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Four minutes to Midnight

Who do you think you are kidding Mr Fiddler

The leaked documents that will leave the western world feeling more than a little sick at what the armed forces have been doing in our name, will have more shocks than first reactions suggest.

Anybody that has seen any of the footage that shows innocent lives being recklessly taken to get suspected perpetrators will initially have been shocked by the casual disregard for human life that was shown by the gunmen that never even hesitated when they saw innocents is a frightening thing. Any normal human being handed a gun and told to kill suspects (unproven) in a mixed situation with both friendlies and suspected hostiles, would by the very nature of our human condition have balked at the thought and would never have had the audacity to fire into the thick of a crowded situation.

This ability is trained into the gunmen they have to be schooled to ignore their own human feelings about such situations and to blindly follow orders, knowingly killing innocent people is not something that the basic human condition can do.

The mass murderers that keep popping up from time to time in the media, that tool up and go into schools and crowded places and fire indiscriminately have to work themselves up to do this the whole process takes years to override our basic inherent empathic senses. The marine is schooled to target an enemy and then follow orders blindly when the command comes through, this chain of command is a moral abdication of responsibility for the destruction that they cause.

The trainers of the troops had to have drilled the men to ignore civilians and to discount collateral damage by telling them what? Suicide bombers don’t think about innocents so why should we or 9/11 was an attack on innocents that did not know they were elected targets. Someone trained them to do this and in any reasonable persons mind that is an act of infamy compared to the fact that the leak happened.

‘Every victor writes the history’ is an old saying, but the worst offence that goes right back down through the history of man to the first war is the suppression of information, this country has a habit of burying the facts until all those that were involved are dead, this is an act of shame, if any war is entered into the perpetrators of any atrocity should be held accountable for their actions from the mindless grunt right up the chain of command to the perpetrator of the order.

This is an illegal war and all the governments in question are again showing their shame as they try to cover up every aspect of the atrocities perpetrated in the name of freedom. When its an occupying force with a gun still levelled at innocent people as well as suspected terrorists and they keep saying they are doing this for the free world then why do they still hide the facts and deny them when they are caught red handed. How can they sleep at night with the sheer weight of innocent women and children that have been killed taking out suspected terrorists, and by far the worst offence to humanity, why is there no releases on information on how many were proved to be armed after the fact. Even if they have set a level of acceptable damages, why is it that most of the figures released all indicate an eighty percent mortality rate against friendlies?

Tommy Sheridan the man that became the peoples champion by doing time for his beliefs, did more damage to his image and the reputation of the socialist movement when he blatantly went after the money in his liable case with the News of the World. He took the money and ran, and now fate is again leading the man on the walk of the penitent son. The whole affair is messy and smack of lies and deceit. It just looks like a car crash in slow motion. The idea that it is a conspiracy smacks of paranoia and the sheer numbers that can say that he did admit to the crime is making the man a laughing stock, especially when it is coming from members of his own party and not just from the enemy camp.

If the doomsday clock is now four minutes from oblivion is it closer by the acts of war by the so called civilised societies of the world, are we just four minutes from Armageddon, because of small minded people that get into power positions if weak governments that start wars with people that could not get the finances to pay for an invasion, then why is it that there are rich and powerful nations in under privileged countries of the world dictating terms and killing innocents, is it the flaw in the human condition that even pillars of the community can be corrupted by lifestyle, greed and social prestige.

If people like Tommy after years of being kicked by the system when things start to improve for them do they like the crazed gunmen that killed innocent children in schools think that they deserve retribution or in Tommy’s case deserve a bit of the action. The socialist ideal never went after riches and always promoted social inclusion and an even distribution of resources.

If this is the case then it is a sad few minutes in the countdown to the doomsday clocks stroke of midnight and after the atrocities done by the morally superior western world, then maybe it is time for man to be wiped out so nature can start again with a more deserving species, like the whale or even dolphins, because when you look at the four hundred thousand incident perpetrated against innocents.

These are the acts of a beast that has lost its reason the animal kingdom only hunts for food and survival with only one or two exceptions so rare that they still shock us. But by comparison give a man in a uniform dispensation and is only following training practices and has a chain of command to duck his human responsibilities.

The fact that a family member is an innocent bystander and was murdered in a so called act of war would enrage any loving family member to strap on some dynamite and go and pay somebody back for their acts of wanton destruction.

It is past time for the allied forces to keep track and to admit guilt, but the numbers suggest much more than isolated incidents but outline a far greater crime of campaign policy over unfortunate incident, the sheer weight of numbers do suggest a crime against humanity, and they cant even claim that it is in the name of freedom.

Foresight my Royal A#@


Well it’s been some time since the flowing red river of contamination broke in the news and no biblical warnings have surfaced in the main media, the old rivers of blood gag may well have had its day in the light of the death knell of the world financial structures imminent collapse. So the man made…sorry industry made problem still doesnt have a political or legal solution to stop manufacturers from leaving toxic time bombs waiting to blow up in our faces. Can we bill them for this and make them pay please….pretty please.

It comes to something when the world focus is aimed at a small gold mine as we all wait to hear the news that the longest trapped men in history are about to get their parole from an unimaginable hell on earth.

But is life all doom and gloom these days and are we all in danger of becoming a little jaded by yet another biblical sign, or world catastrophe that is threatening to tear the known world apart. Something must be keeping the world economics from skittering over the edge of the abyss, world ruin hasn’t happened. Countries are still trading, banks are still moving money around even if they are still not investing in futures, now that gamblers anonymous has taken up the slack with their young Turks as they can now only earn a bonus from profitable transactions. Traders are tending to stick to gilt edged, and tried and tested markets, and while everyone looks around for new green shoots and while the summer seems artificially extended even if it’s not a scorcher, the mythical green shoots still seem to be as illusive as they were in the springtime.  This present glitch in the growth factor of the old economic greed based system is still limping and falling down more than eighteen months later.

Still the doom merchants have been saying for all of that time that it’s not a depression, it’s a recession and the chill wind that blew it in, could turn it into a double dip chocolate coated one, ah well suppose it will be the usual suspects that get the first bite out of that won’t it.

Now to listen to Cameron speak you would think that an education is a wonderful thing, yet it is some of the best educated and qualified minds in the world that have brought the world economy to its knees, it is the ruthless selfish nature of the financial sector and its back stabbing and cutthroat pirate tactics that have led the best educated and best qualified into making killer decisions. So what is an education when it is deficient in studies of human experience, world social cohesion and inter country interactions? Without the balanced input from a moral and ethical set of practices the diploma or degree is simply a license to weigh in, to cut things up selfishly with no regard for reactions and repercussions and is an endorsement for abdicating any form of responsibility for their own actions. A license to asset strip with impunity, is not how any diploma or degree will be advertised now or at anytime in the foreseeable future.

The British government is again showing its abject stupidity as it sets about spending £300 million pounds of hard-earned tax payer’s money to strip a target figure of 500 thousand people from the ranks of the long-term sick. The number was either pulled out of an accountant’s probability charts or taken from an accountant’s projected analysis programs. With the unemployed figures as bad as they are this move will just take this new figure and tack them all onto the already overburdened ranks of the unemployed, there are less than half a million jobs in the current market and nearly three million unemployed fighting for every break as it is, now the ranks will be swollen by a sixth of the current numbers that is a staggering amount of people to be dumped on the already overburdened only existent new growth market. The only growth market we can identify at this time is the ranks of the unemployed. There is just about to be a growth in this sector and cheep at half the price Mr. and Mrs. Tax payer a bargain at only £300 million.

So they will cause untold distress, ravage households, place the infirm under a morally loaded microscope all in the name of doing a good deed in the name of the nations best interest. Is that what it will be if the most vulnerable have a gun at their heads all of the time. In the land where it is said that we are innocent until proven guilty, should this not be the case for everyone, that we are all in a democracy open to state scrutiny without legal action asked to prove on a daily basis that we are honest, doing our bit and in the face of the hard facts about diminishing markets and falling consumer purchases still paying our way, contributing to the greater good for the entertainment of the elite minority that are the most secure in the planet. So as one of the people at the bottom of the pile I say ok go ahead as long as there are no exceptions, and that you will in future punish people at the top the same as you kick the people who are down and on their way out, you know all for one and one for all sort of thinking that comes right out of the democracy charter and handbook.

An aid worker died at the hands of her so-called liberators, how did a group that are not trained in the mechanics and logistics of hostage seizure situations, that has not logged up the man hours in active practices that should know better than to take a shrapnel explosive device into a hot situation that contains both friendlies and hostiles ever come to pass, now lets all sit back and watch the statements of it was a rushed decision, move it or lose it, with the wrong caliber of training and after some of the rest of the hostages had been released prior to the so-called critical situation, the excuses this time must be the best publicized public whitewash the western world has ever seen. How did a field officer make this decision to use untrained grunts, how was the situation seen as critical when hostages had already been released, could this be another field decision by a gung-ho Custer at the bighorn style officer trying to seize the moment using initiative and only what comes naturally to hand…….ow er missus……… that space.

Well another day in the asylum, the inmates with low fields of vision, that panic and need to practice field and war maneuvers to kill an enemy, not capture or detain. That are prone to venting their frustrations on the field of conflict in pent-up bursts or explosive reactions to tense situations, where waiting till all of the facts are in would produce an overview of the real situation not the emotionally charged one in the heat of the moment. Where idiots that think they can lead only end up proving that they like to give orders and like to be in charge and cannot display any better decision-making faculties neither at peace nor in war are still about to put a stranglehold on their own populace because these intellectually challenged morons still have to ask experts for their opinions and still keep proving that they cannot make good decisions, and are just as likely to ignore good sound advice if it conflicts with the party program.

Ah well just another day in hell at the bottom of the pile…Ho ho heave-ho. Lift that barge tote that bale… if you don’t do as your told you will end in jail…….

Ham Fisted

Acting Up

Herr commandant Cameron has decided that the reds are all to blame for the previous mess, well the world problems started with sub primes, and a major investor selling known defective packages to the unwary would result bad for the buyers but would work out good for themselves, a little like insider trading practices, and sure enough those practices of ‘buyer beware’ now can be associated with investment houses and not just the usual suspects in industry.

True the reds were incompetent, showed that they could all manage short-term solutions and were in point of fact out of their collective depth in the world-wide crisis and its resultant backlash on our home market. True they were building an unsupportable structure that was becoming a laughing-stock with the worst comedy farce coming out of the offices of Elf and Safety, councils going bankrupt, allowing/planning? a creeping growth in the public sector workforce size beyond a reasonable three to one ratio, that when it becomes top-heavy will implode, that any common or garden accountant or chancellor should have seen coming and known better about. It was a bit like a car crash leadership as the captain of the SS BriTANIC turned out to not be steering a course to a known destination, but was the actions of a first mate field promoted to captain after the first one abandoned the sinking vessel was found asleep at the wheel as the ship drifted into white water rapids, the so-called course of actions were all panic after the fact emergency measures that would never hold water or any form of sensibility in the favorable water of the aftermath.

The instability of the present country-wide infra structure, well the damage to its roots go back decades to the early nineties and the full blame for that should equally rest with both parties. The lack of investment in the decades of the climate of fear, the paranoid, get insured, be safe, watch your backs and mind your p’s and q’s double decade that boosted, alarm sales, shop camera sales, insurance and assurance policies. Cranked an industry that did not reflect the true police statistics, the true figures would never have allowed the development of the industry to the extent that it did, without the worry in the news, the amount of mothers with toddlers (when security and safety is paramount) with enough to worry about had to take these new worries into account.

This climate was matched by the sheer lack of the ability to grasp the nettle ever showing form from the rank and file or from all the investors waiting to make a buck. In the early nineties as a whole new generation of IT bods were being spawned in the colleges and campuses of the nation. Not one forward thinking investor stepped into the opening breach to get ahead of the game to be the first to upgrade the nation’s phone lines ready for the impending media highway age of interconnectivity. It was apparent in the late eighties that a fiber optic network would have to be in place then to facilitate fast connections and broad spectrum data transfers. It was known way back then when the new age was ready for the paperless office (oh you thought that one was new too did you) yes that is more than two decades of the lack of investment, the same is true of the drainage and water systems of most inner city areas. The general lack of investment in these renewals and upgrades to systems should not be done as an emergency measure after the great collapse of the older decaying systems, it should if it is to be forwardly maintaining, a continues progressive system that does not depend on the present day limitations in development, but should facilitate the proven successors as they develop and even produce in house R&D measures that ensure that they are the cutting edge infra structures for the presumed immediate stages of development. The investment never happened but banks were lending out money by the barrow load, to whom and for what, immediate short term gains, the green eyed monster that defeats true long term renewal programs every single time. Or we wouldn’t be in this mess we are all in now.

A young girl with a marvelous singing voice and who has the potential to become a GB tax paying and mother supporting cash earner has been told by the Ministry of silly thoughts, go away we can’t allow a potential earner to stay here, while we start to turn the ranks of the unemployed into unpaid slaves as there are no new growth markets showing any new shoots anywhere to be seen. Unless you hear any different that is. So as the commandant of this prison camp for the unfortunate and infirm with its stupid rules department will just keep on making decisions of the turn of a card, the flip of a coin or even by which direction the wind or water is blowing or flowing.

Well we all know that the Elf and Safety, the ministry of silly thoughts, the health advisory boards and various soon to be decommissioned quango’s where infamous for handing out, conflicting advice, changing stance not based on new evidence, not taken from previous or historic experience but from some soothsayers device, well their crystal ball, tarot cards or entrails have been leading us all a merry dance of mayhem, look like the hippies may well have sent in the clowns a long time ago and we can now all tell where these royal jesters have all ended up.

Ear your havin a laugh aint cha.