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Talisman Suite VI

Talisman Launch Release

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The launch release of the Talisman VI software is available from today. The last four weeks have seen the software undergoing a major user interface update and re-design, the inclusion of automatic database backups, the addition of an output settings save feature that works in the Runes and the Tarot applications. This is the final stage for the software and it has just completed a test build to create the help file tutorial videos that can be accessed from the sites ‘Tutorials’ page.

The new full one install is the completed application with all updates, as I am a single developer I am also the beta tester and the site developer and the artist on this project any problems brought to my attention from the blog comments, the facebook page will be dealt with in between the other developments as time allows. The full update is complete and single user tested.

I am happy to announce the final release of my Talisman Suite VI software release version v6.8.222. The Blog for this software is on this link The software can be downloaded from the link below. You only need to install the launch release to get the full version it is free and will only take under a minute to download and the installation will only require 2 to 3 minutes to complete. The tutorial for downloading and installing the software is for installing on Win 7 but it also works the same for XP.

The full program including finished art works and new interface.

Download: Full launch release of Talisman Suite VI v6.8.222

For full details use the link to the other blog or this one to the ImaGenIsis site and get the full information.