in greater knowledge. The raised square of the raised self has these angles at paradises limits, resurrected higher self, reformulated emotional body, living imagination, the realization of truest outcomes, the ignition of the Phoenix light the power of the passion. Emotions produce little magic tricks, passion the atomic power of a god realises dreams and manifests miracles.


All is as it should be in a world that is the containment of the right and wrong principles, insight achieved, the device was developed to throw the protagonists in the same cell and let them learn to come to terms with each other. The simplest release from purgatory is to resolve the differences and allow the natural attraction of disposition to settle the means by which you both take responsibility for your own houses and your mistakes, or sins as they were once known.


Nature is well known and that is why it was his first priority to make the environment that was right to contain the nature of the man to be raised here, the seed planted firmly in the soil only needs the right conditions to proceed as the symbiosis of opposites is easily understood for the terrible twos, that old black and white viewpoint of the limited infant minds. Man was placed almost as an afterthought, but ask any planner that needs to create an environment that has a single purpose and you begin to see the advance planning that must go into development and planning for it to lead to that moment of placement. Knowing the beginning and the nature of the environment there is only one inexplicable outcome possible. So if the Alpha man is the beginning then the Omega man is the absolute outcome in his design, The middle is for diddle, it just don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing. No more sitting on the fence as the fence is being removed. 


The First House


Black shouting at white and white screaming black abuse back, each adamant that they are right, but the laws of being, dictate that we only truly ever know our own, the rest of our understanding of others and the ways of the world is based on assumptions of observational experience. Cornerstones of thinking groups propagandize that they are the founts of all knowledge, when they only ever are the product of current thinking as circulated in the secular dialogs of the academics retreats. That which does not live in the world and is secular to its needs, is not of this world.


The Second House


Knowing first hand the direct experience of both side of the equation means that the solution is about to become evident. The resolution of the development of the equation as extrapolated from the input and result responses, experienced by direct application of self to achieve understanding, the fruit of the tree of knowledge is the seed of the new ways of thinking. The birth of the third viewpoint is from the union of the pairing of the occupants of the second house, brings into being the triplicity of start point and end point balanced by an understanding of the ways of all in the common herd.


Third House


The formation of this triplicity is born from the duplicitous mindset pairing. Producing the divide and conquer, tactics of the warrior mind, for the impulse of nature is to manipulate and control all people, all ways and all means are bent to this will.


The formation of the triplicity that is born from the mutual mindset pairing from the union of the minds of equals brings forth the carer and nurturer, the protector and defender and staunch supporter of all living things. All means and opportunities facilitate this being.


If the environment that gave life is ending what would be the purpose, in his terms and thinking as he devised all of nature, all of creation, its purpose its start point and its outcome. So what makes you think anything you can do is aiding him, just the observation of a gnatty little problem. Given that you were all given dominion over the earth, why is it such a toilet, and how come his supposed representatives on earth, do nothing with their wealth to save the ball from going down for the third time. He made all of creation and he never made a house for himself, never wrote a book and never gives a man more than he can bear. So just when was the last time that god prayed to you for your aid. Like that will ever happen, as if.


The Fourth House


The seventh son has three powers of manifest mind, contained in four elements of transition, the limits are set that growth is now achieved by the pairing of opposites in containment till resolution, so each pairing now has two offspring. The base equation of ‘A’ power, exponentialised squared by it’s self is a cube, if it starts from a square.


The Fifth House


The Infinite eight, the ability to expand and expound any input to its next natural outcome of state of being or even form, is a process like an equation, and is really a transition facilitator. Not so much a number as a process for numbers like the times tables.


The Sixth House


The majii’s base being is made up from the four levels of mind, suspended in the five elements of being that are the result from the next natural progression of, from the power to the power, to the power. This is where it all gets a little hexed up.


The Seventh House


Place the five best senses, not the body’s observation and data gathering tools, into the equation, and a five to the power of five is then multiplied by five is; five cubes integrated making a dodecahedron. See the relevant geometry here. There really easy when you know how isn’t it. With not a word from my lips, for the secret never to be told. Is that the cat out of the bag, or is it just feline that way.


The Eighth House


This way station is very nearly two thirds of the way to the lunar cycle or quadrants cycle of the suns progression through the houses in the pr prepared mansion of the soul. The infant eights are on their feet and finding there way in the world by fixated progression, watch an infant take its first steps to understand better, the goal is everything and the joy is achieving. Following the peels of laughter to the joy of life. The first step into the third portion of the wheel of life. Reflecting the suns progression through the twelve celestial houses. Intuition is inspired to vision from the horizon of the rise into the third dimension.


The Ninth House


Three quarters full, the least a unit should be, before committed to another. The equation of the two, quarter full glasses (emotional bodies) is that an imbalance in the pairing means that one can completely drain the other, the same is true for two half full or a half and a quarter, any imbalance can drain one of the units, now a three quarter full and a half full cannot drain the other and a free flowing and topping up and replenishing starts, but two three quarter full units in a pairing and the balance is more measured and the flowing is two way and the containment is a holistic growth environment. Three trinities have been lived and the final trinity of the last quarter is no decent, it is like the winter that is provided for by the harvest of the third quarter.


The Tenth House


Good husbandry dictates that provision is spread over the coming deprivation, and with animal supplements from culling should provide up until the early berries and fruits. Then the salad bowl of life is the crucible to last until the late harvest, and the preparing of the seed crops for the next year should all be in store. In direct account of the base numbers and the formula for sustained provision a decadent or totalitarian rule should be avoided at all costs.


The Eleventh House


The highest point of reference for the three quarters full to see just far enough around the curve of time to know the way ahead and to take stock in time to make direction changes. The knowing from inspirations root is the seed of tomorrow, for he or she that does not see tomorrow in the day has no clear future. ‘Why put of till tomorrow what you can do today?’ The seasons prepare the timing of the crop and its growth to fruit. There is a time and a season for all things and anyone asking this question is out of step with the truths of life. 


The Twelfth House


The twelve houses complete and only one lunar month to the solar year, the geometry is here for this truth, twelve five pointed stars that are not the mere windows of the soul, but are the awareness’s of the highest state of being. The prodigal son has returned from the wheel of retribution, for the world exacts a price on the weary traveler for the journey from the darkness of densest ignorance into the brightest enlightenment of being.


The Thirteenth House


The house of initiation, the acolyte of life is ready to live by the perceived rules of life in character until the final curtain. The Majji has reformed the emotional body to the optimum of being for the individual and the full exponential of the souls progress is the final stage of the resurrection, the geometry. To break the bounds of the limitations of the twelve houses, but not in a knee jerk reaction of full reversal, jumps back in surprise. The reformation of the emotional resurrection to life is the pre cursor for the Majji’s acceptance into the thirteenth house of the well prepared mansion of man. Those that see, know and understand have the charge to put the matter right or face the consequences of the final arbitration. The final chapter and the end of the labyrinth, last one to leave switches the lights off.

The fruit of the tree of life is a child of understanding, the gauntlet has been run and the humble soul is ready for the acquisition of power, for no ego can measure the true self worth needed, to wield the power of passion from the fulcrum of the humble being, as emotion can be trained to manifest tricks and illusions, passion the atomic power of the Adam, needs the balance of will, faith self worth, living imagination to manifest the light, the life, and the way, in truth.

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Download This Mate

It just begs the question really, in these days of the i-phone, the web aware and e-media applications, just why is it that the flight recorder doesn’t have an onboard modem with remote download systems that can still retrieve the necessary data from a mobile encrypted master system, what sort of engineers are driving this level of the tech development, what with smart bombs, smart lights and dumb designers, or is it just a budget thing after all the airlines are losing money hand over fist in the present economic climate, hardly the sort of state of the art technology we should be able to expect from all of the world innovations in so called smart tech. Not asking much is it to expect that the best kit available be used to safeguard our lives as we fly on a wing and a prayer all over the world. Write down your answers on a postcard and send them to,

Mr Who is running this madhouse anyway

8n’t got a clue,

Would you Adam and Eve it Avenue,

lucky dip lane,

no mans land just slightly south of gods high lands.


The rats are all gnawing at the last threads of good sense vying for position as they all line up to kill off the gamekeeper for poaching their aspirations. They are all lining up to take a selective kick at the last bastion of good sense that is left in this debacle, that they are guilty of more than any other, the thieves and fiddlers are all trying to justify their actions because of the level of public enmity that the prime person is taking the flack for all of the worlds ills. And I bet he thinks that Gods persecution of the lamentable Job was a Sunday picnic with the in-laws compared to the fight he has on his hands, with enemies at the front gates and betrayers stabbing at his back while the press are circling and looking for a weakness. The beast always tackles the weakest as they start to flounder and while the wolf harries in pack formation, the turncoats are lining up like Brutus to pat him on the back to make their point. The one person best placed to catch the rest of the self preservation society, as they have their hands in the till still, and they cant make large moves or their behavior will attract the attention of the pack while the harrying dogs of the press are tracing and checking all transgressions transactions for the last four years, so they all decide to turn on the man that the whole country seems by public opinion to blame for the worlds ails. Nice little Miss Direction and yet another fan dance by Salome.

They liked the way things were and would have fought tooth and nail to keep the status quo as it was, and are just taking advantage of the furory caused by the independent inquiry from the so called ‘Free Press’. Cant see why they would hamper his efforts to clean the system up, cant understand why at this particular time in the present preceding of the current fiasco they choose to kick away the remaining ramparts of the last vestiges of the new formative base, no nothing suspicious there at all must just be an over active imagination that has a focus on timing. Cant just be smoke and mirrors, bluff and bluster or even good old fashioned resentment, after all the honorable ladies and eh …. ahem … gentlemen are a cut above the base cloth of the lowest nature of the beast aren’t they, you can bank on them, these pillars of the eh well em ……  no community just doesn’t fit the bill these days now does it.

Government has eroded the structure of society and the community for the sake of power and obedience, they use the mean line for the running of industry, everything comes down to money, where people on the sick and ailing NHS are dying because of jumped up Adolph’s who consign people to death with the stroke of a pen as budgets are made in the name of the mean accountants charter. Nothing is for free, every penny counts, well it does for bankers it sure supports their claims and expenses even more than the national piggy bank did for the nations leaders.  

Moving house is always a chore to the conscientious people of the world, ask anybody that has ever moved into a house that was left a pig sty by the previous resident pack rats. It just stands to reason that the people that were responsible for the chaos and who had no self control at all are jumping ship and putting another hole in the floundering vessel as they leave. What ever happened to the idea that they are there to serve this country, and not just themselves? Who among you can remember the lengths their parents went to, to leave the family home in a decent state for the new occupier and even the little treats and gifts that were sometimes left for the new resident? The old adage of Always leave them better than you find them obviously hasn’t trickled down the good sense column of life’s pros and cons little list of niceties, as the evidence mounts against these spoilers of war as they head for the ships life boats and claim survivor status in the media spotlight are just the turn coat deserters that are the modern day Nazi exiles, well they will never work in their chosen field ever again so it is a case of make hay while the sun is shining and of course putting the boot in as they go.  Is it a bad thing in a state of war to want to get the militia to line the deserters up and shoot them or is that just a first thought from the rhetoric about a revolution is coming and is it shaping up to be a bloodless coup.

The rumors about certain stars have been around for a long time where their reported lack of emotional or mental stability have been suppressed or managed by media manipulators. From Britney, Tom Cruise, Marriah Carrey, and is Jim her secret brother? to Whitney Houston to all the fringe releases we hear about like Mel and his ‘one’ off Rant. This industry has taken fragile people with enormous talent and made meal tickets out of them and the Fat Lady may well have sung because in seeing her in an open spotlight, and now that we have an inkling about her difficulties the wool cannot ever be pulled over our eyes again, its our pound and how we spend it that dictates how the industry behaves, and of course what we don’t know cant harm us will never again be allowed to blind side us from the known facts.

A brave new world need nothing less than radical honesty in every level of our world, finance, entertainment, industry, the judiciary and penal systems, education, health and not to mention social services. The debacle that has been allowed to limp along from a needs must development cycle must now be replaced by a top down development and a pulling of knowledge from all of these failed and defunct systems to produce the framework of a functional prototype that will develop into the essence of all Governmental systems, just seems like a very British way to spearhead a new system for the 2012 Olympics.

Now that really would be a grand stand, lets just hope that it isn’t our last eh.

Governing Bodies

Is there really something wrong with the system or is it just that everyone was made by economic pressures to be as mean about work as possible and to get all you can while the going is good, are we the plebs just as bad in real life as our high powered social and fame climbers are. The rules of war as employed in the business sector have always been mean in its methods while never delivering on its promises. The unsuccessful of them might make the mistake of assuming all is fair in love and war, and just haventrealised their mistake. The old classic mistake that if you are mean and unruly at home (love) and mean and unruly at work (war). Then surely they must just be the last of their kind as they will not be bread with, a sort of psychic suicide, but the greatest crime of all is that a house divided against itself is a ruin and most destroyers only ever destroy their own and their own chances.

There are no rules of engagement but these days don’t you all just wish there was. This fiasco is destroying the credibility of the centralised forums ability to decide for all of us. The seasons madness may find a link in the name of the problem, they say the first steps towards a cure is to face the problem, well begs this question then doesn’t it, could we expect anything less from a body that thinks that it is Govern-Mental, sort of makes you think doesn’t it, just what other words have a disastrous effect on how people associate with whater they are naming, Regi-Mental and of course this could just all be Detri-Mental.

The very fact that Mental problems are such a big issue these days and all because of lack of oxygen at a formative stage, but surely it begs the question that instead of gulping air down the mouth piece in ever rushing rates, a regime of controlled breathing will effect a counterpoint to the oxygen saturation that follows such hefty bouts. The breathing practices of Ha Tha Yoga, and any vedic teachings will not alleviate the problem but will try to impose their rhythm and order, none of which is natural for an adult we don’t puppy breath into the abdomen as this is for the lower instinctive level and its healing regimes, first prepare the course (target the outcome you wish) by emptying the lungs of all trapped waste, then fill the lung to capacity through the nose, gobs shut, then for the logic heads set a count if need be, but when all is said and done, establish a natural rhythm and an easy or relaxed pace, this is the de-stressing process. All the while cultivating stillness and a feeling not of peace but wellbeing. Teach the emotional body to be at peace by feeling well, sort of aids and focuses the healing, by outcome as opposed to running round spinning the plates to everyones comic delight. We do not abuse a child that innocent so why is a child in an adults body, still being expected by processing and validation to prove their condition when the ailment is so clearly obvious, are some authoritarians emotionally blinded by the need for sucess and the need to gain. Something wrong with that opinion, someone want to change this channel, must be the domain of the remote controllers.

The natural exercise witch gives so much balance to the state of well being, fills the lungs to capacity expelling all the accumulated wastes, this purge before/during the exercise is more helpful than the exercise itself, the rest of the exercise is to balance exertion, posture and coordination, and the mind must be fully engaged because of the laws of the realm. The breathing then regulates to a natural relaxing pace and just like the old hot tea in hot weather, the natural change of pace and exertion causes the state of relaxation. This is where it all came from by the powers of observation way back in the mists of time.

 Hyperventilation and oxygen starvation have effects on the brain and the emotional condition, just look at the reports of runners and athletes who experience euphoria, and the oxygen rich blood of the long distance runner must contribute to the often related stories of the rythmic running producing altered states of mind and emotion, even in non spiritual people.


Now that the tension has been released by this realisation that the ego has no place in power, and that systems that have to be in place can be built and designed by any one but the final say stays firmly with the proxy populace, that is the popular-race to win first before they say, haul the miscreants out and shoot them down in public, everybody wants some form of satisfaction, and wants to see it is being done, to our satisfaction and the groups that want to see it should pay for the luxury as the State is in a right old State, and there just isn’t the resources left in the state coffers to go after revenge at our expense yet again, nice little earner for someone, that horse has bolted so just close the gate and move on.


The shambolic state of the State cant just be because of the name it was stuck with a right old two and eight, they are all claiming to be the poacher turned gamekeeper, but with the right sort of supervision they are the best placed to fill the cracks and turn in the guilty, just watch the eager little helpers help mummy put it all back together again, kind of impossible once the omelet has been eaten.

If they start to loose their way again just someone ask them just what sort of a world are you making for our children and their children, if we don’t have a decisive view of the world that we are all prepared to work hard to realise for them. I for one want to see what the game keeper will come up with and the most amusing part will be just how will chairman Broon inform the populace of what they have decided to do on our behalf, before we all bin it and thank them for their input and could they just stand aside and let their new administration take it from here. So keep your eyes peeled and watch that space youtubes.