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Perception with Insight

Relevant Poem

The fatal flaw in human nature stems from the fact that with our eyes on the front of our heads we have a large deficit in our field of view. But as with any social animal with enough of us as a collective we can all help to lessen the impact on the individual with our constant scanning. Any solitary creature is at a disadvantage when harried by a collective, and will eventually be run down and overwhelmed. The bear the caribou that is segregated from the herd are just two that are prime examples of the effectiveness of the wolf packs power. Even if we change continents and look at the successfulness of the hyena, and the lion show how a selective social cohesion can be successful in provision for the group.  The herd is prey and will always remain prey to the predator. Unlucky for some, But the Buffalo recently proved to over twenty million viewers that the tide can be changed and the predator can be run off. The shoe is now firmly on the other foot and we all know it.

The trouble with the perceptions of a single organism that is allowed to lead, is it loses the collective input, so any leader is better informed with a collective around them, the final decision is a singular event of better judgment, but the information to be acted on still filters to the top by avenues and biases and faiths. This is just formed from the collectives that have been traditionally attracted to the power base. Fact and figures are tempered by prejudices and filtered by biases, this interference means that in this day and age a good leader must understand the restrictions of each source and know its biases and prejudices before he can even begin to make an informed decision. The man on the street and the layman sees from the ground up and doesn’t have the insight into the avenues of power and doesn’t see the restrictions of how information is delivered.

The religious right will always campaign for a supposed majority, but if we look at how Obamas religious faith is now at odds with his political perspective we begin to understand that the state as an organism is only interested in control and power, and has no place for human compassion or forgiveness. So the religious beliefs of a man are reduced to appear that he is a heartless politician that used religious standing to progress up the greasy pole of precarious power. So instead of forgiveness a very Christian concept we see instead a state that is only interested in punishment and retribution.  Hell hath no fury as they say as a dictator thwarted by good sense, we can never use the same set of rules as the enemy or we just become them. Would somebody explain that to the isolated head of nations please.

The last few weeks in the lead up to the so called democratic elections in Iran have been yet another west end farce to preserve the seat of power as it has stood in the west, without one mention that the western system is collapsing under the strain of, mismanagement, poor planning and the innate inability to balance the books and work to a set budget. Projects always over run and always are over budget because the system still cant even after more than seventy years of this reality being the facts of life of the established mechanism account for this unknown quantity in their ability to make calculations.

Amazing for a system that is supposed to be a commercially driven mechanism that has changed very little since its inception out of the limited vision of the Kirkcaldy economist, Mr Adams. Yet in the face of the historical evidence projects are still over run, under priced and beleaguered and beset with incidental problems. That ham string any commercial project to an over inflated hike from conception to completion.

The original solution of pick a number based on hours times workforce times wages, then double it or treble it, a very basic bookies tactic. After all it’s still a bunch of crooks at the helm, as far as the man on the street can perceive given his lack of all of the facts, the present west end farce has just added to this commonly held belief that. All leaders couldn’t run a successful piss up in a brewery. But according to the press they could all organize a great party or orgy in a whorehouse. Wonder what their real motivation is?

Sixty percent of the voting populace still have the good sense to never vote, imagine ever giving these socially blinded and retarded people a full autonomy, absolute power corrupts absolutely as we have seen with this limited governments abuse of power exactly why we limit them to forty percent, and the elected to be representative of one in five people. Any governmental body that actually gets a landslide would be unstoppable in session and would have no opposition to temper their power plays and to resist their own greed and stave of a feeding frenzy of the unrestricted access to power, resources and wealth. Even Iran has reflected this universal truth and restricted the greedy in society to forty percent.

The present voting system is about as close to a formality as it has ever been in history, the status quo is a universal truth and is held in check by the unconscious intent of the silent majority. The vote has lost its true power because the corrupt cannot help themselves and coupled with the arrogant belief that the end justifies their means, the peoples will and faith is all that can be maintaining this Mexican stand off. The American railroading of another nation to fit its perceptions and to adopt it’s failing system is being seen for what it truly is for a change. The home forces are all declaring a turnaround in the finances and that the recession is over is a timely and helpful piece of propaganda that looks the part when bolstered by the new influx of taxes by the beleaguered masses that still only have a forty percent minority for the base of power. The excuses of terrorism have never materialized, the drug trade is to lucrative to be left to a minority backwater of a country to run after all its an international big business, that will have to be brought into the fold at some later point and guess who wants that control. 

Ten fifteen years down the line when the powers that be have to face the fact that dictating what we spend on isn’t working and they must capitalize on the power of the cash businesses that the majority maintain, black or otherwise. Even if that means changing present legislation to validate the standpoint of control over banishment and take their ten percent of a real cash industry that the masses will insist on defending against any imposed utopian cliché from the kindergarten nice view of utopia viewpoint of the goody, goody lefties and impotent Christian bodies, has to be tempered by the hard line facts and figures the majority support an administration, one that is dictated to and does not take the powerless position of the tail end trying to wag the dog.

The declaration of liars, all liars will happily declare their versions and stress their points but the trained ear or the weary hard put upon souls of oppression will know the truth when they hear it or when they see it. The home grown press and media is starting a new propaganda of the first green shoots of recovery, the corner has been turned is the new clarion call, cant just be the tax dollars being flush in your pockets now can it guys. These declarers of lies will stand firmly behind the headlines and power that feeds them and will toe the party line, but the clock is ticking, the dollar is so powerful that the sixty percent will begin to understand that with-holding it has more of an affect than any cross in any liars parchments.

The cash in the system is minimal as they try and move us to a credit based savings system, just enough to keep a cash flow for the ones not in the new imposed system, but if the sixty percent ever decide collectively to keep say twenty to sixty dollars out of the system and do it say at five dollars a month it will have an immediate effect and it will be to widely distributed to have a point of retaliation by the system aggressive control mechanisms. Then when the print your own press runs of a bit more pulp, the sixty percent should strip the cash out of the flow again to reign them in. Quantative easing is just self-pleasing. History has proved that this tactic is the beginning of the end for a sick and ailing society, ask any social anthropologist or historian.

Just a few decades ago you could find in your change an old fiver worn and the worse for wear from being passed around, the same was true of the coins in the pocket, that is the pre decimal ones anyway, shillings, pennies etc they were worn with use, but now look at the money in the pocket so much of it is new, coins are not as worn, may people put coins in jars and they are out of circulation for the duration of their captivity. New notes are printed ever few years and the worst of all are the new monopoly money notes with the pointless images on them. Very new age artistic, and that doesn’t reflect the point of money at all. Money is after all the token that we use to represent our time, effort and ability to earn. Not at all how a banker sees it they have a much more abstract view hence the new age printed versions of cash.

The pound in your pocket or the dollar in your hand is no longer the item to yen for. In this much-devalued present day where money isn’t worth the paper it is printed on and the coinage does not reflect the wealth of the nation, but now simply artistically reflects the abstract views of the custodian of that wealth. When emerging nations are again holding back from joining an obviously sick societies need to perpetrate its own upper echelons status quo entirely at the expense of the voting majorities will or faith.

You can hang on to the cash in hand and arrest their progress or you can place a cross on a ballot paper from corner to corner as a spoiled vote it must be counted and will show the nations will for none of the above. This is the one character that isn’t on the ballot paper. This spoiled vote must still be accounted for and therefore has a valid place in the systems mechanism. The fact that it is a cross, and that this is the prescribed means of casting a vote it must be counted, so do not spoil the paper or fudge the vote with scribbles or picking all the candidates or even just more than one. Or you could just hang on to the cash in hand, either one will reign in the headlong rush of the charge of the light brigade into the jaws of death, and they will not be able to drag us with them into the abyss.

Change as dictated by the powers that be is just more of the same under a new façade, the more it changes the more it remains the same in their hands as they only have one agenda and it is all about maintaining there position at the top of their smelly dung heap. The true power for change is in our hands, the future is in our hands and not theirs for without your proxy and without a cash flow just where can they go. To hell in a hang basket, or is that just a hung government. So hang em high, to suffer and fly in the face of the realities of our collective truth. None of them are fit to rule and they just keep on proving it. And now that thanks to the information highway the truth is finally out there even in third world countries, news from this neck of the woods is getting through and insights into their realities is also filtering back to us, we may finally be becoming a unified world instead of a divided and conquered set of diverse nations as kept in place by the established rulers.

More food for thought, a meal can satisfy, and a banquet will gorge and bloat. A feast of the wrong type will fatten the calf, while meals of the right kind will keep the bull well for life.

Poem written 22/03/2006

The Shoe on the Other Foot

Well we all heard the honorable gentleman complain that life was grim at the sharp end of assumed public opinion, as he winged he had less rights than the lowest of the land.


Imagine being branded a liar a cheat and a thief without a prosecution in sight, imagine being guilty until proven innocent in the land of the innocent until proven guilty. Imagine never having committed any of the supposed or imagined crimes that are currently being held against your grouping, say the collective that is elected ministers, and being hounded by the press and public opinion, without the right to answer the imagined charges, the supposed transgressions. Imagine not having a voice in a public witch hunt, not even a spokes person to defend you. Say like the unemployed and the people on the sickness benefits, that have been in this unhappy position for decades.


Awe shame for the poor we man, so just how bad did his little experience of having no rights go, right there in the public eye where the glare is bright and the heat relentless. Imagine being made to account for yourself and your every action to some other review body, best hope that they haven’t got an axe to grind from their own situation or history.


The so called honorable gentleman may like to review the kind of treatment that has gone on as a complete world order crashes to ruin around us, we the people of the earth know to many facts and will never be fooled again, we will never again take our eye of the ball. There are no paragons of virtue in industry, politics, policing, churches of all denominations, even Jehovah’s witnesses keep a close eye on there own, children’s homes have been closed down because the beast can fool the busy exec as he pays lip service to his job to get the pay, just like the rest of us, we all just want the money, and we all do the least we have to, to get it, the truly unfortunate have fallen outside the grace and favor blanket of the main stream and have to keep themselves pressed to the wheel to eak out the little they can, and the privileged few that enjoy the grace and favor of the elite echelons of the high table have had it too easy for to long.


The other big issue of the day of course is, all of the rats have left this sinking ship and it may well be floundering without a captain at the helm but it still hasn’t sunk yet. A minister is only as good as the system that supports him to do his job, have we managed to achieve a system that no longer needs a captain at the helm, is the vessel now capable of seafaring without the need for a captain, and only a skeleton crew, can it be that it is only when it enters a port that a pilot is needed to get the ship docked.


Human nature being what it is, has just about proven that we all need to be monitored, and there can be no assumed pious state, especially from any of the professions, and even from the religious bodies of the world. No one is above the law, privilege can only be extended to situation and income, the law is another thing entirely no man and no office is above the law, that goes for the so called defenders of the law, the murderers in uniform have to be brought to task to show that this is the case, any judicial body that assumes it is above the law needs a rude awakening.  


An innocent was shot seven times in the head, a man was body checked in a street situation and the ranks are closing to protect there own yet again. This is a clear signal to anyone with homicidal tendencies that you can join the force and you can get away with murder. Is this the sort of signal that should be sent out. Is this the sort of example that should be set. If children’s homes closed because they couldn’t screen out the beast, just how much of a chance do the police, the social workers.


It comes to something when the very best that several thousand years of development and progress can bring to our collective state of enlightenment, and yet the very best that we can plan for is the worst of human nature and to put systems into place that are monitoring every aspect of life from the top to the bottom.


Our present political system has evolved into a collective lie. We are not a democracy and no country is. In a democracy the majority is carried and given the rule of the land. Well sixty percent of the voting populace of this great isle don’t vote and in anybodies democracy that is the majority. Out of the forty percent of the remainder, the direct correlation between the state paid professions and state owned workforces is a direct parallel in proportions. Two in five people vote for this outdated antiquated free for all that buy into it, police, health service, social services, armed forces, prisons, all the usual suspects all keep this lie alive to preserve their own wedge. Out of the remaining forty percent the winner will be elected in a three horse race by a margin of forty percent, that means that the ruling body is representative of les than one person in five, now that is dictatorial rule in anybodies totalitarian state mate. And it asll ticks over even when the puppet masters are on a break.


The voting system that is used today is outdated and is based on a now defunct need for secret ballots, in this country today we can use an electronic system and all of the state databases to id the person take their vote and display the count all in one go. With a local monitoring body of electors to jury duty the process, means the public is involved in the whole process and it is never off the radar in some secret counting houses, where there is many a slip between cup and lip.


A fair ballot system does get used in the house of commons, the ayes to the left and the no’s to the right and the abstainers are all counted, just another case of hunt the red queen: ‘now then paddy I have put three shovels against that wall and I now want you to take your pick’. Yet our own ballot system says if you are not in it you cannot win it. Rigged and hog tied, and choosing from the candidates elected by the liars themselves, the lion is trying to dictate how it should be fed.


None of these proposals by any of the parties has ever shown that they have the solution to the problem, yet they are quick to have us re-elect their buddies.


All sort of makes you think doesn’t it.

What a load of Ballots

 In a real democracy where the politicians can all be trusted, believed and relied on to do the job and not just milk the system, and where the need for a secret ballot has finally been eradicated from the paranoid mentality of the elite minority. In a world where we have the nation wide connectivity of the internet, and where companies can afford to invest in secure networks using fiber optic cable, and where a national database of every eligible voters details are already on a database, say the national register. And with people recognition hardware already being used and further developed at the front end of daily cash transactions. Why do we still have a secret ballot and its very dubious counting mechanism from the eighteenth century? Being mismanaged by the follies of human nature.


In an environment where banking executives are still thieving every penny that they can get doesn’t inspire confidence in a system that so obviously needs to be constrained by legislation, because it cant be trusted to not incentivise the old school chum network with stolen bonuses, after the world wide crash at their greedy hands. They are just not any more fit for purpose than the west end fiddlers.


Just goes to show what they all think of the common man, and reflects what they believe about looking out for yourself first, in the elite club of the self preservation societies gang of rouges.


In this day and age of the ipod generation, the hand held connectivity clubbers are at the forefront of technological advancement, where total transparency is still a buzz phrase (at least that’s the word in the virtual highway anyway) and doesn’t look like it will ever be grounded in the real world. The only change that we need is for the system to realise that they are responsible for the final decay of the last vestiges of the brave new world, as they hammer a willing work horse to death, penalises tardiness for late payments, and persecutes with prejudice the unfortunate and ill equipped to defend themselves.


The technology exists today for us to all be able to enter a voting place log in biometrically and cast a vote that is immediately registered on a public display where independent local adjudicators can verify the voting process. And there will be no need for a count recount system. The only thing that is lacking in the whole process is the mythical vote of no confidence in any of the candidates and if we all agree to include this ‘none of the above’ ballot amendment. It would finally be a voting system to envy and be the foundation of the way that voting should be done, in a truly democratic system.


MP’s are the elected representatives of the local constituents, the voice of the people at the court of the land. This is the base of the accepted seat of power in this green and pleasant land. They are supposed to petition the seat of power on behalf of the voiceless, to present the case for exceptions, for change and for progress for the lowest in the land for the powerless masses at the sharp end of an insensitive machine as it grinds up the life blood of the helpless in the path of the relentless motion of the blind trudge of the daily tread, as it lumbers its blind slog into infinity or beyond. The west end profile has a limited number of do gooders and social and political reformers in its ranks, and is instead flooded with a glut of low moral self-serving wannabes. The lack of honour and integrity in our system and its associated power structures indicates that only a crooked system can produce a crooked outcome.


A system that is based on fair play, proportional representation and has the backing of the whole populace will serve the whole countries best interests, if it has a spokes person that will defend our green and pleasant land against the profiteering marauders that regularly pirate the corporate fishing pool. You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear, no good can ever come from a decaying corpse that only seems to make an elite minority more powerful or more wealthy at the publics expense.


Start as you mean to carry on require that the home finances must be kept free from the buccaneering types exploitation rules, and that all parties (not just the main punch and Judy duo,’ you set them up while I dip their pockets Fagin’) must learn to serve the countries best interests before the party rules. There can be no profiteering at the seat of power, and the mechanism should now be rigged against it. Given how human nature is, by virtue of the evidence of the last eighteen months. Banks the central core of any societies life’s blood are becoming a collection of stagnant pools, and all brought to their knees by the base nature of greed and fear.


If we cannot guarantee the caliber of the character of the type of person that gets through the scanners we can build a system that cleans its own house as it goes along. A new set of rules is needed that puts our collective needs and resources beyond the capability for any singular or collective assault on the private purse. We need to bring this system under the collective will of the people and to guard it against the casual privateer or absconder. 


The speaker should be the peoples elected champion and defend the fifty one percent of the moral majority, to guard against the erosion from the corporate entity and the hard-pressed social core that will always seek to better their lot from the public purse.


Politics is on its final warning, banks are building public contempt, and MP’s are on their last legs as the public of this world watches and waits with riveted awe at the gall of the nasty little blighters.


We all used to hope that some morally upright people were naturally attracted to the powers of Whitehall and not just the self serving types that we are hearing more and more about on a daily basis. This summer recess for the west end old boys network will not change the focus of the wary publics interest but will instead galvanise the collective resolve for the next round of follies yet to be revealed. If they don’t get it right we will see a world wide collapse of the great bright hope for the future of mankind crumble with a greater devastation than the fall of Rome or the decay of the Greek democracy ever did to the world of historic man. We cannot allow them to ride the atomic bomb of oblivion to destruction, not in our name, not with our proxy.


Given the nature of the beast, where police can get away with murder (Jean Charles de Menezes), as they gave themselves power to be judge jury and executioner in the shooting in the subway incident, where an innocent man was gunned down by a mechanism driven by the follies of low brow mans neurotic  thinking the worst and taking no chances, but excuse me doesn’t a crime have to be committed before the law steps in, and who steps in when the law breaks the laws. All this in the land where it is assumed that we are innocent until proven guilty, the operative word being ‘proven’ not assumed. And its not even an isolated incident just see the more recent case of Ian Tomlinson, and it does indicate a worrying mindset behind the powers that be, that they are above the law. Do they need a gun at their head to get the point.


Knowing that MP’s are the biggest fiddlers at the public trough as they point their collective fingers at any handy scapegoats to misdirect from their own shady dealings, the unemployed, single parents, the infirm, (or as they like to call them the lazy) the homeless. They confuse the needy with the greedy, after all it is pretty hard to fiddle the system at the bottom of the pile it is so well regulated, even local authorities use James Bond style snooping devices and tactics to check your details. Must be run by a retired Whitehall spook.


Banks have bigger thieves in their ranks than any criminals in the penal system and they still cant help helping themselves and giving themselves big bonuses, not for a good job done, but for the time and effort that they put into the job, regardless of the outcome after all to them time is money.


Social workers cannot do a decent job where the welfare of children is concerned, the blatant indictment of the case of baby ‘P’ will haunt them for decades as more and more failings begin to emerge from every avenue of the diverse mechanism that is a decadent and decaying system. The saddest indictment against the child welfare services is that because of the nature of the predator that stalks our children even Barnardos has shut down all of its care homes, and the horror stories that have come out of state run ones are just to horrible to contemplate in the cold light of day.


We have the mind power, we have the technology, we possess the wisdom to devise a better system and it can become the template for the world of man as it could be, tailored to our very best, instead of undermined by our base character. The only thing we lack is the political will, for it is suicide to the present system to admit its failings and to begin the process of devising a twenty first century alternative to a decaying Dickensian system that has never delivered and can never manage the unwieldy system of government that seeks to preside over our collective needs, and is tripping up on the machinations of the greedy maggots that have invaded and undermine the systems of maintenance.


Greed and profiteering is for the private sector, and that is where it should remain, the public purse has just been hijacked by a set of nerdowells, and our hard earned has been handed to the biggest set of crooks in the land, the banks.


How come this system has never worked and has been allowed to limp along tripping over its own feet of clay without systems being devised as it grinds along to guard against previous mistakes. Or is it just that any devisable system will naturally have loopholes and can be exploited by the greedy and the tenacious mind of the avaricious.


Time to concentrate on the things that do work and have stood the test of time. Time to employ the minds that see clearer than their own greed and petty needs, time to preserve resources and to empower the right actions for the collective good. Right now in the glaring public eye of the worlds media focus. What better time for change while we are all being watched and scrutinized and criticised.

Actions speak louder than words, and deeds and character are still the formation of being.


We can rebuild you we have the technology. All yours for just six million, cheaper than a wanker’s bankers bonus.