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The hand that Rocks the Fable

Gotta pick a pocket or two blue ……

Well Obama called the Chinese the kettle, not bad coming from the pot, and he spouted accountability as the incentive to hold a nation to task, yeah right after you man. Which country in the world today will ever allow a collection of bullies to intimidate them into kowtowing to threats and blame tactics. When America stops trying to chuck blame around and accounts for its own atrocities all done in the higher name of the greater good, and never retaliated as an act of vengeance. When America takes responsibility for its own pollution levels, and reigns in its galloping consumption of the dwindling world resources. When America cleans up its own act and gets its own game together and leads from the front and doesn’t just shout accusations of foul play from the sidelines, and the rest of the worlds nations just gawp at the spectacle. Then and maybe only then can they show the way ahead by example, and cut this ridiculous charade from the cover of the international stage, at that great big pollution fest that was held in the coldest climactic regions, as a real winter finally hits the world again.

Hard to believe that the people that were so calmly having a life style as the world waltzed to oblivion, that looked the other way while the banks destroyed a world economy by hiring gamblers and giving them their head to cut a profit. All managed to get around a table and start talks, managed to cock the whole thing up and got nothing agreed, can’t imagine how that happened. World class thinkers, movers and shakers, experts from every discipline known to man all under the same banner in the same local (when conferencing would have saved us tons of irony) and they still couldn’t get their acts together, Obama grandstanding, China made out to be the red herring. These world class schedulers and project managers with the accumulated wisdom of the modern day expertise of the best political disciplines in the known world, still couldn’t come to an agreement, the old chestnut of my man will call your man and well do Copenhagen, but their haglen’s no copen.

The push me pull you of staging a public farce is still all smoke and mirrors, as the headless chickens all run around tripping up on their own protocols and procedures, and low and behold nothing changes it still remains the same.

The big issue is not being dealt with as if the main players are all being forced to pretend to believe in something they knew was a lie and were all just paying lip service and are using the buffoons tactics to cover up and farce of the whole program.

Now as world manufacturing falls to an all time low the holy grail for these morons to rake the cash in from us and keep themselves in the laps of luxury, was using our collective guilt to fleece the sheep for their spoiling of the world, for manufacturing that they wont force to clean up can’t be them to blame it must be the consumer, you know the fool that is easily parted from his cash, who just keep buying into a political system that has never worked and never will. Just how can they keep fleecing us as the global warming theory diminishes from the collective unconscious after an almost arctic winter? Gotta pick a pocket or two blue.

What if all the scientific live testing of nuclear weapons has thrown the global orbit of the earth off kilter and has stretched the ellipse so that for a period the earth was subject to a squashed orbital ellipse, artificially warming the globe, just enough to start a convincing rumour and to nail some legislation to tax the over taxed. What if a passing comet left a heat trail that has been affecting the earth’s progression as all galaxies including this one is expanding outwards into the cosmos, and our orbital transition has past out of the wake of the heavenly bodies influence. 

What if the damming of the Yangtze river affected the global tidal system and diverted or dissipated the gulf stream so much that it had a cooling effect on the global tropical streams, giving the world a stay of execution for a few more decades than the idiots that cannot balance the books, and the other idiots that keep fudging the figures to aid failing ideologies, cant finally get their acts together to save the world from the mess they created in the first short-sighted place, limited, thinking poorly conceived manufacturing programs etc, etc.

Pollute to profit and damn the world got America, Britain, and the western world out of their own dark ages, and now other emerging nations are being told, well actually guys we made such a mess of it you can’t, or shouldn’t unless we the original cock ups get to interfere monitor your progress keeping you under our heels, yeah like that will go down well won’t it.

What if the poor liars all had to get a real job and work in the same conditions as the rest of us and had to face the hardest of realities on a day-by-day basis. No prosecution for theft of public money by deception, no prosecution for murdering an innocent man, no prosecution for failing to negotiate a sound solution for emissions, no prosecution for companies that continue to pollute the world unchecked. No prosecution for invading a country under false pretences. No prosecution for overriding other people’s civil rights and civil liberties as they publicly castigate someone else’s failings (China).

Yet they have already started on the unemployed, in a dying world market, yeah that makes sense as its a workforce that creates a business, but its an employer that designs the thing, and that rare bread are now in a dwindling minority. They then rounded on the single mothers again a whole seven hundred of them, then they started to coral the lame and the infirm, money that old pile of paper was sited as the reason, from a government that just prints more to suit itself, then hands the tax years earnings over to their old partners in crime the penny pinching compulsive gamblers of the new age, yes of course these people aren’t hired for their skills, they are not head hunted for their expertise, they talk a good fight, they kiss the faithful, shake hands with the gullible and pat babies on the head, but get round a table and talk about pressing problems, not on yer life boy. Time to clean up their act is well overdue. Tripling the national debt for the next few decades, what a stoke of genius right in the midst of the worst economic collapse in the history of the globe. Giving the banks free reign to do as they please is a master stoke, hope someone has called gamblers anonymous and got them in the wings ready for the next fall-out.

Must be driving them barmy how do they get our money now as we all hang on and hold the world in stasis, by not buying landfill junk straight off the conveyor belts of the pulp fed tidal economy boom as it busts on the rock of hard times.

The excuses wont wash guys, its all the Chinese’s fault, Oh yes it is, oh no its not. Its all behind you, where ……, behind you.

Oh no its not its all in front of you as you try to sweep it aside, it is in the wings just at the edge of your awareness and all it does is wait for that inevitable moment when the mask drops, when you blink, or just take your eye of the ball for a moment, then the facade is over, the genii will never go back in the bottle again.

The thick as thieves,

That never achieves

The glorious super order,

Can’t kill dissent by making us cannon fodder


 No scapegoat for your abuse

We’ve heard every excuse

Its not the enemy to fear

Though the thought does cheer.


The condemned man eats a hearty meal

For breaking with the demons deal

With all the prospects of a condemned lifer

The bell tolls the tune of the pied Fifer


Well you had your day,

Then you lost your way,

Blaming others as you fell to ground,

Mysterious weapons were never found


Tiger was in the bushes of some luscious little beauties?

He was taking care of business and ignoring all his duties

He was just short of a coven

Now stewing in a witch’s oven.


Cant run or hide, the media hound will seek

No rest for the wicked and no justice for the meek

What a lad he’s still trying to get under cover

What if the truth was there was only one lover


We have all heard one side but not the other

Some women ignored a wife for a piece of the brother

Some starlets working on getting a Tony

All that hype and its still baloney


The high flying crew got a good grounding

That rapturous applause was just to re-sounding

They missed the mark but there will be other ways

But at least not, for the next twelve days.