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The Eden Chronicles

It was just another day in paradise, while the schizophrenic Lilith was in her night time guise of Eve, that the first seeds of destruction were sown, she really resented being created as a companion for the first man. After all he had been gods first creation that was neither animal, vegetable, fish or fowl. This perfection was his dominion and she was just the side kick. This disguise of ‘another’ was to hide herself from gods infinite sight, because there were times when she played, that she was unaware of gods presence and in her naiveté she though that if she was unaware of the holy presence then he must be totally focused on something else or the role she had played was hiding her from his omnipresence.

Lilith had though long and hard about the fruit of the Tree Of Knowledge, and it seemed to her that the fruit had to be understanding, if not enlightenment. She though about Adam and how he was totally obedient to God and it annoyed her no end that the days itinerary was taken up by gods instruction in life and all of its ways, then by Adam relating the truths to her and how she was always questioning and trying to learn more. So it was only a matter of time that the little wench had had enough. Then her agile mind turned to scheming.

In her daytime aspect of Lilith she spent her time when she wasn’t just amusing herself, in contemplation while Adam was off being enlightened by God. The green embers were fanned by the constant leadership and tasks set for her by Adam, the resentment and brooding began to develop a plan to teach Adam just what it was like to always have to play second fiddle to someone else’s tune, as if he didn’t know dancing to gods tune already.

So if the tree of life is known by the consumption of a complete fruit it would stand to reason that she would have to eat a whole fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and she would achieve instant enlightenment, she would never again play dumb to Adams brilliance, for she would just look and know in an act of divination.

So she had to concoct a story that Adam would believe and would follow her deed without hesitation, so for a few seasons she mentioned a serpent and how its malice frightened her and how it was trying to seduce her from the order of god. Until she had grown the courage necessary to eat the fruit against gods will, and could still carry out the pretence that would trick Adam into becoming the dupe to her ploy.

When the fateful day arrived and she was certain that as Lilith, she was safe from his sight and while Adam was receiving instruction, she made her way to the tree and took the two fruits from it. She then bit into the first fruit and felt the insights growing, she looked at the grass and knew its purpose and cycles from seed to seeding, the birds of the air and their light bone structure that enabled them to ride the winds to soar and fly, and the plants by the river had a predilection for a moist environment, while the arid plantd conserved water and stored it for droughts. This she knew with just a glance and from just one bite, then it struck her that if she ate the whole of the other fruit minus one bite she would achieve complete understanding and be at the base of the godhood, but if she gave Adam the bitten fruit and he ate it all she would be able to steal a little ahead of him at every thing and she would in fact become the fount of all knowledge and wisdom. So maybe Adam would spend more time with her than with god.

In her new found wisdom and under the deceitful disguise of Eve, Lilith ate the second fruit waiting until knowledge and understanding grew with each bite until she decided that she would just simply know when she had eaten a whole fruit and would just discard the remains into the river where it would either sink from sight or be carried away by the body of moving water.

When she was satisfied with her actions and the knowing was becoming perception balanced with insight and understanding of all things was finally hers, she thought how wonderful this fruit was and it must truly be the food of a god, but that was why god told them to never eat it, it was his only sustinance. The tree only ever bore two fruits at a time and now they were missing and when god went to harvest the crop he would know.

So for the final act Lilith as Eve would turn on her beauty and vulnerability to pull at Adams conscience and tug his heart strings, as her new found wisdom told her that they would, now to tell Adam that she had been duped by the serpent and that she would be thrown out of Eden when god found out about her sin, the serpent was to blame and would be the perfect scapegoat for her trusting spouse.

When Adam returned she was well prepared and began her ploy, under an act of utter despair and wretched distress she pitched her story, Adam was beside himself knowing that it was just a matter of time before god knew by the absence of the fruit, that he had been betrayed. Adam took the bitten fruit and assumed that she had only taken one bite, and not at all as Lilith had surmised, and as she was waiting with bated breath to see if he would capitulate, his pacing stopped and he swiftly bit into the fruit and then threw the remains into the river in one swift contemptuous act, it was tough to swallow and stuck in his throat and caused a lump to appear that to this day is called the Adams Apple, apple as in Adam’s ‘fruit’. Tears and regret and anguish still choke the throat because this act has affected the larynx of men.

Lilith was beside herself internally because she knew that it would now take Adam many years of learning from trial and error, to ever achieve her state of enlightenment, and that she would suffer the length of eternity at his side with greater knowledge while he crawled out of ignorance the hard way. She would now become the guardian of his little bit of knowledge, to learn to steer the course for both of them as it was only a matter of a little while before god found them and he would know the truth on sight.

God found them at the break of the next day and he commanded them to leave Eden, he posted four Angels at the gates of paradise and has never spoken again to man, or any of the agencies of man.

The only way back into paradise is earned and not by working for mammon, but working on the self. The immortal soul creates our characters and then places them on the wheel of life which will separate the wheat from the chaff, building the character that is equal to paradise is a task for more than one generation on the wheel, some gifted souls only need the single life and ascend in a single pass, they are usually workers for the light. So as the soul makes us we cannot ever sell it as we are a product of it. The souls task is to build a character that is fit to dwell in paradise, and each and every one of us is an experiment in real time.

God wrote no book, built no churches and never preached a word ever. Christ never wrote a book, built a church or preached the word. Even. Gurus don’t write but instruct or teach.

The instruments of mans understanding are language, writing and laterally moving images and sound. Before you disagree, just answer one simple question. Which language is the word written in? bearing in mind that it was used by god for creation, and god has never used the word again, and the tower of Babel came much after mans eviction from paradise. Just Babbling on till you get the message.

A little bit of knowledge is a dangerous thing, the true steps to enlightenment are all small and sure, there is no leaping ahead, there is no ‘fast root’ or ‘froot’ that will give you instant wisdom and clear insight and great perception. Woman will either be honest or duplicitous as their nature decides but all will be the crucible for life until the immortal soul is again realised when the final generation of man is born into being. While men will continue to lean towards their base nature until they get their minds out of the gutter. This should continue until the day when we finally stop bullying each other and learn acceptance and tolerance and adopt humanitarian rules to live by instead of secular beliefs like politics and religion, who’s favourite pastimes are war and elitism, as history shows only too well.

So given how things still are and how wars, famine, disease and death stalks the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve, it looks a mighty long way to the end of eternity from here, at about half past Hades, give or take a millennia or two.

Everything else is a lie to manipulate the masses.

But have a merry XMass all the same.

3 Mobile Broadband

What you need to know before you pay and go. Before you go and reach for that last little stocking filler for you family IT junkie. Watch what you get yourself into.


The well publicised 3 Mobile broadband is trading under a false remit. Namely that it calls its mobile modem a broadband. Well in my area the fastest connection I have ever had is 153 kbps, that’s just slightly less than three times the speed of a 56k modem. The average speed I get is between 14 kbps and 19 kbps that’s about the speed of an old 14.4 modem. So why does it advertise megabits per second speed when it cannot deliver them.


The other tricky thing is when you are setting up the account you cannot purchase mobile broadband time its just your average mobile topup, that before you connect to the sight must be converted to extras on the site if you don’t put in more credit than the service amount you will find that you will be charged at £1 per 1 mb, so don’t watch yourself.


Don’t phone the help line as it is charged at premium rates and is dealt with by an Asian taskforce and the English and diction can be a little tricky and if you lose the rag they will keep you on the line with the old gag. ‘Hello sorry can’t hear you’. ‘Your phone must be faulty’ and this will be repeated until you get the message and hang up to save paying for nothing.


So you have been warned


Have a good holiday