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A Bitter Aftertaste

Taking Responsibility



The world is in a rush to establish a new order and to assume it can extend its control onto the past, which was a different order run to different dynamics and laws, but that won’t stop this ego maniacal drive towards total control and giving yourself immunity from any responsibility. The last era was run to different rules those things that people keep between themselves, this generation sums this up with the phrase ‘What happens in (LA, NY, Glastonbury) stays here’.

We have always ran our own rules for the time and given the crop at the plate and about to bat. It was predominant of the men of my father’s generation that ‘a man of little words’ was usually a groper or prone to making passes, they believed they never knew their luck. Woman have generally taken it on board with each crop as it ripens and starts to play the great game has their own ways and will either cry foul or keep it quiet they have this in their collective nature. Now we know that there is a higher percentage of inarticulate men that are out of touch with their feelings that will pounce, and not have the social skills to deal with the fallout and so they end badly.

In the seventies and before drink used to taste awful, you had to acquire a taste for it for it to become a problem. In the eighties and nineties and more so in the noughties, the drinks industry has made sweetie pops and other kiddie sounding titles, with alcohol given a better taste has the nation been ready for this, well let’s just look at the aftermath of present day drinking habits to see if there is any correlation from the industries drive for bigger profits.

Police presence over weekends                               (wonder what the spending is)

Hospitals overcrowded from Friday nights and A&E is a nightmare

A generation that drops everything everywhere without thought (Litter)

Incidents of drink and drug fuelled violence and crime, just how do the figure stack up against the historic relative figures from the 60’s and 70’s they must surely still be on record, but that would hamper the growth and continuation of a child focused drink solution to get them younger for once hooked it’s for life and the spiral is only ever downwards.

But with the commons now subsidising its own fellows bar bills to the tune of millions per year what chance is there for a good decision that does not keep the industry in the kindergarten preying on the young, like liqueur predators, get em young, hooked for life.

The time is past patience’s good graces for some of these non rulers to stand up and make a better world and to kick manufacturers and party backers alike into touch. Restraint, tolerance or even just good old fashioned self discipline are a good place to start.

The funny thing is they swagger about bullying the voters and, wimp and ass lick to the banks and their own backers. Is that just dyslectic for the modern ironic age.

An Unpopular Piece

Inhumane Actions

The Self

The Self

Wimbledon and the world cup are over, the sun is out and the weather is warm. Cheryl formerly Tweedy ne Cole and now Fernandez-Versini. Has a million dollar smile again, like the cat that got the cream.

There was an article a week or so ago that brought to light the Prussian start in Germany and how it was formative in the fashioning of a countries psyche. The article tried to deliver an insight into the German state and its financial domination of the EU.

The main thing about supremacy is it is not just, white, black or any flavour of religion. It is the process of seeing oneself as better than anyone else, there are Christian, groups Muslim, Arian and Black just of the top of my head and yet, none of them have managed to take over the world yet.

The Muslims that want to enslave every other nation to Islam is as repugnant as the Jews land grabbing tactics in the Sudan. Ethnic cleansing is a nation killer, it subjugated the indigenous males for the raping troops to supplant their race.

In every form of conflict there is Rubber Necker’s and complicit abstainers, the Hamas clearances currently under way by the new third Reich Nazi trained storm troopers of Israel. My how those Nazi’s trained these killing machines well. as the world rubber necks the conflict. The abstainers the Americans, China, Russia and Britain that are not protesting this invasion of a people’s right to their homes and properties. Are guilty of endorsing a land clearance action on the grounds of a two thousand-year old prior right to the land, well Mr president that will open up the American Nation to a new legitimate prior claim to the land of the New Americas by the original owners and occupiers of the land that are still now resident on the property that you are claiming taxes and land rights you do not have a right to. This new legitimate claim has as its start the endorsement you are making on Israel, while yelling about sanctions for a Stupid Russian killer bringing down an air-plane. Bet the British and Americans have never brought down one of their own before, or fired on friendly installation in a shoot first war policy they still bury the right to questions after the events.

Indian Nations

Indian Nations

So abstainers you have your hands in your pockets, feet shuffling and eyes on the ground so you can claim distraction, ignorance or innocence as to what was really going on, on the ground in Israel. You are all complicit in this action or the uproar would have stifled the world protesting about the MH17 tragedy. The poor handling of the action and the mistreatment and lack of respect for the bodies of the murdered.

For the Jews and I have waited a long time to say this, you were taken by the all mighty into the desert and were told that he would deliver to you the land of milk and honey.

How many nations have Jewish communities that have no land rights of their own but buy property in these lands to create communities, little china’s, India’s and Italian quarters are the same the world over.

Yet this action on the Gaza Strip is not heralded by legions of angels, is not being delivered by a host of cherubim, or even being established by his terrible will, no Passovers and no miracles equals no god in this man-made action of atrocities from the New Third Reich.

So finally how is it that all the settled Jewish communities of the world are outraged by this Israeli invasion in their name. How is it they can wait and rely on the word, and yet these gun-toting barricade building tyrants can’t, why is it they cannot simply fit in to any of the Jewish quarters of the world.

The rest of the abstainers and rubber necker’s should all be ashamed of their complicities and their ghoulish fascination and morbid curiosity. You are all guilty in this action whether you like the fact or not, now see if you can wash the blood from your hands Pontius.


And it’s downfall

Why was it whenever the German race bragged or boasted about its accomplishments, it was always accompanied by a reference to their supposed superiority.

One dictionary definition for superior is :-


When a nation is forming it will complete a stage where its national identity (How it sees itself in relation to the world) is being formed, that is when its self worth will be formulated. Most human people are aware of their shortfalls as well as their strengths, the idea that we suddenly become superior, in our best at all times is unthinkable for most of us, because we are all too aware of our failures and frailties.

When a nation has a greater series of successes under its belt, it could feel justified in thinking it is more than just capable. But when a nation believes itself to be superior to all other nations, or that it has divine right on its side, then the world has reason to fear.

The first world war was the first rise of the Reich, the war that was last fought against the German nation we were all told we won the battles we were not told we had lost the war. The efficient record keeping and mass industrial techniques complete with, stop and search police on the Streets of Britain, You must prove yourself and be open to interrogation by the people that say they are our superiors. Yet their actions show they are clearly not in any way our superiors just our jailors. As they asset strip your and my rights to the bone, so that in a federalistic state, your will be tracked everywhere by GPS (phones), if you don’t do as your told your money account will be magically suspended without the need for a court action or any right to appeal. Once money transactions are all done through the phone and a cash currency is outlawed. Hell then any superior breed can then do as it pleases with no regulations bar their own.

This is the third rise of the Reich, they and their buddies around the world may have put down the gun but stealing the people’s rights will transfer them to a dictatorial enclave that will not have to honour any form of human rights whatsoever, or even have to pretend that they do or ever did.

National pride, self belief and self worth will make nations into strong neighbours and good allies, any form of superiority will bring about the destruction of mankind and will instigate the realisation as man the commodity and tool of empires, barely even human just like the tyrants that are asset stripping your rights as we speak.

The same tyrants that are complicit in the Israeli murder conflict as it unfolds, @500 death’s and counting.

Myth Busters #3

‘Beauty is only skin deep’


Concept Art

Concept Art

The common belief for this to be true is that the inner person has no beauty, that beauty in this definition is really looks, which really are only skin deep.

The whole understanding of the terms of beauty have to take into account the subjective and the objective view of people, art, scenery, jewellery and nature to get a better understanding of aesthetic observations of beauty and the visual form.

Looks and general design appeal, define the worth or quality of a work of art, a piece of jewellery. What makes an object appear beautiful is just how much the object reflects the observers definitions of beauty. The materials, the original concepts, the embedded symbology of the piece, truisms, religious concepts or natural laws. Hence the saying beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it would be truer to state that beauty is encapsulated by the forms or concepts of the observers ideals of beauty, that then strike a resonant chord in the higher feeling centre, the area above the solar plexus and bellow the throat.

The emotional evocation that comes from experiencing the higher feelings, when presented with beauty are directly experience in the area defined above and it is not everyone that has a concept of beauty that can be resonated. So experiencing beauty or even just being able to appreciate fine works, the observer must have a conceptual ideal of beauty in the first place. No definition no response.

The fascination in art is the sheer amount of man hours that an artist has spent creating the work. This will always bring admiration and cause sensations by concept, content and materials. The detail of the work and the final polish of the item all have a say in how well-regarded the piece will be.

BeautyThe ideal of human beauty is as subjective as the appreciation of fine art, or precious works. The eye of the beholder syndrome. Human beauty is felt to be at its highest in the female form, that does not mean that men cannot be seen as beautiful, it just means the predisposition of our species is orientated on the female form.

The outpourings of rapturous appreciation for human beauty all describe at an intrinsic level the form and definition of the outer body, while the greater historical definitions use descriptions that do not have a purely physical expression. Grace, poise, bearing, manner are often used in conjunction with beauty. The others tend towards inner manner of being statements, like ‘she had a gentle and ethereal quality to her aching and haunting beauty’. This is again objective observation coupled with subjective standards and levels of appreciation of beauty.

The most ancient and still the most prevalent holds true to the concept that it is an inner quality that defines beauty and that it is good looks or exquisite form that is the icing on the cake, for many truly beautiful artefacts cannot be said to exhibit just physical design qualities. They embody every concept from desperation, defeat, victory and salutations, the tenderness of meetings and partings, the bonds of mother and child, the fellowship and camaraderie in actions, deeds and experiences.

BeautyIIFor this reason it would be truer to state that good looks are only skin deep and are therefore truly are ‘in the eye of the beholder’. True beauty has to have a resonant subjective ideal in the viewer to transcend mere good looks.