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Bad into Good

Turning a new leaf

Gordon Brown admitted he couldn’t count a bit of a career killer especially for the former Chancellor of the Exchequer. Good thing the new job is working out well for him so far isn’t it.

Under age sex prosecutions is the latest craze of stupidity to come out of the control freaks camp another U-turn like the dog insurance revenue drive scam. The first place to start for these so-called formative thinkers is to start with the catholic priests that abused under age kids criminally breaking the bond of trust of their office, abusing a child’s rights, enforcing a sexual liaison using coercion on a minor, repeatedly for decades. If a father that rapes his daughter is guilty how is it that these monsters are exempt, just who is paying off the state legal bodies, just who has that much clout, can’t imagine myself, it would take a machine the size of the Rome citadel to stop the march of the legal processes of an entire country, with the coercion tactics of the mafia to be getting away with a simple public apology, nope just can’t imagine anyone with that much clout, after all our government is above coercion aren’t they.

Christ could read and write and he never wrote a thing down, he never went back to church except to pick a fight and we all know what happened next. Christ never started a church and wasn’t a Christian, the bible only has the versions of truth as reported by the twelve liars, and back stabber’s that say Christ came and chose them, their version of events. When you look at what people do when they create organisations or form businesses, we all know the tactics they use, to governments and we are all-seeing the tactics and the layers of lies that they are all wrapped up in, just begs the question. Why did Christ not start a church? hmmm. The mighty Roman Lie that it is the church of Christ on earth and yet it hides its child abusers, and in its pride will deny the whole thing the chance to pay the Mammon price, justice for the abused children whose lives they have ruined.

Adams kin was given dominion of the earth and the church charges for its services and does nothing to save the land, its animals, is flora and fauna or the seas, just what does all that wealth go to protect can’t just be its own pride driven ego based self-preservation now can it. It can’t even pay Mammon his dues. While they seek charity status and get out of paying their way, all the self-respecting humble people who are hoodwinked into their rank and file main provision platter fillers, are footing the bill for their self-preservation. Isn’t that fiddling the system to take advantage of the enemies systems, even god said ‘pay mammon his dues’. What wasn’t said was ‘for if you don’t pay the ounce you will pay the pound’ so now you know why you are saving all that cash, your rainy day is fast approaching and the bill will not be deferred again.

The church the so-called moral instructor of the enlightened age, bringing family values, moral instruction and a level of education to the ignorant world since the dark ages and yet like any corporate lying machine they have closed ranks, the law agencies have stepped back and they are protecting their own abusers to the further cost of the abused children that are all crying out for …. not vengeance, but justice. Is it too much to ask that the very height of the world’s most renowned moral dictators now puts its money where its collective mouth has been for over the last thousand year’s.

Mammon is corrupt it is the nature of the beast, lies, deception and duplicity are the tools of the enemy, to use legislation and litigation to circumvent the laws of the land to get the guilty off, to persecute the innocent and to never admit to anything is the tools of the demon, so why is the church acting as bad as the deceiver.

If the church as it stands cannot come to the salvation of the children that it abused and bring their own deceivers to task using the legitimate means for justice, who will?, it will take a resurrection or a second coming to motivate the whore in the states bed that is the so-called churches of god on earth.

Christ would be the first or maybe the only person that would, but this group of self aggrandised pompous, sanctimonious straight-faced liars never will, they lost their humility a long time ago, and they will spend their time defending their own bruised egos and mending their tarnished public relations. Isn’t the whole point of calling yourself Christian (Christ Like) is to emulate the master and not to consistently hide behind the frailty of human nature. The church is supposed to set the mark of behaviour, not leave the mark of the beast on innocents.

Just another thing that is not adding up, the business the model we are sold is, that a company gets loans to start-up then when it becomes solvent and achieves a cash flow will begin a regime of steady investment to secure its market share, then the investors get their money back and the solvent business should just go from strength to strength. The reality is more like, the initial R&D (research and development) is recuperated in three to five years, the major shareholders then take unprecedented returns for decades, leaving the company having to take out further loans to establish a better cash flow. Companies are constantly held to short margins and long drains and they never get into the black by more than enough to look solvent enough to stop hostile takeovers.

Money only adds up on paper, only the corporate entity can enlist the corporate enforcement arm to employ the state judiciary to recoup its losses with malicious costs to compound the defaulters precarious position, not a growth mechanism but an undermining process akin to the tale of a trapped animal gnawing off its own leg to get free. Small businesses are left to fend for themselves, so when they can’t get their money they have to trawl the bottom feeders to get their pittance and limp along until they go under for the third time.

Today the unions for the people by the people are proving yet again that they will only negotiate from a position of coercion, holding the public to ransom and never the company. B.A. are locking horns in a financial turn down, not when the company is doing well when a negotiation has a chance of getting a bigger slice of the profits in wages and perks. They choose a recession for to whip the unrest in the ranks into locking horns with the old enemy. The only time that unions ever get member support is when they are hard pressed and redundancies or cuts loom on the horizon and natural resentment that little fickle spark of hard pressed or offended humility can be fanned into a roaring flame of massed action. When a workforce is content and things are going well, they will never entertain action, why rock the boat?

Can anything good ever come out of something bad, well we used to use slave labour, we used to trade in slaves, and an empire was built by land grabbing and asset stripping the colonial outposts. The world’s wealth was channelled into an empire that used beads and trinkets to steal these nations wealth.

We used to deport our problems to Australia as a colonising tactic, we used to imprison and murder execute people for stealing money. We used to keep the workforce in poor houses, work houses, and they were paid the minimum they could get away with.

The British workforce has all taken less hours and less pay or frozen pays till the country can turn the recession around and yet a prima donna few are acting as though they are a special case. It is unrealistic to expect that under the present world-wide belt-tightening that is going on that there will be no job losses.

The present climate change paranoia will have an impact on how we travel to and from work and what fuels we use to facilitate that. Air travel with the worst carbon footprint in the haulage world can not realistically expect to not have losses of earnings and that, that will not have an effect on the size of the workforce. The first bite of the recession has not finished and the second wave from the reduced hours, reduced pays will hit as borrowing will be needed to simply get by, it really doesn’t look good for a recovery any time soon.

We have seen the true nature of our politicians as the brown and smelly stuff hit the fan, we have seen the blatant theft by banks as the rats are desert the sinking ship, we have seen police getting away with murder, we have all witnessed schools failing our children and have all heard of the falling standards of the educational system and the rot of the glut of mediocre talents aiming for degrees and diplomas. A media frenzy that in its own heightened zeal at recent revelations is now becoming a danger to securing safe prosecutions with constant speculation about on going cases, public opinion is not swayed by media reporting, it’s the fact that form opinions and weeding out the trash from the rags is in our bloodstream, but when it maintains a clarion call of speculation and gossip mongering it is stepping into the laws dominion and should be reigned in.

The justice system is hard pressed to handle the glut of casual criminals and can’t now house the hardened career criminals, the immigration farces and the amount of criminals that get off on technicalities. Social services that cannot protect the innocent and the vulnerable, predators are walking the land in the spaces of our awareness, Chapman the Facebook killer, the father that systematically raped and impregnated his own daughters. A system that is failing left right and centre and yet the power’s that be, are they trying to redesign the essential structures to safeguard against repeats?

Can anything good ever come out of something bad, can we collectively change the nature of man from never learn from his mistakes and keeping on doing the same ostrich actions time after time. Can we turn the tide and start building a system that does work, that does not fail the innocent and vulnerable. Can we for once in this miserable ball of dirt’s history do something right?

Clearly the powers that be are living high of the hog in this failing system, similarly the predators have the lions share by taking advantage of the blind side of our awareness, so if they will never put it right just who will.

When will they learn saying sorry just isn’t good enough. It’s time that they put our money where their mouth’s are, or its time to hand the batton on.

The Human Condition

Attacking the Blind Side

Well its nice to see that things are back to normal the morons at the top are back to shooting themselves in the foot, and the target for their blame game is mothers with pushchairs, bravo well done guys, murderers predating Facebook innocents, a decadent case of incest under the noses of the paid carers and all their excuses in place and a great PR moment for them to admit/confess to their failings, and not a head rolled in the rigged game that is we are the top of the heap and we are staying, and na na nanana to all of you. So the message to be delivered is ‘if you are in a state paid position commit any crime you like, quickly publicly confess, and then just get back to sucking the whole thing dry again’, ah it’s a wonderful life if you can get it. No review except by the agencies that failed in the first place and that will of course produce more of the same. How can ANY organisation ever be allowed to regulate itself after such glaring failures, the same inherent lack of perception and tainted insight is being employed, not with a better understanding but simply with a renewed vigour to meet achievement standards that they all keep failing to even get into the same ball park as.

Celebrities all pretending for a pay that they are really facing hardship and that it is affecting them, well they are actors darling what do you expect. While the real hard-line documentary gets about a third of the interests, the celebrity highlight has a use in a celebrity fixated world. While the hard pressed realities all go into the waste disposal shoots labelled ‘not entertaining’ or ‘not interesting’ or just simply ‘not in my life mate’, while hard realities like the Russian family that jumped to their deaths in Glasgow this week, shows up the need for a better awareness of mental health at the sharp end of the public services, to better identify, delusional people. The incest father got away with his reign of terror because he knew the system and how to stay in the cracks in it with an accomplishment bordering on genius, he knew us better than we could identify his type.

The amazing confession from the Facebook predator is very predictable when you see the whole picture, the mans luck had run out when as he was running he was picked up on a technicality, a pertinent thing in his mindset, by the bumbling plod as he thinks of them, being a pertinent law-breaker he would like to think he was keeping abreast of the law enforcement techniques and the level of forensic skills that would be used against him, and being a lazy opportunist by nature this was gleaned from programs like CSI and NCIS, Waking the Dead as well as Numbers for profiling techniques. This narcissistic ugly mans only hope to, get away with his perverse unnatural needs were in deceptions, so when he was caught and being held he knew the rights that would be read to him would contain the phrase “You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.” Thinking the worst (luck running out or turning bad) he thought that he could reduce the state zeal at sentencing by coming clean and showing some responsibility for his actions, or even a little remorse, which luckily didn’t pay off, another animal that knew us better than we know them. There must be something in our makeup that does not let us see the aberrations in the mindset right before our eyes. Chapman thought his actions in confessing and taking the authorities to the body and showing some remorse would lessen the impact on him at sentencing.

Well it appears to work for fraudulent politicians, for war whitewashes like the Chilcot inquiry, the panel has had it said right to them by Sir Michael Wood that the Iraq invasion had no ‘legal basis in international law’. But why let a little thing like the truth get in the way of a good excuse story eh boys, weapons of mass delusion etc, etc.

The worst offence of man to date is, not at least admitting to the basic facts about our makeup and worst of all our limitations. This need to present a professional competent front flies in the face of the accumulated evidence of history and in an increasingly complex world with an accelerated rate of life these normal limitations are producing glaring gaps and no apparent solutions. Man will always be tripped up by his clunking feet of clay as he plods along relentlessly, running from his unnamed fears in full flight into the gaping jaws of his inevitable demise.

Fig #1 Outer oval field of view, centre circle field of focus.

The normal field of focus for the average human is lateral vision of about one hundred and seventy to one hundred and eighty degrees on the horizontal plane, and the vertical scope is about one hundred and fifty to one hundred and sixty degrees, this is to the edges of the periphery, now the field of focus for the awareness is even smaller within that range roughly about a thirty to forty degrees by thirty to forty degrees area, the focus for our attention is an area of about one twelfth of a sphere. It is possible by grouping a few people together to increase the scan on the periphery and to have a steadier view of the surrounding area for longer, creating a greater sense of security in numbers. But when a group becomes fixated on an internal struggle, obsession, fractioning the awareness, the focus is shifted internally, or into trivial and unimportant needs, or the group is on the move through fractured terrain. This is when the group model is open to exploitation by a watching predator with greater patience and the ability to strike quickly in the blind spots, then to walk among us in a state of ease or confidence because confusion is the greatest cover to the audacious. How a father could rape his children right under the umbrella of the state radar for child welfare, was move and keep moving and have ready plausible excuses in place while terrorising the victims into complete submission. Exploiting the lack of the ability to ask every thought and pursue every enquiry instead of making assumptions about character, nature and likelihood, in our too polite and too civilised groupings, being exploited by a savvy predator. He used our own blind side against us, like Chapman did right out in the open under the radar.

The limited field of vision creates a perceptual window with an oval shape and an iris type field in the middle, the normal solitary person uses a scanning motion to view the periphery better and locks on to motion for tracking, so motion is a great misdirector for a predator. After a while when sounds become more distinguishable and are easier to identify the awareness becomes confident and less of a nervous scanner. The mastery of perception is tempered by knowledge and experience, this is the basis for insight and this is where the provision for self is invoked to take advantage of all situations to the better provision or safety for the self, in a group situation that still means sharing but allows for the lions share as a reward.  This cooks privilege is the basis for the idea that those that look out for the whole group are just as necessary as the hunters and the gatherers, they scan the skies, and watch the lay of the land, they must be able to hold their ground and to be certain.

A solitary mentality in a hard pressed world like ours is, has a greater likely hood to develop selfish or very self-indulgent whims, fancies and needs as the group environment would never allow. A loner can be a worrying thing, the worst likelihood is that something in their nature presence or being has provoked a violent reaction at some time and has left them driven from the group environment, or has them persecuted by specific groupings. Some may well be just secularised by necessity, they were to slow or gullible to integrate well with the herd approach to doing things. With this limited perception of the singularity of being it is the group that will restrain us and redirect us to better integration.

The best development of singularities goes against the established norm for a violent and brutal reality, they will be well nourished emotionally, socially cultured and adroit, and will have the social skills to enter into group situations and to not antagonise the hunter whose skills lay in the exploitation of weaknesses to provide.  The well nourished or developed singularity is a precious commodity for it is unrestricted by the mores and social customs of the groupings even though they know them as the established protocols of the specific groups. This leads to a less clique orientated viewpoint for categorising people by type but provides a more balanced view of being by nature as opposed to any inclusive or expulsion way of assessing, as the latter has a way of dismissing anything outside its scope while the former, can have uncategorized beings as they are themselves in this category.

The worrying thing for any modern profiler is because of the structure of the modern life the sheer numbers of people in the world today and the pace at which life is moving are all factors that make it impossible to review everyone in the world. The assessment process has to start from infancy, up through the education system into the first forays into the working environment. This will categorise ever one from this moment on and will have an assumed base of more than ninety-seven percent of the existing people (according to the statistics for these incidents)  that are known and shown now.

The present system for evaluating people is one so-called expert gives their opinion based on whatever review process was used and this recommendation is carried as a certification by an established body, like accredited qualifications. This paranoid viewpoint is causing its own problems instead of providing solutions, a road sweeper must be certified, a doorman must be certified even a labourer must be assessed as fit for a particular purpose. This review and assess process is gumming up the works and stops the capable with transferable skills from moving from one sector to the other without repaying the dews again, only the skills are transferable not the assessment of capability.

This paranoid control freak need in a world where guarantors are sought for absolutely everything as industry tries to establish itself with mafia style guarantees using a legal enforcement arm to extract payments, the rest of industry has to sink or swim, but they will be paid at all cost. In an elected minority government like we have only forty percent of people give their proxy to the legal enforcement the legal majority sixty percent don’t. This unelected minority have sanctioned the social controls and the policing rules that are being enforced onto a majority that have not given their proxy for.  Is that not a dictatorial method in a dictator driven environment, and that in no way reflects the democratic one man one vote process that we are all told is the actual governing rule of law.

Exceptions to the rule exist across the broad spectrum of the human condition. The way that MP’s behave with other peoples rights is as bad as any predator that thinks they can do as they please as long as they do not get caught. Any person that denies another persons rights gives up their own rights in the process and cannot jump back under the banner because they think that they can.

We are all born with certain inalienable rights and they are their by courtesy to the majority, as the majority of people all start off well-meaning and well-adjusted, then with the unnatural processes of the world structure and especially the alien practices of industry, nature can be corrupted, or temperament maladjusted. This could in severe cases happen as early as school and pre school in the case of incestuous, or brutalised family secular situations. The signs are not always easy to read and the pace of life demands we all move along at a pace. This is where a few have fallen down the cracks and only ever surface again in spectacular fashion under the glaring light of the media spotlight.

The bankers and their greed, the politicians that fiddle and try to justify it or just hide it are just symptoms of the modern-day being out of pace with the antique systems that are still running it. It’s not even as if it is run by the developed systems from the successors of the old and failed systems. The police that get away with murder and the law that fails to protect the innocent are the inheritance of a Victorian thinking process that has been speeded up to modern-day paces. This antiquated, recommendation based certifiable guarantor based checking process is proving to be inadequate in the modern age in which we live.

This hierarchical system that we are all currently dedicated to making work because we all want to aspire and that means that there will always be a bottom line or base unit of being for whom the required expectancy of life is servitude, the actual expectations for progress will because of the sheer press of numbers they will never in their entire life ever get their heads above water and will always be subject to someone else’s rule, will or laws.

So this is how it is and this is how it will remain, and only those that are above the middle strata can actually aspire to better, but the available positions become fewer as you near the top of such a structure, like Prince Charles the king in waiting for decades, and it will be his children that will be better positioned to have the greater life expectancy after succession because of his great age.
Man it seems never learns from his mistakes, every other species on the planet does but the idiot that is man still shuffles around a system that keeps failing because we can’t seem to come up with a viable alternative.

The signs of the times are glaring in the modern media devices. Schools are failing children both at the academic level and at providing an adequate workforce for the projected needs of the industry of the nations. Police are moving into the area of prevention as if they somehow can tell what we are thinking when all of the policing tactics employed today start from the premise that you are an unknown quantity and they systematically scrutinise every part of your existence, so just how can they predict what they obviously don’t know. Social workers are failing to spot key patterns of behaviour and are two conditioned to not pry and not question. Hospitals are becoming hotbeds of failure as people are neglected and it is all done under the roof that should be the shelter from the storm. Politicians cannot be trusted and they have managed to undermine the very process we all assumed had to be the one that could be trusted or at least relied on to identify the problems and to develop the solutions to address the problems to produce solutions. Jails are full to the brim of nuisances and repeat offenders and we are too polite to deal with the problem, because the worst of human nature would just execute them without a moments conscience, so we all nervously tiptoe around their civil rights and we treat them with decency and compassion, yet they take the piss again and again.

The trouble with people is we all know it doesn’t work, we all know it never will and as long as certain types can keep taking what they need and can get away with it, it is still the only game in town and you have to be in it to win it.

Ah well back to the salt mines.

Dictatorial Rule

Control Freaks

The party political dictators free for all is about to get underway and the first thing these closet control freaks do is try to control how they are being seen, and how they are being regarded, a no audience reaction defeats the principle of the exercise, a live audience being reduced to a robotic controlled extension in place to flatter their wilting egos. This particular group of figure fudger’s have shown the same totalitarian need for control of absolutely everything that they think that they rule, just as they did when they used black markers to hide their true natures. And they rule na na nanana, and just to prove it as the nation tightens its belts and the entire workforce of the united world is taking pay cuts, working fewer hours to keep a lying cheating industry that has never delivered and never will considering the tactics that it employs. These fairer for all rulers have chosen this time to give themselves a thousand pounds non productive bonus sorry pay rise. Flying in the face of the need to be better liked and to maybe even start proving that this system as it stands can actually ever again be seen as fit for purpose, do what it says on the tin, gets the job done. Get the point yet.

Even though the history of the democratic process has proven over several centuries of mismanagement, atrocities, wars and trade embargoes. They have never been capable of producing, good education principles that turn out well-adjusted people who are fit for purpose, a decent social structure that delivers a secure and safe environment, a police force that deals with problems as they arrive as a crime must happen before the machine kicks in or ‘Big brother’ is into mind control which reflects this mentally unhealthy obsession with controlling absolutely everything. Developing a system of reform and punishment for offenders that actually break the laws of the land. A stable housing solution that makes sure that no one has to live on the street.

There is a critical need in this day and age to provide a political funding device that is not asset stripped by raiding parties from the business sector. How can the household finances ever be allowed to be asset stripped by independent bodies while the law is rigged to let them get away with it. This strata of society has a level of exclusion or privileged that is elitist, in a fair for all, one man one vote so-called democracy. This elitist arm of the world should be brought back into the fold and be once again held accountable for their actions legally, after all tax dodgers do more to exploit the system than any clever clogs that can hide under the radar at the bottom of the well policed heap, and while the attention is being misdirected to the base of the pile the country pile just piles it higher and higher under the protected privileged level of the machine, as the recent spate of non dom arguments and mud-slinging matches have just been proving, quite nice timing for it too on the run up to a general election.

Does no one out there see that precautions against everything, that may happen, will cause stagnation, just look at the bureaucratic cock-up that happened when the firemen that were there to save a woman’s life with the right equipment and training were stopped from doing their job by a set of rules being held in higher esteem that the physical reality of the woman in crisis. The infant that died as two doctors argued about who was going to deliver the baby. Some control freak was more concerned with being held liable for breaking the rules, at the cost of a young woman’s life, while in the latter incident two ego maniacs with conflicting god complexes contested to the cost of an innocent life.

The whole need for control of absolutely everything is a misnomer as no organism is aware of absolutely every cell of its being at anytime in its existence. Extremities will suffer in different ways as the field of focus is organised and reorganised as life progresses and development evolves. It is impossible to predict the outcomes of events consistently, it is possible to guess and get a succession right and the inevitable must surely happen, just ask any banker that let their ego get the better of them, ask any gambler in G.A. (Gamblers Anonymous) when your in the flow of a run the edge is heightened by the possibility of the end of the run, addictive or what, get therapy.

Technology is again being developed to fight piracy in the film industry, the media moguls have already begun the hype that 3D is best as the clarion call that masks the real need for the industry to be less portable, it’s a technology dongle thinking principle as a hardware device lock, after all taking a good quality camera into the movie house will only show a fuzzy picture, can’t just be a technology change to scupper the pirates now can it, after all they know you will believe any hype and the idea that you are sitting in the dark with glasses on and are being told by the hype merchants that its better is just a modern and more sophisticated hype that will never deliver and never take off because most of us that have used them just are not impressed and miss the full panoramic experience of watching a high quality high-definition wall to wall image in full colour live action. This hype will fizzle out and the industry, that steals ideas, back stabs and undercuts its own is being stolen from, awe shame. Superman, Loving Angels etc.

There is an old magical principle called as above so bellow, it means that whatever exists at one end of the spectrum an equal and opposite, measure or amount must exist at the other end of the spectrum, (See the Dark Crystal, a non 3D film, to see the principle in action) so for every politician at the top that is a bit shady there is an equal and opposite partner at the bottom of the heap, now the classic view dictates that the bad will be balanced by an equal level of good, that is in another universe and is just the mainstream hype the reality is, that for every crook at the top there is an opposite number of the same persuasion at the bottom of the heap, and the hunt from the top will cull the bottom and as the numbers are reduced at the base the culling will be reflected at the top, so we should all be for the hunt.

The real take on this much misquoted truth is this, there are good, bad, indifferent and predators at the top of the heap, at the middle of the heap and at the foot of the pile. So the hunt at the bottom of the pile has produced a balanced approach at the top of the heap, that whatever is happening at the top is also happening at the bottom and also in the middle.

The four-cornered principle in a so-called three-dimensional world is nearer to the truth of life than anything before has ever suggested. After all the One eyed man is king in the land of the blind is only part of the story, the two eyed man is lord in the land of the one-eyed man, while 3D vision is hallowed in the land of the bipolar, binocular field of focus that is the limited scope and vision of the two eyed man. This also begs the question the square is set by the four pillars that form the corners and suggests the potential for the fourth dimension, reducing the mere 3D experience to an over active imagination, for the first dimension is height then width then depth and a virtual image is all that it produces, the fourth dimension is all the forms of materialisation, weight, texture, smell and all of the limitations of the laws of a physical universe.

So 3D perception is an illusion that needs a dark room and a ridiculous pair of manufactured glasses because of the general lack of imagination that is the so-called modern man. An absolute knowledge of the known universe, physics, the very best of logical thinking and perceptions, either science or philosophy, balanced with the experience of the truth of this thinking by direct interaction, until thinking and imaging are united as a mental process, memory becomes image, sense, and interactive outcomes retained in a lineage of recall not just disjointed images, snippets of memory revolving around a smell, a sound or a face or incident. A generation that is being denied the ability to exercise its imagination, because all the images of someone else’s imagination are being used to tell stories, is why thinking and imagination are the new endangered species of man. A good story must capture the imagination, it must fire the passions it should ignite the soul and motivate the person, or at the very least (bottom of the money-making pile) entertain or delight the emotions.

When will the idiots that think they rule get the message your hunt at the bottom of the pack of lies will produce an equal and opposite device at the top of the dung heap. Control is an illusion and it is best seen as trying to grab water in your grasp, cupping will produce a mouthful for the dainty, while the herd will lap and duck or swim in the stuff. So just when will you idiots learn you will always shoot yourself in the foot, as it is the greedy at the top that are trying to secure more for themselves, while the greedy at the bottom are the target, for every one of your own lower ranks you cull one of your own at the top will be executed by the same equal and opposite reaction. More power to yah rube.

Shinny Pate

Male Pattern Baldness

No scientific study has ever proved one way or the other what causes male baldness, the usual suspects all appear to be, oestrogen in the water table contaminating fish, that did help reduce the strain on the fishing industry some, shampoos and conditioner manufacturers, but that was given a low-key placement in the likelihood stakes, and lifestyle sales for the metro sexual man are soaring, according to the industry that is. Nobody quite blows its own trumpet quite like industry now does it.

One thing that has never entered any bodies head is hot running water concentrated on the scalp areas, after all hair is a heat trapping device for keeping exposed areas of skin warm in colder climates. The extended use of showers that are at a temperature that is to hot for the scalp will give the body the feeling that hair may not be required in that area of the body, the body does compensate and adapt as we all grow older, so prolonged showers for the modern-day close-knit working environment means a hot shower every day as opposed to a hot bath once a week.

Way back when baths were the norm about a couple of decades ago, women used a jug to wash and rinse their hair in the bath and usually the bath temperature was quite a few degrees lower that we all currently have our showers set to.

About a decade ago I was starting to lose my hair and it was coming out in clumps, I was showering in a steaming shower for twenty to thirty minutes, standing under the jet so it was hitting the back of my head, the monks spot or the biscuit area. And when washing the hair it was directed at the front crown area. About five years ago I stopped using shampoos thinking the worst of modern chemicals using natural soaps instead, then about four years ago when it was improving I began lowering the temperature to tepid or warm just for washing my hair, then when I put the temperature back up for the body wash I keep the head area out of the water jet and it has had a marked improvement, the loss has slowed down even if it has not stopped and some areas have shown minor recovery at the edges. Could it be that hats and any other form of artificial temperature increasers have an added effect on the damaged area.

So it could well be that major hair loss is due more to the bodies own triggers to reduce production of redundant features than any other un-natural or chemical products. It would be interesting to find out what an in-depth study into the subject comes up with using this new data, but if you are suffering from hair loss and you use excessively hot showers and stay in them for a prolonged time then you may be the single biggest cause of your own condition.