The Basic Points

A one two ……

The basic element that makes up the most simplistic man/woman is the first pillar, and to demonstrate how the other pillars of the Emotional Body, the Mental Makeup and the very height of creation the Spiritual self manifest, that these four simple points make a square and if we look at the root elements that underline them we can see, that Either is the infusion into the properties of inert matter the principle of the divine spark, the very essence of life itself. This is best seen as a basic pyramid with the four elements at the base and the apex of the pyramid is the point of Either.

Geometry is emotive for a reason, the models do reflect principles of truth and the evidence is visual as well as undeniable to the math of the demonstration media.

The basic being is materialistic and rarely gets to the point of making good emotional connections with everyone, this is limited to the most immediate contacts, not an indictment but just a plain old fact of the matter.

The emotional nature the so-called second pillar is instructed, just like with the level of social behaviour and all other forms of conditioning. The nature of emotions is they are mutable even mercurial, that like the old saying when children play, that whatever starts out as laughter will end up in tears is just a truism. The emotional pillar has its basis in reason rather than the logic base of the first pillar. So while the first pillar is formal, structured and logical and mostly sequential, following form, pattern and habit in a structured organised and focused fashion. The second pillar, hates the box, won’t conform and will follow its own reasoning without form, structure (except ritual) to its own conclusions and force and coercion will have little or no effect on the long-term, for even if one is snared it will wriggle of the hooks and ties that bind and return to its own course of action. Which is really annoying for the bossy, control freak types that just want everyone to do as they are told, because it is for the greater good in their considered opinion now do as your told.

The emotional nature has distinct areas that it alone is involved in, in all the levels of communication, it is the measure of tone and inflection in all communication, it is the clown of body language reinforcing the points and stressing the meanings, until the assumed level of mutual understanding is achieved then only the children need gesticulate ‘Talk with their hands’ so to speak, and I am sure that we have all heard the saying ‘don’t you take that tone with me my lad/lass’. The whole depth of the area that the emotional body is involved in goes all the way up to high magic and the use of the astral body, and the final test of the Majji who must rebuild the emotional body of choice, when he/she completes the walk of the thirteen houses, talk about man/woman know thyself. Better know thyself and everybody else well before you take on that task, so don’t say you haven’t been forewarned.

The tree as it has been shown up to the last point is enough to cover the basic pillar and the second pillar, but to progress into the realms of the mind where imagination is the tool of the core of its being we need a good 3D model that holds up to the extended dimensions of mind, imagination and the spiritual realm with the resurrected emotional body of choice, the Phoenix process of the destruction of the base emotions will ignite the rebirth process and raise the petty emotions to the heights of, Awe, Splendour, Beauty, Peace and Serenity to mention but a few.

Lets just do a check list:-

  • Base body
  • Emotional body base model (leaden)
  • Mind and its tool set: Imagination, Astral plane, and Spiritual disciplines
  • The Spiritual Body and the seat of the soul.

Of course this will not please the base man as they just want you and all life on the wheel dispensing your energies for the greater good of us all, funny how none of them can draw us a picture of this supposed utopia that has never delivered up till now, yet here we are bailing out banks, the very cornerstone of this utopia that pays its way, balances its books and plays fair and gives a rube an even break.

So far we have only reached the emotional body the so-called seat of reason, or the voice of reason. This is the root of the idealistic or philosophical state of the inspirational process. This is best seen when the level of innocence is still intact in youths and children. This level of awareness has a level of honesty that exceeds good sense, for it can bring out the noble or white knight complex if allowed to develop unchecked.

The emotive heights of the faculty are formulated by truisms and philosophical views or sayings of wisdom.

Example #1


If as a child someone starts to believe that the grass is always greener on the other side of the road, what sort of effect on the development of the character will this lie have.


This will have the effect of producing a person that is never satisfied, that bores easily with what they have and will eventually start the process of longing for something new. A dissatisfied person, with limited capabilities for enjoyment or poor social skills will be more prone to this form of dissatisfaction.


It could take years to root out the philosophy and replace it with a more productive saying that is then reinforced and affirmed in focus sessions and in a mantra, a poem or song is better especially if written by the afflicted.


‘The sun is warm the grass is green, I’m the best I’ve ever been’

Most impressionable people will carry around a stored collection of pearls of wisdom, these are retained at the philosophical level of perception, the personal world or universal view. Lugging these weighty tomes and gems of wisdom is the mapping for the world view that will then dictate the limitations of character and personality that can exist in this lofty place. So be warned cutting through these words of wisdom to decipher the grains of truth that they originated from is an unenviable task.

Now just supposing that at seven stages in your emotional development, corresponding to when the crown was at a particular height of your full-grown frame. Something formative happened either negative or positive at that time, so say all you had to do was find the trauma/blessing in memory and cleanse the arrested area, by absolving yourself and integrating that little dwarf of your developed self. That this process would align the chakra with the being and a growth would result, a so-called quickening of the soul. That will be Kundalini rising to you and me.

So the alternative to this form of meditative release using the Eastern philosophy of chakra meditations is by far a lot easier to complete than, rooting out each and every pearl of wisdom or truism that is held to be true and then gleaning the grain of truth from it in a balanced fashion. Then collecting all the grains of truth and unifying them into the philosophers stone.

The emotional driven individual is a person dancing to a different beat, listening to their own inner impulses and drives, ignoring logic that does not validate them and their purpose while adopting and adapting to the logic patterns that do, for as long as they do. Try getting this lot to play the game fit in or just to go along with your pragmatic dictatorial state. The very worst elements of the emotionally charged being, is self-indulgence and selfishness. The very best is altruism that defies the current trends and will work tirelessly against the flow or current tides.

The volatility of the emotional state is the reason that the pragmatic types almost always resort to coercion and bullying tactics just to get something out of them.

The ratio for a sound pyramidal structure is a four to one like this. The second pyramid image shows that nine squares support five other squares, four on the next level then that four plus the original base, making the top supported by a ratio of thirteen to one, this is the same for each of the displayed pyramids. A nine base with a level of four above then a single unit on the top, the geometry is the same for both the triangular base as it is for the square base, the ratio is still four to one so don’t be deceived. Lastly as all pyramids build from the base up they all have a limited growth and do not represent an infinite principle.

The three types that conform to the logic model are the materialistic, needs based element, the mentally driven and also logic headed, pragmatists and then the religious bodies that back the status quo, they do not reflect the spiritual seekers who are on a path of their own. This just leaves the wayward emotive’s that are here on a journey, they are seekers, they have a destiny or they are star seed children experiencing life as a human. Whatever they currently hold to be true for themselves it will not fit in with the needs of the day, the way things are, or how the herd likes to keep things moving along.

The next paper will deal with the mental model that allows for the concept of consciousness, as opposed to the unconscious, conscious model that has been the established norm for decades if not nearly a century in one form or another, the analogy of the conscious self as being the tip of the iceberg residing on the top of the unconscious submerged mass. The proposed model will show how consciousness is displayed as a geometric model that has the focus of consciousness at the core of the mind model and how the jewel of the lotus is better metaphor for the viewing of the mind as it integrates with the emotions, and the body as well as the seat of the spiritual body.

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