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The Divine Feminine

The Eternal Woman


From the height of grace and inner beauty
She charms devotion into duty
Where insight is perceptions vision
Her greatest knowing avoids life’s collision
Balancing out the twins of Chi
Nurturing the soul to be all it can be
One foot in the divine one on Gaia’s ground
Her faith and imagination are now unbound
Her lioness stance stemmed the destroyer’s flow
Consolidating courage to see off the foe
Wings of dreams carry imaginations flight
Owning all of the day including Luna’s night
Her gifts of life know no bounds
No matter what trials are doing the rounds
The priestess of the hidden knowledge from above
From the pride of the lioness to the winged dove
She tempers the storm as she surfs life’s wave
With the power to preserve and the gift to save
From warmest love to strength and courage
Cradling life, from the dawning of the age
The lineage of time sequentially moves
The twists of the labyrinth turn in the grooves
The wheel turns as each player makes their play
Focused on winnings not their perfect day
As every fledgling learns till the need to go
Aquarius endows all of life’s blood flow
By Cupids delivery not Mars’s might
Diana holds true the arrow’s flight

It’s all in the Mind

NOT two of a kind

Way back in the mists of time, man fell out of his tree and landed on the good green earth with a thump. The clout he got was one round the ear from his affectionate dear. For dropping the baby, missing the branch and generally just being around and under her feet two much.

With time the antsy territorial stance of the female got to need a stable shelter that the kids wouldn’t fall out of, that still afforded reasonable safety from marauding predators. As luck would have it the first house hunt wasn’t for the latest mod cons, semi-detached or even a bungalow. The first house hunters had to settle for the natural formations that didn’t have occupants already, like bears, lions and maybe even wolves. Maybe the wolves had to share with weather shy people who accidentally invaded their domains and they used scraps of food to delay the inevitable till the storm had passed. Sounds more plausible than that propaganda that intelligent man decided to tame the savage beast.

Man was driven out on longer and longer trips to secure food for the settlement, this meant that the group on hunting trips had to focus on sign, and spore as well as tracking the movements of game as it grazed and used the watering hole. The group dynamic relied on stealth, guile and knowledge to secure the next meal for the collective. Single hunters didn’t do as well as meat that was substantial enough to feed the whole tribe was large and needed pack tactics to bring the beast to ground. Trust was assumed and each man knew his skills and what was expected of him this was how they cooperated to get along. The tools were basic, spears were still a long way in the future. Clubs, pits and rocks were the usual suspects and the preferred tools of the trade.

The hunting party would be gone for days at a time as the season closed and the autumn would force the largest predators into stocking up for the winter months. The natural bounty of the breeding seasons was over and the natural gluts from, fish and the grazing herds were over and the spring young that had survived the summer would be stronger on their feet and more wary as the packs moved into their migrating or hibernation cycles. Some of them stocking up on fatty deposits to sleep the winter out or getting ready to move to their winter pastures.

During this time the hunting party would have to subsist on small game and foraging and even scavenging as and when required. The open spaces allowed the luxury of being able to be apart for periods and trusted bonds were established for beaters as they lay in wait to drive the stray stragglers into the pits or over cliff edges, or into the waiting trap of natural cul-de-sacs where the stronger members would drop rocks on the unwary stampede as they were driven into the waiting jaws of the basic lair.

The formation of bonds was held in place by natural leadership qualities for the most successful groups all worked together to achieve their aim, and sharing was a way for the group to remain strong and successful. Even the young men that were able to go on the expeditions had a part to play before they put on the bulk to take on harder tasks like lifting and throwing the rocks onto the trapped animals. The fleet of foot would be best suited to driving the herd into the jaws of the trap. Every one had a part to play even if the hunters were the ones that killed the prey. The stronger the group and the more they worked as a team meant that they would all eat and earn their place at the campfire. Strength in numbers dictated the order of the day and strength was seen as an asset and was aspired to with good reason. Hunting games and sports were used to occupy the bored minds and teach skills as camps were struck by the youths as the hunt was tracking herds or following migrations.

When something went wrong either on the chase or at the kill and nerve was broken it had an effect on the collective that could seriously undermine the success rate of the hunt. Injuries that were not fatal could still have a brutal result in the chase, and even if the person regained his strength his nerve may well have been seriously undermined and this would call into question reliability and trust. With nothing but primitive understanding healing was totally a natural thing and a quick recovery and the ability to regain mobility was natural selection at work. The clumsy and the stupid or just being too wary was not a survival trait and nature would be brutal at weeding these traits out.

The mind-set that was most dominant allowed for being out of contact for prolonged periods without trust and reliability being brought into question, mentoring the inexperienced was a survival skill that would only strengthen the hunts power, and it was all show and no tell in those days, even today showing is much more powerful than telling. This expansive group psychology had the effect of needing to scan the horizon, watch for sign, forage as they went and being mindful of the need for water and knowledge of pack and herd tracks and patterns. Having a good knowledge of the lay of the land within the group lands was key to leadership success. Known killing grounds would be used again and again, and as the seasons changed taking advantage of natural pits in the local would be the difference between surviving the harsh winters and not.

Back in the old homestead, women had to live in close quarters with each other and communication was quicker and needed less and less language to be understood. At close quarter being able to read a mood would be upper most in the skills of the close-knit grouping and was just a natural extension from being aware of the children at all times.

The level of trust was just as important for the fire at the cave mouth to be kept active for the evening. The local wildlife gave them a wide berth as a rule and only the stray infant or infirm were picked off on rare occasions. The hunters would keep tracking until they had enough kills in as short a period of time to stock up the larder for a good few days. So they might even be gone for days. The transition from just walking about to find something to kill, to actively hunting to order was the difference between the surviving tribes and the ones that did not. Knowledge and even dumb luck would be accepted without any form of judgment going on in the uncomplicated heads of the group.

The cave would be the crèche area and the fit and young women would forage in the vicinity and some would even hunt small game and fish to subsidize the rations till the hunt returned.

In a close-knit environment living in each others immediacy, in maybe even cramped conditions, space and territory and even property would be paramount to the women, while men would just fashion what they needed as they went. Travel light and be capable of striking camp at a moments notice, carry only what you need to and pick up whatever luck and good fortune brought your way would be the order of the day.

The modern traits of the man away and the woman at home are as ingrained in the lowest recesses of our primitive mindsets that are still with us to this day. The tight-knit social cohesion that dominates the woman’s world of today can easily see its roots in our primitive past. Natural selection never managed to weed this group dynamic out of us much like the modern domestic dog that still circles around flattening imaginary long grass before it settles down to nap, we are still subject to the primitive recess of our heritage.

But even the most primitive modern tribe looks after its weak and infirm and the collective good of the group is still paramount, these tribes that have survived to this day have a stronger social cohesion than anything offered by the so-called civilized modern man, where greed and selfishness have become the order of the day. The very worst of tribes were the ones that cannibalized and the most destructive were raider looters and slave masters. That could never happen today in our sophisticated hurly-burly existence now could it?

Yeah, yeah heard that one before, just where are the signs of intelligent life in any of our civilizations domains anywhere in the world. China with its people power paradigm, that only works with ruthless punishments and totalitarian rule, suppressing Tibet and just who is goanna stop them. Vietnam with its national mindset of paranoid threats and posturing, to scare away who? Russia with its ruthless Iron fist held over the Georgia landscape dictating terms for power-hungry states? Even America invaded another less powerful country to enforce its rule. The rule of the gun and the use of power and coercion is not a good group survival trait.

This country has at least pulled back from the totalitarian brink a little, except where the unemployed and infirm are concerned in a time of world-wide crisis in the manufacturing industry and when the monetary system is about to collapse from the rabid greed of the select few that dictate the rules of play, they are getting ready to remake a slave class, that gets dictated to by the lucky to be having it so good. Imagine this country claiming to be a democracy, when the unfortunate (and their numbers will explode soon) are being coerced into taking any job, no provision is being made to ensure that the job actually pays a living wage, so loans and more debts will ensue, as the new broom is going to sweep away the subsidized state credits (hand outs) to keep the unfortunate in low paying jobs to keep the delusion that there can be work for all, will finally have its bubble burst once and for all.

The working tax credits, the subsidized leg ups will all disappear in this more austere atmosphere of the dying breaths of yet another civilization (and yes I do use the words carefully) like the Roman empire the Greeks, Mayans and the Aztecs before us all saw their bright and shining delusions of empire crumble to dust, under the rabid greed of the elite few, the last vestiges of a dying civilization can first be seen when the trapped dog starts to gnaw of its own leg to evade the trap, then the elite start to strong-arm the weak and infirm, to assert power and give the semblance of being in control. Very cave man of you Mr. Campbell, and they say there is no such thing as the missing link.

What sort of growth sectors are there in the world today, industry is dying, people have just accepted reduced pays, worse hours, and food prices and necessities have all taken a price hike, people have less money to spend and the tabloids keep hounding the unemployed and the infirm, and the hard pressed work force will feel justifiably aggrieved with the so-called loafers in the underclass, and they will want to see them made to work, for there hand out, but with less and less jobs no new growth sectors, the slave class is about to be reborn, long live the democratic process even if it uses totalitarian terms and dictatorial rules on the unfortunate and infirm. So much for the future fairer for all, it must just have been a sound byte or it was the truncated version of: ‘A Future fairer for all those that are in a fortunate position already’. It would seem we still have a three-tiered system being driven by a schizophrenic double act with no clear opposition to stem their flow.

The natural disaster that is the oil slick of the Florida coast has got its own gush cam so we can see it unfold. Obama stepped in at the eleventh-hour and his effort like BP’s is suddenly being seen as ‘to little to late’. The volcano that had a puff and no ashtray for the ash that threatened the airways and lost industry a mountain of cash has finally subsided but the modern-day soothsayers say watch this space, you guess?

Millions in donations were sent to Haiti and the camps still don’t see the benefits of the cash, while the food aid that gets through filters onto the black market right under their noses. Not a natural-born leader anywhere to be found, even the labour party is fudging its numbers and presenting the best of a bad bunch, ah well must just be the order of the day then.

Are any of them fit to rule?

A Fine Bromance

Much ado about Nothing

They say that no news is good news but there are some little gems coming out of the Condemnation corner in the new Westminster alliance. Scrapping the ID Cards is one of the most enlightened decisions for any government to do. The paranoid control freak tactics of the Reds in the bed has at last been brought to a halt. The era of just throwing good money after bad may well be behind us all now. Who could have seen that from the election results?

Playing god seems to be a collective pastime for the white coat brigade. They think that setting up a sterile environment to produce something that will then be transplanted into the real world and they think it will behave like it does in a sterile controlled vacuum. And they all like to project the image that they are smart if not absolute geniuses. This little computer generated virtual creation will not deliver what they expect and it will not behave in the real world as it does in their sterile game set. The genetic manipulators have been trying to make sure that they can do full cellular manipulation (the glow in the dark pigs), and the biggest leap forward in cellular regeneration happened spontaneously when a little girl grew two new kidneys (probably from stem cells) to naturally replace the damaged ones that were killing her. Imagine a being artificially generated with full cellular regeneration capability, and coupled with a long life gene and you begin to see why the media is saying that they are trying to play god, and it turns out they are in fact trying to manufacture a super human, not so much playing god as trying to create one.

Ronin Keating is just the latest in the long line of male cheats that are beginning to surface in the Nag Rags of the world. His crime is he made an oath, then let his own human weakness rule his decision-making. In the process the long list of long-suffering woman of the stars are a world-wide warning to the women out there that are expecting fidelity from stars. The long odds against the likelihood that one of these privileged if not spoilt A listers can actually be counted on to keep their pants on is sending out a clear message to the gold diggers of the world, it’s just a matter of time till they fall from grace and the settlements will be substantial, and most of them couldn’t even last more than three years, so girls of fortune take heed and go bowl one over then sit back while the demands of the industry and the opportunities as delivered by the fan base and the other gold diggers out there make the inevitable just a simple matter of opportunity and selfish motive, or just they will start to believe in their own press and when it is laid on a plate by a stunner they will lack the character to stick to their word.

Just a mention to some of the amazing and talented people who have ever been back stabbed by the morons in long trousers are Sandra Bullock one of the funniest and most natural women the world has ever produced, and a beautiful woman in her own right. Cheryl Cole the worlds sweetheart and a mega talented performer, who did not give up without a fight even when the crimes against her kept piling up. Elin Woods wife mother and absolute support to a faithless mans ego and career. Yvonne Keating after over a decade of married harmony and she was his childhood sweetheart to boot, for the kids sake lets hope his pocket hurts as much as her heart does.

Clearly beauty and talent are no guarantee of fidelity from the faithless men that populate the A list exceptional’s.

Men are always complaining about women’s condemnation for all men, how even the average Joe is put through his paces and held accountable for his every actions, is it any wonder with this level of infidelity and the wide spread of its effects from the busy commuter weekend dads that are the core of the family breakdown in today’s fast paced workplace. Is it really inevitable that every woman will be widowed to some greater passion in their man’s life.

There are just as many men that find themselves left for the newer model, left holding the unpaid bills of the avaricious females of the world, and some women even become serial divorcees in the get rich off your wealthy man culture that is endemic in the USA. Large divorce settlements and child benefit packages are the prizes for the incentives that need only a three to a four-year service with one or two children to deliver the golden handshake till the child is eighteen. Most of these men don’t even see it coming as they are usually selfish and only weekend visitors in their own relationships. Any man who emotionally shortchanges their partner, girlfriend or wife really will pay for the discrepancy. Why should any woman that brings, talent, beauty, charm or emotional support to a relationship be expected to receive anything less than fidelity, if not love.

This world will be a sadder lonelier place without the selfless acts of support and emotional input from a loving partner. If anyone is actually keeping score it looks like an even match in the media mainstream, but out of the media spotlight women are still the natural sacrificers and have the roughest time at the hands of their partners.

Relative Peace

True Connections

The modern pace of life is such that we are all hard pressed to get what needs to be done in the allotted time, to find the necessary resources to meet the commitments while focusing the will and faith to complete the tasks at hand.

The treadmill of life has the effect of making it look like we are rushing and the conveyor belt speed is like the game show prize run that leaves us all feeling like we missed something as it sped by us, and the cuddly toy gets more than one mention when we try to remember everything that passed before our eyes.

The speed is an illusion the prizes are not all important to us and yet we try to remember everything, wisdom dictates that we just remember the ones we really want and let our greed go so that we can concentrate on what really matters. There is little or no entertainment watching someone eyeball twenty to thirty prizes and only mention four because that is all that they really want. The entertainment is in watching people trying to recall more objects than the short-term memory can reasonably hold under pressure.

Life is not a game show and most people are still distracted by everything that is going on, the wisest are on their path and see only what is important to them and to those that they feel connected to.

Lighten the load, open the focus and remember only what is important to you, the ones you love and care for and carry only what you need and don’t get bogged down carrying things just in case they may come in handy, relearn the art of improvising from what is available and to utilize your time in the fulfillment of your life and reconnect with the internal world of your own life line.

The Final Countdown

The Blue Suitor

Well Nick Clegg is being wooed by the suave blue smoothie and in true man style it’s a contest without a referee, in the one corner is the middle of the road contender to the crown and in the other is the old retainer of the old school guard. And it looks like David the giant killer has taken an early points advantage by weighing in with the old one two, the gets them every time dropped defense lets shake before we start ploy.

Braking news just in Gordon the Iron (Clunking) Fist has just issued a challenge to the Cameron camp that he would like two’s up on Nick the ‘new boy’ Clegg’s swing vote. Clegg is still all coy and preening in the public eye with a demure and very chaste stance that is sending out the message that even though he is looking for a partner his initial reaction to the Labour stranglehold strongholds refusal to leave the residence is ruffling a few feathers in all of the camps. And is seen as a heavy-handed approach to forming a working partnership.

At the end of round two it’s still a very British style standoff with both parties back in their corner looking fresh and like they are conserving their energy for the next round of intimate infighting to establish who is taking the fight to the other and who is biding their time. Who is on top and who is giving ground in the early fumbles as they grope their way to a satisfactory outcome.

That’s enough of that must be that spring is in the air.

The market is yet again taking advantage of any dips to cream as large a profit as they can and some are still showing old form as they dump worthless shares and asset strip companies that are going down for the third time. In the rabid feeding frenzy that light up the glee of the Goldman Sachs type clones that are the scavengers of the deep, as they plunder the bottom feeders domains.

The general chaos has produced one clear vote of solidarity as the euro nations all agree to stand firm in the face of a crumbling, democratic and economic farce that has long passed its use by date. The German change of leadership has put a fly in the ointment with the Greek rescue plan and the hot-headed reactionary Greeks are up in arms before the measures have had a chance to produce results one way or the other, oy vey all that Latin blood and its low boiling point, death on the streets of Athens and all because of speculation not a response to facts or figures returned, but only on speculation.

Fear and greed the twin forms of the harlot of hell, greed is not about millions and is not about billions, that is just to unrealistic, greed is all about wanting that little bit more it’s an extra twenty pound on the best price, it’s getting the full discount and then still wanting the free tickets to some show you would never pay to see anyway. Greed is about getting everything you can and still wanting more, still holding out for an extra, a perk or even just an incentives advantage not just in one area of your life but in all areas of your life, private, personal, business and social. Greed grows just one little bit at a time until it consumes all aspects of your life. Greed is never paying the full whack for a single thing in your life. Why has industry reached this critical point, can’t be that material costs have gone as low as they can, that the only way to undercut the opposition is to find cheaper and cheaper labor forces.

Fear is the most debilitating force to the worried mind, it can inhibit, creativity, expectation, hopes and dreams. Fear breed’s distrust and strengthen’s insecurities. Fear immobilizes, fear is the weapon of choice for anarchists, its dissent based predilection is ideal for undermining foundations, eroding established connections.

Fear is the negative imaginations reaction to no data, no news, the lack of information runs riot in the mind and if you are Greek you hit the streets and kill before the reality has had a chance to prove itself. Innocent blood spilled by feeding the public with speculation instead of keeping people informed.

Maybe one day this unenlightened planet on the outer rim of the galaxy will one day become enlightened enough to count each vote and weigh them up for the elected parties and may get over their obsession with electing seats in the house, the seats will still be occupied but the votes are a head count and in a democracy a head count or show of hands is still the rule of voting is it not.

We have to look to the signs of the times to help us realize that we are the best educated populace that the world has ever known, we are the best informed that the world has ever maintained, yet we are still getting all the fundamentals wrong in almost calamitous ways. Lets hope that we are better than falling for the old sayings like …..

Its better the Devil you know

Than the Devil you don’t

After all its more of a case of change is as good as a rest. As the media TOY with our affections:

This could be just too much SAUCE for some:

As long as the squatter at no ten doesn’t DIG in to deeply we may just have a chance to see if any of them have the right to rule.

Out of the last Nag Three horse race no triple plus HOT contender took first place:

Now even if these pics never brought a smile to your face some will have LAFT till they cried:

But one for all those nostalgic people who like to look back on the past with fond tinted glasses, and for some its just a tear to a glass eye.

I’m all MISTY Now.  They think they are in control and we know they are not, I wont tell if you don’t so lets all Keep MUM.

As long as the crisis doesn’t warrant dialing the emergency services, we will all be left scanning the horizon for what is next.

Lets hope we are not just waiting for the next trick cyclist to try to muscle in on the act.

So Gordon twos company threes a crowd in a tryst, unless you think that the old saying ‘wherever three or more of you are gathered therein my name therein shall I be’. Naw can’t be can It.

Hung Out to Dry

On a Wing and a Prayer

And as the two front-runners plug it out on the home strait the final furlong just ahead of the turn, the dark horse is an easy pace and is still holding back, the early leader has had a few trip ups a bit of a blow for the blue colours, the last gaff reds are lagging yet again from the obvious advantage, they had they never seem to be able to capitalise on any form of advantage. This may well be the final run for these horses of a different colour, but it looks like an uphill struggle as the two heavy weights slug it out as they approach the final bend. The late contender still looks like he may be the quick finisher and prove to be the Dark Horse; from the stalking position to the back runner the closing bets never settled that one.

It did look for a while that manifesto ENVY was going to be the snake in the grass.

The media hype has the nation chugging along on a full steam of apathy, and extreme disinterest.

Wouldn’t it be really funny if the hanging was, the whole political process was hung out to dry by the voter, what if they/we all stayed away in droves, say register to vote then withhold your vote, instead of giving it away. Well it would mean we would all have to vote again in six or seven weeks time, then like the other hung out to dry counties and states, we hang them out to dry again, then again, then …. awe I think you get it.

The largest electoral registration in history and every one except that few hundred thousand at the trough vote, wow what a political statement. So put your orders in now, get comfy on the sofa and line up a drink or two and invite your friends round, to watch the non event of the decade, or is that just a little bit premature. Or could it become a Groundhog Day event to haunt the little blighters. Once every eight weeks.

Well for those whose number is nearly up we raise a glass and salute you for …. Ehhh…. Well ….. Emm ….. passing the puck without dropping the ball.

Making a hearty effort and tearing up the old school rule book if not exactly deciding on an Old School Tie, or just a plain old Columbian necktie party. I still think that’s our call to make.

So REMember 4 Now. It would certainly be a nationwide statement and it would reflect the generally accepted consensus of conviction, as it would quantify the faithful as they habitually drag themselves out to vote for a party they no longer believe in, to do the job they always say they will do, and never have.

Even if you are TORN between the two scallywags as they nip and tuck, vie and Jockey for position, just how much these greener manifestos have clocked up the Air, and land miles just to impress you all with their new credentials. Now before we all could get the chance to tell them politely to P AFF over the fiasco of the expenses scandal. They have been media hyped into saviours from the Red Dragon that is the clunking hand of fate (or the red peril depending?).  Or the faithful stalwart Old Retainer, that has manned the front line through the present economic crisis to eh …. this point …. in the worsening economic climate. To the new lad on the block and his fringe mates. They do say cometh the hour cometh the man, long winded way of saying ‘the man of the moment’, of course they are all of them just vote stealers with shoddy values and shady characters to the two ugly sisters, Oh yes they are!

The one rating they will never be able to achieve, ah well where did I leave that Old School Tie?