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Heart of the Machine

Compute This!

In the week that brought a new platform for the New Windows 8 operating system, that on the surface looks like its Microsoft’s best attempt yet to bring them into the hardware side of the industry claiming to be a synthesis of machine and code for the next generation. But does it really have great enough innovation to challenge the might of the global market dominator Apple. Well I suppose only time will tell even though it is last out of the traps this race is certainly not over yet, and list late runner may well become the dark horse of the field.

Yet another innovation has been unveiled this week, from the elite realm of computing the mighty IBM’s ‘Sequoia’ this giant of the towering table top boxes has stepped up with some pretty impressive stats:


  • It beats Japan’s ‘K machine’, running 1.55 times faster while being 15 per cent more energy efficient.
  • The BBC reports that Sequoia is capable of calculating, in one hour, ‘what otherwise would take 6.7 billion people using hand calculators 320 years.’
  • It can perform – in less than a second – calculations which would take the super computers of 1993 three days to solve. In fact, the IBM team say it is 273,930 times more powerful than the 1993 machine – called the CM-5/1024 and created by American firm Thinking Machines. The Sequoia and uses over 1.5 million processors – to put that in perspective, your brand-new, luxurious £1,500 desktop PC will like be a quad-core, e.g. with four processors.
  • It is also the machine with relatively outstanding economy power-wise, consuming 7.9 megawatts compared to the K computer, which consumes12.6 megawatts.

This race of machine is a long way from the T1000 from the terminator epic and it is only bettered by the autonomy and mobile power source of the T1000. But under the hood this big box of tricks is the fore runner of the global dynamic modelling systems of the next millennium.

Picture this if you will, in the next few decades the computer modelling systems will have a global status monitoring platform that is the global view on crop volumes, fallow lands, storage facilities for projected crops/goods from manufacturing, chemicals, minerals, mining, sea harvests to food livestock’s and harvests.

This initial visual model (5th Level protocols) can show shipping lines and freight lines globally, register delays monitor repair works and schedule upgrade times and schedules. Look at collective workforce numbers sicknesses, injuries, monitor the effectiveness of safety protocols and highlight black spots, bottle necks and resource depletion’s.

The world mapping (4th level protocols) for resources will have a link into the, manpower people monitor that uses GPS for movement tracking, employee swipes and clock ins, building entry systems and travel gateways, airports, ferry terminals, your GPS linked vehicle and each person’s personal com device. This device has unique ID status, credit rating data and health information for emergencies, a built in distress beacon for those rare occasions when ‘the’ heard likes to run free and leave the main tracking areas for some feeling of freedom, and in case of any mishaps, weather fronts, child separations a GPS aided locator will be used to resolve the difficulties as quick as possible.

The early temptations to use this device to monitor absences or deviations and to send reprimands or prompts to get back on perceived schedules will eventually fade as personal choice is the backbone of any democracy. So don’t dicker with the dictum big bro.

The main political monitoring mapping (3rd level protocols) watching political manoeuvres, policy actions while monitoring money market responses from the 5th level to see policy responses in action, with population watches monitoring comings and goings to show patterns of movement and correlate links as and when possible flagged by the data mining and information correlation algorithms of the new universal data structures level.

So in layman’s speak we have a supercomputer that correlates monitors and effectively watches patterns levels, movements and uses pattern recognition to make observations.  This then informs the powers that be of the current state of the consensus of life as it is.

Then we have the new innovative GPS linked devices as they hit the personal market till everything and everyone is tagged and bagged, and monitored up the whazoooo.

The temptations for the dictatorial mindset is enormous, auto texts for people that out of schedule to get them back on program and earning, as all the state is interested in is profits and deadlines. The ability to auto arrest bank accounts for defaulters, is a likely addendum to the usual suspects of black market traders, fences and fraudsters not to mention organised crime bosses. Is it just me or is there less and less of these mythical big bosses in the world today, did they even exist and are they just the useful scapegoat for the tie everything down, shackle everyone to the grindstone brigade of pocket dictators.

The penultimate (2nd level protocols) monitors the world wildlife stocks, minerals and metals deposits, ground-space hectare level forestation models to watch replenishment levels and to take into account present material requirements, all husbandry rules and management systems will be watched and used as expert advice for corporate requests for fishing quotas, mining levels and last but not least a land renewal and land development watchdog to make sure that fast ones being pulled by the wool that is currently obscuring the so called leaders minds is a thing of the past. This level also includes monitoring waste management, spills toxic land and water masses that feeds directly into/from the next level protocols monitoring system.

The optimum even critical (1st level protocols) cover the types of disasters that hit particular areas globally a watch system for geographical emergencies from floods, earthquakes, eruptions and critical weather fronts, will have a collective database of tool and emergency equipment from each locality or nearest neighboring local to provide rapid response to affected areas. This will cite the case for local emergencies, right down to road closures due to landslips or even bridges being washed away.

The argument still stands for the 6th level protocol, the one that monitors every type of the map activity and its probable perpetrators, or the crime unit overview, from day release, to incarcerated to inactive record holders to see how they stick to the recovery path.

The technology is arriving and the money markets are in chaos, governments are all trying to piss on each other to keep their own heads above water and a coalition from the EU block is trying to strong arm the mother of all democracy into a dictatorial lynching party to tie them into a debt management and repayment system for decades to come, hardly the act of a democratic base now is it.

The present monetary policies grew out of each country’s need to manage its resources and to trade with each other. The hijackers of the monetary markets are trying to tie countries into a debt system that is not conducive to growth and any form of stimulation for new markets. This is typical of the idiot mindset shooting itself in the foot, or defeating its own collective purposes. But making sure that they continue to have a substantial cash flow and all of its personal benefits must surely outweigh the needs of an entire country’s economic need and future resources. It is a shame that the Latin blood is up and that Spain, Greece and all the other hot blooded nations are ready to kill or die before anything has actually happened, stave off even defend but stay alive and take no life while you give no ground and the warriors of the turning of the tide will live to stand against them another day. More response and less knee jerk reaction it only gives the enemy fuel for the fire.

Well the threats of U-Turns and turning our backs on the people we have to trade with in recent days is not doing anything to add comfort to the exacerbated situation but that still hasn’t stopped the we are all in this together brigade of band of brothers mindset from opening their mouths yet again to just simply change the foot they already still have in it for the current replacement blooper.

Ah well all the toys are here and all the new tech is lining up to make either the paranoid fools idea of incarcerated and indentured misery for the foreseeable present and future generations lives. Or a more enlightened approach could be the order of the day that allows a world to manifest where industry and constant occupation is not just a means for giving idle hands something to do, to keep them away from self destructive urges. Oh the fruits of the 6th level protocols that are still to come.

Lets raise a collective glass to that day, when money no longer holds such a destructive sway, and the technology is just the torch to show the way.