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Clan Alba

Clan Alba

The present argument about another #2IndyRef is not taking into account the types of needs we require, the final headcount, the potential swing factor or anything else, conversion from the rock of ages to give back sovereignty to a brow beaten, and downtrodden country, with low life expectation, material and emotional as well as spiritual deprivations show the careless disregard ‘which’ the present owner of Scotland really thinks about any pretence of a union. The investment made by the Scottish people to remain in this union covers a 300 year period, that includes these non-war atrocities, land clearances, persecution by a so called equal partner, theft, extortion, a war of attrition on the poor, the infirm, the spiritually different under the tender auspices of the protestant infiltrators and his henchmen the Royal House of Windsor, oh no it wasn’t it was the name they had before Bowes Lyon. Tudor’s and Longchamps and off course our own turncoat royals and ship deserters infiltraitors that brought a nation low will pay the resultant price, to they that all looked after themselves, except for a Mr Wallace and a young Queen called Mary who our next door neighbouring persecutors cannot even find their bodies, just a wee bit to convenient for comforts sake given the present conundrum about the value of the Scottish rising.

Well the truth is the Scottish never believed any idiot they don’t know or have never met can hold any power over them, that’s what made the manipulative romans build a wall to keep this form of disease out of their empire building ways. Stealing gods lands and holdings even over a three hundred years of growing defiance from his chosen trustees to this form of subjugation has left the Scottish people keeping to themselves, never trusting the lineage of the invader dictators that cannot accept that god given gifts do not come with the devils receipts attached just his word that possession is all of the law for goods and property. We need no set of man-made deeds to prove his stewardship. The grubby greedy nation that has gone around the globe throwing its weight on other nation historically has never changed its spots. The belted earls that came up here from the house of the envious next door neighbor, and laid down the same insult as the nailing of a carpenter to two pieces of wood, started calling themselves Scottish and could even claim royalty as the exiled and bastard lineages from the den of thieves that invaded, laid claim to and then went on to bully all opposition out of existence with a war of contrition. The natural scot that is left is a keep yourself to yourself form of self-preservation going on in the face of the fact that our land is invaded and run by a tyranny that only ever suits its own and persecutes any and all others. The inside track is a privilege to their own and is used to exclude us in our own lands.

The final solution is about to be implemented. Each region must propose an independent and crowd funding from each area will show the right sort of proportional representation that each candidate has. The independent candidate has one single mandate to be there as the paid position as the people’s representative. When there are enough votes cast for the collective independent representatives the mandate will be set for the people to weigh up the total votes for independents against all the other parties to see if they are indeed representative of the people’s will for independence. A vote for an independent is a vote for independence. If the first returns prove to be unsatisfactory then it is a mandate for the followers of freedom to enlighten their resident English lineage invaders children to give power back to those they stole it from before he that gave will come and take back and he is not known for subtlety. Check any biblical flood, Sodom and any other genocidal solution historic or tidal. The Middle Eastern need for force still says that man knows force better and responds better to it than just doing as your conscience tells you. So the point of no return approaches and man still likes guns and the ideas of empowerment bullying and dictating terms. Well that which you so is that which you will reap. The point of no return is now at your event horizon make the adjustments to tack, course, windage and terrain accounted for and set a correcting course change that brings the good ship mankind onto more favourable shores of the new future for the wayward sons. Anything else will be a unionist decision to a Scottish problem.

Time is for once on our side.

Have Pages Clan Scotland, Clan Alba, Clan 45% and all available artwork, sept’s and devices for the new funding program, looking for a developers fee. Admin and monitors will be needed.


Scottish Myths

Origins of the First Foot



What is it about Scotland that raises so many hackles in the English psyche, could the envy of past kings and queens still be haunting the populace of our next door neighbours. The country that has coveted the lands and wealth of the entire world, or is something being lost in translation, can the megalomaniacal greed of one nation and its brothers in arms still be the single biggest drive in their relentless program for the modernisation of the entire world like mechanistic clones of minimal mankind. As they seek to break down superstition and ignorance in the third world. Or could it be that this outdated mechanistic machine of empire builders has been hijacked by financial backers to extend their empire under our collective radar.

The myths of creation and the mystic heritage of the Celtic tradition is still the ghost in the machine that will halt the progress of world forming policies and economic manipulations. The materialistic drive towards a soulless world is still the preserve of human robotic self promotionists and asset strippers. The receding domain of the faith groups of the world are being seen as an eradication of faiths, while the western media informs us that groups like ISIS are religious bodies of men fighting for their way of life, while they seek to enslave peoples to their subordination while they traffic people and not just children under the banner of being a religious group on a holy quest. Propaganda and misinformation as well as intermittent input from independent jokers, spoilers and mixers cloudy the waters as the world tries to make sense of the ongoing actions of governments and the intentions of religions.

Real religious bodies like the Hebrews of the world held quiet while atrocities were being done in the name of Israel. While the clearly Nazi tactics being used against the people of Gaza are land grabbing, death camp style land clearances by mechanistic men with no religious humility to hold them in check. Proving that good men still stand by and do nothing while evil masquerades in religious garb and flout’s their atrocities in the face of the collective world eye view to cause even greater human misery and suffering in the name of their false faiths. Humble faith is the preserve of the faithful being, man woman or child. This will always inhibit the ego from using force to impose their will on others. The tenets of each faith are for the faithful while the beast of modern teraforming machine mindsets, use politics and economic slavery for their mastery in the modern-day march of the machine mind. This soulless existence which reveres things instead of people, which does not allow that there are a wide diversity of species in the animal kingdom as well as in the human species (race creed colour etc) proving that life prefers diversity over uniformity, a compulsive need of the mind that old tuck and tidy OCD of modern-day life. So why does the ant colony of the human hive mind want a production line mankind all rolling of the factory construction belts with the same skills education and with a will to having and then to squeezing every ounce of material worth out of their soulless existences. Have we been invaded by an alien species that is turning mankind into the conscience in the machine. Ready for the day when they will all be born, and placed in a body suit with exoskeleton and onboard OS with weapons and tools to force their will on all who oppose the mechanistic dominion of a cold logical and analytical power that will brook no resistance. Sieg Heil.

A rumour from the stories of creation by the heavenly host that goes like this …..

Way back at the very beginning of the concept of this time limited virtual reality called life. When the creator used his avatar to step through the world forming processes of this linear experience to build the elements and materials of this prison pen of life, so that we cannot build anything too dangerous with the materials available, that all things will recover over time as it marches on, ever seen a time laps video of the recovery from fire, the creep of the wild as it reclaims abandoned living abodes. How weeds burst through tarmac to reach the light, you must then see that life will find a way and nothing is forever. First came the energies of this reality which were deliberately limited. As this pen was built with our human life force in mind, a dedicated environment to take seed from ignorance to sentience over time. After this came  matter out of which all things are produced. As the first beings made proved, that instant autonomous perfection or ‘angels’ after their wilful fall. Proved that you must earn the right and then prove it in life deed and action to really be humble and not abuse the power vested in man by the divine plan that placed the divine spark at the core of being. Once the environment was stabilised the power of creation then instituted the seasons and cycles of life, then to design the evolutionary process into the seasons of man to develop a conscience rational mind that can reason and create. After all this the fall from paradise was set in motion for as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end, that which fell must rise again to paradise and to either return in full worth or to relent and submit to the will of heaven as the prodigal son must ever return to the father.

It has been revealed that the creator having driven man from paradise set four angels (archangels) at the four corners of Eden, barring mans return to the state of grace. That he has not directly interacted with man again except through the three silent voices he instilled in being, instinct (father of all living beings), intuition (the Christ in the heart that teaches and instructs) and inspiration (living imagination, dreams and visions) and using the host of heaven to deliver exact messages until man has been domesticated. After all livestock is penned and bred for domestic use.

The machine mind that does not see itself as a creators property and is more inclined towards the view of the star seed will insist on stamping out the emotional being as they are considered an enemy of their rational and logic, too superstitious or just too alien to the flotsam and jetsam from space debris that landed here and tried to supplant the indigenous species with its own cuckoo seed.

It is however said in the rumours of the heavenly host that when the creators avatar first stepped on this ball of dirt on the single continent of life the jewel in the watery world of mother earth, that his first footfall on the ball the right foot was planted on the land that is now called Scotland and that the second footfall was in what is today called Ireland, although the Irish supporting contingent of the host (they favour Scotland and Ireland over England in a good-humoured and good-natured way of course) that It was the other way around and the avatar was facing south and not north on that long ago fabled first foot on mother earths single great continent. (uncorroborated, some timescale issues?) That only started to split after the tower of babble drove a wedge between the nations of man, causing continents to shift and divide. So this would have made the first footfall on the globe in Ireland (the right foot) and the second in Scotland, that would be the left foot to you and me. But I have to ask you where in the world did the tradition of the first footer come from, and Is Ireland not known as the land of the Irish colleen, the right is associated with mind and the left is for heart, if that is converted to masculine mind and feminine heart it almost proves itself then. Or was it just like meant to be, instituted as a celebration of life and change, a glass in hand raised to life and living not for material goods or wealth, but for hearth and home and states of well-being.

Well the genetic embedding of the language of English was time delay released (a season of man) and would be constructed and developed in situ and through a seasonal time release process that could only ever come into being if man evolved. Makes you wonder what some of the alternatives might have been.

To say that man has turned the corner may seem a little presumptuous to say the least while we still appear to be skirting the edge of disaster (the day the earth stood still Keanu Reeves style) and will now begin the return journey back from the precipice of Armageddon. Though not out of the woods yet we are at last seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

On a point of view basis of the world vision of man as the parasite on the back of this angelic egg, the star seed children are then reduced to bugs and fungi on the back of a burgeoning ball that is still going through growing pangs. When looking at the bi-polarity that exists on this ball of dirt, can it be that while one half of the globe is in darkness and the other in light is man in those regions not just the polar opposite of those on the other side, wow good job it spins at a steady spit roasting cycle to be able to cook both sides at once, even if they are growing apart into a schism of polar opposites that will escalate to an inevitable conflict.

The husbandry rules are again employed to keep numbers in check and to use breeding programs to sustain numbers. The main tools of the husbandry method are the use of the carrot and stick to drive and herd and get obedience. These are still the tools of empire, reward and punishment by the state to get conformity of behaviour from the masses. The preserve does not end there, ask any man who has been in the dog house when the shrew turns on the disobedient man to see how good behaviour is expected by the moral judge and heart of the relationship, the woman in their life. A husband is taken by a woman and is brought to heel by the courtship process. Or the girl is a good daughter of her father and is the obedient heart to a caring mind (not as common as you would like to think) and is content to be the heart of the relationship with an educated or well domesticated man.

So the polar opposites of the spinning third rock spit roast barbecue of man in the fires of metaphoric hell, may well be programmed into the dominant species genetics, that if only two views are left in the world, a final conflict is either inevitable or a marriage of convenience will have to be arranged or forced into being. Out of the two which could be the head and which is driven by emotional superstitious drives of the heart that wants only total annihilation of all of its supposed enemies. The north American Indian tells us that two wolves are fighting in the heart of man one good and one savage and this terrible state of the heart and its conflicts in life all seem to stem from this, the very essence of good is benign while great atrocities have been done through a lack of compassion and basic humane care. The infamous Nazi war machine, Genghis Khan to name but two nations.

The empire builders brought, trade to new lands and when their beads and trinkets did not get them what they coveted (land, metals minerals and spices and goods) they unleashed the four horsemen as they went under the banners of churches to invade under the pretence of trade, then to extend their initial footholds on new lands to unleash the devastation of disease (pestilence), this produced famine’s, even Ireland and Scotland had it with the potato blight under the empire masters drives. This ignited wars and with this came hatred compounding scars into each invaded racial groups collective psyches and racial memory. And inevitably death was the final strike to the races who followed the path of the untamed hearts of natural man, by a ruthless empire driven mad set of kings and queens and warlords. After this initial drive into the wild states of man by the mind driven need for taking what it wants and giving itself the right to do so, under the pretentious drive for better consciousness sentient behaviour and civilised ways of suppression for obedience, to raise the funds at home. And when the four horsemen had done their job, a thousand years later and we see that the end does not justify the means as the schism of a subjugated set of nations and the ill will they feel for their imposed lords and masters is keeping the two tribes still in conflict with occasional outbursts of small wars and regional conflicts are all that can be mustered by the dwindling will to destroy. You could say that the flesh is willing but the heart isn’t in global death machines in this day and age. Amen to that brother.

One tiny little footnote.

What if the Celt’s are the hobbit’s of this only earth, like the hobbit’s of middle earth. And if so just where is Gandalf when you need him, and falling into a pit and defeating the beast in its own lair is not an acceptable excuse. Nice new white outfit by the way old man.

Man’s Subjugation Of Women

Fear always has to Dominate

Female Beauty

Female Beauty

The collective present world history is pretty much an indictment against man as a beneficent being, just learning manners and working his way through the world. The middle east and pretty much of the rest of the third world is still a male dominated preserve, only in the west do you find man trying at least to treat women a little better. The west’s preoccupation with the female form and beauty is again a distraction from the fact that even we still influence women’s clothing presentation and position in society at large.

To fully understand the weakness of men we have to understand the means by which the middle eastern man or third world country controls and manipulates women to own property and the upbringing of children and then we have to compare the west’s behaviour to see if it is simply a trick of the light that we are being better to our women and girls.

The origins of this domination started something like this. A girl in a village situation was kept uneducated under male control, she works in the household from an early age and is used to look after younger siblings as the mother works, the man will not be seen except as the boss that must be obeyed. The taking of innocence at a tender age will keep a girls emotional nature close to that of a child a deliberate ploy to ensure that the children will be reared and educated as well as played with by a mother that is nearer their age. A typical twelve to fourteen years age gap was considered ideal by the ruling male class. Usually no child can hold property and so to encourage a young man to marry a non productive (not working or earning) girl, a dowry was/is sometimes used, or the woman was bought with livestock from the suitors family. The arrested emotional and educational development of the females leaves the men in control of the property, work and the lives of those in his household except in a Kraal environment where the tribal system has the women in stockades and boys and men with the livestock . because a girl is still considered more wilful and obstinate than boys, well they know they are heading into a servile life would you go quietly. A boy is/was given status and shown that he is/was superior to the female and the gender divide that was created is less than a peaceful stand off. The drudge of their lives is further compounded where genital mutilation is still in practice, this is still seen as the best way to ensure fidelity over a promiscuous girls desires. The tactic of keeping women suppressed is rigid and inflexible and is endorsed by laws and religious practices.

The idea that sexual promiscuity was once rife where wilful girls were once prized is just at the edge of awareness, the sheer amount of reported rape and capture and incarceration of people by ISIS has helped to highlight the root of this problem, controlling men with guns using sexual slavery or force and the threat to life to work their wills on another people and the stories and rumours are just horrible enough to close the areas down and to secularise the districts and to reduce or control migration or movement. After all a coward needs a mask or a disguise to hide behind and a wall of hostages are the common cowards stock in trade. Sort of like, ‘me got big gun duh, wall of humans to shield me, now bait then kill the world’.

The western practices have gone a long way to showing that the differences between the west and the east appear at least on the surface to be worlds apart. We no longer have war zones on the streets of the British empire (since northern Ireland’s troubles stopped) we have established a world trade for goods, a world banking system and fairer non religious governmental systems. Better educational standards, extensive social facilities from music and the arts to local community hall or local school productions, this gives more citizens of the west the potential to lead useful and fulfilling lives. Couple this with the plethora of career’s available, lends a feeling of wide diversity to the look and feel of the modern-day working environment. The main drawbacks are the glass ceiling and that job sharing has proven that there really is not as much work available for all of the populace is causing a have and have not divide in the social sectors of the west. The economic forces that forced larger class rooms and fewer teachers is a modern-day problem from the adhoc development of a royal form of democracy that we have inherited and had no hand in reforming or modernising.

Girls in the west are educated as equally as the males, the opportunities are equally available to both sexes. The girls dress codes are a little bit more daring than the eastern mind-set is comfortable with and the fact that we tend to develop relationships based on the heart rather than the heads cold hard rule like the eastern ones with arranged marriages and genital mutilation as a control tool are to horrific for the western mind to be comfortable with.

The practice of the child bride syndrome of the late eighteenth century are almost a thing of the past in this day and age yet even the western mindset still seems to hanker after the sexualisation of young girls that has lead to an underground suppression of the scale and the facts of this type of practice are still to be sounded out. This is very like the eastern thinking of domination practices for women.

The sheer fact that the insecurity of men is further reinforced by these controlling factors has not gone unnoticed in this modern-day rise of the spectral shadow of ISIS and other eastern groups. Has for once brought home to the west the notion and scale of the neurosis of the mindset of man.

Men have established their authority over women for thousands of years using religion and then law to subjugate women to the will of man.

The tactics laid bare are that women are second class, they are emotionally arrested at an early age and their educational standards are crippled to keep women tied to the concept of male control and supremacy. They are married off to add to the family base and to keep property in the man’s hands. Men’s practices are more about mind control and power and the retention of property and wealth than anything else. This makes man the mind of the relationship and the women are the heart of the hearth and home.

As with the once heard bleat of modern-day rapists that the provocative dressing of a woman is seen by these mental morons as provocation or justification for the rape they instigated was once seen as a legal loophole for their crimes. The eastern man has even less self-restraint, take the case of the western female TV anchor and reporter who was abused as she reported a story in Egypt. Man has no intentions of reigning himself in and denying himself what he thinks is the male right over women. If a woman dresses provocatively this is no excuse for any man to claim her cloth covering ensnared his feeling so much he could not do anything else but deny her rights and inflict his desire on her just does not wash in the light of the western model, women dress as they please here with minimum interference and men are not incensed by provocative dress and jumping every female they see. The eastern mindset that uses these excuses hardly hides from the wider world their own insecurities are beginning to sound like hollow alibis and even out-and-out lies. The eastern mindset that does this is just trying to justify its own unrestrained lust. The recently well reported spate of rapes in India is a case in point, that the eastern mindset still only see women as a sexual object for male satisfaction and control. These are isolated incidents and the biggest majority of eastern men behave well as a rule. The exceptions are a shock and a major stain of the soul of man. The eastern mindset that looks at the west only ever knows us through our advertising and programs, then they see our women and how they dress and you can just hear them all think ‘houri’ the undisguised lust in a sexual attacker or in an ugly crowd is still enough to strike fear into the heart of any girl caught alone or isolated by circumstances.

The stoning or killing of women for dishonouring the family is still a further problem that needs to be addressed. A daughter is seen as property of the family and so must not show that she has a mind of her own, that her heart is not her own and any man who the family does not select is seen as a betrayal of the family bond. This betrayal of the family bond turns the loved child into a burden of shame that cannot be borne without satisfaction being exacted. So women as property of the family is the last area of concern on this terrible subject. An enlightened man who feels this shame would insist that the girl and her husband leave the district as they would be a constant reminder of the shame the family felt. Dead or alive the shame would stay with them either way but man and his savage nature demands blood. That any child had a mind of their own and chose to take the reins of her life is off course such a crushing shame that it demands their life or blood in a savage and brutal way for satisfaction. Yeah the nature of the beast.


The Political Beast

Perception with Insight

Clan Scotland

Clan Scotland

With a final SNP vote count of 1,454,436. The political Tsunami which sprung out of the Independence Referendum, turned the tide of sneaky Westminster back door actions and interfering ways. The hard clout on the snout that they got was even more annoying when the newbies ignored the Commons traditional seating stances (er if you see what I mean). The facts are quite astonishing the result is unprecedented in any political system in the world today. 50 new seats, the old vanguard defeated and almost routed off the Scottish political map. The Labour Conservative and Liberal annihilation in Scotland has left this nation more aware of what can be achieved with a willingness to apply yourself to the given task, can produce landslide changes in the political landscape. The new Scottish political voice cannot be silenced while the non voters are too few in numbers and too widely spread to be effective or to make a significant impact in voting results. This should have been obvious to any anonymous brand of political activity. The other parties have been blooded and the fifty new scalps are now hanging from the SNP banners.

The post mortem of the ‘Tsunami’ will be ongoing and protracted. The achievements of the first minister are outstanding. She came out of the shadow of a formidable politician Alexander Salmond, under who’s wing she served a seven year apprenticeship, has shown that she has indeed learned from the master. This woman never halted from the IndyRef and hit the campaign trail ground running to spear head the assault on the Westminster Elite and provided her with another string to her bow in her arsenal of political tools for the coming struggle to effect changes in the governance of the people of Scotland.

The fact that Nicola Sturgeon is now an iconic figure for women’s causes in the country cannot go by without a mention either, as the amount of women voters must surely have had some impact on the final vote. While the own goals scored by the opposition cannot be ignored either. This plus the real idea that a great number of Scottish voters used the vote to get a head count of the Scottish army of voter willing to add their weight to the political system and helped swing the final vote cannot be ignored either. Now the task is set to wrestle as much power back to the country from the Westminster base is just about to begin in earnest.

The Indyref had a great swell in the political interest of the nation in just the last hundred days, the No vote result galvanised so many just a bit too late in the day to swing it to a Yes result. This had the effect of leaving Scotland wondering just how many of us think that we can govern ourselves and still work in a new fiscal partnership with the British coalition, sovereignty and home rule are now in the thinking and considerations of the new Scottish youth voters and some of the old vanguard are now coming on board as they realise what a difference this will make to the living standards of everyone that lives within the Scotland borders.

The swell in the Indyref numbers at the tail end caught the Westminster leaders by surprise and left them without enough time to take positive action, against the fated if not now inevitable turning of the political tide in Scotland. The campaign trail was littered with half cocked actions by the likes of Jim Murphy and even Gordon Brown was shown what the real people of Scotland really thought about them, Douglas Alexander and a few more notables were handed their P45’s at the poles and sent packing to think again.

This when coupled with the Labour tactics and Conservative lording It over the four nations of Britain. Saw the electorate in Scotland backed into a corner by austerity terror threats to the weakest and poorest in the land, as they appear to intend to want to keep filling the coffers of their corporate masters. The labour were in part also ousted by the English voters that had enough of the Labour lottery winning tactics of spend, spend, spend. While the UKIP and the Liberals took a tanking on the gory battle field of British politics voting system.

So a hefty congratulations to the Nicola and the SNP hard working newbies and volunteers that with their effort made this happen for this decisive win in a game that we traditionally have never ever won in.Hope over fear has shown what can be achieved.

From the 45%ers to the 56%ers of 1,454,436 votes and still rising Saor Alba. The tide is turned and the Scottish waters are next.

A Vision of Beauty

Seeing is believing

georgeaquaregirlsI came across the picture of the two girls with the Saltire on the shameful night in George square who were attacked by the Unionist thugs and still stood up to the intimidation and baiting. Quite a heroic act in the vein of Flora MacDonald’s story of her break in Prince Charlie’s escape.

It struck me that we do not give credit where credit is due to our lassies, the girls, women and ladies that make up the better half of mankind. So …….


Nicola IIThis country has a new first minister Nicola Sturgeon and she has set a cracking pace right from the start and is brushed up on the facts and is both shooting from the hip with glib responses, to firing salvos from the shoulder marksmanship quality to one and all. They at first underestimated her and it is now beginning to make the opposition dig deeper for facts and to brush up on their knowledge, shame in most cases it’s their own history, policies or just their party that is at the base of their own embarrassment. Hoisted by their own petard springs to mind so far from the recent exchanges. The steady line and the cautious approach Nicola has taken for tack in the exchanges is the sure route towards a final push in May.

The SNP are a small unfunded party, with limited resources and they cannot possibly compete with the might of the Tory backers on a level platform, the Labour coffers or even the UKip’s mysterious donations. So instead of crowd funding on a site donate to your local branch, or an SNP site donation to help with the final push towards the election.

lulu IIIt is also time to recognise the efforts and talent of one of Scotland’s best long term assets namely Lulu. This woman is a survivor, has travelled the globe received an OBE and still sounds Scottish. She has maintained an active career in each decade since her Eurovision Contest win (Boom Bang a Bang) in 69 right up to the closing ceremony at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014.




Michelle Mone IMichelle Mone has done a great deal for women lingerie including styles and materials. Her business is still based in Scotland and continues to corner quite a market share.







This brings me to some internationally famous women of the world.

kellybrook.html-1Kelly Brook is the unofficial nations sweetheart, with an extensive career in modelling, acting and has a few other irons in the fire. Kelly also recently celebrated the unveiling of a new collection for plus-sized clothing range, Simply Be. While we are waiting for the release of her starring role in new US sit-com One Big Happy.







StormFlowerCheryl Fernandez Versini yet another pond hopping great British woman with an enviable track record in the music industry, modelling (should see the Gothic Shoot images) and television work is quite a portfolio from music and modelling to perfume, namely StormFlower’s recent success to the donation of £100,000 from the proceeds to charity.




Pixie Lott IIMiss Pixie Lott will be a relative surprise to some, but she is an established and accomplished singer songwriter and performer, with some acting credits. The thing that brought her to my attention for this piece was her appearance on Strictly. She came across well and seemed to enjoy the whole experience. Definitely a home-grown talent that should remain in the British star sky for some time to come.

Shania IIShania Twain this international singer songwriter has some impressive credits to her name. Her residency in LA, her humble beginnings in Windsor Canada, She changed her first name to “Shania” in 1990; it reputedly means “I’m on my way” in the Ojibway language. This woman’s stage presence is electric. She has a liking for fireworks and effect in her shows for all ages. Her album successes range from ‘The Woman in me’ , then ‘Come on Over’ with so many great singles from it to the more recent UP!. It is with great sadness I have to report she is preparing a final tour, never had the chance to be there, but the videos are excellent. The music world will be a little bit darker without her light and talent on a stage.


ShaniaThe most endearing point about this talented song writer and great performer is how she came to write the song From this moment, and the tragic events that brought the song into being. Hope she keeps performing even if this is the last tour.



Shania-Twain-29468470-500-375 Shania-Twain--29468518-500-375shaniatwain1_eShania-Twain 02












This has just been a little accolade to some of the unsung women out there with amazing talent’s and careers. This blog is a little too small to add any more at this time. Just thought it needed saying.

Wan fir the lassies oh!





War of Attrition

C Scot 03

Rules of Engagement

Historically when an emissary was sent to a ruthless warlords camp the best result that could be expected is they are treated as the poison pawn. It is assumed by the warlord that the enemy knows their stance on the matter and that the emissary is someone the enemy wants to get rid of. The warlord knows that they will never play the enemies game or try to use their system against them, as the system of any regime is always rigged in their own favour. So most emissaries were send back in pieces traditionally as a head and tail set.

When an invading army takes over a country its tactics have never changed, no matter the good causes they have claimed or even the weak excuses they have declared, they are there to kill the occupants or drive them out and to settle the lands as their own. In an aggressive and ruthless campaign this will be achieved in a continuous and sustained program of land grabbing, clearances and fiscal persecution or attrition that generates contrition. The tactics are as old as the world and they are well proven.

The oppressed, persecuted and harried population is led to believe that the occupier is willing to be negotiated with, if you accede to their system, they will adjudicate and they will sentence the action or petition according to their own rules as they see fit by their own elected judges and by their laws. Now how can that not work in the favour of the persecuted, who the occupier only wants to get rid of in the first place. So this delaying process is in place for to Winkle out the dug in, the hard to reach and disguised or protected dissenters. For the process of being eradicated and/or  transplanted. Like sending in the dogs to flush the badgers out really, again an old and well-tried system that is historically proven.

In the modern world the action of attrition is to pursue the defaulter with letters, door knockers and other kinds of legal sanctions as threats. Funny thing it is illegal to send threats in the post, so the police must come and hand you a summons. As the implied threat is illegal in the first place in a democracy where you choose to opt in or have the right to abstain as you wish. But in a dictatorship this postal and legal loophole would just not exist as that would contradict the terms of a dictatorship, where the diktats, I order you around you do as your told and I will give myself the powers to do what I like with you or against you as I see fit, are the rule of the imperial order.

So while you still can in a crumbling democracy, accept no letters, respond to no letters, the system if you engage with it will assume you are prepared to play by its laws or rules and so you are then subject to them. This is just taken as a sign of surrender in their own parlance. Just stonewall them all. Start to affiliate in groups and then under one banner say Clan Scotland, Clan Catalonia, Clan Hong Kong. Then formulating a democratic charter of the people, for the people, by the people. Then with an indigenous majority declare your Sovereignty, the democratic charter will hold any elected government to task by the people, they will not have powers to change legislation, as emergency measures will be outlined in the people’s charter. A separate non ruling non party group will be convened for amendments to be tabled and a country-wide referendum style vote will be used to change the charter, no behind closed doors dictatorial tyrannical rulings ever again.

Freedom has always come at a price, but in this modern-day do not engage with the enemy, do not waste time fighting the old system, spend your energies building the new and spreading the word and building membership. The price for this nation is to stand together to unite and declair ourselves on a world platform and to cease and desist playing the dictators games.

In the referendum the 18% that registered to vote but did not, showed a valid way to tell the occupier that you are not willing to vote in a rigged game. Now in an election if we are all fully paid up members of a Scottish party, and the membership is big enough to change the party manifesto to address less than popular issues in the party stance say. That says that the will of the nation is nationalistic. if every person in the country registers to vote and does not vote for any of the occupiers puppet party heads, that is a double statement being sent to the new age dictators that are giving themselves high and mighty powers in a non war environment, our home front. A bloodless coup.

If you don’t want a fight do not engage with the enemy for any reason, do not answer the door to their requests, do not respond to letters or enticements, to engage in any fashion gives them justification that you are willing to negotiate on their terms.

Way back in the mists of time when clans where glen based isolated units, that barely knew their neighbours except at gatherings, markets and shindigs. An envious neighbour took an interest in what we had, land and water and minerals, you know the classic goods that the ruler of the waves went around the globe acquiring from any fledgling country that was unable to defend against their tactics and the might of their guile. This nation likewise was then occupied some three hundred years ago using the tactics that took advantage of these isolated and separatist clans, that could not unite or agree on anything to divide and conquer. After the highland clearances thanks to the camp belles, war camp followers, the only ones (males) that would wear kilts and pretend to be Scottish clans from the next glens and were from the Campbell’s clan. They still could not slit throats in the night like a seasoned soldier would have. So be thankful for small mercies.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is ……….

The Nation is split between the infiltration occupier and its workforce residents and the last remnants of the existing Scots. So it is time for a head count, to generate new clans and affiliations that are Scotland concentric and do not pander to an occupier’s vanity and their rigged games. Get the head count tally the base and build a political force with real people power. Do not ever again play the enemy at its own tactics, and remember that the real enemy is not the English people, but the EU drive to dictatorialise the Westminster political system away from its democratic purpose. As the EU core is a Capitalist base that wants a disposable complete world work force, that is economically manipulated and restrained. So choose the right political people driven politics democracy, or become the slave and willing workforce of a capitalistic world state order of the new Third Reich (third rise).

This will be the third strike for this Germanic root base for world domination, so are you Luke Skywalker or an imperial droid. May the force not be with them.


Relationship Advice

Time for Scotland to Wear IT’s Trews

Four Square

Four Square

I keep hearing that Scotland is being threatened with sanctions, destruction of support services, banks and all other kinds of worrying actions threatening to pull out of our shared interests, that the south of the Island wants to level against the north of the Island. I think it is past time for us to call in a relationship counsellor. It could go something like this….


Petition for the Briton family Mr & Mrs Briton for divorce or separation.

Mrs Briton (formerly Scotland)

Mr Johnny English Briton (formerly John bull)

Statement from Mrs Briton.

We have been together since 1707, after being invaded and forced into a union (arranged marriage) all of our assets taken and used by the main partner (Johnny English). The reduced earnings of our mutual assets all being channelled into his historical family interests. I was given a meagre living expense and basically was at his beck and call, conscripted into active service and the children forced into service to my partners legacy interests.

All mutual holdings are in the main ‘Partners’ name and all my historic monies and lands handed over to the main partner.

I have suffered historic abuse from the invasion into my homelands, rape was used to supplant the indigenous populace land workers and all lands were taken and seized for the main partners tradition interests. The systematic rape of industry and holdings continued into the present century with the closing of our own historic industries to give the work to his tradition holdings south of the border. Mining, Ship building, steel to name but three. My partner has never recognised my rights and has always used force at the first sign of any form of protest. I believe the police in my homeland are already armed to the teeth, while we are still not armed in any way.

It is understood that this separation is a material one as we are both still living in the marital home and cannot leave because of extended commitments on both sides of the border, and as a full separation means we must still live under the same roof as it is not possible to move the premises in any direction, we will still be liable for all mutual interests, shared fees and shared security of the mutual holdings.


The systematic replacement of all traditional heads of house and businesses to the aggrandisement of his southern holdings. The use of mutual assets to fill the coffers of the southern gold reserves, asset stripping silver production by under trading values in exchanges. Nineteen shillings to the pound, reducing the Scottish shilling (twelve pennies in any other persons money) to become only worth an English penny in exchange.

Repeated Invasion of homelands, Forced Union 1707, Asset stripping, Battle of George Square 1919.

Using short-changing methods in all transactions, undermining tactics and systematic abuse from main partner and all his traditional holdings staff and employees. Using a detrimental campaign of undermining and confidence erosion with extreme prejudice.

Professional Recommendation.

This is a one-sided abusive relationship that is harming the mutual growth of both partners and it is advised that if counselling for Mr English does not prove fruitful that a full divorce that allows for restitution to the injured party is established ASAP.

It is considered that Mr English should only be judged by deeds as his word is not worth the paper it is printed on.

It is interesting to note that as far as currency for the Scots goes the solution could be as simple as this..

”The last currency that this Nation had was the twenty shilling pound, that came with twelve pennies to the shilling, this Nation can use ‘A Pound’ of its own devising, or resurrect this old one without a pound note and have a fiver as the smallest note while the rest can all be coins, a Crown as the ‘pound’ coin, half crown or ten shillings for the 1/2 pound, florin as 1/4 pound or five shillings.This leaves the shilling to be divided by a penny, a threepence (1/4 shilling) and a sixpence or half shilling making it divisible against any decadent (10) money base as it has a unit, a half and quarter in it’s make-up.

There is nothing to stop us from doing this or creating a currency of our own, as our currency will be accepted by any country that trades with us, we have a period of grace till we have to start using our own currency, after a Scottish election to elect a government. We can in the mean time about eighteen months to two years still use our slave lords currency as they scrapped our one to suit their purposes.

All this dithering is just yet another tactic from the people that claim the highest moral superiority over other nations that they are currently invading and forcing their will on, just why is it that the west has to be bullied to just do the right thing, makes you wonder.

For all those No voters out there, you are playing right into the hands of the dictators of tomorrow, the Brussels puppet government, while you are being made to fly the British flag it is Germany that will be leading the Brits for the foreseeable future, Your fathers and grand fathers fought to keep them out of our business and you open the door and welcome them in by the back door.

Hope you can live with yourselves.”

And on that final ‘Note’.


Myth Busters #3

‘Beauty is only skin deep’


Concept Art

Concept Art

The common belief for this to be true is that the inner person has no beauty, that beauty in this definition is really looks, which really are only skin deep.

The whole understanding of the terms of beauty have to take into account the subjective and the objective view of people, art, scenery, jewellery and nature to get a better understanding of aesthetic observations of beauty and the visual form.

Looks and general design appeal, define the worth or quality of a work of art, a piece of jewellery. What makes an object appear beautiful is just how much the object reflects the observers definitions of beauty. The materials, the original concepts, the embedded symbology of the piece, truisms, religious concepts or natural laws. Hence the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it would be truer to state that beauty is encapsulated by the forms or concepts of the observers ideals of beauty, that then strike a resonant chord in the higher feeling centre, the area above the solar plexus and bellow the throat.

The emotional evocation that comes from experiencing the higher feelings, when presented with beauty are directly experience in the area defined above and it is not everyone that has a concept of beauty that can be resonated. So experiencing beauty or even just being able to appreciate fine works, the observer must have a conceptual ideal of beauty in the first place. No definition no response.

The fascination in art is the sheer amount of man hours that an artist has spent creating the work. This will always bring admiration and cause sensations by concept, content and materials. The detail of the work and the final polish of the item all have a say in how well-regarded the piece will be.

BeautyThe ideal of human beauty is as subjective as the appreciation of fine art, or precious works. The eye of the beholder syndrome. Human beauty is felt to be at its highest in the female form, that does not mean that men cannot be seen as beautiful, it just means the predisposition of our species is orientated on the female form.

The outpourings of rapturous appreciation for human beauty all describe at an intrinsic level the form and definition of the outer body, while the greater historical definitions use descriptions that do not have a purely physical expression. Grace, poise, bearing, manner are often used in conjunction with beauty. The others tend towards inner manner of being statements, like ‘she had a gentle and ethereal quality to her aching and haunting beauty’. This is again objective observation coupled with subjective standards and levels of appreciation of beauty.

The most ancient and still the most prevalent holds true to the concept that it is an inner quality that defines beauty and that it is good looks or exquisite form that is the icing on the cake, for many truly beautiful artefacts cannot be said to exhibit just physical design qualities. They embody every concept from desperation, defeat, victory and salutations, the tenderness of meetings and partings, the bonds of mother and child, the fellowship and camaraderie in actions, deeds and experiences.

BeautyIIFor this reason it would be truer to state that good looks are only skin deep and are therefore truly are ‘in the eye of the beholder’. True beauty has to have a resonant subjective ideal in the viewer to transcend mere good looks.

For the sake of a nail a horse was lost

May Auld acquaintance be forgot

A Knights Sword

A Knights Sword

Well they do say the devil is in the details, he sneaked or was that snaked into paradise an hour before god knew he was there and look at the damage he did since. still is that no pride that thinks it can get ahead of god and that the all-knowing widnae know he was there wunder who put that notion in his brain eh.

Well I am moved to tears what with all the best wishes for the future pouring in from our former allies those old empire builders next door, and the whip round was out of this world, these old mother of the modern democracies, the very core world parliaments ( I meant to parley … no can’t be that simple) have moved this old nations hearts, we were here when those nasty Italians came and over ran all your ancestors, we were here when they had to build a wall to protect themselves from us, we even sent an ambassador down into England some time later a boy by the name of Willy ye know Mrs Wallace’s son, oh and she’s asking if you can tell him his tea is oot and if you can kindly send us back his belongings for a heroes funeral, after all ye raid burial places the world over so just what did you dae with Mrs Wallace’s son’s remains and of course that nice lady who yeh chapped aff her head and then destroyed the place of incarceration in Corby area  wis it, yeh know where willy stopped aff tae pay his respects on his trek doon tae see yae.

Still that’s just bye the bye (not by the by … shhhh) would like to just take a minute to thank all the bankers (gid job the spellers aff) for their support on our new up comin enterprise, the founding of a Nation. The world-wide business support from the global community is just so sweet and touching, I’m just lost for words give me a minute I’m just filling up here ….. there that’s better. The glass is full again and the cider is not sweet  but it still hits the mark, any way where was I before I had to be barman.

Something for this new age Celtic writer to finally get his teeth intae  a juicy subject:

They grave robbers owe your’s the wans that desecrate graves all over the world and plunder …. (Shh rang track matey keep it light and bright and cheery or they will think yer pickin a fight) return foreign artefacts to their empirical home on the magic isle. they can get about retuning Mrs Wallace’s son William and of course that nice heedless lass Mary if you please just as soon as yer able before our launch of a nation reborn that was burned to the grass-roots, land cleared and pissed all over (hey a warned you stop that) then land was given to the Campbell’s  in English footholds, still most left in the clearances as they wir nae mare welcome after their treachery. How dae yeh bribe a man to betray his countrymen his own kith and kin and what is the sins of the fathers that will be visited on their lineage I wonder (are you jist no listening, they get everything wrang they will think yer picking a fight … because it suits their purposes. naw because their stupid they thought they could raid the world and get away scot-free … just born on the wrang side ow the wa heh) still most of the little traitors are abroad right now and their misfortune is being visited just like the Japanese retributional wave and the Chinese  picking a fight and their economic ……WHIT are yeh on about ya witless moron just shut up and listen, you think it’s all black and white, we good they bad, are you mad lad.

This next door neighbour that never re-invested in these lands and rehabilitated it have deliberately asset stripped this country, they set up a drain that forced our native sons to work in their lands for their own economic benefits, the biggest single employer north of their border is the state lackey system they put in place instead of investing in their so-called alliance members . They moved in and took the oil selt the rights to their business partners, no co owned the rights with their fellow alliance members were jist kept subjugated by the …….. there yeh go again wi the black and white scenarios again boy yeh want tae get oot oh kindergarten, and look at the bigger picture …. ow aye and whits that when it’s at hame then, Mctavish. Well think owe how things are for them right now will ye fir a change. Naw boy jist hear me out first.

Awe they nations they invaded and also asset stripped are now putting together legal petitions for aid compensation for past misdeeds well that puts the public purse in jeopardy does it no. I’ll take that nod as ah can carry on tae ma point in all this. Well lets just say that a small part of their nation is about to break away from the unscrupulous neighbours, and that, that new emerging pristine example of true democracy that will spring from the lions of the great up rising … ahem … the point is, owe aye sorry getting carried away there fir a minute, well what if this new nations first act of independence is to make world numbered account banking system that charges for storage regardless of wealth contained and was to say start a litigation against its auld ally for past transgressions, from a standpoint of prior claim against the rest of the world claims, we then deposit the amount in one of our own new banks as working collateral in say an old whisky storage vault yeh know wans wi fifteen feet thick walls. we then give them a chance to re-secure the deposit against the day when they will make full restitution as long as they start a program of reinvestment in this nation for our good service in the past. We come oot owe it as shining knights helpin a poor downtrodden struggling neighbour fir a price ow course, well whit dae yeh think man. That’s a hell owe a way tae get a nae strings loan for an indefinite period, ya auld silver fox yeh.

Well jist tae play devils advocate as yeh know they will, which is what yer askin me fir tae sound it oot on. Whit if the reason this nation canny stand up is we awe think we have tae get a job geen tae us, instead of making our own money, what if that’s why the biggest employer is the state, in the first place, because we awe think somebody has a job fir us, or that the world owes us a livin, because the majority of us canny think fir ourselves. Ah canny name a single big Scottish entrepreneur can you. Shaun Connery, Billy Co ….. awe right awe right, there are wan or two oot there some place.

So let me see again you want tae cut a deal with the well-known business practices and moral fibre of the auld ally in the hope that they will be unscrupulous and try to Welch on their obligations, when they are paying so much in foreign aid to pay historic debts to nations that proved legitimate claims against them. And that are under the throes of a world recession, is the best time to try to cut a deal with the auld liar ally, is that no jist what a modern day Campbell would dae Mctavish. Jings never saw that wan comin did you.

So dae yeh think we have a prior claim against them then eh. heh heh.

But ah wid hate tae be in the shoes of any emerging nation that got its imperial system left by the brit abroad that then try’s to take ‘them’ to court in their ‘own’ system. Imagine thinking they can beat the devil at its own game it could be a beast of a play aff, i’ll bet yeh. Good thing we still have Scottish Law then isn’t it eh.

So whit is that David Campbell’s phone number again (Campbell naw couldn’y be could it.) and i’ll gee him a call eh get the ball rollin so tae speak. Noo you keep this tae yersell no, nay gassin tae the lassies doon the pub on a lumber ken hoo its no jist yer gums yeh bump when yer rammin it hame. Loose lips sink ships when a lassie waggles her hips at yeh. So zippit till a gee yeh the heeds up. We could be laughin all the way tae the bank min.

Noo just where did a leave awe they skeletons in the closet stories about they auld neighbours of ours must brush up on ma acceptance speech after they finish haying their gag about pulling oot owe our lands. Came saw conquered by treacherous locals, asset stripped to the bones war atrocities slaughtering our legitimate line to supplant it with some auld long lost cousins, naw a new democratic charter by the people of Scotland to bring their own government to a democratic charter with the people, to serve it to never knowingly misuse the peoples power against them and claim it’s in ‘their’ best interest, to never deny them their birth rights ……. awe right ma heeds buzzin wi awe this ….. lets get a pint in before the bell and you remember tae keep yer kilt on, or yer mouth shut just keep it busy doin something else trust me boy it will awe come naturally it always does.

After all a cross on a ballot paper in no way infers the transfer of rights from one individual to another in a court of law, that the power of poxy attorney proxy remains with the signer if they are capable of reading and writing and can of course sign their own name. Under the rules of evidence for this United King ….. sorry … Great Brita …… British Isles yeah that more like it they haven’t a leg to stand on and cannot use your rights against you under their own legislation, no wonder they were looking for a fast track way to change legislation, you know global unrest, trouble on the streets anarchy and mayhem ruling well that never got aff the ground now did it. They must have been under the weather or sumthin what dae yeh think man.

Signed this day of our lord 1546 2014

Alec Mctavis (That’s Mr Alexander to you lot)


The wee scunner…..

A Letter for MR Fiddler ……. Pageing Mr Fiddler

Facebook PostSomething stinks in the ranks matey.

Aren’t modern business practices wonderful devices, coercion straight tied in access to the state-owned corporate enforcement arm of you will pay your bills boys brigade of dictatorial jobsworths. Blackmailing , you signed this agreement and yes they did change the goal posts on you but that does not invalidate that you signed this agreement. Never mind the fact that they changed the goal posts after the signing and are then responsible in a court of law of breaking the terms of the contract, now never let that be said out loud in a court of law corporate enforcement lawyers litigation proceedings. Can’t call them court of law or even justice in this day and age have to come up with a new name for them. After all if a cop caught on camera beating a woman up into a self-defence position means she was defenceless and had to ride out the tirade of the sustained and continued attack from a man in uniform that magical super hero costume that guarantees the calibre of the containment, who was baited by a retort from a defenceless woman, like that’s never happened in a court of law since they began, but as we have established they are no longer courts of law. And the so-called judges excuse for not detaining this man was she was big-mouthed, and not entirely without blame, what legal statute does that come under ‘me laud’ if you please …… When a big and powerful man who is not allowed to use undue force has his natural superiority hampered and hand cuffed it is only a matter of time that the right excuse will do to unleash the beast. So the cops buddy in cahoots, brothers in arms, one of the boys, the corporate enforcement litigator lets him off, stands back shocked and amazed by this…… who are you kidding Mr fiddler. Did you ever wonder where all the spoil sports and wasters all went to now you know.

Whatever happened to police training the quality of the modern man must be the new age guardsmen generation of it’s all right to have impulses. Not for one so investitured, for once the vestment of offices are accepted by state, secular or welfare offices all treachery is then null and voided by the power vested in me and Shazam as if by magic, a guardsman cracks at a joke and another brute brutalises a woman and gets away with it, there is an old saying for the collective and when you look at the high-end echelon of the ordained vessels, the antitheses is the ‘rank and file’, the good old salt of the earth. Well all that marching around in pomp and circumstances we can all tell that something is rank in the ranks and files, yet again it’s the good old salt that is getting the roasting.

English practices that all start with its nothing personal you understand it’s just business (bank backed not small home-grown), the tactics that state the clear intentions and calibre of the lying cheats and all their other infidelities, saying one thing, setting the contracts then changing the goal posts, all the calibre of trash, breaking doors down, trashing places, stop and confiscate anything you cannot prove where you got it or when you got it, as you are just the property of the self-appointed judge jury and enforcement arm of the corporate states of Brittany you will do as you are ordered ache tung javoul mien oberstumban fuhrer. They will exterminate they will extermeinate, call the Dr, what …. no who.

Imagine thinking that a god that could flood a world to get rid of your kind would think that hiding behind vestments would fool him, you were warned to stop saving your own sorry arses to protect the vision of the vestments, a good branding used to be used when that historically happened. For the crime of closing ranks and protected someone’s bad judgement call in sponsoring an unsuitable candidate,  instead of giving the baying crowd it’s justice, you and all your lineage shall now pay the price. You can run and you can hide if you think it will do you any good in the cold light of day.

Wow must have been missing this i’m enjoying myself no end. Now where are the rest of those buried bodies and closeted skeletons oh yeah I remember it all now it’s coming back to me in spades, must be where damaclese left his sword dangling …..Let loose the wards, to get ye right where you live (duck back under cover when you trash something) and the beast is unleashed and is loose on yer sorry arses and it will not let up when you are driven off the grounds and it will not relent when you and yours cry uncle and no it will not leave even one of you, you are not deserved of any form of paradise. It will hound you all out of existence and will dog your sorry steps every plod of the treck.

You cannot hide underground he owns that, you will only flounder in underwater tin cans and as you know outer space cant support you, where do you run to when you have no place to run to. Your breeding program is already hampered and new blood won’t do you any good, your blood is thinned and you are on the brink of extinction. Awe shame and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of miserable tacky lying cheating sons of Beelzebub.

Does yer mammy know yer oot, (Aye, Aye, Aye)

Hay ye got yer bobble hat, whit, and yer pawkies.

Yer mammy must luv you, have yeh got a packed lunch are are ye big boys and got lunch money. (dripping old scot sarcasm, heavy on the whisky galore vernacular)

Whit and nay bully fae across the borders took it fi yeh. (said incredulously)

Am fair impressed so am ir. (pride swells the chest)

Wha’s like us gye fue and their awe deed.