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The Writing on the Wall

Headless Chickens

They say that a chicken can run around for a few seconds to a few minuets without its head, but the body needs a head. Nick Clegg, stood up and stated he was in it to win it and the gutless party pulled the carpet from under his feet. They made it clear that they are the ones that make policy and it is them that he, just like all the other party leaders have to do, answer to the dictates of the party body. The fact that all of the parties are reigning any winning hopefuls in, just says even clearer what is the exact state of affairs in the political arena.

No one actually wants to win, Brown has picked on the teenage mums a whole seven hundred of them that are now being press ganged into a workhouse situation, a massive unpopular position to take in the so called run up to the next election. A man that will use unpopular trends to shape a hammed up fall at the last hurdle approach to winning an election, while David Cameron has taken the keep your cards close to your chest and repel all boarders tactics, to secure a tote position of also ran but hasn’t any form to speak of.

The fact that political parties do not ever want to run the country has never before been so apparent, after all they only ever want to control the woman man that runs the country. Every man is and must display obedience to the party line. None of the party needs are ever overlooked, jobs for the boys etc. But it is good that the cracks in the system are all so glaringly obvious now that the mystique of the mythical honourable members has been so irreversibly destroyed and discredited and leaves the larceny in the human heart easy to see and in this information age with everything more record able and open to being overseen. The us watching them watching us has a new and interesting dimension as we all get set to watch the party liars dance for our attention as the purse strings are tightened and they watch the cosy easy life leave on the last gravy train to pull out of easy street station for this whole century, never to be seen again in our lifetimes.

The halcyon days of the privileged lifestyle are nearing their last days as the rats all abandon the sinking ship that they all had a hand in scuppering with their attitude that they are worth it. Some body please explain to these chancers just what it means to have to earn back the trust of a nation that is now holding back the cash flow with the correct level of prudence that they could never display when they had the free and willing opportunity, to lead us all to a better final destination for the cradle of life in this far flung galaxy on the outer rim of the milky way.

The mythical sight of green shoots in this the winter of political distrust, is just another tale from the propaganda machine that never delivers. The scrapage scheme from the governments point of view is a success. The fact that companies seeking to downsize their fleet or upgrade their green footprint have left their prints all over this legal leg up. The biggest majority of people are still hesitant to buy into anything that still uses petrol and produces waste. But companies that log thousands of miles per week will be eager to take advantage and there is no exclusion clause to stop them.

As the winter starts to take hold on the climate and we head into what promises to be a bleak and hard pressed winter, we have a chance to look back on the current tidal flow in world events, another tsunami, an earthquake and a shift in two unconnected tectonic plates.

World events and emergencies will occupy the centre stage position in the current theme of the play of life as petty parties vie for position to loose the race but having to appear as convincing as they can to an already to savvy consensus of voters, as they are all glued to the public spotlight that will keep up the watching of the candle in a self imposed vigil of: ‘look we are getting our acts together but ….’ As the same old same old lame excuses will never work again. As the trend in world events start to show the hidden truths behind the hype, the manifesto lies and all of this flying in the face of the facts from their accumulated history of their greatest shames, as they begin to come to light to trip them up as world event batter them and berate them even worse than Gordon Brown had it in his accidentally imposed term of office. The collective unconscious of man will ease up on the right man in the right job for the right reasons doing the right thing at the right time.

We can all tell the lie now and know the devices used to sway attention away from the facts as the conmen members tow the party line, pay lip service to public need and opinion and just keep on doing what they have always done, until that fateful day when the consensus just doesn’t vote and will not support a monetary system that is just set to fleece the unwary and has no rules of engagement, while it asset strips the unwary using clawbacks, penalties and deposit schemes to strip the fool from his hard earned. The warring factions of Queensbury rules or humanism, the whole idea that a confrontational or warring philosophy will ever produce a utopia with an integration of markets development, resources, planning and know-how, instead of deployed in conflict being directed in unity and integration. For the better good of the collective as the elite show themselves up with their feet of clay brigade policies that have never worked or delivered tactics that are right out of the ranks of the self preservation societies book of ‘How to lay the golden goose’, or ‘The easy way to Fleece the Sheep’, by the best selling author Whatthey Dontknow Wontharmthem from the Grow rich while you daydream philosophy pamphlets from the late seventies and early eighties gurus of the new age self help authors of the ‘As it is man’ ranks of the new enlightened barracks of the sons of the Bhagavad-Gita. With new age street chants like: ‘can you feel me’, ‘get real man’, and of course that old favourite and well know classic, ‘who do you think you are kidding mr fiddler’ it is only just begun.

After all guys its time to realise the truth, your time is up now hand over real nice or we squeeze the nut cluster and harry the easily lead as a submission and a general holding up of hands to the known truths is well overdue and no lip service ‘public apology’ will ever replace making you pay for everything you did wrong, you know like penalising the underage mothers or young single parents just to loose a little more public support. But if you all feel the need to run a mile from the job or to be an also ran in the high stakes race to look like and sound like the party that would if they could but we now know you canny.

The dawning of a new age philosophy that has the public pound pulling the purse strings for the first time in this world’s history is a refreshing wind of change since the liars all set themselves up as the moral elite and could hide their dirty dealings and greedy behaviour from the glare of the public eye is now a thing of the past and has no place in the new order of things in a world that will only back systems that actually work and the voting will also reflect the beat from the street approach to keeping our fingers firmly on the pulse of progress.

The beast is finally caged and harnessed to the needs of the future for all of the branches of mankind regardless of their religion, politics, or ethnic diversity.

We can all now expect to find that our collective investments will soon be directed only into the things that we will them to back on our behalf or we will legislate the new emerging powers to reign them in if they start to stray again, kind of gives you a warm fuzzy feeling inside doesn’t it.