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Paying your Dues

The Four Horsemen

Well Alex how come you can’t just stand up and say it is not the tax collection from all of Britain that we are subsidised by (and yes we also pay those taxes) but this country contributes an oil revenue from our Scottish oil fields as asset stripped by the British/English Government.

Isn’t it funny how they conveniently forget this when they claim the superior ground. Or when they wish to belittle us, like every corner shop in England only exchanging the Scottish pound for ninety pence to the pound, no prejudice there then, just a sound financial decision. This went on for decades.

This country could stand on its own two financial feet and the first thing to do is cut off the pipeline to the asset stripping neighbours from hell. Now do the Welsh or the Irish contribute to the pot like this nation does?

Goldman Sachs the profits of the new age collapse, the four horsemen of the apocalypse:-

Honest your honour we are innocent, we didn’t know, Oh really call yourself an investment councillor. No its just to easy to take pot shots at this very public flogging considering it will have as much effect as the Chilcot Inquiry did on the Iraq Invasion war.

As these four horsemen were all riding high on their own success the Glee comes out even from the Emails. While blog’s across the stratosphere are all yelling for blood, or just shouting foul play. No way! in industry!, the honourable states of fair play with a pristine chivalrous code of conduct! just who could have seen that one coming gee whiz.

The gaff of the decade has come to light and the first own goal by a man beleaguered by the media and the press and public opinion. This headline grabbing incident took the spotlight away from the Greece situation, no political party will level with us to declare the hard truths that we all know are being side-stepped by the pretenders to the throne. There is no economic solution and they know it, and the elephant in the room is making its presence felt on the world stage. Countries are not industrial mechanisms and should not be run on an economical basis, just for to avoid the damage this does to the bottom layers of any pyramid structure.

No party actually wants to win and they would all like to abdicate responsibility as they all refuse to put the spotlight on the glaringly obvious. Figures only add up on paper in reality they rarely do, the facts of life are not absolutes, nor are they pristine and balanced, they don’t happen in sequential fashion, and they have no order timetable or schedule nor even a season. But accountants and banks rig their contracts in this fashion. Now just imagine an institution like this trying to hold an entire country to ransom or to task by contractual devices, economics the blood stream of the organism is holding the head to ransom now that’s an illness in anybody’s doctorate. The financial flow is the life blood of a nation the judiciary is the balancing power that brings the wayward into alignment, but any nation without a conscious goal can be kept on a treadmill, or at worst chasing its own tail.

It’s not even as if it’s the heart of the nation trying to rule the roost, it’s a mechanism for cash flow that is trying to dictate terms and achieve control, makes you worry what their secret agenda is. Now they all have managed to cause blockages, and to restrict the arterial flow of the life blood to the extremities and no one has called in the doctor, the head must be in a stupor or suffering the effects of a multiple personality disorder.  The arterial device is using force, coercion and bullying tactics to force the head to behave the way it wants, Now the will of the nation has been galvanised and the enemy is the power that delivers the blood flow, and the head has been coalesced into a three-part mexican stand-off, with the good, the bad and the plug ugly all vying for top-notch position, or so it would seem.

The political will of the nation is that they have had enough of the bumbling man; they have had enough of an institution that is not elected holding all the worlds’ countries to ransom, The weak willed leaders that shape and formulate the laws of the land still seem powerless to bring these arterial delivery systems into the fold, their totalitarian and wilful actions have brought the worlds industrial nations to the brink of collapse purely because of the investment arms speculation tactics and now they want to walk away with whatever cash they think they deserve. The arrogance of greed, and the ignorance of weak willed leadership that lacks direction, purpose and vision, have all lead us to this moment in time. Not one financial institution in the world today can claim to see ahead, nor can they show that they can predict outcomes, the very disclaimer they use for the gullible; ‘Investments can go up as well as down’ show that they cannot lead by vision, neither can governments, and the weather man is the trice. It really is a case of the blind and ignorant leading the blind and stupid. Not exactly leadership qualities are they.

For the first time in the world’s history the people of every country now have the chance to reign in the mad dogs, to leash the head strong, to re-educate the ignorant control freaks that think they rule, by distorted egotistical views of their own sense of purpose and importance.

No party member can ever serve two masters, their first loyalty is to the hand that feeds them, and as history has shown their allegiance comes before the nations interests, why else are we in a foreign country dictating terms when we claim to be a democratic power, is out national identity crisis such that our multiple personality disorder or schizophrenic tendencies, have us as mostly democratic on home ground and dictatorial in the market place, any government that thinks it can rule the world is suffering from delusions of grandeur, after all the world stage is about trading and prospering not dictating terms and trying to process a world domination plan through dictatorial practices, other peoples politics is their affair, if they trade fair and pay their bills what’s the problem. No country in the world today is exhibiting world-class policies, world-class statesmen nor is any country displaying tolerance of the very hard realities that the biggest majority of the citizens of the world have to face on a daily basis, there is just no profit in that I suppose.

Oops sorry after the fact yet again, it seems the old adage it is easier to ask for forgiveness after the fact than to ask for permission before the event. Only the impatient employ these tactics, and they never look at their own capability to make good decisions. Just look at the aftermath of the gulf war, the Iraq invasion, the Afghan fiasco. These forms of divisive theoretical development and deployment uses flawed thinking practices and are developed in an artificial environmental world view that does not reflect the real world, but more accurately reflects a virtual gaming world with all of that kind of limitations and no consequences, and at least you can save or restart, not an option in the real world. Yet another hurry up mechanism of the quick before it’s all to late mob mentality of the ego masters of the limited universe.

The limited thinking of the game developer with their virtual world is that it will develop and over take the real universe, wrong answer, the limited shell of a world is a minor educational tool for the real world, and when all the little kiddies stop giving themselves, god like cheat codes, invincible powers, unlimited weapons and following the holy grail of gamers the maps they would all be lost without the mythical walk-throughs, they will soon learn that only happens in cloud cuckoo land. In the real world like our front line troops are finding out one foot wrong and you can’t just reload a previous game.

A house divided against its self is still a ruin. So real unity to heal the division is what is called for in the present world situation, for we are divided and some one stoops to conquer.

Nothing to Choose Everything to Lose

What a Bunch Up!

And at the third from the off the early leader, is settling into third place as the new placing’s settle into an easier pace, the last public showing had the jumped up dark horse ahead on the landing and the running is still being set by him, the conservative runner is using his position to keep up a block on any openings for the labour camp and so it’s a little bit of a forced pace as they settle into the new positions eyeing each other for the openings and looking to take advantage of any slip ups.

The elephant not in the room has to be any showing from the Independent stables, the low numbers and obvious lack of any viable contenders have left this a true three-cornered run. The advantages are slim on the ground as they all try to improve their positions but it’s just like a mucky free for all.

The Sky broadcast had the effect of delivering a much more media savvy input from all three camps as they all turned up the passion card and delayed the joker until the final furlong where it can become a crucial point in a final swing in the floating voter’s tickertape parade.

With all this political hullabaloo going on you may be forgiven for thinking that little else on the world stage is worthy of reporting but ….

The spoof about the pope what a hoot, the man who cannot deliver a satisfactory conclusion to the child molester saga without seriously damaging the churches pride driven image and reputation, I mean it’s not as if it’s an isolated incident, it’s not even as if it’s over a small span of time and finally it’s not as if they never knew at very high places right from the start. The church may never recover from this without a serious act of contrition that actually pays for its crimes against humanity, it’s not a Christian crime, it’s not a secular incident, it is a wide spread systematic attack on the innocent at the hands of the Shepard, these are crimes not transgressions, real damage was inflicted and the injuries compounded by a web of deceit to save the infallible churches reputation. Why did Christ never start a church, now we all know.

They are as corrupt as any government or business as they all close ranks to protect their image. Not the truth, not the innocent. The very institution that absolves people who confess their sins, with a punishment of a few hail Mary’s or our fathers, it isn’t hard to imagine what they will be trying to achieve right after the first full and frank public apology by the men that buried the sins on the back pages of big news days.

The scientists that own the satellites, didn’t use the data from these real-time eye in the sky’s to inform the British public, to deliver actual data, no that would be to reasonable, what did these great thinkers and world reformers do they guessed, they speculated and they theorised like mushrooms that are kept in the dark and fed bullshit. They extrapolated, they cogitated, they ruminated and they took wild guesses. The world-renowned world reformers and innovators of our time (if their last advert is to be believed) had the means, they had the technology and they still couldn’t get the bionic’s right, ah well the road of best intentions I suppose.

Spoofs, farces and comedy runners there is more on the horizon than just what the nag rags bring to the collective eye of the country, no paper has an unbiased position, the party think tanks are getting search engine savvy by placing misleading statement at the top of google searches on the last pie in the sky debate, the adverts at the top of the searches are unethical but legitimate, the fact that they only reflect the relative parties spin doctors opinion, means that a disclaimer should be attached to it stating that it is only the opinion of the people who wish to sway your opinion and that it in no way reflects real outcomes or any kind of fact based survey. A little like the scientists with all of the facts and the data to hand they relied on speculation and opinion rather than any kind of relevant investigation. Now that is just an insult to the voters intelligence, it just goes to show what they actually think about you even as they all line up to kiss babies, shake hands and sway the swithering, all they really want from you is your proxy to do as they please for the next four years, not a valid set of manifestoes on the horizon, just a loose affiliation of concepts and billionaire funders, and advertising campaign managers sorry spin doctors, some lines are getting a bit blurry with, Eddie Izzard, Ruby Wax and a few other comedians getting in on the act and no they are not backing the party you would first think of ‘The Monster Raving Loony Part’ but they are in divided camps, and yes they just make it all more like an entertainment gag, as we all hang on for the punch line. Send in the clowns is life reflecting art or ……..

Now the political process may well have shot itself in the foot when it lead the public to believe that all the flotilla of ships that were held in waiting under orders, never delivered the debt to history, and the Dunkirk spirit was slightly deflated when only a few hundred people were helped, and when a cruise ship came to the rescue it was a public relations exercise that was cheaper than any fancy ad campaign and the good will that it generated will live long in the memories of the women and children that they helped , aw it is a shame, but the people who are still stuck in other countries at the will of air company sales tactics are voters, and they have family that are voters and the escalation may well stick in the mind longer than any press release, or spin doctors tale of their version of events.

Tia Brodie got her talent out on national TV and suddenly all the male parties became juvenile delinquents, nudge, nudge wink, wink if you know what I mean Mrs. From light me up and sing me a song Cowel to Anticipate and Decline that then. Not one for her majesties tastes I would have thought, but neither was the non performing pig. And the dog that couldn’t play guitar I must admit was still better than both of the other two.

Yes there are a lot of current parties, franchises, fellows of the scientific principles of life and congregations of like-minded people who just need to get their acts together and up their game. So far its just the same old same old.

Making Hay

Getting under the Wire

On the surface the sun is shining, air pollution of one kind has gone down (air traffic) and another has gone up, and the poor wee dears that need to hold their mothers hands and need to hear everything is going to be alright are shouting about the effects of volcanic ash, planes will drop out of the air, people will die in their thousands. Aw poor wee lambs, there, there, there, shhh, shhh.

The debt to Dunkirk is finally being paid as a small flotilla of brave people faced the enemy lines to save the lives of our trapped troops in war-time, the navy has been sent to return the kindness to our estranged and trapped workers, parent, children and loved ones. Aw doesn’t that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Except only a couple of hundred were actually helped.

The lessons of the last six months have to be that the powers that think they are in control are not, the weather will do as it damn well pleases and will give no clues to the panic merchants that think they rule and can accurately predict. The old adage ‘Make hay while the sun is shining’ has never been more pertinent.

Now why is it so important for the establishment to establish that they can predict, well the statement of denial for investment houses uses the phrase ‘Investment can go down as well as up’ as their get out clause, now imagine what would happen to the speculator side of the banks that tried to sell long-term high yield investment opportunities in a world with no guarantees, where it was known that it was no more than a gamble to stick your money in the maw of the machine and just hope that it wasn’t going to rip off every penny you sink into their long-term guesses. What would that sort of thinking do to the fictitious recovery process?

Roll up roll up ladies and gents you place your bets and you takes your chances, now that’s hardly a good way for the prim and proper, if not exactly honourable establishment to use to get you to keep losing your money in its rip of schemes.

Jokes for the new millennia:

  • Long term Investments
  • Guaranteed Plans
  • Long range Weather Forecasts
  • Governments that can do deliver
  • Secure Housing
  • Education that works
  • Industry that cleans up its own act
  • The beats as it sweeps as it cleans production company
  • An honest politician
  • An Unbiased TV Station or Media Franchise (BBC, STV, SKY etc)
  • A woman that knows what she wants

Well the two horse race has proven to have a ringer in the midst, the voting public are using the Clegg effect as a strategic vote to keep the two rabid dogs reigned in, after thirteen years of labour miss-rule and the Thatcher years before that, no one in the country trusts a political party, and the leaders all prove that they are still punting the party line, reigned in by some party big wigs and that they are just puppets dancing to the party tune.

The state of the country and the world financial situation is because of the basic weaknesses of human nature, and not because of any collective malice, greed has brought every financial institution in the world to its knees with no real exceptions. Greed has brought down the democratic process from every country in the world including the crucible of its foundation Greece.

No party can be trusted, police get away with murder, Popes hide paedophiles, the foundation of Christian faith closed ranks and hired the Devils Advocate, politicians put on the nose bag and just helped themselves, and even changed the system from the inside to make the whole process easier in future, they are fast tracking making legislative changes, thank goodness they do not have a majority nothing could stop them then. Imagine what any of them would do with a landslide vote, so sixty percent staying away means the majority abstain, forty percent vote and only thirty-three percent get elected that’s one in five and so it can’t push anything through, but if they are left in power for more than four years they will fiddle the system from the insides, just like the expenses but giving themselves more totalitarian powers. So buyer beware

A few registrations pop into mind for the PM or actually one for any politician from the present set is :-

Then there is one for the red camp:-

and one for the blues:-

and of course one for the BNP :-

But one they will never be able to put the Diesel into:-

The Outside Stretch

Landing Ahead

Well the bunch up at the approach to the last hurdle saw the two main favourites heading into the infamous ‘Balance the Books’ jump, and are neck and neck and nipping and tucking as they went with the dark horse bringing up the rear, then as they landed on the uphill side of the fence the jostling for position had taken its toll. The outsider most likely to contend landed with half a brass necks lead, while the nagging combatants saw they had stolen the lead from each other, only to hand it to the Dark Horse.

Oh what a calamity so early in the preceding’s, all that pushing and shoving, mud-slinging and jockeying and it just pulled up the two main contenders in the so-called two-horse race, if the man upstairs used a beginning a middle and an ending it must mean that life is a three act play, shame the bookies didn’t take a leaf out of his book.

As the runners head of for the next hurdle it’s the Dark Horse a clear neck in lead of the Conservative colours, while the man who had his eye on the ball for handshaking and getting to grips with the punters has been driven into the last position. But he has been known to come from behind before so it may still be a close run race.

We will keep you updated as the race unfolds and now for a word from our sponsors.

Britain was under a cold blanket for the longest time during the recent winter backlash, and now the Ragnarök plume has settled its hazy ash (h-ash) on the landscape, Britain has gone from under a blanket to under a cloud. The plume of smoke that is having an immediate effect on the European air space and its immediacy is grounding transport left right and centre, like a little taste of honey of the effects still to come from wanton waste expulsion by big industry that still will not clean up its previous spills, nor are the governments legally forcing them to provide clean production processes or to institute clean up programs after the fact.

No legal precedent seems to be the trip up but it will take a first court to do it to create the precedent, so we will all just sit and watch the chaos of the plume of the new pope as decreed by the old Norse Gods while we wonder at the hidden destruction from our collective over consumerism and its wastes and by products that are the real legacy for our children unless …..

Chairman Brown has said that the ‘New Middle Class’ is who we all are. That implies that we all live in a democracy, yet he said that the unemployed will be given a job and they will be coerced into taking it, very democratic. No mention if they could refuse on good economic grounds like it has to pay a decent living wage, just that you will be given a job and if you don’t take it you will be refused benefits, yeah viva the democratic process even if it’s a dictatorial rule enforcing it.

That other old stronghold of the ancient gods of Olympus. It’s people are up in arms against the same sort of international dictatorial rule and coercion tactics, can’t understand what all the fuss is about can you. After all the self-preservation society has dictated that they will now all behave as the rest of the world dictates, not the peoples of the world but the financial institutions of the collective world, again viva the democratic process.

So the mythical ‘New Middle Class’ that were standing on the shoulders of the giants of the world, the bottom of the pyramid, the great unwashed the hard pressed, and given that they cannot levitate nor can they stand on the ground except to become the bottom of the pyramid. This new Privileged class of the middle strata are held aloft by a four to one ratio as the above image demonstrates. This then leaves the top layer of exceptional lives, for they are exempt from the same restrictions that the base are prone to, and they are above the limitations and dues of the middle band of wannabes.

The true nature of our political structure becomes a little clearer when viewed like this:

This three-tiered (and yes it just makes you wanna cry) political model better reflects the true state of politics in the world today, no matter the country, no matter the political process.

The base of the pyramid are the great unwashed, they are subject to the rule of law at its most extreme, they are given a dictatorial process, that uses penal style rules to extort a levy to keep the middle class as controllers, and to keep the top segment in extreme luxury while levitated above the mire of the Abbys.

The penalties, the dues and the legal enforcement arm are continually in play to extort every ounce of revenue from the mass to keep the idle loafers in life styles. The misery the oppression and the hard pressed existences get no let up from the constant enforcement, from a so-called Democracy.

Now the middle strata the so-called middle class, the fully paid up members of the self-preservation society that keep milking the cream of the drones are entitled to a percentage of the take before the celebrants of life get the lions share. A future Fairer for all and which level do you want to be fairer on.

So isn’t it fortunate that there is a third world workforce trained to live on next to nothing and they sleep at work and only earn 34 pence an hour and of course they don’t work for a multi national multi Billionaire driven empire they work for a chinese company:

The new under class as tested by multinational companies, viva the democratic process.

Now back to the race as the early leader from the Ballance the Books jump looks like he is appearing rested and has been conserving his energy as he settles into a good pace and doesn’t want to make to much of the running for the dawdlers to wear him down in his slip stream as they all settle into a chasing pace.

It looks like the public showing of the runners and riders was just what the bookies wanted, the punters all have an eye for the nags with the best form on show and …..

We will bring you the latest results as they happen in the last race of its type in the history of the earth.

Split the Difference

A Play of Three Parts

Imagine a world where a great deal of people about half of the adult population say were all working and the sorry excuse for a system was taking twenty-two percent of their wages as tax, then say that was not enough because of how big the public sector had grown over the years, so that even with another levy called national insurance of about eleven percent, this could not run the public sector fiascos that never deliver, one-third of their income is chipped into the pot. Way back in the mists of time income tax, national insurance was all that was needed, and the luxury tax was only on a very few goods and money stretched and cash flowed and the nation even invested in a national health system that was the envy of the world. And the demands of the ugly sister state got more and more unreasonable until it has reached extortion practices, with a judicial coercion arm to collect the cash. Effectively becoming the new Mafia and they will send the boys round.

Now the levy is getting over stretched and they then extend the another tax of seventeen and a half percent on luxury items to a greater range of necessary goods, taking the extortion rackets income nearly to fifty percent of the poor over worked and underrated much maligned workers income. The local authority is kept short of cash by the big central greedy pig pen, and has to levy a council tax to raise local money for services that are now once a fortnight cleanups/pickups, reduced services are the direct cash restriction results, and every kind of extortion racket from wheel clamping to excessive fines and penalties to extort an extra penny that never reaches local services, except parks, libraries, cops and traffic wardens ( a profit-making wing ) and schools etc. Gotta pick a pocket or two blue, gotta pick a pocket or two.

The next half of the workforce of this mythical world gets a better standard of pay that is fixed at such a rate that they are better paid than the people who are being hard pressed to finance their privileged lifestyles, usually financed by the hard pressed keeping two or three-part time low paid jobs just to keep the wolf from the door. But these private sector employee get benefits and trimmings from the extortion money to give them a secure and guaranteed income, and the state claims it’s really to make a better system for all, while the lowly Cinderella’s are brow beaten, short-changed and treated like third class citizens, they are lied to, deceived and the promises are never kept by the lying state money grabbers. Boo hiss, their behind it, oh yes they are.

The nasty state liars say that there is not enough money for proper education, good schools, enough teachers, good policing not like the kind that get away with murder or assault. No funding for better prisons, better housing, but buying nuclear weapons, funding illegal wars and covering every expense imaginable well that’s a different story.

So the ugly little people who give themselves a luxury guaranteed lifestyle at the expense of the hard pressed, hard-worked down trodden Cinderella’s, all manage to groan and gripe about how hard their lives are, everybody all together now – Awe what a shame. Shame Shame Shame Shame on you for selfish was the best you could do yeah, selfish was the best you could do. (Link to media)

Well imagine just how much money the state will save if it puts half the public sector workers on dole money, that would free up about a third of the take and the public sector take will have a second bounty from the reductions in overheads and uniforms, tax breaks, incentives etc.

Even if these grubby greedy never balanced the books ever in their entire puff, cut the hard pressed Cinderella’s by easing up on the tax and cutting them some slack so that they could enjoy as privileged a lifestyle as the ugly sisters, and so the ugly sister that find themselves on the dole have to find ways to be industrious just like the Cinderella’s have to on pain of forfeit or under duress and penalties.

What a different world that would be but we appear to be stuck in this fairy tale until prince charming cuts the slumber and mounts the steed to save the fair damsel as she is the fairest in all of the lands.

So if we are all in it together and its supposed to be a future fairer for all, then that also includes the so-called new middle class. Now as far as memory serves the structure is a three-tiered pyramid and the so-called middle class stands on the shoulders of giants.

And as you can see from the diagram the greatest mass is on the bottom, the middle layer is smaller and uses less area as well as mass, but as far as science leads us to believe that means that they cannot levitate, if the lower level is eradicated then the whole thing becomes a ruin. It will quite literally fall down around their ears. The ratio of support is four to one right up the structure as seen here.

And this diagram is not to scale but it does bring the point home, for all of us to become the middle class that would require a cheep workforce to replace our redundant layer, that would require the integration of a third world cheep labour solution (I know, I know Labour have always been a cheep solution) to take up the slack. Now isn’t it a stroke of good luck for us that all manufacturing is already located in the third world already. Wow almost like it was planned or destined or something, As luck would have it the market testing of migrant workers into the country is ended and the European (except for Poland) workers and refugees have to high a percentage of malicious and devious types to recruit menial workers from, so back to plan B and the Asia contingent. Trustworthy manageable punkawalla’s, like Malay’s and Burmese and maybe even Taiwanese. Now that the Gurkha test case has been resolved so amicably. Somebody somewhere is getting it rightmaybe.

Ah well empire building is a chore as we facilitate an upward trend for a Fairer Future for all, ahem sorry that’s a Future Fairer for all, whew nearly got that wrong there.

So as the middle class cant levitate and if they then take to support the influx of an upward movement, doesn’t that mean that when every country has been tiered into the pyramid of life and the all-seeing eye is contained that there will still be a bottom a middle and a bunch of loafers at the top, hardly the level playing field that is suggested by the slogan a Future fairer for All, unless of course you are at the top of the pile. Looking down it all seems fair to you as anything else would precariously undermine your exalted position.

The self-preservation society and the illusion of levitation.

The First Hurdle

Front Runners

Well the race is finally started and all ready the pushing and shoving and name calling and mud-slinging is showing them all up for the third-rate jockeys they are, as the nags all head of for the first hurdle. The positional jockeying started with a volley of mud balls was more like a playground mantra than any serious political mandate airing it effectively works out like this ‘were good n your no na na na nana so there’, real grown up debate has been hampered by this shabby lot insisting on controlling the public reactions to the televised debates (O.C.D. – delusions of grandure – paranoia) and the wish list being insisted on is worse than some prima donna starlet insisting on only being shot from her good side or insisting on a bigger Winnebago than any one else on the set or they wont come out to play, they wont they wont they wont so there.

This insistence on controlling absolutely everything is unbalanced and screams out the need for psychiatric help. It must just be out of the question to stand naked before the electorate warts and all and to show their humanity, as no one is perfect and they shouldn’t go around thinking that they are should appear that way, no need for therapy there then is there.

Cameron is still trying to bribe large-ish sections of the floating voters profile, labour is trying to sound tough and to look like they are in control, while liberal look like they believe their press that Nick Clegg will be the King maker, even though no clear ruler has shown form from the starting line up, they all look third-rate, circuit weary success dodgers with a litany of failures that will haunt them for the next few decades. Public opinion is finally starting to sound off from the same hymn book as they sing the same mantras, ‘why bother they just lie and steal and do as they please’ and ‘they never deliver’, and ‘no party is any better than any other’ the scandals that have rocked previous governments are just the weight of straws that the expenses was the last one-off, that the people of the country are sick and tired of. People who are lucky enough to get such a favoured position and are then entitled to the level of privilege that is the envy of the common man, could not be content with the way it was, absolute power makes for absolute idiots waiting for a child to scream at them, ‘why are all the rulers naked mama’ and the reply is of course ‘because we can all now see right through them my dear’, that’s no place to run and no place to hide, and their off.

These control freaks had to manipulate it and cheat it and outright steal from it. This government system had, had its controls eroded by the imbedded and entrenched position of a party to long in the harness. They give themselves pay rises that they clearly do not warrant, they give themselves privileges that they never earned. They still do as they please and think that they are still the power and not just the administration process, poor wee mentally deficient souls with delusions of grandeur as well.

As they all head of bunched up on the outside rail lets remind ourselves of the form of the early leader, and as David Cameron starts of with early bribes and a volley of derision aimed at the second favourite, not the poles and other rigged lies or even fanfare and bugling of the daily rags heralding the latest sound bytes, but the beat from the street. The first volley was a cheep shot at the working man tax. Any reduction to the tax received would mean an equal and opposite reduction in employees on the big bonus state handout jobs for the boys, police that never do the job and are never there when you need them, and that get away with murder and assault by there buddies in the state enforcement arm the judiciary. So labour want to hike the tax to keep the payroll for the elite state handout as high as they can, if the industry sector had a non profit arm it would be: administration PR (sorry Human resourcing) and payroll and they would be typically less than ten percent of the workforce who are the profit making arm of industry. So how come the state body that is supposed to be run as a business can afford these luxuries when industry can’t, the medical profession are the new Burk and Hare as they organ harvest hundreds of thousands of parts illegally so that will mean just another public apology and no compensation. When will they learn that sorry just isn’t good enough, social workers that cannot do the job, teachers that are being given class assistants instead of more teachers and yes there are over six hundred new teachers qualifying for no new positions every year, so training for work is also a joke, yet they want to keep spending on a nuclear deterrent that will never be used and deters nothing – paranoia, they also want constant control and monitoring of the public via G.P.S implants – sorry that’s stage three – O.C.D., I.D cards and with your mobile details G.P.S. by sneaky means. To many chiefs and not enough Indians.

Labour are giving the we are a united front and are the home team playing away swagger as the try to get closer to the rail, while Nick is taking a back position hot on the tails of the nasty infighter’s as they gouge and poke and whiplash as they crop and spur in a wild mud fest as the try to set the pace for the first half of the distance, and as they head up the back straight the first hurdle if fast approaching, and Nick is hoping that the poking and shoving will produce an early fall as they close ranks and set the nags head for the closing furlong to the five foot hurdle on the back straight, it’s really getting exciting here as the public are not having a flutter and are all taking the stance that they want to see the results, to better analyse the actual turnout on voting day, so a rematch or a hung parliament may be the stewards enquiry. This will of course show the nation that the probable turnout will actually be less than a third up to a maximum of two fifths, and that the majority will be from the public sector to protect their premium state payout hand out.

And the two front-runners are looking neck and neck from here in the stands as they line up for the take off over the Balance the Books pitfall jump. And it looks like dirty tactics are still the stock in trade and Nick Clegg is taking advantage of the distraction to steal a little lead on the landing as they disappear behind the fence and head for the next curve in a mud strewn thresher of hooves and whips.

A little word from our sponsors at this moment and we will resume commentary when we return, with the next stage of the public fiasco of the Pinocchio Stakes Long Haul, spitting, pissing and bragging contest.

Cronies with Clout

Strange Bedfellows

Cameron is trying to bribe a few extra votes with a cash payout if he gets into power, isn’t that really generous of him with our money. An Equitable Life Billion pound bonanza is a big enough slap in the face for a hard pressed country that is battening down the hatches and tightening the belts for the storm to come. Then the great man has another billion pound giveaway in his hip pocket for to purchase cancer drugs, he must think the national reserve is just able to stretch and stretch.

Tony Blair rallied to the call of the faithful and sang the praises of his successor, funny he never did when they were in the same soup, but now that the present political process of the so-called free world is in such disarray and the nation is looking like it will stay away from the poles in droves and all this while the media speculation is calling it a two-horse race and the poles are suggesting a hung parliament, just makes you wonder who will be bringing the rope to the national necktie party, Cameron for the opposition or Darling the Dark predictor.

Well the pontiff of spiritual procrastination has hired a lawyer, not exactly the act of an innocent man. Imagine the church of faith has put all its trust in a legal eagle. This devils advocate has the task of defending against these allegations:-

  • When the first reports were recorded and how many police investigations had happened before the leak sprung.
  • How quickly after the first allegation did the church inform the authorities?
  • What course of action did the authorities take that reflected normal investigations were taking place.
  • How long has it been from first reports to final prosecution tasks?

It just must be the centuries of association of fish on Friday that is the real stink in the air surrounding this particular can of worms, after all an innocent man has nothing to fear from the investigation now has he.

What strange bedfellow’s hard times brings together under the collective comfort duvet. Not one of the usual suspects can claim extenuating circumstances, the legal jackasses have just informed us that the cop that laid into a defenceless woman is getting of the hook, while the animal that body checked the man who died after his brutal attentions may not be charged after all, makes you feel all warm and safe to hear just who’s hands we are all in.

Drug advisors have been trimmed down to the core as the powerless try to make legislative changes at a rapid rate to fast track government induced changes through the legislation process, nothing to worry about there these are the good guys not just a set of though control police with totalitarian dictatorial drives for control of absolutely everything, these are good old-fashioned democratically elected leaders of this count ….. well …. normally they are and it’s a  …. ahem can’t exactly remember where I was going with that one, get back to you latter on that one.

The judiciary closing ranks, police getting off Scott free, MP’s back at the trough and the workforce is revolting. BA and the trains are all suddenly political issues. Drug advisors are being sacked for doing what they were asked to do can’t just be a witch hunt by a flagging political system trying to exert some semblance of authority by making a show of power. Sabre rattling in hard pressed times by an ineffectual group of wannabe’s.

Global warming got the hiding that it richly deserved under a winter blanket that not only hit this country, but hit other countries harder still.

The Yangtze River is being damned and the large volume of water that normally flows into the sea is being held back and this is affecting the flow of the Gulf Stream and that is causing the chill from the north of Scotland to the Spanish main, from China to Alaska and America. The Gulf Stream is a delicate balance that has been in effect for centuries if not millennia. And is the biggest water mass restriction of the age and this cold spell is a persistent one, over a sustained period with only minor breaks in the relentless creeping cold.

Ah power struggles and struggles to produce power. The minor machinations of men of power are the whip we will all be chastised by, just hope that they all come to their senses in time to correct the flow of life for all of mankind and not just the selfish inclinations of nations, and petty bureaucrats. After all we have all seen the behaviour and moral character of our illustrious leaders, and looking at the procrastinations of the mighty Roman Citadel, as it ducks and dives and prepares a case to answer the allegations, when its faith and tenets instruct that it should just rely on the truth even to its own detriment.

As Christ would never have been in that position as he was known to have said ‘suffer the little children and bring them unto me’, now in light of these alleged abuse scandals the church saying the same thing has ominous overtones that are quite frankly disturbing. For the children involved did suffer and are still suffering in the face of the mighty churches devils advocate as they all rally to the call of the faithful to close ranks and all tell the same story. Just like the common man and not what you would expect from the examples of faith.

Politicians you would expect them to get their story straight and to all save their own skins, police and the judiciary and even the social services, all deny failure where failure and a breaking down of the structure and its services is the clear and present evidence of the fall of the last bastions of the light of the modern world as it begins to show signs of becoming the dying embers of the fickle flame of hope for mankind best future.

Typical of the overrated favourite to fall at the final hurdle so only the bookies end up the winners.