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The Third Dimension

Virtual Perception

Well made it to the third way station of the seat of the mind, this is by far the most difficult area to map and to demonstrate, the models that will be used are ‘the fruit of the tree of knowledge’ that has thirteen interlinked stellated dodecahedrons.

This first animation shows the completed shape with only thirteen of the dodecahedrons on show one at its centre and the girdle of the Goddess surrounds them.

Fig #1

The second one shows the original tree with the inner spiral from instinct up through intuition into the height of insight. This then works as the plan view of the process as later on you will see another model that shows the powerful process of the growth factor that underlies the inspirational process itself.

Fig #2

This next animation shows the model for the mind taken from the plan view to demonstrate that the central and smaller star at the seat of intuition is used to demonstrate the focus of awareness or consciousness. The surrounding twelve are the peripheral skills and abilities that the person can draw on geometrically from the centre of the focus of consciousness.

Fig #3

Fig #4

The field of focus for the seat of the mind directs action and interaction with the world through its ability to direct the talents and skills from the peripheral state of unfocused consciousness.

It is never unconscious as that would have the effect of shutting down the body, not digesting food, not keeping us warm and we would have to focus on breathing, yet an automatic level of awareness does all of this for us while we direct action and interaction with the world.

The mind is a goal focused tool, we decide to make a cup of tea and we direct the collective unfocused part of our self to get up from the chair go to the kitchen fill the kettle etcetera. We can even carry on a conversation with someone else or even listen to music, read a magazine or just contemplate a problem, and the deed gets done with little or no conscious intervention.

We focus our intent and the collective part of our unfocused being completes the deed.

Just watch a child as it learns to walk for the first time as it hauls itself up onto its feet and steadies itself on the edge of the sofa. Then when it is confident at standing and walking while holding on, that other chair looks enticing and the focus of the child is the pleasure of making the trip, then they let go and the impetus carries them until lack of coordination brings them down with a bump. Then the whole process is started all over again.

The analogy of the iceberg as the tip of conscious, and the submerged part as being unconscious is misleading, and can best be seen when the child making the journey from the sofa to the chair has to navigate the cat to stay on track, the impulse level takes over and redirects by intent, not at all unconscious when it moves the body and changes direction it takes calculation to do this.

So the above model is proposed to show that we are not conscious and unconscious but a collection of focussed and unfocused consciousness. The fact that geometrically it relates directly numerically and symbolically to the thirteen month year is a holistic and appropriate model in this instance. With the last animation we can see the seat of the focus of being, is not quite Jung’s ID either. The five elements are the base five stars that surround the instinctive level of the base tree. This level of awareness is instructed by experience and by training and the process of trial and error as we grow from childhood to adulthood.

The upper five relate directly to the five senses as they link the intuitional central point of focus to the crowning level of insight. The inspirational process is shown by the twin columns of chi as they ascend the inner spiral.

There are thirteen point on this two-dimensional display when viewed like this. The mind is the anchor by which our development is rooted in our being, so a model that shows the complexity in a simple fashion is not possible but this series of models will reflect some obvious points of views from some established ways of viewing the spirit, emotion, mind and body. To dismiss emotion from this base point is to dismiss one of the primary elements of life itself, so how can any part be removed from the picture without effecting the outcomes of perception.

This view of the inspirational process is of course a 2D view and so does not show the spiral expands with each revolution by an exponential of one to the power of ten. We have to look at the animation of the growth of the key of David like this:

Fig #5

The power of the whole process is twelve, within the twelve, within the twelve, to the full height of the focus of realisation.

This is also known as the universal accumulator that as we start with a twelve within the centre of the process as instinct, say seeding the accumulator with adrenal rush for instance from martial arts training, gymnastics, dance, or even from Yoga and focusing the breath mind, body and this when expanded to the next level of intuition is twelve to the power of twelve, that’s the exponential raised to the second power. Then when the chi is further focused it expands to the next natural growth pattern (not shown here) is where the point of realisation achieved and insight is expanded at the seat of wisdom. The calculation works out that if you seed the process with a focus of twelve at the adrenal input the next level of intuition has an input of twelve and the last level of realisation has a further twelve to add, making twelve to the third power of magnitude.

This is as far as we will take this paper for the moment as more animations and further art work is necessary and this is time-consuming. The next paper will arrive as and when it is completed. And will deal with the models for the mind.

The next stage of the Key of David chronicles, is how it ties the eastern wisdom with the holy geometry using the Key of David as the template for the models of the Books of the New Kabbala.

A word to the wise, for anyone wishing to plagiarise these pages you will still have to show or demonstrate how the Key of David unlocks all of the spiritual secrets of creation, even the ones not demonstrated here and anyone you inform will when they see these completed pages will know what you did.

Oh and a word for the scientific, patentees that like to claim they invented the universe, the key of David is already established as Gods trademark and it is written into the very substance of creation so who do you think owns it all already, DNA, periodic table, geometry and of course crystals. So patent this.

A New Game Plan

Lacking in real Class and Style

Well done Andy Murray a royal endorsement still has an effect, lets just take a moment and think about the ability of world-class sportsmen and not to mention women of course.

First of all lets take a moment to congratulate the German team on their outstanding performance at the weekend, they played a superior game and took full advantage of an inferior team as it fell into disarray, well done and good luck in the next round, it is nice to see a team play at the peak of their ability on the world stage.

The England game at the weekend was a case of local heroes, big fish in the small backwater pools of our home guard, were taken out of their comfort zone and asked to perform on a world stage with genuine world-class players with real world-class teams, they were just simply out of their depth in the big swim and you could see how their sense of privilege from their pampered status as local heroes had eroded their fire in their belly and we could all see the excuses forming.

Andy Murray may take a lot of flack from a lot of quarters in the home press pages especially south of the islands mid belt. It still has to be said every game for Andy is on the world stage with world-class sportsmen and sports women. Not quite the same game at all.

The trouble all stems from the team approach from the money and power behind the minnows. The whole thing started way back when there were world-class players coming up through the ranks like George Best the first football superstar, then Pele and after Gazza it all sort of went south.

The training tactics of bringing a star player down a peg to include the also ran’s has had the effect of hobbling the real talent to salve the egos of the support team. The training schedules that demand no sex, and watch their drinking are surely a reaction to the stereotype, but take a leaf out of the army’s book and learn to cut the rank and file some slack, some of the best work ever produced just like most of the best art of old was produced by people under pressure from their own drives and excesses and not from an imposed regime that has brought talent training camps to the point of world condemnation.

The whole health consciousness regimes that are imposed on talent is stifling the output. Only time will tell.  And history is telling a sorry tale of woe for forty years of dragging our heels and dropping the ball.

Why aren’t team strikers encouraged to take risks and to go for any opportunity past the three-quarter field line. Why are they encouraged to play cautiously from the outset and then when it all is too late they pull out the stops when they are all knackered. One style of play and one training regime has only brought about one form of consistently. As forty years of dismal play from our home-grown, hot house flowers is proof.

The educational system that has found a way to knock the make them think for themselves ability out of education by couching our precious little darlings into multiple question and answer scenarios, reduces the need to retain information and the ability to recall it under pressure under the reign of the old gremlin the end of year exam. So the day of the living dead the people that are only alive in their head has finally arrived.

The regime that wants to control everything should take a good look at the middle east conflict and see how stupid a stance that is, only the petty and the frightened go for control and only the helpless go for absolute control, and that is what stifles life, inspiration, daring, heroism. Risk taker are being subjugated and brought to heel and that is stifling the crop of talent and producing a mediocre talent belt that is encouraged and supported to the level of their talent and not to the heights of their abilities or even to the depths of their inspiration and flair for the game.

The entrance exam into anything should always be set to grand master level to exclude the minnows from straying out of their depth, if someone gets through an impossible scenario to start with the only way forward after that is stratospheric, but by lowering standards and couching reasonable and even mediocre talents as the best of a bad crop, you have no one else to blame. Was it Capello fault, is Roony a has been, no they are the best of the assisted level of the state of play for the day, the real question is how do we two years from the next world class games on our home soil think we will fair as a nation when this is the level of teaching, and the forms of control that are used to bring wild talent under the banner of discipline just for the managerial need to control absolutely everything.

During the war, men and women worked hard and played hard and did what it took to get things done they never griped, they took it on the chin, they turned up to work with hangovers, health problems and personal difficulties and still produced the goods and never used any excuses for their own shortcomings, they just set their resolve to do better next time.

A final note to the England fans that spoke their mind to the press before during and after the games, You unlike your team displayed the kind of behaviour that did your country proud no violence, good humour and a ready sense of wit in the face of a lacklustre performance from a team that was larger on ego than on delivery. This country salutes you ladies and gentlemen, and also a word for the host country, well done your hospitality and good humour has made you a world class venue to build upon in the future, you are a credit to the legacy of Mandela. Even though a few trouble makers tried to hijack proceedings and grab the world attention to get their point across it did not mar the enjoyment so far. And given that Ghana is still in the play we all wish you the very best with your next game.

The Basic Points

A one two ……

The basic element that makes up the most simplistic man/woman is the first pillar, and to demonstrate how the other pillars of the Emotional Body, the Mental Makeup and the very height of creation the Spiritual self manifest, that these four simple points make a square and if we look at the root elements that underline them we can see, that Either is the infusion into the properties of inert matter the principle of the divine spark, the very essence of life itself. This is best seen as a basic pyramid with the four elements at the base and the apex of the pyramid is the point of Either.

Geometry is emotive for a reason, the models do reflect principles of truth and the evidence is visual as well as undeniable to the math of the demonstration media.

The basic being is materialistic and rarely gets to the point of making good emotional connections with everyone, this is limited to the most immediate contacts, not an indictment but just a plain old fact of the matter.

The emotional nature the so-called second pillar is instructed, just like with the level of social behaviour and all other forms of conditioning. The nature of emotions is they are mutable even mercurial, that like the old saying when children play, that whatever starts out as laughter will end up in tears is just a truism. The emotional pillar has its basis in reason rather than the logic base of the first pillar. So while the first pillar is formal, structured and logical and mostly sequential, following form, pattern and habit in a structured organised and focused fashion. The second pillar, hates the box, won’t conform and will follow its own reasoning without form, structure (except ritual) to its own conclusions and force and coercion will have little or no effect on the long-term, for even if one is snared it will wriggle of the hooks and ties that bind and return to its own course of action. Which is really annoying for the bossy, control freak types that just want everyone to do as they are told, because it is for the greater good in their considered opinion now do as your told.

The emotional nature has distinct areas that it alone is involved in, in all the levels of communication, it is the measure of tone and inflection in all communication, it is the clown of body language reinforcing the points and stressing the meanings, until the assumed level of mutual understanding is achieved then only the children need gesticulate ‘Talk with their hands’ so to speak, and I am sure that we have all heard the saying ‘don’t you take that tone with me my lad/lass’. The whole depth of the area that the emotional body is involved in goes all the way up to high magic and the use of the astral body, and the final test of the Majji who must rebuild the emotional body of choice, when he/she completes the walk of the thirteen houses, talk about man/woman know thyself. Better know thyself and everybody else well before you take on that task, so don’t say you haven’t been forewarned.

The tree as it has been shown up to the last point is enough to cover the basic pillar and the second pillar, but to progress into the realms of the mind where imagination is the tool of the core of its being we need a good 3D model that holds up to the extended dimensions of mind, imagination and the spiritual realm with the resurrected emotional body of choice, the Phoenix process of the destruction of the base emotions will ignite the rebirth process and raise the petty emotions to the heights of, Awe, Splendour, Beauty, Peace and Serenity to mention but a few.

Lets just do a check list:-

  • Base body
  • Emotional body base model (leaden)
  • Mind and its tool set: Imagination, Astral plane, and Spiritual disciplines
  • The Spiritual Body and the seat of the soul.

Of course this will not please the base man as they just want you and all life on the wheel dispensing your energies for the greater good of us all, funny how none of them can draw us a picture of this supposed utopia that has never delivered up till now, yet here we are bailing out banks, the very cornerstone of this utopia that pays its way, balances its books and plays fair and gives a rube an even break.

So far we have only reached the emotional body the so-called seat of reason, or the voice of reason. This is the root of the idealistic or philosophical state of the inspirational process. This is best seen when the level of innocence is still intact in youths and children. This level of awareness has a level of honesty that exceeds good sense, for it can bring out the noble or white knight complex if allowed to develop unchecked.

The emotive heights of the faculty are formulated by truisms and philosophical views or sayings of wisdom.

Example #1


If as a child someone starts to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side of the road, what sort of effect on the development of the character will this lie have.


This will have the effect of producing a person that is never satisfied, that bores easily with what they have and will eventually start the process of longing for something new. A dissatisfied person, with limited capabilities for enjoyment or poor social skills will be more prone to this form of dissatisfaction.


It could take years to root out the philosophy and replace it with a more productive saying that is then reinforced and affirmed in focus sessions and in a mantra, a poem or song is better especially if written by the afflicted.


‘The sun is warm the grass is green, I’m the best I’ve ever been’

Most impressionable people will carry around a stored collection of pearls of wisdom, these are retained at the philosophical level of perception, the personal world or universal view. Lugging these weighty tomes and gems of wisdom is the mapping for the world view that will then dictate the limitations of character and personality that can exist in this lofty place. So be warned cutting through these words of wisdom to decipher the grains of truth that they originated from is an unenviable task.

Now just supposing that at seven stages in your emotional development, corresponding to when the crown was at a particular height of your full-grown frame. Something formative happened either negative or positive at that time, so say all you had to do was find the trauma/blessing in memory and cleanse the arrested area, by absolving yourself and integrating that little dwarf of your developed self. That this process would align the chakra with the being and a growth would result, a so-called quickening of the soul. That will be Kundalini rising to you and me.

So the alternative to this form of meditative release using the Eastern philosophy of chakra meditations is by far a lot easier to complete than, rooting out each and every pearl of wisdom or truism that is held to be true and then gleaning the grain of truth from it in a balanced fashion. Then collecting all the grains of truth and unifying them into the philosophers stone.

The emotional driven individual is a person dancing to a different beat, listening to their own inner impulses and drives, ignoring logic that does not validate them and their purpose while adopting and adapting to the logic patterns that do, for as long as they do. Try getting this lot to play the game fit in or just to go along with your pragmatic dictatorial state. The very worst elements of the emotionally charged being, is self-indulgence and selfishness. The very best is altruism that defies the current trends and will work tirelessly against the flow or current tides.

The volatility of the emotional state is the reason that the pragmatic types almost always resort to coercion and bullying tactics just to get something out of them.

The ratio for a sound pyramidal structure is a four to one like this. The second pyramid image shows that nine squares support five other squares, four on the next level then that four plus the original base, making the top supported by a ratio of thirteen to one, this is the same for each of the displayed pyramids. A nine base with a level of four above then a single unit on the top, the geometry is the same for both the triangular base as it is for the square base, the ratio is still four to one so don’t be deceived. Lastly as all pyramids build from the base up they all have a limited growth and do not represent an infinite principle.

The three types that conform to the logic model are the materialistic, needs based element, the mentally driven and also logic headed, pragmatists and then the religious bodies that back the status quo, they do not reflect the spiritual seekers who are on a path of their own. This just leaves the wayward emotive’s that are here on a journey, they are seekers, they have a destiny or they are star seed children experiencing life as a human. Whatever they currently hold to be true for themselves it will not fit in with the needs of the day, the way things are, or how the herd likes to keep things moving along.

The next paper will deal with the mental model that allows for the concept of consciousness, as opposed to the unconscious, conscious model that has been the established norm for decades if not nearly a century in one form or another, the analogy of the conscious self as being the tip of the iceberg residing on the top of the unconscious submerged mass. The proposed model will show how consciousness is displayed as a geometric model that has the focus of consciousness at the core of the mind model and how the jewel of the lotus is better metaphor for the viewing of the mind as it integrates with the emotions, and the body as well as the seat of the spiritual body.

Mechanistic Man

First Paper

The base Quadrant

The whole idea that man is one universal type is a very simplistic approach to trying to quantify the nature of humanity. So this need to simplify things in real terms is going to be observed but the models will show the breadth of range of the diversity of being that is human kind.

The point of view of this series of papers is to establish the concept that the Soul is the higher self that has manufactured the body, emotional nature, mental map and the spiritual base of the personality and character, that is you me and all living things on the tree of life. Some recon the soul has a thousand years to perfect the character that is equal to paradise and can then ascend from the material plane to the state of perfection and grace. The soul creates us and therefore it cannot ever be sold, lost or mislaid, the finite world and dimensions of this universe is the linear path that the character must travel to redefine the self.

The soul the larval state of the godhood is learning to create matter and incorporate senses, develop the so-called three voices of god, instinct, intuition and the power of insight, through the inspirational process, the basic human and all of manifest life all have the instinctive tie into nature and the physical dimensions of the world. The body is a receptive antenna that is driven by the rod and encouraged by the carrot, the husbandry rules that women employ to make men obedient, and instinct the father of all creation is the impulse and the push to get ahead, to practice to improve, to unite and fortify the group.

We will use several devices to identify areas and regions of being. Like the four elements and Either. This model is for viewing the morass of what life abundant is, in a uniform way that we all know does not reflect reality but it does help to identify areas in the midst of this chaos. Giving us a structured approach to understanding some of the points yet to be raised.

The Symbol for Either is being tokenised by the Key of David, for it is indeed the key to unlocking some of the best kept secrets of the unknown universe, that fills the void outside of the microscopic miniverse of the scientifically blinkered approach to understanding the universe.

It has been placed as second from the top for later reference to the eternal principles of En-Soth-Or, and the fact that it is made up from two equilateral triangles that reflect a resonance with Earth and Air, second from the bottom and the top ones is no mere coincidence.

I think we are all adult enough to realise that any working model will have its limitations and the mere fact that the universe refuses to line up and be counted, and to produce life on a robotic mass-produced assembly belt basis is always going to show up faults in the models, but by the time you have completed these papers you will I am sure be hard pressed to find glaring discrepancies.

But if the order worries you then look at the model like this, at the core of the world is great heat and a molten strata of the world, hence Fire is first, that is then wrapped by a layer of the earths crust and that is why Earth is next, then on the land is the Waters of the world the great oceans of life. Either is the infusion of the living principle into matter and the two triangles unified describe that union, then as with all creation it exists under the heavens and so Air is the final element.

For much like life, Truth is a relative perception on reality that needs to be balanced with insight.

The base triangle is the symbol for Fire and it has a direct relationship with the warm-blooded and circulatory life signs. There is a strong tie to the warrior base. Sportsmen women and all kinds of physical types of being. The basic worker or drone, the serf and the most basic herd instinct driven elements of humanity make up its mass, but it has the instinctive tie of the inner spiral process of the quickening that, that through discipline can distil the focus of awareness into the internal process for growth of awareness, quickening the souls journey. Fire is the position of the neophyte that starts out as an empty page and will eventually hold the prize of life. The enlightened soul.

All of us as we enter this world start at this root of being, and some because of their cycle on the wheel of life will be there for generations of half-lives or bit part lives to extend the awareness beyond the mere physical and its instinctive drives and understandings.

The Earth symbol when consciously and mindfully developed has given the world all of the Martial Art, Sports and even dance. The adept must learn and grow, while the master can make the complete souls progress for the character in a single focused life journey, so whether life is a series of lives or a single mindful journey depends on the knowledge and understanding of the souls that created us all. This symbol tokenises the inclusion of the feelings into the inspirational process, giving the body a greater scope to communicate with, when sensations and feelings are incorporated through the instinctive processes of discipline.

The nature of Earth is fixed and gives the illusion of permanence, but add the heat of fire and that all becomes a molten mass.

This symbol has a strong tie to the Juggler/Magician and does suggest, this division includes all skills and crafts as well as the martial arts. The Magician must master the four elements as the start point of the journey of the prodigal son.

The next element is Water and as its nature would suggest, it is fluid and so has a direct relationship with the fluidity of emotion, the main way station between instinct and intuition, as instinct is connected to the internal process to push and struggle that is the drive to exist, then intuition is the level of awareness that is the discernment level of this inner process that literally cautions the push from experience gained to hold back, to pause the push or to take that calming breath and refocus while waiting for the imperative to pass. The seed of inner wisdom is taken root in caution while being mindful.

Water by the elements of its own nature will, ebb, and flow, sink to the lowest levels, get into every nook and cranny and is a life-sustaining element as long as it does not stagnate, when contained its mass will erode until the flood banks break in a tidal surge and is the internal wellspring of the inner spiral that carries the impetus generated by the instincts and adds a tenfold bounty to complete the surge into the final level of the inspirational process.

The fourth element is Air and sits above the Either as it is the containment of all living and inert things on this planet, the crucible is the mother Earth and the Heavens are the setting for the jewel of life.

The nature of the element is given to storms, tempests, calms, breezes and is the carrier of the seed of life in the dispersal process. Air and Fire make the cycle of life start by raising water into the atmosphere only to come down again to water the lands and nurture the growth of life.

The inner spiral starts with the Instinctive adrenal rush that when disciplined into the inspirational process will go through the intuitional strata gaining a ten fold boost from the surge of joy that is added to the well-spring, this then coalesces at the height of the process where imagination, self-knowledge and understanding unite in the realisation process through insight gained from the lofty height of illumination, and as kundalini aided the final surge from intuitions base, the realisation process purifies the container to allow a greater seat of wisdom to inhabit the body and character. This is the souls progress.

The higher self is the transmutational catalyst that will achieve the alchemical process of changing the lead of the brain into the gold of consciousness.

The First Pillar

Next Paper

Mechanistic Man

The base element of life on earth is the mechanistic or materialistic being; this is the makeup of the majority of people on the globe, even though the biggest proportion of them all have to conform to a localised, socially reinforced religious order.

The dependency of social standing and social interaction is governed by some religious order or other. The moral instruction from most religious orders has a positive effect on the attending populace and the social benefits are reinforced, marriages, births and deaths are all given social status to reinforce the community bonds. This level of cohesion is the weave that forms the knit that keeps communities functioning.

This is all good and well that a faith system is used to manage the social interaction levels of the community in this fashion. And as history shows the results are that most religious based communities are stable and where conflicting political ideologies are not present they are generally peace orientated and function well within their regions and help to give a cohesion to the countries that are so structured. Something that the materialistic social centre the shopping mall and all the other money-making exploitative mechanism of a purely materialistic mechanism will never be able to match. 

In the western hemisphere the religious influence is over shadowed by the political process, while the schools of thought are more influenced by science and its supposed impersonal view of the world, people and creation as an intellectual process or projects for the greater understanding of all things.

The atheist fraternity like the agnostics are a spin-off from the intellectual image of being. Like the scientific approach the unemotional viewpoint is taken as the primary standpoint to view existence, being, relationships and families, communities and organisations as well as everything from basic mechanics and engineering to advances in medicine and the innovation of technology and all its forms of development.

This environment helps to produce people who are less reliant on faith and more prone to the proof mechanisms of the order of the day. The whole idea that we have mapped the complete encyclopaedia of the known universe and that that is in itself the sum of all knowledge is an idealist overstatement. The idea that everything is known proven and verified to exacting standards is as great a myth as saying that man is the most intelligent life in the known universe. The fact that it is the known up till now universe is more pertinent than the sum per see.

For the purpose of this series of articles we will use a collection of models to highlight a different way of looking at some well established facts from a different perspective. Click on an image to see the full pic or view the animation as related to each entry.

These models are:-

Fig #1 The Runic Tree, the Odin Tree or The Runic Cube. Various levels of this model will be used to demonstrate, various ways of viewing principle truths of physical reality, emotional perceptions, mind procedures and good old-fashioned spiritual and esoteric truths.

These will fall into the following categories, the internal tree structure (see below) the Runik Cube (I know it’s actually a square) five by five senses and 5 by four elements. The rune path is a progression from the base to the summit as only one of the trees is a tree of decent, all the rest are Jacobs ladders to climb out of hell by. 

Fig #2 The Inspirational model, this part of the above tree will be used to demonstrate a more traditional perception of the inner spiral, from instinct to intuition to that height of the inspirational process perceptions insight. The bottom one is the level of the Instinctive nature, the middle level is the level of the Intuitional process and the top-level is the parallel of the Inspiration or the inner-spirals-destination to you and me. A more appropriate name would be the point of insight or inner sight, but this is the tale of the Inspirational process, not the limits of perceptions insight.

This model will be highly instructive for helping to map the many lower levels of mind, body, emotion as well as the higher levels of awareness from emotion, mind to spirit. 

Fig #3 The Five senses and the four elements with the twin paths of chi showing the upward spiral from base to crown, with the tree tying them all together. The four elements in this point of view are taken from the alchemical symbols, rather than any of the Hindu, Greek five elements. This pairing of the five senses with the four elements instead of the five elements is that, the five by five is used to link the basic Kabbalah in geometric form. The elements are used to segregate life’s strata’s, touch is for the level of warm-blooded life with no eyes, ears or smell like simple cell organisms. Taste takes us up to worms. Then bats, mole’s and the nocturnal that rely on smell, hearing and have reduced or limited vision. This is a scale for life by sensory awareness as opposed to location, diet, genus, habitat and etcetera.

Fig #4 The senses and the tree on a human face showing the relevance of the shape and the positioning of the five senses.

The reason that for many gifted people who show signs of tasting colour or touching and seeing colour, is that the senses main receptors are located in the one area of the being, and when the wiring of the mind to emotions to body deviates from the norm then overlapping occurs. This image displays a hand to represent touch but as most mothers know, testing temperature and dryness is done better by the sensitivity of the lips, so the mouth and the tongue have a dual purpose, and with the smell and taste having so close a natural bond it is easy to see how things can differ in the mix.

Fig #5 This image is a derivative from the inspirational tree that extends the principle and is a good mapping facility for consciousness, it will be expanded on later and all of the relevant viewpoint for it can be seen and the links will become obvious. The 3D object will be demonstrated in video format where necessary as seeing is believing. The connection between this model and the inspirational tree above will become obvious.

This world as mapped and tested by people whose systems have no quantifying elements, processes or materials for anything outside their limited two-dimensional experience of this world. They will always have no way to quantify their findings if they don’t have the language or the processes mapped for them.

Scientists that have no measurement table for the metaphysics insist on measure all things metaphysical by the limited four dimensions they perceive, yeah like that will ever fit boys or is that a no brainer. They have no definitions for the godhood or the likely elements, dimensions and powers that probably could or would make it up. And they keep dragging up the scientifically named atomic elements, the laws of physics, not quantum physics, and yet they already believe in other dimensions. The four mere little dimensions are the limitation of their testing devices. Its sort of like hunt the lady you know she isn’t there but we all have played along anyway as it is the only game left in town that is unbeaten.

The next instalment will begin with the purely physical state of mankind, the mechanistic man, drone or worker, the height of which is a keenly developed instinctive nature, or a disciplined instinctive nature.

Spiritual Wisdom

The Inner Spiral

The four corner stones of being are the physical body the temple for the soul, the seat of the being whatever you wish to call it. The emotional body and how it is much misunderstood as the root of all communication, the mind and all its faucets and defects and last but by no means least the spiritual body, the seat of wisdom enlightenment and the preserve of the visionary.

These four areas will be addressed in this series of articles with illustrations to help the inquirer manage their quest for knowledge and understanding for the fruit of the tree of knowledge is surely understanding.

These papers will not seek to promote any religious views, doctrines or spiritual practices but will instead bring a new way of looking at the data we have accumulated on these areas since the dawn of time to our present fast paced world as it struggles through these very difficult times, all births have struggle built into them and the water bearer age has begun and the so-called ‘Age of Aquarius’ is with us as the waters of new life bathe the soul of man after the traumas of the delivery. So here we all are at the threshold of the emergence of the newly delivered child of light after its first baptism in the flowing waters of the water carrier. So let’s start by summarising the attributes and deficiencies of the four pillars of the corners of Eden.

The physical body does not have an absolute template even if the establishment want to make us all think it is stable, anomalies occur at the physical level. The genetic patterns, that meet recessives in unions and the genetic predispositions of some lineages, heart defects, blood disorders, physical deviations from the norm, extra or missing limbs. The list is endless is a more accurate mapping of the reality of the physical gene pool that we are all sprung from.

The emotional body is just as prone to exceptions, deviations and deficits as well as exceptional emotional intelligences. Some people are prone to becoming emotionally arrested at a particular age, through trauma or some are precocious beyond their years. Most people have a reasonable level of maturity when they reach adulthood but you cannot distinguish by just looking, and an emotional anomaly in a person may never manifest if the right circumstances do not prevail.

The mind is by far the most controversial of the base three. The mind the seat of so-called intelligence and much like the emotional state of being some of the defects and the exceptional gifts may never be realised except in certain circumstances. There are many models for the mind and many ways to look at each of the models. The conscious and unconscious state of being is a useful model when first looking at the mind but it does not accurately reflect the real processes of the mind.

The spiritual body the fourth dimension of being in a 3D world, well the fact that the biggest majority of people are spiritually deficient is hardly apparent when we first look at mankind from the historic viewpoint that we have come so far and so quickly and yet, most of the world is in conflict, deprivation or horrible levels of poverty and domination by armed or militia type personalities. The spiritually aware being is one who is enlightened enough to not fall into the trap of falling for the state-run religions the cheep crowd control mechanism invested in by kings of old and modern governments alike. The opiate for the masses as it has been labelled.

The fact that some people are mostly physical, more mind driven while being minimally emotional and not in the least spiritual is a good broad and general rule of thumb for looking at the make up of the mass of humanity.

This template has its exceptions and we will address them later for the moment let’s get the rule of thumb printed on the indictment of mans base elements.

Most of the herd suppress their emotions, have a tendency to only focus on their own needs and tend to only include those that they must in their limited altruistic ways, sharing for mutual survival, company, breeding and social interaction. The emotional level of being is generally given lip service or outright suppresses and the exceptions within the rule appear to be driven by their emotions and feel they are subject to them. The fact that suppressed emotions will lead to outbursts and conflicts is largely overlooked as the pace of life demands constant action for provision, life is much more material and immediate and has a disposition that leans towards heavy consumerism.

This is no accusation it is a simplistic viewpoint and is deliberately so, so that the majority of people can identify with the base even if you feel there are some exceptions that you personally have or even that you are the exception to the rule. This basic start point is like a seed, as it grows and develops it will gain greater mass in the mind as it extends beyond the shell and takes roots as it pushes up towards the light of understanding. The broad brush strokes that the artist lays down before the fine detail work are to get the proportions on the canvas to reflect the contrasts of the image being captured.

This series of pages is like a Manual of Being that can now be synthesised from the data that the worlds best minds and observational students have garnered from the known world and all of its content. Only now at this time can we make the informed choices to select the data and review its effectiveness without the state or church or medical view of the established control mechanisms for forcing their own brand of crowd pacifism on the herd to keep it in harness to achieve maintain the status quo.

The next papers in the series will start with the physicality of being, that does not reflect the medical mechanistic only view of the body. This is already well documented in medical journals, it will take the viewpoint of an owners manual and try to give an insight into the processes of the body and its interaction with the mind, emotions and the spirit. It will show the division of types by disposition, the purely physical person and the limited emotional expressions and interactions that the logic based type of person generally allows, the emotional dispositions of the reason based individual and how gratification ranges from self indulgences to altruism. The purely mind motivated type of person that overrides the emotional nature by dominance, to the mind that embraces the emotional nature and develops a disciplined approach to mind emotion and body to facilitate the spiritual awakening of the extended senses and the development of wisdom from the wellspring of the acquire knowledge and its accumulated understanding as it reaches a synthesis of perception through insight to achieve wisdom and enlightenment.

Thats Slick

Bring me that Scapegoat

Well Obama has gone and shown how the American leaders feel betrayed by the British drive to leave the middle east as soon as possible, so much so that Amoco and their involvement in BP has largely been ignored as the Whitehouse witch hunt goes off on yet another blame mission, what is it with Americans is it because they are a nation of gun carriers that they have a mindset that will seek its revenge rather than any sense of justice first. And they claim to be a Christian country, oh yeah where about.

Well Obama it is a bit of an own goal,

when you seek to make heads roll,

to cover up the fact,

that you hung back,

Untill it became a massive disaster, and didn’t step in to avert a greater crisis, Imagine letting a company that is profit driven decide to handle a disaster like this, as a profit-making company they will try to rescue the spillage and contain the leak at the same time. This is a little like calling in the plumber when a pipe springs a leak and he spends all his time draining the spillage rather than stopping the leak, you just don’t do that in the real world mate. For better instructions on dealing with a household leak check government leaflet #007666 ‘Dealing with a Household Leak’ under the section find the stopcock.

Now an ecological engineer would have chosen to shut of the leak first then worry about getting to the profit again. The whole idea that the ecological disaster could have been contained with an immediate capping plan rather than a siphoning plan to keep things moving (time is money don’t you know, yet another Americanism), this need to do two things at once is very commendable showing you are in touch with your feminine side multitasking and all, very new age man of you.

Now the headmaster has summoned the head boy to the study for a canning or old-fashioned carpeting, and the dorm master has said he will put in a word with the head for the errant BP chairman is all a bit too little to late, more halfwits causing mayhem by faulty thinking practices. Blind misleading the blind etc.

The Obama mission of heads will roll, BP’s stance to try to do two things at once (where is Red Adare when you need him), and every body just looking for someone to blame, the oil spill hasn’t even been stopped and the waterline is under a continuous threat. The whole fiasco cries out for the formation of a world-wide emergency think tank or even a realisation of the concept for an International Rescue force that can handle these types of man-made disasters as well as the natural ones that keep regularly battering the financial markets and causing economic chaos in the worlds hardest pressed regions. 

So the idiots really have taken over the asylum and the inmates are off their medication, mayhem and bedlam is the order of the day, and no one can see that bickering and name calling and playing the blame game is not dealing with the problem and is not getting the shoreline cleaned up, and I am sure the affected wildlife will all appreciate the pressing need for man to get his coin out of it (someone will pay for this), for a scapegoat to be keel hauled and for all of the culprits to be brought to justice yeah right like that will ever happen.

A world-wide financial melt down is going on, a global jobs crisis is in the air, natural disasters and ash clouds are crippling industry, financial aid is not getting to the people that need it for the layers of corruption that surrounds every governmental grouping in the entire world. Banks are ripping their customers of and getting away with it, police are getting away with murder, the man in the street has had his tax hijacked by the morons that have caused the chaos and are still making it worse instead of better. Ho hum just another day in hell. 

Ah well another day another dollar.

My oh my, how time does fly

Don’t take you’re eye off the ball in the sky

Time is a linear motion through life that if it did not have a relative fixation to a point in space, a local, a being or a task, is just a meaningless tick tok of a man-made device. 

The reality of time was first understood when man used the position of the sun to mark the time left for the light of day. A stick placed in the ground and its shadow gave a better visual demonstration through the display of the long and short shadows, how much the sun had travelled across the sky. The abstract concept of a ticking device as a measure for time has removed the connection with the real world for people down through the ages. The need to stop and take stock of where you are and how much light is left before the need to find shelter and get a fire going got to pressing for early man, so cerebral man stepped in to save the day with a device. 

The ability to tell the time by looking at the position of the sun in the sky was a complicated process and the logic heads were never very good at keeping ll the variables in place to make all of the necessary adjustments from just physically looking at the ball in the sky. The person looking had to be aware of the seasons. In the summer the sun’s path takes a more oblique angle (directly over head) across the sky and would take longer to reach the setting point giving more light. The Winter path is quicker and the sun is lower in the sky (in the Northern hemisphere) and the darker nights happen quicker than the summer time when the sun is king of the heavens and dominates the globe with longer periods of sunlight. So telling the time was relative to the observer, the season and the known path for that season, pre equinal, the equinoxes and post equinal as well as the solstices that reflect the longest day and the shortest day of the year. Quite a tricky calculation even to this day. To many variables and complexities for the mind that has to pull things apart and break everything down into manageable little parcels of data, awe poor little machine heads. So asking someone if they have the time of day has become a simple matter of looking at our time device, wristwatch, mobile phone, computer or even an old-fashioned clock. Instead of looking at the heavens and stating ‘for the time of year its a little before mid day pall’, or as dusk approaches stating ‘its nearly dark mate, best head for cover’, ah the good old days ay.  

This lack of the ability to track our relative position in the real world has had a knock on effect in how we perceive ourselves in the world, and this has caused a major shift in how we evaluate our progress in it, and how we measure our safety and our passage in this linear fashion. 

The abstract view of the universe the world and ourselves has done a lot to secularise us from our environment, to alienate us from one another and to begin a new alignment of being into the purely mental realm of logic and reasoning. 

When we look at the differences between astronomers and astrologers the realists use science to help them track real events and the theorists don’t. Astronomers use scientific devices to track in real-time through observation the movement of the progression of the celestial bodies of the heavens (as seen in the night sky) this factual plotting and recording is a pragmatic way of remaining in touch with the known universe. 

No thanks to the little group of nerds that like to calculate and make tables and check time and motion as a study, we now have astrological tables that all astrologers use to make calculations based on the position of the moon and the sun as it progresses through the twelve celestial houses of the heavens. These books of tables are all ways of not looking at the heavens, that keep us even more removed from the realities outside our door. 

The original concept of an astrologer was someone who consulted the stars and plotted charts by directly reading the heavens, just like the modern-day astronomer who does not try to fleece the gullible by claiming to read the portents and meanings from an incidental arrival on this earthly plane at a geological position under a heavenly body’s influence and at a particular time of day. This alleged ability to predict for the individual from its point of entry into the world completely ignores the point of conception, surely when some people just rut to produce, at their urgency, isn’t that then just as relevant, or more so as the breeding cycle is dependent on an egg ans a sperm meeting up to start the process. 

The lazy white coat brigade ignored the fact that there are thirteen houses from the lunar months of the year and not twelve segments that can give nice equilateral triangulation’s, and even spaced squaring’s that just do not happen in the real world. This intellectualising process was developed so that making a chart became basic geometry and easy to calculate. The original astrologers chart did not have twelve monthly segment, way back in the mists of time the heaven were mapped by the transition of the sun as it traversed through the thirteen Lunar phases in the lunar calendar, the heavenly bodies the constellations didn’t even figure into the equation, they were tacked into the mix at a later time, so science trimmed the thirteen month calendar down to twelve irregular months, now wasn’t that just unlucky for some Julian. 

The lunar year helped with the planting of crops, the rotation of fields, the timing of harvesting etc. The solar year was the original equilateral quadrant division, the solstices and the equinoxes and it was light and time from relative pattern repetition that helped to map them out not a ticking man-made lie. 

The fact that the drift of the year self rectifies every fourth year has a comforting natural sense of order to it. The fact that the world takes three hundred and sixty-four and one quarter days to make a full revolution of the sun, and that every four years the time scale progresses by one day and that this would if unchecked by the leap day, cause a drift in the seasons has never been an issue as it would take four times three hundred and sixty-four years to make a complete revolution, or do the little men in their pristine coats expect us to believe that it resets itself every four years while the stars in the heavens all progress, as if by magic? no man adjusts the calendar so that the calendar works out intellectually making life more convenient and making it look as if there is a natural order to the year. 

So once every four years one day is added to the progression yet the calendar appears to be reset to keep the equinoxes and solstices on track with their alignment to the seasons. This resetting of the clock has the effect of making time appear to stand still when in fact it actually progresses one day every four years, the leap of the calendar to keep up with the reality is achieved by adding a day every four years is a handy way to not live in the real world but to live in a logical model of it as described by a logical timetable. So time really does move forward one day every four years and all because the years is pushed or padded out by one day. Makes you wonder why wasn’t the additional day aligned with the solstice or to one of the equinoxes, to keep the observational symmetry maintaining the illusion of a steady predictable pattern. 

Thirteen lunar months at twenty-eight days each, that’s the lunar cycle a Moon’th (Month a mon-path), is three hundred and sixty-four days, that’s one day less than a complete solar year. Now imagine two days of the calendar are not numbered but are just called mid Winters day and mid Summers day and that only once in every four years does mid Summers day get celebrated. Now how do you think the obsessive compulsive control freaks in white coats that want to name and number everything in creation would react to that?

To better see where the concept of a thirteen house zodiac is demonstrated watch the last minute of the video below, the concept of a house is the cube with all its rooms on show twenty-seven for the base and the twenty-eighth is the mansion.

The first day of the next month after mid Winters day starts the first to the twenty-eighth, the last day preceding the mid Winters day is the twenty-eighth. The fact that mid Summers day would fall in the middle of the seventh month would require the leap day mid month on the solstice. Now this day is just called mid Summers day and the day previous is the fourteenth day of the summer month, then mid Summers day as a leap or whole’y day and the count picks back up from where it left of before the leap day. 

So the delusion of time keeps on rolling along. The bastardised calendar that we have, has been corrupted for the vanity of a Roman emperor that thought of himself as a god. Ah the vain dreams and delusions of men knows no bounds.

The Weekend Rush

A Girls Day Out

At the weekend with all of the rushing around that has to be done just to get things done, juggling the kids, current and ex partners plus getting a break for yourself puts a large strain on the time frame to just get it all done.

Going into the big city at the weekend leaves the time pressed parent with the choice of trying to get a parking space, using public transport or using the park and ride facilities to defeat the city rush hour.

The girls that make the decision to use public transport still have to get themselves from the station to the shops and that means milling around with the great unwashed.


What should the well-dressed girl say going to M&S wear for the occasion and can she beat the rush or stampede of the sales crowds.

The press of humanity can cause headaches and bring on claustrophobic bouts of anxiety.

Mind you when you push and shove and finally get that new accessory like say that must have new scarf for the next big soiree.


The sheer pleasure of beating the crowd and making the sale is written all over the face.


But for the girl about town that has more than a fashion statement to make sometimes the accessories can say it all.

And the slogan ‘Does my BOMB look big in this’ has just the right amount of world-class humour to get the point across, and of course it does help if you have the figure to carry it off with.

Committed for Life


Life’s tough in the City


Living in the city has a few advantages when the river Clyde runs right by your door, the wildlife picture opportunities can be spectacular if you are in the right place at the right time with the necessary equipment to snap the moment.

When these pictures were taken there was no story to tell the image library cataloguing them was incidental and had no sinister overtones or implications just a record of life on the river. The area has a well-known character who is occasionally seen swimming up and down past the weir, it is a grey seal that has been coming up river for four or five years and has affectionately been called Jack. There are also many varieties of birds that use the river for their home from, mallards and one family of Ida ducks, to Geese, Swans, Guillemots, a pair of Herons and lots and lots of Seagulls.

This story of the first year of married life for two pair of river side wildlife couplings made up from a pair of Herons and a couple of swans that shifted further down river to secure a nesting place for their offspring, sees the young couple and their family out spying the land with the reluctant groom bringing up the rear. The date range is from March 6th to May 28th this year.


The are spotted by some of the locals as day trip tourists, they have a nice day out doing a little fishing for lunch as the rest of the relatives have a good old look around and finally they all head of back home up river.


The young couples set up home about five hundred meters from their new neighbours the Herons who reside down by the weir.

The swans appear to settle into an easy routine and for a while it is all going well until one of the Herons intrudes a little to close to the nest for the pushy males liking and an altercation happens the swan sees the Heron off in a fast flurry and then chases it to the other side of the river.


The next few weeks prove to be very productive for the swans but the Herons seem to have parted company and only one is left in the area. While the Swans fish together and swim together until the nest is complete and then it’s a case of one on the nest at all times. The shifts are not like human shifts set by a clock and a timetable they are a rotation set on need, when the female needs a break she calls the male or gets his attention for he only strays a little away.

Then one day the male turns up limping quite badly, he doesn’t seem to have broken it but he is lame. His ability to take his turn on the nest is seriously affected. As the middle photos shows the female having to get back to the nest because she is worried at how long it is taking the male to get to the exposed clutch of eggs.


Sometime within the next few days one of the eggs goes missing and then one of them hatches.


The male and the female are having to go farther and farther for food and are spending too much time on the hunt and things are going wrong, one egg lost and then the chick just a few days later. Leaving just one egg that didn’t look like it was ever going to hatch.

Then the Heron turns up and the nest is abandoned as the last egg has finally gone.


The real story may never be known but the facts can be interpreted in many ways, the Heron is the likely suspect for the un-hatched eggs, but it is more like the nature of the wayward seal to take the chick.


The facts of life for a life bonded pair is that they will stay together no matter the hardship where as this level of destruction in a human pairing will more likely devastate the couple and make the whole relationship untenable. For the young couple they have learned and are back to fishing and swimming together and their bond is still strong.

The added burden of two much wildlife all fishing the same stretch of water puts a drain on the food chain that may yet have lasting consequences. This year less and less people came down to the waters side to give the birds their crusts after the idiot factory of so-called experts told the public that giving bread to birds is a waste of time because it does not have a nutritional value, forget the fact that in the wild a full belly is better than an empty one and that while the adults take the bread the chicks get the reduced food chain offerings of fish and insects. So less locals feeding the birds and the breeding pair had to fend further and further from the nest.

Most of this world is on a bad diet only in the west can the elite of our society be so fussy as to say an empty belly is better than a subsidised poor diet. Better any food than no food and the parents can improve their diet after the young are on their feet and able to get out of the way of trouble.